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Every 7 years I feel a sudden urge to watch a lot of Star Trek and since my dormant Star Trek-feelings have awakened this year, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to follow more Star Trek tumblrs. 

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Home - Part 3 - Bruce Banner X Daughter!Reader

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Summary: After Tony drives you home in hopes to build up a friendship, you get to show your skills as Bucky becomes in need of some help.

Warnings: None.

Words: 3 193+

A/N: Ahh so here’s another part!! Thank you everyone that’s been saying so much nice things about this series and wanted more. It means a lot!

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She walked out of her classroom, holding her geography book tightly in her hand as she was continuously bumped into in the busy hallway. She managed to get to her locker and exchange the geography book for her biochemistry one.

“Hey!” Peter startled her by appearing out of nowhere. She gasped, letting out a sigh as she could have sworn her heart had stopped beating for a second.

She looked to her left and at him. “What are you doing here? I thought you said your English was canceled?” She looked up at the large clock above the entrance, counting it to be almost two and a half hours that Peter would have stayed in school without a reason.

“It was, but I had to do some, eh… Homework - Yes - Homework, which I did in the library.” He was a terrible liar.

“You’re lying.” She stated. “You lick your lips every time after you lie I’ve learned from the dozens of times you’ve told Professor Carmichael that you have a sore throat whenever he asks you to read poems before the class.”

“I don’t do that.” He claimed, his tongue darting out, causing her to chuckle as she began to close her locker and head for the doors out.

“Whatever you say, Peter. Whatever you say-” She silenced herself as she came out and saw a bright orange sports car parked at the bottom of the stairs leading up to their school. Tony was leaning against it, casually ignoring the large crowd of students that had gathered around him to gawk and take pictures.

Both Peter and Y/N looked at each other in panic just when Tony looked up from his phone and noticed the duo.

“There you are!” He called out, the entire crowd turning to look up the stairs to where Y/N and Peter stood like two deer’s caught in the headlights of a car, which wasn’t far from the truth.

Y/N made the first move and slowly began to head down the stairs. Peter followed her carefully, trying to ignore everyone staring. The crowd cleared a small path as Y/N approached, wondering what she had to do with the richest man in New York who just so happened to be Iron Man as well.

“Parker. Aunt May called, she wants you home, pronto.” Tony pointed to Peter before pointing down the street. Peter wasted no time but hurried out of the circle of students to head home. He would have wanted to stay behind, considering how he had waited two and a half hours just so he and Y/N could go home together, but he didn’t want to defy Tony.

“Chop chop, Banner.” Tony clapped his hands together, walking around the car to the driver seat. “In the car we go.”

She felt her cheeks burn red as the car door automatically opened for her and Tony repeated for her to get in. Students still took pictures, some she even recognized from her own classes, which didn’t exactly make her feel any better.

She climbed inside the passenger seat, watching the door descend and close after her. Tony roared with the engine and the crowd moved aside, making way as Tony began to drive.

“How was your day? How are you?” Tony had a quirk to his tone like he knew exactly what he had just done, which she didn’t doubt was true.

“Ehm…” She stared blankly at the road ahead, recalling swinging down New York with Peter, not to mention the situation she was in at that moment. “Interesting.”

“I’ve noticed… You and Parker went on a little adventure this morning. At least that’s what the news channels are claiming.” Tony said nonchalantly and her eyes snapped to him.

“They are?”

Every single one.” He assured, taking a left and leaving the school block. She wanted to ask if he was mad about what had happened, but she was too afraid the answer would be yes.

She cleared her throat. “You said Aunt May wanted Peter home?” She questioned and Tony instantly knew what she was after.

“His parents died a long time ago and he moved in with his aunt and uncle after that. His uncle, Ben, he passed away a few years ago however. Now it’s just Aunt May and him.” Tony explained and Y/N could feel her heart drop. Peter always seemed so happy. She had no idea he had gone through such a rough childhood. She wished she would have known, but what would have changed? Most likely nothing. “She doesn’t know about his whole Spiderling business though, so don’t show up at his place asking for another ride to school, or whatever.”

She wouldn’t. Preferably, she would wait quite a while before she would follow Peter for another “ride”.

“How are you?” Tony asked, his voice a little more tense. It was awkward for him to talk to her, but only because he wasn’t sure how to act or what to say. He hadn’t even known she existed for twenty four hours. He liked her already. She was smart, brilliant actually, and that she was Bruce’s daughter raised in a family that did not support her talents made him feel oddly protective. He couldn’t explain it. His mind had drifted and thought about how it could be because he had no kids of his own, and Y/N and Peter were the only kids around, but he hated to think about it. He felt too vulnerable when he did.

“You already asked me?” She raised a brow, looking over at him as his subtle smirk was gone, looking almost troubled instead.

“You know, I’m just making sure you’re cool. Moving in with earth’s mightiest heroes can be a drastic change.” He slowed down at a red light before stopping.

Making sure I’m cool.” She quoted him, letting out a short breath as she smiled. “Yeah, I’m cool.”

“What? Am I not in on the teen lango?” He questioned and she laughed louder.

“No, no, you’re definitely up to date.” She said sarcastically, looking out he window to her side as they were slowly progressing from Queens to Brooklyn.

Tony became silent, feeling like he should give her some room to breathe. She had a lot to think about, even he could understand that. She was good at adjusting, for her own sake if anything. She was already starting to feel at place with the Avengers and to have Peter as a friend, to sleep almost a hundred floors above the ground and have her own workshop with state of the arc tech.

“Wait…” She suddenly began to think. “Why are you picking me up from school?”

Tony realized he hadn’t explained why he had showed up unannounced after her class was over. “Well, I tried to text you and say I was on my way, but you never replied. I thought you should get a more safe ride home compared to this morning…”

She furrowed her brows and scrambled for her phone in her pocket. As she pressed the home button, she had had a text from an unknown number, which she definitely knew was Tony’s upon reading it.

“I’m sorry. The speakers are broken so I can’t hear when I get any notifications-” Tony suddenly held a phone out in front of her, flawless and something that definitely didn’t exist on the market for anyone to buy. “What?”

“It’s your new phone.” He said and sighed as she didn’t take the phone, dropping it in her lap instead. She quickly snatched it in fear that it would fall. “You have the teams numbers already, access to Friday, a gps system of my own design, screen projection, unlimited data, double lensed camera, a dashing 250 gigabyte of storage and access to the online storage unit that everyone in the Tower has… Need I say more?”

“No you definitely don’t cause I can’t take this.” She refused, holding the phone carefully, afraid she was going to as much as scratch it.

Tony let out an even louder sigh. “When are you going to cut this out? This constant denial of my gifts? In the time we’ve argued about you getting this phone, I’ve earned enough money to make at least ten more.”

She opened her mouth to speak but shut it as she couldn’t think of what to say. It was such an unusual thing for her to received gifts. She had a hard time simply accepting them.

“I don’t know what to say.” She admitted, looking down at her new phone in her left hand and her old one in her right. The difference, both in technology and condition, was almost embarrassing.

“A simple thank you usually does the trick.”

“Thank you.” She blurted out. “Heaven knows I could use 250 gigabytes of storage… But, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s Friday? Except a day of the week?”

“Friday?” Tony called out like she was speaking to someone. “Could you explain to Ms. Banner here what you are?”

Of course, sir.” A female voice came through over the radio, Y/N eyes widening as she stared down at the speakers. “Hello Y/N Banner. My name is Friday. I am an Artificial Intelligence program designed and created by Mr. Stark. I can aid you with a large variety of things, such as delivering messages to members of the Avengers, search for information on the internet and in any unique files that reach your level of classification. Do not hesitate to ask for my help. If your request is beyond my capability, I will do my best to solve your issue with other means.”

Y/N’s lips were parted, eyes still glued to the speakers even after Friday had stoped talking.

“She’s my second AI. The first one was called Jarvis, but he turned into the Vision, so now I have Friday around.”

What?!” Y/N exclaimed, turning in her seat towards Tony as every single thing he said, did or showed made absolutely zero sense or was far beyond what her mind was able to process. “I feel dizzy.”

“You’ve never seen an AI before?” He questioned after her intense reaction.

“Not in person, but I’ve never heard them turning into… Into…” She couldn’t find the right word.

“Humanoid cape dude with a stone in his forehead?” Tony suggested.

She sunk down in her seat, defeated. “Yeah… Exactly.”

“Well, you’ll get used to it, Banner. In the world of superheroes, things are never what you think they are… You though Peter was a normal guy in your school. Turns out he’s Spider Man.”

She had realized by that point, and that was one thing she had yet to adjust to. Her life was going to be a lot more strange with the Avengers than it had been in her little house in Murray Hills with her mom. Strange wasn’t at all a bad thing though. She would take strange over dull and repetitive any day. She had always felt like she was a lively soul trapped in a apathetic life. If she had the option to break out her true self and live an exciting life, she would. If that meant casually discussing how an Artificial Intelligence program managed to turn into what practically is a living thing, so be it.

“Home sweet home.” Tony said after another fifteen minutes in the car, the Stark Tower appearing before them. “I think your dad said he wanted to see you when we got home.”

She had planned on seeing him anyway. “Do you know where he is?”

Tony looked up at her before glancing down to the radio, nudging his head towards it. “Why don’t you ask Friday?” He wanted her to get familiar with how Friday worked, and the best way to learn is to do.

Y/N cleared her throat, looking down at the radio. “Friday? Where is my dad? I mean- Dr. Banner?”

You father is currently in his laboratory, Ms. Banner. Should I tell him that you’re arriving shortly?” Friday proposed, which wasn’t a half bad idea.

“Yeah, do that… Thanks.”

My pleasure, Miss.”

“See?” Tony raised his brows. “She doesn’t bite.”

“Ha ha.” Y/N laughed sarcastically, watching the garage gate open up as they approached. They drove inside, driving to the second floor of the indoors parking lot where she hadn’t been yet. As they reached it, her lips parted again as she took in the sight of a dozens sports cars, all bearing a license plate with Tony’s last name and a number. She wondered if he numbers stood for its place in Tony’s collection, but she didn’t want to ask as she saw some of the high numbers.

“What are your plans for the weekend?” Tony asked as they got out of the car together, heading for the elevator further away. “Because you do know it’s the weekend, right? You haven’t studied away your sense of time?”

“Just because I confessed to liking school doesn’t mean I live and breathe it.” She rolled her eyes, stepping inside the sleek lift. “I’m planning on getting my workshop in order, maybe do a quick drive to Murray Hills and get some of the stuff I didn’t manage to get with me.”

“If you need a ride, please call me and not Parker? Allow your old man to rest easy knowing you’re not dangling a hundred feet up in the air by a thread, literally, a thread.”

She let out a small laugh. “Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.”

They came to the floor of her dad’s laboratory as well as her workshop and one of Tony’s, if you ignored the fact that they were all practically his. She began to make her way to her dad but Tony stayed in the elevator.

“I’ll catch you at dinner. I have some work to do.” He promised, the doors barely staying open long enough for him to speak. She didn’t linger in the hall however but continued until she came to her dad’s lab.

“Knock knock.” She said whilst tapping twice on the door. Bruce stood by a screen, looking over at what seemed to blue prints of some kind.

“Hey!” His tired expression turned into a wide smile, quickly stepping away from the screen and taking a few steps closer to her. “How was school?”

“Good! How was your day?” She looked around his lab. “Any new, innovative projects going on?”

“Unfortunately, no. I’ve been working with the Quinjet engine today actually. It’s in need of some upgrading and I took on the task of doing it.” He pointed back to the screen. “I may be a nuclear physicist but I know my way around a jet engine or two.”

“What is the Quinjet really?” She wondered, looking at the blueprints he pointed at which showed the aircraft’s engine alone. Bruce then turned the screen around to face them and moved the current blueprint away to show a new one which showed a whole depiction of the Quinjet.

“Woah…” She gasped when the doors suddenly opened behind her, which it seemed to do an awful a lot. She couldn’t help but silently wonder if people didn’t know how to knock.

Bucky came in, a bit startled by the fact that Bruce wasn’t alone. “I- I’m sorry if I’m interrupting, but Tony is busy and my arm is bugging from the damn improvement he did… Improvement, my ass.” He murmured.

Y/N couldn’t help but stare at the bionic arm, which happened to be hanging limply at the moment, but was incredible nonetheless.

“I’m not sure how the mechanism is built up, James. I’m sorry.” Bruce admitted, dragging his right hand up and down his neck. “I barely even know where to start.”

Y/N looked between her dad and Bucky. She thought back to the ride home with Tony, when she had been told not to decline Tony’s gifts all the time. It had also made her realize that she shouldn’t be afraid to be a bit bolder. She wasn’t going to start cliff jumping or go on a spontaneous trip around the world, but she was tired of being so restrained by her own insecurity. She wasn’t living with her mom anymore and she need to realize that. She was allowed to be herself.

“Would you mind if I took a quick peak?” She asked hesitantly. Bucky looked from Bruce to her, raising a brow. Even Bruce was a bit surprised. If she offered her help, it was because she was confident with in the field she was needed. He just didn’t think she was so skilled that she thought she could handle Bucky’s metal arm.

“You’re into technology and science… Stuff?” He questioned. He hadn’t been able to get an impression of her in the short time that she had been around nor had he gotten to know her. That she was gifted with knowledge and skill like her father shouldn’t have been a surprise to him, yet it was.

Quite.” She put it vaguely.

Bucky thought for a minute before shrugging his shoulders, which only ended up being one shoulder due to the bug that had shut his limb off. “Why not.” He gave in and pulled a chair up to a metal workbench in the middle of the room.

Y/N watched as Bucky used his flesh hand to lift his entire bionic arm onto the table, the limb landing with a loud clink. She gathered some tools, Bruce helping her, and took another chair and put it on the opposite side of the workbench.

She grabbed a screwdriver and flipped his arm around so that the palm was up, struggling slightly with the weight. She undid the screws and removed the panel which they had been keeping in place. She was so efficient that Bucky was a bit taken back. If he had been in her shoes, he would barely understand where to open his arm up. She had been able to get that within a few seconds.

“Can I get a screen?” She looked over at her dad and motioned for one of the holographic screens further off. He brought it to her and she used a wireless reading clip to clamp down on the circuit card exposed in Bucky’s forearm.

“Friday, bring up the programming.” She dared to ask, still not used to the feeling of talking to essentially no one. Without answer, the screen changed from blueprints to computer coding. She looked over it, scrolling down a bit before she abruptly snapped her fingers. “Ah, here we go. Easy.”

She tempered with the long and confusing code, adding a small fraction of it that had been missing. As soon as the new numbers had been put in, the metal plates across Bucky’s arm buzzed and moved as they regained their power. Bucky tried to move his fingers which worked perfectly.

“That was fast.” He said and looked down at Y/N who had already begun to put the loose panel back in place. He was surprised, even though she was Bruce’s daughter, she was incredibly talented. She was smarter than he originally had thought and was deeply impressed.

“I went to a programming seminar two years ago by accident and ended up liking it a lot more than I thought.” She confessed with a smile.

Bucky huffed, barely believing that he was looking at a high school student. “I can tell.”


Political Animals-Part 5

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running  for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisors call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post

FYI: The words in bold are texts

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I should have known when Cas asked me to meet him for lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant that he was trying to bribe me.  He HATED Thai food.

“So next Friday is a fundraiser to benefit the Met.  It’s black tie.  Mom wants us all to go.  She says everyone who is anyone will be there, including a few wealthy patrons she is hoping will donate to her campaign.  Will you go?”  He looked worried.

I sighed.  “Why does she always send you to do her dirty work, Cas? It’s really not fair to you to be put in the middle of this mess with us.”

He grinned at me. “Mom’s a smart woman.  She knows you won’t say no to your big brother.  So are you in?  You can even bring a date if you want.”

I thought of Sam who I’d secretly seeing behind everyone’s back. “Fine, I’ll go.”

“Mom said she would buy you a dress.  Will you be bringing someone?”  Cas asked uncomfortably.

I rolled my eyes at him. “I can buy my own damn dress, Cas! You’re not fooling me for a second.  That is just Mom’s way of trying to control what I wear.  And I’l be coming alone. I wouldn’t subject anyone to this train wreck.”

“Don’t be so dramatic, Y/N.” Cas said with a smirk.

“I can’t wait until this damn election is over!” I told him with an exhausted groan.

He raised an eyebrow at me.  “But what if Mom wins?”

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so, wednesday i hit 600 followers, which just blows my mind. i cannot believe 600 people like my blog enough to put up with my shitposting,but i thought (since the last time i did this, my followers were cut in half), that i should post a little appreciation. the following list is in alphabetical order so none of y’all can get salty ;)

my main squeezes

@bittenchildremus​: you were probably the second or third remus i actually talked to on this blog, and i really love your portrayal! we’ve become really friendly ooc and you’re always so kind and warm to me! i love all of your characters over on @fireofmanyhearts​ and i appreciate your constant patience with me <3

@chasingxprongs​: oh, becky, becky, becky. where do i begin with you? you swept me up into a ship that i hadn’t even known existed before we met. when i look at my list of blogs i’m following, you’re the third blog on there, so i started following you way back in the beginning. i remember when it was u and daisy and your other friend playing the marauders and i was like… super highkey on the outside, wanting an in. and then somehow we created this mess? like… god your james is just so brilliant? he meshes so well with my sirius and i could write a book with you. i’d wait a lifetime for one of your replies. i love you so much!

@extremelyxshabby​: we only recently became mutuals and here you are, on this list! well, i want to tell you that i caught a glimpse of your writing and followed you right away. i read your rules and was like ‘well, shit, she is not gonna like me’. but somehow we’re like??? dying over wolfstar? you have such a fantastic hold on remus as a character, he’s so intricate and well-thought out. and, like you said, i summoned you from ship hell somehow… and i’m soooo glad we started talking because you’ve definitely made my time in the last week super duper enjoyable! i think you’re a great writer and super fun to talk to ooc, too, and i love to live in mutual destruction <3

@junkyardrejects​: daisy, i cannot believe we reconnected in a completely different fandom a year after we met. i love everything that you do and i admire your capabilities and how you juggle things. i aspire to be as focused and driven as you are, and to have as good a hold on my many muses as you do. i wish we talked more, but i love you all the same!

@puddlcs​/ @princelydoe​ / @piousboy​: joey, i was so intimidated by you at first because i thought you thought i was annoying. i come to find out later that you were one of my best friends, waiting to happen. your oc is fucking flawless and your portrayal of snape and credence are my favorites. you made me ship things i never thought i would, and i love everything we write together. on top of that, you’re a fucking phenomenal friend and you have, without fail, been there for me since we became friends. we just clicked and i’m so glad i have you. i love you very much!

@the-defected-one​: ok so i can’t remember exactly who was writing with you, but it was someone i trusted on my dash, and i started following you immediately bc i was in need of some reg/siri feels. and BOY-OH-BOY did you fucking deliver? i cannot believe how fleshed out your regulus is as a character? i cannot believe your words. you blow me away with each and every reply. you know those people you meet and you just click with? as with joey above, that happened with me and you, and i’m so fucking grateful we found one another bc my life would be so much more lackluster without you, g. you’re my soulfriend and i adore you.

@xmusiisms​: is this best for last? oh, wait, i’m not allowed to say that. -shifty eyes- jessica, my sweet love who found me randomly through a request in the colin ford tag three fucking years ago. it goes without saying that you will always be on one of these shitty posts. i love you so muhc. you’ve stuck with me through sooo much and you always have my back and are always there to talk to me about whatever. i fucking love all your characters, your ocs are flawless, and oh my god the Blacks! as long as i rp, and you do too, i will be here to write with you.

my lil babes

@herethereismagic​ (so glad we reconnected! your characters are all fab!) || @narcissamilfoy​ (jolie my lil angel and favorite narcissa!!) || @ofuntidyhair​ (you’d have been up higher babe but we kinda lost contact. i love you and miss you!) || @wandmakesthewizard​ (one of my fav ocs and a constant delight!)

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i’m happy tom hardy is getting attention but i could do without the whole puppy-loving-flawless-angel persona that’s being created around him

because the day it gets out he said or did Something Bad i’ll have to watch my dash be flooded with reasons why i can’t love my favorite actor anymore just because y’all are incapable of appreciating someone without elevating them to god status and then needing to take it all back and demonize them instead when they turn out to be another one of those nasty flawed humans like the rest of us

@gweonteam, You are someone who’s blog I have been admiring for quite some time! I used to be very heavy into the Merlin fandom so coming back to tumblr and finding a blog like yours, was an absolute treat! I greatly admire your dedication, and the amazing work you put into honoring such a fantastic duo from Merlin! Gwaine and Leon need all the love and I’m so happy to have found your blog so that I can have such flawless content on my dash! When I saw a post you made, I could no longer resist the temptation to send you a message! I had been feeling nervous and anxious, but after your first response, I was immediately put at ease! You are such a friendly, kind, and awesome person to talk to! I LOVE chatting about our ships, whether it be Nagron or another, and having that conversation and the ones to follow never fails to put a big grin on my face!  You are so sweet, and so encouraging that it makes me regret not messaging you sooner! But hey, better late than never ;) I’m SO HAPPY to be able to interact with you and hope to get to know you better because you are pretty freaking amazing!

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help me celebrate 2.5k!! 

CHRIST ON A CRACKER!!   well, i have been on roger* for just over two months, now,  &  considering i reached a milestone, it seems as good a time as any to show my appreciation!  ◕ω◕

@brownliquors  ( oh, you!!  i can never have enough of you. i’ll hit u up on skype soon as i’ve had a couple of martinis  )   ||   @hollaway / @ofraid  (  my enabler™ my precious my dp. you already know this but you mean a lot lot lot to me. forever in my heart, byn  )  +  @euphorira / @carnivorings  ( eLL sweet child u are incredible and i love you. always.  )   ||   @pragmatiism / @zhestokiiy / @fosteriing  (  cAL you are absolutely amazing on all your accounts, this lame graphic is dedicated to you bc it’s that scene, remember??  )   ||   @hermanogecko + @culebraed  ( you guys are a combo deal. providers of all the gecko needs. i love armie & becca so much! forever heart eyes @ u both omf  )   ||   @dangerknocking aka my friend in miami  ( aka actual mr white!!! seriously nicole how are u so amazing at everything i cannot deal w/ you rip my soul  )   ||   @kinginnuendo / @detectivelinds / @womanwithguns  (  aRI ari u are such a ray of sunshine & forever in my heart. ilysm. so much. also falling skies.  )   ||   @nobodiesgovernor / @sollitary  (  morgan aka the side A to my side B omf. bless your heart & your portrayal of rick. forever fav lbr  )   ||   @yorksmith / @idleprayer / @betterdemon  ( caMI omf you are such a bae  &  so talented. i need to catch up on bs so we can cry about our children  )   ||   @unatlas / @nevershoots / @forethinking / ∞  (  lmao i can never keep up w/ all your accounts but you are v v imp freddie  )   ||   @bxthory / @sasspreme  (  fck me up!! rebecca your accounts are so flawLESS & your muses a+++ sign me up  )   ||   @ofarchaeology  (  kYLIE you sweetheart bringer of joy & feels, stay awesome my love  )   ||   @profanemouth / @soldatzimy  (  bucku i’ll always need you on my dash  )    ||   @queenxcersei  (  caitlin you are amazing & talented & i have loved you since i made oberyn, rip )   ||   @magnetance   ||   @jedimessiah   ||   @drippingredledgers   ||   @thedestrcyer   ||   @iinvulnerable   ||   @adeloes   ||   @desertborne   ||   @killianns   ||   @battlewrought   ||   @rubere   ||   @myshkas   ||   @slytherrus   ||   @heroforhollywood / @italianstalllion   ||   @roaringrevenge   ||   @zabrakmaul   ||   @oftwileks   ||   @ahbutimavillain   ||   @aranearum   ||   @veilled   ||   @ironarmored   ||   @pastlegend   ||   @piiratescave   ||   @purrsuasion / @capedsteel   ||   @arcvnum   ||   @burzxm   ||   @devilout   ||   @ccwboy   ||   @xstrange   ||   @grishildr   ||   @prfssor / @osaelligr   ||   @combatsituation   ||   @hamndgirig   ||   @dealmade   ||   @midnightriider   ||   @mutinousness   ||   @viewtokill   ||   @lantcrn   ||   @abamentia   ||   @harvalle / @wcrmsoul   ||   @vitess   ||   @nerffighter   ||   @oliverqxeen   ||   @bandiitry   ||   @calisvol   ||   @hcwtovogue   ||   @moonbound   ||   @devouringpulse   ||   @barctta   ||   @monsterfucked   ||   @withgall   ||   @stealstime   ||   @mervoyage   ||   @shadcwman   ||   @ofbounty   ||   @lightpaved  / @saidrun  ||   @toshootfirst   ||   @battlcborn   ||   @inkedgrill   ||   @vernalpetals   ||   @peacemaiden   ||   @antagxnized   ||  @unpious   ||   @livingtestament   ||   @onyxsuited   ||   @weathervaned   ||   @evilreine   ||   @medicband   ||   @praesaga   ||   @rvnin   ||   @pexarl   ||   @moranument   ||   @borgiastained   ||   @kniivesandlint   ||   @furiisms   ||   @tornapcrt   ||   @crxella   ||   @promisestoned   ||   @exagent   ||   @kencosgrcve + @petcampbell + @ginsbcrg + @somanypeople   (  yOU GUYS we need to write all the things wth  )

tl;dr:   i   l o v e   y o u   g u y s.   ◕ヮ◕


Movember is done and I wanted to congratulate Dorian on growing back his flawless mustache.

*also really hopes that Bioware won’t forget about Dorianmancers (and Bullmancers for that matter) in the future - there is quite many of us*

Heyyyaaa been waiting to make one of these, and here it is. i definitely took such long time to get this thing done and it’s not really in a right alphabetical order heehee. First of all thank you all so much and i love you. i love you. I never expect to reach this number and i’ve never thought i’ll find really nice and absolutely amazing people. Tho i never talked to you guys (i hope we could) you sincerely my friend, and thank you for brighten my dash everyday!! And i really wish we can be friends.

Here’s list of people that i think really cool if its bold = flawless blog, fucking awesome, we need to be friends. Doesn;t mean the rest are not okay?!?

alaskayoung / babyiknowplaces badsblood bae-tay bestapologies / breakburnandends chasingfortunes / colldasyou / colorsinautumn / daerjohn / dancinroundthekitchen / dressuplikehipsters / drunkswifts / enchantedswift13 / eightysnines / fakersgonnafakes / feariess fetusswift / flfteen / fear13less / fortuneandfames / futurewasmegoodgirlwhoshopefulgotbadbloods / gotyourdemons (hi indonesian fella) / holygrounds hheystephen / iconfessbabe / itsathugstory / innocehnt / iknitsweatersyo / jumpthenfalls / juniorjewels / kingdomlightsshine / kissesoncheekss / keepcruising / lightsglisten / longlivethegirlinthedress / loft89experience / likeapromises / maximoft mipsyanddibbles / mygoodgirlfaith / newromantisoutofthewoods / onehandfeel ofastarlightoldfavoritesong / outoftewoods / piecesintoplaces / picturetoburnsshakeitoffs / sawalightinyousadbeautifultragic / swifternet / sixtiequeentalldrinkoftaylor / treachreous / taylortreasures theblameisonme / themomentiknews / tayllorswifts / thatwhitedress (yo another indonesian fella) / taylorsweeft / upinlights / voguetaylor / weheartswifties / wentmad / wilclestdreams / youbelongwithmes / youareinloves / youareinllove / youreclean / +blogroll

and my spirit animal, pegacorn: taylorswift

once more, thank you for everyone who follows me and stick around even when i talk shitty things and often rant, if you’re american happy 4th of july to you all if you are not like i am have a great day! ♥ ♥


I felt we needed more Fireman Makoto idk what my life is anymore

So, it’s almost Christmas and I decided to post my follow forever.
I followed many beautiful blogs this year that deserve to be on this list. I just want to thank you for making my evenings less boring and my dash an awesome place. It’s a pleasure to follow you guys, you are amazing. I love everyone of you and I wish you happy holidays and merry christmas!

A-D: abbeyramona, abbeylavignes, avrilmyrockstar, avrillavigine, avrilthelullaby, avrillavigneh, artcolorings, admireavril, avrilgif, avrillx, avslavigne, avril-flawless, bleedingouts, cutieliciouslavigne, dearlavigne, drug-lavigne, dailyavrilavigne.

E-L: ilovelavigne, lavignefyeah, lavigne-momsen, lenka-designs, little-blee, lavigneh, littlevipstar, lavigni, lavignas.

M-P: myhappyavril, need-lavigne, outrageousavril, preciouslavigne.

Q-Z: sippinonsunshines, worldof-avril, whatheavril, withavril, yelling-kiss-my-ass.

And a special thank you to my “biggest fans”!

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avril-account, alltoofuckinwell, addictedtoavie, msdiiana.

Hello everyone! This is my follow forever! Thank you for making my dash beautiful, angels.  I Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with all the good things that you deserve! 

And I want to say thanks to all my followers, You are all wonderful! Happy Holidays!

Here are my favorite blogs

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