i need extra credit

tbh professor namjoon is all i need in my life

like i’m doing extra credit, visiting him during office hours, asking for extra help, showing up to class early, raising my hand for every question, giving him a 5 star rating and a fucking chili pepper

The One With The Radio Show

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader

Summary: After joining the school radio show for extra credit, Isaac falls for you and uses the morning announcements as an opportunity to let you know… with the whole school as an audience.

A/N: i’m so sad we aren’t going to see as much of stiles in the new season of teen wolf! aren’t you guys?

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“Extra credit, Mr Lahey-” Coach Finstock’s voice booms across the locker room, “-Is the only way you’ll be able to stay on the team. You’re poor academic achievements means I can’t keep you on the team otherwise and it’d be a real pity if I had to let you go.” Coach Finstock glares at him as though he has no other option but to get extra credit. Isaac feared dropping off the team to get better grades would mean getting his eyes gouged out.

“Well, what can I do for extra credit?” Isaac grumbles, shutting his locker.

“I am glad you asked,” Coach says enthusiastically, “Let me introduce you to someone,” he says, signalling for Isaac to follow him into his office.

At the sound of the door opening you stand up, waiting irritably for the Coach to address you.

“I’ve been here for an hour,” you say not so politely.

“Yes, well you can blame Mr. Lahey’s long showers for that,” Coach shrugs, “Y/N, this is Isaac. Isaac this is y/n.”

You nod to acknowledge him, staring at the coach with furrowed brows, “What exactly am I doing here?”

“Well, Isaac here needs extra credit and I’ve come to an agreement with the vice principal. I’ve been notified that there’s a vacancy on the school radio station?”

“We don’t just take anyone,” you say quickly, eyeing Isaac. You were aware of his reputation, mainly because of the many times you’d had to interrupt the morning portion of the show to tell him to go to the principal’s office over the intercom. He’d seemingly changed since integrating himself into Scott McCall’s group but you weren’t going to take any chances.

“Well, that’s not up to you because the vice principal has already OK’d it,” Coach says with a smile, pushing Isaac in your direction, “Go show him where the room is and sort him out. If he does something wrong you can come complain to me,” he reassures you.

“Like you’d do anything about it,” you grumble, walking out. You could hear Isaac’s heavy footsteps following behind you and despite walking faster, he caught up walking at exactly the same pace.

“Damn long legs,” you huff, turning to face him, “This is our room. There are currently four people on the team, you make five. There’s Taylor, Gabriella, Tyler and I.”

You unlock the room and wait for him to walk in before following, “We set up at 7am. As you know we do the notices while everyone is homeroom. We also do music over lunch and a show afterschool on Thursdays.”

“Why would you do a show after school?”

You sigh without answering, “If you just show up for the 7am at least 2 days a week, I’ll tell the Coach you’re doing fine. You don’t have to show up for lunch or the after show.”

“I can show up for all of it,” he shrugs. You swallow hard and smile, “Yes, but you don’t need to. You have no experience with this stuff and we actually take this show seriously. Lunch is music and Thursday’s show is important; we talk about important stuff.”

“I know about important stuff,” he grins, “And I have a great taste in music.”

You could tell he was just trying to psyche you out and you roll your eyes, not taking the bait. There was no way someone like Isaac would want to spend all his time doing a radio show.

“Right… look, 7am, okay?”

He nods, trailing his fingers over the soundboard.

“Don’t touch that,” you huff, slapping his hand away. He smiles as though amused and sits back in a chair, reclining, “So what do you do here?”

“A little bit of everything. Morning announcements-“

“So that’s you I always hear calling my name out,” he smirks.

“It’s not voluntary, trust me,” you scoff, “I also do music on some breaks and usually the Thursday show.”

“What exactly is on the Thursday show?” he asks.

“Guess you’ll have to listen in sometime,” you say. You nudge him, “Alright, let’s get out of here. You’ll remember this room, yes?”

“Yes,” he rolls his eyes, “See you tomorrow at 7.”

“Sure.” You watch him walk down the hallway, 90% sure he wouldn’t even arrive at school until 10am.

Over 2 weeks, you and Isaac had kind of fallen into a pattern. A pattern which entailed light flirting every morning and the two of you volunteering to take the lunch shift.

Most people on the team had picked up and given up arguing over shifts. They’d rather let the two of you have it then have to deal with third wheeling, seeing that even if only one you got the shift, the other would show up too.

“Lunch today?” Isaac asks, nudging you slightly as he walks in.

“I can’t,” you sigh guiltily, “I have something to do.”

He smirks, eyeing you curiously as he listens to your heart race, “What?”

“Just like a tryout,” you shrug, fiddling with the coffee machine. He catches your hand, “For what?”

“Cheerleading, okay?!”

Isaac snorts, “You’re trying out for cheerleading?!”

“Shut up,” you slap his arm playfully, “I have to get more extra-curricular’s!”

“Oh, so this is an extra credit kind of thing,” he teases.

“Oh please, don’t try put us on the same level. I’m way better than you.” You poke your tongue out and he rolls his eyes, “I cannot imagine you as a cheerleader.”

“Why not?” you ask, suddenly self-conscious.

“Because you’re you – you’re nerdy and dorky and literally live in this radio room!”

You could feel heat rising in your cheeks, “That’s not true!”

“It so is – if I hadn’t been forced into this extra credit thing I probably never would have met you - I mean, it’s not like you go to parties or anything.”

You could hear your heart hammering in your ears. You weren’t sure if you were hurt or angry that he thought these things about you.

“Right,” you huff, “No way a loser like me could have ever been associated with you unless you were forced into it.”

Isaac’s smile drops, “That’s not what I meant.”

“Whatever,” you grumble, “Anyways, if I make the team we have our first practice tomorrow morning so I’ll need you to cover the morning notices for me but if that’s too much for you to commit to, don’t worry -  my loser ass probably won’t make it anyway.”

You turn on your heels, rushing out of the room.

Sure it had only been two weeks but you were sure there was something between the two of you. But was that all he had thought of you? The geeky girl helping him with his extra credit, not worth anything to him in any other place or time?

Sure, you had had your own opinions of him before you actually got to know him but once you had, you hadn’t stuck to them.

But maybe he was just a cocky, arrogant asshole. Maybe you were right about him from the beginning.

Taking gymnastics for most of your childhood had paid off at cheerleading tryouts but left you so sore you could barely move. Having cheerleading practice the following morning didn’t help either.

You head to the field in uniform – kind of excited about having a whole new side to you, away from the station which had  basically been your life for the past two years.

You wander whether Isaac was actually taking the morning notices but then shrug it off – even if he wasn’t, he’d have to face the consequences with the coach and vice principal – it wasn’t your problem. He wasn’t your problem.

“Alright girls,” Kayla calls out, clapping her hands together loudly, “Welcome to squad newbies and welcome back returning members! This years-“

Before she can continue, the loud, screeching sound of feedback from the intercom speakers echo across the field.

“Here are your morning announcements,” you hear Isaac’s voice boom. You feel a wave of relief wash over you knowing that he actually took your shift.

“Students must be reminded that the tutoring centre is filling up and anyone who wants a tutor must sign up by the weeks end,” he sighs and sucks in a deep breath, “Freshman, please pulls your noses out of the maps and look for your classes with your eyes – it’s not that hard.”

That definitely wasn’t in the script.

“Let’s see,” he continues, “Uhhh – here we go: Isaac Lahey, please report to the principal’s office,” he chuckles over the intercom, “I guess that’s my cue to leave but before I do…

You could practically hear the self-satisfied smirk in his voice.

“I made the mistake of insulting one of the most beautiful, intelligent and talented girls I know this morning.”

Your eyes widen.

“Now, let me be clear – this girl is Y/N Y/L/N”

The cheerleading team turns towards you – some giggling, others annoyed the notices were interrupting practice time.

“Excuse me,” you mumble in embarrassment, running across the field back into the main building.

“She is gorgeous, I mean, she’s hot but she’s also funny and kind. She does this twitchy thing with her nose when she’s annoyed.” You could hear him going on as you ran through the halls – a few people staring and others laughing. You were too embarrassed to even stop and tell them to shove it.

“But, the point is, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to insult you like that, I mean, if it isn’t obvious enough, I’m crazy about you. I skip lunch to hang out with you and I got here at 7am to set up the station – if that isn’t commitment, I don’t know what is,” he continues, “I hope you’re enjoying cheerleading practice if you’re listening.”

You could see the radio stations room’s door at the other end of the hall and speed up, dodging people as you pass the lockers.

“I’m sure you’ll do great… and I’m sure you look great. God, imagine you in a cheerleading uniform. Your ass in-“

“ISAAC!” you yell, throwing the door open.

He smirks at the sight of you, his pen in-between his teeth. He pulls it out and wiggles it between his forefinger and thumb, “Am I doing a good job?”

“You are so dead!”

You knew your cheeks were bright red and that you probably looked like a pissed off toddler, but no one could see you here. If you had to tackle him to the floor to teach him a lesson, you would.

“What?” he laughs, standing up and pulling the chair between the two of you, dodging you each time you lunged for him.

“What do you mean ‘what’?! This is the school radio show not the 0800 pervert line!

He chuckles, jumping across the room while you rush after him, “I was paying you a compliment! Telling you how beautiful I think you are!”

“Isaac!” you grunt, his shirt inches away from your grasp, “You were trying to embarrass me!”

“You’re cute when you’re embarrassed!” he laughs, jumping over a table.

“I hate you!”

You were laughing now too, out of breath. He turns around and walks over to you as you double over and when you stand up, he’s inches away from you.

“No. You like me,” he says, “A lot.”

If your heartbeat and chemo signals hadn’t given you away, the look on your face would have.

“So? You like me! You just told them entire school!”

“Yes, I did,” he says proudly. He puts an arm around your waist, leaning in slowly. You close the distance between the two of you, standing on your tiptoes and winding your arms around his neck.

“Ahem,” the vice principal clears her throat in the doorway, “I think it’s time you ended the morning announcements, don’t you?”

You stare at the microphone in shock, realizing it had been on the entire time the two of you were chasing each other around and sucking face. Isaac, on the other hand, wasn’t so bothered.

“And that’s how it’s done, ladies and gentleman,” he says into the mic before cutting the feed.

Unscripted - Part 1 (Kai)

Here it is. My baby. The big project I’ve been heavily working on since this request was made. Still haven’t decided on how many parts there will be so we’ll see.  Happy reading!~

(Some things in life don’t always go as planned.)

You’re the last to turn in the project.

A part of you shrivels under professor Choi’s questioning gaze when she sees the coffee ring stain on the rubric. It had been late. You’d been frantic. There was so much to do in so little time. Thankfully, the brochure stapled underneath is clean and untouched by the late night coffee drive, which should save you from point deductions in the neatness and organization category.

Even after three and a half cups of coffee, your eyes can barely open against the grogginess. The regret of boldly pulling an all-nighter finally sinks in as you take a seat and nearly topple over in your chair.

There’s a chorus of snickers from behind you.

Immature fashion marketing majors. Your favorite way of starting the day.

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“So… you wanted to talk about your grade, hmm?” Elise asked as she opened her laptop, taking a few moments to pull up the teacher’s log and examine the GUI once she found the other girl’s name. “Hmm… right, right…” A few more taps on the silver Mac gave her a frown. “That looks sort of rough.” She sat back, shifting in her chair and looking to the other. “What can I do for you?”

Back to Haunt You (Pt. 1)

Request for this scenario:

he is your new teacher… the teacher you actually had a one night stand, totally akward but steamy too hahaha. I will love to see his sassys remarks mixed with something naughty. smut or not, its up to you to decide!!

Group: BTS

Pairing: Suga (Yoongi) x Reader

Genre: Smut

“As you all know, we are here to celebrate the extraordinary opening of our haunted house tomorrow night-” your event coordinator, Jane, announced. She had a drink in one hand and a mic in the other. You took a sip from your own cup and sighed, rolling your eyes.

Your school had a rich history of throwing the best haunted houses. It was so extraordinary that it became the hotspot for Halloween in your state. The place would be so packed with students from surrounding colleges that 2 years ago, the school had a ‘mansion’ built specifically for this event. Of course they used it multiple times throughout the year but it was mainly used to scare the crap out of drunk college kids.

“-we’ve been working on THIS haunted house for months now so we all deserve to live it up before show time, right?” Jane said with her annoyingly bubbly personality. You asked the bartender for another drink and he nodded.

“You guys have been working on this for months?” a voice asked from your left. You turned your head to the voice.

“Uh, yeah. Well, we have, Jane has been twiddling her thumbs and taking in the credit” you said. The bartender sat your drink down and you threw out a quick ‘Thanks!’ before drinking a little.

“I heard that your college bought a building just for Halloween?” he asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, just goes to show how much money they cash in from this thing. That’s the only reason they care about it. They sentence students to work on it for free. Then everyone in the state- college kids, adults, even some kids- pay $30 to come” you said, drinking a little more. He smiled slightly, his eyebrow raising.

“I’m guessing that you were one of the students who was sentenced to work for free?” he asked.

“You would be right. Six months of my life was taken away by this project” you said with a sarcastic happiness. He laughed and turned in his bar stool a little to face you.

“What did you do? Is it some sort of punishment?” he asked.

“Well, for me, I needed to do it for extra credit. For almost everyone else in here, it was punishment. Oh, and there are a few crazies who just like it” you smiled, pointing behind you to Jane.

“I thought that you said she just takes the credit?”

“Exactly” you responded. He laughed and you looked him up and down, his smile drawing you in. His skin was pale. Very pale. He ordered a drink just as Jane finished up her pointless speech. Everyone who had been listening- everyone but you- clapped for her and you just went back to your empty cup.

“So… do teachers get in on this?” he asked.

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Tips for rising freshman

•all you REALLY need in high school are folders, binders, pens/pencils, and flashcards to study with. No need to make your backpack heavy with a bunch of useless school supplies

• be nice to EVERYONE, I can’t stress this enough. Even if all your friends don’t like someone, give them a chance first! Smile at people and talk to everyone, including the nerdy kid everyone bullies

• pls don’t procrastinate. I know you will but make it a habit early to finish things BEFORE they are due. Try working on something the day it is assigned so if you have questions you have time to ask. A tip is to set your own due date a few days before the real one so if you do procrastinate you aren’t working on it the night before the actual due date

• sleep Sleep SLEEP. Go home, do your homework, and go to bed atleast before 12 or you will regret your life, seriously.

• don’t be scared to make new friends or joining clubs, etc. Its a great way to come out of your shell and it keeps you busy. If you have social anxiety like me, I know it’s hard but I promise if you put yourself in situations like this over and over you get better at feeling comfortable with large groups of people.

• Socratic Circles are only as hard as you make them. Remember that everyone has to talk the same amount of times as you and are probably just as nervous as you are! Most likely your classmates are thinking more of about what they are going to say and less about what you are saying out loud. And if you prepare enough the night before you shouldn’t worry because you know what to say.

• enjoy freshman year :) it only gets harder and the drama gets more dramatic

• don’t give a shit about impressing people, high school is about finding yourself so don’t let other people get in the way of your happiness

• don’t send nudes, dont send nudes, dont SEND NUDES

•your high school bf/gf will probably mean nothing to you once your in college, remember that.

•getting bad grades a few times is NORMAL. everyone gets them so just try harder next time, there is nothing you can do to fix it now

• be friendly with your teachers. Youre going to need them for teacher recommendations and when you need extra credit

These are all the things I wish I knew or was told that helped me a lot freshman year. If you want to add anything feel free to comment!

Meeting Him

Y/n = Your name

Originally posted by teenwolfcharacters

Scott : 

     I was walking into my new school. Beacon Hill high school. Me being the horrible person I wasn’t looking on where I was going and had to bump into this really cute boy. 

“Watch where your going new girl”

“Really Jackson why do you have to be so insensitive? Here let me help you. I’m Danny.”

“Thanks. I’m Y/n. Can you help me find my class this school is a maze?”

“Sure what do you have?”

“Um chemistry”

“I have that to I could take you there if you want but just to warn you Mr.Harris is the worst” 

As Danny and I walk to chemistry we talked and talked and learned a lot about each other. He learned how I’m amazing at a cross bow and I learned that he’s gay, I told him that it was really cute that he was gay and that I totally support it.

We walk into Mr.Harris’s class and I sat down beside Danny because he was the only person I know so far. Beside us there was two cute boys. I hope that they aren’t jerks like that Jackson kid.

“Okay class before I began by saying that there is a new student. Please tell us your name and state something about you”

“Well my name is Y/n and I don’t really want to state something about me”

“Alright. Let’s start with class”

I went to go and sit down. Right as I sat down I got a note.

Hi I’m Scott and beside me is my best friend Stiles

Stiles :

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How did I get here? Right now I’m sitting here in the back of a cop car for beating up somebody. I’m sorry I was trying to stick up for myself. The guy almost raped me. So I cried for help than kicked him in the balls and punched than ran. I screamed and screamed. I saw these two guys. I was trying to call them. They both ran over to me.

“Stiles I think you should call your dad. She was calling for help.”

“Ya good idea”

That Stiles called his dad. 

“Hi I’m Scott what happened?”

That guy showed like he cared. 

“Some guy grabbed me and pulled me into this ally. I kicked him and ran I don’t know where he went”

“Stiles! Come watch her”

Scott started to ran really fast. Like REALLY FAST.

“Hey I’m Stiles. My dad’s a cop he’s almost here. Can you tell me whats your name?”

“It’s (Y/N) and thank you”

Now here I am. We reach the police station and Stiles dad helped me out. 

“Hey kid can you answer a few of my questions?”

He asked as we walked into the station.

After the questioning I was left into the room all by myself. Stiles dad came back in. 

“Hey. Someone is here for you can you come here to identify if you know him.”

I got up to leave the room but Stiles dad stopped me.

“If your leaving tell me so I can get the papers for you sign or if you need me I’ll be over here.”

I nod. I go out to see who’s here to see me that I need to identify. But I saw Stiles sitting on  a bench hing looking like he’s waiting for someone.

“Hey Stile I just wanted to say thank you  and your friend for saving me out there”

“Your welcome. here take Scott’s and my number. Just in case you need anything.”

Issac :    

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 Scott’s pov

“So Issac since my sister is in danger and you live with us your going to help me take turns with watch over.”

“I didn’t know you had a sister.”

“Yes well she doesn’t live with us. When my parents got separated we also got taken away from each other but we still talk. She apparently can’t stand him anymore so she got her own place. She knows about the werewolf stuff. Also I have a key to her place.”

He nodded. 

I unlocked the front door and took my shoes off. So did Issac. 

“ I’m going to go to her room and see if shes asleep”

I left Issac downstairs. I put my ear to her door to hear with my wolf hearing to hear any movement.

I went back downstairs to tell Issac. We walked up the stairs and I opened the door. I put a pillow and blanket on the chair she has and Issac out his blanket and pillow on the floor. 

“I’ll take the first shift. You sleep for twenty minutes than when the twenty minutes are up. I’ll wake you up and repeat.”

(Y/N) pov

I woke up to see two boys sleeping. Ones on my chair, the other on my floor. I know the one on the chair. That’s my brother Scott. The other I don’t know. He’s probably Issac the one that Scott keeps on talking about that’s living with them.

I start to stretch. As I stretch the two boys woke up in a flash. 

“Uhhh we uh” 

“Ya what he said”

Those boys are two dorks sometimes. 

“Um I’m just gonna go off a guess. Some werewolf is going to after me and your here to watch me and you two were going to take shifts but one of you fell asleep.” 

Magic right.

They both look shocked. As if I just figured out their whole night. 

“Well Issac here fell asleep so ya”

“No I didn’t” 

They both looked at each other to figure out who fell asleep.

“Ok” Issac said “I might have been the last one up”

Jackson : 

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(This one is short sorry) 

My sister Allison and I just came to this school. We both find every guy super but there’s this one guy that I think is super cute. 

Jackson Whittmore. But he’s dating Lydia Martin. And now he’s coming over here. 

“Hi I’m Jackson Whittmore. Coach told me to give you a tour around the school and to show plus take you to all your classes.” 

I just nodded hoping that anything that I saying I know will come out sounding nervous. 

“Where did you come from?”


“That’s far. How come you move?”

“My dad’s jobs. We travel a lot for his job”

Derek Hale : 

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I walked into my school. Beacon hill high school. I walked past the dicks of the school. They all play basketball.  But there is one cute guy

Derek Hale. 

And he’s coming this way. Oh god someone please kill me.

“Hey babe where you going.”

“First off don’t call me babe we aren’t together and I’m to the office because I need to talk to office lady.”

“Why baby in trouble”

“Ha! Right your funny. I need to talk to her because I need extra credit to pass math and I have to sign up where she is. Plus why am I telling you?”

“Because I have a way with words.”

Were both walking to the office and as we walk up to the office Derek starts to smirk.

“Why are you smirking like that”

“No reason”

I signed up for the easiest place to get good and easy credits.

“Ok miss (Y/L/N) you are going to have to help the coach with the basket ball team”

And I got my reason on why he’s smirking.

“Ok let’s go babe I have basketball practice now.” 

He says that with his arm around my shoulder.

Time skip to when their older and more mature.

“Derek!! You can’t just do that to that perfectly working DJ board!” 

Yes. Derek just found out that the kids were having a party at Derek’s loft but I think that it’s completely fine that they are.

We were kids once. We did bad things, and yes I know about the whole werewolf thing I’m one too. Peter bit me. 

Everyone knows and likes me, and they support our relationship. 

Boyd : 

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I walked with Stiles to find this kid named Boyd. Is that even his real because I’ve never met him and I just think Stiles is going crazy. Stiles need Boyd to give him the keys so Stiles, Lydia, Scott, and Allison can go on a double date. I didn’t think that Lydia agreed to go with Stiles.

I don’t even know why I’m even going with Stiles because I’m not going onto this date with them and if I was I would have been the third wheel of them. 

We reach into the cafeteria and I see this black guy sitting lonely at a table. Stiles goes over that lonely guy.


God damn Stiles can you be any more awkward.

This Boyd guy looks up to look and Stiles and sees me.

“Ok so I have the $20 dollars you told me to get you”

“No I told you $50″

“Really? Because I heard 20″

Than I spoke up

“Oh my god Stiles stop being a cheap”

“Fine $40″ 

Boyd just continued eating his lunch. 

“Here Boyd the full $50 can we have the keys now?” 

And he gave me the keys not Stiles. I think because I’m just prettier than Stiles.

“What?!?!? I paid for most of it and she gets the keys?”

“Yup because she didn’t give a fuss about it”

I gave Stiles the keys and he walked off pouting. I went to get up to follow him and rub it into his face that I got the keys and he didn’t but Boyd stopped me.

“Hey do you want to go it sometime?”

“Ya sure I would love that”

 Theo : 

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I walk into the weight room with my younger brother Liam and his best friend Mason. As we walk in with the boys talking aboout how Liam is on the lacross team and how Mason should get one of the boys on the team I saw this guy taking off his sweater and you can see all his glory.

This abs guy saw me string and winked at me. Did he jjust fucking winked at me. I just decided to play this cool and roll my eyes at him.

I go off to work out with the boys but I couldn’t help but to think whats this mystery boys name?

“Hey Liam. Whats that’s kids name?”

“Theo why?”

Mason deicded to speak up being the wonderful human being he is

“Dude she likes what she sees. She has a crush on him

“Really (Y/N) can’t you like someone who likes me. That kid hates my guts”

“I doubt that who can hate your guts.”

I go onto the floor and start doing push ups. 

“He babe I know you like what you see and I like what I see let’s hangout”

“Ha! Your funny just saying that makes me think that you a douche”


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Wow high school. Since I’m Lydia Martins little sister I have to g to Beacon hill high school. I am a freshmen and Everywhere I go there is another cute guy, Knowing Lydia she would tell me that I should go after them.

What she doesn’t know is that I have a boyfriend already. I never told her because she steals all of my boyfriends from me. She just had to be the pretty one out of us.

I walk into the library to find Lydia eye raping my Boyfriend Aiden. I heard Allison, her best friend, and her talking about them.

“Which one would you want?”

“The straight one of course”

So what Ethan’s gay I think that it’s a cute thing about him. I can rant to him without having an issue.

I walk up to the boys to see Ethsn eye raping A kid I think named Danny, and Aiden looking like he’s looking for someone. 

I walk up to them and Aiden’s face lights up.

“Hey I’ve been looking for you”

And he kisses me on the cheek.

I look over to where Lydia is and she looks shocked. 

That’s what she gets for trying to take my man.

That’s it this was my first preference please like, re-blog and message me on what I need to improve on or if you want to request. 


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OQ Smut Week: Day 5

Teacher and Student

Robin Locksley stood outside Mifflin Hall, working up the courage to go inside. Everyone told him he was foolish, that Professor Mills did not offer extra credit and that he should just accept the fact he was going to fail her law class. But Robin was not one to just give up. 

His shoes echoed in the empty hall as he approached her office. It was the only one with the door open and the lights on, meaning she was working late. With a deep breath, he knocked on the wall by the door frame. 

“I don’t have evening hours,” she said, not bothering to look up. 

“I know, Professor, but I was hoping you might make an exception this time.” 

Regina Mills glanced up, her brown eyes scanning over him before she frowned. “Mr. Locksley, what can I do for you?” 

“I was hoping to discuss my grade with you,” he replied, palms sweaty. 

She leaned back. “What’s there to discuss? You bombed the last quiz and your paper was only so-so. There’s not much else I can do.” 

“Maybe with some extra credit…” He took a few long strides closer but she held up her hand, halting him. 

Professor Mills shook her head. “I don’t give extra credit. Everyone on this campus knows that.” 

“Can’t you make an exception? Just this once?” He sat down across from her, letting his messenger bag land on the floor with a dull thud. 

“If I make an exception for you, I’ll have to make one for everyone. So, no, Mr. Locksley, I can’t.” 

He sighed. “Is there anything I can do?” 

She tilted her head, studying him as her red lips formed a smile. “I think there is. How far are you willing to go to improve your grades?”

“All the way,” he said.

“Good.” Professor Mills stood and crossed her office. She closed the door and locked it, turning to give him a look of unbridled lust. 

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I Hate You (Part 21)

Ryan Sitkowski x reader

Warnings: Language

“Do you think she wants me to match her dress or something?” Ryan asks nervously, watching as Devin thoroughly went through his closet, discarding most of his clothes onto the bed, wrinkling his nose at a few and actually tossing them towards the waste basket. “Cuz, like, I don’t even own a tie —.”

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Traumas & Determination [Baekhyun]

Summary: Baekhyun wants to take you on a date. But as a bad boy’s tutor, you decide testing his determination by refusing on going on the date unless he passes his test.

Genre: Romance, angst, sadness, fluff

Words: 2.7k

Originally posted by omgfishy

It was yesterday when Principle Byun had asked me to tutor his rebellious son Baekhyun. He was a very popular rich boy that was adored by every girl in the school for his god-like looks. The only downside of him was that he was undeniably stupid, and his grades ranked him last in the entire school.

I guess that Principle Byun decided to do something about him getting embarrassed over the fact that his son failed nearly half of his classes. I was glad that he finally realized it was a serious problem, until he called me into his office and bribed me with extra credit.

I knew for a fact that Byun Baekhyun was a very dangerous boy, and that I should stay away from him at all times. He hooked up with every walking thing with boobs. But those girls were only left heartbroken and devastated. I told myself to never talk to him or just be within a meters radius of him.

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Extra Credit

3. “But I really need this A!”

Characters : Professor!Stiles x Student!Reader

Requested by anon. 

I hope its okay that I made it into an AU? Enjoy! 

Originally posted by glamistic

You sat in your seat, waiting for everyone to leave so you can go down and talk to the professor. He had passed back the Last exam, and lets just say you weren’t too happy with your grade. 

As the last student slipped out of the auditorium, you made your way down to his desk. Anger and nerves washing over you. 

Clearing your throat, Your professor turned in his chair, and met your gaze. 

“Can I help you?” He yawned, leaning back in his seat. 

You felt your heart begin to beat rapidly and your palms sweat. As you nervously laid the exam on to his desk, you pointed at your grade. 

“I-I was wondering why you gave me a B.” You Exhaled, looking intently into his eyes. 

Stiles let out a soft chuckle, swinging his leg up and making himself more comfortable. “I thought it was good, just not great.” He muttered. “I know you can do better.” 

You felt your lip twitch as his words etched into you. Did he just compliment your work? 

“Is there a way I can-”

“Get a better grade? No.” He stated. “Sorry but once I give out a grade, its set. Besides, a B isnt that bad.” 

“But I really need this A!” You blurted. “I have never in my life had a grade other than an A.” 

He stared intently at you, raising his eye brows as he lingered on every word you spewed. 

“Please, I’ll do anything” You croaked.   

Without realizing, you were leaning towards him. Glancing at his lips and back to his eyes. You’ve never noticed the color of his eyes, never noticed how cute his button nose was and how plump his lips were. Wait, what was happening? Were you really feigning for your teacher? 

You placed your hand down on the desk, accidentally grazing against his hand. The sensation of his skin against yours, caused chills to run up and down your spine, making you forget how to breathe. 

His heart felt like it was about to jump out of his chest and his stomach was fluttering so much, it was beginning to make him feel dizzy. 

But just as you were both leaning in closer, the door swings open, causing you to jump back immediately. Stiles cleared his throat, sitting up in his chair. 

“Professor, I need help with this assignment.” The girl muttered, making her way down to where you both were. 

You swung your bag over your shoulder and started toward the opposite direction. Stiles noticed you were leaving, wishing the moment wasn’t interrupted. 

“Y/N.” He stammered, making you turn on your heels. “I’ll let you know about that extra credit you were talking about.” He stated, pursing his lips. 

You flashed a soft smile, and nodded. “Thank you.” you mouthed, and slipped out of the room without another word. 

me, annotating self-reliance: Emerson saying that consistency is detrimental to growth and independence seems like he’s making excuses for how fucking all over the place his ideology and this essay is, thank you for coming to my TED talk, also, I need this extra credit 

Sleeping W/ SD's

I’ve only had to sleep with one and that was when I was super young and inexperienced. I also made a ton of money off of him so at the end of the day..who really cares?

I haven’t had to in years.


Make never having sex your goal. Even if you want to. Unfortunately, your value decreases in a man’s eyes after he gets the V. Hold off on sex for as long as you can. This will leave him begging you and on his fucking knees. This will put you in the best position to negotiate for a higher allowance.

Stealthily raise the bar each time that you see him. You’re touching his arm, his back, his leg, you’re kissing his neck….but make sure to leave soon after! Never be in close quarters with a man, especially one you’re attracted to. This will make saying no almost in possible. So stay scarce, k!?

List of Excuses:


I’m on my period..

Oops! my roommate got locked out! Gotta jet.

Oh shit! I have to run! I just got called in and no one else can work this shift.

Woah! Surprise quiz? Gotta go study!

Extra credit assignment! I need to go do this Daddy! I want an A.

Make the excuse good enough. Get him a little hot and bothered before you leave. Always promise to make it up to him.


I know a lot of sisters are feeling anxiety wearing the hijab right now. I know how it feels like to be targeted just because of my hijab. I’ve never shared this story in public before but I hope sharing it now will help those who are feeling vulnerable in the current climate.
When the first Iraqi war happened, I was a 4th grader, ironically living also in the state of North Carolina. I grew up in North Carolina, and I remember as a kid loving hijab because all the loving teachers and moms at the Masjid Sunday school wore hijab. I wore hijab before its time at my public elementary school because I just loved the idea that Allah had given me a Muslim uniform. I was too young to understand modesty. For me it was about feeling proud to be Muslim. And also one more thing: my biggest fear in Sunday school stories about the Day of Judgment was about what would happen if my scales of good and bad deeds were EQUAL?! Lol, I figured I would need some “extra credit” like in school, to get me ahead. When the war started in Iraq, some family friends told my parents maybe it would be better if I didn’t wear hijab to my public school because I could be targeted. My parents left the choice to me, saying they would be ok with it either way. I wanted to keep it on. Hijab was my “extra credit” with God.
One morning when my younger brother and I were waiting for the school bus in front of our home, a car came screeching to a halt a few yards in front of us. A man came out, rushing towards us with his face red. He had orangish hair and looked flustered, huffing and puffing as he walked. He didn’t see my dad coming to stand with us as he was hidden by some trees while walking forward. My dad appeared in between this man and us. The man looked shocked and started backing away. My dad talked to him and the man said he was driving by and saw my headscarf and he just wanted to practice his Arabic because he had once visited ‘Arabia’. This, at 7:30am on a weekday morning. My dad offered to give him some pamphlets about Islam but when he bent down to open his briefcase, the man ran to his car and drove away. My dad had wanted to delay him long enough to get his license plate number. It wasn’t until a few days later hearing my parents recount the story with others, that I realized in that incident, my younger brother and I were almost kidnapped. Again, I was given the option to not wear my headscarf. I remember one thing I kept hearing my mom say, “May Allah protect them, who better than Allah to protect them.” I was young but I knew I didn’t want someone else to have any influence in what I do for Allah. It was my choice. It was my extra credit. If they don’t like it, it was their problem, and Allah would protect me just as He did that morning. I remember feeling afraid sometimes after that in public, but I would remember what my mother said, and it would make me feel better, protected, and I would know I was not alone. Allah was with me.
This was my first experience with hijab related hate. The same lesson held true through so many political upheavals afterwards where Muslims were targeted. It gives me great comfort that in Islam my moment of death cannot be affected by anything. It is written. It cannot be delayed, it cannot be advanced. Whenever that moment comes, I pray it is with hijab, a choice I made for God when I was in elementary school, one that millions of Muslim women make for Him everyday, one that Razan and Yusor made even when their neighbor made hateful and threatening comments to them.
This Prophetic narration aslo brings me great comfort. Just as life and death are in the control of Allah, so too are harm and benefit.
Abu al-‘Abbas ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas(ra) reports:
“One day I was riding (a horse/camel) behind the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, when he said, ‘Young man, I will teach you some words. Be mindful of God, and He will take care of you. Be mindful of Him, and you shall find Him at your side. If you ask, ask of God. If you need help, seek it from God. Know that if the whole world were to gather together in order to help you, they would not be able to help you except if God had written so. And if the whole world were to gather together in order to harm you, they would not harm you except if God had written so. The pens have been lifted, and the pages are dry.’ ” (Related by Tirmidhi)
If you’re afraid, it’s OK. If you feel anxiety, it’s OK. Whatever choice you make is yours to live with and between you and God, so you will receive no judgements from me Insha Allah. This message is just for support and to say I understand, I’ve been there. I feel it too. For sisters who want to keep it on, stay resilient. You have a right to feel defiant in the face of such reckless hate. Wear it with pride, use it as a means to exemplify the message of love, peace, generosity, and kindness in Islam. Let it be your flag of courage and honor. Allah is with you, He is the Most Excellent Protector, The Most Excellent Helper. For sisters who want to remove it, Allah is still with you. He is still your Protector and Helper. You don’t have to explain to anyone what choice you make.
—  Comforting words by sister Muslema Purmul.
Of Rose Petals and Calculus

Title: Of Rose Petals and Calculus
Day/Prompt: Day 1: Library
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: None. Except maybe if you really hate Calculus.
Summary: Bokuto unknowingly seduces Akaashi during a tutoring session. Who says math can’t be sexy?

Akaashi had requested a tutor for calculus, well to be exact his parents had. This was the last thing Akaashi wanted to do as this would decrease the amount of time he could practice for volleyball. But push came to shove when Akaashi received his score for his last exam. He really needed to raise his marks if he wanted to justify staying on the volleyball team to his parents. It’s not that he had received a failing grade but it was not a considered a passable mark by Akaashi Keiji’s parents.

               And so this was what brought Akaashi to the library on a Saturday evening. He looked down at his watch 5:40 pm. His tutor was late. Ten minutes late. He supposed things happened but this is precious time he could have spent practicing with his team, with Bokuto-san. He knew how he got when Bokuto wasn’t there to toss to him. The whole team had made a point to tell Akaashi that he could never skip out on practice. Konoha would mutter something on how Bokuto’s face when he hit his spikes weren’t the same as when he hit Akaashi’s. Akaashi had always wondered what Konoha meant by that.

Akaashi absentmindedly started tapping the end of his pencil on the table. He opened the book; he might as well start now.


Akaashi raised his head up at the familiar voice, “Bokuto-san? What are you doing here?”

There stood Bokuto sporting his usual grin, “Came here to tutor someone.”

“Tutor? Who?” Akaashi stared at Bokuto and the books he was holding. A school notebook. And a math book. A calculus book to be exact.

Bokuto shrugged, “Not sure to be honest. Someone requested a tutor for Calculus and I needed some extra credit for my math class so I volunteered. Well, Yukie did actually.”

“I was the one who requested a tutor… Bokuto-san, I never knew you were any good at math,” now Akaashi didn’t say this to insult Bokuto. He genuinely didn’t know. He also didn’t know how this bit of knowledge about Bokuto has escaped him.

“Akaashi-kun are you letting your grades slip? Why didn’t you tell me you needed help? Is it because I make you stay late to practice with me? What kind of Captain am I?!”  Ah, there’s the Bokuto-san I know.

Akaashi shook his head, “No, Bokuto-san. I’m not failing or anything like that. My parents just worry if my grades slip even a little. Don’t worry about me. Besides, I stay late because I want to not because you make me.”

Bokuto smile, relief washed over his face. Bokuto sat at the seat opposite of Akaashi and leaned forward in his chair. Then Bokuto grinned, “I’m kind of glad it’s you Akaashi-kun. I was really nervous about tutoring. It’s Surprising, huh? It always is to people. It surprised me too, honestly.”

“What is?”

“That I like math. That I’m good at math. It wasn’t till one day in class, where we did a problem where I found out we could find out the area of a rose petal. A rose petal, Akaashi-kun. Imagine that. Something so beautiful and fragile and it could be figured out with a simple integration problem.”

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