i need him to say aww


So dating this human marshmallow would include:

  • probably has a cheesy photo of you two as his lock screen from your first date 
  • and your name saved as something equally as cheesy like “my baby” or “beautiful”
  • his nicknames for you would include: “babe”, “baby”, “love” and his favorite one “kitten” 
  • would melt if you call him “oppa” 
  • insists that you dance with him even if you’re bad at it
  • making fun of his british accent, but he still does it because he loves seeing you smile 
  • loves hugging you and would cling to you like Seonho clings to Minhyun a koala when you two are alone 
  • holds your hand all the time, no matter when or where or who you’re with
  • like literally 
  • you would be sleeping and he still has his fingers interlocked with yours
  • complaining about how he spends more time with his cats than with you 
  • “but babeeee, the cats need my attention” 
  • “but i need it too” 
  • “aww come here and let’s all cuddle”
  • so you end up watching harry potter for the 10th time with him and his cats
  • falling asleep on the couch 
  • and waking up to daniel sleeptalking 
  • he would probably say the most random things like 
  • “hurry, hurry we need to go before they come” 
  • “who comes?” 
  • “they are gonna steal it, hurry hurry” 
  • “babe wake up, you’re dreaming”
  • “nooo, they stole my cereal Y/N !!”
  • and you always mock him for it “No ThEy StOlE mY cErEAl Y/N” 
  • and he shakes his head like “why am i even dating you” 
  • but he loves you so much he would do anything for you 
  • your mom adores him, she thought he was perfect the moment you first took him home
  • always asks you about him on the phone
  • “how’s daniel doing? you didn’t upset the poor boy, right ?” 
  • “what if he upsets me mom ?!” 
  • “nonsense, how could that boy do anything bad” 
  • “HELLO MOTHER-IN-LAW !!” *daniel screaming in the back* 
  • playing video games and him accusing you of cheating when he loses, but you’re just that good
  • “you lost, you’re doing the dishes for a week”
  • “i call for a re-match!” 
  • and he loses again and now he has to do the dishes for two weeks
  • fighting with sungwoo over daniel almost every day
  • “he is mine !”
  • “but he is my boyfriend!” 
  • “please… there is enough kang daniel for everybody” 
  • “shut up Kang, this is not about you” 
  • and Daniel has to bring Jisung over to calm you and Sungwoo for the 5th time that week
  • you would have super chill dates with sungwoo included, like picnics in the park or going to cute little coffee shops or festivals in the summer and ice-skating in the winter 
  • grocery shopping is hectic and you’re always fighting over what to buy
  • cause Daniel wants more stuff for his cats
  • but you need new make-up
  •  so Jisung is always there shoving the shopping list in your faces 
  • midnight runs to the store cause you’re hungry and he is sweet by offering to go
  • but calls you after 5 minutes cause 
  • “baby i just found the cutest cat outside your apartment”
  • “DANIEL NO” 
  • “but it’s so adorable, come see it” 
  • so you go and see a small fluff ball being hugged by a big fluff ball, but you still don’t agree cause he has 4 other cats to take care of
  • “pleaseeeee?” 
  • “noooo”
  • “but…” 
  • “no”
  • “pleaseeeeee”
  • and so you adopt another child and you can already hear daniel giving him weird names
  • well now this boy right here
  • would love it if you wear lingerie, especially in cute colors like pink or white and probably kitten collars with thigh high stockings 
  • i feel like he would be into pet-play and would let you call him daddy if he knew you liked it 
  • he really knows what he’s doing in bed + high stamina from being a dancer = sore mornings for you
  • you didn’t even need to tell him what you like and he already knew all of your soft spots and how to make you tremble under his touch 
  • likes holding your hands above your head as he kisses your neck and your collarbone 
  • lots of biting like you’re lips, neck, chest, thighs literally anywhere
  • teasing, i think he would enjoy teasing you, like kissing you slowly and taking his time kissing you and caressing your skin
  • “Daniel hurry up”
  • “Patience, kitten”
  • really good at giving, knows how to make good use of that tongue
  • always keeps his hands on your hips as he kisses the inside to your thighs and your core 
  • would let you ride his face 
  • likes looking at you as he pleasures you so he would want to do it in front of mirrors 
  • usually really sweet and loving; holds your hands even then and probably maintains eye contact and gives you assuring smiles 
  • “you’re so beautiful baby”
  • can turn rough and super dominant at times 
  • like if you’re teasing him on purpose while you’re out with his friends then good luck when you get home 
  • he would have you face down as he’s thrusting into you from behind
  • likes slapping your ass and pulling your hair as he whispers “I love you” into your ear 
  • you’re gripping the sheets trying not wake your neighbours 
  • but he wants to hear you scream his name so he goes even harder 
  • and you can’t hold it in anymore so you just let it go and yell his name 
  • “that’s right, kitten. tell everyone who you belong to.” 
  • would be a mess when receiving 
  • lots of heavy breathing and grunts 
  • with soft, inaudible moans 
  • but you enjoy teasing him too so you just kiss his erection through his boxers while massaging it 
  • so he starts complaining and begging until you finally take him in your mouth 
  • and then he turns silent and is biting his lips while grabbing the sheets 
  • “baby… i… i’m close” 
  • never fails to say “I love you” after he finished
you’re hot (when you’re mad)

isaac knows the perfect way to distract his wife when she’s angry.  

inspired by this post:  “you know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex” and “can we fuck? like, now?”  

“You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.”

“Isaac.” I sighed. “You’re not listening to me.”

He reclined further against the pillows on our bed and crossed his arms over his chest. “I am, honey. You’re mad because you think I’m trying to control you. You think I’m trying to turn you into an obedient little Stepford Wife, just because I said I wanted you to stop working so much.”

“Stop saying ‘I think.’ It’s dismissive and inaccurate. I know those things to be facts.”

The corner of his mouth turned up in a subtle smirk. “Oh, do you now? I love it when you act like a little know-it-all. It turns me on.”

“I-saac, stop flirting with me like we’re teenagers. I’m being serious. You knew when you married me that I wasn’t going to be a typical housewife for you. Now all of a sudden, you want me to stay home?”

Isaac shook his head. “That’s not what I meant, and I feel like you know that. Will you just come back to bed?” The covers were up to his waist, and he wasn’t wearing a shirt, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit tempted.

“No,” I muttered with half conviction, full petulance, regretfully tearing my gaze from his sun-kissed, toned chest, and the light smattering of hair that covered the hard plane under his stomach, the treasure trail that led to happier places than this conversation. “I’m not getting back in bed until you apologize.” I was standing at the foot of the mattress, admittedly with my hands on my hips, none too proud of my stubborn streak. Isaac was being ridiculous, so I had to hold my ground. Maybe if I kept telling myself I was standing up for women everywhere, I could get through this argument.

“What do you want me to apologize for? Noticing that you were becoming a workaholic? That you’re always tired and frustrated after you come home from work? Baby, all I did was suggest you should cut back on work, delegate some of your responsibilities to other people.”

I shook my head. “No, I can’t. I don’t want my boss to think I can’t handle all of it. He already makes sexist jokes about how I’m the first woman he’s ever promoted to my position. Besides, you said you wanted me to stay home, not work less.”

“That’s the same thing.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Okay, fine, it’s not. Is it so bad that I want to spend more time with my wife?”

“We… spend time together…” I mumbled unconvincingly.

Isaac laughed sarcastically. “Oh yeah, I get to talk to you five minutes before bed because you pass out so quickly from being at work till 9 pm. Oh, and if I’m lucky on the weekend, in between your 15 minute breaks because you bring the office home with you.”

I groaned and paced to the other side of the room. “Well, what do you want me to do?! I’m sorry I care about my job!”

“I get that! I care about my job too, but at least I’m here. And you’re not. I feel like all I ever do is cook and clean and wait for you to get back, holding out some small hope that you might stay awake for just a minute longer so I can share maybe two words with you–that’s if you’re not too tired from crying into my shoulder because you had a bad day at work.”

“Well I–I mean,” I stammered, aimlessly grappling for another line of argument, “so, that’s what this is about? You’re tired of comforting me when I cry?”

“No, of course not–”

“So then, you’d rather I cook and clean, have the house spotless and dinner ready on the table when you get home from work?” Isaac didn’t say anything. A knowing grin spread across his face, accompanied with a playful twinkle in his eyes, and no counterpoint could’ve pissed me off more than that.Well?

“I’m not doing this with you anymore,” he said calmly. “I’m not engaging in this because we both know you instigate fights when you’re defensive. And you’re defensive because you know I’m right. You’re trying to spin this into a feminist issue, willfully ignoring my valid points. At this point, you’re just Fox News-ing soundbites to make me sound sexist.”

“Really? Fox News-ing soundbites? Cute.”

“I thought I was talking to my wife, not Bill O’Reilly…”

I audibly gasped. “You did not just call me Bill O’Reilly. Have fun sleeping on the couch tonight, buddy.”

Isaac chuckled. I stared back, trying to appear unimpressed, trying not to give away that I was completely turned on. It’s not like I could help my biological responses. My female sensibilities always swooned whenever Isaac managed to stay calm, while also simultaneously calling out my bullshit. Not many people could do that. It’s why I married him: Isaac could put me in my place. I needed that sometimes. Still, I didn’t like admitting I was wrong.

“You’re only hearing what you want to hear,” he continued. “You’re not listening to what I’m saying, so I’m not arguing with you anymore.”

“Fine. You’re the one who brought it up.” I threw my hands up in frustration and headed towards the bedroom door, stopping when he called out my name.

“Woah, woah. Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

I turned the knob and opened the door. “Um, I’m leaving? Since you don’t want to talk to me anymore?”

Isaac’s grin disappeared. “This is true. I’m done talking, but you’re not going anywhere.” He tilted his head and looked me up and down. Five years married, I still hadn’t built up an immunity to The Look.

“Oh really? Why’s that?” I challenged. My defenses were crumbling with each passing second, my flesh burning each time his hungry eyes raked over my body.

“Because darling, you’re hot when you’re mad, and having it out with you always makes me horny. Since I know you are too, why don’t we stop talking in circles, and fuck. Like, now.”  A few moments passed and we stared each other down, both waiting for the other to make the next move. “Come on baby, I can almost taste you from over here. And you look so sexy standing over there in nothing but panties and my t-shirt. Get back in this bed, Mrs. Lahey.”

Shit. He pulled out the surname card. There went my last line of defense. “You know what? Fuck it,” I muttered, and stormed angrily across our room. I crawled over the mattress to straddle his waist where he leaned against the headboard. I peeled off my t-shirt and his fingers wrapped around my throat, reeling me in for a harsh kiss, gnashing together teeth and tongue.

“You really know how to get under my skin,” I spoke against his pliant, soft mouth, weaving my fingers through his hair to tug on his curls.

He chuckled. “That’s exactly where I intend to be, pet.” Isaac’s hands traveled up my thighs and under my ass. He roughly squeezed, then swiftly, he brought down one hand and smacked my ass. I yelped at the unexpected contact, then moaned as he rubbed the stinging area. He spread apart my cheeks and moved aside my underwear. Isaac slipped a finger into my folds and spread my wetness over my clit, circling the bundle of nerves slowly. It was when he started spelling out the alphabet over the sensitive bud that I started emitting whiny little gasps. When he got to W, I was mewling and riding his hand. “What do you say, princess? Wanna ride my cock? Or are you still mad at me?” he mocked.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m furious actually, but for now, I wanna fuck your brains out.” I removed the covers from his naked body and fisted his shaft, holding it steady so I could spit on the tip. I spread the slick saliva all over his cock while he fucked my mouth with the fingers he just took out of my pussy. Smug asshole knew I liked sucking on his fingers. They were just so long and elegant and pretty and I loved the way Isaac could reach the back of my throat. There was also his kink about laying his fingers flat against my tongue and stroking the flesh to let me taste myself.

I continued to stroke him, albeit needlessly. “Well, that didn’t take long. You must really like it when I’m mad. Do you just piss me off on purpose, honey?”

Isaac smirked. “Like you’re complaining. You like makeup sex as much as I do. So why don’t you stop messing around,” Isaac continued, gently extracting my hand from his cock and lifting my hips so he was positioned at my entrance, “and take me where you really need me?”

I scoffed. “Me, need you? I think it’s the other way around.”

Suddenly, Isaac stopped circling my clit. “Is that so?” He removed his hands from my body altogether, sat back, smirked, and crossed his arms over his chest. I gaped. Oh no he did not.

“Are you kidding me?” I deadpanned. “You’re seriously gonna stop now?”

Isaac shrugged. “It’s not like I need you.”

I glanced down. “Your boner suggests otherwise.”

“I can take care of that myself.”

“What, and pass this up? You think your hand compares to me?” Isaac remained unfazed, challenging me with one raised brow. “Aww come on, Lahey, what was it you were saying earlier? About getting under my skin?” I made my voice small and delicate, and bit down on Isaac’s earlobe when I spoke. “Don’t you want to be inside me, baby?” Positioning myself on his thigh, I rode him the way I did the first time we fucked, in the driver’s seat of his car after Derek and Stiles said “I do.” I remember the way Isaac’s lips tasted like champagne and icing when I shoved him against his car door, pulled him down by his tie, and kissed him for the first time since we ended things in high school. “Remember the first time I rode you like this?” Isaac pressed his thumbs into my hip bones and guided my movements. The cocky pretense was gone, replaced by hazy lust. He grunted an affirmation. “It was right after Derek and Stiles got married. We fucked for the first time that night, and you made me come twice. In a fucking car. I think I knew then you were the one,” I joked.

Isaac grinned. “It takes flexibility to do what we did in that car. That was all you.”

My laughter transformed into a heady moan as my clit brushed against his leg in that perfect angle. “You felt so good inside me that night. I love the way you feel Isaac, how you fill me up and stretch me out. Please, baby, I want you so bad. I want–ah! want you, inside me… it’s so warm inside this body, and it’s so soft.” Even though I was trying to make Isaac cave, there wasn’t any deception behind my words. I needed him now. “If you don’t fuck me soon, I’m gonna come, and I really wanna come all over your cock. Please fuck me, Isaac, please… I want it so bad…”

“Shit, are you beggin’ me?” Isaac’s fingers wrapped into my hair and he pulled me down to kiss me. “Are you fuckin’ begging me?” In a flurry of movement, Isaac had me on my back, and positioned himself at my entrance. “This what you want?” He slid into me so fast and hard my eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head. My back arched away from the mattress, and he wrapped his arm around my torso as he slammed into me relentlessly. “Fuck, how do you always feel so good?” He grunted into my shoulder. Suddenly, he stopped. This whiny little noise escaped my throat at the loss of contact. “Turn over. Do it, now. Good, now stick your ass out.” He delivered another stinging slap to to my ass. “Higher, just like that. Wanna fuck you just… like that…”

For the second time, Isaac entered me, sheathed hilt-deep in my pussy. It was all I could do to claw at my sheets because the new angle Isaac had achieved was making it hard to stay on my knees. His hand on my hip holding me in place was helping a little bit.

“Isaac,” I managed to say, albeit breathily, “I’m gonna come.”

He slowed his movement and leaned down, placing a gentle kiss on my spine. “Good, me too.” Isaac snaked a hand around my hip and toyed with my clit. All the while he fucked me slow and deep, with his chest against my back, talking filth into my ear. My moans came out in silent mewls, with frustrated growls peppered in because Isaac’s pace was torturously slow. “There it is, there’s that anger I love so much,” Isaac said. “Look at you, clawing at the sheets, fuckin’ growling at me. You hate it when I go slow like this, don’t you?” He pumped into me again, this time, with more gusto, and I could feel my orgasm bubbling up, so close to brimming over.

“Please, Isaac,” I moaned pathetically.

“Please, what?”

“Please let me come,” I whined.

“Shhh, baby, you’ll come soon enough. You’re just gonna have to be a little patient–oh, shit, you just gonna clench around me like that? Make your pussy all nice and tight for me like that?” Isaac grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled, tugged sharply the way I liked it. “You’re gonna get it now, darling.” He rubbed my clit faster and rutted into me fast and deep. He came before me, but that was probably my fault for clenching around him. I milked out his orgasm before he sent me over the edge.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I whispered as my body quivered. The jolts of pleasure continued for a good minute afterwards, and Isaac laid me on my side and cradled my body against him. He cupped my cheek and brushed soft little kisses all over my face.

“Shh, I got you,” he said softly.

When I finally recovered and muddled through the foggy haze, I realized I was no longer mad. Isaac had that effect on me when he made me come really hard, obliterating my anger and my pride, enough for me to apologize. “I’m sorry,” I said quietly.

“Mm-mm, don’t be. I told you angry sex fixes everything.”

I laughed. “True. You were right about all of it. I’ve been working too much. We barely see each other.”

He kissed my forehead. “S’alright. I just get worried about you. And I miss you.” Isaac moved his fingertips against my back, tracing lazy, comforting circles.

“I miss you too.” I snuggled deeper into his chest. “I’ll cut back. Wanna spend more time with you.”

“Is that right? You’re actually gonna listen to me?” He feigned shock.

I giggled and lightly punched his arm. “Shut up.” I pressed a contented kiss against his chest. “Love you,” I mumbled as I dozed off. Isaac’s fingers combed gently through my hair, lulling me into slumber.

“Love you more.”


How they would react to their s/o being depressed

~shower you with compliments everyday
~tell you not to give a damn about everyone else
~would beat the livingg daylights out of anyone that dares to hurt you
~remind you every day how lucky he is to have you and how important you are to him
~every time you say bad things about yourself he’ll be like “what are you talking about, all I see is perfection” or something like “I wish you could see what I see everyday cause if you did all you’d see is an angel”

~would be confused at first beacuse he would never thought that someone as beautiful as you would hate themselves
~would no will try and comfort you the best he can
~cuddle and make out
~give you compliments about yourself every chance he gets
~he’s be extra possessive towards you
~will never stop looking at you like he’s looking at a masterpiece
~tell you stuff like “you know that you’re beautiful to me right?” and even like “trust me when I say you’re amazing”

~like leo he’d be confused as to why you feel this way
~would probably give you a scientific explanation telling you how amazing you are and saying that you shouldn’t feel this way
~being the adorable dork he is he’d say “I love you” shyly to you
~remind you every freakin mili seconds just hoe much he loves you
~he would spend more time with you
~would tell you cheesy pick up lines to cheer you up
~say stuff like “well technically speaking you have no logical reason to feel this way”

~he would immediately tightly embrace you
~tell you words of comfort
~kiss your face like a million times
~he’d say “aww, angelcakes you don’t need to feel this way you’re so pretty and amazing”
~after a while of him panicing he’d say “just know that no matter what I love you ok babe”
~he would really be there for you no matter what the problem

dam-iminalotoffandoms  asked:

If you still want to write stranger things may I request fluffy mileven? Literally anthing post season 2 like I dont mind if its snowball, a week later, a month, a year, whatever inspiration hits. I'm desperate for post season 2 mileven fluff so anything you got would be awesome :)

Mike has a collection of flashlights.

They are overwhelmingly gifts from Jim Hopper.

“In case the power goes out.”

“Can’t have you tripping.”

“You can’t fight if you can’t see.”

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The Bookstore // Henry Bowers

Word Count: 917

Summary- You make a trip to the bookstore, and unexpectedly run into the towns bully.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; I got bored on the plane, so I figured I’d start working on some requests. Hope you enjoy!

Requested; Yes!

Req; may i request a henry bowers imagine where he meets *y/n* at a bookstore but she’s richie tozier’s older sister and she’s just like him but flirtier
? thanks!


You wracked the many bookshelves, looking for a book for your history class. You came to this book store in particular, because it was in a quiet area of town, and not many people came here. Here was of course the town library, but the chance of finding the book you needed was slim due to the rest of your class likely already have taken all the copies. Finally, after about an hour of searching the bookstore, you found the book. Grabbing it, you pulled it out of the shelf carefully, smiling down at the cover.

You’d been stressing over and procrastinating doing said history project for awhile now, and now you’d finally get it done and out of your way. You knew once you had it done it would be a relief.

As you glanced up to where you recovered the book, you saw through the crack someone walk by; they looked oddly familiar, almost like… no, it couldn’t be him. Why on earth would he come to a bookstore? He had no purpose here, and he always teased kids and/or bullied them for stepping foot into a library, so he wouldn’t be here. Though that boy looked so much alike him, and it was a small town..

Your suspicions were answered as a focused Henry Bowers came around the bookshelf separating the two, scanning the row. He hadn’t noticed your presence, which was probably for the best, because you had an awestruck look on your face. Henry Bowers, in a bookstore. That’s something you never thought you’d see. “Never thought I’d catch you at a bookstore, Bowers.” He jumped, eyes blown wide when his gaze fell upon you. “Tozier..” He greeted, not at all seemingly happy to see you.

You weren’t exactly his biggest fan; nor was he of yours. Mainly because of your little brother, Richie. He was a primary target for the infamous Bowers’ gang, and tended to get bullied a hell of a lot. You, being his big sister, took upon standing up to Bowers, not only for Richie, but for all of his friends as well. Henry tried to pick on you, but no one backed him up, and you had no reaction, because frankly you didn’t care. It bored him, and he gave up that idea quickly.

“So what brings the infamous Henry Bowers to bless a small bookshop with his presence?” You teased, approaching him slowly. “I-” Henry started, but he nothing followed. He didn’t know what he could say, or if there even was anything he could say, to excuse what he was doing here. The real reason he came here was too embarrassing to share with his friends, let alone someone like you, who could easily ruin his reputation.

“Aww, the all powerful Henry Bowers like to read?” You mocked, laughing slightly at your horrible impression of him. He only scoffed, but avoided your gaze. “No need to be embarrassed, Bowers. Nothing wrong with a little book from time to time.” You said, looking down at your history book. You glanced back at him, only to see a nervous, unsure expression on his face.

“What?” You asked, genuinely confused. “You aren’t going to run and tell everyone that THE Henry Bowers was found in a bookshop?” He asked, and by the tone of his voice, you could tell he thought you’d actually do so. “I’m not like that, Bowers. I know we don’t know each other that we’ll, but I expected you’d know not everyone cares about tearing each other down to make themselves feel better.” You said, seriously.

Turning on your heel, you went and checked out your book. Henry followed you out of the aisle, and waited patiently for you to make your check out. He thought about what you said, and you were right; he hardly knew anything about you. Usually, it wouldn’t matter to him, but something about the way you’d just acted now, refusing to expose his secret to the whole town.. he felt like he owed you.

He’d caught you just before you exited the building. “Hey, Y/N..” he called, and you turned, looking at him with eyebrows raised. “Thanks. You know, for not telling everyone.” You stood there, mouth agape. “Did the Henry Bowers just apologize?!” You exclaimed, and he chuckled. It wasn’t a maniacal cackle like he usually did, it was a real, genuine laugh. That’s a sound you never thought you’d hear, but.. surprisingly, it warmed your heart.

“I want to make it up to you. Friday, after school? I’d say during school, but you don’t seem like the type to ditch.” He said, calmly. You cocked an eyebrow. “Is that a challenge?” You tested, and Henry looked taken aback. “I didn’t mean it like, actually, yeah. Yeah it is a challenge.” Henry said, smirking. “You’re on, Bowers. Friday before school, meet me at the Quarry.” You said, and he nodded.

You smiled, walking over to him,quickly pecking his cheek. “Great. See you then.” You said, giving a quick wave and with that, you were gone. Henry, gently with his hand, touched the spot where your lips had met his cheek in disbelief. He’d never thought in a million years would he have a date with you. You weren’t feeling much different. It was overwhelming; Henry Bowers, the boy who bullies your brother and his friends, asked you on a date. And you said yes.

Let’s just say, that history project was long since forgotten.

anonymous asked:

For some reason, Anxiety can only say the word "Sandwich". Ex: "Hey Anxiety,hows your day going?" "Sandwich. Sandwich sandwich sandwich..."

A/N Pfft I love this prompt

Title: True Love’s Sandwich

Pairing: poly sanders

Genre: fluff, humour

Word Count: 270

“Hey, Anxiety, say ‘sandwich’ if you love us!” Roman laughed.

Anxiety scowled. “Sandwich, sandwich!”

“He’s undeniably adorable like this,” Logan noted. Patton squealed and nodded. The darker side had woken up that day and the only thing he found he was able to say was sandwich. The others had teasing him all morning – after Logan assured him that Anxiety’s predicament wasn’t something to be worried about.

“Sandwich sandwich.” Anxiety stomped his foot, and they could only assume it meant ‘I’m not adorable!” Patton was about to ask if he was okay with this when his boyfriend started pouting.

“Aww.” Morality couldn’t help it. Even if he was being death-glared. “Say, Logan, why do you think he’s like this?”

Roman coughed and Anxiety’s glare turned to him. “Sandwich!”

“Easy there, tiger, no need to swear at me! All I did was test out a little thing I was working on.” Anxiety hissed at the royal. “Look, there’s a simple solution! True love’s kiss.” Prince wriggled his eyebrows and moved forward.

Anx looked him in the eyes as he grabbed Logan’s tie and dragged him into a kiss. When he pulled away, Logic was blushing and slightly dazed.

“Well, that was…” Logic straightened his tie and adjusted his glasses. “Unexpected.”

“Sandwich.” Anxiety’s smirk quickly changed into a face of horror. “Sandwich!” He stalked up to Patton next and kissed him, then let go. “Sandwich?”

Morality stumbled apart, going to stand next to Logan.

Prince stood his ground. “Sorry, sweet cheeks, you have to kiss all of us.”

Anxiety walked out of the room, leaving them to chase after him, shouting apologies.

the twins (part 2)

a short story of 3 parts written by me

please consider that english isn’t my first language so i am sorry if there is any mistakes while you read this

  • characters : (yousra,faris,menna,mecha)

faris by @hammie-heart

mecha by @wolf-wrathknight


They finally reached the hospital and yousra was carried immediately to the operating room.

“Her Blood pressure is low” “her heart rate is above 100” “move the way!”

A lot of voices rang in faris’ ears he couldn’t understand some of them but he guessed that they seem bad and Ignored them

he was holding yousra’s hand all the way until she was carried away…..the door was closed and he is outside the room….

……he stepped back watching the door in silence ……"please be safe….“

Menna: "you should probably set until it’s over…” he didn’t turn around to her
“she is there alone…”
menna: “listen just put some hope in her she is stronger than she seems”

Faris: “she didn’t seem like that…”

Menna looks at him unsettled “w-well I’ll call mecha here we will need some company right?” she looks at him with an uneasy smile

faris looked back at her with teary eyes he didn’t say anything

menna’s expression just changed upon seeing his face"…..um….i’ll be there calling him….“

After sometime later faris was setting on the bench still watching the door in front of him mecha and menna were near him they were also waiting…… this silence continued for two hours more, faris was getting more nervous he was tapping his foot on the floor.

Mecha : "you want a drink?”

Mecha was offering faris a sherry juice he bought from the vending machine faris looked up to him still worried : “thank you mecha I don’t need it”

Mecha sat next to him “aww hun don’t be like that it’s just a matter of time until-”

“until what ? until she is gone!?” faris snapped at mecha

Mecha : “hey I understand that you are worried about her but that doesn’t mean you can snap at me!”

Faris : “yeah right as if you can understand that!…. you can live as a human being while I am still part monster you can’t understand that I hurt her and probably will affect my children later! what was I even thinking back then………”

Mecha was silent after hearing this menna in the distance the same

Faris : “I can’t stop hurting the people I love …. Even……myla…….”

he puts his face on his hands hiding himself “they probably hate me…….i am awful”

Mecha : “hun…don’t say that you should be proud of yourself I’ve never seen yousra that happy before you came and the same goes for you, and you just became happy after meeting her…honestly you two were made for each other each one of you completes the other one, you love each other and what I am certain about is that she loves you too”

Menna was smiling in the distance also mecha too for faris , faris looked at him

“I am not certain , she just gave up….”

Mecha : “heck! Did she just went off and left you alone?? Hun it’s just some pregnancy issues she probably just said things out of her mind she can’t let go of you” mecha smiles to faris

faris looks at him as if a hope has been enlightened inside of him he stood up…
“you are right she still needs me she just need to be determined I trust her!”

Mecha stands up next to him and pats faris’ shoulder “yes I am sure she’ll be alright-”

Suddenly the door is open….



Reaction to Hidden Camera Break Up. . .

Anonymous said: hi hi~~ first off i would like to say u are HILARIOUS, like ur posts and how u write them make me laugh legit out loud lmao. anyway i was wondeirn if oyu could do a got7 or exo reaction to a hidden prank break up. like oyu pretend to break up with them for a hidden prank? thank you kai <3 mucho love back at ya! ;D -mia <3

Reaction to Hidden Camera Break Up…

A/N this is just cruel, but I like the idea, so enjoy Anonnie~ and thanks for the mucho love!



It would have been after practice, the boys were in on it, in fact they (and the manager) were the ones who asked if you could do it. It was both for the entertainment of the fans (and them, lezz be honest), but also to test his temper, considering he was one with a temper. You came to pick him up like always, but you were nervous, of course, you were about to fake break up with you boyfriend who you loved very much, and he seemed to be able to sense your off mood that night. He’s always been one to be able to pick up on small things, as Jinyoung had once said about his leader, and this was a rare moment where you hated that trait of his. You decided that the quicker you did this, the sooner you could tell him it was fake and, no, you didn’t want to actually break up with him.

Y/N: “Jae… We need to break up.” You spoke quietly, almost hoping he hadn’t heard you.

But he did and his head snapped up quickly while he was packing his bag.

Jaebum: “What?”

Y/N: “I said we need to break up.” You answered quickly.

There was a silence, and you grew worried he would be able to see through your acting as he stared at you closely.

Jaebum: “Okay, what’s wrong?”

Y/N: “What? Nothing. I’m just…. It’s not working out. We barely get to see each other and when we do, you’re too tired to want to do anything other than lay in bed or on the couch… I need something new.”

This was all a lie. You and Jae had talked about knowing what would come with this relationship, and you were fine with it as long as it was with him. And you made that clear, he was the one who was hesitant about this, not wanting you to feel unloved.

Jaebum: “That’s bull, and you know it. Tell me the truth Y/N.” You could see the anger growing in his eyes, but you knew he was trying to control himself for you.

You flinched, he never used your full name, it was either your nickname, babe, baby or Jagi. Never Y/N. You needed to end this quickly.

Y/N: “I’m sorry Jaebum.” You put emphasis on his full name, knowing he would take this more seriously if you did. Then you quickly turned and left the room.

BamBam: “That was good Y/N. Even I believed it.”

Y/N: “Ugh, I feel horrible, can I please go in and tell him it was a hidden prank?”

They made you wait a few minutes to go back in, but when Jaebum walked out of the room, angrily running his hands through his hair, that plan was ruined. He looked up and saw you with the rest of his members, his eyes narrowed at the sight, but you could see pain in them. You didn’t ask, you need to give him a hug, and you did just that. 

Y/N: “It was a prank!” You say, wanting to get it over with.

Jackson: “Aww, c’mon, could have let it go on a little longer Y/N.”

You felt Jaebum laugh slightly underneath you, and you backed up to see him wearing a smile.

Jaebum: “Did they put you up to this?” He asks pointing to his members and when you nod he sends them a warning glare. “You guys are in trouble.” The guys quickly look at one another then run out of the room. “And you?” He looks to you with softer, but still stern eyes. “Don’t ever do that again, even as a prank.”

Originally posted by younggjaebum


It was done at the dorm, the members pretended to leave, but really, they were all waiting outside the front door. You and Jackson were sitting on the couch, and you had just said the horrible words.

Jackson: “But, why?”

You shrugged, using it as an excuse to look away from his pained eyes.

Y/N: “I think it would be for the best-”

Jackson: “For who!?” He cut you off, and you looked at him shocked, the only time he ever raised his voice in front of you was when he was overly excited about something.

Y/N: “For you mostly, I mean, I know how hard it is for you to juggle both work, your needs and me… So I thought-think, that if I were to step out of the picture, it would be better and healthier for you.” You speak calmly, trying to calm your own heart down. But seeing Jackson furiously shake his head at your words made your heart ache more. Because it’s true, a part of you thinks this is true.

Jackson: “Y/N, you know that if I had a hard time with you and all that other stuff I would talk to you about it. If it got this far, I would only ask for a small break, a few months at the most, but never for a break up.” Jackson pleads. “I don’t want this Y/N, if anything this will just be worse. Let’s find a balance, how about just a break for a few months, okay?”

Y/N: “No Jackson. This is what I came up with, I thought a lot about it, and this is what I think is best. I have to go, okay?” You stand, and Jackson quickly follows. “Thanks for everything Jackson.” You smile and turn to leave.

However, Jackson follows just like you all predicted and when out in the hall, you two come face-to-face with the members and camera crew. 

Jackson: “What…?” He stops next to you looking at everyone confused, but slowly puts the pieces together and ends up laughing. “It was a prank!?” He asks, looking to you, his eyes now shining, no longer looking pained.

Y/N: “Yeah, they made me do it. I’m so sorry.” You say as he pulls you into a hug.

Jackson: “Ahhhhh, I thought I was losing you! Y/N!!” He screeches, hugging you harder and spinning you. He screams again, letting out all his worries and fears he was holding a few seconds ago.

Y/N: “You’re not mad?” You ask, looking at him carefully after he sets you down.

Jackson: “No. But I’m mad at them!” He shouts glaring at his members.

You laugh as you watch as he begins to wrestle with BamBam and Jinyoung.

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He would know, lezz be honest. He’s smart and logical, and he’s an actor, and you’re not the best actor. So he would know what was coming from how nervous you had been for the past few hours, and from the members and how they’ve been acting as well as the manager and camera crew. He would have seen it coming. He wouldn’t know exactly what was coming, but he knew it was prank. So when you said the words ‘break up’ he knew that must have been it. He would play with you and would nod understandingly, not making the big fuss you were probably hoping for. You realized he must have figured it out, knowing how in-tune your boyfriend is, so you decided to take it to next level and use those text that your ex was writing to you, and that you showed to Jinyoung as the reason for the break up. However, still not believing it, Jinyoung just said that if that’s what you need, then he’ll except it. Though it was a prank on a prank, you still felt hurt, and want to get him back, you allowed your tears to flow, catching Jinyoung off guard. He would apologize and pull you into his arms tightly.

Y/N: “Jinyoung, why are you so mean? It was only a prank. Do you really want to break up?” You ask looking up at him, making sure he could see your tears.

Jinyoung: “No, no, I knew about the prank and-”

You knew now that you got him, and decided to take it further.

Y/N: “If that’s what you want then…” You stood and grabbed your bag, showing that you were leaving him.

You made your way to the door with Jinyoung standing to follow you. You opened the door.

Jinyoung: “Aish, Y/N, I’m sorry, I was only prancking you back. I don’t actually want to break up.”

You let the members and camera crew in, now smiling as you looked back to your now confused boyfriend.

Y/N: “I know, but I got you on this part didn’t I?” You ask smirking at Jinyoung.

He sighs, now looking fed up. 

Jinyoung: “Ahhh, you got me. I was expecting the first, but I didn’t expect you to cry and react like this.”

Y/N: “I figured, that’s why I decided to cry and see if I could catch you off guard. I out smarted you huh?” You ask smiling.

Jinyoung: “I thought I really made us break up.” He laughs. “I suddenly got so worried and didn’t know what to do.” 

You run over and throw your arms around him. 

Y/N: “No way. I love you Jinyounggie.” You whisper the last part that he returns in his own whisper.

(him apologizing to you)

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This would be the first time that you see Mark angry, and angry at you. Usually Mark was able to keep his patience with you, and usually if he got mad at you, he would simply talk to you about it. However at this moment he was angry, and you could see it clearly in his eyes, and he wasn’t trying to hide it from you. You had told him you wanted to break up because you realized you couldn’t handle the glory and public attention that came with him. That was when he got mad, not at you, but at everything and everyone. You quickly left the practice room and looked through the window along with the other members to see Mark sitting on the couch, his face in his hands. 

Y/N: “This is horrible, I need to go in there and tell him the truth, look at him…”

Jaebum: “Yeah, he’s taking this harder than we thought.”

You walked back in quickly and squatted down in front of him and placed a gentle hand on his knee.

Y/N: “I’m sorry. It was a prank thought up by your manager and members. They wanted it for a hidden camera.”

Mark looks up slowly and you see pain in his eyes as well as tears. He doesn’t say anything and simply pulls you into a tight hug.

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You would have told him before you all were going out to dinner. You would have called him and told him over the phone, saying that you wouldn’t make it and that you didn’t want to see him again. Of course there would be cameras around, and he wouldn’t think much of it because this dinner was going to be filmed for the fans. So they caught the reaction of Youngjae freaking out over the phone while they’re driving to the restaurant. However, little did he know that you were waiting for him in front of the restaurant. When the car finally pulled up, Youngjae didn’t notice you.

Y/N: “Youngjae oppa!” You would call with a big smile.

Youngjae wouldn’t have looked over, thinking it was just fan, however, you were standing by the body guard at the front door of the restaurant. So when they walked up, you would see Youngjae standing behind the group, his face down cast, wishing he had you on his arm so he could smile with you again. He tried to walk by, still noticing you, so you placed a hand on his chest to stop him from walking by. That was when he looked up and his eyes met with yours and his grew wide.

Youngjae: “Y/N?! What’re you doing here!?”

Y/N: “Telling you it was just a prank that your mean members decided to play on you. And… If you’re willing to forgive me, I’m hoping you’ll allow me to accompany you to dinner like we planed tonight?” You spoke softly, giving him a  shy smile.

However Youngjae simply gave you his hugest smile that you loved and pulled you into his arms.

Youngjae: “Ahhhh! Y/N! You’re going to be the death of me!”

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You told BamBam that you were getting back with your ex that has been texting you and actually trying to get back with you. That was true, and BamBam knew it, as he was the one who was helping you try to get rid of your persistent ex, what wasn’t true was that you were getting back with him. It would just be more believable if you used that story considering he knew your ex was texting you.

BamBam: “But why? You were so eager to get rid of him last week, what changed now?” You simply shrugged. “But he treated you horribly last time, what makes you think that’s going to change this time? Do you just not want to be with me and you’re using this as an excuse? I’d prefer you to just tell me you don’t want to be with me rather than say you’re getting back with your ex.” He mumbles looking down at his hands, frustrated with this situation.

Y/N: “No. We talked all last night, and he really seems to have changed. I want to give him a second chance.” You lie.

BamBam looks up at you, his face now void of any emotion. This wasn’t a BamBam you liked to see. You preferred the animated and sweet BamBam more than anything else.

BamBam: “I can take care of you better Y/N, I have been for the months that we… … Haven’t I?” He ask after hesitating, looking at you confused, like he really doesn’t get what was happening.

Y/N: “I miss him, I want to go back to him BamBam. I’m sorry.” You speak softly.

BamBam runs his hands through his hair, frustrated as he sighs deeply. 

BamBam: “This doesn’t make sense! Is he blackmailing you?” He asks, but you shake your head. “Y/N, please tell me this is a joke. Please.”

There’s a knock on your door, and you move on to the next plan of the prank. 

Y/N: “That’s him. I think you should go now BamBam. I’m sorry, and thank you for everything these past few months-”

He cuts you off and angrily stands and rushes to the door, however when he opens the door standing there isn’t your ex, but the rest of Got7 with huge smiles on their faces. BamBam looks to you, confused and you smile to him.

Y/N: “Surprise! It’s a prank!” You shout, hoping he’ll be okay with this.

It takes BamBam a moment, but then he breaks down laughing hard. Covering his face with his hands and you walk over to him and pull him into a hug that he tightly returns.

Jackson: “What were you going to do if her ex was really at the door?” Jackson asks laughing.

BamBam: “Fight him. I was gonna fight him.” BamBam replies with a smile as everyone else laughs at the thought.

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They would make you say that you were dating one of them, and the plan would be to have the one who would be your ‘new boyfriend’ –which would be chosen as JB, to walk into the room at the end. To see Yugyeom’s true love for you, and whether he would stand up against his leader for you, or let it happen.After you had told Yugyeom, he had asked who it was, and you tried to avoid the question, but he wouldn’t let it go. Eventually you said the name Yugyeom would want to be the last name to be said. But it was, and you could the see the hesitation in his eyes. Then, the door opened like you had expected, and in walked JB, he said hi to you, like he had planned, considering in the lie, you two would be hiding your feelings for one another. However, Yugyeom spoke up.

Yugyeom: “I know.”

JB would look to Yugyeom and then you, his acting skills on point. 

Jaebum: “Oh, so… Does that mean you two are broken up?” He would ask.

Y/N: “Ye-”

Yugyeom: “No.” He would speak. “I’m sorry, I respect you, but I can’t let this happen. Y/N means too much to me, and you know that. So please…” He himself didn’t even know what he was asking, for JB to not love you? Anything. He didn’t want to lose you or JB, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to handle seeing you and JB together.

You could see the tears growing in Yugyeom’s eyes and frantically look to JB, hoping he would let go of the prank and come clean.

Jaebum stared at Yugyeom for a few seconds, then broke into a smile and pulled his maknae into a hug. 

Jaebum: “Ahh, don’t cry. It’s a prank, it’s a prank.” He pulled away and ruffled Yugyeom’s hair. “You seriously think I would do that to you?”

Yugyeom simply laughed and looked to you.

Yugyeom: “So you’re still my girlfriend?” He asks.

Y/N: “Of course!” You reply, pulling him into a giant hug as he returns the hug with just as much, if not more, love and firmness as he kissed the top of your head.

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what’s mine is mine.

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requested by anon.

Can i please have a rough smut where one of the members get extremely jealous 🙈🙊🙊

genre: smut smut smut

a/n: it’s 6:51am as I’m posting this and idk why I’m posting this early but oh well :)

You were some fancy dinner with no other than Taehyung, it wasn’t just the company, it felt as though the whole world had been invited. These big, fancy parties were never your thing, nor Taehyung’s but the two of you had to attend for the company’s sake. You had to wear formal clothing and had assigned seats - now that wasn’t too weird, the weird part was that Taehyung was acting 103% serious which was highly unlike him, even if this was some big thing Taehyung would still joke around with you to make you feel more comfortable.

“Babe, are you alright? You seem a bit tense.”, you told him as you sat down in your assigned seats, where you found other BTS members and their partners. “I’m good, just Mr. ‘I Think I’m The Best’ over there keeps staring at my girl. I want to teach him a lesson or two but this is a really important dinner.” “You’re jealous?” “Sure, whatever you wanna call it; just don’t go near him? Please, it’s not that I don’t trust you, I just think he’s gonna do something to you if you do.” “Don’t worry, I’ll avoid him at all costs.”, you chuckled at his jealousy but knew deep down that it worried him when other guys looked at you, he was afraid of losing you to someone else.

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  • Ron: (cuddling with Hermione on the sofa) This is nice, 'Mione. I didn't know you had all these muggle rom-coms.
  • Hermione: Yeah, my parents used to buy them for me to watch during the summer and...Ron, are you crying?
  • Ron: Y-yeah- this scene is really emotional. Sorry...
  • Hermione: (smiling) Aww, Ron- that's so sweet. You've gotten really romantic lately- any reason why?
  • Harry: (Walking into the room wearing just a towel and covered in oil) Hey, Ron- do we have any whisky? Draco's passed out and I need to revive him for round fourteen...
I have a crush on my Tutor
  • MoralityxLogic (The ship name escapes my memory so here)
  • So this is my first sandersides fic but damn if I’m not gonna try real hard.
  • I listened to Kate Micucci’s song I have a crush on my teacher on repeat and this is the result
  • Also, this may be OOC but I’m not the best writer so yeah.
  • Human AU

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fake!married yousana (because I’m a sucker for that trope and needed that with Yousef and Sana)- set sometime in the relatively near future

and I got a little carried away so there’s that


S.O.S. Come ASAP” and an address added to the message.

That is what Elias has sent both Yousef and Sana. Both of them immediately left to go to the given address. Sana was about to leave the Uni when the text arrived her and Yousef was chilling at home; it was his free day after all. Neither of them is aware that they took the same train to get to Elias until they leave the train at the same station.

“Sana?”, Yousef shouts after her because she is walking a few meters in front of him. She quickly turns around and as soon as she sees Yousef her frown turns into a small smile. Yousef jogs up to her and asks if she’s also going to see Elias. She just nods and they start walking side by side. For a while they walk in silence until Sana gathers the strength to ask Yousef something that wouldn’t let her go the whole way there.

“Do you think he’s in trouble?” Yousef quickly looks at Sana and his gaze falls on the worry line between her eyebrows. As always when he sees it, he wants to reach out and straighten that worry line out. But he knows now is not the time.

To lighten the mood he shakes his head as if he was a hundred percent sure and answers: “No, he probably just got stuck in a revolving door and can’t get out.” This makes Sana laugh out loud and she rolls her eyes but keeps looking at Yousef while they walk in a pretty fast pace.

“You do know that he actually got stuck in a revolving door when we were younger, right?”, she asks him obviously very amused recalling the memory and forgetting that Elias may as well be in actual trouble now. But that’s not something either Sana or Yousef want to believe until they arrive and meet Elias.

Yousef nods and laughs when imagining a small Elias get stuck in a revolving door: “Yeah, you told me once and it’s still the funniest thing I can imagine.”

They turn around a corner and both sets of eyes fall on Elias. He’s standing outside of a house, leaning on the wall and is preoccupied with his phone. He doesn’t look stressed or in trouble at all. While Sana is relieved, she’s also wondering why the hell her brother would send her a text like that when everything is fine.

“Elias?”, she says. Yousef and her are still a few meters away but Elias hears his sister and looks up from his phone to grin at her. Sana narrows her eyes at him. She feels like she worried too much and there is nothing wrong at all. Yousef next to her just looks at his best friend and waits for him to say something.

Elias puts his phone in the pocket of his jeans and smiles at his sister and best friend. “Good, you’re here and you came together, perfect.”

“We met on the train.”, Sana says unfazed and keeps looking at her brother, obviously waiting for an explanation. “What is the emergency? We rushed here as fast as possible.”

Elias looks at the two people standing in front of him and grins guiltily. Yousef and Sana look at each other, thinking the same thing. Should we just turn around and go? Elias doesn’t know what they are thinking exactly but he can imagine. It’s the worst when the two of them team up against him.

“Nothing bad, I promise.”, Elias smiles at them broadly and hopes it influences them to listen before they decide to leave. “Well, I decided to move out, now that I’m a responsible adult with a good job.” Sana and Yousef roll their eyes at the same time and even Elias knows how funny that sounds. Sure, he is an adult and he has a good job but responsible? Most of the time he still doesn’t know what he’s doing. Being an adult is hard, man.

“Great. You’re moving out, we knew you thought about this but why am I here right now?”, Sana says. She loves her brother but she had a very very long day. Before she got the text from Elias she had planned on going home and just watching a movie and going to bed after that.

“Because you love me.”, Elias exclaims and notices that Sana tries to hide her smile but he knows her too well to not see her lips quirk up.

Finally Yousef decides to contribute something to the conversation to get an answer: “Elias, tell us what you need from us, please.”

“Alright, alright. But I need you to promise me that you won’t say No without hearing me out, okay?”

“You’re not making this easier for yourself. Just tell us.”, Yousef says and puts his hands into the pockets of his jacket. He knows Elias for many years now but sometimes he doesn’t know why he decided to befriend him at all. He’s glad he did but he wonders sometimes. “We’re already here, aren’t we?”

Yousef looks at Sana, who looks from Elias to Yousef and just nods. She seems tired. Yousef didn’t notice before because she seemed so worried but now that that is cleared up, it’s more obvious.

“Okay. The thing is: I found this flat on the Internet and it’s perfect for me. It’s small but I don’t need too much space, I’m alone anyway.”

Yousef pats Elias’ shoulder and overdramatically says: “Aww, Elias. You’re not alone, you have us.” Sana laughs quietly but Elias just rolls his eyes and says: “Dude, shut up. Let me explain.”

“Like I said before I was rudely interrupted..”, Elias glares at Yousef who just shrugs, “It seems perfect for me. But the estate agent prioritises newly-wed couples to look at the flat. So I made an appointment for you two and thought that during the tour of the flat you could drop hints that the flat wouldn’t fit you but rather me. That way I would already have introduced myself to the estate agent and made a good impression and maybe she’d consider renting to me.”

Elias explains his plan as if it was the most normal thing to do when trying to rent a new place. Sana looks at him with her eyebrows raised and the most sceptical look Elias has seen from her in a while. “You’re unbelievable, Elias. I thought something bad had happened and then it’s just this stupid plan.”

“Hey, my plan is not stupid. I’m sure it will work.”, Elias defends his plan and looks at Sana and Yousef with the most hopeful puppy-eyed look he can give them.

Yousef thinks it’s important to mention one thing: “You seem to forget that we’re not married.”, and points to Sana. His eyes are drawn back to her and he catches her watching him talk. But she doesn’t look away as if she didn’t look in the first place. Yousef knows they are over that.

Elias laughs and shrugs: “The estate agent doesn’t need to know that.”

“Why didn’t you ask Jamilla and Yasin (my name for the eldest Bakkoush sibling)? They are actually married and would play along, I’m sure.” Sana can’t help but to throw that into the conversation. Elias’ plan seems very flawed and she is a little annoyed that he send her an ominous text message that made her worry more than it was necessary.

Elias looks at is phone and then up at the two people standing in front of him who he hopes will help him. “They’re not newly-wed and they wouldn’t play along like you two can.” Elias thinks to himself that Sana and Yousef act like they are a married couple most of the time. Elias is not exactly sure what it is that is going on between them but it’s more than them being just friends. They never were just friends and Elias knows that. “You’re even dressed perfectly for this.” Confused about this, Sana and Yousef first look down at themselves and then at the other. And Elias is right. Sana is wearing a long army green blouse with black jeans and Yousef is wearing arm green pants and a black Hoodie. They both have their hoods up. After they’re done inspecting themselves and the other, their eyes meet and for a few seconds they just look at each other smilingly.

Elias’ eyes fall on the display of his phone one more time and when he looks up again, he sees the estate agent walk towards them, from where Sana and Yousef came before. Elias quickly looks at his sister and best friend and whisper-shouts: “She’s coming right now. Behind you. Please play along. Please, please, please. Love you both.”, and smiles at them before the estate agents arrives to stand next to them. She asks if one the three is Yousef Acar. Yousef sends one more look towards his best friend and then looks at Sana to see if she’s okay with this. She just nods at him and he raises his hand lightly.

The estate agent introduces herself and then leads the way to the flat. Elias walks behind her, a little too eager for his plan of first acting like this wouldn’t be his flat. Lastly Sana and Yousef walk through the door. Yousef looks at Sana who smiles lightly and laughs about the eagerness of her brother. She’s wearing a light pink hijab he has not seen her wearing for a while but appreciates how it suits her.

Yousef bumps his shoulder lightly into hers which makes her look at him. Grinning he tells her: “At least he’s not stuck in a revolving door.”

Sana laughs about that and nods but doesn’t get the chance to reply because Elias, who is a few steps ahead of them, turns around and glares at them: “Are you gossiping about me again?”

“We didn’t say your name.”, Yousef says at the same time Sana says, “That’s the least you owe us right now.”

Before they enter the flat, which is on the third floor, Yousef and Sana stop for a second and look at each as if to say What did Elias get us into? It’s too late to back down now. Yousef holds his hand up, for Sana to take it if she wants to. They’re supposed to be a newly-wed couple and those are usually very in love. It won’t be hard for Yousef to ‘act’ like that. He’s not sure what it is that Sana and him have, but it’s definitely going in the right direction of what he hoped for a long time. He has been hanging out with Sana quite a lot. Sometimes it felt like a date when they hung out, sometimes not at all but it felt good all the time. Sana looks from his hand to him and then takes his hand and intertwines their fingers together. Yousef bites on his lip to not grin too much but the look Sana gives him makes it very hard. She’s smiling, showing her dimples but then pressing her lips together. Yousef’s eyes follow that movement.

Sana says: “Well, it’s not Elias stuck in a door but this can be a lot of fun.” Yousef agrees. He definitely agrees. Acting like he’s married to Sana doesn’t sound bad at all.

The flat has a bedroom, a living room, a small kitchen and a bathroom. The first room they go into is the kitchen. The estate agent talks about how great this kitchen is because whoever moves in can keep everything that’s already in here. The stove, fridge, and all that.

Sana and Yousef are supposed to make Elias look like the best possible tenant. They can do that. They’re still holding hands and Sana leans a little bit more into Yousef’s side, when she goes to answer the estate agent’s question of how they like the kitchen.

“It’s nice. It is. But maybe a little small for us.”, she looks up to Yousef and smiles at him before looking back at the estate agent: “This one likes to cook a lot. And for many people. So I’m not sure if this kitchen would be ideal for us. Right?” She looks at Yousef again who couldn’t keep his eyes off of her while she was talking. He shakes his head to clear his thoughts but then quickly nods.

“Yeah, my wife is right.”, Sana’s head turns really quickly to Yousef and she looks surprised and blushes. Elias notices that but all the estate agents sees is a happy couple. Yousef is very aware of Sana’s presence next to him, by his side, and to not dwell on it too much he continues talking: “This kitchen would be perfect for someone that cooks after work, for just themselves and maybe one or two friends. Like Elias for example.” Yousef points in the direction of Elias who conveniently is smiling at the estate agent. Even when she introduced herself she seemed more interested in Elias than the 'actual couple’.

“Then let’s go the next room. Hopefully that will fit better to your needs.”

The estate agents leaves the room first, and Elias after her. But before he leaves, he turns around and shows the couple two thumbs up and grins at them. He really thinks this plan will work out.

“On to the next room.”, Sana says smiling and leads the way but doesn’t let go of Yousef’s hand.

The next room is the bedroom. It is not too big either and Sana wonders why the estate agent would look for newly-weds to rent this place. There’s barely room for one closet in here, let alone two. They look at the room, Elias again a little more interested than Yousef and Sana. In fact, Yousef’s eyes keep finding Sana, their hands still intertwined and once in a while at Elias to see how he’s doing and what he’s looking at.
When they’re asked what they think of this room, Yousef waits for Sana to answer but she waits for him. So Yousef tries to think of anything to say. A reason why this wouldn’t work. But he can’t come up with anything. That’s why he says what he says next.

“I don’t really care much about the bedroom, so I’ll let you answer this one, babe.” At this both Bakkoush siblings in the room turn to look at Yousef but Yousef tries not to let it faze him. Sana on the other hand wasn’t prepared for him to call her Babe and is overwhelmed for a second. She gulps but turns to the estate agent and smiles at her while answering.

“To me, this is too small, I think. I noticed that a big bed plus two wardrobes wouldn’t fit in here.”, Sana says. “This is better for someone that lives alone, I think.”

Yousef, who forgets the act for a second, asks Sana: “Would we need two wardrobes though?” Elias widens his eyes at him to indicate that he shouldn’t look for anything that would make the estate agent think that they are interested. But Yousef doesn’t even realize that.

Sana raises her eyebrows and laughs. “Eh, yes! Definitely! You have so many shoes that those alone need so much space.”, she looks at the estate agent and without noticing what she does, leans more into Yousef. She’s holding his right hand with her left one and puts her right hand on his upper arm: “This one has a lot more shoes than I have and he looks after them really carefully, it’s crazy actually.”

“Hey.”, Yousef defends himself, “I don’t have that many shoes. And not too many pairs more than you have.”

Now it’s Sana’s turn to look offended. “Oh, please. I can assure you, if we went now to count them, you’d have more.”

While Yousef and Sana are bickering back and forth, the estate agent is watching them with an amused smile. All she thinks about these two is that they are such a good fit for each other. Elias uses the opportunity to make himself more sympathetic to the estate agent and comments with a nice smile: “They both have huge sneakers collections. Probably the same amount but none of them would admit that.”

And after looking at the bathroom quickly, the last room left is the living room. It is quite nice actually. Sana can see her brother living here. But not herself. Elias did really inform himself well and found a fitting flat for himself and now Sana hopes that this stupid plan will work out for him.

The living room has two big windows but rather low ceilings. She looks around for a bit, observes Elias’ reaction to the room and finally looks at Yousef who looks at her brother. He has been by her side the whole time since they stepped into the flat. Absentmindedly he strokes the back of Sana’s hand with his thumb which makes Sana smile involuntarily. From the corner of his eye, Yousef sees Sana look at him and meets her gaze. The thing in that very moment that makes him so happy is that usually both of them try to hide how much they like, no scratch that, love each other when other people are around. It makes them both, but Sana more, uncomfortable.  However, when they are alone or not being watched it’s completely different and they almost communicate with their eyes. And right now, right now they don’t need nor want to hide any of the feelings because at this very moment it’s wanted and necessary because of Elias’ maybe-not-so-stupid plan.

Yousef and Sana’s little private bubble bursts when the estate agent speaks up. She gave them a few minutes to look at the room even when there is not much to look at because it is an empty room.

“Before you tell me what you think of the living room, would you mind if I asked you something private?”, she doesn’t even wait for an answer and continues to talk, “Well, you two are the cutest couple I’ve seen in a while. You’re obviously so in love. Can I ask how you proposed? And who? I’m imagining it to be something very special.”

Proposing? Elias, who was chill the whole time and let the other two answer the questions, looked a little stressed out about this question. It’s a good thing he is standing behind the estate agent so that she can’t see his panicked face. Sana does though and tries not to react to it. Instead Sana tries to casually answer. She racks her brain for a good answer and then decides to say: “Well, I didn’t want to wait around until he asked me. So I was preparing something but he did propose to me first, didn’t you? Do you want to tell the story?” Now she looks up at Yousef again who is already looking at her. At the other end of the room Elias is just watching them navigate through the conversation. He thinks that they are doing better than he had imagined but he had hoped they would do well. They were the first two people that came to his mind as soon as he thought of this plan.

While he reacted to most of the questions as if he wasn’t sure how to answer, Yousef had a really good answer really fast. Like he didn’t even need to think about it.

“I did, yes. I knew that Sana deserved something better than just me getting on one knee and asking her to marry me.”, while saying that Yousef can’t look at anyone but Sana. He is supposed to talk to the estate agent but what he’s thinking about doesn’t allow him that. But he gets a grip on himself and looks at the estate agent to continue the made-up story. Usually it’s Sana that has most control over how she reacts to things and how she presents herself but in that moment she couldn’t do anything but look at Yousef.

“I got my friends, including Sana’s brother over there..”, Yousef nods in Elias’ direction and the estate agent looks over her shoulder to look at Elias for a second. “… to learn a choreography with me. I danced for almost my whole life now and the Sana caught me dancing once when we first started talking so I thought it was appropriate. We surprised her at one of her Basketball games, when she and her team came back from the break.”

While the estate agent looks really moved, she clutches her hand over her heart and smiles very broadly and seems at loss for words for a while. Sana is at loss for words too. Yes, it is a made-up story but he talked about it so quickly without thinking much about it, it amazed Sana. Imagining that really happening makes Sana want to almost cry because it is such a cute idea and she realizes she needs to get a grip on herself immediately. That doesn’t hinder her to unconsciously lean into Yousef’s side and him realizing it. After explaining  the plan, which is of course only a made-up story, for now, Yousef seems a little bit bashful and looks down on the floor before being able to look anyone in the room in the eyes. It’s quiet for a few moments until the estate agent exclaims how nice of an idea that was and if they had a video of that on their phones with them. After they told her no they didn’t she asks about the room.

Without hesitating Yousef takes the questions now: “I’m really sorry but I think that wouldn’t work. Combined we have a lot of books and DVD’s that we would need to put in a tall shelf and we both have big families we would invite over all the time, so I think this wouldn’t work for us.” He looks over at Elias now and says: “But this flat would be perfect for someone who is not married yet and doesn’t need as much space as we would.”, when saying we he lifts Sana’s and his intertwined hands.

Now Sana casually contributes to the conversation, acting like she just remembered something: “Elias, didn’t you want to move soon? Wouldn’t a place like this be perfect for you?”

With that Elias and the estate agent begin to talk, this time not about Sana and Yousef but about the possibility that Elias could rent this flat. While they do that Sana and Yousef decide to leave and wait outside. They go down the stairs, still hand in hand, both not noticing because it feels so natural. Once they stand outside, they let go but stand in front of each other. Smiling and looking at each other for two minutes without saying anything verbally.

All the tiredness Sana felt before coming here is gone, she feels really good. Yousef who wasn’t up to doing much on his day off, after a stressful few days feels like he could go on a run or climb a tree.
Instead he asks Sana: “You came here directly from the University, right?” She nods.

“Want to go eat something together?”, Yousef asks. Sana nods again. She looks up to the window of the flat they just looked at and then starts to say something to Yousef but gets interrupted by her phone. She reads the text she just got and smiles a little about it.

Sana looks into Yousef’s eyes and says: “That was Elias. He said that we can go without him.”

Yousef grins at her. He wouldn’t have minded having Elias with them, he is his best friend after all. But spending time alone with Sana is something completely different. “Then let’s go.” Sana falls in step next to Yousef; they walk down the street closer than they walked on the way there. So close that their hands brush against each other once or twice.

“I still would’ve loved seeing Elias stuck in a revolving door.”, Sana comments out of nowhere and makes Yousef laugh. He laughs so loud that an elderly couple in front of them turns around to look at them. But they don’t look annoyed; they just smile at Sana and Yousef.

“Me too.”, Yousef says. His gaze falls down onto Sana’s hand in his and he says: “But I’m happy about how all this turned out.”

Sana and Yousef look at each other, Sana looks at Yousef’s hand she took a few moments ago and then into Yousef’s eyes again.

“I’m pretty happy about this, too.“

Teen Wolf 6x20 [finale]

-Wait, what’s happening?
-That look is like Season 3B Scott!! The one in the trailer, remember?
-Oh, Scott looks so hot on his bike!!
-Wait, is this like a flashforward? Really?!
-Scott: “I’m gonna tell you a story, maybe it’ll sound familiar.”
-Oh no, it’s barely a minute and I’m gonna cry already.
-Aww, he saved a new werewolf. I wonder if he’ll join the pack.
-Scott: “I’ve got my own story. There were parts I didn’t expect. People who I thought would’ve be with me forever… are the ones that I lost.”
-Chris’ face!! It’s obvious that Allison was hinted there!!
-Scott then looks at Chris: “Some people I thought I could never trust… ended up saving my life. More than once.”
-“Your story, how does it end?”
-Okay, and then we go back to the present. Or would it be the past? Past! Yes, past!
-Fuck these hunters.
-Deucalion is still alive!! He’s crawling!!
-Stiles: “You didn’t think you’d do this without me, did ya?”
-Derek appears.
Derek: “Without us?”
-The last time we’ll get to see the intro.
-Monroe coward!! She’s running away!!
-Stydia banter! Hahahaha!
-Deucalion is dying :c
-“He can’t beat you… and he knows it.”
-Deucalion being an Scott fan ‘till the end.
-RIP Deucalion.
-Aww, Scott’s face. Crying!!
-That Scerek hug!!! I’m crying!!!
-Scott: “You came back for Beacon Hills?”
Derek: “No. I came back for you.”
-Fucking Gerard, die already.
-Drop dead, I’m serious.
-Jackson: “Come a little closer. I’m gonna shove that thing so far up your ass!!”
-“I’m going to tell you where to find all of them.” FUCK
-Parrish!! :(
-Papa McCall! :(
-Scott calling Theo to go and save Liam (and Mason and Corey). Like you need to tell him to save his boyfriend.
-Stiles telling them how he and Derek meet again and came back together to BH.
Lydia: “You convinced the FBI to bring an intern on a extremly dangerous field operation?” THAT’S MY STILES!!
-Stiles’ version vs Derek’s version
-Even if you don’t ship them you gotta admit that was a pretty good scene!
-Nolan is still alive YES!! THANKS!
-Mama McCall to the rescue!!
-Fuck Gerard and Monroe!!
-Scott about the Anuk-ite: “It will find us.”
-Peter, close your eyes!! Peter!!
-Lydia and Stiles to the rescue!!
-Aww, no matter what everyone says, I loved seeing how Lydia and Jackson reacted to the other :)
-Fuck all the haters
-Jackson: “You did that?”
Lydia: “Yeah, I did that.”
Stiles: “I kicked down the door.”
-Loved how the two of the reacted to Jethan. Sweet~
-Loved Lydia.
-Fuck, he’s got a gun! Liam!!
-Liam: “What are you doing here?”
-Lydia’s face as she says “You still have a tail.”
-I’m soo happy to see Thiam together once more! And I was so waiting for the elevator scene!
-I love that hospitals/elevators are their thing.
-theo: “I’m not dying for you.”
Liam: “I’m not dying for you either.”
Me: *gasps*
-Ohmygod, did you see the way Theo looked at Liam and then at his lips. JUST FUCKING KISS HIM!! DO IT!!
-WHY YOU WON’T KISS AND LET ME DIE HAPPY?!! *strangled whale noises*
-Liam: “….But I will fight with you.”
Me: *can breathe again*
-Oh yeah, they’re going to fight together!! Ohshitohshit!
-Power couple
-I’ve always thought that couples that fight badass together, stay together. It’s just a fact.
-Theo and Liam turned to the other at the same time! To protect the other!!
-Also when they got shot they fell beside the other! #Thiam4ever
-Derek worried about his Alpha
-Derek gently helping Scott to lie down *wipes away tear*
-Ethan: “How about we don’t fight it, just get out friends and get the hell out of here?”
-Parrish!! :C
-“Is only three of you.” YES
-“Sheriff. You refer to me by my proper title… deputy.”
-There you have your “60”!!! KICK THEIR ASSES!! #LOVESHERIFFFOREVER
-Jackson, don’t open them! DON’T!!
-Me *sees Ethan*: FUCK
-Yes Papa McCall!
-Oh no…
-Not this bitch.
-I made a post about it and I knew I was right!! Fuck
-Wow, Kate’s already there?
-Family reunion
Kate: “I’m your daughter. I’m an Argent.”
Gerard: “But still one of them.
-Wow, that even hurt me
-FUCK he shot her!
-Did Chris just saved Kate? Wow.
-Fuckfuckfuckfuck VoidStiles VoidStiles
-I’m not ready for that shit nope
-Jeff, how could you do that to– the Nogitsune NOPE
-"You failled everyone. Especially her” AHHH!!
-Poor Scott!!!!!
-“Shoot both of them” that was mean.
-Scott sees everyone! Even the bad guys! (a Berserker, Oni, one Dread Doctor)
-I’m crying!!
-The rules of being a shapeshifter!!
-Scott: “We’ve got weaknesses. And we’ve got lines that we can’t cross.”
-Mountain ash.
-Fuck, Monroe is getting away!!
-Aww, that Jethan moment and then they’re interrupted!!
-“Now it’s over.”
Jackson: “Good to see you, coach.”
Coach: “You too, Jackson.”
-Ow, now that the Anuk-ite is gone and so is the fear, mostly everyone is back to normal. Inlcuding Gabe.
-Theo’s face as he looks down at Gabe, I’m crying! Because even if that kid just tried to kill them (and actually shot him and Liam) he’s still a kid!! And he was afraid!
-Gabe: “It hurts… It hurts.”
-We all thought/wanted Theo taking Liam’s pain but he’s taking Gabe’s!!! Ohymgod!!!
-Character development
-For me, they’re cannon. I don’t care if they didn’t kiss or held hands/hugged or anything, neither did Stydia in this episode and they are cannon.
-Thiam is cannon y'all!!!
-Even Nolan was crying :c
-I never thought I would be sad about Gabe but here I am, bawling my eyes out.
-Back at the Argents
Chris: “Your family… is right in front of you.”
-Wait, Chris, don’t turn around! He can still shoot you!
-Werejaguar eyes!
-Oh, Chris let Kate have him!!! YESS!!
-Chris walking away all badass and leaving Kate to kill Gerard YESS!!
-I never thought I would be saying this to her but YOU GO GIRL!!
-Papa Stilinski, Parrish and Papa McCall was a team I neve knew I needed!
-“Parrish. Drop the weapons.”
“Yes, sir.”
-Monroe: “Someone pick up the radio and tell me what’s happening!”
Liam: “You lost.”
-THAT WAS SO BADASS!! LIKE, DAYUUM, LIAM!! And Theo standing behind him like a proud boyfriend.
-Stydia holding hands, aww.
-Lydia: “Malia, kiss him.”
-Wait, did she just remembered when she stopped Stiles’ panic attack with a kiss? That’s so sweet!!! I hope all Stydia shippers are happy!
-Scott’s eyes are back!! fuck, I was so worried.
-The pack can breathe again.
-Stiles’ reaction, ohmygod
-Scalia :)
-Ohmygod, the people of BH aren’t against the pack!! THANK GOD!! I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT THAT!!
-Liam and Nolan as co-capitans.
-Just like Scott and Jackson were and they also had bad blood between them but got over it.
-Liam: “You did. Because you’re a great coach.” aww my heart
-Coach: “You’re right. I am a great coach.” *cries in Spanish*
-I don’t know if you’ve realized but the shots of Theo, Peter and Morey with Deaton are all from previous episodes. Just saying.
-Because some people were complaining about Theo being in the tunnels and Morey learning about supernatural stuff (and not being Stiles the one to learn). Calm down your tits.
-“Now we’ve got allies who used to be enemies” and they show Theo, I’m so happy!! #rendemptionaf
-“We have protectors.” and they show Peter glowing his eyes!!
-“We have friends willing to fight for us.” - Deaton showing a book to Mason and Corey
-I think that part described the other members of the pack so well :)
-Mama McCall and Papa Argent!!! YESS!!!!! AWWWW!!
-Jethan!!!! AWWWWWW!!!
-Aww, Scott saying goodbye to Chris as he held his hands *crying*
-Monroe, that bitch
-YES, THE PACK!! They’re coming together!!
-And it’s raining, nice touch.
-You know, I know it’s supposed to be like, the central pack (no offense to the others) but I would’ve loved to see Mason, Corey and Theo with them as well. Or maybe under different circumstances, but all of them together.
-Scott’s speech!!
-That wink!! Sciles4ever
-Alec: “Who are they?”
Scott: “My friends. My pack.” YES!!!!!!
-Scott: “And you can be with us if you want. But you’re gonna have to fight.” that’s right, homie boy!! If you want to be in the McCall pack, you’re gonna have to fight!!
-Scott: “You’re not a moster. You’re a werewolf. Like me.” DECEASED
-Slow-motion as the pack comes together!
-I’m not crying you’re crying!!
-The first ones who get together are Derek, Scott, Stiles and Lydia!! That’s like the four that where from the very beggining!!
-And then comes Malia and Liam, important members as well!
-It was weird seeing the new kid between them but meeh…
-Scott should’ve flashed his eyes at the end.
-Oh, the moon!!

Undercast:The Beast (part 3)

CTK walked up to the main deck with a troubled mind. As he reached the top deck he saw everyone hanging around soaking in the sun of the hot day. Cherry and Angel playing with the kids over by the stairs to the upper deck, Mel and Senkiller arm wrestling over a barrel, Anrez on the main deck checking his maps and V sitting on the other stairs leading to the upper deck. CTK walked over as calmly as he could to V, trying to hide his frustration.

“V” he says as he reaches her, she looks up from the fishing net she was repairing from Mel and Senkillers last fishing spree.

“Oh, hey CTK” she mutters quietly.

“We need to talk. Now” he says sternly.

“Oh… okay” V answers back, knowing what is coming. CTK leans in closer as he speaks with her, trying to avoid the crew from hearing their conversation.

“V, when are you going to tell everyone what happened? Its been two days”

“I know, I will. I’m… working on it…” V replies, avoiding his gaze.

“You don’t understand, the longer this time lock is on your soul the more dangerous it will be when it comes off. It doesn’t stop time, it merely slows it down drastically. The minute you try and use magic, it will break” he says as he rubs his temples in frustration.

“But as long as you can keep it on me, everyone’s safe right? No one will have to know. What’s wrong with that?”

“A lot of things!” He places one foot on the stairs and bends in closer to V. “One of two things will happen when that seal breaks. Your magic will either resume normally like nothing happened or all the magic accumulated over the past two days will come all at once. I can’t be sure how your soul will react but its dangerous to lock up powerful magic like that.” He says staring V straight in the eyes.

“Nothing has happened so far, why can’t you just let me have this CTK?” V asks him.

“It could TEAR your soul apart V! Don’t you get it? I can’t let this go on any longer.” He says getting louder, his frustration starting to overwhelm him because of V’s stubbornness.

“Okay…” she says looking down. “I’ll tell them tonight when the kids are asleep… I don’t want them to have to see…” V looks away trying to hold back tears. CTK relaxes as he sees the pain and fear on V’s face. He sighs.

“Alright… tonight then. That’s as long as I’ll go.”

“Is everything okay over here?” They both turn to see Cherry standing there with a concerned look on her face.

“Yeah everything’s fine Cherry, why do you ask?” CTK says trying to act natural.

“Well from over there it looked like you two were in an argument of some kind.” She says looking at V.

“Nope, everything’s just fine. We were just talking.” He says trying to hide his lie behind a smile.

“Yeah, just talking…” V says trailing off.

“Okay, just wanted to be sure your both okay” she says smiling.

“Yep, everything is just peachy!” CTK says as he straightens himself up only to find himself grabbing onto the wall by the stairs for balance.

“Woah!” Cherry says as she places a hand on his shoulder. “You okay there CTK?”

“Yeah…” he said confused. “Just got dizzy there for a second” he says placing a hand on his head.

“Maybe you should go lay down, rest for a bit. You might be working yourself too hard.” Cherry says full of concern.

“That sounds like a good idea… thanks Cherry” he says as he pushes himself away from the wall.

“Do you need help getting to the bunks?” She asked.

“No, I think my feet can HANDle it by themselves” he says trying to make a pun.

“Pfft, yeah you need a nap, that pun was horrible” she says giggling to herself.

“Alright, I’m going…” he says taking one brief glance at V before making his way to the stairs leaning below deck.

CTK manages to get to his room just fine with no dizziness overtaking him again. He opens the door of his and Cherry’s room and shuts it tight behind him. He makes his way over to his bed and sits down. He takes a deep breath, sighing from exhaustion.

“Cherry was right, I am exhausted…” he says aloud to himself.
Well, if your that tired I could take over for you. Curse says to him in his head.

“Absolutely not” he quickly retorts back.

Aww come on, you know you didn’t get your chores on the ship done for the day. Let me do them for you while you rest.

“I said no Curse, now leave me alone” he says trying to shut him out of his head.

Its okay kid, relax. I know holding that time lock on that shipmate of yours has made you tired. CTK didn’t say anything, he knew using magic constantly would make him exhausted eventually but never this fast. He’s used small 

amounts of magic like this for longer than two days.

Just rest. You need your strength in case something happens tonight.

“Nothing is going to happen tonight, I’ll make sure of it” he says clenching his fists.

Well look at you, Mr. Heroic out to save everyone. CTK rolls his eyes, we wasn’t in the mood for Curse’s sarcasm.

But you know, how are you going to protect anyone if your too tired to even get off your bed? CTK hated it but Curse was right, but he had a point this time.

“No, I’m fine. It’ll be fine, I can rest after tonight” he says standing up but his head spins as a wave of dizziness falls over him and he stumbles back onto the bed.

See? You need to rest.

“No, I can’t…” he tries to say but he can feel his mind slipping.

Shhhh, relax. Just sleep, let Curse handle this. CTK tries to fight back but his fatigue is no match for Curse’s persistence. He slowly closes his eyes and feels his consciousness fall away as he dozes off inside his head.

CTK sits still for a brief moment before standing up and taking the bandages off his right eye. A crooked smile of pointed teeth emerge as he opens his red and purple glowing eye.

“Finally” he says pulling his bandana over his other eye. “I think its about time I had some fun on this ship.”


V had finished mending the new net and placed it in a barrel next to the rest of the fishing stuff. She smiled as she saw Cherry being tackled playfully by the kids, all of them roaring with laughter. She observed everyone and wondered if after tonight she would ever see them again. She looked at the ground as she made her way over to the stairs leading below deck but ran into something on the way there. She looked up to see what she ran into only to find CTK staring back at her smiling.

“Oh, CTK. Sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going…” she said apologetically.

“That’s quite alright sweetheart, your just the monster I was looking for” he says as he leans in closer.

“Sweetheart??? Are you sure your okay CTK?” She asks concerned.

“I’ve never been better” he says as he grabs her arm.

“Hey, what’s the big idea?! What is up with you?!” She says trying to break away from his grasp, but his grip only gets tighter as she struggles.

“Oh you’ll find out soon enough darling” he says smiling.

“Let go of me CTK!” V says trying to pry his hand off but his grip only tightens further to the point of pain. “OW!” She yells, this time grabbing the attention of everyone on the ship.

“Hey!” Anrez yells from the helm. “What is going on down there?!” He says as he and the rest of the crew make their way towards V and CTK. “If you’ve got a problem with a crew member you come to me, you should know this by now lad” he says folding his arms as he reaches them.

“Oh I know the rules Cappy, I just choose not to follow them” he says not making eye contact.

“What?” Anrez says in surprise, shocked by CTK’s attitude towards him.

“CTK what is going on, this isn’t like you” says Angel. “Is something the matter?”

“Yes, something is the matter” CTK says as he slides his grip down to V’s wrists, turning her around to face the others. “Is there something you’d like to tell everyone dearie? Something about the night you disappeared?”

“CTK please… don’t…” V says, fear and panic overcoming her.

“Oh but you aren’t allowed to keep secrets from your shipmates, isn’t that Cappy?” He says smiling.

“That’s enough CTK. Let her go.” Anrez says, anger beginning to arise in his voice.

“But the show is just about to begin!” He says smiling. He quickly flips V around to the side of him and raises his hand drawing V’s soul out of her chest. He thrusts his hand close to her soul engulfing it in blue and purple magic. V steps back and slumps to the ground on her knees gripping her chest, the time lock shattering as she sits there in shock.

“V!” Angel and Cherry run to her side.

“Now you’ve crossed the line kiddo, explain yourself. NOW CTK!” Anrez yells. Cherry takes her gaze off of V and inspects CTK. She soon realized why he had been acting so strange, she couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed it sooner.

“That’s not CTK Captain… That’s Curse” She said glaring at him.

“In the flesh” he says bowing. “Or rather bone to be more exact.”

“You’ve got a lot of nerve Curse to come out and attack one of my crew members. If you weren’t a part of the kid I would have killed you a long time ago.” Anrez says glaring daggers right at Curse.

“Oh your threats are so terrifying Cappy” Curse says raising his hands and rolling his eye. “You know you wouldn’t have the guts to do it even if you could” he says smiling evilly.

“Why you little punk!” Anrez yells grabbing Curse by his shirt.

“Careful Cappy, whatever you do to me also hurts the kid. Best remember that” he says, his crooked smile widening as he pulls Anrez’s hands off his shirt.

“V, are you alright?” Cherry asks placing her hand on her shoulder to keep her steady. V didn’t answer, she simply looked up at Curse with fear in her eyes.

“W-what did you do to me?” V asks in horror as she feels her soul being engulfed by his magic. Curse merely smiled back raising his eyebrow.

“Just a little push to get you over the edge dearie, it will make quite the display for your little friends here” he says letting out a chuckle. V could feel his magic consuming her soul getting more and more painful. She grips her chest with both hands as she screams in agony bending over in pain. She could feel the burning feeling spread rapidly from her soul out to the rest of her body, her hands shaking as claws and fangs push their way out.


End part 3! Cliff hangar! Dun, dun duuuuuuun!!!! 

(Hopefully I’d didn’t make Curse too scary) 

Part 1: https://vzearia.tumblr.com/post/167362672657/undercast-the-beast-part-1

Part 2: https://vzearia.tumblr.com/post/167510466977/undercast-the-beast-part-2

Undercast © @perfectshadow06 and @anrez-op-skele

Anrez, Senkiller © @anrez-op-skele

CTK/Curse © @perfectshadow06

Angel © @armyaangel

Mel © @golzy

Cherry © @domino-doodles

I can protect you from Anti...
( darkiplier )
I can protect you from Anti...

@arlinabloodgrave20: I tried to have Dark show a bit of his manipulative side but I guess that failed….don’t judge me.

“Now, now. There’s no need to be afraid, my dear. I promise I don’t want to hurt you. (Chuckles) Aww, if only you could see how cute you look making that face. I think it’s cute when you try to be brave. Though I do have to say, you’ve got some guts. I laughed at Anti when he talked about you standing against him. 

(Growls while speaking) But saying those things to me is inexcusable. In fact, I should probably go ahead and kill you for Anti since he wants you dead. (Growling subsidies)

But, I should offer you something. In order to keep from killing you, I can offer you protection from that little virus. He only wishes to hurt you. He lives off of your attention to him. He’ll just use you in the end, but I can protect you from him.

Just let me in, my dear little human. That’s it…it’s alright. (Hugs) 

Good, good. (Whispers) Now sleep.

(Lets go and the unconscious person collapses) Hmph. That should be enough so that way you can stop meddling with us. Sweet nightmares.

(Walks away but stops) Oh, and one more thing. Next time, I won’t be as merciful as I was. (Walks away laughing)

Chapstick Challenge// Grayson Dolan Imagine


A/N: I was trying to access my work on my laptop but the link wouldn’t work so instead here I am writing an imagine. 

REQUESTED: By anon- 

Hi, I’m Emily.

Recently I’ve been binge reading your stories and stuff so I thought I’d request one. 

I’ve never done this before so idk what to say, but here it goes.

Can you do an imagine with Grayson doing the ChapStick challenge? 

I’m not sure if you’ve done this before, if you have ignore this completely, but if not I’d really enjoy it :)))

Thank youuu 💙

I love this idea! Here ya go Emily I hope you like this one (: 

“Hello guys and welcome to my lovely channel! For today’s video, which was highly requested by a bunch of you guys, I will be doing the chapstick challenge. Now in order to do this I can’t just you know kiss my own hand. No, instead I asked my amazing boyfriend who you guys know and love,” you paused with a smile while turning your focus off the camera to look at you boyfriend who was standing by it waiting to be introduced. 

“,Grayson Bailey Dolan!” You exclaimed while throwing your hands up as he jumped into the frame making you fall over on the bed. 

“Gray!” You laughed while he pressed a kiss on your cheek before helping you up. “Now my hair’s messed up,” you laughed while trying to flatten it out once again. 

“Sorry babe couldn’t help myself,” he cheekily smiled before turning to face the camera. Shaking your head you did the same and continued with the video. 

“So today here with us in this small box we have a mixture of many different chapstick flavors.” You stated while picking up a box you had set in front of you as Grayson picked them up and dropped them back slowly into the box to show them the chapsticks.

“The chapstick challenge is basically us kissing and guessing the flavor on our lips. Which I think I’m going to win,” Grayson smirked feeling confident in his skills. 

“Oh by the way this is a video on my channel and you guys know I love having the loser do something that neither of us want to do. Babe care to tell them what the penalty is?” I asked while turning my attention to Grayson. 

“Well Y/N, the penalty is that one of us will have to drink a disgusting horrible drink made by the winner,” Grayson said while clasping his hands together making you giggle. 

“Yes so I can not lose and will not lose this challenge,” you stated while looking back at the camera. 

“Whatever you say babe. Now let’s get started,” he teased while pressing a kiss on your cheek. 

“Here put the blindfold on,” you told him while handing him one of your bandanas. 

You waited for him to tighten to bandana and made sure that he couldn’t see through it. Once you were sure he couldn’t see anything you grabbed a random chapstick and showed it to the camera. 

Putting on the Root Beer flavored chapstick you smacked your lips together before setting it on your nightstand. 

“Okay babe, ready?” You asked Grayson who was patiently waiting for your lips to meet his.

 “I’m always ready for kisses,” he stated making you giggle before pressing your lips on his. Giving him a quick kiss you pulled away and waited for him to respond. You watched as he licked his lips and his shoulders slumped down in confusion. 

“Wait let me have another taste,” he said making you press your lips back on his letting them linger on a bit more than the first time. 

“You only get to kisses now Grayson,” you laughed as he tried pulling you back down for another kiss. 

“Aww man,” he mumbled while jutting his lips out in a pout. 

“Guess the flavor you goof,” you laughed while running your hands through your messy hair. 

“Well I’m getting this licorice flavor but it could also be root beer,” he hummed while trying to figure out which one he would say as his answer. 

“Well I need one answer not two,” you said hoping he would get it wrong and say licorice. 

“Root beer?” He said with very little confidence in his voice. 

“Are you asking me or telling me?” you teased making him chuckle. 

“It’s root beer,” he said this time with a shrug. 

“Damn it your right,” you laughed while he took off his blindfold with a cheer. “Yes! See I’m good at this game. One Grayson and zero Y/N,” he smiled while handing you the blindfold. 

“We just started don’t get ahead of yourself honey,” you sassed while putting the blindfold on. Adjusting it properly on the bridge of your nose Grayson made sure you weren’t peeping through before grabbing a chapstick. 

You bit your lip nervously while waiting for him to tell you he had applied the chapstick. You couldn’t see anything so the moment you felt a pair of lips on yours you kind of jerked back in surprise. 

“Babe do you not want to kiss me,” Grayson chuckled making you blush. 

“No of course I do you just surprised me it’s all. We are supposed to warn each other,” you pouted before sitting straight and reaching out for Grayson. “Come give me kisses,” you smiled while making grabby hands to where you a with the promise ring Grayson gave you on your anniversary. 

“It’s def fruit punch,” you stated while taking the blindfold off your face. 

“Well Y/N, you are wrong! It’s cherry,” he smirked making you gasp. 

“No way! That did not taste like cherry at all,” you pouted while inspecting the chapstick tube and indeed seeing that it was Cherry flavored. 

“See babe, don’t get to cocky.” He winked while leaning down and pressing a sweet kiss on your lips. 

“So this is the last flavor and we are currently tied. Grayson didn’t get the last one right so that means if I get this one I win the game,” you explained while your eyes were covered by the blindfold. 

“Yup, I know for a fact you won’t guess this.” Grayson chuckled as he showed it to the camera. Hearing him unscrew the cap you waited nervously for him to press his lips on yours. 

Puckering your lips out when your felt his face close to yours. You gently kissed him while lightly bitting his bottom lip making a soft groan escape Grayson’s lips. Smirking you pulled away and licked your lips trying to figure out what the flavor was. 

“Hmm, well it taste kind of fruity…” you mumbled before raising a finger up and bending it in a ‘come here’ motion. 

Grayson did as told and pressed his lips back on yours. 

“That’s the last kiss,” he smiled while putting the chapstick in the plastic bag next to him. 

“Well I think this is Fruity Pebbles. I have no idea why and I don’t remember if we even got such a flavor but fuck it thats my answer,” you sighed while throwing your hand up in defeat with yourself. 

You thought you were wrong but the moment you heard a groan from Grayson you broke out in a smile. 

You had just won! 

Taking the blindfold off you stared at your sad looking boyfriend which made you wrap your arms around him. 

“I love you babe, but I’ll be right back with your disgusting drink!” You spoke in a sing-song voice while winking at the camera. 

Grabbing your phone you turned your camera on and began to film yourself making the drink. 

“So guys I think I’ll add some tuna, mayonnaise, hmmm what else……..” you trailed off while staring inside the fridge for something disgusting. “Ahhh olives and this piece of cake. Gotta throw something good in their.” you laughed while setting them all on the counter. 

Putting them all in the blender you poured water inside of it before closing it. Hitting blend you waited a minute before turning it off and pouring the disgusting drink inside a clear glass. 

“I feel so bad for this,” you laughed into the camera while walking back inside his room. 

“Oh my gosh. That looks disgusting!” Grayson exclaimed with a look of horror in his eyes. Smiling you gave him the cup and he immediately sniffed it. 

“What the fuck is in this? Y/N!” He asked while looking at you with disgust in his voice. 

“Cake, olives, mustard, mayo, and tuna. Oh and I had to add water to is to make it actually blend able,” you smiled innocently while batting your lashes at your annoyed boyfriend. 

You watched as Grayson shook his head before going right for it and taking a huge chug out of it. 

“Grayson!” You exclaimed with a gasp as you tried so hard not to laugh at him. He had his mouth open while looking for something to spit it out in. Grabbing the glass that he was shaking in-front of your face you watched as he grabbed the plastic bag filled with the used chapsticks and quickly spit it out. 

“That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had,” he groaned while spitting back inside the back.

“That’s it for today guys! Please give this video a big thumbs up because well I have this hunk of my boyfriend in it and still give it a like if you think he’s ugly!” You joked making your boyfriend flip you off. 

“I’m joking babe, you are a sexy human!” You yelled obnoxiously into his ear making him groan. 

“Anyways all my social media llinks are down below and I will add his down below too. Don’t forget to hit that red subscribe button for more videos like these! Love you guys, byeeeee!” You waved before reaching over to turn the camera off. 

The moment you turned the camera off you felt a pair of arms pull you back down on the bed. Gasping you looked to your side as Grayson cuddled up to you. 

“I’m so getting payback later,” he smiled as he pressed a quick kiss on your cheek. 

“We will see about that Dolan.” You laughed while snuggling closer to your boyfriend. 

Pressing a kiss under his jaw you began to trace random objects on his arm. Grayson pulled you in closer to him while he pressing a soft kiss on your head. Shutting your eyes you buried your face in his chest inhaling his strong smelling cologne that you have grown to love. Letting out a content sigh you let your eyes shutter close and sleep overtake your body while a smile rested on your face. 

Sweet Dreams (1)

Rating: T
Pair: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook (poly relationship)
Word count: 1,027

Part two ; Part three ; Part four ; Part five ; Part six ; Part seven ; Part eight ; Part nine ; Part ten ; Part eleven

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April 3rd. Your 6 month anniversary with Kim Taehyung, or V, from BTS

You can still remember the day that he had asked you out like it was yesterday. You had been best friends since middle school and were very close. A few months before he’d debuted, he’d confronted you, saying that he couldn’t debut without knowing how you felt. When you’d gone to ask what he meant, instead of giving an answer, he kissed you. Your friends told you all the time about how romantic it was, and how obvious it was to everyone but the two of you, but you tried not to listen.

Their debut had come around, and you’d, of course, started seeing less of him, and you also stopped being able to be affectionate with him in public. But it was to be expected, so you never complained.

If anything, it made moments like this even sweeter. When he was in town, snuggled into you, whether it be holding you half in his lap or laying on the couch with his head in your lap, talking about whatever came to mind or watching movies. 

At the moment, you were laying on the couch with him between you and the back of the couch, ear pressed to your stomach. The brunette looked up at you, tapping your side to get your attention. “By the way, one of the boys are gonna be stopping by, I accidentally took his sweatshirt and I promised to give it back.”

You tilted your head with a small smile. “Which one?” You’d known of the boys, of course, you had seen them on TV when you’d watched something that Taehyung was on, but you’d never met any of them.

He gave you a big, boxy grin. “Jungkookie! I told him to stop by around four,” he said, sitting up and stretching, looking at the clock.


You noticed it as well, sitting up more as well. Taehyung turned to look at you. “I’m gonna go to the bathroom, if he shows up, the sweatshirts by the door.” And with that, he disappeared down the hall.

You glanced at the clock once more before groaning. You hoped that the maknae would come show up after Tae was done in the bathroom, not wanting to have to face him on your own. Out of all the members(besides the certain one already in your house), Jungkook was the one who interested you the most. He seemed cute, particularly bunny-like. 

You let yourself dwell on it for a moment before being snapped out of it by the doorbell ringing. A feeling of nervousness filled you when you realized Taehyung still wasn’t out, so you had to give it yourself.

You scrambled off the couch, giving yourself a quick once-over and adjusting your clothes(If you’re being honest with yourself, your ideal apparel to meet your boyfriend’s bandmates was definitely not a tank top and shorts, but it would have to do) before quickly rushing to the door and opening it. 

There stood Jungkook, his black hair rustled from fussing with it and his eyes rimmed with eyeliner. He looked up from the ground, about to speak but stopped when he realized it was you. He had been expecting the brunette to have answered the door. 

Once you realized he seemed to not want to talk, you gave him a smile. “You came for this, right?” you asked, grabbing the sweatshirt from the stand beside the door, holding it up.

He quickly nodded and took it. “Thank you…you’re Y/N, right?” he asked, glancing at the floor again. You fought back a small giggle, he really was awkward around girls.

You nodded slowly and tilted your head. “I am, he talks about me?” you asked, giving a soft smile. If you looked closely, you could’ve sworn his cheeks turned a bit red.

Jungkook opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, an arm snuck around your waist and a chin rested on your shoulder. “Yup! I tell them all the time about how I have the most beautiful girlfriend on the planet. Don’t you think so, Kookie?” Taehyung asked, having finally gotten back

The younger seemed caught off guard by the question, his widening slightly. “What? Is she..I mean, I guess, yeah..” he said, looking away.

You blushed a bit yourself, Taehyung unknown to it as he started laughing, telling Jungkook that he was adorable.

Jungkook mumbled something about needing to get back to the dorm before waving a quick goodbye and rushing down the hall. 

The both of you took your place back in the living room after he demanded more cuddles, settling back into your earlier position, this time with you turned more so you could play with his soft hair.

He looked up at you with a grin. “So, what did you think of him? Really shy, huh?” You nodded in response. “He’s like that though, I’m trying to help him open up more. Maybe you can help him open up more too, huh?”

You shrugged and combed your fingers through the strands. “I guess? I’d probably want to get to know him first though,” you mumbled, brushing his bangs from his eyes, which were watching you intently as you talked to him.

Taehyung sat up more, hand behind you to hold himself up. “So I can bring him over more! We can be like the three amigos! You can replace Jimin hyung in our trio, he’ll be so jealous!” he said with a laugh.

You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face at his excitement, sighing softly. “Sure, if he’s willing to, then he can start coming over more” Taehyung opened his mouth, about to speak when you cut him off again “-and that means verbally and physically willing, Kim Taehyung, None of that ‘I know he wants to deep down’ stuff”

Taehyung pouted and let out a small huff, looking away. “Aww, Y/N you’re no fun. Fiiine, I’ll get him to join the nice way…I’ll ask him when I go to the dorm tomorrow, okay?” he looked up at you once again.

You nodded slowly, although unable to push away the feeling that you might regret saying that later.

I’m so sorry that this is so short, I really am. The next few chapters should be a lot longer, I just needed to set the mood a little bit. 

“Can..Can you come over?”

Prompt: “Can..Can you come over?”

Relationship: Luke Alvez x Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds

As you sat on your couch with rain thrashing against the ground outside, you sat with a cup of coffee between your hands on your one day off. You flick through channels until you find the horror movie channel to see what laughable movies are playing. Right now it’s Ouija so you turn up the sound and relax to the horror movie, which has nothing on the horrors you see in real life anyway. You can hear the rain get heavier outside and since it’s been a heatwave for the past week you know it’s about to thunder. 

The movie continues as you hear thunder about to start and you decide to pour yourself another cup since it seems to be an okay night for horror movies, you don’t wanna laugh at any of them. Just as you sit back down all the lights in your apartment go off and you’re left in complete darkness and in the back of your head you laugh at the irony at that fact you were just watching horror movies. You hear your phone ding and you pick it up to see a text from Luke.
“It happen to you too?” The text reads. You laugh remembering Luke only lives 4 floors down from you, you begin to hear Roxy barking and you start laughing even more. Your phone begins to ring and before you even pick it up you know it’s from Luke. 

“Can..Can you come over?” Is the first thing you hear when you pick up the phone. You laugh and Luke trying to sound brave over the phone but his voice cracks when he first says can.

“Does big bad Luke need protecting from the Babadook?” You laugh sitting back down on your couch.

“I do not in the slightest, Roxy misses you.” He coughs trying to deepen his voice as to not sound so scared of the dark. You laugh, hanging up the phone. You use the flashlight beside your bed to manoeuvre yourself down the stairs without tripping. Once you reach Luke’s floor you use your nails to scratch against the door creepily. You whisper into the crack of the door, the song from Nightmare on Elm Street. The door then swings open and Luke is looking at you wide eyed.

“THAT. IS. NOT. FUNNY. Y/N.” He says pulling you into his apartment and closing the door  quickly. 

“Aww babe I’m sorry.” You say giving him the sympathy he needs. You lean forward to kiss him on the cheek before you’re taken out by a massive pound of fluff. Roxy starts licking your face and wagging her tail excited to see you even though it’s only been about 3 hours since you last seen her anyway.

“Okay so you give the dog more love than you do me, I see how it is around here.” Luke says going to walk off before you quickly grab his leg making him trip over and fall into the floor. He screams as he falls and you laugh at the macho man reduced to a screaming child afraid of the dark. He turns around as he’s laying on the floor to glare at your smirking face.

He quickly scuttles towards you and Roxy and slides you underneath him and starts to tickle your sides as you wriggle underneath his weight. The more you wriggle the more Luke starts to laugh at you and the louder Roxy starts to bark. Your laughter-filled screams and Luke’s laughter fills the air before you hear a boom and ticking of a working light before the light turns on. Luke stops tickling you and looks at you as the light shines upon your face with tears of joy running down your face. 

“So, you still want me to stay?” You say tilting your head at a smiling Luke leaning above you. He quickly picks you up bridal style in his arms and swiftly places you down on the bed. He climbs next to you and within a second Roxy jumps up and buries herself into the bed. Luke looks down at you smiling while your laying down.

“Of course I want you to stay.” Luke says cuddling into your side while Roxy is already quickly snoring away in the bed. You look up at Luke and lean forward pressing your lips against his, brushing his lips lightly feeling his warm breath against yours you smile while you kiss him. As you pull away Luke opens his eyes as do you too and he smiles. Within a millisecond Roxy jumps in between you both and starts licking yours and Luke’s face.

“Guess you want kisses too huh, Roxy?!” Luke says laughing loudly over Roxy licking him.



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