i need it for life

Έχω ανάγκη να μιλάμε.
—  Δεν φαντάζεσαι πόσο..

can y'all stop acting like Louis spent the last two years in a pit of despair like ya he looks happy w el and that’s great but if I have to read one more post ignoring how happy he also seemed w Danielle who was with him all through last year and supported him during a rly tough time I’m gonna fucking scream


I can honestly say, I’m scared to find out who killed Jason Blossom

# pleasedontbejughead #pleasedontbejughead #pleasedontbejughead

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You know a couple is good when evenr their MENTORS gave possible shipping canon <3 Just imagine Ruby and Sapphire having a double date with Winona and Walkace xD

Not going to lie, Gracefulshipping is one of my favourite ships.

But honestly Wallace and Winona make the perfect beta couple (ok so there’s a little age gap but you’re practically considered an adult at 10 in Pokemon so..) and I’m pretty sure the four of them going to Wanda and Riley’s wedding counts as a canon double date. I’m joking of course :P or am I…?

Seriously though, the chapters in RS where the four of them are working together in Sootopolis city are pretty much just one big, we’re potentially going to die, everything is being destroyed, Ruby and Sapphire’s issues mixed with Wallace and Winona’s problems, will we live through this?, double date. Again joking… hehe

And yes, Wallace and Winona do make the perfect beta couple :). I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind going on a double date with a couple of 11-15 yr olds hehe. Every couple needs their beta couple.

20 things about meeeeeee

hallo sorry omg this semester is teeming with tests and i barely have time to do anything ;-;-;-;

OMO TYSM to the peeps who tagged me ily pls accept my sarangs @haechico @pepperonibecausedoyoung @why-jaehyun <333333

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Nickname: umm my name is really bad for nicknames but my bff calls me yara-poo ?? she needs to stop tho | ‘yarzies’, radwin/radlose –> ok so my last name is rad***(lol cant give away too much info :’) and i campaigned for like student elections so i was like AYY RAD-WIN!! but then i lost and everyone called me AHAH RAD-LOSE and i am still in trauma

Gender: female ~~

Star Sign:  O M L I always see people like  “rising sun “ “something moon” like brooo what even iDKK i want to know how this is configured ;;;;; im a libra tho lel

Height: ummmmm its like >170cm but <175cm so i wanna say like 172/3cm ?? idk i should check lel

Time right now: 12:06 am

Last thing googled: ok dkm “how to check your google history”

but the actual last legit thing i searched was “how to use while loops in java”


Favorite solo artists: TAEYEONNN, Ariana Grande, JB, Alfred Reed, Gustav Holst(i lovveee classical/band music so much adhja)

Song stuck in your head: MONSTA X - BEAUTIFUL im literally on my knees for their first win istg this song is 1110/10

Last movie watched: i never watch movies but i think the last one was Kimi No Na Wa and lets not talk about that because im starting to cry thinking about it

Last TV show watched: umm im watching The Liar and His Lover rn lol Joyyy ajhfgs shes so pretty 

When did you create your blog: ohhh i got like that “congrats your blog is 1 year old email” like two weeks ago so um yeah 1 year 2 weeks old

What kind of stuff do you post: probably 97% nct, 1% other kpop groups, 2% memes/relatable stuff that applies to my life/things that i feel are important to be shared 

When did your blog reach its peak: i actually only started using my tumblr after i realized there was a ginormous slew of kpop fan accounts here and i needed a will to live so yeah probably in january i started following and reposting everything

and then semester two came along and now i barely have time to live

Do you have any other blogs: nuuu 

Do you get asks regularly: no lol im a lo n e

Why you chose your url: bro what even you can choose urls?? im still a N00B pls

Following: 686 i shit you not probably 95% of them are nct fan accounts

Posts: 644 (in which most of them happened in the span of a single month)

Hogwarts house: shitshitshitshist i dont read/watch hp pls

Pokemon team: Mystic aka best team

Favourite coloUrs: black and any dark shade of a colour(esp blue, purple + green)

Average hours of sleep: sorry what is sleep? i have insomnia + a really unhealthy shit-ton of school work so on a good day 7/6 hours but for example yesterday i had 4 hours

Lucky Numbers: 9 idk thats the day of my birthday but i never really invested in a lucky number sooooo

Favorite characters: fictional? uhhhhhhhhhhhh barbie lol

What are you wearing right now: a sweater and shorts(because i live in canada where you have to be cold + hot at the same time because our weather goes through more moodswings than me on my ppppppp)

How many blankets do you sleep with: one but it has to be the furriest heaviest warmest thing ever or else im cold(even in the summer)

Dream job: if we’re talking realistic, probably a dentist/forensic scientist/some sort of person that specializes in chem + drugs

if we’re talking about stfu jobs, like the camera crew/translator/some backstage person at SM ent or any company

Dream trip: um hello?  (south) K O  R E  A 

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It's... So fulfilling to find an artist that adores Soldier 76 as much as I do. I love your art style and hope you have the best day ever❤️✨

AWW MAN that really means a lot to me!! 😭 I’m so glad to see other people spreading the soldier 76 love! and I’m also glad that everybody knows by now how embarrassingly whipped I am for that man

thank you so much for your message and I hope you have a lovely day as well, dear anon~ 💜

I will never love again!

I found out that I only have a limited time left with the man I love more than anything in this world. I can’t tell anyone because he’s asked me not to and worst I can’t even spend it with him because we drive each other CRAZY literally. We end up fighting and the last things we said to each other were cold, cruel, and mean. I didn’t mean any of the things I said so why do I keep saying them. It always ends the same why can’t I just shut my stupid mouth and love him like my heart does. I will miss you my love and I’m truly sorry for all the mean things I said. I hope you remember me and the fun times we shared. I know you probably won’t because the illness steals your memory and your mind but a girl can hope. Goodbye my everything I do love you I always have and I always will. I think in the next life I’ll spare you the pain of loving me so that you can be happy. So I will not see you in the next life I will forever love you and that means I will do what is best for you no matter how bad it hurts me at least you won’t suffer too. I love you always.

I just have this headcanon that christophe and victor’s friendship is nothing but spending money and shenanigans like victor is already impulsive and out of control but chris is such a shameless ENABLER. Don’t tell me the reason victor has a hot pink $8 million cadillac convertible ISN’T because of Yuuri asking Victor to go pick out a car that was “reasonably priced and compact” and then Chris stepping in and being like ‘ew you don’t want the paparazzi taking pics of you in an ugly, soccer mom toyota corolla. No, get the one from the showroom thats a prized antique who cares if it’s millions of dollars IT’S FABULOUS YOU NEED TO BE FABULOUS.“ Victor pulls up in this ridiculous barbie car with Chris in the front seat with two pairs of ray bans on his head holding a 12-pack of wine coolers like "We made good decisions today” and yuuri storms out to scream at both of them.

Say no to bad dates, bad friends, and bad ideas. Stop going out when you’d rather stay in. Don’t do things that make you unhappy. But don’t be afraid to say yes to spontaneous nights out, new adventures, and facing your fears. Because it’s true what they say, life is short, and it’s passing you by right now while you read this. So if there’s anything you want to change in your life don’t wait. This is your moment.
—  If you’re waiting for a sign this is it.