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dating yoongi [realistically]

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important: please remember that everything I wrote down is my own personal opinion. I do not know Yoongi personally, so this is based on my imagination of ‘’realistic’’ only.

• first things first ; he really doesn’t care about appearance. he said this a lot of times and actually out of all people in bangtan, he is the only one I truly do believe. (not that I shame on the other members, it’s natural after all)

• so I can imagine him being with any type of woman out there

• yoongi is really wise for his age, he has gone through a lot as well so I believe a girl that is close to his age with life experience would work the best for him

• he is a really simple and easy-going person so someone that is calm and nice is probably his type

• so if yoongi would start liking you he would probably not try to tell you right away

• he would wait or not tell you at all because he’s afraid he’ll get hurt

• you probably being the one who breaks down his walls and tell him that you like him a lot

• I have a feeling he can be really insecure about himself so he would probably think you’re too good for him

• but once you’re his girlfriend you would make sure to make him feel so loved and relevant

• he could get so cuddly once he’s in the mood

• but could also get so distant at times for no certain reason

• he’s really unpredictable

• since he’s bad at expressing his feelings with words he wouldn’t be able to say I love you easily

• but he would write so many songs about you

• you would bag him to show you some of them but he would probably just smile
• “no, not yet”

• if you finally hear them, you’d probably be so touched, maybe even cry (if you’re a soft stan like me) and he would be so happy and chuckle at your reactions

• lots of hugs honestly

• you being his own sweet getaway from the harsh cold world

• if he is feeling down or just turns more quiet than usual ; best way to find out what’s bothering him is probably just looking at him softly and taking his hand

• just so you’d make sure he knows you’re there

• days where you just lay on the bed next to each other; he’s working on his music while you’re scrolling down your phone or reading a book

• both of you being really content even though you don’t talk during those moments

• because simply your presence would make him feel so much better

• yoongi being happy and content would turn out to be a common thing with you by his side

• him writing you letters once a while when he’s on tour
• (after seeing that he wrote 300 for armys)

• he’s so calm most of the time, I’ve never seen him angry and I feel like when he’s mad, he isn’t the type of man who would yell at you

• he’s more of the silent treatment type

• so you would barely fight probably

• especially in the beginning of your relationship

• because you’re both really mature and don’t get mad for simple things

• but if it comes to a fight it’s probably settled quickly simply because the one who did a mistake would apologize

• if you’d be upset or cry he probably wouldn’t know how to comfort you at first

• it would turn really awkward for him

• but when there are phases where you are really unhappy with yourself or how things never work out for you he would support you as much as he can

• because he knows how much it hurts to be alone and have no one who truly believes in you

• you’re always eating together

• your favorite kind of date is probably just being lazy and eating as much as you can

• instead of buying you expensive presents I can imagine him giving you a lot of self made things

• cute selfies

• the members being surprised that you’re the only person he doesn’t mind spending 24/7 of his time with since he’s usually the one likes to have his own space

• probably not the jealous type

• type of person who secretly stresses over stuff that he doesn’t need to

• but if he would get jealous and he knows it’s just because he’s insecure ; he wouldn’t tell you

• because as I said, I believe yoongi is mature enough and he owns a big understanding heart, so that’s probably the reason he wouldn’t tell you

• your happiness would be his biggest priority after all

• he doesn’t look like a great texter; so I believe he wouldn’t really contact you that often through texts if you’re apart

• he would call you though

• especially once he gets comfortable around you he wouldn’t be ashamed to call you as much as he would want

• which could turn out to be a regular thing

• but there could also be times where he wouldn’t call you for days/maybe even a week

• but I have a feeling that if you’re dating yoongi, you wouldn’t have to talk to him everyday

• like he would be one of those people in your life that you could go on days without talking and it wouldn’t change anything about the strong bond that you have

• because you understand that both of you are busy and you don’t need to constantly check up on each other to know you love each other

• type of man who is there for you whenever you need him but also leaves you alone if you want him to

• if he’s grumpy you’d know how to cheer him up

• like he’d be so whipped for the girl he loves

• but sometimes he could be really harsh without wanting to

• again, pda wouldn’t be a thing

• even though some people see yoongi as dominant and “daddy material” I couldn’t ever imagine him having a kink like that

• among all of the seven members I feel like he would take the longest time to give in and have sex with you

• maybe that’s also because of the insecurities he has sometimes

• he once said how he wants to be taller, more tan and have a beard (so you have a feeling what type of man he actually wants to be)

• he seems so sensitive/sensible & soft most of the time

vanilla sex mostly

definitely falls asleep after sex

• he seems like a person who thinks a lot so deep conversations & nonsense conversations

• his gummy smile

• yoongi being completely and helplessly in love would make every single soul around him feel so much happiness for him

• because he’s so special and people know that

• the members being happy

• you both being happy

• so even though min yoongi is a lazy man and sometimes really hard to understand, he also couldn’t be much more understanding towards his loved ones.

• he is someone who will never need a lot to be content with his life

• especially after finding the one he truly loves, he could maybe even start to appreciate living a bit more

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Soooo Tumblr tagged your new post as "Content for Adults Only" and I can't see it 😢😢 srsly tumblr is pissing me off rn

Anon said: I don’t understand how your most recent post about Denki is blocked by safety mode????? Like it’s just your art of his birthday! I love the art of it tho, it’s fantastic! Keep up the amazing work.

Anon said: *whispers* the thing you just posted contains sensetive media apperantly

Yeah it’s most probably Mineta isn’t it

(jk it was probs my inclination to swear my way through life’s fault, I asked for a review so it should be visible in a bit but for now you can see it here !!)

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hii...was wondering if i could get some some note making tips and studying tips ?? but i can't get along along with maps and most of my studies are commerce related so theory and formulas and sums it is. i LOVE colours though and i have a huge thing for fancy colourful stationery so. Also can you suggest some colour coding techniques and stuff ?? idk i kinda like my subjects but i'm lazy & i would love to spice up my studying techniques so i feel excited to study. thanks in advance :)

Hi there! First off, sorry for the late answer! I just came home from a holiday abroad. Also I’m not familiar with subjects touching commerce, so I can’t give any advice specific for that, soz.

Also, I think just getting in the “mood” for studying and contineutly changing thingd up will make studying exciting. Making things visually pleasing and get your colourful stationary to work if you’re into that, could all help to make things more fun.

>Note making tips:

  • I have a guide to how I take notes/make study guides here: How to make an awesome study guide / make notes on your computer this guide would probably work for your theory parts at least. And since you say you’re lazy, I think this is the guide for you. If you just like me want as little as possible to read, in a organized and condensed way - you’re looking at the right place!
  • I guess you want to make use of your stationary, and if you like fun pens you could always use them for handwritten notes. Notebooks, paper and all those kinds of things could also “spruce up” your notes if you feel like it. 
  • For formulas, it could be a good idea to just simply write down all the forumlas for that chapter/test in a list on a piece of paper with a short explanation for each formula. That way you have all your formulas in one place, easy to reference. Keep these notes around so you have them for your finals and tests.

>Colour coding techniques

Colour coding notes/text: Recently I made a post on how I use colour coding to highlight which will explain a simple way to do so. This also works really well in textbooks or your notes: How to highlight Basically, assign a colour to a specific purpose. Maybe blue for terminology and green for definitions. You could make up your own uses for colours, maybe something with formulas? Colour coding could be used when highlighting, but you could also use different coloured pens when writing or typing.

Organizing with colour: Maybe try using different colours for different classes/subjects/etc when writing in your planner, your different binders and notebooks.

>Study tips

Just some random general tips. I’m not sure if these are very exciting or interesting, though. 

  • Questions & Problems! Do problems from your books, lectures and other material. I really think that’s the best way to apply your knowledge. Make sure you actually understand them and are able to explain the concepts. Mark questions you think are hard and do them over and over again. 
  • Make your own questions and answer them. Try to think about what kind of questions will be on the test.
  • Be aware of the things you’re unsure about/ don’t know very well! The best thing and method for us lazy (clever) people. Don’t waste time studying and practicing on things you already know. Put your energy where it’s actually needed.
  • Learn by teaching! Teaching others is probably the best way to learn things yourself. If you can explain, give example and truly teach someone, you can be sure you actually understand it! If you don’t have anyone to talk to, why not write it down?
  • Discuss the material with your peers. This is an easy and fun way to learn. Ask questions, go through the material and just talk about it. You will probably learn something new and maybe you can get any questions answered. Hearing things from different perspectives.
  • Make it fun with competitions! Gather a few friends/classmates to a game show. One person gives the same problem to the different contestants/teams and the first one to come up with the best and most correct answer earns a point. Set the stakes high with some prizes and maybe make a fun night of it!
  • Use real numbers/statistics. Solving problems, in your case around commerce with real variables can be pretty exciting. Look up prices, goods, measurements, any thing you need for formulating a problem and solve it. Applying your knowledge to real situations is a fun and neat way to learn. Taking it to the next level, can you relate the material to your own life or apply it practically? If so, do it!

I hope all of this was somewhat helpful, if you’d like more suggestions send an ask away :) 

Cheers and good luck!


I really have no clue how to go about this. I’m really uncomfortable and no longer feel safe in my house with this bigoted man my mother married. I have a part time job, just with helping mom with groceries and paying for my cellphone (and admittedly over spending just to cheer myself up with material things), my job doesn’t really pay much ( $140 a week if I work all 4 days).

That being said, I think I need some help. I have commissions open, but they don’t get much interest. I don’t know if they are just too expensive for my skill set or if it’s just people can’t afford them, but if anyone is interested in commissioning me, I’m willing to haggle if need be. 


I’m also thinking about starting a patreon. I don’t know if there would be much interest, but I’ll mostly be posting art and fanfics. Sneak peaks for original content as well, but mostly fanfics/fanart for the Undertale fandom.

That being said, I’ll still continue drawing and writing for free, but this is just an option to help me get out of this house and for other people to get content earlier than those on tumblr.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing for milestones or rewards, so if any of you have ideas, PLEASE tell me! So far I know I’ll be offering:

  • Monthly (Sometimes bimonthly) Livestreams
  • Monthly Wallpapers
  • Discounted commissions for patreons at a certain $ donated.
  • Tutorials if people are interested in that sort of thing
  • Speed paints that I’ll post onto youtube
  • WIP shots for art
  • I will be posting the first drafts of chapters of fanfics before the edits. (This means I’ll no longer immediately upload chapters as soon as they are done, but that when they are posted onto tumblr, they are in their final format and as good as I’m able to make it at this time)

If there is anything else you all are interested in, please tell me and I’ll be able to implement it into my patreon page.

A friend also recommends that I do a GoFundMe, but IDK what I feel about that yet since I really don’t think that people should have to donate for me to get out of here. It feels shady to me, and I hate feeling like I’m in debt, which I’d see this kindness as. IDK. I may think about it more.