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Saavni: You need to marry him.

Rose Bud: This isn’t happening. Look, I hired you to be my personal adviser, not to ruin my life.

Saavni I know, and I’m trying to save your career. How many successful women politicians do you know have had a child out of wedlock?

Rose Bud: Umm…

Saavni: Exactly. Lose the kid, or marry him and I’d make your decision quick.

Okay, so after realising how much I love OiSuga as my brotp, I had to write some stuff down ((so much rambling under the cut, just a warning)):

  • First of all, Oikawa probably barraged him with selfies in the beginning with masses of compliments to himself and hoping to make Suga jealous of how pretty he was 
  • Suga ain’t buying it and sends one of him first thing in the morning and it practically makes Oikawa cry on the way to school bc he’s stuck between admiration for how pretty he is, and how he feels insulted by how pretty he is. 

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Yachi-san, at this rate, you can’t move forward. If you want to do this, you need to tell her.”

Whether I want to join the volleyball club or not, at this rate, I’ll never be able to change from my worthless self. I have to say it with my own mouth.

“Yeah…I have to say it. Thanks Hinata.”

suggest hq fics to me pls

Hello, hi, yes please I just had a shitty day and I need good fanfic. Preferrably Iwaoi or Matsuhana, but i guess I’d read about everything now as long as it’s not iwa/oi with anyone else. Fluff to angst to porn. I don’t care much as long as it has a happy end and lifts my mood D: .. the longer the better btw.

send help. and links…..


Takeru (Yaku)
Ok, let’s go to bed.
Good nya-ight!

Shouri (Kuroo)
A black cat!

Takeru (Yaku)
My black cat’s name is Moko, you can meet him later!

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

Yes, he said ‘oyasumi nya-sai’ so… cat pun.

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Oops my bad, I swore that I typed Wakatoshi, but maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me again!

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Can I request some headcanons or a scenario with an s/o who always wants kisses? She’s a smol girl who lays on his chest whenever he lays down and repeatedly kisses him while saying ‘I love you’ each kiss?

Sorry it took me so long to get back to this one! But I find this so freaking adorable, this boy definitely needs this kid of love in his life!

Getting used to her affection was much simpler than Ushijima had originally anticipated. But it had definitely taken some time. The first time she had pressed her lips to his own so easily and delicately uttered those three powerful words, he thought his face couldn’t possibly get any redder; especially since it had taken place in front of most of his team.

But with each kiss and each word exchanged, he grew to anticipate the actions, oftentimes initiating them instead of waiting for them. And his embarrassment over it slowly began to lessen, a sense of pride replacing it instead, which only escalated when Tendou claimed he wished he had a partner that would do the same.

And so to find the couple laying out in the grass of a park was no rare occurrence. Even less rare was to find her head laying on his chest, taking in the steady beating of his heart with the comfort of his arm wrapped tightly around her shoulders. He felt them shift next to him, bringing his gaze away from the sky above down to her who met with his gaze instantly.

She smiled, pushing herself up onto his elbow to then lean over him, her lips pressing to his, slotting them together in that so perfect way he loved. Hand resting at the small of her back, he lifted the other to lay over hers that resided on his chest, thumb stroking over the soft skin there. When she began to pull away, he moved forward to keep them joined, feeling her smile against his mouth.

“I love you,” she spoke softly against his lips, enjoying how those words from her felt on his skin. He surged closer, leaving no more space between them any longer. Because despite the people that were around them and surely giving them disapproving looks, he needed to display his love for her. Their love was so much bigger than anything else around them.


Chantilly Lace: I had no idea dancing could be so nice.

Merlot: Me either.

Chantilly Lace: I’m sorry for all my squeaky voiced commentary. It must be annoying.

Merlot: Talk my ear off, please, and your voice is adorable.

Chantilly Lace: You think so? Mother says I need to work on my pitch. 

Merlot: Your mother has some ridiculous expectations and standards.

Chantilly Lace: Yes.*sigh* There I go talking about her again.

Merlot: It’s understandable. She’s pretty much your whole life.

Chantilly Lace: Rather depressing when you think about it.

Merlot: Then let’s not.

Chantilly Lace: Deal.

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So I had found KenYach fan art ('twas a blessing) and not even 3 seconds later I mentally screamed and said, "THEIR CHILD WOULD BE YURI(o)" because like, If yoU LOOK AT THE HAIR IT WOULD JUST AND POOF AND THEN THERES YURI (Also it was very off of me to do that since I don't watch yoi) Soooooooo, moral of the story, Kenma and Yachi are Yurio's parents and I now need rethink my life choices

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okay for the miya twins: who of them tries to set the other up with their crush all the time and is embarrassingly and painfully obvious while doing it? :D

oooh i’m so excited to write this one!! these two have honestly taken over my life (also headcanon requests are currently open so send some in to the ask box!!)

Atsumu & Osamu Miya

  • The answer to this wasn’t even something I needed to think about: Atsumu is 100% the twin that tries so set his brother up with his crush
  • Most of the time, Atsumu would purposefully go out of his way to make it obvious that his brother had a crush on the person. He’d hint at ‘someone who looks just like him’ having a crush at them
  • He definitely just straight out hands Osamu’s number to the crush, telling them to ‘call it for a good time’. He may or may not have meant for it to sound sexual
  • Whenever the two twins walk past the crush, Atsumu would start yelling things like ‘Osaumu isn’t that your crush over there?’ while wildly gesturing to the person. Osamu would just sigh and drag im away from the scene, mortified at his brothers actions
  • Atsumu would totally play wingman for Osamu no matter how many times he gets told not to. He’d just go up to the person and talk about how amazing Osamu is at volleyball and how cool he is
  • Osamu would end up getting to fed up with his Atsumu’s actions that he’d just go and confess to his crush to put a stop to his brothers antics. Atsumu would try to take all the credit for this