i need her to come home.. :


Sabrina and Ben soon began to busy themselves with getting ready, but it didn’t take long for Ben to notice that Sabrina kept drifting off in thought.

Ben: “Come on, what’s is it that’s bothering you now?”

Sabrina: (sighs) “Would you stop worrying? I’m fine.”

But Ben could tell that his wife was quite the opposite, even more so from the way that she tensed up as he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Ben: “Fine?”

Sabrina: “Yes, fine.”

Ben: “If this is about Savannah coming over again-”

Sabrina: “Ben, would you stop it? I’ve already said that it’ll be alright; it’s nothing to do with Harry, I’ll be okay.”

Ben: “I know you will. All I was going to say that I’d be more than happy to stay at home with Theo so that you’ve got us on hand if you need us.”

Sabrina let out another sigh and let herself melt back into Ben’s arms. She turned her head and shot him a small, apologetic smile as she played with the cuff of his dressing gown.

Sabrina: “Then I’m sorry for snapping. I just…even though I’m excited for today, I’m still…nervous, I guess. That’s probably why I seem so tense.”

Ben: “Well don’t let yourself be nervous. I know it’s totally normal, but you’ve got nothing to worry about. And like I said, I’m sure I’ll be able to convince Theo to let us spend the day here so that we’re there-”

Sabrina: “No, Ben. Don’t get me wrong, I love being with you and Theo, and it probably would be a huge comfort to know you’re here with me, I need to do this alone. I need to prove it to myself. I can’t go on being this pathetic, I’ve got to face this head on and be the adult I am. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again: I don’t want a stupid broken friendship to takeover my life. I’m stronger than that, I’ve just let myself forget.”

Ben: “Damn is it sexy when you believe in yourself.”

But Sabrina just rolled her eyes and pressed a finger to his lips as she tried to stop the blood flooding to her cheeks so furiously.

Sabrina: (giggles) “Alright, Mr Daley, that’s enough of that. We’ve got to get ready before the kids are up. And speaking of kids, you can’t honestly have expected me to keep you and Theo cooped up at home after seeing how excited he was to go out last night, can you?”

Ben: (chuckles) “You’re right, what was I thinking?”

I just put my house online to sell..

I just put it on 2 social media pages and I’ve had like 13 people ask to come look at it, see more photos or find out more.

It’s been an hour.. I wasn’t expecting much of it.

One is a friend of mine though and tbh, I would absolutely love to help get her and her wee family into their own home, even if it does mean losing a bit of extra profit. If C buys it then the tenants can stay for their term which I am extremely thankful for!

Ijust really really need to get to see my friend who rents the house so she doesn’t feel out of the loop.

I’m Holding You Closer Than Most (Cause You Are My Heaven)

Part 2: The Struggle

It nearly takes another six moons after Jon receives Sansa’s message for the war to end and finally, after fifteen or sixteen moons of fighting in the cold - he’s not even sure anymore - he comes home to Winterfell. She’s not there in the courtyard to greet him when he arrives. Instead it’s Bran waiting for them.

“She’s been in her chambers for over a sennight,” he says before Jon can ask. “The birth was difficult.”

“What of the babe?” Daenerys demands.

Bran slowly turns to her. “A healthy and sturdy boy.”

I have a son. He needs to see her first. He stalks off to the Great Keep, Daenerys on his heels. He killed his own mother coming into the world, he couldn’t bear it if- His thoughts are cut off by Daenerys’ voice.

“Are you certain the child is yours?”

Her question angers him, but it also feeds the seed of doubt that’s lain dormant deep inside of him ever since her received the news. The timing fits though, and he can’t imagine Sansa betraying him like that, even if she holds no love for him.

He bursts through her chamber doors, startling Sam, Gilly and the maids, who quickly retreat. He falls to his knees beside the bed. Her blue eyes are huge in her pale, gaunt face and her curls fall limply to her shoulders, but he sighs in relief at the tired smile she offers him.

His eyes drop to the bundle in her arms and if he ever had any doubts, they’re long gone. His son is wrapped in soft grey swaddling clothes, but thick black hair peeks out from under them, framing his little face, which already looks so much like his own, except for his eyes, which are entirely Sansa’s. There’s a lump in his throat he’s unable to swallow and it quickly grows large enough to fill his entire chest.

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jewelwriter  asked:

Green: Well it is nice to meet you Krys. Mind letting me... I mean us know you better? Also if you need to go to your home I can travel with you as an item since I am energy after all. *she seems to look to the siblings as she felt her friend is at least OK for now*

“Oh, don’t mind me. I’m no more special than Anna is, my only separate quality would be my gender and maybe my age. As I am Anna’s older brother, but she has a lot more to offer than I would ever.” Krys smiles, looking at the sky, it was still midday

“Well if it comes too be then I’m sure no one would mind you coming home with us, though it is still midday so we have time still. But if it isn’t too much trouble, who are you waiting for?” Before Green could answer Anna buts in.

“Oh! She’s waiting for jewel, she’s a travelling magician with nine tails, all of which have a different colour. she left to retrieve some other orbs from somewhere else if i remember correctly.” Anna smiles, Krys looks over at her with mild confusion, but smiles back.

“Well I certainly can’t wait to meet this friend of yours Anna.”

anonymous asked:

Yomouta needs more love. Yomouta nsfw and sfw hcs?

I agree. Yomo and Uta’s relationship needs all the love.


- It’s not uncommon for Yomo to come home and find that Uta has redecorated his entire apartment. The worst was when Uta made it a haunted house while Yomo was sleeping. He woke up to a living nightmare.

- Yomo likes tracing the outlines of Uta’s tattoo while Uta sleeps.

- Every year, on the anniversary of Hikari’s death, Uta takes Yomo out for a long stroll through all of her favorite places. There’s a lot of cuddling and Yomo refusing to cry, so Uta makes a scene bawling for him. 

- Uta was actually pretty devastated he he no longer led the 4th ward. He went through a life crisis and stopped eating. Yomo stole all of Anteiku’s eyeballs and had to force-feed him.

- Koma once asked Uta when the ring was coming, and the expression on Yomo’s face scared the great Devil Ape from ever asking again.


- Uta is rather kinky. Yomo is not. They usually require long conversations to decide on what they want to try/not try.

- Itori once walked into Uta’s apartment, excited about the latest gossip, to find the two of them naked in Uta’s bed. She screamed with joy and hugged them, even though they were still naked. This is how she found out about their relationship.

- They shared their first kiss the night Yomo was nearly killed by Arima. Uta visited him and confessed he would have been quite sad to lose his friend. Yomo stared back at him, and Uta smashed his lips against his. Yomo, of course, returned the kiss.

- Uta is a fan of squeezing Yomo’s rear end, or lightly brushing agains this thighs, during the day/when they’re busy. Yomo rather likes it, though he’s also too shy to do the same.

- He once did. Uta screamed and told everyone present.  


TARIC- “Hank…what are you doing?? You know my mother is a very manipulative woman…you a re playing right into her hands. She can’t stay in one place more than….well as long as the next man comes along.”

HANK- “Oh I know that Taric. I didn’t offer her all this for her benefit.”

TARIC- “I don’t understand…”

HANK- “Well first of all, we take her from this city, then all the bad influences will be out of her way. So possibly, she can finally make something of herself and not fall for every man that offers her a sofa and a TV Dinner.  Secondly, I did this for Alvaro. He needs stability. He needs to know he has a home, a stable home. If he lives with us, we can help give him that direction. And of course, This is as much for you as anyone.”

TARIC- “For me? How can living with my mother, benefit me?”

HANK- “I know you have a hard time tolerating her, but we can find a place where there is a special place not attached to our home. And Taric, I love you.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but unfortunately, for me that isn’t going to be long. Chances are I will pass before you, and I just want to make sure you are taken care of, so that when I am gone you won’t have to worry about anything. Real Estate is a great investment.”

Moving (HSS MC)

Prompt: Round 32 of #ChoicesCreates: MC’s Backstory, hosted by @dopecatcollins and @sophie-summer

Summary: As Bianca prepares to move to Cedar Cove, she reflects on the past.

Rating: T

Bianca gathered up more of her things and began to put them into a box. Tomorrow the movers would come, and she and her father would go to their new home in Cedar Cove.

She looked up at the mobile hanging from her ceiling, made of brightly colored seashells.  Could she reach it if she stood on her desk chair? No, probably not.

She called out to her father. “Dad, can you bring me the ladder?”

“Sure, Bianca-bear,” he replied. Soon he appeared in her doorway, carrying the ladder.

“Thanks, Dad. I need to get the mobile down.”

“I’ll do it.” He climbed up the ladder and removed the mobile from the hook, then climbed back down and handed it to Bianca. “I’d better get back to packing. There’s still a lot to do.”

She carefully wrapped up the mobile and placed it in a small box, which she then placed in the bigger box. It was fragile and she didn’t want it to break. Her parents had bought it for her when she was eight years old, when the family went on vacation in the Florida Keys. She remembered that trip fondly. She had gone swimming in the ocean and built sand castles on the beach. It was the last time that the three of them had gone away together. Six months later, she noticed that her parents were arguing more frequently. Then one day they sat down with her and told her that they were getting a divorce. Her mother moved in with another man, and her parents shared custody of her. She went back and forth between the two households for about a year. When her mother’s boyfriend was transferred out of state by his employer, her mother moved away with him. Their relationship ended two years later, but her mother stayed in the same area.

She wondered what her new school would be like, and whether she would fit in. After all, she didn’t know anyone there. Would she make new friends easily? She was really going to miss Megan. They had been friends since fifth grade. Megan had been the new girl then. Her parents had also recently divorced, and she and Bianca bonded quickly. Each of them understood what the other was going through. Last week they had gone to the mall and bought each other friendship bracelets, and promised that they would always stay friends. It was going to be hard to not see her any more, but at least they could keep in touch through phone calls, texting, and FaceSpace. And maybe they could visit each other occasionally.

There was one good thing about moving: she wouldn’t have to see Paige and Kevin any more. When she started high school, she and Paige had become friends. Megan said that Paige wasn’t very nice, but Bianca figured that they just didn’t get along. She hadn’t seen that side of Paige, until the day that Paige was tagged in a FaceSpace photo by one of her friends, and Bianca saw the necklace that Paige was wearing. It was the one that Bianca’s father bought her for her eighth grade graduation, that she thought she had misplaced. Bianca’s father took her over to Paige’s house, and Bianca demanded that Paige return the necklace. Paige claimed that she had found it at her house and thought it was hers, and that it must have fallen off Bianca while she was there. But Bianca knew that she was lying, and their friendship ended.

Not long afterward, Bianca started dating Kevin. She had had a crush on him since the beginning of the school year, and he finally asked her out. They dated for several months, and she thought things were going well. She was caught completely off guard when he ended their relationship. Within the week, he was dating Paige. Although he never admitted it, she thought that he may have been cheating on her, and she was sure that Paige had deliberately come between them. Megan told her that she deserved better, and she knew that was true, but it was still hard for her to see Kevin and Paige together.

After taping the last box shut, she got ready for bed. The movers were coming early, and she had a big day ahead of her. It was strange to think that this would be the last night she would spend in her bedroom. Everything was about to change. Hopefully at least some of the changes would be good ones.

i had the most baffling encounter at work today.

apparently someone left their iphone in our store. the phone was found by a woman, henceforth known as “Terrible Lady,” when Phone Owner set off the “find my iphone” alarm. the alarm is accompanied by a “please contact this # if found” message. Terrible Lady utilizes this number to text Phone Owner, demanding $100 in return for the phone. Phone Owner says they can’t afford it, there’s some back and forth, etc. etc., and eventually Phone Owner threatens to call the cops.

Terrible Lady brings the phone (which is still making the obnoxious “find my iphone” noise, and continues to do for the duration of the encounter) to my register, complaining about the audacity of Phone Owner, as if refusing to pay the $100 is an egregious personal insult. i “mhm” a lot, silently judging her, but relieved she has sensibly decided to release the phone into the store’s custody so we can return it to Phone Owner without further drama.


fifteen minutes later, after she has checked out, she comes by my register just long enough to say “make sure she pays the $100, i’ll call to see when i need to come pick it up!” and is out the door before i can even process the fact that this women genuinely thinks that the burlington fucking coat factory is going to be the middleman for her definitely unethical and most likely illegal lost iphone extortion scheme. (side note: i looked this up once i got home from work, and it turns out that, yeah, it’s totally illegal in our state)

sure enough, an hour later, Terrible Lady calls: “hi, is this cashier #5? [that’s not my name but thanks] has she brought the $100 yet??”

there are like 2 cashiers on duty and 20 people in line. i beg my manager to take the call, which: smart move. because my manager ends up on the phone with Terrible Lady for 20 minutes, telling her that we will, under no circumstances, require Phone Owner to pay $100 before we give them the phone. eventually, Terrible Lady realizes we mean business, and SHE threatens to call the cops on US because we took the phone from her “under false pretenses”

manager hangs up on Terrible Lady /end


Nozomi phone backgrounds ( ´ ♡ ` )

(happy belated birthday Nozomicchi!!) 。.:*♡

His Pet-names For You|T.Holland

Baby cakes:

  • This would be one of his favorites
  • Calling you baby cakes when he wants your attention
  • You’d be reading a book and he’d be staring at you with a pout
  • “Baby cakes come snuggle in cold.”
  • So much whinnying
  • “Baby cakes won’t come give us attention Tessa..”
  • making the give me more hand motions as you walk by
  • Calling you baby cakes when he finally sees you after a long time
  • Finally giving in because he looks so cute and snuggly


  • Would be reserved for when you were upset
  • He’d always call you an angel because angels don’t deserve to be upset
  • “Oh angel.”
  • Lots of forehead kisses and tight hugs
  • “Everything will be okay angel, I’m not leaving you.”
  • “Oh sweet angel of mine.”
  • Soft kisses to you lips as he softly whispered ‘my angel’ between kisses


  • Would be an everyday thing
  • He’d never call you by your actual name
  • “Darlin’ you ready?”
  • Always waking up to soft kisses and a ‘good morning DARLin’”
  • “Darlin’ have you seen my shoes”
  • Him loving how your cheeks would turn the loveliest shade of scarlet when he called you darlin’ in public
  • He’d simply calling you darlin’ because you were in deed his darlin’ and he loved you to pieces


  • Is what he called you when he wanted you to feel special
  • “You’re my FlOr..”
  • You looking at him confused making him have to explain
  • “Flor means flower in Portuguese and I wanted to call you something unique because you are so special.”
  • Secretly loving this pet name the most because it wasn’t used often so when he did call you Flor you’d be a stuttering mess
  • “Flor you ready to you.”
  • “Bloody hell Flor, you look breathe taken.”


  • This nickname came about after you got your wisdom tooth removed
  • Your cheeks were all swollen and his heart was swelling up at the sight of you
  • “Oh peaches!”
  • “Harrison, peaches needs me!”
  • Having to fly home to take care of peaches
  • This becoming your nickname for whenever you got sick
  • “My peaches is sick, I need to go tend to her every need.”


  • Would be your nickname when talking to others about you
  • “My sunshine is coming to see me!”
  • “Who the fuck is sunshine?!”
  • “It’s y/n..”
  •  Screaming out SuNShINE when he sees you walk on set
  •  Running up to you and spinning you around before pressing a soft kiss to your lips
  •  Screaming around saying that sunshine is here to see him
  • Explain to everyone why you’re his sunshine
  • “Simply my sky’s are always grey when she’s away cause she’s my sunshine.”


  • Would be reserved for bedroom actives
  • “Fuck Baby girl right there”
  • Knowing he wanted some sexy time when he would hum out “Baby girl come here..”
  • Calling you baby girl softly when out just wanting to get you alone
  • Whispering dirty things in your ear
  • Cause BAbyGIrl did things to him
Threaten my livelihood, don't be surprised when I come at you harder.

This happened a few years ago and it’s somewhat lengthy but I’ll try and keep it reasonable. TL;DR below.

It all started when I moved to Nevada with my dad because my parents had divorced relatively recently and he wanted me to stick around and help him with my younger siblings. He is the hardest working man I’ve ever met, and I didn’t have anything really going on besides kind of roaming, so when he asked if I could move in with him and just kind of be there for my little brother and sister in exchange for room and board, I wasn’t going to say no.

Anyway, we ended up moving to Nevada in our travels because he was in the mining field and there happened to be a mine there.

A little later on, he hooked me up with a job at the mine too. Nothing special, just working in the warehouse doing various duties. It paid well though and I was pretty strapped for cash so I was glad for it.

I actually enjoyed it for the first 2ish months.

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The birds & the bees

A/N: Someone requested this from somebody else who didn’t wanna write it & I couldn’t help myself. Reader walks in on Dean with a lady friend & the boys have to explain what was happening.

Dean’s age-22   Sam’s age-18   Reader’s age-8

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by mylife-in--color

Originally posted by writingissatansworstnightmare

“Why can’t we go to the library?” You asked as you hurried to keep up with your older brother walking down the sidewalk.

“I already told you Y/N,” Sam replied, looking behind him he noticed you were struggling at the rate he was walking and slowed down, “Gimme your backpack.” He told you as he reached for it.

You quickly took off your old green hand-me-down backpack and gave it to Sam, “Thanks Sammy. That was heavy.”

“No problem.” Sam replied as he shrugged it onto his shoulder, “Let’s go, I wanna get back to the motel so I can start my project.”

“Okay, but why can’t we go to the library. I wanted to get more books on animals, if I’m gonna be a vetra-vetrana-what’s the word again?” You questioned.

“Veterinarian.” Sam answered, “And we aren’t going to the library because they’re closed today; they’re renovating the ceilings.”

“Ohhhhh.” You exaggerated, “Will you help me with my math homework when we get home?”

“Course, we gotta get you through third grade math before you can be a vet.” Sam told you with a smile.

“Thanks Sammy.” You said, returning the smile he gave you which showed off the gap in your front teeth.

“No problem bug, now…race you to the motel room!” Sam shouted as you rounded the corner into the motel parking lot.

You took off as fast as you could; Sam was close behind you, however you had the advantage since he was being weighed down by two backpacks. As you approached the motel door you looked behind, “Too slow to keep up Sammy!” You shouted as him before turning back towards the door and quickly swinging it open so that you could gloat about beating your brother to Dean.

Stepping inside you started to talk to your oldest brother, “Dean! You won’t bel-what are you doing to that lady?” You questioned with a confused face when you realized Dean head was between her legs.

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Leave Right Now - Harry Styles Imagine

Being back in Holmes Chapel was nice, lovely really. Even after all these years, touring the world and living in LA, Harry felt at home here. He’s smiling while driving through the back streets. He sees his old school and the bakery, then he makes it to his parents house where his family is awaiting his arrival.

“I can’t believe you’re home,” Anne grins while welcoming her son. Harry’s face squishes up against the side of her head as she hugs him tightly.

“Missed ya too mum,” he mumbles before the hug ends. “It’s nice to be here, no where to run off to tomorrow,” Harry states as he looks at his step dad and sister Gemma waiting for an embrace too.

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I want a female NPC event.

Oichi and MC ditching the guards, sneaking out of the castle and running off to go visit Ohana.

Kita and MC going on a hot springs trip together for some R&R.

Yuki teaching MC self defense while Saizo glowers from the rooftop.

MC giving Ai some girl tips because she’s been living in a castle full of men for so long.


distance - klance season 4

(based on the beautiful art by @badenlily link here  that is sooo beautiful - that you should all marvel at before you read this!! - and this thing I wrote is nowhere near worthy of it, but thank you so much for letting me write it!! This is set somewhere in season 4, I assume? i also posted this over on my ao3 here

“It looks good on you,” Lance says, his elbow propped up against Red’s control panel, his chin held in his palm; looking at Keith in his video feed. “The hood, I mean, it makes you look all mysterious.”

“Hm,” Keith says, looking up from sharpening his blade; he blinks at him, then what Lance had said registers and his cheeks turn a soft pink. He reaches up and touches his hood, “Oh, thanks, Lance.” He hadn’t really thought about whether or not it looked good, he’d been more interested in the durability and practicality of his suit, and how/if the hood would help keep him disguised if he needed it. 

“The purple really brings out your eyes,” Lance says, settling into this, complimenting Keith with a hint of glee; his lips widening into an easy, possibly flirty grin. “It makes them pop.”

“Pop?” Keith repeats, raising an eyebrow. He sheaths his blade then, leaning closer to the screen to look at his own eyes and Lance looks at them too, they are really, really pretty eyes.

“Yup,” Lance says, not explaining further, “Pop.”

“Well, you look really good in your undersuit,” Keith says easily, without a hint of embarrassment at his incredibly embarrassing words. “It makes your shoulders look really broad.”

“W-what?” Lance stutters, his cheeks flushing; he can dish it out with ease, but can’t handle it when he gets it back in return. “Stop messing around, Keith!”

“I’m not,” Keith says back, indignant; confused by Lance’s refusal to accept his genuine compliment. “It looks good on you.”

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In Sickness and Health

kat on AO3 asked: “could you maybe write one where derek travels for business, and stiles is home with the kids. when he gets really sick and the oldest calls derek to come home?”

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count: 1449
Human AU, Sick Stiles, Writer Derek, Fluff, Established Relationship, Hurt/Comfort, POV Derek

Read on AO3

There’s only one person in line in front of him when Derek’s phone buzzes in his pocket. It’s probably Stiles, calling him on the way to TJ and Carter’s school. The person in front of him steps through, to the airplane. Derek grabs his phone from his pocket, and looks apologetically at the flight attendant checking everyone’s tickets. He looks at his phone. A sense of foreboding creeps up his spine. A picture of Stiles and their kids in front of their house is on his screen. Someone’s calling him from their home number. Why would he be getting a call from home? There shouldn’t be anyone there.

Oh God. Something’s happened.

Trying not to let his panic show on his face, he steps out of the line.


Daddy’s dying, TJ whispers.

TJ’s just being dramatic, Derek tells himself. Stiles probably just bumped into something, or cut his finger, maybe he overslept, lost track of TJ in the rush to get their kids to school, and now she’s messing with the phone.

‘Why would you say that, little whelp?’ he asks, swallowing down his heart that somehow lodged itself in his throat.

He looks gross,’ is TJ’s unhelpful answer.

Derek can’t really blame her, she’s only four.

Give me the phone! You’re explaining it all wrong!

‘Give it back!


Derek gnashes his teeth as he listens to his children struggle for the phone, feeling helpless, until finally Carter comes on.

‘Daddy’s sick. He’s coughing and breathing funny. And there’s a giant pile of snotty tissues by the bed,’ Carter explains. The six year-old is trying to sound firm and grown-up, but Derek knows his child, and can hear the tremble underneath the bravado. ‘And he’s moving around all slow, and keeps bumping into things like he’s drunk or blind or something.

That doesn’t sound like Stiles is dying, more like he’s got a really bad cold or, god forbid, the flu. Derek thought Stiles’ voice sounded funny on the phone last night, but assumed it was a bad connection. Not that Stiles would’ve admitted anything was wrong if he had asked.

‘Alright, little cub. Can you give me daddy?’

Sure. Carter sounds a little sullen that they don’t get to report further on one of their fathers’ imminent demise.

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My Best Friend’s Sister (Part 2)

Originally posted by a-winchester-by-choice

Summary: The reader gets to know Jensen more at work but he wants to know what’s up with the Padalecki siblings…


Pairing: Jensen x reader (with sibling!Jared)

Word Count: 3,400ish

Warnings: language, sibling angst

A/N: I adore giggly Jensen…

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Steal My Girl

Song Series!
> Please give me some feedback on this, been debating posting it for like two days. Let me know if you liked it. 

He met Y/n when they were young kids. He knew from the instant that he met her that she was gonna be the most special person in his life. The way her smile could make his day go from shit to kind of okay. She gets to him in ways no one else can. 

She been my queen, Since we were sixteen, We want the same things, We dream the same dreams

“You ready?” She asks walking out of their shared bedroom. 

She’s in a black rock tee shirt, dark blue flare jeans, hair teased and curled, make up done. 

He locks eyes with her for a second and smiles, her returning the favor. 

“Yeah, you look amazing babe.” He places a small kiss on her forehead. 

“Thanks, you look great too.” She says, unbuttoning that top button on his shirt. He tenses at her touch. Goosebumps rising on his skin as if he’s cold, but it’s 80 degrees out. 

They were headed out to a Nick Jonas concert, meeting a few of his buddies there. He got tickets from the label, and they get to go back stage to see him after the show. 

Nick and Shawn are friends, have been since they met through the label. It’s a unspoken agreement to support the others on the label. They’ve worked together for a brief time, when they happened to be in the same place at the same time. 

She’s never gotten to meet Nick, she met Demi a few months back at an award show, but she didn’t get to meet Nick. She’s screaming on the inside, she’s a huge Nick fan. Has been since she was a kid and watched his shows on The Disney Channel. 

She’s trembling with excitement when they are walking to their seats, meeting up with Shawn’s friends and their girlfriends.

“Y/n looks like she is about to pass out.” Mike jokes as the lights start to dim.

“Shut up, I’m the biggest Nick fan.” She says over the bass that starts blaring though the old speakers. The floor starts to shake and the screaming gets louder. The lights are flashing making their senses act up. 

Shawn watches her, watches as she sings along to the songs, dances to the beat, laughs with his friends. She fits into his world, and does everything she can to have his world fit into hers. She’s the most perfect person for him, and he couldn’t be more happy that he has her. 

He knows that he has her support no matter what. She was his before he got famous and she’s still his now that he is. He knows that he has a safe place with him always, as she would always be by his side. 

But he can’t help but feel a twinge of jealously as he watches her smile at the stage. She’s swaying along to the song. He needs her to look at him to remind him that she’s his. Like she reads his mind, turns and looks at him from over her shoulder. 

“Gonna hold me Mendes?” She says, winking. 

He doesn’t need to be told twice, he steps forward and wraps his arms around her from behind. He nuzzles his nose into her hair and inhales deeply. She smells like home, he can’t quite describe her scent other than that it reminds him of the candles his mom used to light when he lived at home. 

She’s leaning back and resting her hands on top of his, his resting on her stomach. She’s still singing along, but now she’s smiling because the words remind her of Shawn. 

Everybody wanna steal my girl, Everybody wanna take her heart away, Couple billion in the whole wide world, Find another one ‘cause she belongs to me

Their backstage now, in a room with a group of people. Mostly people from the record company, and a few other up and coming artists. 

He can’t help but notice how most of the men, dateless or not, watch his girlfriend. How she holds herself, how she smiles, how she laughs, how she wins playing beer pong with a few others.

He’s watching her from across the room as one of the guys from the beer pong game starts to inch his way closer to her. She’s backing up just as much as he’s coming closer, and when he bends down to whisper in her ear she shakes her head no and says clearly,

“I have a boyfriend.” 

Shawn smiles and knows that he doesn’t have to step in because she can hold her own, but for the hell of it he leaves the conversation he was having to go tell this guy to fuck off. 

“Hey.” He says tucking his left arm around Y/n’s waist, extending his right hand out to shake the other guys hand. “I’m Shawn.” He says grinning evilly.

“Zac.” The other guys says, cowering. He shakes Shawn’s hand and tries to hold back his wince when Shawn squeezes to hard. Crushing the bones in Zac’s hand.

“Zac, this is Shawn, my boyfriend.” Y/n says with a small smile on her face. 

“Yeah I got that.” He grumbles rubbing his hand. 

“Maybe you should go find another girl to hit on, this one’s taken.” Shawn says passive aggressively, that way if anyone was watching them it would be seen as a normal conversation. 

Zac nods his head and rushes away from them, shaking out his hand. 

“A bit much don’t you think?” She giggles up at her boyfriend. 

“Think I broke his hand.” Shawn says watching Zac try to open and close his hand repeatedly.

All she does is laugh and hide herself into Shawn’s side. He laughs too and kisses the top of her head. She smiles and then leans up to connect their lips.

Kisses like cream, Her walk is so mean, And every jaw drop, When she’s in those jeans

They pull away and she looks over at the ping pong table.

“Geoff and Mike wanted me to tell you to join us for a game of beer pong.” She says noticing how Mike and Geoff were waiting.

“Okay.” Shawn says smiling. “How about I get you a drink, and meet you there. And try not to get hit on by some random guy on your way over.” He teases. 

“Not my fault.”

“True, you can’t help how beautiful you are.”

“Cheesy.” She laughs pushing his shoulder towards the bar. 

She walks away, hips swaying. He can’t help but just stare at her, well him and every guy she walks by. The others just gawk at her ass, while Shawn smirks knowing that that ass they were looking at was his. Chuckling at the fact that he bought her those jeans because he knew they would make her ass look great. 

He goes up to the bartender and orders drinks for his group, returning to them cheering as he hands the drinks over. 

They play a few games of beer pong and Shawn just watches as she beats his ass. She’s on the other team and with the rate that their playing, he’ll be drunk before the game is even over. 

But the lights dim. and her smile glows. The sun is setting behind her and her eyes have this sparkle that twinkle when she looks over at him telling him to 

“Drink bitch.” 

He laughs and does as told. Winking at her blushing face over the rim of the Solo cup.

I don’t exist, If I don’t have her, The sun doesn’t shine, The world doesn’t turn

Her hair framing her face, the way her face lights up when she smiles. He swears he could write a thousand songs about her. About her eyes, about her smile, about her lips. Those sweet lips that are colliding with his.

The soft moan that escapes her mouth as he pulls her a little closer.

“Ready to go home?” She whispers.

“You didn’t even really meet Nick.” Shawn says looking around.

“Why do I need a Nick Jonas when I have a Shawn Mendes to take me home?” She quirks an eyebrow. Shawn smirks and kisses her again. Harder this time.

It’s him moaning softly when she pulls away. He let’s his hand slide down to the globe of her ass, squeezing lightly.

“Gonna take me home Mendes, or do I need to find Zac.” She teases starting to move from his hold. 

“Come here.” He says pulling her back, making her collide into his chest. 

She’s laughing, trying to contain her giggles, but the alcohol in her system is making her feel light and happy. 

Shawn takes her hand, leading her out of the room, towards the car they ordered. He would love to take her out for a midnight drive, but they’ve been drinking and she just wants to go home. 

Everybody wanna steal my girl, Everybody wanna take her heart away, Couple billion in the whole wide world, Find another one 'cause she belongs to me

Her make up is gone. Her hair is in a messy bun, her glasses are sliding down her nose, and her lips are sealed to her coffee mug. She’s wearing his ‘Take Me Home’ shirt with her PINK booty shorts. Her bare feet are cold as they stand on the freezing hardwood. The tattoo on her ankle on full display. 

She’s humming a Nick song, one that had been stuck in her head from the concert they saw earlier. Her hips are swaying a bit as Shawn watches her from the living room. 

She shows no trace of sitting in the VIP section at a Nick Jonas concert. No trace of meeting Nick Jonas. No trace of partying with some of the biggest names in the music industry. 

She’s just Y/n. 

She’s just Shawn’s Y/n.

He loves that he gets this part of her. No one get’s to see when she’s tipsy and trying to sober up a bit so she won’t have a hangover in the morning. No one gets to see her purple glasses, or her face free from any trace of make up. 

She’s just his girl. Relaxed and free. 

He can’t help to think that over the billion people in the world, he wouldn’t rather have anyone else sleep next to him every night, have anyone else to wake up next to. He just wants her. 

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Alright wayhaught prompt coming at ya. Nicole has to go undercover on some case she's working on and she has to dress up all sexy and when waverly sees the outfit for the first time she gets like super turned on

She’s used to Nicole wearing her uniform, and she’s used to Nicole’s casual wear.

She’s used to her in dresses, and she’s used to her in… well, nothing.

So Waverly figures, if she can handle working alongside Nicole in those boots and that hat and that belt; if she can handle fighting alongside Nicole in that dress while punching homophobes and saving her sister and the town; then she can handle Nicole wearing… well, anything.

What she’s not prepared for is Nicole in a full-out suit.

She’s not prepared for Nicole in a femmey black suit that hugs her body just right, complete with a sleek black skinny tie. 

She’s definitely not prepared for that.

Even though they’d talked about it. 


“You know I don’t like the idea of using you for bait on this mission. Or any mission. But since Dolls and Wynonna seem to think it’ll be fine – “

“Because it will, Nicole – I can handle myself, you know that – “

“I do, baby, of course I do. I just don’t like dangling you in front of lesbian demons.”

Waverly grinned even as Nicole flinched.

“God, you homophobe,” Waverly joked, and Nicole shook her head.

“Yeah, that could have come out better, huh?”

She flinched again, and Waverly laughed. The laughter lit Nicole up, inside and out.

“So punny, Officer Haught,” Waverly leaned in for a kiss. Nicole returned it with a grin, but sobered pretty quickly.

“But I’m serious, Waves. You know I’ll be there undercover to protect you – not that you need it, I know, I’m just saying, a little backup never hurt anyone – but you need to act like you don’t know me. Really, Waverly. Everything hinges on that.”

Waverly saluted and Nicole melted.

“I’ll be the best bait you’ve ever had,” Waverly promised.

But that was before she saw… this outfit.

This outfit that stops her heart and makes her mouth dry and makes her wish more than anything else in the world that they were back in her bed, or right on top of the pool table, or in this dingy bar bathroom… anywhere, really, but on an undercover mission where she has to pretend not to even know her.

“Dolls,” Waverly wires in, moving her lips as little as possible. “I’ve got a bit of a problem in here.”

“What is it, babygirl? Need me to come in and – “

“Wynonna, she was calling me, would you let me – “

“She’s my sister, Dolls, I – “

“Um, guys? If I were in actual danger, it’d probably be too late to save me now.”

“Right. What’s the problem, Waverly?”

“No one briefed me on… um… Nicole’s… outfit. How am I supposed to pretend to flirt with some lesbian demon when Nicole looks like… that?”

She hears Dolls groaning and Wynonna snickering.

“Keep it in your pants, Waves, and you can take hers off all you want when you get home safe and sound, okay?”

“Wynonna!” Waverly hisses, pretending to cough into her drink gently so no one would notice her lips moving. “Not helping.”

“Deal with it, Earp. Keep the comm line open for emergencies only, understood?” Dolls tells her.

“Have you seen Nicole in this outfit? It is an emergency,” Waverly mutters, but Dolls has already cut the comm.

She rolls her eyes, sips her drink, and tries to figure out the best way to be subtle about turning around to just… watch Nicole.

Because if she can’t have her right here and now, at least she can look.


But it turns out that what she sees is her girlfriend surrounded by women.

Very attractive women.

Her face falls.

She doesn’t know how Nicole sees her – if Nicole remembers she exists – because her attention seems so focused on entertaining the women around her. But she does see Nicole take out her phone, and a few moments later, her own buzzes.

She picks it up irritably.

I only have eyes for you, baby. This is only the mission. I can’t wait to take you home tonight. 

Waverly nearly melts off her bar stool, and she watches Nicole let herself catch her eye. She winks, soft, subtle. Perfect.

She gulps and she sits a little taller.

She’s the one who gets to take Nicole home tonight. 

The one Nicole wants to take home tonight.

She licks her lips and tries to wipe the goofy grin off her face.

She can hardly wait.

You Walk Out During A Fight{Part 2}~ BTS Scenario

{Part 1}

I had to split this into two part due to me going all out and stuff, hella fluff some light fluffy smut, so this is the {Vocal Line} for the rest click here {Rap Line}


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It was two in the morning when you finally walked bacl into your apartment. It wasn’t deadly silent, it was quiet though. Your shoes kicked to the side and you jacket dropping to the ground. To tried to hang it up, as you walk deeper into the apartment the light in the kitchen was on, making you sigh. Walking in you expected the mess still be there, but it was clean. Spotless even, hearing shuffling down the hall making you freeze when the noise came closer keeping your back to the kitchen entryway. It stopped, and a heavy huff of air was let out, suddenly you felt trapped.

Arms wrapped tightly around you, making your breathing stop. His nose nestled into your shoulder as his grip tightening around you making your hand grip his arm. The small gesture made his eyes water as he take s breath.

“It’s so late.” He whimpers, the noise made your heart break, turning around in his arms he lifts you onto the counter. His eyes look at you, his lips parted with his hand resting on your thighs.

“I know.” You mumble bringing your hand up to his face, your thumb running across his bottom lip. He lets out a shutter as he leans into the palm of your hand. His eyes closed as you finger catches the tears that fall.

“I was so scared.” The words made your chest tighten as he moved between you legs, your hands move to his shoulders, rubbing them as you nod.

“I know.”

“I sorry I was so….so frustrated and I didn-”

“I know .” You mumble bring his face closee to your, you nose brush as he take a deep breath. His eyes open, the glass like eyes stare at you as he leans forward.

“I love you.”

“I know.” You mumble, your lips pushing against his. His hands move up your thighs, moving the cloth short you were in up. His lips push against yours, the simple movments made both of you moan as your hand move to his hair. The pulling of his hair made him groan as you detached his lips from yours, the loss of the feeling of your lips made him wine. The nose alone made your core tingle, but the sound he made when your lips latched onto his neck made you grow animalistic. The way you nipped and sucked at the skin, colors of red and pinks splattered across his neck.

“Y/n.” The way he moans your name was like a cry for help, his hand gripping your sides. “Please.” He whines when you finally pull away from his skin, a hiss like sound made him shiver. Looking at his skin, a small smile lifted on your lips at the sight. His eyes closed, lips parted and head lightly bow’d. His chest moving up and down, as pants leave his body.

“Look at you baby, all my marks.” You mumble, you finger running over the red and pinks that are covering his neck. He flinched slightly when one close to being open touch your fingertip.

“Ow….Y/n…the boys are going to tease me.” He wines burying his head back into your neck.

“Jin, you’re lucky I came back I almost went to bed at my office.”


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You were laying in bed listening to randon songs, when a sudden weight is on you making you jump. There blonde hair was a mattes mess and limbs sprawled out leading to laughter passing you lips. His chin rest in your chest as he poutes. “I told you so.”

“I’ll bite you ” he mumbles smriking at you as his lip touch your collarbone.

“Kinky.” You muble win hid teeth nipped at your skin, the feeling made you jump. As he moves up your body, his hips brushing against yours making you moan.

“You want kinky? You should be punished after walking out during our fi-ow!“he wines when you pinched his arm, he looks at you as he jerks his hips into yours. "Not so fun is it?” His voice was a growl as he lets his lips connect with yours. The feeling made your hands move up and cup the sides of his face. He lets a smile slips past him when you rolled you hips with his. Soon he rolla off of you, bring your body ontop of his. Lips still attached as his hand place themselves onto your hips. Your hands move from his face to his shoulders, the squeeze you gave him made him yelp in pain. Pulling away you frown, you hands massaging the tender muscle. He lets out a moan, his eyes closing as his head falls onto your chest. His mouth parteds as his body relaxes

“I told you so, didn’t I?” You tease him making his hands tighten onto your hips. The feeling of his hands made you smrik aa you pull back, your body roll off of his, back facing him as you close your eyes.

“Y/n!” He wines making you giggle as his arms wrap around you. “Baby.” He mumbles into your neck making you laugh even more.


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“Yes, I know Jin-Oppa….yes I know….I’m on my way home….yes…..he pissed me off I needed to blow steam..” You were talking into your cell phone as you walk down the hall. Jin had called you talking about the slight panic Taehyung had when you didn’t come home all night. You had slept over at one of the people you had been paired with for the project. She had insisted it, so you were walking home in one of his shrits you had left in your car and a pair of her sweats. “I’m here now Jin..I know…I tell you about it later. Bye Oppa.” You hang up as you unlock your door, walking in you were greeted by the sight of Tae sitting on the ground. Hus eyes looking at a framed photo. “Tae?” You voice did nothing as he cruled into himself, the picture falling onto the ground.

Walking to him, you bend down and sit next to him. His knees pressed to his chest his head bow’d down making you frown. Your hand reached over snd touched his shoulder. His body tensed even more as a sob leaves his lips, pulling him into you he falls into your side. His body still cruled into itself. “I’m sorry.” He mumbled making you sugh as you kiss the top of his head, “I just wanted you to pay attention to me, we’ve both been so busy and I j-”

“Shhh, it’s all good Tae.” You mumble moving his head up, his eyes were red and puffy. His cheeks looked raw and his lips were dry. You lean down, you lips touching his making him moan. His hand moving up to touch the sides of your face, the simple movment made you guggle as you pull away.

“I’m a really a brat?” He questions making you rise a eyebrow.

“Yes, but so am I.”


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“Y/n, open up!” He yells through your door, you roll your eyes as you turn your music up. The pounding only got louder lesvibg to you being worried he’ll get in trouble. Rushing the door you open it and glare, he was wearing a sweatshrit you two offten share, and his hair was a mess. His eyes had bags as he looked at you.“Thank god, I’m so sorr-”

“Shut up.” You snap grabbing him by the nape of his neck. His hands grab your hips as you pull him into the apartment. Pushing him back against the closed door he lets out a moan, as your hand runs down his body, stopping on top of his growing bulge. The movment made him pull back from your lip and begin to pant as you tighten your hold on him. His eyes squeeze shut as you lips trail up his neck. “Am I childish now?” You grumble making him moan as you nip at his ear. The noise alone made you shiver but when you pulled back the look he had made you growl.

“Y/n.” He wines the way he looked at you as you backed away you body completely leaving his. “Please.”

“Bad boys get punished.”