i need koreans

i need poc wizards and witches getting sick of the hogwarts food after so long. there’s only a certain amount of eggs, bacon, and toast they can have for breakfast, and roast beef and potatoes for lunch and dinner for their 7 years of schooling. after about a month of school, they’re all just where’s the goddamn rice??

i need korean witches begging the house elves for some kimchi, and indian wizards craving biryani, and mexican wizards just dreaming for some pozole.

because who can really live without their culture’s food for 7 fucking years?


A few hours late, but happy 4/13!!

every time I think I’m over homestuck, these guys prove me wrong,, ; _ ; i love them forever
second pic is transparent!!

i’m about to take a plane to korea and Stream Never Ever , over and over again , who’s with me ?


Let’s Talk. 

Taking a break from juggling reality, JRPGs and drawing personal projects to bring you a WIP for Allance.

Yes, ALLANCE!  I need to kickstart the tumblr tag for my rare pair.  Also you don’t know how long I’ve spent figuring out Lance’s pose and Allura’s shoes.