i need better quality clips though

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I wish i could tell you most of that but i use pretty in general product for traditional art ;;; But i can break down what I do know!

For comic sketches, I use a cheap A4 size sketchbook from Daiso with either 0.5 mm pencils from Wal-Mart and/or a local asian shop called 10x10. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MONO ERASERS!!! I bought some off of ebay and I LOVE THEM!!

I use Micron for outlining! I vary between the 05 and 01 size c: I occasionally use a dip pen for outlines.. It can drip though if you’re not careful. But the quality of the dip pen is MUCH better than a regular pen in my opinion! Here’s a drawing i did with it ((I use Deleter tips and ink))

As for digital art, I use Clip Studio Paint. Even if i draw traditionally, I color in Clip Studio! Sometimes I use copics or other markers, but thats mostly for lil doodles 

I hope this helps!

The Hadley Fraser Appreciation Post

I know most of you are probably crazy about Coriolanus because of Tom and Mark, but I’m here to remind you how cute, talented and totally underrated Hadley Fraser is. Because he’s not only one sexy Aufidius:

(and boy, I can’t decide which one of those two I envy more in this scene):

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He’s also a hell of a singer! (and I wish there were better quality clips on YT to prove it, but let’s appreciate what we have):

And he’s also a total cutie, who often forgets his lyrics (the hilarious first part of this vid), but when he remembers them, he sings angelic harmonies (the end of this vid):

And this time I’m going to tag a few of my friends, because even though you probably don’t care, I need someone to share my appreciation for this man with :D @devikafernando @ancientfinnishgoddess @fairlightswiftly @noclevernamelbr @frenchfrostpudding 

I think I’m just gonna post some simple stuffs ‘till winter break

Don’t have time to make big projects until winter break. But still need to practice using Source Filmmaker. So before the semester ends, I’m just gonna make some simple pics/ clips. When winter comes, I hope I’ll acquire better skills and tricks in SFM to make better stuff :)

Thank you guys for all of your comments and support. It really means a lot to me o(>///<)o