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“Come on, Derek, just let us in, okay? We can’t help you if you don’t let us in!”

Scott banged on the loft door again, the metallic clank echoing around the spacious room, but Derek did not get up to open it. Instead he stayed pressed against the wall of windows, as far away as he could possibly get.

“How would that possibly help, Scott?” he called back. “The closer you are, the worse it gets!”

Even from this distance he could still hear whispers, brushing up against his mind, thankfully indistinct enough to be ignored for the moment. Earlier, in the sorcerer’s lair, the voices had been loud and persistent and completely inescapable at close range. This was better. Obviously it wasn’t a perfect solution, but at least he was no longer hearing things he didn’t want to hear.

Normally, Derek liked to think of himself as a cautious person. Maybe not in all aspects of his life, but on the whole Derek prefered to think before he acted and thereby not act in stupid ways. So what the hell he had been thinking toying with unidentified magical artefacts found in the home of the malicious sorcerer they had spent a week tracking down and eliminating, he couldn’t say. Judging by the suddenly-audible thoughts of everyone around him in the moment the pendant had started glowing and whistling, he hadn’t been thinking at all.

So now here he was, behind the locked door of his loft, hiding from anyone and everyone whose mind he might involuntarily invade. Because that was his luck.

“We need to figure out what exactly is going on,” Scott argued in that annoyingly reasonable tone of his. “If Deaton can determine what curse it is—if it’s even a curse! It might not be! But if he can do that, then he can work on reversing it. But he can’t do that from all the way out here.”

Derek gritted his teeth against a snarl. He didn’t want to be within a mile of anyone else right now. He didn’t want to hear what other people thought of him; he had long had his suspicions on that matter, and the last thing he needed was confirmation of those depressing facts. But Scott had a point. If he didn’t want to live the rest of his miserable life as an unwilling telepath, Deaton was his best shot.

“Fine,” he bit out. “But for the love of all that is holy, Scott, try to keep your mind off Allison.

The mental images Derek had from the ten seconds between the onset of the curse and when everyone else had realized what was happening had scarred him for life.

With every step he took toward the door, the voice in Derek’s ear got that much louder, strangely light and insubstantial in a way that was hard to define but made it obvious even without seeing Scott’s closed mouth that the words weren’t being spoken out loud.

I don’t think about Allison that much, do I? Just because her hair smells good and she was wearing that shirt today with the — like the blue one better, it makes her look like — probably stay over at her place tonight if her dad doesn’t try to shoot me again — need to take milk home to mom, though, don’t forget —

Derek yanked open the door and immediately backed away, hoping that even a few feet would make the thoughts less demanding. He was thoroughly caught off guard to see Deaton standing quietly at Scott’s side; he couldn’t hear a single thought from the man. When Derek turned his attention on him, he just got a very strong impression of a brick wall.

Deaton smiled that cryptic little smile of his, like he was the one reading minds now.

“A mental block,” he said. “A technique for shielding the mind, perfected through years of practice and meditation.”

“Like Occlumency?” Derek asked.

“Not unlike it,” Deaton said easily. “Sadly, not something that can be picked up by novices in a few hours.”

Well, there went his last hope.

Derek let himself be tugged down onto his own couch by Deaton and sent up a prayer of thanks when Scott took the hint to not crowd him. That didn’t stop him from catching stray thoughts— really should get some curtains or something, this place is depressing — smells like sad in here, god, I hate chemosignals —but it was better than a constant deluge of them.

There was some poking and prodding, some following the light exercises, and some sort of obscure, extrasensory magical goings-on before Deaton sat back with another almost-reassuring smile.

“It’s not a permanent spell,” he said, “nor a complex one. However, it is one that requires the source to be destroyed.”

“The source?” Derek asked. “The sorcerer is already dead. Why am I still being subjected to this?”

“By source, I mean the artefact in which the curse was contained,” Deaton clarified. “Luckily, we have the artefact on hand. Now it’s only a matter of destroying it.”

“How long should that take?” Scott asked.

“Shouldn’t be long,” Deaton said, standing up and dusting off his lab coat. “A week or two at the most.”

“A week or two?” Derek repeated, horrified.

Don’t know why he’s so upset by that, we go weeks without seeing him anyway — kind of a hermit, honestly — oh god, he can hear me, can’t he, fuck —

“It’ll be fine,” Scott said bracingly, and Derek had a strong urge to punch him in the face. Luckily, Scott seemed to sense it and started hastily backing up toward the door, thumbing over his shoulder. “Deaton will get you fixed up in no time! In the meantime, I’ll just get out of your hair.”

“Please do,” Derek muttered.

The silence, when Scott and Deaton were gone and the door shut firmly behind them, seemed emptier than it usually did, but Derek was grateful for it nonetheless.

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Momma Hale x Derek

“Momma my kits not clean!” Isaac yelled as you tried to sift through the huge pile of paper work that you needed to send to Mr Whittemore that afternoon.

“Momma I have to have a packed lunch for my trip not money!” Erica yelled as she ran past while Liam growled and snapped at the twins.

“Derek!” You sighed franticly but your Alpha was too busy with Boyd.

“Make him stop!” one of the twins hissed while the other shoved Liam who stumbled back into the tv.

“Oh great, idiot!” Erica yelled at him while Isaac started fighting with the twins.

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Scott x Reader


Requested by @alphawinchester67

Prompt list

You’ve never be the one keeping an eye on Scott when he was in heat, it’s always been Stiles and when he wasn’t present, so now the only solution the pack had was that you were the one who was going to take care of him, which didn’t make any sense since you were a werewolf as well and could easily get affected.

He was with no doubt stronger than you since he was an alpha and he manage to push you down the bed, pinning your against the mattress and did anything to cover you with his scent.

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Baby Liam| Scott McCall x Reader x Liam Dinbar


Part 4| Series

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You felt something falling onto your eye making you jolt awake before realizing it was Scott’s drool. You squinted your eyes, slapping him slightly in his cheek, laughing knowing he can’t do anything about it right now. You were debating if you should get up to get a marker to draw on his face, instantly remembering Liam. The memories of him and you prancing Scott together making you remember of reality.

You jolt forward, making Scott’s resting figure fall against the couch, the impact making him wake up from his slumber. He rubbed his eyes before looking around, only to find you with Liam, a smile on your face as you carried him around pretending that his body was an airplane, the sound effects coming from you and inevitable giggles from Liam. He smiled lazily, but proudly, at his “family”.

His laugh caught your attention, you looked over to him smiling brightly. “He keeps calling me mama.” You boasted. He rolled his eyes, “Well seeing as he was a mama’s boy before this with you, I wouldn’t be surprised to him being so attached to you.” He noted, “A little too attached…” He mumbled, making it your turn to roll your eyes at him. “As much as I love baby Liam, we have to get him back to normal.” You sighed pinching his adorable cheeks.


Scott, Stiles, and you were hunched over reading articles, books, links, on mythology of werewolves, supernatural, and turning them into babies. You groan, making Liam look at you, his head tilting in a confused manner, like a puppy. The action being to adorable for you to be quiet, making you let out “awe’s” and rushing to him to hug him. He tried imitating the sound, only for him to fall short and release yelling sounds. “Maybe you and Scott should go and speak to Deaton. If there’s any way, he’ll know how to be able to help.” Stiles suggested making you look at him scared at what he’s suggesting.

“And whom do you think will take care of Liam?” You sarcastically asked. He smiled evil like, a cheshire smile forming on his lips. “I think it’s time my nephew and I spend some good ol’ quality time together.”


“That’s definitely not something you come across regularly.” Deaton frowned, “I mean we have seen it, but never to an extend of a baby.” He thought out loud. “Well…have you heard anything like this before?” Scott questioned hoping he’ll know how to turn his beta back. Deaton frowned stayed for a couple of seconds, his mind going over his memories because he knew there was something. It was almost as if it was in front of him. He looked up, noticing movement, Y/N standing there, deep in her thoughts, her hands tapping against the table underneath her. He eyes following her fingers to where a bottle payed next to her. Birth control for werewolves. It was in front of him!

Deaton let out a yelp, smiling at scaring the wolves inside his room. “Y/N do you remember the birth control I made especially for werewolves?” Deaton asked grabbing the bottles. You nodded, “uh..yeah…we don’t really need a refill. I mean, we’re kind of busy with the whole Liam turning into a bay that we haven’t gotten the chance t-” You rambled on, not seeming to be able to stop the horrid words from coming out of your mouth. Deaton cut you off, “No, that’s not what I brought it up. But thanks.” He joked smirking at a red Scott. “Do you remember the side effect?” He brought up again to Y/N.

You shook your head, to which Deaton nodded. “Well in some cases, it has affected the man and turned them into babies. Mythology going back to tying with karma of not letting nature take its course, but it’s rare, mostly thought to be myth.” He informed them, “Have you recently lost any pills?” He asked you. You nooses your head explaining you were missing two a while back, the exact day Liam turned.

All of you smiled before researching the myths and the cure. Deaton found out that they needed certain herbs, to which he promise he’ll get, but needed time.

Scott and you made your way back home to find Stiles crawled in a fetal position, rocking back and fourth. Once hearing your arrival, he sprinted to you, hugging and kissing your head. You were surprised by his actions, growing worried. Scott growled behind you, usually not getting jealous over his best friends, Stiles, but due to the lack of intimacy, he was very protective and possessive over you. Stiles rolled his eyes, his sarcastic ways over powering his dramatic act. “What’s wrong?” Scott huffed out. “The kid…he’s no baby, he’s evil.” He whispered scared of being heard from Liam. You looked around hearing giggling, eventually your eyes landing on Liam, a pair of underwear on his head, his hands clapping while he giggled. Your heart melted, while Stiles whispered, “Pure evil.”

You Can Plunder My Dungeon Anytime

Slightly late for this @sterek-bingo entry because I fell asleep early last night! Enjoy :)

This story was written for the Kids square on my BINGO card. (AO3 link here).

You Can Plunder My Dungeon Anytime

Sometimes, they come in the night, and it’s unexpected, and it’s like drowning.

Other times, Stiles knows to expect them. He can feel the sensation building in his chest, like an invisible hand reaching inside him and squeezing him tighter and tighter, making it more and more difficult to breathe, until at last it overwhelms him completely and he’s gone. He can’t stop it, the blood rushing in his ears and the world spinning around him, sucking him under.

There are different ways of dealing with it. Anyone who tries to suggest breathing exercises can go fuck themselves, but holding an object – something smooth and hard that he can squeeze tight without it giving – helps sometimes. He has an app on his phone that puts up psychedelic images to try and help him focus.

Mostly, though, it’s just a question of panting through it until it’s over and he feels slightly less like he’s dying.

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Stiles- Embarrassing Is My Forte

Request-  Hey! If you feel like it, could you please do one where the reader is a werewolf, but she’s bitten by a vampire and she doesn’t heal and she’s in a lot of pain but she doesn’t want to worry anyone so she pretends she’s fine (she is the youngest member of the pack, and she has a huge crush on stiles) I understand if you don’t want to do this, and I love your writing😍

A/N- So since vampires aren’t really a thing on the show, I changed this up just a little bit. Enjoy!

You shoved open the school doors and stepped outside, sighing in content as you felt the warm air on your skin. Even though your grades had been slipping and you were forced to go to tutoring for hours, you had developed a new appreciation of simple things. Of course, that was a side effect of being put on a hitlist, and now that the deadpool was over, you considered yourself pretty lucky to be alive.
It was only weeks ago that you were roaming the halls of Beacon Memorial Hospital, bored out of your mind, when someone covered in blood had come around the corner and attacked you. The psycho had almost torn you apart, and only the sound of footsteps running in your direction had saved your life. A guy with dark hair and a crooked jaw had found you on the floor of hallway, bleeding out and delirious.
“Please,” you had begged weakly. “Help me.”
Instead of running for a doctor or a nurse like you thought he would, the guy just glanced
around nervously. He bit the inside of his cheek and looked down at you, and you took a shallow, shaky breath. “Please. I don’t wanna die.”
“Are you sure?” he asked, kneeling next to you.
Your brows knitted together in confusion. Of course you were sure. No one wanted to bleed to death on the floor of a hospital, but you figured you didn’t have time to point that out.
“Yes,” you whispered sharply. “Please.”
His brown eyes met yours, and he nodded down at you, but instead of going for help, he picked up your arm and sank his teeth into it. A sharp scream of pain tore its way out of your throat, and it hurt so much that you passed out. When you woke up, the guy was gone, but you were still covered in blood.
You had reached for your abdomen, which the blood-covered guy had practically tore open earlier, but it was now completely healed. You sat up, feeling your head, your arms, anywhere that had even been slightly bruised. Nothing hurt anymore.
You suddenly remembered the second guy, the one who bit you, but when you looked down at your arm, there was no mark. You stood up shakily, glancing around at the deserted hall, and that was when a couple of hospital security guards came running around the corner.
You tried to explain what happened, but when they saw that you weren’t hurt, they hurried up toward the stairs. You knew they were trying to find the guy who had attacked you, but you guessed a witness covered in blood wasn’t their priority at the moment.
You shook your head and headed toward the front desk, alarming the nurses there, but they concluded the same thing you had. You weren’t hurt at all.
     You walked back to your cousin’s room and stuck around the hospital for a little while while your aunt went to grab you some new clothes. She was the reason you had been there in the first place, and after she had broken her leg in a car accident, your mom asked you to go sit with her.
You were sitting next to her bed when you noticed someone outside in the hall, trying to grab your attention. It was the guy from before, the one who had found you bleeding in the hall. He was waving at you wildly, and against your better judgement, you went out into the hall.
“I’ll be right back,” you told your cousin, pushing open the door.
“Oh, thank god you’re alive,” the guy had breathed, glancing down at you.
“So it was real?”
The guy had pursed his lips and nodded. “There’s a lot I have to tell you. And I’m gonna start by saying I’m sorry.”
When Scott finally introduced himself and explained that he was a werewolf and you were one too, you didn’t believe him. You were convinced you were hallucinating from the shock of being attacked, but then again, the blood that was on you had been yours. You had no explanation for the cuts and injuries disappearing, and once Scott showed you his glowing red eyes, you finally started to relent.
It turns out he had bitten someone else just a little after you, when the same guy who attacked you almost threw a kid in your grade off the hospital roof. You were a werewolf, along with this new guy, and you were both a part of Scott’s pack now.
“Jesus,” you had remarked. “Do you just go around biting people all the time?”
Scott had frowned. “No. This is actually the first time this has happened to me.”
“Seriously?” you asked.
“I’m having an off night,” he had stated glumly.
Learning control was hard, but you were starting to get the hang of it. That was more than you could say for Liam, the other new beta, whose anger issues were complicating things. Now that the deadpool was over though, you had more time to focus on gaining control of your powers, and you were just relieved you were getting the chance to be normal again.
That was why you were so excited about your walk home from tutoring, because while it was something simple, it was mundane. You walked home almost all the time since you lived pretty close to the school, and that was at least one thing that hadn’t changed.
You smiled as you headed out toward the sidewalk, just as the school doors opened behind you. You glanced back to see a girl with dark hair slipping out the door. Her name was Kalissa, and you recognized her from your tutoring sessions, so you called out to her.
“Hey, Kalissa!”
She simply smiled and lifted up her hand to wave, but you were pretty far ahead and she didn’t try to catch up to you. You turned back toward the road and headed toward your house, but the footsteps behind you told you that she was going the same way. It never occurred to you that it would have been smarter to walk beside her, but when you heard breaks screeching behind you, you realized your mistake. You whirled around, just in time to see a dark-haired man jumping out of a car and grabbing Kalissa.
She screamed, and something Scott had told you that night in the hospital came to mind. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, Y/n. You can use to help people.
With Scott’s words echoing in your head, your dropped your bag and sprinted toward the car. The guy snatched Kalissa so fast that you knew he must have been something supernatural, and then he slammed her into the side of the car. She fell to the ground, unconscious, and you let out a threatening snarl, but the guy didn’t look afraid.
Instead, he let out a roar of his own, and his eyes lit up a bright white. One look at his horrifying teeth told you exactly what he was, and you started toward him.
“I hate wendigos,” you hissed to yourself, flicking out your claws.
Your eyes lit up a bright yellow as you swiped out at him, catching him across the chest and tearing his shirt. He roared again and started to go hand to hand with you, but it was obvious he was more skilled. By some stroke of luck, you managed to knock his legs out from under him and pin him to the ground, but he quickly lunged up and sank his teeth into your shoulder.
You screamed, and through the haze of your pain, you realized that you wouldn’t be able to save Kalissa. The Wendigo grabbed you by the hair and slammed you into the door of the car, and you blacked out for a minute or so. When you opened your eyes, you had just enough time to see him loading a back bag into the trunk and then slam it shut.
It took you a few moments to realize that he must have zipped Kalissa into it, and you weakly shoved yourself off the ground. You ran around the side of the car, but he was already inside, and he simply flashed you a crazy grin as he sped off. You limped back to the sidewalk, your shoulder stinging, and pulled out your phone.
First, you tried to call Scott, but he didn’t pick up. You didn’t want to call the police and sound totally insane as you explained everything, but if you had to, you would. That was when you realized that there was one more person who might be able to help.
Since you were a new werewolf, you didn’t have a long list of contacts that new about the supernatural, but Scott had told you that there was one person who was always willing to help if he could. Dr. Deaton was a veterinarian with a very specific set of skills, and not all of those included treating cats and dogs.
When you were introduced to him, he seemed helpful enough, and if you wanted to avoid bringing clueless cops into the situation, then calling him was your best option. You quickly dialed his number and prayed to every god there was that he would pick up the phone.
“This is Dr. Deaton,” he announced after a few rings.
At the sound of his voice, you let out a breath of relief. “Deaton, this is Y/n, uh, Scott’s beta?”
“Oh. What can I do for you, Y/n?”
“I think I just watched a wendigo kidnap someone,” you breathed. “I was leaving the school, and he just pulled over and grabbed the girl behind me. I tried to fight him, but he bit me and I tried to call Scott, but-”
“Woah, woah, woah,” Deaton cautioned. “Slow down, Y/n. What did he look like?”
“Uh, he had, uh, dark hair,” you said slowly. “And I think he had blue eyes. When they weren’t glowing white.”
You heard Deaton sigh through the phone. “Wait, do you know him?”
“I’m afraid so,” he told you. “He escaped from Eichen House a little while ago, but I think I know where he’s headed. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to him before he hurts that girl. Thank you for calling me.”
“Wait, that…that’s it?” you asked. “You’re just going to go after him?”
“Yes,” Deaton told you. “Unless you need something else. You’re not hurt are you?”
You glanced down at your shoulder. “No, uh, I’m fine. Let me know when you find her.”
With a promise that he would, Deaton hung up the phone, and as you slid your phone back into your pocket, you hissed in pain. Your shoulder felt like it was burning, and as you grabbed your bag and headed down the sidewalk, it occurred to you that there was no way you could go home like this.
For starters, you weren’t healing at all. Maybe it was because the bite was deep, or because it was from a wendigo, but the mark didn’t look like it was going away anytime soon. You tried to call Scott again, but he still wasn’t answering his phone, and after trying Kira, and Lydia, you realized that you had to try Stiles.
He was Scott’s best friend and two years older than you, but you and Stiles got along as if you had been friends for years. Meeting him was one of the best things about Scott biting you, and you knew that if you called him and asked for help, he’d be there within minutes.

Stiles was sitting on his bed when his phone rang, and he pulled his eyes away from his crime board to snatch his phone from his desk. “Hello?”
“Uh, Stiles?” you asked hesitantly.
“Y/n? Is everything okay?”
“Not really,” you told him. “A wendigo just bit me.”
“What?” he choked, jumping up. “Where are you? What happened?”
“I’m outside the school. I was walking home and there was who was walking behind me. This guy just pulled over and grabbed her, and when I tried to fight him, his eyes were bright white. He bit me, and he took off. I couldn’t help her, but I called Deaton. He said he knows the guy and knows where he’s going.”
“Okay,” Stiles told you. “I’ll be there in a few minutes. Do you want me to stay on the phone with you?”
“No,” you told him weakly. “I think I’ll be okay.”
“You don’t sound okay,” he stated, jogging down the stairs and snatching his keys from the table by the door.
“Stiles,” you told him. “I’ll be fine.”
“Y/n, I’m not hanging up this phone until I know you’re not gonna die on me.”
Despite the pain you were in, you smiled. “Okay.”
He talked to you as he drove to the school, probably breaking about five traffic laws in the process.
“Stiles,” you croaked. “Please be careful.”
“Careful?” he asked, his voice echoing out through the speakers. “‘Course I’m being caref-oh, shit…sure hope that wasn’t a red light.”
You laughed softly and tilted your head back against the brick wall you were leaning against. You hadn’t wanted to go back into the school with your torn shirt and bleeding shoulder, but you hadn’t wanted to stay out on the road either. You had gone around the side of the school and sat in the grass to wait for Stiles, hoping you would be out of view.
“Hey, where are you?” he asked. You could hear the screeching of the Jeep’s breaks through the phone, and you felt your body sag in relief. “On the side of the school. The one closest to the sign.”
“Okay, I’ll be right there.”
You heard a car door slam, and true to his word, Stiles didn’t hang up the phone until he skidded to a stop in the grass in front of you.
“Oh shit,” he breathed, glancing down at your shoulder in horror.
“You really know what to say to a girl, Stilinski,” you remarked weakly.
“I-I didn’t mean-it’s just-your shoulder,” he rambled.
“It’s okay,” you told him, shoving yourself up from the ground. “I’m sure it looks awful.”
You stumbled slightly, and Stiles reached out to catch you. He placed his hands on your shoulders to steady you.
“Hey, easy there,” he told you. “I can’t have you dying on me. Scott would kill me.”
“Where is he?” you asked him as he led you to the Jeep.
“No idea,” he told you. “But I’m taking you to Deaton.”
“He’s not there,” you groaned. “He went after the wendigo who took that girl.”
“Damn it,” Stiles breathed. “Okay, I’ll call Scott. Hopefully, he’ll pick up, but for now, I have a first aid kit in the jeep. I don’t have any supernatural healing magic, but I’ve got some gauze and some medical tape.”
“That works too,” you told him. “God, my head is killing me.”
“I also have some aspirin,” Stiles assured you.
He led you to the Jeep with an arm wrapped around your waist, and then helped you into the passenger seat. He reached out in front of you to fumble with the glove box for a moment, and then he pulled out a rusty, metal first aid kit.
“Sorry, it might be a little old,” he warned.
“A little?” you questioned.
Stiles’ lips twitched. “Okay, maybe more than a little.”
You smiled. “It’s fine, Stiles.”
“Great,” he said softly, reaching out to clean the bite mark on your shoulder. You winced, and noticed his fingers were shaking.
“Do you want me to do it?” you asked, nodding down to his hand.
“I-no, sorry I-I just…you make me kind of nervous.”
You rolled your eyes. “Don’t worry, Stiles. I’m not going to attack you again. Besides, it’s not the full moon anymore.”
“It’s not that,” he said softly, wiping the dried blood from your shoulder.
“Then what is it?”
“I-I mean, I don’t hold that against you, you know?” he told you quickly. “It was your first one, and you didn’t end up killing me, so…”
“Oh,” you said. “Okay…but why are you so nervous?”
Stiles sighed. “You’re a total badass. And you’re really pretty…and I’ve never been the best around girls to begin with.”
You blinked, and you felt a smile curling onto your lips. “Stiles, are you saying-”
“I like you,” he admitted, the words tumbling from his mouth. “I really like you.”
Instead of looking at you, he was fumbling around in the first aid kit for some bandages, but you quickly reached out to grab his wrist. “I like you too, Stiles.”
Stiles blinked and looked up. “A-are you sure? Like, you’re not just saying that because I’m totally saving your life right now?”
You rolled your eyes again, and Stiles smiled. “I wouldn’t go that far. I doubt this thing is going to kill me.”
“You never know.”
You sighed. “I like you, Stiles. I’m not just saying it. You’ve been one of the best things about being a werewolf. I don’t think you have any idea just how much I like you. It’s kind of embarrassing.”
Stiles grinned. “You? Embarrassing?”
“You’d be surprised,”
“Well,” he said, leaning forward. “Embarrassing is my forte.”
You blinked, glancing down at his lips before meeting his eyes again. Before he had a chance to mess it up, he closed the distance between you. You closed your eyes as he kissed you, and as you wrapped your arms around his neck, you felt a prickling sensation around the bite on your shoulder and the gash on your head. When you and Stiles finally parted, you looked down to find that the wound had completely healed.
“Woah,” he breathed. “I must be a better kisser than I thought.”
You rolled your eyes at him, but you couldn’t stop the smile blooming on your face. “I’m guessing you didn’t know that could happen?”
He shook his head. “You know, even after all this time, I’m sure there’s still stuff we don’t know about werewolves.”
You sighed. “I guess I’ve got a lot to learn.”
“I can help you out,” Stiles promised. “Starting now. I wonder if kissing could, like, make you sprout wings or something.”
He leaned in for another kiss, and you put your hand on his cheek and turned him away. “I do not want wings.”
“But you do want me…you do want me, right? I’m not misreading this?”
You laughed softly. “Yes, Stiles. I want you.”
He sighed in relief. “Good, because this would have been awkward. So, should we call Scott?”
You looked down at your healed shoulder. “Eh, I think I’m good.”
“Thank god, because I’m starving,” he breathed. “Wanna go get something to eat?”
You grinned. “Sure, but uh, maybe I should change first?”
He looked down at your bloody shirt. “Oh, hold on.”
He leaned forward, practically enveloping you as he reached around your body and into the backseat. He pulled a faded t-shirt from the floor and tossed it to you. “Wear this. It’s clean, it’s just been back there for a while.”
“It’s fine,” you promised.
You smiled to yourself as you hopped into the backseat to change. Stiles turned around to cover you, and you felt excitement stirring inside you. Initially, you had been freaked out about this whole werewolf thing. Now it was beginning to dawn on you that with superpowers, a chance to save lives, and the guy of your dreams, it wasn’t a bad deal at all.

Kappa/Stiles Stilinski Fluff

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Hey 👋 I’m a super big fan, I love all your imagine! My request is a StilesxReader where you are the new girl in town but in the end you discover you are some sort of mythical beast. I hope you like this request 🖤

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What They Call You... Scott

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairings: Scott McCall x Reader

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Scott and the pack sat together on the bleachers, some talking while others studied. You would normally be with them, but seeing as you weren’t human made it impossible.

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i'm here || isaac lahey

word count: 2392

warnings: loss of power

request:  Can I request an Isaac imagine… Isaac is in love with the reader who’s a witch and during the Nemeton she was also taken with Chris and she lost her powers and he comforts her. She moves in with Scott to help cope and she has nightmares about it about her not being able to do anything and he helps her get through eventually kissing her toes lo with her panic attack about it. Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense

author’s note: this has been posted before but was deleted, so now i am reposting it! enjoy! all the witch stuff is inspired by bonnie bennett from the vampire diaries!

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I want to scream ~Stiles Stillinski~

Summary: You have a panic attack, struggle to suppress your banshee powers and have flashes of your family’s death due to a trigger that send you spiralling downwards but Stiles helps you. 

Pairings: StilesxReader

Warnings: The reader is said to be having a panic attack so if this is a trigger for you happily scroll past. 

Note: Not my gifs. Credit goes to the owner. 

You dropped your books on the floor as your hands froze up to your finger tips. Stiles eyes locked with yours a few lockers away from you. Scott standing next to him staring at what had just happened but Stiles knew immediately and it didn’t take Scott long before he registered what was going on. 

“Be careful- you and Scott’s pack. I’m coming for you. The human is first.” Theo’s voice rung in your head, “You know what happened to your family last time you got in my way” 

It stung and Stiles noticed to late what Theo had done.

Then the backslashes to your family’s demise and brutal deaths flashed in your head in between each flash Stiles etched closer with Scott shortly behind him. You were sure Stiles was calling your name, or even Scott but the only thing that filled your head was the brutal screams of your parents and younger sibling. Then your mother’s final scream echoed through your head, slicing at your brain and eardrums like a razor. The one that is only used for destruction. 

The scream stuck in your throat- you bit your lip till you started tasting blood. ‘Stop’ you screamed at yourself, wanting to force the images out of your head. ‘It’s the past, its over, its not happening.’ You clenched your fists not wanting to draw to much attention to yourself in the hallway but noting helped and the nauseated feeling of holding the scream back hit you like a wave. 

Your chest tightened as if someone gripped it with immense force and you wished the whirring and clicking of the dread doctors would seize. With eyes clenched closed you opened your mouth to utter one cry of help. 

“Stiles!” you tried but it became a little more audible than you expected it to be but within moments of you uttering his name. Warm arms hands found your hands. You immediately relaxed the whirring and clicking not seizing. The scream still audible. 

“Stiles I want to scream,” you whispered, eyes still clenched close for fear of seeing the dread doctors. 

“Open your eyes, Y/N” you heard Stiles’ voice. You shook your head but he quickly gripped your head between his hands. “I’ve got you Y/N, open your eyes.” and with those last words your eyes shot open filling with tears instantly. Stiles’ came into vision his hands shaking, Scott stood behind him with your books in his hand. He was tugging on Stiles’ shoulder. 

“I want to scream Stiles.” you said your lips forming a tight straight line, surprising the inner banshee of yours. You hadn’t even realised your breathing had resulted to short and shallow and quick inhalations and exhalations. 

“Locker room, Stiles. Go, now!” Scott’s voice crashed into your head clearing some of the whirring and clicking of the dread doctors but the scream still persisted and when you saw the slight blood traces on Stile’s hands you knew that your ears were bleeding. 

Stiles had managed to pull you into the locker room, locking it behind you to ensure no one comes in to see you in this state. 

“I think I’m having a panic attack.” you breathed suddenly noticing your breathing had seized for a few seconds. “The screaming it won’t stop. Oh shit Stiles it hurst so much.” you breathed and He wrapped his arm around you resting his chin on your head. You clenched onto him. 

“Listen to my voice. Keep focusing on my voice. Okay? Remember Scott’s always trying to teach Liam to find an anchor? Maybe its just like that with being a banshee. You need to find something to hold on to and to help you. So just keep listening to me. I mean- I know its not the best voice to listen to but. Yeah, I hope it will do. It has to. Scott’s going to find Deaton or Parrish. So I don’t know. So they can make you okay again. So you won’t be hurting this much.” Stiles spoke rambling you feeling a slight shake from his hand that was combing your hair out of your face. 

“Stiles, breathing. Voice is gone. I can’t breath.” you hissed through clenched teeth. He pulled himself away from you. He smiled meekly at you, 

“You did it, Y/N. You controlled it.” he smiled. You forced a tired smile but your hand flew to your chest once again. 

“Hey look at me.” he whispered, you forced your eyes to him. 

“You can breath, just follow my lead. Okay?” he smiled and you nodded as hand got entangled in yours. He took a hefty inhale and you did the same. Then he squinted his eyes holding it in for a few seconds to long and then a rupture of laughter exhaling. You doing the same. Continuing with this a few seconds longer. 

“See you can totally breath normally. Just takes practise for such a dork like you.” he chimed, his hand squeezing yours. You smiled the dull ache still sitting in your head, ears and chest but it being bearable. 

“Thank you, it was Theo and I-” you tried to explain but Stiles shook his head. 

“Theo is going to get it from me and my bat after Scott dealt with him a little.” Stiles stated and you nodded not really wanting to argue with him or much rather not defend Theo. Stiles had slowly helped you up, being careful for another dizzy spell to hit you. 

You walked slowly towards the locker room’s exit. Stiles arm around you your arm around his neck. 

“We need to clean you up,” Stiles stated as he unlocked the door., your headache increasing. You nodded slowly the door swinging open to reveal Scott, Deaton and Parrish. You smiled weakly at them as Deaton immediately surveyed your bloody ears. 

“Screaming?” Deaton questioned as you all moved back into the locker rooms.

“You mean other than the usual?” you questioned as your headache sliced at the back of your eyes. Seaton laughed slightly as Stiles pranced worriedly behind him and Parrish and Scott leaned against the lockers. 

“Mum’s one is gone.” you breathed and Stiles stiffened but continued worriedly walking up and down behind Deaton. 

“Just a piercing headache.” you admitted and he nodded once again. 

“Parrish, I don’t think we need you to suppress any of her screams. She looks to me like she’s forming a migraine and her banshee powers are being suppressed for now through the migraine.” Deaton confirmed. 

Parrish nodded, “Gave us a hell of a scare there, Y/N.” he remarked trying his best to lift the mood but you returned a slight smile. “Call me if anything else changes” Parrish said to Stiles and he nodded nervously. 

“What do we do now?” Stiles questioned Deaton as Scott came to sit next to you. 

“You take her home, get her to sleep most off the migraine away. And keep Theo away from her.” Deaton ordered and Stiles nodded. Scott walked with Deaton as Stiles slung both yours and his backpack onto his back. 

“Stiles- I can carry my own bag.” you defended but he helped you up. 

“Y/N Just shut up, and let me take care of you.” 


Stiles x Reader

Requested by Anon

Stiles could tell from across the field that you’d had a bad day, having seen throughout the week how the little things pilled on, refusing to ask for help you seemed to deflate in front of his very eyes.

“Stilinski!” Coach yelled when a ball sailed through the air and Stiles missed it, only to be smacked in the face with it.

“Sorry Coach.” Stiles muttered, glancing back to see you’d hurried off into the school.

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I won’t sleep if you won’t sleep

Summary: After the nogitsune, Stiles is unable to sleep. To help, he has a spell cast on him that will link him with Derek.

Notes: I intended this to be a bedsharing fic, but it’s more of sleeping and snuggling fic. Oh, well. (On AO3)

“You all understand the purpose of the spell, and what it entails,” Deaton says, looking around the room. “Right?”

Scott, looking guilty, gives a little nod, and everyone else follows suit. This has to be the strangest intervention Derek has ever been to.

He glances over at Erica, who’s leaning casually in the corner, and then to Isaac, who is crossing his arms nervously. Boyd is staring thoughtfully, Scott is looking sadly at Stiles, and Stiles…

Stiles looks tired.

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Decoded (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~FINAL~

Originally posted by renkliboyakalemleri

I packed my bag with each and every weapon I could find, not wanting to take a risk if we were really going up against the berserkers.

“Where in the hell did you even get a hold of these things?!” Stiles asked, his eyes bewildered as he gently picked up a grenade.

“My dad tends to hoard around weapons,” I shrugged. “A part of the fact that he likes to collect them.”

“Do you even know how to wield even half of them?”

“For the most part,” I said looking to him as I smirked and twirled a gun in my fingers and stuffed it into the backpack. “But I’ve got my preferred weapon of choice.” He looked down and shook his head.

“You’ve really got to train me or something,” he muttered softly to himself. I chuckled and placed a hand to his arm.

“Maybe one of these days,” I said, my smile fading. “But we should get going before my dad finds out half of his collection is gone.”

I gently placed the backpack in the back of his jeep before jumping into the front passenger seat and heading off to the sheriff’s station.

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“Family” - Void Stiles

Originally posted by bitchesimhigh

(not my gif)

REQUEST: (void Stiles; (Y/N) is Stiles’s little sister) The scene when Melissa is talking to Stiles when he is on the couch but instead of Melissa, it’s (Y/N) and though he is paralyzed, he’s able to capture her in a trance like a state and she can’t move so the pack has to drag her away from void Stiles, kicking and screaming.

Stiles was pinned to the couch in Scott’s living room. Deaton and Melissa were by his side, making sure the young boy wasn’t going to escape or hurt anyone. Stiles was harmless but void Stiles wasn’t, and they all had to be careful, because the fox inside him was clever and stronger than ever.
“Am I the only one who thinks this is a terrible idea?” Scott said. “He is dangerous! I’m not letting (Y/N) go anywhere near him.”
“I agree with Scott. We shouldn’t let her see him.” Melissa declared.
“It’s (Y/N).” Lydia said, holding her phone before Scott’s eyes. “She is calling again.”
“Tell her I’d love to see her. She is my little sister after all. I would never hurt my little sister.” Void Stiles said, smirking.
“She is not your sister. You are not Stiles.” Scott spat.
Deaton put tape on void Stiles’s mouth before he could say anything else. He screamed angrily, but the tape muffled the sound of his voice.
“Tell (Y/N) she can come.” Deaton informed Lydia.
Everyone looked surprised, maybe even void Stiles. Lydia left the room to take (Y/N)’s call. Scott tried to talk Deaton out of it.
“Have you lost your mind?” Scott said.
“Think about it, Scott. (Y/N) is related to Stiles. She is his family. Maybe this is our solution to bring Stiles back. Nothing is stronger than family.” Deaton explained, but Scott didn’t look convinced.
“We don’t know what he can do to her. This is too risky!”
“He can’t do anything. He can’t move or speak. And if the situation gets out of hand, we will be there to protect her.” Deaton sounded calm and confident. Scott looked up to him since he was thrown into the supernatural world and became a werewolf. Scott trusted Deaton, he had to.
“(Y/N) is on her way.” Lyda said when she came back into the room. Scott looked at Deaton.
“OK, but (Y/N) is my family too, and if something happens to her-” Scott couldn’t finish his sentence. He couldn’t think about the worst case scenario right now.
“Everything is going to be fine.” Deaton reassured Scott.

When (Y/N) opened the door of Scott’s house, Scott was waiting for her in the kitchen. He hugged her and put his hands on each of her shoulders.
“Listen, before you go in there…” Scott paused, he was looking for the right words. “He looks like your brother, but he is not.”
“I know.” (Y/N) said.
“I mean it (Y/N), the boy you’re about to see is not Stiles. Just keep that in mind, OK?” Scott looked very concerned.
(Y/N) nodded, took a deep breath and walked into the living room with Scott by her side.

(Y/N) hadn’t seen her brother for three days. Since Scott figured out that his best friend was the nogitsune, he had kept (Y/N) from seeing Stiles. So when (Y/N) saw Stiles -or void Stiles- sat there on the couch, she had the sudden urge to throw herself in his arms, but she didn’t. Instead, she didn’t move and stared at her brother. He looked pale and had enormous dark circles. His eyes were different too, they were darker and a bit red. Stiles looked like he didn’t sleep for weeks.
(Y/N) was staring at him, but Stiles -or what was left of him, wasn’t looking at her.
“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Scott told her but (Y/N) started to walk towards void Stiles. She bit the inside of her cheek in order not to let tears escape from her tired eyes.

(Y/N) sat on the couch next to void Stiles. She had a lump in her throat but she tried to ignore it. She took a deep breath again. Her hands were moist.
“Stiles?” She said but her brother was still not looking at her. “I know you’re in there. Somewhere.” She added.
(Y/N) was only a year younger than Stiles and it must have been the reason why the two of them have always been so close. They weren’t just siblings, they were best friends. And nothing was more painful than to lose your brother and your best friend all at once.
“Stiles, if you can hear me, don’t give up. We are going to save you, OK? We will figure it out.” (Y/N) said, trying to get her brother to look at her, but it was unsuccessful. (Y/N) looked at Deaton.
“Keep talking to him.” Deaton told her.
“What am I supposed to say?” (Y/N) asked.
“Just speak with your heart.” Deaton replied.
(Y/N) focused her attention back on void Stiles. She tried to think of something to say but she has never been good with words. She gave it a try anyway.
“We’re not giving up on you, Stiles. I can’t imagine how scared you must be, but you’re not alone. We’re all in this together.” (Y/N) paused. Her voice was trembling. “I need you. I can’t do this without you. Do you hear me? I can not do any of this without my brother. I need you here with me. We all do.” (Y/N) couldn’t held back her tears anymore. And Stiles was still not looking at her.
“Stiles?” (Y/N) sounded desperate. “Stiles!” She said a little louder.
“This isn’t working. Let’s get her out of here.” Scott said.
“Stiles!” (Y/N) repeated. “Hey!” This time she shouted.

Suddenly, Stiles looked at her and she felt her blood freeze in her veins. She felt Something she couldn’t describe, as if she just lost control of her body and mind. Her eyes couldn’t leave Stiles’s.
“(Y/N)?” Scott walked slowly towards her.
Neither (Y/N) nor Stiles was moving. Scott could tell that void Stiles was maliciously smirking -even if he had tape on his mouth, and (Y/N)’s eyes were filled with fear.
“What’s happening?” Melissa asked. She looked at Deaton but he didn’t seem to have an answer to her question.
Then Scott noticed that (Y/N)’s nose was bleeding. He crouched down next to her and tried to get her attention, but she seemed to be mesmerized by void Stiles.
“Deaton, what’s happening to her?” Scott asked, angry and concerned.
“I don’t know.” Deaton replied. He was confused.
“OK, this is it. I’m taking her away from him.” Scott declared.
But when he lifted her up from the couch, (Y/N) started screaming and kicking everything around her. Everybody in the room looked surprised and extremely confused by the situation, including Scott, but he didn’t let go of (Y/N).
“Deaton! I need some help!” Scott shouted, trying to control (Y/N)’s odd behaviour.
Deaton helped Scott dragging (Y/N) away from void Stiles while she wouldn’t stop screaming and kicking.
“(Y/N)! Calm down! You’re okay!” Scott said. Then, he looked at what used to be his best friend and shouted: “What the hell did you do to her?”
All he got in reponse was an evil laugh from void Stiles. Even if the sound was muffled by the tape, his laugh sounded very loud in (Y/N)’s head. She closed her eyes and heard him whispered in her head : “Your brother is dead.”

Family. Family is stronger than anything, but it also can be your greatest weakness.

Hell and Silence || Chapter Seven


Warnings: Smut, Swearing, Fighting

Word Count: 7,503

A/N: ChAPTER SEVEN! How are you guys liking Derek and Vanessa so far? I love them.

Chapter One     Chapter Two    Chapter Three    Chapter Four     Chapter Five     Chapter Six



“Isaac, please calm down, you’re going to wake up my dad.” I tried to coax him, but nothing was working. Isaac managed to keep his poise the entire ride back to the house, but as soon as Allison drove away, he lost it. He would have thrown me against the wall if I hadn’t ducked out of the way.

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Derek x Reader

“Hello Love.” Klaus hummed as he spotted you at the end of the bar, Camille would stop serving people to give you notes or when it wasn’t busy she’d sit and help you study.


“What do you want Klaus?” You sighed.


“To offer you the pleasure of my company.” Klaus smiled and you rolled your eyes.

“Believe me your company is anything but pleasurable.” You sighed and grabbed your books. “I’ll come back tomorrow.”


“Alright, see you later (Y/N).” Camille waved at you before turning to scowl at Klaus who had an innocent look on his face.


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Sinking - Part 1 - Smut

Originally posted by oceansprincess

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 3,900

AN: Super secret project of mine, I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and since I was stuck on The Wedding Singer I decided to churn this out. It’s only going to be two parts. Thank you to my babe @toppunks for reading this over for me and encouraging me and being an all around super human being who I love so much! I hope you like, let me know what you think so far. The mythology here is borrowed from real life and some of it will be made up just an FYI.

Listen to this

You sat on the hood of the jeep, Stiles’ sweatshirt hanging off your frame as you gazed out over Beacon Hills from the lookout. Your best friend was sprawled out beside you, long limbs dangling off the side of the vehicle.

“Did you have a good birthday?” He asked, his eyes flitting over to you as you tucked your knees into the sweatshirt with the rest of your body.

“Yeah, thanks to you.” You glanced over at him, a small smile tugging at your lips.

“Well, it’s not every day you turn 18, you know.”

You snorted. “Guess not.” You yawned widely.

“Come on, let’s get you home.” He slid off the jeep, his hands coming to grip your hips and lift you, placing your feet on the ground.

You pitched forward, arms wrapping around his middle. “Thanks, Stiles.”

He hugged you back, his lips brushing your hair. “Any time, Fish.” You smiled at the nickname, before letting go and climbing in the car.

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ash and dust - (Scott/Stiles/Boyd)

written for day 6 of the shipping with stiles week with the theme Stiles/male.  I decided on writing a V, with Stiles/Scott and Stiles/Boyd. 

tags: gunshot wounds, mild gore and violence, mild angst.


Boyd’s there when Stiles wakes up.

He’s hunched over the bed, hands clasped around one of Stiles’ own.  It’s dark and quiet, just the steady beeping of one of the monitors interrupting the silence.  Moonlight trickles in through the blinds, pouring over Boyd’s still form, and it helps Stiles to relax again, even as fire shoots through his leg.

He’s been in hospitals enough times that he instantly recognizes the sterile smell and the itchy sensation of the blanket.  But he can’t really remember what happened this time to land him here.

He moves again, trying to ease his discomfort, and a grunt escapes him at the fresh flare of pain. It’s only a quiet sound, but it makes Boyd stir; he sits up slowly, rubbing a hand across his eyes before looking at Stiles.

“Hey,” he says softly, smiling slightly. “You’re awake.”

Stiles smiles back, tired but happy to see his boyfriend’s face. “Yeah. What happened?”

He doesn’t know if the pain is showing on his face, but Boyd strokes his thumb over Stiles’ knuckles, dark veins scoring up his arms as he takes some of the pain.

“You were shot,” he murmurs. “Talking down those hunters didn’t go so well, huh?”

Stiles drops his head back against the pillow.  He remembers, vaguely, him and Scott running, his hand locked tightly in Scott’s so he doesn’t trip or stumble in the dark.  He remembers the pop of the gun going off and the way it felt like the bullet slammed into his thigh, sending him straight down to the ground, but he can’t remember much after that, just…pain.

He turns his head to look at Boyd.  He’s always been pretty quiet, but Stiles can see what he’s feeling in the gentle downturn of his mouth, in the way he’s gripping Stiles’ hand.  He’d been worried.

“Where’s Scott?”

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Scent *Part 2*

McCall Pack X Reader

Word Count: 355

Requested: Anon

Request: Par two to scent where the reader stars dating someone and the pack is confused as to why the readers got a new scent. Like maybe she’s been turned into something supernatural that the pack hasn’t encountered yet.

*Part 1*

Originally posted by inter-somniac

You and Brett had been together for few weeks, you had told the pack and they seemed to be able to live with the fact that you’d smell like Brett as well but they had a problem when you scent randomly changed completely, Brett had noticed it but he didn’t say anything to him it was a good thing, you scent got better than it was before, to the others it was like your scent was literally pushing them away. They took you to Deaton who knew exactly what was going on.

“What’s happening?” Scott asked.
“Well, you said that (Y/N) was dating another wolf?” Deaton asked and the others nodded. “This is completely normal with non-werewolf mates.”
“What?” You asked.
“Your scent has changed because you’re in the first stages of the mating process,” Deaton explained. “The scent repels over wolves and attracts your mate.”
“This smell good to Brett?” Liam asked.
“Yes.” Deaton smiled.
“Is there any way to make it stop?” Malia asked.
“Well there is but it’s all up to (Y/N) whether I do it or not,” Deaton explained.
“What is it?” You asked.
“Small injection.” He answered and you shrugged.
“That it? Sure do it.” You nodded. Deaton prepared what he needed and then got started but almost as soon as the needle was in your skin the door swung open, Scott went out to check who it was.
“(Y/N)! We could use your help!” Scott called. When you walked out you saw Brett completely wolfed out.
“Brett!” You called and he turned to you his feature softening.
“Keep talking.” Deaton encouraged.
“What are you doing here?” You asked.
“They were hurting you.” He mumbled.
“It was a small injection.” You began “just to make sure that my scent didn’t kill these guys.” You gestured the other wolves.
“Your scent wasn’t bad.” Brett frowned.
“Not to you,” Stiles informed him and Brett growled.
“How about we take a walk and I’ll tell you all about it.” You suggested quickly hoping over the small gate and leading him out of the vet practice before another fight could be started.

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