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You are my moon, you are my sun.
I find the good in everyone.
You are the trees in bloom, you are the flower among weeds.
Please…don’t ever leave.

You were the lights in the rain, you were the source of my pain when you left me there confused, alone and thrown away. You said you didn’t really know why, but you knew you had to go. And you left me there on my own.

I made it through the mess you made on that day you walked away. I found the one I can love everyday, and he found I. Lord knows I could never stray, because I’m not like you.

I don’t walk away.

—  rebecca lee // through the storm

All you know is staying home, alone with your own thoughts and fears, hopes and dreams, sometimes tears that rush out of your eyes, screaming and begging for life.

It’s hard to fight battles on your own, but as history has shown, you can lose battles and win wars. Feels like drowning but you’ll soon find shore; don’t worry, darling, you’ll suffocate no more.

Just look for the light even on closed eyes, and you’ll find hope, desire and serenity. You’ll no longer be your own worst enemy.

—  thoughts behind closed doors || r.lee
Spend some time if you want it to be good.

Good morning.

I don’t really know if it was a thing centuries ago (maybe it was), but I assume it’s a 21 century’s something. And here it is: people hate waiting. They want to see a final result immediately, as they started doing something. They hate to do one thing for a long time; they want everything to be quick and effective.

2 weeks diet that will take away unwanted fat forever! Quick way of learning how to draw like a Renaissance artist! Fast way of gaining 1000 subs on your Instagram!!! We need everything to be quick, we don’t have time to wait and enjoy the process, because we hate the process and all we need is something we get in the end!! Yey, profit!!

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t work like that. I’m sorry, but good things take good time. Any masterpiece, anything settled in your history forever wasn’t done by a 5-minutes tips video from YouTube, it wasn’t done fast and furious. Moreover, amazing things can’t become amazing if the process wasn’t. They’re all connected. Seriously, it’s just my personal opinion, but I do not believe that your body can look gorgeous if you only spent 2 weeks starving yourself, hating every moment.

I remember when I read Zoella’s first book (I haven’t read others, but it’s not the point), and I was like “why is this so shit”? And then I saw an article about this book being written by a ghost writer, and, again, I thought “STILL why this book is so shit??”. And then I read that this book was written in few months, a really limited amount of time, so it made a lot of sense to me. Because! you cannot do! something properly! without paying enough effort!, and effort = time.

Listen, I’m not trying to say that it’s impossible to become successful at anything without spending a decade on it. All I want is to people stop expecting good things in a short amount of time. Also, there’s this great thing about trying your best and spending as much time as possible, that if you did it but didn’t succeed, you can say “Well, at least I tried. And I know I couldn’t do better, so, I guess, it’s just not meant to be successful”. This is a kind of excuse that make you feel better, not those crappy ones, like blaming someone who gave you advice or blaming yourself for not suiting this thing.

Looking forward for spending as much time as I possibly can,

K (170425)

Goals of 2017’May

✩Read goddam 3 books (yes, including the one I’m reading right now).

✩Make 3 videos.

✩Follow the schedule!!

✩Post 3 posts with my story “Sandwich Girl”.

✩Learn how to play piano, study Korean, learn how to solve Rubik’s cube.

✩Jogging every 2 days, yo.

✩Buy a new cell-phone (I don’t care that I’m broke, I NEED it).

✩Reach 1000 followers on Tumblr (I Have 333 now and only 3 weeks left, so yes, of course it’s a very easy and reachable goal, easy peasy)

✩Finish the look of my room (as I’ve been living in it for almost a year and it still looks like a dorm room that I’ve just moved in).

Extra! Reach 150 followers on Instagram. Though I don’t really care about my Instagram and I’ll quit using it soon, I’m craving attention and it’s the only thing that keeps me alive.  (Follow my insta - it’s kintherye, as my blog)

Follow your dreams, whatever that means. How can I follow something that is so far away, like chasing a flickering of white light in the rain? Something so out of reach and yet so close. These dreams, they haunt me like the breath of a ghost.
—  rebecca lee // the haunting

[ENG SUB] SNL Korea “3 minute” skit - AOMG cut 

LOCO is the cutest pooh rapper there ever was. I am happy he has hair now.