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((hey all sorry to say mod aint doing too hot mentally and im gunna be taking a week off from guyslikeus. ill be back i have so many ideas im just kinda a hot mess right now and need to stop putting so much pressure on myself aaaahaha. ill be drawing for some other random askblogs so keep ur eyes peeled but other than that ill see u next friday! love you all!))

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Tumblr doesn't need to censor gay content. They just need to tell people to tone it down a notch. I don't need the people I follow to remind me of their sexuality every single day.

Unfollow them maybe?

I am glad people here embrace their sexuality and are proud of it, after all is something ton of the people here can’t do irl because it would put them in trouble.

Let people be happy they ain’t doing nothing wrong buddy omg

Can I just honestly say how much fun season five has been for me to write from past seasons? Not only are the episodes so intresting/complex/and hilarious, it’s the ideas that you guys given me that has shaped this entire story so we could get at this point. I’m writing the very last part of “My Bloody Valentine” and…I don’t know. I just feel so happy with how everything is running so smoothly. (And terribly painful, if you ask me.) We’re at the point of the season where we can explore the reader’s own story line and tying it with the boys. To everyone who’s submitted ideas to me…(And all fanfic writers!) 

I have a friend who thought she never would get pregnant and by accident did become pregnant. She’s 10 weeks behind me. However, it’s not with someone she’s with (in fact he wanted her to get rid of the baby and threatened her all that). He was also a coworker and so she quit her job because she couldn’t handle being around him anymore. I don’t blame her. Anyways, so she isn’t in the best situations but has a good home and all that.
What pisses me off is she will always non chalantly throw into conversation how lucky I am to have a job, husband, house, car that fits my needs etc. yes, I count my lucky stars every day but who are you to throw that in my face? I realize life happens, but it’s entirely unfair to compare our situations especially when I never ever bring up things that would differentiate our situations.
Also, I don’t feel bad that you don’t have a car that will fit your baby and large dog… you have a 2016 sports car… fucking trade it in. Oh and your 2017 Harley.. which I’m sorry you shouldn’t be riding while pregnant anyway. So no, you aren’t in this great state of despair either.
Anyways I needed to rant. I realize I’m in a good and planned position… but don’t rub it in my face like I’m all high and mighty.

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'White supremacy', 'white racists', 'whites are so deceptive'... I feel like someone wants us to fight each other, yes. But may I remind you all that respect and tolerance is a MUTUAL THING?? You feel hated by the white and now you hate the white and I'm hurt. I'm white but I'm not a racist. I work my ass off every day to help people in need. Regardless of their colors. Please for the sake of LOVE, don't thurn 'black hate' now into 'white hate'. We have to respect each other MUTUALLY. Thanks.

It’s time to find who the fuck this anon thinks they are dealing with?.

Congrats on being a decent person to not only whites, but they colored folks as well. I’m so sorry my blog completely excluded and isn’t also for those ‘good whites’.Their rare ability to treat all humans as…humans should be applauded.Just one quick question though? 

Does it really hurt you that much to know that this blog is not for white people?Is it really that damaging to your ego that not every community is for you?

Do you know I don’t give a fuck about your feelings?

Nowhere on this blog does it promote hate of any kind. Nowhere does it mention white supremacy, deceptiveness..nor does it say anything about black hate. What I assume you did was go to my about page, see that the creator of this blog is a beautiful black person, and then assume that because I created a positivity blog for people of color like myself, that I am aggressive and hateful. My discomfort and demand to have a place where others like myself can be loved, respected, and free in a community where ‘good whites’ like yourself sit at home and send anon to hate to people wanting such a thing, cannot ever translate into hate.

Anyways, if you claim not to be racist, but get up in arms about a poc positivity blog, perhaps you’re racist. 

And now for the fitblr part, 30 day reboot

I was down half a pound at TOPS which all things considered is fine. I absolutely can do this if i literally just believe i can. It seems so ridiculous but I’ve proven myself incapable of just powering through the defeatism so many times before. I need to be fired with the belief that doing the right thing every day will lead to the results i want.
Today: water. I have been negligent because i bought diet A&W root beer and that shit is sublime and it totally took over.
Today: no sweets. I have a big platter of fruit on the fridge, that’ll do fine.
Today: no intentional exercise, just tidying house in every last room yeesh.

I’m feeling pretty mellow. I like this a lot.

              hello hey hi name’s atlas,, listen i know today has been /shit/ for some of us but i’m here to say whatever happens, i love you. i love your writing and your muse that you adore so much.i love your headcanons and your replies to asks and the way you portray who you write. i love you as a person, and i know that times are rough and shit happens but just know that i will always adore you. that crying is okay and we all need a little cry every now and then, and if something horrible happens to you please know that it’ll get better. i will repeat this every day if needed but goddamn, each and every one of you have my heart. you’re sweet as sugar and kind as ever, a heart of gold is in your chest. and if you’re feeling down because you think something you do is shit, just know that i think the opposite. your graphics are great, your icons are good and if you don’t use icons, that’s okay ! i think you are all so beautiful and precious and cute.. you are all rays of sunshine that brighten up my dash ! i love you, i hope your day/night gets better, and i send all the good vibes your way. smooch smooch <33


Have some unfinished doodles of some punk kids, looks like today I have nothing better to offer m(._.)m


It’s been more than a day and I’m still laughing at how the Squire pact in TOZ-X is now just a friendship bracelet while Mikleo and Sorey apparently have each other on telepathic emergency speed dial LOL.

inb4 bro gaydar jokes


drawing some yasuhooooo because i love her! also josuke is there….


“We moved in packs together bounded by our oldest brothers
The night was ours for taking, rolling cigarettes and sneaking out
We sung our songs of youth and promised that we’d never lose it.” —
Hippo Campus


Sound advice for anyone trying to improve their artwork!

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