i need crying and rest and crying and rest

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We are ARMY. The ones that care and love Bangtan for who they are. The ones that have been there when they were sad. The ones that protected them from life threatening situations. The ones who send them love from literally the bottom of our hearts. Why does this make me cry? Because it reminds me that they work hard. They put up with people’s shit. They don’t cry over the hateful and hurtful things. They cry over ARMYs because they love us so much. The real ones know exactly how I feel. The fakes don’t care. Bangtan continues to work harder and harder everyday to make us happy and so that we can have a good time, but at the end of the day, us ARMYs know they’re exhausted  and want to rest. Like… we seriously fight over who needs more rest ARMY vs. BTS. They also put a lot of effort into their work because we do to. We work by supporting them, loving them (ALL OF THE MEMBERS), caring for them. We’re their family. And they are ours as well. They’ve been through a whole lot. And we were there to comfort them. And to hear us sing with them…. it means so much to them!!! It makes them happy which is what we want!! We’ve all been through things as well. And tbh that’s where BTS took part. They were and still are my happy place. And I know I’m not the only one. This fandom needs to stay strong for BTS and for ourselves, too. They’re always making us laugh and they’re always happy. But as ARMYs, we know when something is wrong and we know they overwork themselves a lot. And the hate that has been going around to each of them is bs!!! There isn’t a reason for Namjoon to be saying “I’m sorry” to a “fan” that complained because they got a picture of him in their album. There shouldn’t be any reason to call Jimin “fat”. There shouldn’t be a reason to call Jungkook an “attention whore”. There isn’t reason to say that Taehyung is “stupid and weird” There shouldn’t be a reason to tell Hobi that he should “leave the group because he’s not attractive”. There shouldn’t be a reason to not like Jin because he’s the “hyung and isn’t talented”. There shouldn’t be a reason to call Yoongi “cold hearted”. All of this is ridiculous!!! They do so much for us to have others bitch and complain over lies!!! It’s not fair for them and neither is it fair for us. The only thing BTS asks from us is our love, respect, laughter, care, protection, inspiration, and support. And we will give it to them because we love them. We made a promise to each other and we are going to keep that promise.

“…those who appear to be complex and difficult, who turned out more dependable than anyone thought. Like me. I know exactly what my job is. Your father made it perfectly clear. You are my job. You are the essence of my duty. So here I am. Liegeman of life and limb. In, not out.”

“I’m yours. In. And not because you’ve given me a title, not because we’ve come to an agreement. But because I want to be. Because I love you.”




You really did not think this through. 

Everyone else has selected the paint color they want for leaving their hand prints up over the sliding glass door. But what completely slipped your mind is the fact that Grillby can’t dunk his hand in paint. Not only are you pretty certain that wouldn’t exactly feel nice for him, you’re also positive that fire and paint isn’t a good mix. 

Undyne, ignoring the step stool you’ve set up, jumps and slaps her hand on the wall, leaving a nice splattered print of green paint. Papyrus too doesn’t need the stool but he’s a little more delicate with the placement of his print. Likewise, Toriel, Frisk and Alphys do the same.  

Gaster frowns at the paint, clearly seeing the same problem. “Now, what do we do about his print?” 

Sans, dunking his hand in the blue paint far more than he needs to, narrows his brow in thought. “we could trace it with paint?” 

“And have it possibly drip on his hand?”

Grillby starts to speak but-

“Just have him burn his print!” Undyne rolls her eyes like it’s the obvious answer.

“No!” You very quickly shake your head. 

“Why not?!” 

“We literally just bought this house, I’m not gonna burn a hole in the wood.” 


“I’m not worried about that,” you sigh with exasperation. “I’m just worried that the paint will catch fire and spread and then before you know it-”

“Well, he um, he could leave maybe just a little scorch mark,” Alphys pipes up. “I’ve heard that he-he’s got perfect control.” 

“Excuse me-” Grillby tries to speak up.

“But the paint is still fresh and I don’t know if it’s flammable or not!” 

Gaster looks almost offended and it’s rather comical on his currently young face. “Are you doubting Grillby’s control?” 

“wow rude.”

“No, of course I’m not! Sorry Grillby, I love you, you’re the best, but still, it’s not-” 

Grillby’s flames let out a loud crackle, silencing everyone with shock over the volume of noise from him. You see a flicker of color on his face that means he’s smiling. He twirls a black marker between his fingers. “I’ll simply sign my name,” he says with good humor. “Will that work?” 

You stare dumbfounded at the obvious answer. “Y-yeah, that’ll do it.” 

That breaks the silence and everyone breaks into loud peals of laughter while Grillby steps up on the stool and signs his name next to the other handprints. You take your turn, as does Sans and then all that’s left is Gaster. 

He puts his hand in the dark violet paint and steps up to place his hand on the wall but-

He’s too short. Even straining, this new body of his is just barely too short to reach. 

You shove the fist of your paint free hand against your mouth, trying to stifle your laughter. The others are trying to do the same, without much luck. Undyne actually hits the ground, eye bulging and hands over her mouth. It’s not doing much to hide her shrieks of barely restrained cackles. You can hear Sans’ steadily growing giggles next to you as he shakes. To his credit, he hasn’t said anything yet but his incredibly smug and delighted grin speaks for him.

Grillby approaches Gaster. After a moment of silently shaking, the quick flashes of colors through his flames betraying his own restrained laughing, he manages to ask, “Need a lift?”  

Gaster’s skull is flushed with vivid purple and he refuses to take his eyes off the spot he’s trying to reach. “Yes please,” he finally mumbles.

And that’s when everyone breaks. You can’t remember the last time you’ve laughed so hard.


Fun fact! I originally was going to end the final chapter of INTL with the actual placing of the handprints on the wall and I had similar thoughts about fire and paint mixing and I was going to leave it at simply tracing his hand but signing his name…! I didn’t even think of that. 


Pandora Hearts Love Month
Flowers: Statice, marigolds, forget-me-nots, blue roses; Remembrance, grief over loss of loved one, true and undying love and desire for the unattainable.

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Questions for the idiots in love! Domestic style? who uses all the hot water in the shower? who’s stuff is taking over the bathroom counter?

Oh, man, that is not even a close call.

HANNIBAL, for god’s sake, how many hair products does one man need, are you sure these even ARE hair products, this smells like food, are you putting food in my hair? 

HANNIBAL, I think small nations have risen and fallen in the time we’ve been in this shower, and I’m not complaining, I’m really not, you are VERY pretty soaking wet, but shouldn’t we be out of hot water by now?  Just what kind of water heater did you have them install, anyway?

HANNIBAL. I thought we’d reached an agreement about my aftershave.  Where did you hide it this time.  WHERE.  WHERE IS IT.  I JUST WANT TO KEEP ONE BOTTLE ON THE VANITY. YOU HAVE TWELVE BOTTLES AND THREE JARS. LET ME HAVE THIS ONE THING.

HANNIBAL. I concede that we need to keep lube in the bathroom, given past history, but one bottle is enough.  Three strategically stashed around the room is overkill.  Yes, it is. Stop making that face, you know I’m right about this.

HANNIBAL. I need to say something, okay?  You, ugh, okay, you were right about the towels.  These are really good towels.  I feel like I just dried myself off on angels’ wings.  I still think it’s obscene for towels to cost that much, but I get it now.  You are officially in charge of towel choices for the rest of our lives.

…Hannibal?  Hannibal, are you crying?

Fuck’s sake, you can’t cry every time I say “the rest of our lives.”  Try to remember our lives aren’t worth the paper our fake IDs are printed on.  Our lives might be very, very short.  We may not live long enough to ever need to buy another set of towels.  These might be the last towels. 

…ugh.  Come here.  Let me dry your ridiculous tears with this giant fluffy towel.  Maybe we’ll live to be a hundred, it happens.  We’ll get old and cranky together and Jack will retire and they’ll stop looking for us, and you can pick out the towels forever, okay? 

Shhh, c’mere.  It’s okay. The towel is very absorbent, cry all you want.  Might as well get our money’s worth.

EXO Reaction when their best friend starts crying while watching a kids movie

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*IT made him sad too and probably will stay upset the rest of the day* “Jagi… let’s watch something funny and forget we cried okay… ugh”


“Oh my girl… don’t cry. Come here, let me hug you”


*Trying to make you laugh* “Look at me~Don’t you cry… why aren’t you smiling? Oh there’s that smile!”


*Tearing up a little bit too* “This movie… is very touching isn’t it… I think we both need a hug”


“Look at you!! You are adorable!! Don’t worry, it has a happy ending! Awwww that pout… let me pinch your cheeks”


*He’ll just hug you the rest of the movie* “There there… see? Everything fixed at the end..”


*He just drops this out of nowhere making you cry but of laughter*


*His time to be a manly man* “come here to my arms~ my shoulder is here for you to lean in…”


“Well I’ve seen some more dramatic things… could have been worse” *Hiding his tears while drinking that glass of milk*


*The only thing that makes him cry is Prince of Tennis xD* “Omg that’s… wait are you crying.. oh I’m sorry… come here”


*This is him cuddling with you for the rest of the day until the sadness is gone*


*Well you both might need a mutual hug because the tears just won’t stop*

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Boy got no chill just making his way onto my time line with his beautiful face and pouty lips and glorious cheek bones and and and and……. Ugghhhhhh.

  • Alex Danvers: Vasquez did you fulfill my request?
  • Vasquez: Yes ma'am. Lena Luthor's penthouse is under full surveillance
  • Alex Danvers: Good. She turned out to be innocent but I still don't trust her around my sister. So what did you find out?
  • Vasquez: Well ma'am she woke up at 6:30 am. She proceeded to make coffee. After she knocked over her cup she muttered "Why is nothing easy" and then proceeded to cry for three minutes and twenty seconds
  • Alex Danvers: That's....
  • Vasquez: She spent the rest of her Saturday morning reading Harry Potter. At 10:30 am she proceeded to cry about Hedwig for six minutes and fifteen seconds
  • Alex Danvers: I didn't really need to kno....
  • Vasquez: At noon she started watching youtube videos. Upon stumbling on a video of a dog adopting a kitten she proceeded to cry for twelve minutes and forty seconds while muttering that her mother could take an example from this dog
  • Alex Danvers: This is maybe too many deta...
  • Vasquez: Then she spent the rest of the afternoon watching Les Miserable. She cried for ninety six minutes and thirty five seconds
  • Alex Danvers: I really did not ne....
  • Vasquez: Then she microwaved a dinner for one and cried herself to sleep while clutching an old Teddy Bear
  • Alex Danvers: ....
  • Vasquez: This assignment is making me extremely sad ma'am
  • Alex Danvers: You know what? Let's forget this ever happened and never talk about this again

seventeen have officially ended my life but i’m glad clap will live on as the bop of the century while i lay crying in my grave