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This is Part 3 of my colored Miraculous Ladybug comic.
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I said I’d do a frame per Yes (to continue) I got, but I wasn’t expecting them in the hundreds! I promise I will keep going though and won’t stop for awhile!! Thank you guys so much for the overwhelming encouragement and support! I will try to get at least one part done per day (though understand I’m a very busy person), so more coming soon!!!
Little update:
I have 18 pages divided in 4 parts scripted and planned out. I just have to draw them and then script out the next part (I have a general idea, I just need it all written out).

Thank you guys again for all the enthusiasm, you may think that your comments and likes don’t reach me, but in reality it makes my day. As an artist, this is all I could possibly ask for, so thank you <3 

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I needed an excuse to draw these two as pokemon again… So I animated them.. It started out as just a cute thing. I think its still cute, but I will post the cuter cut after I post this. xD You could 100% replace them with their real counterparts and it would be just the same. .. so. Heh whatever. 

This one literally took roughly 7 hours.. Its over 300 images, even if I reused more frames than I care to admit during the dialogue-heavy parts.. xwx; I kinda lost enthusiasm for it by that point and decided to give it a swift ending. xD 

I guess you could say Sans got dunked on this time. lol

[TRENDY #52] Special Date with Kim Woo Bin @ Taiwan

Source: TRENDY #52, this interview

Translator: me, for wywrd

Notes: Some of the Chinese just cannot be translated, so I’ve taken the liberty to paraphrase. As usual, please credit if taking out.


[scan credit: nc182, from wings052]

Special Date with Kim Woo Bin @ Taiwan

With his endearing portrayal of bad boy Choi Young Do in the drama The Heirs and superb acting in the movie Friend 2, Kim Woo Bin has had an explosive surge in popularity, becoming the perfect representation of a “Super Heartthrob”. Lauded by the Korean media as the It guy whose “charms you can’t find your way out of”, Kim Woo Bin has come to Taiwan with his first overseas fanmeeting. Hurry and join TRENDY in meeting the superbly charming Kim Woo Bin!

TRENDY and Kim Woo Bin’s Taiwan Date!

Date: 14 March

Location: TRENDY Studio

Kim Woo Bin promised TRENDY twice in Seoul that he would visit Taiwan. Sure enough, he didn’t keep everyone waiting, and brings his inaugural overseas fanmeeting to Taiwan! The TRENDY team made a lot of promises to him, so we must give our all to host our good friend Woo Bin!

# In the Studio

Right off the plane, Kim Woo Bin gets thrown into a crazy schedule, and it’s already 9pm when he starts shooting for the TRENDY cover. The theme TRENDY has set for him today is “Actor Kim Woo Bin” vs “Sunshine Warm Guy Kim Woo Bin”, so the studio interior also reflects the dual moods of “film set” and “film screening”. We hope everyone can feel Woo Bin’s charms both on and off screen, as the latest star actor.

Perhaps because we have met a few times in Seoul, Woo Bin was familiar with the TRENDY team, quickly getting into condition and understanding our vision very well. Everyone already sees him as super professional, but he is still conscious of his own performance, and checks on himself through the monitor.

Kim Woo Bin doesn’t talk much on set, but he always listens intently to the photographer and editors. From time to time he lets loose an unbelievably cute expression, which makes all the staff smile. If we must get picky, his face was a little too serious when asked to imagine watching a movie alone! TRENDY could not help but tease him about the dullness of his movie, which made him crack up, and from then on said movie seemed to become much more interesting!

# Finally in Taiwan

Because of scheduling issues, this interview was not conducted with the studio photoshoot, but after his fanmeeting on 16 March. Probably relieved by the successful two days behind him, this seemed more like a pleasant chat rather than a special backstage interview with Kim Woo Bin. Let’s find out what we talked about.

T: Kim Woo Bin finally comes to Taiwan. This is our first time meeting in Taiwan, how do you feel? Is Taiwan like what you expected?

KWB: I’m really happy to meet everyone in TRENDY here in Taiwan. [In Taiwan] I’ve felt the fans’ passion, had a lot of yummy food, and had a great time. I kind of don’t want to leave (laugh) and I’m already thinking about coming again. I haven’t had the chance to visit the places that TRENDY recommended last time, like Taipei 101 and night markets. I also want to try all the good food recommendations. And of course, for the fans, I have to come again!

T: At the end of the fanmeeting just now, you were ‘passionately embraced’ by 2000 fans….

KWB: (Deep breath and laughs) This will be something I will never forget! I really felt the fervour of the Taiwanese fans, I never expected it at all. I’m really quite excited… How do I repay such enthusiasm… I think I need to work harder! Work harder for better works to return everyone’s great love and support for me.

T: Every time we see Kim Woo Bin’s performances, we can feel the continual breakthroughs in your acting. We know that actors often draw on their own life experiences, how do you enhance your own acting?

KWB: Hmmm… When I get a character I always try to immerse myself in it, and I do a question and answer kind of analysis on the character. I did this for all the roles I’ve played, including this one. (T: It’s done?) In progress. (Laughs) Since young I’ve liked to read, and I still take time out to read now, because it’s not just an indirect form of contact, but it can trigger your imagination in a lot of ways. I also watch a lot of movies, all kinds of movies. Watching movies and reading gives me a lot of help and inspiration in acting. I also do observation, of people and things.

T: Are there any books or movies that have affected you a lot?

KWB: When I was 20, I read a book called The Secret, which was recommended by my university professor. I realised it was a rather helpful book, so I started using the methods mentioned in the book.

T: So did you make an order to the Universe? (One of the methods mentioned in The Secret)

KWB: Actually I’ve tried something like that even before I read the book. But yes, after I read it, I did do it. (T: Do you think it worked?) Um… It’s in progress, it’s ongoing! (Laughs)

T: Is there anything you can’t get used to about your soaring popularity?

KWB: Every day I feel I’m not used to it, but every day I am trying to get used to it. I didn’t expect to have such a lot of love and attention in such a short time; every day is full of surprises but I’m also very nervous. I really am very very thankful. I’m always thinking of how to return everyone’s affection and not disappoint.

T: What is your goal and expectation for yourself as an actor?

KWB: “A good actor”. Whatever it is, I want to be a good actor. But there is no right answer to becoming “a good actor”, so I’m still searching and thinking about it too. I hope in the future when people mention Kim Woo Bin, everyone will agree and say “Kim Woo Bin is a good actor”!

T: A while back you visited the US and Australia for work, it seems like you’ve had many new experiences. Is there anything that was interesting or memorable?

KWB: Although it was all for work, I feel different when I go overseas. The US and Australia are both very vast, expansive places, and they have sceneries that Korea doesn’t have. These were all fresh experiences so I learnt a lot of different things.

T: In Australia you had contact with kangaroos and koalas; in The Heirs you also had a dog. Do you like animals in real life? Have you ever had, or wanted to have some kind of pet?

KWB: Actually I’m pretty scared of large animals, though small ones are okay. I don’t think I used to like animals, but gradually I’m starting to find little animals, like puppies, very cute. Playing with them is always a mood lifter, so I have thought about getting a dog. But these days I’m really not home much and the poor puppy would be very lonely, so I gave up on the idea.

T: Do you feel pressure from your packed schedule? How do you relieve stress?

KWB: I’ve been getting asked this a lot recently! (laughs) Actually I feel okay, I rather enjoy it. When working I like to work with everyone happily, with laughs and jokes, I don’t really feel much pressure. After all pressure is not something you see; if I feel it then I go for a movie or read a book, do something I like to distract myself!

T: If you have a vacation, what do you want to do most?

KWB: (Immediately) Sleep. Hahahahaha. (Eyes have disappeared from laughing)

# After the interview

We really wanted to go on, but airplanes don’t wait, so we reluctantly ended our very delightful chat. Meeting him this time in Taiwan, Kim Woo Bin’s popularity has grown vastly since our first meeting in Seoul. But over the 3 days, he was still as humble, polite and affable as when we first met. The thoughtful Kim Woo Bin personally thanked each and every staff member in the TRENDY team and bought all their hearts, so again the TRENDY team made crazy promises to bring him to all those places and awesome food we told him about!