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Chapter 12

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We drove and drove until we reached an abandoned field. The boys pulled over and parked their bikes. We climbed off the bikes as we began to stretch our legs.

“Oh God! I missed riding but I forgot how much it cramps up your legs,” I said as I began stretching my legs. Jax laughed as did Opie.

“So did I,” Donna said as she stretched her legs as well. Opie and Jax began to haul out their cigarettes.

“So, (Y/N). How are you liking being back in Charming?” Donna questioned as I smiled at her.

“I love it. I love being back with you guys and the club. I also love how much quieter Charming is compared to New York.” Donna nodded her head with a smile.

“Opie and I are going to go… to the bathroom.” Jax said awkwardly as Donna and I giggled.

“Have fun.” Donna and I said in unison as Jax and Ope nodded their heads before walking into the trees.

“So, I’ve been meaning to ask you.” I turned to Donna with a raised eyebrow and a smile. “Did you ever tell Jax… you know?” I looked at her confused as I spoke.

“I don’t.” Donna sighed as she glanced back to see if the boys were coming back.

“About the pregnancy?” My eyes went wide as I thought back to that exact day.


I was currently sitting in the bathroom as I sat on the edge of the bathtub as I bounced my knee up and down.

“Come on… Pick up… Donna?!” I questioned as Donna picked up the phone.

“Yes, is something wrong?!” She questioned in a panic.

“I need you to come over asap… And bring a pregnancy test.” I said as I hung up the phone and stood up from the edge of the tub. I began to pace back and forth in my dorm as a knock came to the door. I rushed over to the door and opened it to reveal John Teller standing on the other side of the door.

“Hey (Y/N), is Jax in there? We got church in ten.” I shook my head with a smile.

“Uh, he’s not here but if I’ll see him I’ll let him know that there’s church.” John nodded with a smile as he went to walk away as I began to close the door.

“Hey (Y/N), is everything alright? You know you can talk to me anytime.” I smiled as I nodded my head as I spoke.

“Yeah, everything’s good,” I said as John nodded and smiled before heading down the hall. I closed the door as I walked over to the bed and sat down as I awaited Donna’s arrival. Another knock came upon the door as I rushed to open it to reveal Donna standing on the other side with a bag full of things and a panicked look.

“I’m here.” I opened the door wide enough to let her in before opening and closing it behind her as I locked it.

“Did you get the stuff?” I questioned as Donna nodded her head as she reached into the bag and hauled out the pregnancy test. I took the test from her hands as I took a deep breath as Donna gave me a small smile.

“I’m here for you.” She said as I smiled back before heading into the bathroom.

A Few Minutes Later:

I was once again repositioned on the edge of the bathtub as I bounced my knee up and down as Donna sat next to me with the same amount of anxiety bouncing through her.

“It’s been five minutes,” Donna said as I sighed.

“I know but I don’t want to look. What if Jax doesn’t want to be with me? What if he doesn’t want this child? What if-”

“No more “what ifs”. Whatever that pregnancy test says does not decide your future. Only you do.” I smiled at Donna’s words of wisdom as I reached for the pregnancy test on the counter as I took a deep breath.

I turned the pregnancy test over to reveal that it read… positive.

I felt the world around me stop as I stared at the test.

“I-I’m pregnant,” I said as Donna’s eyes went wide.  

“You can’t be?!” Donna yelled in disbelief as began to hush her.

“Shut up! The boys can’t know about this!” I whispered yelled at her as a knock came to the door.

“(Y/N)? Donna? Are you guys in there?” My eyes went wide as the sound of Jax’s voice came through the door.

“Uh- Yeah. We’ll be out in a second!” I yelled back as I heard Jax’s footsteps retreat from the bathroom door.

“What are we going to do?!” Donna whisper-yelled at me as I looked around the bathroom for anything that could help. An idea popped into my head as I slipped the test into the box as I bent down and reached behind the toilet and slip the test behind it.

“Just act natural, when he’s gone, I’ll get rid of the test.” Donna nodded as we both took deep breaths and opened the bathroom door to reveal Jax and Opie sitting on the bed.

“What were you guys doing in there?” Opie questioned as Donna responded nervously.

“We-uh… we were fixing our makeup.” Jax and Opie shared a confused looked before shrugging their shoulders and turning back to us.

“Okay, are you guys ready to go to the movies?” Jax questioned as we nodded our heads.

“Yeah,” I said as I reached for my bag that was laid on the chair. Jax and Opie stood up. Opie walked over to Donna as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders as they headed down the hall. Jax threw his arm over my shoulders.

“So, did you fix things with Tara after?” I questioned as Jax nodded.

“Yeah, I did. Thanks for the advice.” I smiled as I nodded my head.

“You’re welcome.” We walked to the end of the hall as we began to reach the bar. As we reached the bar I took notice of a fuming Tara staring back at me.

“You stupid slut! Did not think I wouldn’t find out?” I stared back at her in confusion.

“Find out what?” I questioned confused as she continued.

“You slept with Jax a few weeks ago.”

“So?” I questioned annoyed as Tara looked at me in shock.

“So? Jax is with me! He loves me! Not you!” Tara yelled as I began to laugh.

“He wasn’t saying that when he was moaning my name.” I scoffed at her as I felt a sudden rise in my confidence.

“That’s it!” Tara yelled as she charged towards me.

“Bring it, skank,” I said as I handed Jax my purse as I put my fists up. Tara charged for me with her fist held high as I immediately ducked her first hit as I stood back up I threw my fist at her nose as I felt the bones crack on my hand. Tara shrieked in pain as she kicked me unexpectedly in my stomach with her high heel boot before raising her knee to my face. I doubled over in pain as Donna shrieked as she ran over and pushed Tara out of the way.

“Oh my God! (Y/N)!” Donna shrieked as blood began to pour out of my nose. By now Jax had concealed Tara and began taking her outside of the club as John and the boys rushed to my side.

“(Y/N)! Are you okay?!” John yelled as Donna spoke for me.

“We need to get her to a hospital!” John and the boys looked at her confused.

“We can take care of a simple broken nose and (Y/N)’s stomach will heal in time,” John said calmingly as Donna shook her head.

“You don’t get it!” John looked at her confused as I felt darkness beginning to take over.

“What don’t I get? This isn’t her first fight and it sure as Hell won’t be her last.” Donna sighed as she looked down at me before looking back at her.

“She’s pregnant.” John’s eyes widened as I let the darkness take over as John spoke.

“Oh no.” Was the last thing I heard as I fell into the darkness.


“No, I never. I lost the baby after and I just let it go.” I said as Donna stared at me with a sympathetic look.

“You would have made a wonderful mother,” Donna said as I smiled over at her.

“Thank you,” I said as she smiled.

“I think you should tell him,” Donna said just as the boys came back out of the woods.

“Did you ladies miss us?” Jax questioned as Opie wrapped his arms around Donna and Jax wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“We felt so miserable without you guys here but we weren’t as miserable as we are when you’re here,” I said as Donna began to burst out laughing.

“Wow, (Y/N)!” Jax said acting dramatic as we all laughed. Soon enough Donna and Ope were locked at the lips as Jax and I let out a chuckle.

“Get a room!” Jax yelled as I laughed.

“More like a forest!” I yelled as Donna and Opie pulled away with smirks on their faces.

“Thanks for the idea,” Opie said as he lifted Donna bridal style before heading into the woods. Jax and I laughed as we turned towards each other as Donna’s words played over and over in my mind.

“So, how are things?” Jax questioned as I smiled.

“You know how things are. You’ve been with me the whole day!” I said as Jax chuckled.

“Good point.” I giggled at his response. I let out a small sigh as I built up my confidence.

“Jax? Can we talk?” I questioned as Jax’s face turned from a smile to serious.

“Of course, what about? Is anything wrong?” I sighed as I looked up into his crystal blue eyes.

“Do you remember when we were teenagers and you and Tara had your big fight and you slept with me?” Jax nodded his head as I continued. “And you remember a few weeks later when you made up and Tara and I got into the fist fight?” Jax nodded. “Well, right before I got into that fight… I found out I was pregnant but when Tara kicked me in the stomach with her high heel boot I had a miscarriage.” Jax stared at me in complete and utter shock.


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