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mens-frights-activist replied to your post “Do you have any headcanons for trans Anders?”

Anders is so gender fluid, I really feel that. I always loved the idea of him getting to the circle and loving the robes, and the skirts hah

I love love love genderfluid Anders headcanons so much!! Back in the Anderfels I’m sure he’d have to wear very light, layered clothing because of the arid environment, so I like to believe he just grew up wearing robes and dresses and no one batted an eyelash. 

Imagine (escaped) Anders being caught because he took too long staring at the beautiful outfits in some new town or city because he didn’t have enough money to actually buy them… Then imagine him in Kirkwall, surprised and amazed by the clothes Hawke buys him with his new-found fortune. I’m sure he’d spoil him on occasion with whatever outfit he thought would look nice on Anders. Robes, dresses, corsets, boots, stockings, you name it!! Hawke would call him handsome and beautiful, no matter what uwu

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Please help me educate my severely misinformed friend. I’m going to show this to her tomorrow morning (2/24/14), so please be quick and spread this as much as you possibly can.

Also, please like if (and only if) you are cisgendered. It would be doubly helpful to show her that there are other “normal” (quoting her) people who agree with me. Thank you!