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Frame-Up: Expertise, Quality & Great Design - Klaine ficlet

Title: Frame-Up: Expertise, Quality & Great Design
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating/Length: G / ~2,250

Summary: Kurt is a high school student in Lima working a part-time job at framing store in the local mall, counting the hours until he graduates and gets the hell out of town, when Blaine comes in with a slightly embarrassing photo to frame.


Kurt really doesn’t care much about the fine art of picture framing, despite his current part-time job at Frame-Up, the framing store in the middle of the Lima Mall. And he doesn’t particularly care about the fine art that goes into the frames either.  Sometimes it’s fine art, other times it’s $10 prints of celebrities, movie posters, or terrible vacation photos he has to pretend are masterpieces for his overly proud clients.

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Fic: Klaine Advent Day 7: “Guide”

Summary: Blaine doesn’t know a lot about NYADA, except that his roommate insists it’s a school for magic.

A/N: Part of a continuous story in 24 chapters I’ll be writing this month. Still no title, but just a little over 2,000 words this time! :D Thanks for reading, everyone! <3

Previous chapters: anniversary | Broadway | competition | day | escape | fan

They head for a small diner a few blocks away that Kurt has been to before.

“They have good pizza,” he promises.

Blaine bounces on his feet a little. “Pizza sounds amazing.”

But then, honestly, everything sounds amazing right now. Because. They’re going on a date.

And maybe it was a bit of an emotional day, with his whole world turned upside down and nothing the same as it was this morning; maybe this isn’t the most romantic set up for a first date, but Blaine doesn’t care. It’s still perfect. Because it’s with Kurt. And he’s liked him an insane amount since the minute they met, and now they’re going on a date.

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As The Years Go By (2/5)

Blaine moves into the house behind Kurt’s, they grow up together as best friends and then more.

Part one or read on AO3

Warning for this part: Mentions of bullying and assault. Hospitalization.

Kurt knows he’s different, is now acutely aware of his differences even if he can’t quite get his finger on the pulse of exactly why. He doesn’t have just a few friends at school now, he has none. He is not just a social pariah, he is a target. Every day he walks into battle and leaves weary and broken. He’s frustrated and afraid and he takes it out on Blaine because he’s there.

Blaine is different, too. He likes show tunes just like Kurt. He dresses oddly and fashionably like Kurt. He likes to sing and dance and sew and do crafts like Kurt. But Blaine has friends, lots of them. Friends that he plays football with and goes to sleepovers with and is aways being invited to birthday parties or a day at Cedar Point or the lake and Kurt gets invited nowhere ever.

“Are you gonna go get your overnight bag or just borrow stuff?” Kurt asks, in the middle of watching The Sound of Music again. 

A flibbertigibbet. A willow-o’-the-wisp. A clown,” Blaine sings in his sweet, beautiful voice. He grabs a handful of popcorn and eats a few kernels. “Actually, I made plans. Going to see The Dark Knight with Sam later.”

Kurt pulls the popcorn bowl onto his lap and scoots against the other end of the couch. “Why do you hang out with him? He’s like—A dumb jock.”

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Glee Season 5

Well, the glee shaped hole in my life has been filled, for one final bow:

  • I like that Rachel has come back to McKinley, even though it is slightly ridiculous.
  • The fact that Blaine and Will are the competition is also ridiculous, but it might be funny to see it play out.
  • Bringing back the glee club and opposing Sue seems like 100th reincarnation of this storyline but I’m excited to see Rachel and Kurt pull it off, because if anyone can they can.
  • Good to see that Sue is still on top form.
  • I loved the second episode, especially for the whole old gang coming back.
  • I love a good ‘the writers hate Tina’ joke, they’re never not funny.
  • Unholy trinity continue to slay my life.
  • I see a glimmer of Samcedes but I’m gonna need more.
  • I just don’t see Blaine and Karofsky together, I don’t understand why Blaine would do that after all the Karofsky put Kurt through.
  • I like the new newbies, the twins seem like they could be incredibly annoying and that football guy seems like a dick, but I’m assuming that’s where character development will come in.
  • Roderick and Jane can sing as well.
  • Kitty was right they were horrible to the old newbies, they better make one last appearance this season though, they were here for two seasons and to just throw them aside now seems outrageous.
  • I’m also here for the casual Sugar Motta reference.
  • Casual Finn references make me emotional though.
  • That final performance with both old and new was really great, a classically glee performance.
The Ghost of Assholes Past

For Kurtbastian Week 2014 Day 1:  Dalton!Kurtbastian

Summary: Kurt has just transferred to Dalton, and is lucky to get a single dorm, or so he thinks. It isn’t quite as private as he thought. 

Rated PG-13, for language. (fuck is said once.. I am erring on the side of caution)

Kurt pulled out his map, looking at the room number written in pencil on the side. “Room 236” It said, the bubbly secretary having written it there a few minutes previously. 

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