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[HQ SCAN] Choi Siwon for L'OFFICIEL HOMMES Korea Magazine ‘THE TUXEDO GUYS’ December Isue 2014.

Scanned by : babydog’s cage

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Q : What is your own donation philosophy?

Siwon : “Being  a friend in need regardless of money. Although i haven’t made very many donations, my philosophy is to donate completely secretly. (my kind-hearted prince T_T) Once made public, the whole thing becomes spoiled.”

Q : What is your next goal?

Siwon : “I learned a lot working together with Jackie Chan. Like him, i hope to be a representative actor of a country. (I’ll support you! ^o^) Of course, there is much to do before that. Whenever i feel this kind of feeling, i recall a line from a previous drama. Eventually, what to blame is not our situation but our volition”