i need help someone should give me advice

i don’t know if i should transfer to arcane flight or not nngngnnnnnn

like i love nature flight but i feel like my clan would be better suited to…. well, my stories that i try to place behind all of them is that they have such passion and love for trees and nature and studying it and trying to spread it in the best way for the surrounding ecosystems, you know? None of them actively dislike plague flight, either. 

they’re almost more botanists than they are gardeners and tree-spreaders….

I think the thing I miss the most about being in a serious relationship is having someone to make important life decisions with; because that sort of sums up a “partner”; someone who helps guide you through life and vice versa.

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i hope you don't mind but i read your faq and you said you're okay with giving out advice and i really need it ;; SO there's this girl i like in school and i'm too shy to approach her and my friend said she'll introduce me and i feel as if i'll be a bother ??? or i'll get cold feet and stuf,,, can you help? should i get introduced or? omg i sound like a lovesick puppy bYE ((thank you so much btw)

yooOO bab yeah i love giving advice ; O ; and, try to be casual about it ! i know its someone you have a crush on and that makes it super, super hard, but don’t stress yourself out over it ! what would you say to anyone else when talking to them for the first time ? or if you guys are in the same classes, ask for a study buddy ! i feel like if a friend introduces you, she could either take it fine and you guys start talking, or it can immediately blow your cover because it’s actually pretty common for people who have crushes to ask their friends to approach the other first ~ ~ ~ 

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Your cosplay is great! Any tips for beginners? :3

( Aww why thank you! This is probably the first time someone has asked me for tips since I don’t consider myself a pro but I’m flattered! I guess the only piece of advice I can give is that…just have fun with it because that’s the most important part! I believe that cosplaying is all about having fun and you should cosplay whatever makes you happy and just own it! I’m sure you’ll look fantastic anyways~ <3 If you need help looking for certain things but you have a limited budget (like myself because hey I’m a college student) then I’d suggest checking out thrift stores or places that are affordable. You’d be surprised at what you can find there. Heck, half of my America cosplay was from the thrift store including my bomber jacket! If you know how to sew then that’s even better. As for wigs, I usually get mine from ebay and/or this great wig shop in my city and check to see if you have shops like that in your area. Wow that’s a lot…I hope this was helpful to you and if you have any questions then feel free to ask! ^^ )

Rant tumblr??

I want to make a website/rant where people just post anything. Rant about what happened today, ask for advice, or just someone that needs a friend. Problem is I don’t know where to begin. If anyone can give me any helpful tips and tell me if I should make a tumblr or website. If it’s a website, please tell me what website I should use. Thanks

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Match-up please! I'm 5 feet tall, short hair, brown eyes, and a Virgo. I don't trust people easily, am shy, and am a huge shut in. I'm injured and haven't done anything active in a long time, but I study film tech and love movies, and books. I laugh way too easily, and am very patient. My (very small amount) of friends say that I should be a therapist because I give good advice. (Thank you and I'm sorry if this one is kind of hard >.>)

Kagami needs a you in his life ok anyone who disagrees can fight me about it

Bakagami definitely could really use some good advice

Seriously, though. You help keep Kagami as down-to-Earth as possible, and take care of him - he really needs someone that contributes to keeping his shit together. You are a patient person, and after all, it’s worth it - ever since the day Kagami entered your life, there has not been a single second of boredom. Even on a regular day, when he doesn’t do anything too stupid, you get a good dose of laughing/cursing at him. He also does tons of little things for you, to thank you: cooking you a surprise dinner, taking you too see the premiere of that new movie you wanted to see so bad, etc. It’s a give-and-take, balanced, kind of relationship.

I need help!! My confidence is so fucking low!! Ive met this great guy who is super keen on me and i am super keen on him, but whenever we start getting intimate i freeze and do nothing. I dont know what to do. Its obvious what he wants me to do. I just cant bring myself to do it, even though i want to. Im too scared that i would be doing it wrong and he’ll reject me and ergh. I feel horrible and selfish coz he is amazing and sweet and he really likes me. And i really like him. I just, what do i do? Can someone please give some advice on how i should approach this? What do i need to do to help myself get over this fear!? Sorry if its too much info. Can msg me on anon, i wont post it. I just need help.

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Oookay. . Soo here is my story, hope you pay some attention ;-;. Im 15 male not openly gay. Only like 3 friends of mine know about it, taking it easy ofc but still im feeling yet so lonely. For me high school really sucks. . I will countinue no space

….just wanted to ask how do i come out to someone close, lile my mom or smth, but im scared she will tell dad. My dad is homophobic and an total alcoholic ass, thra why im so worried if there is a way or should i wait. Please i need help. ;_;

Aw gorgeous boy this is horrible. It’s so horrible that parents can be this way.
Are you sure you can’t trust your mum? :(
I’m not sure what advice to give you, I’m very much the type to stick to myself so I probably wouldn’t feel pressured to tell my parents and then just one day announce I have a girlfriend.
If you’re worried about getting a negative response then maybe don’t tell them? I’m not sure if this is horrible advice but if they’re going to react and be cruel to you because of it then you should not feel obligated to tell them.

If anyone has experience in this please add your thoughts.

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