i need it in my house

“In twenty minutes I lost what I had been building for forty years. It happened while I was at work. My mother tried to turn on the stove and it caught fire. I lost everything. All my possessions and photographs were destroyed. Everything seemed hopeless. I didn’t sleep for many nights after it happened. But so many people came to help me. My friends let me live with them for months. My neighbors helped me clean the site and we began to rebuild. People were giving me extra materials. Twenty-five volunteers showed up from the local construction union. The experience changed me. I see people differently now. I thought that the world was full of people asking for things that they didn’t need. So I just focused on taking care of myself. As soon as my house is finished, I’m doing whatever I can to help people.”

(Montevideo, Uruguay)

Feyre: Tamlin, I need to get out of the house and help dealing with my problems and I want to be useful and please hold my hair back while I get sick and acknowledge the fact that I am having nightmares and also btw I hate this wedding dress and Ianthe is weirding me out and-

Tamlin: Empathy machine broke

Feyre: Rhys, I need-

Rhys: Here, have it all, please tell me what you need, here, have my soul and whoops is that too much and please if you need anything else Mor will be right here, but not too close if you don’t want and also lol don’t go talk to the Suriel for a while ok

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Hi there! How about #87 Dean/Reader :)

“Stay awake.”

The fight was over, the bitch was dead, all should’ve been well and good, right? Wrong. Her head had bounced off the cold concrete floor of the basement, a loud cracking noise sounding throughout the empty abandoned house. 

“Sammy!” Dean yelled, his voice breaking, much like her skull. 

“What? What happen- oh no.” Sam ran to meet Dean, crouching on the floor, hovering over her unconscious body. 

“Sweetheart, please. I need you to wake up.” Dean begged as her eyes fluttered open. “That’s my girl.” 

“I’m not your,” she sputtered, groaning and reaching up to hold her head. “Not your girl.” A defiant pout came over her features, making Dean smile through the tears pouring from his eyes.

“Not my girl.” He shook his head. “You’ve always been my girl. Now I need you to do something for me, okay?” 

She gave him a small nod and clenched her eyes shut, waiting for his request.

“Stay awake. You gotta stay awake, sweetheart.” He pleaded.

“Dean, I’m so tired…” Her voice faded as she unclamped her eyes and let her facial muscles relax.

“I know, but me and Sammy gotta get you to a hospital. I need you to stay awake. Promise me you will.” Dean was crumbling, trying his best to stay strong for her and for his brother.

“Promise I’ll try, Winchester. But I’m not your girl.” The right corner of her mouth pulled up into the tiniest smile. “You haven’t asked me yet.” She looked up at him with a faint glimmer of hope behind her eyes.

Dean took the hint, gently pressing his lips against hers, his lower lip molding between the two of hers, barely moving, just feeling one another’s kiss for the first time. They stayed there, faces touching, conjoined at the mouth, until she pulled back to take in a breath. Her last breath before her head slumped against his chest and her body went limp in his arms.

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That Tortured Soul On The Drivers Side|| old man logan

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So… the first time I had this nearly finished, my computer decided to crash. Let’s go.. Round 2!

Jist of prompt: You are in no need of a chauffeur, but that doesn’t stop you from calling on Logans services. Over time, you find yourself falling for the man on the drivers side and slowly manage to break past his defenses. When he comes to you looking for help with Laura, you find yourself unable to keep your secret anymore. 

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bunni: my friend died, i brought him back to life and now he lives with me, oh and he’s a vampire and my house is constantly infested with rats and mites. OH, and my friend is a vampire

bella: i have two kids

bunni: fuck, you win

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Oh my goodness I did not need to read that harry talk on them having the same birthday 😭😭 that was too cute!! He'd remind you all the time too like on their half birthdays he'd be like guess what babe it's our half birthdays

Oh, my god. He’d LOVE sharing a birthday with his child, for sure.

The night before, he’d traipse around the house with his child following him, looking for any clues as to what has been planned for the following day. Hand in hand as they sneak past the missus and try to sneak peeks at where she’s hidden their presents. They’d be snickering quietly between themselves, whispering to one another, and dismissing their behaviour when the missus asks them what they’re up too. When they head into the main bedroom and go to check under the bed and the wardrobes, the missus would appear from the en-suite with a towel for their child.

“What are you doin’ in here?”


“Lookin’ for presents, Mummy!” Their child would blurt out along with Harry, and, Harry’s eyes would widen and he’d look over to his child and gasp playfully with a smile, “sorry, Daddy.”

“Mummy knows our secret mission now, you bugger.”

And, she’d just laugh away and throw the towel at Harry as he climbs up from his knees, “since you’re trying to be naughty and sneak peeks at your presents, the both of you get no kisses before bed tonight,” she’d tease and walk over to their little one, “daddy’s gon’a wash you tonight, okay? Might even have a bath with you so I have some peace.”

“C’mon, my birthday twin,” he’d smile and lift his child into his arms, “we’ll have to hatch a plan in the bath, to sneak one last peek before bed.”

“No, Harold,” she’d warn, pinching his bum softly, “stop teaching our child bad ways. Enjoy the element of surprise tomorrow morning.” xx

20 questions tag

@lesllooo ily and thank you for tagging me :) this literally took forever bc i needed to do this on my laptop and i always forget to do it once im on..

so the rules are to answer the 20 questions in a new post and tag 20 people but..idk that many blogs so im sorry ksdfnk but this is so that we get to know each other better

nickname: Dayi

gender: female

star sign: gemini

height: im 165 cm last time i checked…but i think im like 5′4″ to 5′6″

time right now: 6:33 pm

last thing i googled: astrology houses lmao idk shit about them

favorite bands: i really like nct, bts, f(x), two door cinema club, arctic monkeys…thats it i think 

favorite solo artists: i really dont know djskfn

song stuck in your head: Sleepless by Flume

last movie i watched: Moana (i loved it so much)

last tv show i watched: unbreakable kimmy shimdt

when did you create your blog: i think july of 2011 bc it was 1 year after one direction formed askjdfnksdjf

what kind of stuff do you post: ive literally gone through so many phases lol but right now its mostly like whatevr the hell i want (kpop and other stuff)

when did ur blog reach its peak: its been a long ride but i havent reached a peak now lmao it just slowly gets better lkdncsj

do u have any other blogs:i just have a bunch of saved urls but creating a whole other blog is too much work for me

do u get asks regularly: i get one every year

why u chose ur url:i love f(x)

following: 105

posts: ……this is embarrassing bc ive been here for like 6 years but 23,897…with this post….23,898

hogwarts house: im a hufflepuff 

pokémon team:when i played the game….team mystic

favorite colors: i really love every color, i think i like colors that look nice together but i cant really pick one color

average hours of sleep: 6 to 8 hours

lucky numbers: 1, 4, 13

favorite manga characters: dont have any :/

how many blankets do u sleep with: 3 but only bc im too lazy to take the top blanket off bc it falls off the bed

dream job: storm chasing has always been my weird ass dream lol but im in college for occupational therapy…i really like helping people

dream trip: i want to go EVERYWHERE  and i dont really want to see more of North America so….Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Norway (for u May), Germany, Greece, Japan, China, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Australia… im not done but i cant think of anything else

im tagging @mayyvevo @dguti97 @fauxlove @nicegemini @taeilsgirlfriend @morelifemyg @furryugyeom @gaynct @healingsmiles @peachedface @rowoons (i still want to do that moodboard you tagged me in but im trying to find the right pictures djfbsk sorry i like to take my time also idk how to make a moodboard so theres that) sorry, you dont have to do it if you dont want to but it would be nice also i love all of you

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I low-key squeal every time I think about Rowena getting really frustrated and storming off to read when Helga tried to teach her to knit or make flower crowns (and fails) and then Salazar promising to learn with her and then it turns super competitive and they both want to be the best and then Godric just wants to be part of the fun and ends up better than Helga and makes flower crowns for everyone and everything and scarves for house elves who want them and people in need. Just a thought... :)

((OOC: My babieeesssss))

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Robbie Rotten


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine i guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: he’s relatable af he’s tried of life and secretly pure 
worst quality: too beautiful 
ship them with: sPORTAROBBIE FOR LIFE 
brotp them with: happiness 
needs to stay away from: anyone who calls him a villian i will fite u 
misc. thoughts: he’s honestly had a rough time okay sure he’s not perfect but he tries and in the end he just wants acceptance n he’s super adorable

rob rot is best boy, thank u



so i have finally mustered up some sort of courage to leave the house and now im in a noodlebox by my work because i left my debit card there. and in atempts to feel somewhat normal i even did my brows and put mascara on and i look pree cute

anyway i get in there and she asks me whats wrong because i wasnt at work today. my manager called me today (hes amazing)and was checking up on me because he was worried. i explained that ill most likely have to go on medical leave and he said theres always my job waiting for me back here and i cried on the phone because he was so kind.

but back to my coworker. and she is a very gruff, aggressive 55 year old woman that takes no shit. she basically yells at me after i told her wha i told our manager saying SO YOURE GOING TO ABANDON THE COMPANY AT THE BUSIES TIME OF YEAR BECAUSE YOU FEEL ANXIOUS????? WHAT IS WRONG YOU WERE FINE AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS


and i go to explain that ive been struggling with anxiety, panic disorder, depression and ocd from a very young age and this is just something i have to deal with and finally get therapy for because i never have in my whole life


yes it has actually she gave birth to me and it so happens to be in our genetics because i am her offspring but yes it must be rubbing off on me


right yes i dont need professional medical help i need oprah in my life tbh then ill be cured

anyway after that she hugged me and left and i cried in the elevator because she almost made me believe her, that its all in my head

SPRING BREAK!!! It’s the first day of Spring Break in my house and my boys are very upset that I’m making them do their school today. Such a mean mom. (Don’t they get it? This will mean they’re done a day earlier for Summer break!) So I guess their Spring Break will actually start tomorrow :)  I think the sun is coming out today!! I can see it trying to peek through. So I’m making myself walk to the lake for today’s workout. I need the outside so I don’t care if I get rained on. 

Happy Thursday!!

White Suburban America Gothic

You ride to school in an off gold minivan with at least 10 other kids. The van is only supposed to be able to seat 7, but there never seems to be someone with out a seat. Perplexingly, you pass your own house on the ride there. No, that isnt your house. Traveling only in a straight line without ever looping back or turning around, pass your own house nearly 30 more times before you are out of your development. Your friends live in some of these.

The road out of your development empties straight onto a highway. You’ve been told this is the most dangerous highway in the state several times. Every couple weeks a tale of some horrible crime comes from this highway, but there are never any witnesses. At least that you’ve talked to. The news always comes at least a week later, and only in the restless murmurs of children huddled in a hallway. Discussion is never made of it. The highway exhibits its gaping cracks, where an indistinct brown weed grows from. Even in the winter, and despite how much exhaust and other toxic material they come in contact with daily, not to mention being beaten down by innumerable car tires, these weeds are never gone from sight.

You arrive at school, the door lying mere feet from the highway. A police officer stands by the open portal with a vague and neutral expression. He watches over the throng of students entering the pockmarked walls of the building like a keeper of dangerous yet intelligent zoo animals.

Once inside the sound of sneakers clamoring against the hard, glossy floor assails your ears. The telltale squeaks of pristine basketball shoes on feet that have never touched a court in their life, save in the force of a gym class, give you a migraine. The migraine comes less from the sound and more from mentally preparing yourself for the antics of the shoe’s wearers. You look up from the small group of sneakers to see far, far more white boys than you would have deduced from the number of legs. You momentarily abandon your physical attributes and rematerialize next to a PTA bakesale that has been running for 17 consecutive weeks, although boasting a scratchily painted sign, reading in red bubble letters “Help the Football Team!” who’s season ended at week 2 of the operation.

The PTA moms beam at you with a look simultaneaously set on seething contempt and blissful ignorance, marked with a thin looking smile. You smile back and fade into the homogeneous blur of students behind you.

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Phichit for the ask thing??

omg yes my sweet love

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine i guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: he is the c u t e s t and has super adorable hamsters
worst quality: dat boi w his sneaky pics tut tut
ship them with: not rlly fussed about shipping him w ppl tbf he’s 2 perf
brotp them with: him n yuuri have the cutest friendship i love them 
needs to stay away from: shitty judges not giving him the scores he deserves smh
misc. thoughts: he’s just so adorable and precious and funny and i love him 

thank u v much!


I finally finished checking all the businesses in Redwood Cove and Sea Island Village. There are 13 owned business lots in Redwood Cove and 7 owned business lots in Sea Island Village. I can’t believe that I have managed to have 20 owned lots with the majority of them having reached level 10. Since none of these lots had any issues I am convinced that what happened at Regina’s is somehow my fault. I haven’t figured out what I did, but I have a few ideas of what could have caused her business to become unset.

It was time for Lamar Morgan to move out of his one bedroom apartment. He’s a successful business man and a father and he needs an extra bedroom for his daughter Kalita. I thought a beach house would be perfect for Lamar since he is a surfer. The house is still a W.I.P; lot’s of tweaking, adding and removing stuff, and the front yard to needs to be landscaped – or not. Basically, I am very pleased with the house. I fell in love with that wood panel and decided to use it through out the whole house. Yes, that is a bananna tree next to the loo on the beach, lol!

I think I worry too much about a lot of things. The other night I was hanging up a painting in my living room, and for some reason, all I could think about was whether or not I left the stove on. I assumed I was just being paranoid, so I tried to go about my business, but then it just became such a prominent thought that I had to go and check. Sure enough, it was off, but then it prompted me to check my doors, lock the windows, make sure my alarm was set…I really need to get out of the house more often. I’m starting to drive myself crazy.


do you need the funeral parlor for the weekend i am going to susan’s to pretend i love her and i won’t be there so you can use it

you know i think about music and what it does to me and my sister when i keep her family up at night dancing in her basement

she came down once and kicked me out but i break in every now and then to listen to music anyway

you know one time i was i walking to her house so i could listen to music and a german shepard started following me and then the german shepard was hit by a car and i stood there and listened to it whine for a long time

i wrote a series of short pieces titled LAST POSTS and one of them was based on a craigslist listing i found about a woman who wanted to meet with the man who got her closer to god through fucking and another writer left a reply stating “God does not give one single solitary fuck if you get laid or not” but i don’t have a smart phone so i didn’t see it till after the german shepard died

actually i think i’m going to go out of town to Lake Tahoe to watch westworld before the next season airs so let me know about the funeral parlor the acoustics are bad though fair warning

after the german shepard died and i got to my sister’s i laid down on the love seat swing she has on her porch cause she changed the locks

it creaked a lot and i was worried about waking her family so i went to Susan’s as the creaking of a love seat swing is not music

i think i’m going to Susan’s now nevermind but let me know about the funeral parlor anyway we still have those chairs / tables so you can have your speed-reading classes there