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Momma Hale x Derek

“Momma my kits not clean!” Isaac yelled as you tried to sift through the huge pile of paper work that you needed to send to Mr Whittemore that afternoon.

“Momma I have to have a packed lunch for my trip not money!” Erica yelled as she ran past while Liam growled and snapped at the twins.

“Derek!” You sighed franticly but your Alpha was too busy with Boyd.

“Make him stop!” one of the twins hissed while the other shoved Liam who stumbled back into the tv.

“Oh great, idiot!” Erica yelled at him while Isaac started fighting with the twins.

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Crush! You look like the kind of professor I'd bang for extra credit I don't even need because there's no way I wouldn't be paying attention in class.

First off, thank you, I think that’s effectively the aesthetic I have spent my life striving for.

That said…

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Failure to ask on anon does raise questions about your ability to follow directions in class. However, your being prepared for my inevitable “who the fuck is this?” moment does show an ability to plan ahead and a willingness to put in the extra work, so well done.

Extra Credit

3. “But I really need this A!”

Characters : Professor!Stiles x Student!Reader

Requested by anon. 

I hope its okay that I made it into an AU? Enjoy! 

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You sat in your seat, waiting for everyone to leave so you can go down and talk to the professor. He had passed back the Last exam, and lets just say you weren’t too happy with your grade. 

As the last student slipped out of the auditorium, you made your way down to his desk. Anger and nerves washing over you. 

Clearing your throat, Your professor turned in his chair, and met your gaze. 

“Can I help you?” He yawned, leaning back in his seat. 

You felt your heart begin to beat rapidly and your palms sweat. As you nervously laid the exam on to his desk, you pointed at your grade. 

“I-I was wondering why you gave me a B.” You Exhaled, looking intently into his eyes. 

Stiles let out a soft chuckle, swinging his leg up and making himself more comfortable. “I thought it was good, just not great.” He muttered. “I know you can do better.” 

You felt your lip twitch as his words etched into you. Did he just compliment your work? 

“Is there a way I can-”

“Get a better grade? No.” He stated. “Sorry but once I give out a grade, its set. Besides, a B isnt that bad.” 

“But I really need this A!” You blurted. “I have never in my life had a grade other than an A.” 

He stared intently at you, raising his eye brows as he lingered on every word you spewed. 

“Please, I’ll do anything” You croaked.   

Without realizing, you were leaning towards him. Glancing at his lips and back to his eyes. You’ve never noticed the color of his eyes, never noticed how cute his button nose was and how plump his lips were. Wait, what was happening? Were you really feigning for your teacher? 

You placed your hand down on the desk, accidentally grazing against his hand. The sensation of his skin against yours, caused chills to run up and down your spine, making you forget how to breathe. 

His heart felt like it was about to jump out of his chest and his stomach was fluttering so much, it was beginning to make him feel dizzy. 

But just as you were both leaning in closer, the door swings open, causing you to jump back immediately. Stiles cleared his throat, sitting up in his chair. 

“Professor, I need help with this assignment.” The girl muttered, making her way down to where you both were. 

You swung your bag over your shoulder and started toward the opposite direction. Stiles noticed you were leaving, wishing the moment wasn’t interrupted. 

“Y/N.” He stammered, making you turn on your heels. “I’ll let you know about that extra credit you were talking about.” He stated, pursing his lips. 

You flashed a soft smile, and nodded. “Thank you.” you mouthed, and slipped out of the room without another word. 

For extra credit in my English class, we had to draw something that would represent a quote of our choosing. I don’t need the extra credit but I couldn’t just drop the offer to get to draw something and get rewarded in return. So I thought why not use an amazing quote from Levi Ackerman! (I hope the blood won’t be a problem…) @hajime-isayama-official

ok heres some actual college advice for my younger followers

-do all yr homework. evn if u do it last minute just Do It a good homework grade can save you even if u dont do so hot on tests

-do All the extra credit even the stuff @ th beginning of th year when ur like “lmao i dont need this” buddy Yes You Do do th extra credit if yr lucky enough to get some

-make a friend in class & exchange numbers i know this might b hard if ur introverted but do it they can save yr ass if u decide to skip or whatev

-the book for yr class is prolly useless ngl ive never used the book to study. study from yr notes instead

-sign up for non-major classes that help u unwind like art or yoga or whatever cause tbh if it werent for my art classes i would fucking lose it

-all nighters dont actually help. go to sleep early the day before a test

-go to yr teachers office hours n stuff u might get some help but more importantly some teachers give extra credit to students who actually ask them stuff

-make as many friends as possible its like networking lmao th more friends u have th more likely it is one of them has taken th class ur struggling in before

thats it i guess message me or sth if u want advice gl in college

Sleeping W/ SD's

I’ve only had to sleep with one and that was when I was super young and inexperienced. I also made a ton of money off of him so at the end of the day..who really cares?

I haven’t had to in years.


Make never having sex your goal. Even if you want to. Unfortunately, your value decreases in a man’s eyes after he gets the V. Hold off on sex for as long as you can. This will leave him begging you and on his fucking knees. This will put you in the best position to negotiate for a higher allowance.

Stealthily raise the bar each time that you see him. You’re touching his arm, his back, his leg, you’re kissing his neck….but make sure to leave soon after! Never be in close quarters with a man, especially one you’re attracted to. This will make saying no almost in possible. So stay scarce, k!?

List of Excuses:


I’m on my period..

Oops! my roommate got locked out! Gotta jet.

Oh shit! I have to run! I just got called in and no one else can work this shift.

Woah! Surprise quiz? Gotta go study!

Extra credit assignment! I need to go do this Daddy! I want an A.

Make the excuse good enough. Get him a little hot and bothered before you leave. Always promise to make it up to him.