i need better hq this is shit


Redraw this dumb twitter photo to congrats Monsta X and the end of RUSH era ( tho I do love it a lot, everyone looks better in RUSH tbh )

Pls dont talk abt the bg u can see that I no longer have any shit to give by the time i draw it

FULLSIZE/ HQ: click here  (its really huge haha)

The spanish side of the fandom is boiling with rage, we’re on the verge of a riot anytime now. Felipe better get his cute ass on Aifos everyday this year. Everyday and no fucking excuses, he likes to sail so he has to at least sail his days away. The Urdangarín kids are mostly likely not there anymore and I’m a n g r y so we better get the most beautiful photocall ever tomorrow. I’m talking glam outfits, cute hairstyles, lots of pda, hq pictures and at least one video that doesn’t look like it was filmed on a fucking potato, 30 minutes of posing instead of 15 because that’s not even acceptable and actually talking to the press. Where the fuck is Elena and Victoria? This family needs to get their shit together asap, don’t fuck with Mallorca season, I live for that shit. Just go out and do something, we all know the press is annoying but dude, Mallorca is amazing, just suck it up and make the best out of it.