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hey can you marry a musical just asking for a friend

in unrelated news i’m going to be thinking about the grinning man for the foreseeable future

I understand that the North’s survival is more important than their pride. This is not the issue.

My issue is this: why does Dænerys Stormborn of the House Targary£n, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khal£esi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and M0ther of Drag0ns need to rule the North, an independent kingdom she has no claim to, so much that it has to be an issue to begin with?

If she was so incredibly goodhearted, she would’ve flown North ages ago and helped defeat the Night King because:

a) It’s the right thing to do.
b) She’s the one with the superpowers (and superheros generally help people without asking for whole kingdoms in return).
c) If that’s not enough to convince her, then perhaps the power hungry part of her should help or she won’t have any people to rule because they’ll all be walking dead.
d) And perhaps because that would’ve meant people might’ve actually knelt willingly because she saved the world and made herself look worthy as a ruler, instead of their feeling forced down on their knees because their survival is more important than their pride–and right now their survival hinges on a strange woman and her willingness to help defeat the White Walkers and refraining from burning people who don’t see what a benevolent and rightful ruler she is.

But even after she committed to helping, even after Jon “knelt”, she still needed an armistice because, “I can’t pretend that Cersei won’t take back half the country the moment I march north.”

You know what that means, right? If Cersei hadn’t walked out and lied about the armistice, D probably wouldn’t have gone North. As Jon Snow himself put it:

The North’s–and the rest of the world’s–survival is more important than Dænerys’ greed.

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EXO Reaction to their GF being the one who does small fixes at home

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*He’s happy with the small agreement you two have* “You can do the small repairs in the house and I’ll do the cooking. The kitchen belongs to me”


“Baobei.. I know you are working but… I really need you right now.. The door is not working… what do I do?” *Depends completely on you*


“Change the…. light bulb?? Ehh.. I don’t… my jagi is the one who usually does it…” *Really regretting always letting you do the small things*


*Acknowledges it and isn’t ashamed of it xD* “Aigoo baobei… what would I do without you? I would be a lost man”


*He’ll break the things and you’ll fix it* “I swear it wasn’t on purpose! I was trying to heat some chicken but… but… the microwave was doing something strange… yes I’ll wait for you to arrive…”


“I know you like fixing the small things but please be careful okay? Leave the difficult things to me okay? I want to be of use too”


“Aigoo… what do you mean I don’t know how to do such things… of course I do… it’s just that I let my jagi practice her fixing skills.. that’s all” *Sure sure Baekkie*


“From now on I’ll start doing those things! I’m the manly man of the house! It’s my duty to you!” *In three hours he’ll call you to help him don’t worry*


*When he says he feels bad but there’s no emotion there. He’s probably happy because you spoil him too much*


“No no.. it’s not that I don’t help… it’s just that she never lets me do it. Always wants to do it herself, of course I help sometimes but she’s adorable when she’s fixing things” *When the only one who can against StanSoo is you*


*He literally thought all this time the ones fixing things were little goblins* “All this time… it was you? I thought.. woah baobei you are really a keeper… woah..”


“You know jagi… you don’t have to be the one that always does this… no no a little more to the right… I can help too you know?… wait wait what are you using that for? That looks scary” *He means it but… probably it’s best if you do it xd*

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♡ Home ~ Sweet Pea x Reader (Riverdale) ♡

☆ Prompt 41: “You need to get home.” ☆

“Have you seen him?” I asked Toni over the bar and she shook her head. “All i know is there was some type of fight somewhere tonight. Sweet, Fangs and a few of the others went.” SHe explained with a sympathetic smile and i looked down. Everyone knew i hated being left out of the loop, especially when it came to Sweet Pea. He was one of the easiest to talk to when i moved here on my own. I was two months shy of turning eighteen, but i couldn’t take living in my house anymore. So, at the beginning of the year i got a job and began saving money until i could afford a trailer on the Southside. It was a drastic change from my life on the Northside but i never really cared much, especially after i joined the Serpents.

My phone buzzing pulled me out of my thoughts and i noticed the time. 1:53 and i had school the next morning. I finally got my hands to stop shaking and walked to his trailer. I saw Fangs and Jughead on my way over so i knew they were back. I knocked delicately on his door and stood there, hoping he would answer. I watched as his door opened slowly and Sweets just looked at me. His eye was black, his lip was cut and bleeding, and his nose was bleeding. He didn’t say anything but moved to the side, letting me into his dimly lit living room. “What the hell happened to you?” I asked quietly and he shrugged. “The ginger from the Northside happened.” He spit sharply. I led him to his bathroom and began to clean at his wounds. He winced slightly as i dabbed at his lip with the the warm wet cloth. “Archie?” I asked, my voice just above a whisper and he shrugs. “I don’t know his name, nor do i care.” He said flatly and i nodded. As i placed the wet, bloodstained cloth to his nose he pushed my arm away. “You need to get home.” He said, his voice still flat and sharp. Sweet Pea never talked to me like this, everyone else maybe, but never me. “W-why?” I asked and he rolled his eyes. I nodded slowly, the hurt etched all over my face as i grabbed my phone and jacket and opened the door to the bathroom, but Sweet Pea grabbed my arm. “I’m sorry, don’t go.” He shook his head and jumped off the counter. “I was just upset. I love you. Stay here with me?” He whispered and i nodded. “I love you too.” I whispered back as i stood on my tippy toes and closed the gap between us.

~ Audrey🍒💋🌹

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aradia!!!! :D

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: oh i ADORE her enthusiasm even if its for very dark stuff, shes really such a delight 

worst quality: killed off too soon :( 

ship them with: fef and nep, maybe black w vriska

brotp them with: tav and sollux

needs to stay away from: vriska because they can and have killed each other theyre fucking dangerous 

misc. thoughts: aradia is really a wonderful character? i love everything about her even when shes dead and emotionless, and i love that she has a lot of fire in her and wont stand down even against people way higher than her, shes fearless and badass asf

ACOMAF Chapter 51 alternative ending

Rhys’ POV

Winnowing to the camp left me winded, completely drained. We didn’t even make it inside the house, we slammed into the mud outside, the force jarring.

It wasn’t enough to let me forget though, as Feyre rose and began walking away from me.

“Feyre,” I gasped.

She froze, not turning to face me her entire body tense. I saw Mor and Cassian hurtling for us, assessing the damage.

I didn’t care, I just needed to explain. She had to at least know my side.

“Please, just listen.“ I groaned at her.

Cassian reached me at the same time Feyre turned and faced me, the anger on her face was nothing compared to the hurt I saw in her eyes.

"Why should I? You’ve been lying to me this entire time, I’ve felt like disgusting knowing that I just ended a relationship with another male but had feelings for you that were stronger than any I had with him. Why didn’t you just tell me?” Tears were slipping from her face.

As I went to answer Cassian in his inspection hit a rather tender spot on my wing and had me wincing and groaning.

“Stop that,“ I snarled at him, pushing him away and standing. I turned to Feyre, "you were going to marry him, and after all you’ve done how could I just take that away from you? You went through enough you deserved happiness and I..” I didn’t finish it. Because Mor stood there her face heartbroken for me and Feyre and Cassian looked like he was going to drag me into the house to heal then kick my ass to the curb.

She shook her head, “I should have made that choice. Since I’ve been here it’s always been my choice with you, how could you just not tell me? This is supposed to be the biggest decision of my immortal existence.”

I went to take a step but my muscles gave out and I pitched forward my knee taking the worst of it and as Cassian reached for me along with Mor, but I looked towards her. She’d taken a a few steps toward me before realizing and stopping her self.

I could feel the bloodbane still coursing through me, pulling me toward sleep. Sweat was coating my body but I resisted the pull enough to say,   “I love you, and I’m sorry.”

Cassian tensed but Feyre looked shocked and in that moment my eyes closed and I was pulled into that unending darkness.


i spent my teenage years not going to school bc of disabilities and going outside like once every two weeks

so now I can function semi-independantly?? i’ll be DAMNED if i don’t spend three hours out the house every time i need to buy milk

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general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: everything and anything about her

worst quality: kanaya maryam has done no wrong ever, aside from maybe a few impromptu amputations (impromputations) 

ship them with: mainly just rose and vriska

brotp them with: karkat and also terezi

needs to stay away from: no one shes a blessing to all

misc. thoughts: i ljust really fuckinglove kanaya 

im just really starting to freak out and having an all day round anxiety attack and ofc my uterus has decided this would be the right time to act up and kaj is just being weird and clingy and keeps peeing all over the house (which he usually never does) and i have to sleep without him tonight bc he needs to get used to sleep in his crate and everything is terrifying and i’m a WRECK thank you very much


Riverdale Season 2 Episode 8: House of the Devil (Spoilers)

FP: If you’re that worried, come to the party, chaperone her.

Alice: Are you high on fumes! I can’t.

FP: Yes you can. Stop by, say hi to some old friends.

Alice: Hal would never come.

FP: Well then leave him….at home.

This scene is so on top of my list! Like, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks these two belong together. I love Bughead, I really do, but Falice needs to be canon. If you look beyond on their conversation, you’ll notice that there are non-verbal thing going on, their proximity and looks says it all!

On the last part of this intense scene, FP suggested that Alice should leave Hal…at home, and if you really looked closer, you’d see that Alice’s composure changed, she looked back at FP as if she remembered something painful imo or even considering the idea of leaving him (literally I hope). When we see FP’s face again, his gaze changed to something like he’s apologizing or even regretted his words. Maybe he crossed a line? Or his statement brought back painful memories of their past together? I feel like he said this to her before and that’s when things started taking a wrong turn.

Whatever happens in the next episodes, I hope we’ll see more of Falice (*cough* backstory *cough*) because they are too perfect not to be canon! 

Don’t lose hope! FALICE WILL RISE!!!!

One of my only regrets about having a kid kind of late in life (33 when Munchkin arrived) is that I’m now dealing with aging grandparents at the same time as a young child. Both take a lot of time and emotional energy, and I very much feel more obligated to my kid but my grandparents need help every day now and it’s a lot for somebody like me.

The amount of mental health points I get very every day are already spread thin with a 7 yr old. There’s not much left for a dementia-addled octogenarian and my ever-meaner grandmother. But I’m expected to power through it all. While still maintaining my own home and family and…. It’s a lot. That’s all.

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Karkat Vantas, ask thing

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: His dumbass rambles about shit like quadrants and movies, also his insults bc those are like, a Karkat Classic

worst quality: Kind Of Mean

ship them with: whom else but dave

brotp them with: his mom, kanaya

needs to stay away from: clown

misc. thoughts: i actually really like karkats development as a character and the way hes portrayed and how the world he grew up in reflects in his personality, and how he mirrors an represents so many at the core of the comic, no wonder hes The Homestuck Character Everyone Knows


Hey my lovelies!

Just now I read a historical error mentioned on a fic that might be worth addressing – the suburbs. And I though it would be worth a post :)

So before I start is there anything in particular about the topic you guys would be interested in knowing?

I did quite a bit of research in the growth of suburbia last year for my big ol’ research essay on Disneyland, and I’m quite certain that the concept of the suburbs did not emerge until the 50s when the need for new housing for returning soldiers inspired new communities out side of cities like Levittown.

Anyway, once I’m settled into a routine I’ll check dates and write up a proper post but if there is anything you’re curious about regarding the development of suburban living let me know!

I might have a job in Kingston (nothing exciting but a paying job) but we’ll just have to see if I get an interview and what happen afterwards. In an odd limbo right now until I get a job. After that I can get an apartment and finally settled in properly.

Until then, enjoy the winter photos!


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why do you call yourself transgender when youre a her? you present yourself as a girl? you say that you like men and women? youre a butch lady and you need to accept that

Here is the dealio: I have not moved out of my house yet. I have not begun transitioning properly yet due to not moving away out of my Mother’s house. I have told her how I felt and she is slowly understanding. It is hard especially when I am not out to everyone. It is also fucking hard when transphobic dickheads such as you exist. 

A terrible overpriced Italian restaurant in my home town is closing after 39 years. I went there once as a child and it was enough.

My favorite restaurant is across the street and still serves incredible spaghetti dinners with delicious salads to college kids and seniors - in a fancy environment! - for like $7.99 on Tuesday nights. The waiters are somehow all beautiful and hilarious 20-something men. The owner, now in his 60s, posts adorable instructional videos about the etymology of marinara sauce and the recipe for their house-made bread. Like, how did this other overpriced place ever survive?

The local newspaper has always sucked but it had some full page melodrama about ~Bisetti’s~closing~ and no. I don’t care. We never went there. But my dad bought into this and sent me this drippy text about how I need to fly out so he could treat me to a birthday dinner there because it’s ~so~sad.~

Just, we never went there and I’m not sad and that sounds like a terrible birthday and I’m still not talking to you, Dad, because if I remind you that we never went there and it wasn’t good and maybe I don’t want to come to Colorado for my birthday suddenly I become the “fucking manipulative bitch” to him again for being ungrateful for his weird overture. I chide myself that I should be grateful I have a father who cares enough to text and remembers my birthday. And whoa I am helping us have low standards for men. I don’t like that restaurant and it is not special to me and he seems to be pretending that we are talking and that I’m wealthy enough to hop on a plane for a dinner on a whim.

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fcuking. sollux for hte ask meme

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: he has some of the best lines in the whole comic tbfh

worst quality: on paper he reads like a mary sue id write when i was 12 

ship them with: i dont have any huge sollux ships, maybe karkat tho

brotp them with: aradia

needs to stay away from: eridan for both of their sakes because theyre gonna 1v1 each other until one of them fucking dies

misc. thoughts: i really like sollux and i genuinely think hes a great character, i love how much is put into his whole “2″ theme, it really shows in like, everything he does. i hate how we never got to see him use his weapons tho bc it seems like he picked them out based on something he saw on troll naruto or something


It’s only 11 am and I’ve already been unproductive. I had a class at 10:30 that I skipped, and I also skipped both my classes yesterday. I can’t get into this cycle again. It only makes me more depressed and makes me feel worse about myself. Not to mention it compromises my grades. I need to stop behaving recklessly and get my shit together. It might be hard but it has do be done. I always tell myself these things, but never end up following through so hopefully I can this time!

I normally fast for at least 16 hours every day but I binged yesterday so I’m gonna do a longer one today. I just need to get out of the house so I won’t be tempted. I’m gonna take a shower and go to the library and stay there until like 4 pm, that way I can only eat what I bring. I also won’t bring money today so I won’t buy any food. Gonna try and make this weekend really productive, I’m tired of being disappointed in myself.