i need cleaning


had a really weird hazy day but at least i made a lousy video and that’s kind of productive right

i need to clean everything and try and find something to eat for dinner and then try and find the energy to cook and eat it + ugh save me from the responsibilities or existence

i havent done any uni work at all today and i feel guilty and nervous as heck!! at least i have lucifer for comfort

  • me: [wakes up]
  • me: video games
  • me: [has shit to do]
  • me: video games
  • me: [responsibilities.......]
  • me: video games
  • world: [is ending]
  • me: video games

let’s all take a moment to appreciate the very gay Look™ alec gave magnus while putting on a hoodie that ended up covering nothing


“Fenris! We’re finally reunited!”

“It would have happened sooner if someone gave clear directions to this place.”

“Eh? But I wrote it out in my last letter: Let’s meet at A Non-Descript Tavern on the road to Ostwick!


;’) A very sketchy sequel to this.

whats the best way to waste ur time?

draw gay


I was listening to this while drawing dis 

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