i need cheering up with material things


I really have no clue how to go about this. I’m really uncomfortable and no longer feel safe in my house with this bigoted man my mother married. I have a part time job, just with helping mom with groceries and paying for my cellphone (and admittedly over spending just to cheer myself up with material things), my job doesn’t really pay much ( $140 a week if I work all 4 days).

That being said, I think I need some help. I have commissions open, but they don’t get much interest. I don’t know if they are just too expensive for my skill set or if it’s just people can’t afford them, but if anyone is interested in commissioning me, I’m willing to haggle if need be. 


I’m also thinking about starting a patreon. I don’t know if there would be much interest, but I’ll mostly be posting art and fanfics. Sneak peaks for original content as well, but mostly fanfics/fanart for the Undertale fandom.

That being said, I’ll still continue drawing and writing for free, but this is just an option to help me get out of this house and for other people to get content earlier than those on tumblr.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing for milestones or rewards, so if any of you have ideas, PLEASE tell me! So far I know I’ll be offering:

  • Monthly (Sometimes bimonthly) Livestreams
  • Monthly Wallpapers
  • Discounted commissions for patreons at a certain $ donated.
  • Tutorials if people are interested in that sort of thing
  • Speed paints that I’ll post onto youtube
  • WIP shots for art
  • I will be posting the first drafts of chapters of fanfics before the edits. (This means I’ll no longer immediately upload chapters as soon as they are done, but that when they are posted onto tumblr, they are in their final format and as good as I’m able to make it at this time)

If there is anything else you all are interested in, please tell me and I’ll be able to implement it into my patreon page.

A friend also recommends that I do a GoFundMe, but IDK what I feel about that yet since I really don’t think that people should have to donate for me to get out of here. It feels shady to me, and I hate feeling like I’m in debt, which I’d see this kindness as. IDK. I may think about it more.