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anonymous asked:

Why don't you believe keith could be the lgbt rep?

He could be, but we’ve gotten absolutely nothing on who his romantic interest is going to be (from interviews, which is what I base all my evidence on). The only time Keith’s romantic pursuits were brought up was in an interview with Steven Yeun, two days after season 2 dropped:

When the rest of the team finds out he’s part Galran, it kind of sours his relationship with Allura for a bit, but they are able to work through it. Talk me through that.

“I like playing this mystery of where the romance is. I don’t know where it is. It could be between anybody. That’s the natural evolution of this relationship. Even as a friendship, it has fits and turns and ups and downs. I think this is the beginning of a wonderful, wonderful storyline.”

That’s it. That’s all we’ve gotten on who Keith could fall in love with: some weird, cryptic answer that reads more like a riddle than a tease as to what’s coming. Lance, on the other hand, not only has already been confirmed to have a romantic interest, but has gotten a multitude of details on the characteristics of said romantic interest - namely, that they will be what he needs, not what he wants, and they will get him to a place opposite of where he started. These characteristics, when partnered with the fact that all the romance in this show is a slow burn, cancel out any and all female characters he’s interacted with thus far (Lauren Montgomery referred to the love interest with female pronouns, but that doesn’t mean anything; if she used gender neutral pronouns, that would instantly tell us who it would be). Keith, however, has not had any of his possible romantic interests (which only really include Lance and Allura) eliminated, because we don’t know anything about his romantic interests.

If you go through the characters one by one to see who they’ve interacted with, as a means to decipher who the rep will be, it becomes fairly obvious.

Hunk - clearly has an endgame with Shay. Pidge - younger than all of the characters, has not interacted with any girl her own age. Allura - has had strong interaction with Shay, but Shay’s endgame is with Hunk. Shiro - for a long time, I thought he would be with Matt, but since they only interacted once in the season despite being on the ship together (plus the fact that some people interpret Matt to be a teen), this doesn’t appear to be the case; too old for the other paladins. Coran - COULD have been in love with Alfor (remains to be seen). Keith - STRONG interaction with Lance, but also strong interaction with Allura, and nothing has been said in interviews to eliminate her. Lance - STRONG interaction with Keith, strong interaction with Allura, BUT the fact that his love interest will be what he needs, not what he wants, and he wants Allura, means it will not be her.

In addition, we have the official art Lauren Montgomery drew, in which Lance is holding the LGBT sign with Shiro’s hand on his shoulder.

So, what we’re looking at is a very possible love triangle, with Keith as the center. I’ve already brought this up before, but to reiterate: this would be an interesting subversion of the love triangle from past incarnations of the show, which had Allura in the center. Since all the old fans and the media are probably expecting the heteronormative love triangle, this would add a plot twist and “change things up”, which they always say they love to do.

I don’t know, obviously, if that’s going to happen; Keith and Lance could just simply end up together, without throwing Allura into the mix. But the reason I don’t include Keith with the LGBT rep options is because nothing has been said to remove Allura from his possible romantic options, while something HAS been said to remove her (and Nyma, AND Plaxum) from Lance’s. Unless the creative team has lied about the romance being slow burn, and intend to introduce a female love interest for Lance in the latter half of the show, it is illogical to say he will canonically fall for anyone but Keith.

You are my moon, you are my sun.
I find the good in everyone.
You are the trees in bloom, you are the flower among weeds.
Please…don’t ever leave.

You were the lights in the rain, you were the source of my pain when you left me there confused, alone and thrown away. You said you didn’t really know why, but you knew you had to go. And you left me there on my own.

I made it through the mess you made on that day you walked away. I found the one I can love everyday, and he found I. Lord knows I could never stray, because I’m not like you.

I don’t walk away.

—  rebecca lee // through the storm

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All you know is staying home, alone with your own thoughts and fears, hopes and dreams, sometimes tears that rush out of your eyes, screaming and begging for life.

It’s hard to fight battles on your own, but as history has shown, you can lose battles and win wars. Feels like drowning but you’ll soon find shore; don’t worry, darling, you’ll suffocate no more.

Just look for the light even on closed eyes, and you’ll find hope, desire and serenity. You’ll no longer be your own worst enemy.

—  thoughts behind closed doors || r.lee


queeniegoldsteinie  asked:

(public or private) mollyhall I have this MASSIVE gay crush on a (also gay) girl and I think she likes me too but I don't know how to make a move?? what now?? Should I wait it out, tell her, ask her on a date, keep subtly flirting, ???????

i knowwwwww, i know i know, it’s so hard to make moves when our tender lil baby bird hearts are on the line. emotional vulnerability is sooooo bad and feelings are so embarrassing. my go-to strategy for dating is almost always, “say nothing and wait for them to kiss me,” but honestly, that’s because i’m a big chickenbaby. so i will give you the advice i give everybody who is not my own self: TELL HER!!! ASK HER ON A DATE!!!

listen, the very worst case scenario is she’s like, “oh, sorry, no thank you,” and then you can be like, “oh. :(” and she can be like, “yeah :(,” and then you can go home and yell at me on the internet and treat yourself to some nice food. at least then you’ll know! it’s always better to know. because the BEST case scenario is she’s like, “YES THANK GOD I CAN’T WAIT TO SHOWER YOUR FACE IN KISSES,” and how great would that be???? 

the risk is high but the reward is higher, my friend. be brave!!!! i know you can. i am rooting for you from the sidelines with a big foam finger that says #1 ADMITTER OF FEELINGS.


[ENG SUB] SNL Korea “3 minute” skit - AOMG cut 

LOCO is the cutest pooh rapper there ever was. I am happy he has hair now.