i need it to be good ok


I can imagine how this conversation went…

Alya:  Hey, Blondie.  Can you model for me?

Adrien:  Ok, why?

Alya thinking: I need to get new pics for Mari to drool over and oh yeah I wanna figure out if you’re Chat Noir because I can’t find any pics of you on the internet to use even though you’re a famous model.

Alya: *out loud* uh…REASONS.

Adrien: *shrugs* Good enough for me.

RE: Missing Downloads

Good morning everyone!

Ok so I’ve been getting a bunch of messages about some of my older downloads that are missing and I’ve been answering them privately but I feel like I need to make a post about it so that everyone can see the answer.

Some of you might remember that a while back Tumblr deactivated my account out of the blue and when I finally got the account back some posts were missing for some reason. Then when I was doing my monthly purge of text posts for the first time I accidentally deleted a few posts myself, oops!

So here’s a list of things that are missing and temporarily unavailable for download and ideas of when they might be reuploaded:

  • ALL UNOBSERVANTSIMS CC - I am slowly updating most of this stuff and uploading it to my Blogger anyway so this is not a top priority at the moment.
  • NOEMI HAIR - I made this hair almost a year ago now before I even really knew what I was doing and it has quite a few issues so I’ll be reuploading it when I have a chance to fix them.
  • INDUSTRIAL DECO COLUMN / MINI CACTI / SHOWER CURTAIN RECOLOURS - I’ve been putting this one off in the hopes that a new update with S4S will bring us the ability to edit columns for real but it doesn’t seem like that’s gonna happen any time soon so I’ll get them back up as soon as I get the chance - possibly even with some more colour options for all items!.
  • SYZYGY & HETEROCHROMATIC EYES - These were removed well before I was deactivated. The Syzygy Eyes were no longer working and the Heterochromatic Eyes were based on a mesh that was no longer working so I removed both and won’t be reuploading them, sorry.

I think that’s all there is? If there’s anything else that you’ve noticed missing please let me know and I’ll add it to the list. But please be patient with me. At the moment I’m focusing most of my energy on finishing off my Lemons AU story, but I will do my best to get the stuff down and reuploaded asap =)


briella: are you sure you’re ok to go..? i know you’ve been feeling pretty sick lately..

athena: oh! it was ju-st a stomache bug mom. im fine now.

briella: if you say so..i want you guys to be careful out there. no night hiking, no skinny dipping, no wild parties and-

athena: and no sleeping with boys. it’s ok mom, i got it.

acacia: can we goooooo now?

blaire: [ in the bg signing ‘im ready’ bc she’s a brat ]

briella: good luck, with all that. they’re a mess.

athena: i’m gonna need it to be honest.

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Sorry to be a bother Your Highness, but could you please draw Cartoonz and H2O Delirious having their arms over each other's shoulders as they both are doing peace sign or are waving(?). Sorry if this isn't a good description, I love your art and blog!!!!! ~A nervous wreck

haha its ok you don’t need to be nervous dear, but I must inquire why the amount of detail you ask, what are you going to use this for? 

ok so tomorrow is legit the most important interview of my life to date (it’s for a job that relates to my field of study!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEK!!) and im so nervous but so eager and ugh really guys send me ALLLLLLLLL THE LUCK AND GOOD VIBES cause i really fuckin need em

like i NEED this job you dont even know

Ok fuckers listen up. This boy? Good boy. Amazing boy. 10/10, Crunchyroll Best Boy 2k17.

This guy is almost 11 years old and still kickin, which is amazing considering we adopted him from a tank full of puppies in a cheap pet store. If I remember correctly it was because he was calm and sweet and had a cute white spot on his head (which has melded with the rest of his fur in his old age).

This motherfucker is a born therapy dog. He’s had no training and is an annoying shit a lot of the time, but he’s so good. He’s drawn to anxiety and gives the best hugs. If he can’t reach you he’ll lean against you and if he can he’ll pet you with his paw and play-bite you. A bit gross since he eats his own shit, but it’s sweet.

Today I was having a short but pretty rough panic attack. I must have been pretty loud, cause this hoe? He trots his way over and starts pressing his head against my leg. Normally I’d shoo him away cause I wouldn’t exactly be in the mood to play with him, but I couldn’t really bring myself to do that in my current hell state, so I let him sit there.

Eventually he starts nudging harder and pawing at my shin, so I look up at him a lil bit and he’s looking right at me, wagging his tail and bouncing a little bit from the force of it. He’s adorable. So I pet him a little bit, and he presses his head into my hand like a fucking cat, which was so, so sweet. So I hug him and he butts his head against me, then grabs my blanket in his mouth and tugs it gently down to the floor as he lies down.

I follow him down there, cause what else are ya gonna do when your dog does that? And I’m kind of emotional cause I’ve been crying and hyperventilating and he seems to care so much, so I rest my head on him. And this fucker. He starts wrapping his paws around me and play-biting me like he’s trying to cheer me up. He’s sneezing a bit and rolling around which he knows always makes me laugh. And it definitely works this time cause you know what? I was in a full-blown panic and this fucking ancient puppy tried to help me feel better. Sure, he doesn’t do what most therapy dogs would do. He’s never had any sort of training, he knows what to do but not how to do it. But for a dog to be able to do this on his own and completely singlehandedly get me out of a panic? That’s got to be worth something. I’ve known him for longer than I can remember, and he’s absolutely wonderful. He is, without a doubt, a good boy.

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It's ok Mod Lili, I had to the exact same feelings when the elections here in the U.S. happened, I was disappointed and crushed (I wasn't expecting the result like you), so I'm sure everyone else understands that you needs to relax for now. We appreciate and love you Mod! Thank you for today and relax!

(Thanks ! To be honest right now I’m just sooo angry? Like I want to take the ones who voted for Le Pen (or Fillon even if he didn’t won he still had a lot of votes) and scream at them and show them point by point how much what they did was stupid and selfish.

In two weeks we will see if we are going to have a Trump 2 or if we will go back to exactly the same thing. I’m nearly certain that Trump 2 aka Le Pen won’t pass but I’m still so angry that people allowed her to even be in the second round.

Sorry for the rant but thank you for understanding.

-mod lili)

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How do you think the storyline in s5 would have naturally progressed if Elena kissed Stefan in 5x4?

Probably like Addison and Derek in Grey’s where Elena says I’m telling you this not because I want to hurt you or leave you because I don’t but I’m not over Stefan and Damon tries to be a good man in the storm like ok so it’s just time you need then, fine, but the emotional intimacy between Elena and Stefan just ends up driving them apart.

ok but I find the fact that women ‘need to wear makeup to be beautiful’ is complete bullshit?? no one says that men need it to look good so why the fuck should women?? I know plenty of girls who look stunning with and without makeup???

I was working today at the pet store and a kid came in with his mum, asking me where the small animals were. I showed them where they were and asked them a bit about themselves to get an idea of the home the animal would go to and if it was safe. I asked the little boy what animal he wanted and said ‘I would really like a hamster’. His mother interrupted slightly and said ‘He wants a dog terribly and I’ve said he can have one its just I’m not too good with larger animals’. The little boy then said ‘That’s ok mummy, I don’t need a dog, I just want you to be happy’. I was filled with joy instantly due to the fact there was a such kind, generous and loving kid in a world full of rude, selfish and horrid people. I wanted to bow down to this mother and say how wonderful she was for raising him so well… accept I didn’t. I didn’t say anything, i just carried on talking about the hamsters. Looking back i wish I had, remembering the blue and purple marks under her eyes, the lines around her mouth and her slumped posture. She deserved to be told she was an amazing woman, but I doubt she will be. It may seem silly to you but to me, that has to be one of the most important times I should of spoke my mind, I regret not doing so. I want to remind myself and you to always tell someone how awesome they are if you truly believe so, because life’s too short and that comment could mean the world to them. 

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no need to respond to this if you don't have the spoons, just wanted to say that you should do what you can to take care of yourself and that it's perfectly ok that you haven't been active much. you don't owe us anything so do what's best for you. sending good vibes. i hope things get better for you as soon as possible. 🌈❤️


29.1.17 // 2oC 🌥

31/100 Days of Productivity

Gettin’ ready to make February my bitch. It’s going to be a hellish month, but after I’ve handed in my final essay for the month on the 27th, that’s my workload emptied until May. 👊🏼✌🏼

I also got Snapchat, @belle.etc!! Follow me for slightly out of focus snaps of my dogs and tear-stained textbooks !!

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ahhhh!! i need to know more about ??? because he's an edgy emo boy and i love. (also im sorry if this seems demanding, i understand you have work and commissions too!! pls don't stress abt this) ♡♡♡

It’s ok ♥ I’m glad to see ppl interested about Taemin’s AU ;;o;; ♥
Good thing I have a recent doodle of him (which I posted on my IG stories a few days ago)!

Basically ??? only wants to make his father (Saeran) proud of him ((in this AU, we continue from Jumin’s After Ending && Saeran was not rescued and everyone went on with their lives)) – also he steals Saeran’s eyeliner just like how Seojun steals Saeyoung’s makeup for cosplay lmao

*somewhere somehow taemin unknowingly wrecks this ship*

I’ll be posting some more info about them when I get to finishing their ref sheets ((since even im confused w their designs because all i have are doodles and some cgs HAHA)) ^__^ Thank you!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

the reason i want Lance to be the black paladin is because it would be so good for him, and not JUST Lance, but the rest of the team too. say what you want about Allura being a better candidate, and while it would be logical to have her lead, she already has her leader traits fleshed out. but something she and the rest of the team really need to learn, is supporting each other.

we all know Lance is really insecure about himself, and suddenly being thrusted into the role of a leader would be very overwhelming for him. he will need support from his teammates to help him get through this and have him learn to believe in himself. this means the team will have no choice but to learn to support Lance and accept him as a leader figure. they will have no choice but to start taking him seriously and not brushing him off. they will have to learn to respect him more than the teammate that cracks jokes and flirts around with aliens. they will have to learn to respect his choices and follow his lead. everyone will have character development if Lance becomes the black paladin. he is the best option, he can make a wonderful leader if people would give him a chance and the time to develop. 


Who summons Azazel?
                                       I do. Magnus Bane.

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In which Steve is awed by the Strike Team Delta.

He’d had time to pour over the briefing from S.H.I.E.L.D. and only enough time to try and process in the quinjet on the way to what Coulson was calling a Helicarrier.  

He felt both awe and reticence when he watched the files on Stark. He was intelligent and reckless and made Steve think a little of himself and, much like he felt in his own skin, he wondered how much of Stark was a costume.

He felt guilt watching Banner.  Of all the advances made in the twenty-first century and still Erskine had been so beyond his time that no one had yet caught up to him.  The fascination with the serum – with what Steve represented – had led Banner to a prison made out of his own skin.  (He would wonder, later, how far off the trial serum had been in Banner’s case, I’m always angry, echoing in his head).

He felt dumbstruck at the possibility of Thor’s existence.  For all that he had seen in the life he’d had Before, he never thought – he’d seen the vast expanse of the cosmos, before Schmidt had disappeared into it, but he hadn’t thought that there’d be something else –someone else – out there.  It made him wonder if Schmidt was still out there, too.

He’d watched and re-watched the footage of Strike Team Delta – Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton.  He was.  He was awed, and looked forward to meeting them most of all.  As far as the information from S.H.I.E.L.D. had noted, they had no enhancements.  They had pasts, sure, but they had no serum or otherworldly abilities or suits worth millions.  

They were human, made of blood and sweat and hours upon hours of practice and (to read their files) abuse and perseverance and they were as skilled and fearsome a team as any of the others recommended on Fury’s list.  

Steve thought of his time Before, he and Bucky, back alleys and bloody lips and scraped knuckles and how hard it was to survive and here were two people so dedicated, so skilled they may as well have been a two-person Commando unit.  Were, as far as Steve was concerned.  He was anxious to meet them.