i need black feminism

I think it’s so funny how society is quick to brand those problematic lily white women (Taylor swift, Lena Dunham, Amy schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, etc) as feminist examples, but Beyoncé who has been singing feminist songs since destiny child and has always stood up for women had to write Feminist in bold on a mainstream scene but still people questioned whether or not she was a feminist

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“Lately, I have been receiving a lot of questions about why I am a believer in feminism.

I live in a developed country, women are allowed to vote, and we might have a female president within the next ten years. Pretty great, right?

I don’t think so.

You see, I have a lot of reasons why I think I need feminism. Here are just a few~ do not read if easily triggered.

-Every 107 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted. Approximately 293,000 take place each year, just in our great country.

-44% of rape victims are under the age of eighteen, and 80% are under the age of thirty.

-1 out of every 6 women have already been the victims of rape or attempted rape.

- Girls ages 16-19 are 4 times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault

-100% of all rapists will ruin someone’s life; less than 2% will spend a single day in jail.

-1 in five women will be a victim of rape/sexual assault in their lifetime.

But statistics aren’t personal enough. They provide detachment from situations, and that’s the opposite of what I’m trying to do here. Here are some more personal reasons:

-I need feminism because when my 13 year old friend living in India wore shorts outside, a group of adult men attacked her with knives. It’s been over two years and she still wakes up and sees the words "Whore” and “Slut” carved into her legs. Those scars will never leave.

-I need feminism because when Elliot Rodger killed six people in California, he said that a woman rejecting him was the reason. People blamed the woman.

-I need feminism because of men who can’t seem to understand that cat calling is not flattery.

-I need feminism because I have to teach the little girls I babysit self-defense. I tell them that when you are alone, you never ever talk to a man or even look or smile at them. You don’t want to give someone the wrong idea.

-I need feminism because when I walk home I have ‘911’ typed into my keypad and my finger over the call button. If it’s getting dark, I wear large, bulky clothes and put on a hood so I look more like a guy.

-I need feminism because even though all of the odds say that I will likely be the victim of attempted sexual assault in my lifetime, my carrying of pepper spray, taser, and a rape whistle is “paranoid”

-I need feminism because what she was wearing shouldn’t matter.

-I need feminism because “No” should always mean no.

-I need feminism because seven year old me shouldn’t have been asked why I didn’t have a boyfriend yet. You would think that being in the second grade would be a good enough reason.

-I need feminism because male victims of rape are not given the support and care they need from their families and communities, but instead torn down and ridiculed.

-I need feminism because “like a girl” should not be an

-I need feminism because the lives of trans men and women are considered worthless by too many people.

-I need feminism because women are killed for turning down dates.

-I need feminism because rape campaigns have slogans like “She is someone’s sister, mother, daughter” instead of saying “She is someone.” You shouldn’t not rape someone because of their relationship to a man, you should not rape because they are a HUMAN.BEING.

-I need feminism because I don’t want to be scared walking home alone.

-I need feminism because of self-entitled “nice guys” who think that I owe them something.

-I need feminism because yes, not all men are violent against women, but some are.

-I need feminism because #BlackLivesMatter

-I need feminism because #BringBackOurGirls was only trending for a few days, and those girls were never brought back.

-I need feminism because a Muslim girl choosing to wear the hijab is not oppression, it’s a personal religious choice that should be respected.

-I need feminism because there is not enough representation in the media.

-I need feminism because no one asks for rape.

-I need feminism because the exposed shoulder of a twelve year old should not make a middle aged man with daughters “uncomfortable”

-I need feminism because I don’t need to prove myself to a bunch of strange men that say I’m a “fake nerd,” whatever that means.

-I need feminism because gender equality is necessary to build a safe environment for everyone.

-I need feminism because every gender should be equal, and they’re not.

-I need feminism because my self-worth should not be defined by the number of/lack of relationships I have had.

-I need feminism because rape jokes are not funny.

-I need feminism because all humans were created equal, but not all humans are treated equally.

Is that enough reasons for you?“

—  Because I’m sick of answering this question

I’m so tired of Black Widow being ignored just because she’s a girl. Why the fuck would Iron Man need a motorcycle? He FLIES. You can’t honestly tell me that having the correct character in the toy would freak boys out and cause them to choose something else. I’m tired of sexism, I’m tired of unnecessarily gendered toys, and I’m tired of people ignoring it because they think it’s okay.

Emma Watson claims she can’t just be a white feminist “because my bosses are two black women.”

Look, I love Ms Watson as much as the next person, and while I’ve never been on board the He for She train, I have admired her work and am optimistic about where this will take her.

But man, I am SO disappointed to see her deflect a perfectly valid criticism and throw away the opportunity to open up an important discussion about inter-sectional feminism and acknowledge that WOC’s voices are largely absent from the movement.

Watson and the He for She movement have been pretty roundly dismissed by WOC since it hit the scene. I mean, you say you want “as many people as possible to feel seen, heard and included in this movement” and yet you focus on giving MEN a platform for feminism rather than minority women?

You FINALLY get a direct question confronting this very problem and you brush it off using the logic of “I can’t be racist, I have a black friend! Two, even!” ? Seriously?

Feminism doesn’t need more Emma Watsons, Taylor Swifts or Lena Dunhams. Feminist issues facing privileged white women are only one small part of the spectrum, and these women are fortunate enough to be able to use their privilege to openly confront it. Do you know how many marginalized women would KILL to have their voices acknowledged in that way? Do you not think that you could use just a LITTLE of that platform to direct attention their way and to their causes?

Sorry Ms Watson. You don’t even get a B for effort.

I need feminism because big, bad keyboard warriors who identify as “meninists” seem to pride themselves in calling us “dumb cunts” and telling us to kill ourselves and saying our problems don’t exist. Newsflash — they do exist because of people like you.
Also, telling anyone to kill themselves on the Internet is taken very seriously. If someone was depressed and suicidal, one stranger’s words could pull a trigger.
Also also, I am a compassionate human being who cares about people regardless of race or gender. I educate myself daily on world issues and speak out against injustice. I am a cisgender WoC. I’m not gay, bi, trans, or black, but it doesn’t mean I can’t advocate for their rights, too. And I fucking will because I care.

Uhm who cares what men believe in anyway? They’ve been running the whole world since the begining look where its gotten us; non stop war, poverty, climate change and other horrible things. Its time for women to step up regardless of what men think of us. Let us not be above men but equal to and lets help eachother because thats all we’ve got

Just because canon didn’t match up with your own personal ships doesn’t mean you can harass Joss Whedon and tell him to kill himself.

If you feel the need to tell somebody to /KILL THEMSELVES/ over a ship, then you need to 1.) unfollow me 2.) reevaluate your priorities 3.) Get a life. Because it’s a fucking movie.
We all know that know that Natasha is a fucking strong woman and those over the top feminists need lighten up when we see that Natasha has another side to her.

Again. It’s a fucking movie. No need to start a huge fucking protest.

News: A man raped a woman and is now being arrested. 

Tumblr: Scum! I hope he rots! This is why I need feminism! All men are scum!!!

News: He’s black. 

Tumblr: Racism! Protect him!! Sign this petition to free him! Police are racist! #endblackhate!!

I know I’m gonna lose followers for that but I don’t care because if you’re part of exclusive white feminism I don’t have time for you. Feminism needs to include everyone. Black girls, trans girls, big girls, sexy girls, and every type of person. Not just thin, white, conservative-modern, cis girls okay