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Roxas: HAHA you didn’t tell them!? Not even you Zack? Oooh boy.

Zack: No, I DID tell them. I just forgot a minor detail.

Roxas: You mean major.

Ven: Not a big deal right? It’s fine- It’s totally fine.

Roxas: Have you seen the way they treat Axel..

Ven: Ah, damn.

Ghost of Former Self

Based off @zadra-sixkiller imagine. Check her out, she’s great. The reader has teleportation and invisibility powers, and I’m trying to make it gender neutral. Superhero name is ‘Ghost’ because puns. I kinda took this imagine and sprinted a marathon with it. Also added in a little smidge of a tøp song in this. (It’s called ‘Goner’.) And hopefully you all know (Y/N) is ‘your name’.

Part 2: Genuine Mirage

A smirk curled across your lips as you picked up on the lumbering movement of a goon behind you. With minimal effort, you vanished from your spot in front of the charging goon and flickered into existence behind him, planting your foot solidly in the space between his shoulder blades. Your weight forced him to the ground and thudded his head solidly on the floor. 

“Nice!” A yellow blur zipped to your side. Kid Flash grinned at you, and you easily returned the smile. 

“Pretty sure that’s all of them,” Superboy said, his voice still rumbly and oddly comforting and…

You should stop thinking things. 

“Hopefully all of them,” you said, sounding exasperated, “I have an essay due tomorrow for biology, and that is not going to write itself.”

“We’re not done here yet, Ghost,” Robin directed your thoughts of having to completely make up and essay to the mission, “Still gotta get in the vault.”

“Yeah, yeah,” you waved your hand at him, “We checked the blueprints earlier. It has a window, I’ll be able to do it.”

You blinked in and out of existence to travel to the vault, because walking like a normal person was overrated. You hummed the tune to a song that had been stuck in your head since you had heard it on the radio on the way to school. 

You know, Miss Martian transmitted to you, evidently not interested in catching up to your excessive teleportation, You’re lucky Aqualad and Artemis were the distraction and he isn’t here to reprimand you for going on ahead. 

Hey, I always do this, and nothing happens, you complained, He’s just an overprotective bother figure. 

Whatever you say, she said, sounding a bit done with your attitude. Which happened like ten times a day with everyone, so, to be honest, not really offensive. 

You reached the heavy vault door and tiptoed so you could see through the heavy duty glass. Staring at the space just past the door, you easily flickered into the vault. 

That would be the end of all things easy, unfortunately. 

The moment you blinked into the room, a cold metal embrace clasped around your neck, the shocks it was administering to you leaving you keeled over on the ground. You gasped in pain, air frantically escaping and rushing into you lungs. 


That was last week.

That desperate scream of thoughts was the last things M’gann had picked up from you before she distributed these thoughts to the entire team and got the hell out of there. They barely got out without a huge automated turret, disguised as a water tower, activating and tearing a hole in the bioship. 

But you weren’t there. 

The Team suffered, and it showed

So when Batman got a lead on your location, they absolutely leaped at the chance to get you back. Your easy smile. Your absolutely stupid puns. The relief of tension whenever you flickered into a room. 

So you better bet they stormed that warehouse, damn near knocking out every single person in that building. They spread out through out the building, storming through every room trying to find you. 

Conner lightly stepped into a sparse room, with only a bed and a rug in the area. He started to move over to the bed to examine it, when his super hearing picked up on sounds from beneath his feet. 


He kicked the rug away from underneath him, which revealed a trapdoor. Hastily, he opened it.


Super sensitive ears picked up on barely exhaled words in a scarcely familiar voice. Conner started to walk in the direction of where he heard you. 


His eyes adjusted to the darkness and made out a huddled form against a wall. Those same seeing organs narrowed when he saw the bulky metal collar around you neck. He snapped the collar off carefully, taking care not to injure you. 

Your vision opened in slits of your eyelids, registering your non-collared neck. Too tired to care about what torture was prepared next for you, you let them fall close again. You were not going to bend space and time for them. No. 

You liked sleeping more, as with many things. 

It took you a while to register that the whole rescue was not a trick and was in fact, not a different mental torture, but you did. Eventually. It was probably most obvious in how the Team did not bring up that week at all and did absolutely nothing to provoke you. 

Well, Wally had just got ketchup on your shirt, but that was fine. 

“Damn it, sorry,” he reached over to you with napkins in hand. You immediately shrunk away and stood up. 

“S’fine,” you muttered, “I’m gonna change.” You turned and walked down the hall to your guest room you kept here. You still hadn’t returned  to your real life, but apparently Batman had that story covered. 

You continued to walk down the hall like a normal person. 

The entirety of your friends peered down the hall after you, looking concerned. 

“That isn’t normal,” Wally mumbled, deflated from the loss of his friend. 

“What about (Y/N) has been normal since that week?” Artemis snarked halfheartedly, not really putting effort into the sarcasm. 

“Yeah,” Robin said with equal enthusiasm to match the archer’s, “No blinking into rooms. Moping. Not laughing at the lesbian bug joke.”

M’gann just stared hard at the floor, blinking to hold back tears at the change in her teammate. 

“We need to get through to (Y/N),” Kaldur said quietly, more reserved than usual, “We need-”

“Got it,” Conner already began walking out of the room, “I’ll go talk with them.”

He continued to your room with no one else volunteering to go and readied a conversation in his head to talk with you. 

The part alien walked into the doorway of your room and opened his mouth, ready to greet you, before his face contorted into a look of alarm. 

You were in the middle of taking off your shirt, which should’ve made him turn away if not for the appalling state of your back. 

Strange designs or symbols were drawn in red on your back, linking together in some strange shape. It took him another second of staring to realize those lines were not drawn. 

They were carved.

Your skin had been sliced open to accommodate these fluidly made marks and house them on your body. 

By the time you had gotten the other shirt on to cover up all signs of the slices in your back, he was long gone. 

I’m like 87% positive I’ll do a part 2. If people want me to. Like, I actually think I can make it darker. Or maybe fluffy. Depends. This probably turned out kinda sad because it’s a Monday. 

Again, check out @zadra-sixkiller for more of these amazing snippets of though. Really. They’re great. 

PREGNANT MC x RFA + Mtrio (read more!)

RFA and minor trio just doing normal things with their pregnant lover. 

(btw feel free to request mystic messenger scene. I’ll probably write/draw them) 

Purintarts <3


Watch movies with you which usually ends with you crying (even when it’s not sad. blame the preggy hormones). At the same time he will be shedding a tear or two without you knowing as he calms you down. Sometimes you end up sleeping on him so he has to carry you to bed (he decides to put a TV in the bedroom when it happens to often).

They are a watching this part btw.


N-now? Umm.. errr j-j-just give me a moment!

The tables has been turned. He ain’t the one releasing his beast first during those 9 months. Nu-uh.


Shopping for baby clothes, the baby room and oh god. Imagine the baby room gais just imagine! Do I need to say more?? EVERYTHING IS SO ORGANIZED WITH JAEHEE!

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Main reason I decided to watch Okja was because of Choi Woo Shik’s special appearence and Kevin Yeun hehe to my surprise Devon Bostick was in it as well!! ♥ (Rodrick from Diary of a Wimpy Kid) 

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Okja, a Korean - American film directed by Bong Joon Ho

As we all know Korean movies tend to be realistic and not have the typical happy-ever-after ending. So I watched it knowing that it might end tragically and depressing. One thing that is interesting about this movie is that it talks about GMO. Ever since I was in middle school I did projects about GMO and even had a time when I would check every label (on food) around the house to make sure we did not consume any of that stuff. Is not that GMO is entirely bad, there are benefits, but each person has a choice to consume it or not. And of course I chose not to. I actually don’t know if the GMO debate is still a thing, it’s been a while since I had free time to look up stuff and watch news..

I was exited that such a famous director created a project like this! The cast was well chosen as well. The scenery was beautiful, the transition from the east to the west was awesome…I was just impressed…flabbergasted… it was truly a beautiful…bittersweet film.

Before watching the film I joked about me becoming vegan or vegetarian. The thing about this movie is that it shows the public a glimpse of what happens to animals when they are being mass produced and slaughtered for our consumption. I know that as humans we separate animals into categories, pet, non-pet… our pets are family… non-pets are food. Simple as that. But this story is about this adorable super-pig (Okja) who was created in a lab. She is considered a pet to the owner Mija, but neither know about the cruelty in food industry and why Okja exists. 


I’ll start with a quote from the director Bong Joon Ho

“I wanted to crumble these borders and make the audience feel uncomfortable. It is witnessing your family being dragged into a slaughterhouse”

There were scenes that did make me feel uncomfortable and I cried so much as well. Both Okja and Mija are so innocent.. yet throughout their journey, they mature in a very painful way. Do you know how we get our food? Do you know how babies are born? SEX. in animals it is called “mating”. We all know that in order to “reproduce”, there needs to be mating. But as humans we don’t take a moment to think about whether the animal has feeling or not. Humans just pair the animals up randomly and breed them. The way it was filmed.. it looked like rape. Do you guys know how painful that was to watch. It broke my heart, because throughout the first half of the movie, they make sure you fall in love with this adorable, sweet and innocent super-pig. And it is like her innocence is taken away from her. As I mentioned before… pets = family… it was like watching a family member being raped and about to be slaughtered.

I obviously got too emotional with this movie. I will stop now before I spill the whole movie.. It is great please do watch it ♥

By the way, just in case yall don’t know… I am pretty sure the name of the company Mirando was inspired by Monsanto… look it up hehe.

Also.. the movie does have a slight comical relief ^^ the ALF, they are the animal rights group, during several of the most serious moments..they would do/say something dumb.

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And~ uri Wooshik-ah joins the squad at the end ♥

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one more thing… Shirley Henderson is in it too!!! the crying ghost from Harry Potter! AND it was produced by Brad Pitt!

definitely a star-studded movie! 


【ヘタリア】にょたりあまとめ by 飛んでった

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

sarah’s ultimate fic rec (1/?)

this is only part one because i read too much. i’m making this bc i rly needed a place to organize everything (my ao3 bookmarks are a nightmare yikes), so here! have this! it’s categorized by ship, so it should be easy to navigate your way around.

this one only includes the following ships: yoonmin, yoonkook, vmin, taekook & taegi. i tried to limit myself to 10/20ish fics per ship bc i didn’t want it to get too long, so i’ll add the rest later on & i’ll also include other ships in the next post!

total: 20 yoonmin fics, 23 yoonkook fics, 15 vmin fics, 11 taekook fics, 8 taegi fics (77 fics overall).

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I won’t be getting them [tattoos] ever. I’m so indecisive and I am very like…everything needs to be clean and neat and organized. I feel like I’d pick something and I’d hate it the next day. I think it would be the biggest regret of mine — getting anything tattooed.

6.23.17 hello everyone! As a celebration and thank you for 4k followers (oh my goodness thank you so very much I still can’t believe it and am so grateful for all of you <3) I’m making my first master post!  I’m going to be a high school senior this fall, and I’ve found myself struggling with how to prepare and organize everything I need for applications and senior year. I love the bullet journal system to plan my life, so I decided to create a bullet journal notebook specifically for college and share it with all of you in case it might be helpful for anyone else.

(also since this is my first masterpost so sorry if the formatting/style isn’t perfect just yet. I’m still working on it and can’t wait to bring more content in the future!)

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MS4′s study guide

Hey! I’ve received a few messages from you, guys, asking how do I study for internal medicine, what are my ways of memorizing & learning about new conditions, etc. So here is my answer! I decided to write a small guide, or rather a quick description of my usual study process when it comes to internal medicine, but not only. :)

1. Organize your day.

First thing I always do is a plan for an upcoming day. I try to think of everything I need to do before and after studying in order to rate how much time I’ll have for my study session. I try to find out which part of day will be the most comfortable for me to focus and study.

Secondly I check how much material I need to go through & how much time do I have for every portion. It helps me choose the most efficient way of studying - sometimes I need to be quick and can’t let myself focus on every detail and sometimes I have enough of time to be solid, take some good notes and memorize everything I need to.

2. Organize your study space, desk, materials.

Usually I study at home so I take care of everything before I finally sit down to actual work. It reduces the amount of potential distractions.

3. How do I study?

I start with reading the chosen part of material. I usually use a highlighter and mark or color code the most important info. It helps me focus on the text and understand it better. Usually it’s enough for me but sometimes I feel a need to take notes. I just do it quick, I want my notes to be condensed and useful for all those last minute revisions.

When I don’t use a book or paper materials and need to work with a computer, I naturally have to skip the highlighting part and gotta deal with my lack of focus in some other way. To help myself in such situation I take notes. I don’t care about making them pretty or colorful but rather as functional as possible. I usually use a notebook with blank pages (I just like it this way, it makes my notetaking quicker) and a pen. Such a small and simple set up reduces the time I tend to waste on creating aesthetic and goodlooking notes.

(If I could give everyone just one practical tip it would probably be this one: Note taking is just a tool that needs to help you learn! Not waste your time and energy. Keep your notes condensed, clear and actually useful.)

After I’m done with my notes and still have some time I repeat everything once or few times again.

4. What about internal medicine?

As some of you know it includes a lot of studying, many conditions, cases, more cases, even more details and so on. How do I deal with it?

Well, I usually start with reading the whole topic. For example a part about conditions of the liver. It helps me create a basic vision of what I’ll be studying about, notice a pattern, similarities and differences. Then I go back to every condition and read about it again. At this point I already try to memorize as much as I can. Then I move to comparisons - do some of those conditions have any similiar symptoms? Do they have any similarities in pathogenesis? How do they progress? Is the treatment the same or different? Noticing how do some condtitions differ from eachothers is really helpful! Not only in making the diagnosis certain but also in the process of learning itself - the more details and differences you’ll notice the more you’ll learn.

Creating such basis is crucial before working on cases, in my opinion. Without any information it will be sensless to try to figure out what’s the matter with the involved patient. But if you’ll be able to use theoretical informations, working on cases will be really valuable. It will surely point your lacks out.

So that’s it! This is how I deal with clinical subjects that are basically my everyday reality on 4th year of a medical university. Naturally I sometimes need to change this scheme a bit, but this is what works for me the best, I guess.

Hope I answered your questions & that I could help! Let me know if you have any more requests. :)

Auston Matthews - Part 27

Here we go again… 

My phone rings as I climb back into my car after getting groceries. Looking at the caller ID, Alex’s name flashes across the screen and I answer.

               “Hey girl,” I say, putting her on speaker phone as I start my car up.

               “Hey! How’s it going?” Alex says, overly cheerful like usual when she calls me nowadays since I let slip that Auston and I actually went on our first date over three weeks ago. Ever since then she has been all over me.

               “Everything is great!” I say, my mind wandering to last night and my cheeks flush.

               “Going to the game tonight?” Alex asks.

               “Unfortunately, no. Riley, my lab partner is coming over because we are way behind… or so he says,” I grumble into the phone, pulling out into traffic.

               “Riley is a boy?”

               “Yeah?” I make a face. “Why?”

               “Where are you working?” Alex asks, ignoring my own question.

               “My house, why?” I ask again.

               “Is Auston okay with that?”

               “Um I didn’t ask him permission because he’s not my mother?” I snap into the receiver. “What is with you? I’m twenty-one years old, I think I can decide things on my own without asking my nineteen year old boyfriend.”

               “Whoa calm down, I didn’t mean to upset you… Auston is just well… he can be a jealous person,” Alex says quickly, clearly not wanting my temper directed her way, even if she is hundreds of miles away.

               “There is not a single thing to be jealous about. I’ve gone to every home game since I moved to Toronto, I think he will be okay if I miss one due to school,” I sigh into the phone, rolling my eyes.

               “I know, I’m just telling you. I doubt that if Auston knew that your partner was a boy…” she starts and as if she can feel my temper rising through the phone she quickly changes the subject to the boy that Breyana is currently pinning after.

               My mind stays on the previous conversation though. Would Auston be mad? I don’t think so, he doesn’t have a single thing to be jealous about…


               Alex’s voice breaks me out of my trance and I wonder if the light I just passed under was green or not.

               “What?” I ask.

               “I asked you if you’ve gotten anymore charms for your bracelet yet,” Alex laughs through the phone.

               “Oh,” my eyes flash to my wrist and back to the road. “No, I haven’t. Didn’t really think about it actually. You know me, I would need to get two so that it’s balanced,” I say.

               “True, forgot you’re my little OCD baby,” Alex teases through the phone and I scowl at the road.

               “Well I’m almost home so…” I trail and I can practically feel her roll her eyes at me through the phone.

               “Fine, I’ll talk to you later,” Alex says and we hang up after saying goodbye right as I pull into my driveway.

               I spend my morning color coding my notes and organizing everything that Riley and I will need for this evening. Glancing at the clock which is showing 3:45, I guess that my mom is done with work for the day and call her. Just like I do every day.

               “Hi, mama,” I say when she answers.

               “Hi, baby,” my mom says back to me, I can hear my dad in the background babbling away.

               “Is dad on the phone?” I ask.

               “Yes, we are in the car on the way to Detroit for their game. It’s not as fun without you,” she admits and I feel my heart break a little.

               “I wish I was there with you,” I say softly into the phone, wanting my mom to hug me and pet my hair while my dad makes his famous hot chocolate with a shot of Irish Cream in it. The only time I’ve gotten homesick the last four weeks is when Auston goes on the road, meaning pretty much all my friends are on the road as well.

               “I think your dad is coming to Toronto next week for a game, he’s excited to see you,” she says and my heart lifts up inside me.

               “Really?” I squeal and my dogs come bounding into the room, most likely thinking I stepped on one of their toys.

               “And I’ll see you in thirteen days for your cousins wedding,” she adds and I smile.

               “I know! I can’t wait mama!”

               “Your father is giving me a dirty look, I think he wants me to stop talking over him on his phone call,” she muses and I roll my eyes.

               “Alright, I’ll talk to you later, love you,” I say.

               “Love you too, baby,” she whispers and hangs up the phone. I place my phone on the counter, my mood sufficiently improved just from a minute conversation with my mom.

               I open a snapchat from Auston that I had gotten earlier, the others have calmed down a bit on their obsession with embarrassing Auston and now I only get a few snaps from them during the day. This one is a picture of his food and the caption, ‘im worked up about the game. Relieve my stress?’ I roll my eyes and take a picture of my legs from my position leaning against the counter, sending him back a ‘not in the way you’re insinuating.’

               Right away he snaps me back, this time of his face, a pout firmly in place. I take another picture of my legs this time captioning it, ‘if that’s what you wanted in a girlfriend then you chose the wrong one. I relieve stress in other ways.’

               Again, he responds right away, a mirror picture of his perfect suit. ‘then im on my way.’ I giggle and walk to the mirror in my downstairs bathroom and send him a picture back. ‘Nope, doors are locked.’

               This time results in a phone call full of pouting, teasing and promises that I make him to get him to stop pouting.

               “Go to your game, Auston,” I finally say, exasperated as usual when I talk to him on the phone.

               “Fine. Hopefully I score on the ice because it sounds like I’m not when I go to bed tonight,” he muses and I giggle.

               “Shut up, you don’t technically score any other night actually,” I remind him and I can hear him huff at me through the phone.

               “Not for lack of trying, babe. Not for lack of trying,” he pouts again and I know he’s shaking his head in exaggeration.

               “Oh whatever,” I roll my eyes. “Good luck, I’ll be watching from my couch all night,” I say.

               “I’ll take what I can get. Can I come over after?” He asks.

               “Is that even a question?” I ask. “You leave tomorrow for four days, gotta take advantage of your body while I can,” I tease and bite my lip waiting for his response.

               “Who taught you to talk like that?” Auston snaps after a moment and I giggle. “You can’t do that to a man before a big game, Y/N.” He scolds and I laugh harder.

               “Bye, Auston,” I whisper and he sighs.

               “Bye, babe. I’ll see you later,” he promises and we hang up.

               I turn around to see both of my dogs staring at me.

               “What? You’re girls, you know how it is,” I defend myself against their judgmental stares. “If I play ball will you stop staring at me?” I ask and their heads tilt at the mention of a ball.

               I spend the rest of the day until Riley gets here tiring my dogs out as best I can so they aren’t pestering me all night again. I hear a car door slam in front of the house and rush my hounds inside, telling them to behave as I go to open the front door.

               “Hey,” I say, taking a step back so Riley can cross the threshold. All 6’2’’ of his slim frame making its way into my living room. I notice his hat is covering his blonde hair along with his ears and I smile at the thought of Auston and his stupid hat.

               “Hey, nice place. Much better than a crammed apartment,” Riley grins at me and I laugh.

               “I can only imagine, you can put your things on the coffee table,” I gesture and he follows behind me. “Want anything to drink?” I ask, stepping into the kitchen as he pauses to put his things down.

               “Water would be nice, thank you,” he responds, taking a seat on the couch and organizing his things among mine on the table. As I come back into the living room with his water and a pop for myself I have to laugh.

               “You color code your notes too?” I ask, handing him his water. His fingers brush mine as he takes the glass.

               “Of course, I don’t get how people can learn when things aren’t organized,” he says grinning at me and I laugh again.

               “I thought I was the only one,” I squat down onto the floor and flip open my binder. “I thought we would start on Ganymede and Callisto and then work our way down to the smaller moons of Jupiter,” I say glancing at him. His blue eyes are on me and he quickly clears his throat and nods.

               “Yeah, great idea,” he says and I hear almost a little annoyance in this tone.

               “Okay, did you want to take Callisto so we can go a bit faster?” I ask, deciding to ignore my previous thought.

               “In a hurry for something?” Riley asks, definitely annoyed this time. I flush and shake my head.

               “No, it’s just you’re here to work on our project… I just thought we could get more done tonight if we broke each section into parts and went from there,” I stammer, confused at his tone.

               Riley stares at me a moment, an odd look on his face then he blinks several times and rubs his face.

               “I didn’t mean to snap at you, Y/N. I’m sorry, I just get stressed out with group work. You’re so much more advanced than I am for this class and I’m just not used to it,” he says and I relax, I hadn’t even realized my body was as tense as a coiled spring.

               “No worries,” I say a bit awkwardly, not knowing what else to do.

               “You can take Callisto, I’ll do Ganymede,” he smiles at me, reaching for his binder. I notice his teeth are incredibly straight and whiter than the wall behind him.

               I give him a tight smile and nod, taking my book out and flipping through it, grateful for something else to look at.

               Riley seems to relax a bit more the longer we work. Once seven comes around I stand to turn on the Leafs game, though the settings were still set to the Xbox so I have to get up and manually change the input. When I bend down to reach the switch I glance over my shoulder at Riley.

               “Mind if I turn the game on?” I ask, his eyes flash to mine from where they had been trained on my behind. I open my mouth, not sure how to go about the fact that I just caught him checking me out.

               Riley seems oblivious and grins at me. “That’s fine,” and then he proceeds to talk hockey with me for a few minutes after I get the T.V situated and take my place back on the floor across from him. I never letting on that I’m dating a player and newly best friends with another couple. People in Toronto tend to get really excited when you let slip that you know Leafs players, a lesson I learned very well.  

               We are able to work in comfortable silence for the entire first period. Though once intermission hits he pushes his laptop away from him and stretches his arms above his head.

               “So how has Canada been treating you so far, Y/N?” Riley asks, leaning back into the couch and looking down at me.

               “It’s been fine so far,” I say only glancing at him before narrowing in on my textbook again. “Enjoyable,” I add.

               “Had much time to go out and meet new people?” He continues and I give up on reading. I look up from my book, putting it back on the coffee table.

               “I already knew a few people before moving, but yes, I’ve made several friends,” I can see where this conversation is going and I’m scrambling for a response.

               Riley nods, his eyes still on me. He has a cute face, more along the lines of ‘let me pinch your cheeks’ rather than Auston’s ‘let’s make out’ face. His hair is styled very precisely, longer at the top and shorter below, he wears expensive clothes which I find ironic that he complains about having to have roommates to afford his apartment.

               “Been to any clubs?” He asks and I breathe a sigh of relief that he didn’t ask what I thought he would.

               “Nope, not a club person,” I give him a tight smile and tense when I hear Auston’s voice. I whip around but it’s only the T.V and he’s doing an intermission interview before the beginning of the second period. My heart fills as I listen to him spew out his typical clinches about what they need to do better in the next period, being down one to nothing. I suddenly wish more than anything that I was at the arena sitting with a few of the other girlfriends and wives.

               “You a fan of him?” Riley asks me and look to see him nodding at the T.V. “He’s a great player.”

               “I’ve seen better,” I mutter, looking back at the screen with a smile on my face.

               “Oh shit, I just realized I never grabbed dinner like I said I would!” Riley exclaims and I jump, startled at the sudden outburst. “I’m so sorry. I completely forgot!”

               “Oh, don’t worry about it!” I reassure him. “If you’re hungry I can put a pizza in the oven or something,” I give him a smile and he returns one.

               “Could you? I hate to ask, but I’m starving,” he rubs his stomach in exaggeration.

               “Yeah, of course,” I say, getting to my feet and making my way into the kitchen and digging through my freezer. A few minutes later I have the oven heated and a pizza cooking.

               I squat down onto the floor again, ready to get set on the next part of the project. Riley and I fall back into a slightly less comfortable silence because he glances at me every few minutes and then looks quickly away when I catch him. It’s nothing. He can look all he wants.

               However, when the oven timer goes off, I practically run into the kitchen, peeking over the counter at him as I crouch down. He isn’t watching the game like I thought he would be, instead he’s looking at my phone on the table which just vibrated with what sounded like a snapchat notification. I think about my screen saver, a picture of Auston with my two dogs sleeping on the couch. Oh boy.

               I take my time getting the pizza out and cutting it.

               “Uh, pizza’s ready,” I call out to him. “Help yourself.” I give him a tight smile as I make my way back to my place at the coffee table.

               Riley eyes me a minute before standing and going to get his own plate.

               “Thank you,” he calls over his shoulder and I nod even though he isn’t looking.

               I look up in time to see 34 flash across the screen, streaking down the ice and finishing with a beautiful forehand shot beating the Oilers goalie top shelf. I sigh in admiration, grinning at the screen.

               “So… is he one of the ‘friends’ you already had here,” Riley says, settling back down on the couch and I notice the emphasis on ‘friends’ and I know exactly who he is referring to.

               “Yes,” I answer, a bit snappier than I had intended but I hope he gets my tone.

               “Lucky guy,” Riley mutters and I scowl at the T.V. annoyed beyond belief.

               “Well,” I say putting my now empty plate on the coffee table. “Let’s get back to work, shall we?”

               Riley nods and double tasks, eating and writing. I calm down as the silence takes back over, the only sound being the announcers on the T.V.

               We both look up at the screen as 34 streaks across the ice again, scoring once more in overtime to give the Leafs a two to one victory. Riley and I cheer and even high five, though I notice his hand lingers even after I pull mine away. I glance at the clock and know that Auston should be here in the next hour. Eyeing Riley for a moment, I decide it’s probably best that Riley isn’t here when Auston comes. Doing a quick estimate, I think I can get enough done to satisfy him to call it a night on the project if I do most of the work myself, he was right, I really am way above his level with this stuff.

               I get to work doing just that, Riley stares at me as my hands fly from my book to my computer to my pen and back again.

               “Um… we have a few days left to work on this…” he says after a few minutes.

               “Can’t talk, in the zone,” I say, nonchalantly checking the time on my phone.

               Forty-five minutes later I slam my book closed and yawn.

               “Alright, Riley. I think we call it a night,” I say around my large, fake yawn and he raises his eyebrows. He sat there doing almost nothing while I did all but the conclusion of the project.

               “Um, yeah… okay…” he says and there’s another funny tone to his voice. With incredibly slowness he starts to pack this things away and I resist the urge to stuff everything into his bag and rush him out the door. But that would be weird. Instead I sit there pretending to watch the T.V. screen, wondering to myself why I’m suddenly so nervous. You’re letting what Alex said get to you. You’ve seen the way Riley has been looking at you all night. If someone was looking at Auston that way you would be jealous.

               I get to my feet and wander into the kitchen just as lights shine into my living room from someone pulling into the drive way. Oh no, oh no! I chant in my head, glancing at Riley I see he’s paused in his packing and is looking out the window. I stand stiff as a board in the kitchen not knowing what to do.

               The front door opens and in walks Auston, holding his overnight bag in his hand. He looks over at me and smiles until he catches sight of Riley sitting on my couch staring at him. His smile instantly vanishes along with my stomach.

anonymous asked:

Oh please, any ideas for a student bullet journal? This is going to be my senior year of high school and i need to have everything organized. I'm very afraid:( Any idea to endure stress and not get discouraged with the tasks/studies? Sorry for all the questions and for my english;( Hugs from Spain XX

Hi there! Here are a few links that might help:

Hope this helps! No need to apologise about your English, it was great x


Thursday..day before school ball

Oh god.. today was so hectic, I have to organized everything that I need to bring tomorrow with me, I am going to sleep over at my bf place, from 7:25 AM me and my girls we are going to bake some snacks for the ball, buy flowers for our teachers and blah blah.. it’s little bit difficult to make your own ball, you have to find a way to get money, plan decorations, alcohol, food and everything..
I hope it will be OK.

Wish me Luck!❤️

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Jackson Wang x Male Reader

Written by: Admin Sherlock

Relationship ( So Far ;] ) :

Haven’t met as of the beginning.

Scenario :

Your boyfriend throws you out of your place, so you sit in front of your apartment complex trying to figure out what to do.

~Jackson Wang x Reader~

To Have a Boyfriend

>Your PoV<

I guess the fake romance we had wasn’t enough, which is probably why he got himself someone who is good enough for him..

The sun continued to set, barely peeking over the buildings, loosing all the warmth as cruel reality begins to set in.

My head naturally thumped back against the concrete wall, exposing my neck and adam’s apple to the cold wind. It would’ve been nice to have been told in advance.

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When The Devil Needs A Favor

Title: When The Devil Needs A Favor

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Cas, Crowley, and several others!

Word Count: 2,400 (ish)

Warning: Season 12 spoilers!!! LOTS of them!!

A/N: This is my submission for @therealdeanwinchester13‘s Writing Box Challenge! Enjoy! And yes Luci truly does bless this post, we chatted about it. (sass is in the URL people) 

My prompt: You sold your soul to the Devil some years ago. Today he gives it back and says. “I need a favor.”

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

“I need a favor”

“What could you possibly want from me?”

“I need you to get me something that myself and a uh, friend, desperately need.”

“I’m guessing if I refuse somehow this hell hole will get worse?”

“That’s the idea, yes.”


“Dean? Sam?” The two men looked up from their food, clearly trying to place you.

“Garth, he, ah, sent me your way.”

“Oh, yeah, Y/N. I’m Sam, this is Dean.” Sam scooted over in the diner booth inviting you to slide in. Dean gave you a nod, his hands covered in burger and bacon grease. You were pretty sure his grunt and garbled speech was his version of a hello.

“Nice to meet you guys too. Thanks for helping me out. Garth said that if I wanted to learn how to survive this, insane form of a life, then you two were the ones to teach me.” Both of them laughed and exchanged an unsure glance.

“Yeah that would be us. Garth said you’re good thinking on your feet though, so you ready for a crash course? Dean and I aren’t exactly traditional teachers.”

“Well Sammy might be, but I sure as hell ain’t.”

Laughing you looked between the two, “I have no doubt I will get a well-rounded education from each of you.”

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I’m just so tired of people saying things like, “I’m so OCD omg!” over stupid little things they do. Like bitch, first of all OCD means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. You literally cannot be so obsessive compulsive disorder. That makes absolutely no sense.

Also, when people say things like that, they’re belittling the difficulties that people such as myself experience everyday. I have OCD and I am not a clean freak. I do not need to separate my food. Not everything has to be organized by color. Etc. This is not to say that some people don’t have these things as part of their OCD.

Basically, I’m just pissed that so many people don’t just take a second to have a bit of empathy. It’s an everyday struggle for people with the disorder. It’s not just something that can be turned off.

For example, someone that says they’re “so OCD” might see something out of place and take a second or two to note that. A person with the actual disorder would most likely go fix that thing and then go back and fix it again and again and again until it “feels right”.

Anyway, that’s my personal rant for the night. Feel free to ignore me. I’m just letting a bit of frustration out.