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Not Your Average Zutara Fic Rec

So I’ve gone through a LOT of Zutara fanfiction, probably too much if I’m being honest, and finding good fics can be really hard. When looking up fic rec lists I’ve noticed that a lot of the lists are just the same select fanfictions recommended over and over (We get it, everyone and their mother loves ‘His Majesty Prefers Blue’ and ‘Stormbenders’ [I never finished HMPB, sue me]). 

So this list is for all of you who are in my shoes and can’t seem to find anything besides the same ten or fifteen stories recommended and are desperate for something new. Everything listed is complete! (If I listed the incompletes/abandoned stories I’d have a lot more chaptered stories listed… RIP ‘The Confrontational Approach’…) 

I have a lot of bookmarked stories that I have yet to read and am in the middle of (Almost caught up on @firelordandlady ‘s ‘Say Anything’!), so I’ll try to update this when I finish something I think deserves a recommendation. 


In the Same Candlelight by Like a Dove

In a world where there is no war, Zuko and Katara spend their summers together. Growing up is messy, embarrassing, and at times sad, but they think it might be okay because they have each other. Edited summary.

I know. I KNOW. I LITERALLY JUST SAID I WASN’T GOING TO RECOMMEND FANFICS THAT ARE ON EVERYONE’S LIST. But I NEED to mention this one. I spent so long not interested in this fic. I don’t like drastic AU’s, or modern AU’s. My taste is strictly canon divergence, so I didn’t think I would like this. I WAS SO WRONG. Trust me, if you are like me and don’t like big AU’s, read this anyway. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Characterization is still so spot on, even with such a different take. Aang is precious. There is nothing but fluff, fluff, and fluff. It will melt you. You will probably die and your spirit will rise up smiling and beaming out rainbows and sunshine. That’s what happened to me. 

Lilacs and Lily Pads by sadladybug

A tale of clumsy courtship and calamitous court weddings, featuring awkward family encounters, floral mishaps, cultural complications, and good old fashioned fluff and conflict. Takes place in the five years following war’s end. For Zutara Week 2016. A prequel to Bones.

Clothe Me in Seasons, Dress Me in Snow is a very commonly recommended Zutara fic (And for good reason, I shed many tears reading it). But this two-shot (A companion to Bones, a smut one shot) by the same author is really underrated and beautifully written. It follows Zuko and Katara as they try to plan their wedding, as well as shows two scenes from before they got engaged that solidified the relationship to be one they knew would last. Just really well done overall and very very sweet. 

EDIT: I talked with the author and apparently it isn’t finished?? But they are apparently working on the next chapters so yay!! And each chapter is independent so it doesn’t feel unfinished.  

The Slow Path by Tazainian Devil

Eight years after the fall of Ozai, Aang returns to the friends he left behind - Taang, Zutara, Sukka

This is technically a Taang fic, and if I’m being honest I kind of just skimmed through the non-zutara chapters, but the Zutara storyline was good enough that I think it’s definitely worth the read. And the overall plot has a great premise. Be warned, it has a sequel that was never finished. 

Another Word For Alchemy by FanPanda13

Five years have passed since the Avatar defeated Fire Lord Ozai, and the members of the Gaang have all gone in their own direction. But when Aang invites them all to a Peace Summit at the North Pole and tells them of his new project, for which he will need their support, the group comes together again for adventure, fun and romance. AU. Zutara. COMPLETE.

So this fic is crazy for me. At first, it started as just really good natured fluff. The writing wasn’t anything fantastic (Although I loved how it broke the 4th wall and didn’t take itself seriously), and there were some definite OOC moments. But I had so much FUN with it. The plot (while definitely not the focus as everyone is more concerned about when Zuko and Katara will get together) was interesting, and there were some really sweet moments. It was also HILARIOUS and I had multiple moments where I genuinely laughed out loud. But then about five chapters before the end, the quality SKY ROCKETED. As the plot and mystery come together, the characters all come together in a moment that truly feels like it came from the show. Even the writing quality increases by a lot and I was genuinely shocked and impressed. Definitely recommend. 

Kyoshi Hold ‘Em by cupid-painted-blind

When a blizzard shuts down the fourth annual Peace Summit, the group has to find some way to pass the time. /Zutara, Taang, Jet/Mai, Jet/Everyone, Sukka

If you’re looking for a good crack fic, look no further. It’s post war and utter nonsense. Jet is alive for some reason??? No one questions it and he’s shipped with pretty much everyone. It’s funny, it’s decently written, there are drinking and sexy time shenanigans, and overall just lighthearted. Also, it does a great job of being a crack fic without crossing the line and becoming unfunny and just a trash fic. A lot struggle to find the balance and resort to going over the top and ridiculous, but this one does a really good job. 

Come With Me by Steamboat Ghost

Coauthored by fuzzytomato. Troubled over his newly restored honor, Zuko finds solace in the familiar guise of the Blue Spirit. In a chance meeting with the Painted Lady, a friendship is forged as the two heroes seek to help the Fire Nation’s neglected.

I’ll admit it: I’ve never gotten into Blutara fanfictions. I only read the first couple chapters of HMPB and dropped it after the tree scene. I don’t know, it felt really OOC for me and I may go back and read it again just because EVERYONE raves about it, but IDK. I’ve never been a huge Blutara fan because while I love the concept, I’d much rather see the Painted Lady and the Blue Spirit come together as equals. Most fics present Zuko behind his mask to Katara, and it feels imbalanced. There aren’t a lot of stories where we see their alter persona’s come together even though that’s the entire point of the parallel between the two. Insert this fic. I only wish there was a sequel dealing with Zuko in the Gaang after these events. Hey, a girl can dream. 

A Zutara Story Anastasia by LastSunset

Katara, the only suviving waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe, joins two con men, Zuko and Iroh, while a fearful admiral chases for her death. A Zutara Story. Based on the movie Anastasia.

So this isn’t so much a retelling of Anastasia but with Katara and Zuko as it is a fanfic version of the movie but with the characters names and world changed. It takes a lot of lines from the movie. But WHO CARES? It’s Anastasia and Zutara!!! What more do you need??? 


this burden you bear by cowlicklesschick

Word travels, and war stories will be told round campfires and on freighter ships until every person in the world knows what Master Katara did for the new Fire Lord. She fights the burning in her throat at the thought of people knowing why she had to heal him in the first place. Post-war Zutara.

This is an angst-with-a-happy-ending, which I say is the absolute BEST type of angst. Katara deals with the guilt of what Zuko did for her as the Fire Nation celebrates what she did to save his life during the Agni Kai. The two come together beautifully while struggling to see the feelings they both share. Really well written and like I said, it has a happy ending, which we all need. 

The Best of Me by Laririn-Shadow

The night before his eighteenth birthday Zuko wraps a bandage around his left wrist. He has a country to run and no time for frivolous things. It will make everything easier if he waits. Zutara Soulmates AU

Soulmate AU’s usually aren’t my thing (With the glaring exception of one Until Dawn Soulmate AU, but that’s besides the point), but I really enjoyed this oneshot. It isn’t sweeping or insanely romantic and the reveal isn’t “OMG I’VE LOVED YOU THIS WHOLE TIME” But it’s a subtle love that grows, which I really like.  

my salvation, he’s not anything by sarsaparillia

Let’s run away and start another war. — Zuko/Katara.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What can I say? I love the ‘Let’s run away together, consequences be damned’ trope. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Time is Ripe by Casa Circe

ZUTARA WEEK 2012 Day Seven: Seasons. There are many stages that a heart goes through before it can finally be ready for the love it was meant to have. The road is often a rocky one but eventually, it leads you home.

A oneshot for the Zutara Week 2012 prompt ‘Seasons’. Not too much to say about it. Short, sweet, and well written. What more do you need? 

Serendipity by Boriqua-chan

Iroh goes hunting for tea leaves and finds something…interesting. /Zutara week, day 1/

Secret relationships! Fluff! Happiness! And all from Uncle Iroh’s perspective!! Everything I love in one great oneshot! 

Too Close for Comfort also by Casa Circe

ZUTARA WEEK 2010 Day Three: Pain. After watching “The Ember Island Players”, no one is in the mood for teasing. But a little slip of the tongue leads to the painful realization that the play was more accurate than they were willing to admit.

There are two Zutara plots/tropes that I am a complete and utter SLUT for. The first is the ‘Let’s talk about that EIP show’ trope. This is one of my favorites. 

The Color of Truth is Red by Mrs. Pettyfer

Written for Zutara Week prompt “awkward.” Zuko and Katara discuss the Ember Island Players.

Another post EIP oneshot

Enlightenment by Blade Quill

Choices are made on the day of Zuko’s coronation, and sometimes, enlightenment is just the simple truth at hand. Zutara. AU of the final moments of the Book 3 Finale

The OTHER plot/trope I’m a slut for is finale rewrites. LET ME SEE THEM COME TOGETHER AFTER HE TAKES LIGHTNING FOR HER. Ugh, I love it. 

Framework by profoundlycan

What if in “Sozin’s Comet” Katara had come into the room instead of Mai? Zuko/Katara. Prequel to Schema.

 Another finale rewrite! Let’s just get Mai out of the picture here… 

Lightning Shocks the Heart by drunkzutarafeels

Why do our hearts remain dormant until a climactic moment makes time stand still?

And here’s yet another finale rewrite. There is a really popular Zutara gifset that someone animated of the Agni Kai ‘Thank you’ scene, but Katara kisses Zuko after she hugs him. This is the fanfiction equivalent of that gif set. 

Sunrise by lewilder

The days go on and on, and even if she feels more comfort from the moon, Katara learns to cherish the promise of each new sunrise. Zutara AU, largely finale-centric. Oneshot.

LAST FINALE AU I PROMISE. Really sweet, starts right after The Southern Raiders and goes past canon. 

all the ghosts we cannot kill (we learn to love) by raisindeatre

Zuko and Katara; the moments we didn’t see. Or: Maybe we are all somebody’s ghost. And maybe sometimes we can be more than that.

“…My quarrel has only ever been with you, Zuko,” she says, his name sharp on her tongue. “This has only ever been about me and you.”

“You’re wrong,” he rasps, his voice rough in the late afternoon sunlight that falls around them, tangles them in golden nets. “This has only ever been about me and the Avatar. Not you and me. What we hold between us has nothing to do with it.”

This is a really beautiful one-shot that follows a battered, war torn and hardened Zuko and Katara through the scenes we DIDN’T see throughout the entire show. A Zutara must-read.

Drabble Collection/Series

And Other Fairly Stupid Tales by Advocaat

A collection of humorous and crack-tastic oneshots corresponding to the days of Zutara Month

Really great Zutara Month themed drabbles, and it contains the only body swapping plot that I’ve read and really enjoyed. Also the chapters ‘Potential’ and ‘Festival’ are some of my all time favorites. 

Zuko Was No Coward by hootowl

Zuko was many things, but a coward he was not. A collection of Zutara100 prompts. Title may change.

Definitely some heartbreakers and angsty drabbles in here, but all well written and thoroughly enjoyable. If you read ANYTHING from this list, read chapter two of this drabble collection. I MELTED when I read it. It’s perfection. Aunt Wu’s prediction has always been a plotline I’ve loved in Zutara fanfiction, and this one just does it PERFECTLY. 

Zutara Week 2012 by ichilover3

A collection of oneshots inspired by the prompts for Zutara Week

Not much more to say. The first, third, and fourth prompts are my favorite from this series. 

Zutara Week 2015 by bianca_anna

It started at a tea shop and ended with forever. My entries for Zutara Week 2015. I hope you enjoy them.

Oh my GOODNESS. So they’re Zutara Week prompts, but all set in the same universe. The Zutara!Family depicted in these drabbles has become my headcanon. I’ve seen many a Zutara family, but this one is by far my FAVORITE. This is now my official family for them. I want the very last chapter fully animated because it’s so good and epic and I want more of this families adventures. 


now that the stream’s over, here’s a recap on what happened!

What we’ve learned!
-Josh actually styled his hair like Shiro’s for the stream. It was amazing.
-If josh were a tree he’d be a japanese cherry blossom tree. Shiro would be a plumeria (whatever that one is)
-Shiro’s hairstyle is definitely something he does himself. There’s no way it just happens. lol
-voicing Shiro losing his cool was a highlight for Josh!
-Josh wasn’t sure what to expect with Shiro’s character when he first took on the job, only that he was excited because he grew up watching Voltron as a child.
-Besides Shiro, who would Josh pick to be? He said a cross between Lance and Pidge.
-Josh’s favorite lines as Shiro have been “Form Voltron!” and “Go, be great.” among others that are very inspirational.
-When asked about dealing with any difficulties recording, Josh said it wasn’t difficult but doing ADR can be tricky since he likes to do it on the fly.
-Josh gives tips and advice for those who want to try getting into voice acting!
-To get into Shiro’s voice, Josh likes to do forty push-ups before recording and he does some other elements of physicality, such as keeping excellent posture, to get into Shiro’s character.
-One of Josh’s favorite memories about Voltron is the announcement at Wondercon, it always makes him smile.
-He was then given some art that was posted online, and offered cupcakes.

Overall, it was a super short stream, but fun nonetheless, further details below the cut!

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Your monthly constellation of literary consultation


 Get those bottles popping and candles lit - it’s your birthday and the whole world needs to know! Aries season, your season, is upon, and heavens help whoever isn’t ready. That’s no joke - there are five retrogrades in store this month, so proceed with caution. Turning a year older and wiser is having an incredible effect on your ambition - your focus has narrowed down to number one! You have goals to pursue, opportunities to grab, and you simply don’t have the time to be anything but 100% committed to making those dreams happen. We won’t discourage you, but be aware of naysayers who may pop up trying to cramp your style. There will always be people who take personal offense to your capacity to shine, and regardless of their reasons, it’s in your best interest to do all you can to separate yourself from that negativity. That’s right - separate. There is a time to try to talk through someone’s issues with you, slow down your progress, and work through the reasons behind someone’s ire - a retrograde is not that time! Breathe deeply - inhale peace, exhale stress - and focus on how you can channel the wisdom you’ve accrued in all the years you’ve lived to help you make your mark on the world. And while you’re taking all of these deep, fortifying breaths, why not take in some amazing scents? Your lucky book this month is probably unlike anything you’ve read recently, or maybe ever - all the more reason to dive in! Let Mandy Aftel, master perfumologist, walk you through the history and philosophy behind the scents we love and love to hate, the scents that stir up emotions we weren’t even totally aware of. Best of all, she’ll equip you with the knowledge to create some delicious perfumes of your own - how’s that for some birthday self-love?

 LUCKY BOOK: Fragrant by Mandy Aftel


 Go on, take a load off, Taurus. You’re feeling particularly zapped of energy this month, but don’t worry, it will pass - eventually. This month’s retrogrades are about to do a number on you, so be prepared! Retrogrades tend to force us to reflect on the past: what went wrong and how to set things in place in order to move forward smoothly. Where have you been avoiding closure? What divergent areas of your life could use better transitions? Take advantage of your need to slow your pace a bit this month by thinking about how to retrace your steps to clear your head and clear the air as your birthday rapidly approaches. You don’t want is to be caught in the same situations you know you should have outgrown a long time ago. Visualize your areas of growth like a long, winding body of water - where are the blockages? What do you need to filter out and clear away? No more cutting corners - if one area is clogged with toxicity, it will likewise ruin the entire stream. While you take the time to think about how best to tackle the lurking issues in your past, take some inspiration and knowledge from your lucky book this month, an eye-opening examination of the source of all life: water. Where does it come from, where is it going, and what happens when it’s threatened? You’ll enter your birthday season feeling infinitely more prepared for whatever is ahead - and with an even greater appreciation for .

 LUCKY BOOK: Where the Water Goes by David Owen


 Well helloooo, hotshot! You’re in high demand these days, aren’t you? Your popularity is off the charts this month, Gem, so enjoy this time in spotlight. It seems that no one can get enough of you, and keeping up with your own dance card is quickly becoming another full-time job. Good for you: you’ve been working hard to improve your public profile and networking skills, so it’s great to see them paying off! Beware the retrogrades on the horizon, however. The temptation is strong to make new friends and ditch the old, but you know the old song: one is silver, the other gold - both precious. Keep your foundation steady and strong before you attempt to stack more on top. If there’s a friendship in your life that you’ve been ignoring in favor of your new acquaintances, it may be time to reevaluate your priorities and make sure your original friendships are on solid ground. This is a bad time for drama - not only are you more in the public eye than you’ve ever been, but you’re a Gemini: you know how quickly circumstances can flip and up can suddenly become down. Hold on to the people in your life who have been there from the beginning - if things go awry, they are the people you can count on. And if you find yourself craving some drama, your lucky book has your back. Badass female assassins, superhuman abilities, hilarious workplace shenanigans, all with a Buffy-esque flair - you’re in for a literary treat this month. Dive in!

 LUCKY BOOK: The Regional Office is Under Attack! by Manuel Gonzales


 All systems go, Cancer! You’re a busy bee this month, flitting from this activity to that with barely enough time to take a breath in between. There are places you want to go, new heights you want to reach, and the only way to get there is to work, seemingly non-stop. Your drive is admirable, Cancer, truly. But I must warn you, the retrogrades in store for this month will absolutely throw a wrench in your plans - but by being prepared, you can possibly mitigate their effects by knowing what to expect from yourself. Thus far, you’ve felt totally in control, on top of your game, and honestly, pretty fantastic. Making moves suits you, and you know it does, so you’ve got some swagger in your step. Great for your self-esteem, but it may bite you in the behind when the planets’ movements start to send your emotions haywire. You’re going to start noticing the flaws in your family and friends that you feel need fixing. It’s a lovely impulse, if a bit insulting; no one likes to be berated or make to feel inadequate for simply being human. You’re not Iyanla, they don’t need you to fix their life. Rather, avoid some unnecessary friction with the people you love most and suffer your opinions in silence. This is not the time to try to bring other people’s mistakes or shortcomings to light, no matter how fantastic you’re feeling in comparison - there is usually a log in your eye to deal with before you attempt to point out the speck in someone else’s. Instead, keep pursuing the things that are meaningful to you. Work hard to become a better you. But keep your eyes open for areas of potential growth. Your lucky book this month is a gentle, illuminating story of a woman who found love and new convictions in an unlikely place - let this be your respite from the frenetic pace of your day-to-day. You may discover something you didn’t know you were missing.

 LUCKY BOOK: The Movement of Stars by Amy Brill


 Adventure beckons, Leo! Springtime tends to bring with it a quickening, the feeling of restlessness and impatience, and all you want to do right now is set off on a brand new path towards the unknown. Can’t say we blame you! However, if you’re currently find yourself lacking the means to jet off and escape your usual orbit at the moment, there’s nothing wrong with venturing out within your neighborhood, or maybe a town or two over, and exploring places you’ve never visited. There is always something new to discover, new people to meet, new experiences make memories of - so don’t feel beholden to taking trips you simply cannot afford in the name of wanderlust. Either way, whether you’re still home or abroad, you can’t escape the retrogrades on the horizon. One of your main concerns, Leo, is your desire to partner with other people for either personal or professional reasons. A wonderful thing, to be sure, but  your judgment may be just a bit skewed this month - hey, don’t shoot the messenger, blame the planets. Be careful before entering into any binding agreements this month - examine your relationships and the terms of your contract deeply to be sure that they aren’t taking advantage of you, or potentially putting you in a situation you don’t need to be in. Trust is a precious thing - treat it that way. The characters in your lucky book learn this lesson well: chock-full of scandal and gossip in a 16th century French royal court, this is the perfect primer on guarding your secrets until you can be sure of who to entrust them with - you never know who may not have your best interests at heart.

 LUCKY BOOK: The Devils of Cardona by Matthew Carr


 This is a month of intense focus for you, Virgo, and considering your usual proclivities, that’s saying something! Maybe it’s a subconscious pre-empting of the chaos that accompanies a retrograde - much less five - but this month, you know exactly what you want, how you want to get it, and what the reward may be. At this point, there is precious little that can slow you down. You may not want to hear this, but this could be the perfect time for you to find that kindred spirit to partner with on this project. Two heads can truly be better than one, provided you choose your co-collaborator wisely. One word of caution - you’re placing so much stock into this passion project, so much time and energy, that it can become difficult to extricate yourself from your work. Try to be aware of when this is happening, because the inevitable setbacks and misunderstandings then have the potential to grow into major, insurmountable issues. Beware how quickly you can bypass ‘annoyed’ or ‘frustrated’ and dive straight into anger, despite your best intentions. Focus on summoning compassion - it’s free, it feels better in the long run, and it causes less wrinkles (seriously!). You’re in very capable hands with your lucky book this month - written by none other than the master of the arts of compassion and mercy, Anne Lamott. Retreat into a chapter or two whenever you begin to feel yourself spiral, and remember to take a few breaths. You’re going to get where you want to go, Virgo, one way or another. Believe that.

 LUCKY BOOK: Hallelujah Anyway by Anne Lamott


 Hey there, lovely Libra. This month is all about relationships for you, and how to deepen your bond with your chosen #1 - whether that’s your partner, your BFF, or your sibling. With all of the retrogrades that are on their way, you may begin to feel a significant need to take a load off. Lean into this impulse; the planets have their ways of urging us to reset when there is unfinished business in our lives. What have you been holding in lately? What have you been trying to gather the courage to say, and what is keeping your mouth closed? You can only go so long feeling happy and fulfilled in a relationship that has become shrouded by lies of omission, no matter how you may try to convince yourself otherwise. Two is the most important number for you this month, so do yourself a favor and put some serious thought into how to unburden yourself - you may be surprised with their reaction! Your lucky book this month is the perfect accompaniment to your current struggle - it focuses on two young women in 1950s Houston, Texas - one of them the quintessential “it” girl who everyone either wants to date or wants to emulate; the other, her best friend, somewhere between babysitter and co-conspirator. When the it girl goes off the rails, it’s her best friend’s job to pluck up the courage to bring her back to her senses - and accept the attendant consequences. See what happens when a friend is confronted with a tough decision - and acts. Your time for inaction has passed, but that’s not necessarily reason to fear - you may find that saying what you’re really thinking is the best decision you ever made.

 LUCKY BOOK: The After Party by Anton DiSclafani


 Hello, spring, and hello, Scorpio! No matter where you live, the arrival of the spring months can have a serious rejuvenating effect on your psyche. It’s a time for new beginnings, fresh outlooks, and clean slates. Clean, indeed - another impulse of spring is the tidying one, and it’s hitting you hard this month. Excellent! Whether it be your home, your body, your mind, or all three (seriously, bravo), your number one focus this month is getting into shape, clearing away old clutter, and using the arrival of a new season as a reset button. Be aware: there are several retrogrades this month; be on the alert for their influence over your emotions. In the midst of the thorough emotional scrubbing you’re doing, don’t be surprised if you receive a surprise DM or late-night text from a certain someone you’d sworn off long ago. The funny thing about retrogrades is right in the name - things from our past tend to pop up and test our commitment to the here and now. Feel whatever emotion that naturally arises - there is precious little you can do about that - but then, move right past it. You don’t owe anybody your time or energy, especially if you’ve already made the decision to stop giving it to them. Resist the urge to rehash old wrongdoings, put down your phone, and pick up your lucky book: a heartfelt and hilarious collection of short stories by a woman who has attended one too many weddings. Every union is a new beginning of sorts, and despite the flak perpetual wedding guests sometimes receive, witnessing the foundational moments of someone else’s love can be surprisingly instructive. If you need to scribble some notes in the margins, we won’t tell.

 LUCKY BOOK: Save the Date by Jen Doll


 Joy to the world, April has come! Okay, wrong season, same sentiment. You are one happy Sag this month - people have been noticing your glowing skin, sparkling eyes, and infectious laugh. Where did this energy come from? Who knows? (Who cares?) After being a hermit for the past few weeks, maybe it’s simply the restorative power of being back outside and interacting with more people. Either way, take advantage of this positive energy and make the most of it - pursue that opportunity you’ve been watching and waiting to act on, make that scary phone call to the person who’s been expecting to hear from you. But keep in mind that there are a fair few retrogrades in store for this month, which can throw your priorities for a loop. It can be easy to allow yourself to get carried away with this new abundance of energy; try to be mindful of this! Despite what you’re feeling, you actually can’t do it all, neither should you aspire to. What are the projects that have been sitting on the back burner? The ideas you’ve already devoted love and care to, and now just need to act on? That’s where you should focus your attention, rather than spreading yourself thin by taking on even more. Your lucky book this month is a poignant counterbalance to your mood this month - a collection of essays about the seven years separating the author’s son’s birth from his father’s death, and the heartwarming, heartbreaking, hilarious moments that occurred between. Let it be a reminder of the unpredictability of life - and inspiration to live it as fully and as well as you can.

 LUCKY BOOK: The Seven Good Years by Etgar Keret


 Hey, sweet Capricorn. That squashy chair sure is comfortable, isn’t it? This month, you’re all about that home life: maybe you’re taking on a renovation project, trying out some new baking recipes, or maybe it means spending time with your tribe, the people you love and who love you the most. Either way, your ideal April looks somewhat like a huge Snuggie, maybe a cup of tea, and some quality catch-up sessions with friends and family. We support this wholeheartedly, especially in light of the retrogrades coming your way - you’re to want to be surrounded by people who understand and care about you. Because despite your comfy socks and sweatshirt, you are not totally at ease - your career is an area of particular concern to you right now. Take this time to reflect on your current trajectory. What are you headed towards? What are you moving away from? Is this the direction you wanted to go with your life, or have you abandoned a dream to pursue something you aren’t sure you actually need? It’s okay to second guess your decisions sometimes, and always better to think through those gut feelings than to ignore them. This is when being in the midst of friends and family can help - soliciting a second or third opinion can be invaluable when you’ve been stuck at a crossroads for quite some time. Be open about your fears, and receptive to the advice coming your way. And to give yourself a break from this intense internal restructuring, your lucky book is waiting: a highly addictive, spellbinding collection of short stories about the ties that bind, the flawed world we live in, and what happens when things go topsy-turvy. A perfect escape within your escape.

 LUCKY BOOK: What It Means When a Man Falls From the Sky by Lesley Nneka Arimah


 Look at you go, Aquarius! Your April is already off to a rousing start, with all of the exploring you’re doing. Good for you! March was an insular kind of month for you - whether because of a heavy work load, emotional load, or you were just plain exhausted - but now you’re ready to grab life by the horns once more. Keep this up! Be proactive in doing the things you enjoy, the things that make YOU happy, regardless of what you fear other people may think. Retrogrades are brewing this month, Aquarius, and for you, they can come with a boatload of self-doubt. You know your own propensity for negative self-talk and not trusting your own desires, so rather than wait for those feelings to take over, do the important work of reaffirming your own self-worth and confidence. Use your outings to find like-minded people; kindred spirits who you feel comfortable turning to for some subtle validation on your more melancholy days. Treat yourself to a massage or a matinee - life is short, so why not be kind to yourself? There is no one right way to do things, no matter what you may be accustomed to telling yourself, so let your explorations be open-ended. Your lucky book this month deals with one of the most polarizing and contentious topics with a similar approach: she presents the case for agnosticism, and the freedom in acknowledging everything we don’t know. There’s no shame in admitting the limits of our knowledge, and wanting to be our authentic selves, whatever that means for you. Own it!

 LUCKY BOOK: Agnostic by Lesley Hazleton


 Time to get up and get going, Pisces! You have a lot of ideas, but thus far, not nearly as much follow-through - but this month is when you change that! Think about it: how can you kick your productivity into gear? Set more alarms? Write more to-do lists? Find an accountability partner? Whatever works best for you, start now and stick with it - it will be tough, but you can do it. Best to get this month off to a busy productive start than wait for the impending retrogrades to sap you of your creative energy. But when that time does come, and you’re feeling sick and tired of the same old, same old, here’s an idea: do a bit a tidying up. Not your room or kitchen, necessarily (although that’s never a bad idea), but specifically, examine your wardrobe, your haircut, your shoe situation. Maybe the slump you’ve been in can be attributed to a subconscious desire for a physical change. Hey, they say not to judge a book by its cover, but everyone does it anyway, right? And there is much to be said for the ways that outward appearance can transform inward confidence. There’s something undeniably powerful about looking into a mirror and being happy with what you see - it can add a spring to your step, it can make you more likely to speak and be heard, and just appreciate the world a bit more. Donate the things you’ve outgrown to a local charity and experience the immediate psychological benefits of physically removing objects that carry outdated negative energy from your space. Your lucky book this month is all about the enduring impact of past mistakes on a small town, and the ways that those mistakes can have a ripple effect on multiple families within that community. When tragedy strikes, who is to blame? How do you reconcile the reality of the present with the ignorance of the past? Sometimes a facelift can be the first step to a deeper reconfiguring within.

 LUCKY BOOK: Friendswood by René Steinke

Fabulous Olicity Fanfic Friday - April 21st, 2017

Originally posted by omgintrovert

Happy Friday! So this is my attempt to both thank awesome fanfic writers for their amazing work and offer my recommendations to anyone who is interested. Here are the fantastic fanfic stories I read this week! They are posted in the order I read them. Click on the title for the link!

Crossfire multi-chapter by @everythinglollipop -AU. No Arrow, this is a complete re-write on how Oliver met Felicity. Everything about the life of Oliver Queen remains the same all the way to his early days in Russia in a ‘fight club’ setting, those spoilers are just hard to ignore.

Starling City’s Own Pollen Vector multi-chapter by @fiacresgirl -When a new criminal begins targeting Starling City’s young women with a weaponized aphrodisiac, Original Team Arrow steps out into the field to catch him. Things go awry.  Very sexy times!

Time for a Story multi-chapter by @smkkbert - This fic shows Olicity and their life as a (married) couple with family. Although Olicity (and their kids) are the protagonists, other characters of Arrow and Flash make appearances.

Big Belly Bonding by @wherethereissmoak - Based on the prompt “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” High school AU.

One More Push snippet by @cruzrogue - Yeah another sneak peek into the future story

Untitled by @deadlybingo - Felicity seeks Kara’s help

Untitled by @deadlybingo - Prompt - “that’s not what an apology sounds like.”

Until the End Draws Near Parts multi-chapter by @geniewithwifi - Arrow 5x20 spec - So ADDICTIVE!

Keep it Professional multi-chapter by @mogirl97 - Oliver is assigned to be Felicity’s bodyguard

A Touch Unlike Any Other multi-chapter by @mel-loves-all Olicity Regency - The Earl of Archer out for the first time in a long time - LOVE THIS.

Mr. Cheesy Lines (Mini-Drabble) by @felicityollies - Domestic cuteness

Unmasked by @deadlybingo - Oliver’s finds out he missed Felicity’s birthday

Redemption multi-chapter by @vaelisamaza Oliver returns for being with the League after five - this story gets better and better - you should be reading this!

In Another Life (I Could be Your Man) multi-chapter by @angelicmisskitty - Their lives couldn’t be more different - and yet Oliver can’t take his eyes off the beautiful blonde woman that leaves the subway every morning at 7.43am. There is something about her that makes him look up every morning - something that also makes him aware he’ll never be good enough for her, or that she’d even notice him. He had no idea how much his life would change the day he rushed over to help her…Olicity AU - no Lian Yu, no saving the city (at least not in the way we know from Arrow :D ) LOVE LOVE, LOVE!

Untitled by @oneofakindxx - Oliver makes dinner for Felicity - LOVED THIS.

Untitled by @oneofakindxx - Why Felicity stays - So beautiful!

But You Stood By My Side Night After Night (You Loved Me Back To Life)  by Ciara2531 - Collection of Arrow Drabbles

To Sacrifice the Sun multi-chapter by @emmilynestill - Oliver and Felicity are ARGUS agents working on a mission in Mexico, the two share some very important history. LOVE THIS

A Woman Like You by @lovejesusarrowavengersblog -Based on Lee Brice’s song “A Woman Like You” ~ Felicity wants to know what Oliver would do without her, and though there’s no singing, there’s sweetness.

Untitled by @adiwriting - Prompt: The Correct way to eat a chocolate bunny - This is TOO funny!

Surprise Basket by @dmichellewrites - Oliver and Felicity are preparing for a lovely Easter/Passover brunch with friends and family, but will a basket from Donna make them forego their original plans?

Chocolate Covered Raspberries by @alanna-the-lionheart - Felicity challenges Oliver to an Easter Egg Hunt. Fluff ensues.

Pieces of Always multi-chapter by @so-caffeinated and @dust2dust34 - Life continues after Forever is Composed of Nows. Ongoing non-linear collection of family moments for the Queens.

In My Daughter’s Eyes multi-chapter by @smkkbert - Oliver and Felicity are parents following a teenage pregnancy, they balance family life with school and I love it!

Step by Step by @theirhappystory - Best friends’ sibling AU, Felicity is Tommy’s younger sister - Loved this!

Return to Me multi-chapter by @diggo26 - What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with the last 5 years of your memories gone? After an unfortunate accident, Oliver Queen must figure out his place in a life he has no memory of whilst his wife, Felicity, does everything she can to support him. With emotions, secrets and relationships pushed to the limits; will love and friendship be enough to turn back the hands of time?

Olicity: Aftermath (3x01 Stolen Moment) by @ghostfoxlovely - After their first date got blown up

Impact Ch 3 Ch 4 multi-chapter by @geneshaven - What would happen to Olicity if something happened to William - dark and wonderful  

As Easy As Falling multi-chapter by @charlinert - Felicity has just received tragic news when she meets Oliver, I believe there is hope, highly recommend but you will cry but not every chapter!

The Calculation multi-chapter by @dettiot - Three words and a wedding invitation.  Set between seasons two and three.  Loved this!!

What Leads Me to You by @ghostfoxlovely - The team visits Lian Yu and Felicity gets injured.

Double Standard by @felicityollies - Felicity is a young actress trying to be taken seriously in Hollywood. Oliver is her Oscar winning boyfriend. Everything is peachy keen for them… that is until their sex tape gets released.

Midnight Showing by @wherethereissmoak - The tradition of going to midnight showings of Star Wars unites the Queens and Felicity and spans decades.

It’s Just a Ride by @onceuponanolicity - This is a post season 4 au about Oliver and Felicity. Felicity needs a ride over to Quentin’s apartment to drop something off since her car is in the shop. When Diggle can’t take her he calls in Oliver. Only Oliver realizes the only way to get her there is on his Ducati. It’s not long before Oliver realizes how tight his pants are when he has to drive with Felicity’s arms wrapped around him.

Happier by @bisexuallaurellance - Set at the end of 5x18. Felicity asks to take a look at Oliver’s wounds.

Under the Stars by @dmichellewrites - Oliver and Felicity attend Star City’s annual art and music festival Under the Stars. Shenanigans ensue with Thea. Old friends return. There’s no way this day can get any more spectacular.

First Things First by @geneshaven - For 5+ years now, Oliver and Felicity have had many defining moments in their relationship. But none more important than this one.

An Oliver’s Birthday Party Fic by @lovejesusarrowavengersblog - The team throw a birthday party for Oliver

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All Tangled Up

Original request from my darling rose @formyfandoms:  Good Evening, Miss Erin! I was here, wondering if I could get a request? I’m thinking maybe a Steve thing, where your super close to Tony, Bruce and Vision, until one night, you’re having a super tough time, and the three are busy with one thing or another, and Stevie, who let’s say has been ‘crushing’ invites himself into your room to watch Netflix, and have cuddles, and then falls asleep with you, and wakes up cuddling you, and lil kisses? If you can do this, thank thank you so much! Love you!

A/N: Okay, it might not be 100000% true to the prompt, but it’s damn near close and I’m pretty proud of it. I really hope you like it!!!!

Pairing: StevexReader

Word Count: 1615

Warnings: None

“Bruce, where are you guys?”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), but Tony and I were asked to bring Vision to the New York sanctum. You know that Strange has been trying to study all of the infinity stones he has access to.”


“We don’t know what his magic can do, and we don’t want to piss him off. You know what happened last time we underestimated someone with manipulative powers.”’

“Yeah, I know.”

“I know it’s tough, but I promise we’ll be home as soon as we possibly can.”

I nod, regardless of whether or not he can see. “Okay. Alright, I can work with that.”

“What?” Bruce’s voice sounds distant, like he’s holding the phone away from his face. “It’s (Y/N). What? Tony, you have to look at me when you’re talking to me. Tony-Tony, please, I’m trying to talk to- what?” I hear him sigh in exasperation. “He wants to know if he can talk to you.”

“Of course he can.”

The other end is silent as Bruce hands off the phone to Tony. “Hey, kid, how’s it going?”

I roll my eyes. “I’m not a kid, Tony.”

“Whatever,” He laughs. “What’s up? You doing okay?”

“I’m having a rough day. I miss you guys.”

“We should be home soon, don’t worry. We could be done faster if Mr. Mysterious would let go of Vision’s head and let him show the good doctor what he can do!”  From the volume of his voice I can only assume he’s leaning away from the phone and yelling at the sorcerer, trying to get him to do what he wants.

“It’s okay, Tony. I can figure out how to deal until you get back.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, just don’t get yourself killed while you’re there.” My brow furrows. “Sounds like you’re already picking a fight.”

“Don’t worry, (Y/N). The guy has some pretty fantastic facial hair. We’ll bond. Soon we’ll be awesome facial hair bros. It’s going to happen. Just you wait and see.”

I laugh. “Don’t forget to trademark that one.”

“Don’t worry, I’m already contacting a paralegal to make sure it happens. I-what?” Tony’s voice fades away as he pulls the phone away from his mouth. “Sorry, looks like I have to let you go.”


“We’ll see you as soon as we get back.”

“Alright, see you soon.”

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering what your thoughts were on Hooks new rings? Like the rings themselves and what they might mean on a meta level since they aren't his "murder rings" anymore. You think it's a permanent change to go with the wedding ring? I love your thoughts on the show and jewelry!

First, thank you for asking my opinion! That doesn’t happen very often (and probably for good reason, lbr. ;) ). I would have replied sooner, but I’ve been at work. 

As we know, rings can be very symbolic—both in real life and to Killian specifically. We know at least two of the rings have been reminders of a violent past (even if one of those stories doesn’t actually work with the timeline and when we first saw it…ahem), and another was a reminder of his older brother. Rings mean something to him, but not generally anything good. 

“Every ring is a sad story.” (Killian Jones, “Birth”)

From Colin’s Instagram, here are the three main rings Killian has worn throughout the series: the two larger with red stones and some design around it along with a relatively simple silver band for his thumb. We know the two red-stoned rings were taken from men Killian felt wronged him. As he tells Emma, they were once trophies and then reminders. They carried weight—the weight of both hands—and they never let him forget what those hands and hook have done.

Let’s dig into Killian’s jewelry box before we get to the good stuff.

When he gets his hand back on loan from Rumple, he doesn’t let that hand go without a ring, and here we see a pinky ring with a purple stone, somewhat like the one Liam gave him (although I don’t believe they are the same. The stone is similar, but the band is different). 

This is Liam’s ring, although we don’t know where he got it or who gave it to him, if anyone. But Killian poses that it might be the thing that has kept him a survivor all these years. Liam gave it to Killian because it was the ring responsible for always bringing him home safely and he wanted that same thing for Killian when they were about to face what should have been certain death. That ring is so important to Killian, it remains hidden for almost 3 seasons and only comes out when Killian wanted to make sure Emma came back to him safely while she was the Dark One. A pirate doesn’t give his prized possessions to just anyone. 

And here we have Dark One Killian’s rings. Gunmetal and likely onyx or jet. They are as dark as his soul at that moment, and that’s saying something given how dark Killian probably feels about himself and his deeds most of the time. I do like that they gave him a new set of bling for his outing as Dark Hook. I think it was important to illustrate that he was himself yet vastly different, too. The rings they (and possibly Colin) picked for Dark Hook were perfect. Sleek and somewhat classic. And oh so dark. 

Up to this point, every ring has been a sad story. 

But not for long.

(FYI, spoiler picture under the cut.)

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Manhattan | Chapter Two.

Authors Note: Hey, Hey everyone, I hope everyone has had a great day and evening. This is the second chapter to Manhattan, my Frat Boy AU. I am not sure whether this will be a fanfic or a mini-series, or what it becomes. It depends on the reviews I get on it from you guys.

I hope you enjoy this chapter, is a bit different from the first Chapter, but it is building on characters, I guess. I don’t know. Anyway, enjoy! Xx

Chapter one found, HERE.

Harry Masterlist found HERE
To Enter to win tickets for Harry Styles IN Nashville TN, HERE

It has been several days since the ludicrous frat party I attended. My dress still emanates a damn brewery, and I swear I can’t cleanse the stench of beer off my skin, but everyone else appeared to have loved it— it’s all I have heard about the last few days.

Apparently, it was such a great gathering that there’s going to be another… one that I will NOT be attending.

I don’t care if they do some keg standing drinking game or if there’s some kind of absurdly amazing beer pong match where that dickhead gets his ass beat— I am not going. I have no desire to.

I haven’t seen or heard about Harry either.

He seems to be mysterious, I am starting to wonder if he even attends the same University or if I managed to lure a creepy man to my dorm room while falling for his British charm.

Maybe he isn’t even British and it’s all an act. Who knows?

Besides the tailgate party and the after game entertainment that has been circling around conversations, the month of September is the beginning of football season—a season of deranged fanatic students’ screaming and rumbling at a football stadium, rooting for our blue and white team, while trying not to get drunk in the stands.

Today, September sixteenth; Well, today isn’t just the day for kick starting the glorious season of men in pads, pounding each other for a football, but it kicks starts against a rivalry that has been brewing for years.

We start the season against the Cornell Big Reds.

Despite my piling stacks of work and notes that need revising, I can’t help but fall for the first day, kick off, shenanigans of college football. I guess, I felt it was compulsory to act within the typical expectations of a college student and tag along with tailgating before the game.

Little did I know that this decision would be the start of something unknown.

At first glance, I disregard him, having to carry a double take before realising that it’s him, Harry.

I tilt my head to the side, my eyes blazing into him as they discern that he’s bearing red. Although he seems rather dainty in crimson, the blood humming through my veins seems to disagree with his judgment of colours, both for a good and bad reason.

I glance around promptly, noticing I am the only one not gathered in the crowd up ahead with their chants and their eager anticipation. I sigh, leaning against my roommate’s car, my eyes fluttering back towards him.

He makes his way over to me, my teeth sinking into my bottom lip as a nervous reaction.

“Hi, I’m surprised to see you here.” He flashes me a Cheshire grin, his eyes appearing to glisten a radiant emerald that I can admire more in the dusk sunset then I could in the moonlight the other night.

“Hello,” I nod, “I’m just as equally as surprised,” I comment, part of me rather enthused with the fact he’s bearing a rival colour that nobody dares to sport on such a day like today. “Nice colour, surprised your blood isn’t spread all over it— wait, don’t tell me,” I gasp, leading with a small pause. “You’re one of them.” I add, considerably amused by the fact that he may be unknown territory that is ’forbidden’.

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Today's Endless Skies

An AU where you can use ANY point in canon as a jumping off point! Pre and post canon are always popular choices. How would Klaus have reacted to human!Caroline? Or, since our endgame IS coming, how do you see it going down.

For @lalainajanes as a thank you for the body swap. Weirdly this went fluffy instead of smutty, but this will have to do! Hope you enjoy!

Chicago was cooler than she’d thought it’d be. Pinning a napkin between her knees, Caroline took her first taste of the hot dog she’d bought off a vendor and hummed in approval. She’d been disappointed my deep dish pizza, but this was delicious. The tiny park she’d found in her search for lunch was a lovely break from the press of tourists on the busier streets, and she took another careful bite. The wind wasn’t what she’d expected, and the spring gusts threatened to dislodge bits of relish and the napkin.

The last two days had been a much needed change from the chaos of Whitemore, the crazy from the whole Augustine mess. Maybe later she’d feel guilty about the text messages she’d been ignoring, the tiny bit of compulsion that had gotten her a decent hotel room at the last minute during the busy Spring Break season. Another itty bitty compulsion had gotten her an eager concierge who set about getting her tickets to the local museums and aquarium, and those were stuffed into her backpack.  She had a list of places she wanted to see. Food she wanted to try. Pictures she wanted to take, before she had to go back to the grind of her education and friend’s expectations.

Adjusting the tinfoil, she’d just stuffed another bite into her mouth when a familiar voice cut into her thoughts. “Care to slide over, love?”

She nearly choked, and gropped for the water bottle beneath the bench with watering eyes. When she finally composed herself, Klaus had pressed his lips together in a clear sign of hiding a smile, and she glared at him. “What are you doing here?”

A faint smile ghosted across his lips the, and his gaze lowered to the bench she’d deliberately taken up too much space on. Caroline debated popping that knowing bubble and saying no, but her curiosity would drive her insane. So she juggled her backpack and lunch to make enough room for him to sit. It didn’t surprise that he chose to sit as close as possible, the heat of his thigh brushing hers as he settled. It did surprised her when he unwrapped his own hotdog, seemingly perfectly at ease.

Not a look she’d have associated with Klaus, but one that was weirdly appealing.

“Seriously though,” she jabbed him with lightly with an elbow, not fighting the flicker at satisfaction as she jostled his food. “This is Chicago.”

A sardonic glance from beneath his lashes. “I’m aware, Caroline.”

She set her teeth as he took a of bite his hotdog, her nose wrinkling instinctively at the sight of jalapenos. Gross. “No, seriously, this had better be a case of really weird serendipity, because if you followed me here I’m going to get mean.”

The gleam of laughter in his gaze almost hid the faint shadows under his eyes, and she wondered long he had to go without sleep to look tired. She’d heard a few rumors from Stefan about the awfulness that had gone down in New Orleans, had maybe followed started following New Orleans PD twitter account out of pure curiosity. Finding Klaus here instead of tangled in whatever supernatural shenanigans were still occurring was kind of huge shock.

Klaus didn’t seem bothered by her staring, and she pretended not to watch as his tongue snaked out across his lips. One brow arched as he tipped his head in her direction, unphased by her scrutiny. “I assure you, I was just as surprised to see you wandering the streets of Chicago as I imagine you were to see me.”

She weighed his words, decided she’d believe him. Elena had only texted her once or twice, and Caroline had already told Bonnie that she needed a few days of space. There was no reason for her friends to have been worried about her, and none of them would have clued Klaus in to her plans. “Okay, then why are you here?”

“Business,” Klaus said.

Caroline paused in mid bite, eyes narrowed. “Do I want to know?”

He smiled, dimples cutting deep. “Nothing of real import, love. You shouldn’t be bothered on your vacation.”

She nodded, and they ate in silence for the next few moments as Caroline tried not to let the heat of him distract her. It was strangely comfortable sitting on a park bench and eating lunch with Klaus. It was so different than any of her other encounters with him, and the ease of it was slightly alarming. Caroline had always assumed that the next time she’d see Klaus would be a little awkward. Men tended to look at you differently once they’d seen you naked, and she’d somehow doubted that a thousand years of living would curb that.

The way that Klaus unabashedly watched her eat did hold little flickers of that scalding possessiveness she’d grown somewhat accustomed to seeing, but there was no expectation in his eyes. Instead, posture was as relaxed as she’d ever seen him, even though she knew he was tracking and cataloging every possible threat around him. It was likely that talking with Klaus on neutral territory would be a strain on her self control, but she found she didn’t want him to leave.

It was… nice.

“Why Chicago?” he murmured once she’d balled up the foil, water bottle crinkling in her hand as she finished it off. She looked at him in question and he glanced around before his gaze returned to her, nothing but curiosity on his face. “I’d have thought New York or L.A. would be more to your tastes.”

“Thought about it,” she said slowly, leaning back against the bench to enjoy the sunshine, ignoring that the move pushed her leg that much closer to his. “Seemed a bit predictable.”

Klaus mimicked her position, one booted foot crossing across the other. “Oh?”

Caroline considered how much she wanted to tell him, weighing her options. She knew it unlikely that Klaus would judge her, would even likely be a decent sounding board for the discontent she found herself wrestling with. Too good of one, really. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for that kind of honesty, not yet.

Tipping her head back, she sighed and watched a small child chase a balloon. “I just needed a break.”

Klaus was silent for several moments, clearly considering how best to respond to that statement. Finally he nodded, fingers laced across the flatness of his abdomen. “I can’t say that I blame you, love. Your friends are exactly what I’d consider restful.”

She rolled her eyes. “Really?”

He ignored the bite in her tone. “Tell me, what does Caroline Forbes do when she decides to spread her wings?”

Caroline shrugged, a small amused smile curling her lips. “Oh you know, the normal touristy things. Museums. Food. Getting lost on the loop. Maybe the Aquarium.”

“Sounds delightful,” he drawled.

She snorted, knowing full well that the Aquarium would be a nightmare for Klaus. So many people, the screaming children a constant clatter with his ears. Still, it wouldn’t do any good to let him think that she actually cared. “Why? Interested in seeing some dolphins do tricks?”

“Hardly,” Klaus said disdainfully. His head angled in her direction, eyes gone dark and tempting, tongue sliding across his bottom lip. “However, if you’d be interested in a few of the more… lesser known sights, I’d be happy to show you.”

She held herself still, refusing to show the shiver that threatened to roll down her spine at the rumble in his words. There was a wealth of invitations in his eyes, and she shouldn’t feel so breathless at just a few words. Refusing to let herself be dragged into the memories of the last time he’d been so closer, she cleared her throat. Particularly when she was pretty sure she might have a chance to reenact them, if she wanted too.

“I’ve got pretty high standards about touristy things, Klaus,” Caroline returned playfully, both brows arching. “Is this business of yours going to interrupt?”

He waved a hand, gaze dipping to trace the lines of her smile with his eyes. “I’m all yours.”

It was a loaded statement, and she refused to look beneath the surface, for the hints of gravel in his voice. Scraping her teeth over her lip, she poked the solid muscle of his bicep. “I get to change my mind if you’re boring.”

He caught her hand, flattened her palm against the hot muscle, his smile a wicked tease. “Not an accusation that I’ve had laid at my feet before, but I suppose there is a first time for everything. Feel free to offer suggestions.”

Looking heavenward for patience at the casual arrogance in his words, she still let him pull her to her feet. They discarded their trash, headed for the intersection they’d approved earlier. Klaus didn’t do anything like reach for her hand, but there was no doubt from the closeness of his body language they he was with her and it was another revelation that she didn’t mind that either.

“How long are you in Chicago?”

A quick, heated glance as they moved across the street. “I suppose that depends on you.”

Caroline considered that and decided that this Spring Break had the potential to be a lot more fun than she’d anticipated.

Trans Masterlist

Her name is Tyler by ttsg (1/1 | 20142 | Explicit)

Josh didn’t typically pick up other guys in a bar and take them home but then again he also didn’t see many guys wearing a soft pink skirt.

Don’t Leave Me Alone by Schizzar (1/1 | 1729 | Mature)

“Hi Tyler. I’m Josh.”

Tyler smiles.

Wear a hat so you can’t see my hair by slacked (1/1 | 3046 | Teen ad Up)

He didn’t know what was going on. He knew the rules. He knew that his parents weren’t ready, that’s why they couldn’t call him Tyler, that’s why they still called him a girl, that’s why he couldn’t cut his hair. He had to be ‘patient with them’. But it seemed that his body was rejecting the rules. That the pulling had become a symptom. And it wasn’t stopping.

Doubt by leooX (1/1 | 1498 | Teen and Up)

Tyler meets Josh at the supermarket.

Pot Roast by Blurryface__0 (1/1 | 1456 | Not Rated)

“Hey, I saw your posts on tumblr from last night and wanted to make sure you were okay. If you need to come over you can. I know it gets hard for you sometimes and I’m here for you, don’t forget that please. Stay strong, my prince.”

hooped earrings by lavenderlow (1/1 | 1485 | Not Rated)

you have got to do this now, or you can never come home again.

Focus!AU by Dun_with_Life (9/9 | 15531 | Teen and Up)

Josh, A seasoned master of misdirection, Becomes romantically involved with novice con artist Tyler. As he teaches her the tricks of trade, She gets too close for comfort and abruptly breaks it off. Three years later, The former flame – now an accomplished femme fatale – shows up in Buenos Aires In the midst of Josh’s last, very dangerous scheme. She throws him off his plan for a loop…and the consummate con man off his game.

We Could Fly Far Away by Pinkstationfrerard (20/20 | 55576 | Mature)

When he was 13 years old, Tyler left his phone number in a bunch of random books for a boredom-curing bet. 6 years later, Josh Dun finds one of those books.

(a.k.a the “You found my phone number in a book and decided to text me and hey you’re not a creepy old man for once- you’re actually pretty cute” AU featuring socially awkward trans!Tyler)

I’m boyish enough, right? by minecraftwarcat (27/27 | 13381 | Mature)

Tyler Joseph is transgender. And for that, he gets bullied a lot.
Enter Joshua Dun, the new student with a smile that Tyler loves and hates at the same time.
Josh likes him, and Tyler has no idea why.

Should have brought my library card because I wanna check you out by gardenpsyche (dorktier) (10/10 | 17339 | General)

‘I’m a librarian and I catch you almost every week moving your favourite fantasy series from the fiction to the non-fiction section.’

AKA josh is big scifi nerd and tyler is an overworked librarian dealing with his shenanigans

Not a Client by edy (1/1 | 40180 | Explicit)

my name is tyler joseph, the post reads, and if you see this, then i am in trouble. i have been unable to gain access to my queue to remove this. please, if you see this, call 911.

Mustard by edy (1/1 | 14827 | Explicit)

The one where Tyler sits on street corners and plays his ukulele for money and Josh hates his life.

P.S I Love You by Pinkstationfrerard (8/8 | 24189 | General)

Liking your best friend is tough. High school is tough. And to top it off, not fitting in or accepting yourself is pretty tough, too.

… And here is the story of a not-so-simple high school AU featuring trans!Tyler and ace!Josh.

Safe by edy (1/1 | 3111 | Explicit)

“Hey, you should fuck him.” She points, and she drinks, and she says, “I heard he was easy. I heard he’s got a pussy. You should fuck him.”

Pay Attention by ttsg (1/1 | 2228 | Explicit)

Tyler’s not paying attention

How to Love Your Body in 10 Easy Steps by planetcleer (1/1 | 1077 | Teen and Up)

Josh’s fingers itch anxiously, like the always do before he performs, but the other poets are talented and more than once he loses himself in the way their words feel.

And then this girl walks up on stage. She looks to be around Josh’s age, hair just grazing the tips of her ears, tattoos banded around her arms, tall and lanky but fitting. Someone announces that this piece is called “How to Love Your Body in 10 Easy Steps”, and that the speaker is named Tyler Joseph.

People murmur.

Josh blinks.

The girl on stage begins.

slow on sunday morning (and i never want to leave) byfobfantasia (1/1 | 2214 | Mature)

virginal trans boy tyler who was too worried about sex that he never really explored it nice i suck at even the mildest of smut

Jake by edy (1/1 | 7851 | Explicit)

shut up, Tyler would text. send me a dick pic

now send me a video where you’re jacking off

stay with me tonight by pretttysounds (1/1 | 2217 | Mature)

Josh is sleepy and cuddly, but Tyler has other ideas.

Wicked Crush by edy (1/1 | 7449 | Explicit)

The one where Josh robs houses on the side and accidentally steals a few pill bottles, vials of testosterone, and a pair of tweezers from Tyler. Josh swears he didn’t know it was Tyler’s house when he broke in. Please believe him.

85 Percent by marsakat (1/1 | 2991 | Explicit)

Josh doesn’t do this often, but tonight is different than every other night.

The Ballad of You and I by franticatlantic (2/2 | 2775 | Explicit)

The window is open, Tyler is cold, and he smells bacon.

Steer Me from the Hive of Bees by edy (1/1 | 8072 | Explicit)

He has that dream again.

this love by roseq (1/1 | 1260 | Teen and Up)

josh is trans and having a bad dysphoria day. tyler tries to help him out.

Can’t Spell Without A by edy (1/1 | 17534 | Mature)

By September’s end, they’re living together.

By January’s time, Tyler’s lips will turn blue.

Josh doesn’t know that yet.

On The Nickel by orphan_account (7/7 | 8763 | Not Rated)

They don’t get it.

Another Western Vampire (Different Time, Same Place) by stalksoftly (9/? | 28798 | Explicit)

Tyler Joseph is a mysterious cowboy. Cityslicker Josh Dun doesn’t know what he got himself into when he agreed to be his ranch hand for the summer.

Joy to the World by edy (7/12 | 52453 | Explicit)

Fires will consume soon.

Leave while you can.

I heard Greenland is nice.

Everything will be okay.

This last message is sprawled across the front of the bakery, two suns for the dots of the i. Josh reads and believes the message.

okay so this is nowhere near all of the trans fics that have been written but i plan on updating it again sometime soon. this is just a quick list so please don’t be upset if your fic is left out i just haven’t gotten to it yet) -Madi

Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.


The One After Her: A Relationship in Pieces

A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction 16

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Female Reader    Setting: Season 11


A/N: Almost to the finish line, thanks for hanging on! xoxo Stu

Spencer peered over Bo’s arm, trying to see what was occupying Y/N’s brother so effectively. The dining room smelled of silver polish and cologne he noticed while he tried to calmly wait for his recently reestablished girlfriend to arrive. It was a special day for them, not the Christian celebration of Easter, but it was the one year anniversary of the day they met. March 27, 2015 at 5:42 pm, he spotted her trip and spill her belongings across the lobby floor of her apartment complex. Who could forget the day their world changed?

He knew she didn’t remember it was the exact date they met; what mattered was that she had come back to him. They could make more memories, this meal was just another milestone on their journey. A poorly planned surprise milestone, but he trusted Y/N’s mom. She had helped mold Y/N; there was something sacred about how a mother knows that even his analytical mind couldn’t disprove. The slamming of the back door revved up the adrenaline in his veins, Spencer futzed with his place setting, knowing she would discover him at any second.

She wasn’t upset, not with him, he noted the inflection in the word ‘babe’ and the way her foot nudged his shin playfully under the table. The meal went much smoother than many of the scenarios he had imagined, which put him in a hopeful mood. Which all but disappeared with a phone call from Garcia as Mr. Y/L/N was bringing out the desserts. Y/N walked him out the rear door through the kitchen. She was whispering conspiratorially while he stood on the top step waiting for a good bye kiss.

“I am keeping them waiting, let them think I am tearing you a new one.” She was enjoying the playacting.

“Should I have been more meek? Would you rather a moping puppy dog?” Spencer teased back.

“Of course not, you knew what you were walking in to. It’s better this way.” She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, Spencer took the opportunity to leave a gentle peck on her nearest cheek. She squeezed his bicep in farewell.

“See you soon, raccoon.” She whispered, not realizing he heard her. He waved back once in the driver’s seat.

“Toodle-loo, kangaroo.”

The week after Derek and Savannah’s wedding

Something about the victim’s boyfriend was bothering Spencer and he couldn’t narrow down what was upsetting him about the man’s actions. He left the interview room and found JJ and Lewis reading over the evidence boards.

“Anything from the boyfriend?” Lewis checked.

“Not really.” Spencer sounded unsure, leaving himself open for further questions.

“Spence? I know that face.” JJ hinted. “What’s bothering you?”

“There was something triggering my defenses while talking to the boyfriend, but going over his answers and mannerisms is not giving me satisfactory reason to be alarmed.” He explained.

“I think I know what’s bothering you,” JJ shared a look with Lewis. “The boyfriend” she gestured to a photo from evidence, “looks an awful lot like Newbaurer, even you can’t fight that kind of bias.”

How hadn’t he noticed the similarities, not just age and race, but proportion between foreheads and chins, angle of the nose. Now that he was looking at a picture and not a reacting human being, it was all painfully clear. The reminder that the man that had nearly killed Y/N was already released to his probation officer for mere community service on a burn unit was distracting. He went back to the other boards and put the last interview behind him.

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weirdmageddon was amazing! FAR better than most finales tend to be.

i wanted to know what the zodiac thing was all about though… i’d never seen it before but it was obviously important to the fans who had theorised about it…. couldnt we at least see what it would have done???? it didn’t have to be the final conflict!

ANYWAY i dont have as much to say about gravity falls as adventure time for obvious reasons so im going to rank it… Without further ado, it’s time to heavily overthink about cartoons!!!

Animation: 5 out of 5 hats - this is one of the most BRILLIANTLY ANIMATED childrens cartoon shows ive seen. there’s no weird inbetweens, the lighting for each scene is absolutely spot-on, it looks and feels amazing! honestly gravity falls looks like one of the strongest arguments for using script-driven shows instead of storyboard-driven shows, because cartoon network has never in its life produced something that looks this good.  When it used 3D CGI it was implemented smoothly. The characters had no absence of body language and cues either, it was never boring to look at. Disney does it again!!!

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Reminiscing - Miles Wood

Originally posted by faulker

So this wasn’t requested but I just love Miles Wood and I figured no one would object to some Miles smut! If you do object, are you ok??? Haha I hope you all had a good weekend, and let me know what you think!  Much love pals! <3

Word count: 1247

Warnings: swearing, smut

Up next: Teuvo Teravainen


The Devils’ season had finally ended and you were devastated that it was over of course, but this just meant that you and Miles could spend some quality time together, completely uninterrupted in your hometown.

Today, you had decided to drive around aimlessly, blasting music and stopping anywhere that looked even remotely interesting.  You had made it to a farmer’s market, a couple different beaches, a forest and now you were driving up a mountain that had a view of the city from the top.  You made Miles back in so you could both curl up in the trunk with a blanket and look out over your hometown.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any more ideas for Spider-Man!Bitty? Because omfg that AU gives me life

DO I? Of course I do, I have loads.

(I might be binge watching cartoons in a desperate attempt at clinging to my inner child as my 25th birthday gets closer and closer every day.)

- Bitty totally mentors ALL the teenage superheroes. ALL of them, he has an eight sense to know when somebody underage puts on a costume. (His sixth sense is his spider sense and his seventh his baking powers).

- He will force you to keep going to school and keep your grades up and talking to your parents/guardian about what you are doing and if your parents say you can’t superhero then that’s it, you can’t, however if they say yes, you basically enter an internship with him.

- He doesn’t make you a sidekick because he thinks that’s patronising as hell, he will simply show you the ropes and make sure you won’t endanger yourself or others.

- It’s pretty common to see Spiderman with a bunch of young superheroes following him during the weekend. (He bribes his villains to take it easy those days with mountains of baked goods, his super villains do not grow fond of the children. They do not. And Spiderman absolutely does not gossip with them about what the kids are up to.)

- You can only be out until like 8 on school nights and if you think Spiderman won’t show up and web you and drag you to your home in front of your superhero friends and super villain enemies you got another thing coming.

- The super villains totally rat out the kids to Spiderman because nothing is more hilarious than to watch somebody else get lecture for once, also Spiderman has a Twitter and all citizens make a game out of #ing the location of the young superheroes when out of curfew.

- But for all that he’s a responsible adult, Spiderman will also be your back up no matter what, not even if it’s your fault the villain of the week got out or if it’s just about asking the girl you like to prom. He’s 100% there for you.

- The first kid Jack and Bitty adopt ends up being a 7 year old mutant with ice powers that was kicked out of his home. He was so scared he refused to talk and while Bitty could have sent him to live with the x-men, the kid reminded him of Jack, so instead he brought him home and introduced them. The kid absolutely lost his mind when he met Jack and the two of them started talking hockey, and Bitty knew he wasn’t leaving.

- They end up adopting a lot of kids this way. Teens or kids that have been abandoned because of their abilities or that ran away because their parents hated them.

- Jack never feels inadequate about not being a superhero because he has all this wonderful kids to look after who really need them, and while Bitty is also super committed to being a parent, sometimes saving the world has to take precede and the only way he can do that is by knowing Jack will be there to cover his back.

- The youngest kid they adopt is 3 and the oldest 16, and they both admit a baby isn’t compatible with their lifestyle at the moment and are happy with the family they do have.

- The grandparents/all their friends take shifts to come stay over during the season while Jack is on away games.

- Inevitably the kids invent a hockey game with powers that Jack watch with mournful eyes, because seriously this isn’t how you are meant to play. Bob loves it and plays with them and none of the kids have the heart to tell him they like hold back loads to play with him.

- They buy a big house somewhat isolated so their pack of children can use their powers without being afraid, the house is always loud and full of laughter and while everybody else wonders how the hell they are not driving crazy by it, Bitty and Jack love their life and their crazy family and maybe having grown used to the Samwell hockey team shenanigans helped.

- Jack and Bitty are pretty chill parents, but they put their foot down about their kids not joining any superhero fighting till they are 18 and no Bitty doesn’t give a single fuck that he is training kids as young as 16, their parents gave them permission.

- This is the one thing that will drive the two of them to losing their calm.

- They do let them go to training with the x-men since most of their kids go to that school during the day, but nobody will forget that time Spiderman very violently and publicly beat up Wolverine from Manhattan to Queens and left him shoulder deep inside a cement block for taking one of his kids on a mission. Nobody.

- Some X-men tried to defuse the situation and let’s just say it didn’t end well for them either. The Avengers very comfortably watched everything happen from their tower where they were definitely not hiding.

- Crime was suspiciously low that week.

- More privately, nobody will forget Jack Zimmermann, NHL 3 time Stanley Cup Winner, storming into the school and missing a game to come loudly yell at Charles Xavier for allowing it to happen in the first place.

- His lawyer was present during the whole thing taking notes and once Jack ran out of steam and stormed out, herding his babies away, the man looked at Xavier and raised an eyebrow. “Brah, next time we are totally suing for child endangerment.”

- It becomes public knowledge that Jack and his husband adopted mutant and super powered kids, and people show up to protest exactly once before Shitty has the press and anybody in attendance buried under law suits.

- Also, Spiderman might accidentally end up having a fight in the vicinity that dispersed the crowds.

- The Zimmermann/Bittle kids go to most of Jack’s games dressed head to toes on the team’s merchandise to loudly cheer for their dad.

- They also sit in front of the TV dressed in Spiderman stuff when the news are reporting on a battler to cheer on their other dad.

- Spiderman doesn’t join the Avengers because he thinks he does more good as a small time superhero. Like stopping thieves and his low-medium tier villains. (Even if everybody knows he holds back, see Wolverine, Avengers and X-Men and the way they totally not flinch close to an angry Spiderman).

- Spiderman actually knows where all the secret bases of his villains are located. He guards that secret as jealousy as the identity of his husband/children.

- He never goes to arrest them there unless they are making trouble that week and it’s absolutely necessary. While they are in prison he finds the time to drop by and feed your pets/plants.

- Spiderman is a social media addict. He has a Twitter, Vine, Instagram and YouTube channel. He mostly records things while webbing around the city as evidence for the police, but has a running commentary all the time.

- Bitty might pout a lot about how his secret identity has so many more followers than he does.

- At one point or another all superheroes end up tracking him down for some heart to heart. Bitty is good as listening and giving advice, he has convinced a lot of superheroes to go to therapy (he has a standing monthly appointment).

- Wolverine is a fan of Jack/Bob Zimmermann/hockey. He’s Canadian so he just has to be.

Around For Some More

Originally posted by lilygarlands

A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Aaron Hotchner x Female Reader

Setting: Late Season 12

A/N: This is a followup  to New Around Here and Come Around Again

Sorry more fluff than smut this week. Also not proofread, forgive me. xoxo Stu

It had been a full month of sneaking around before you had finally had enough. It was time to meet the kiddo. Now, you just had to make sure Jim was alright with it before you made an idiot of yourself by assuming this was a real relationship. You had worked past the butterflies and teenage shenanigans, but he was ever stoic. You felt he held the world at arm’s length.

“Y/N, your morning girl said you wanted to see me?” Sheriff Thompkins’ steady voice called you out of your daydreaming.

“Thanks for coming, Al, take a seat?” You gestured to the open bench opposite you.

“Is everything alright? Diners have more nighttime complaints from the kids up the road?” Al Thompkins sipped from his travel mug and got down to business.

“The past few weeks I have noticed a dark SUV hanging around my neighborhood. Are any of your guys on surveillance up on the hill?” You asked casually, pushing aside your paperwork to clear the table.

“No, none of mine. It’s a nice area, think maybe someone’s casing the neighborhood for burglaries?”

“I think we would have heard something by now, if they were robbing folks.” You muttered, getting up to grab the fresh pot of regular from behind the counter. You refilled your mug as Al opened his lid for a “top off”.

“Well, I’ll look into it. But, see if you can get a plate for me next time you spot ‘em?” Al shrugged and slid out of the booth. “Thanks for the coffee, Y/N. See you next time.”

“You too, Al. Take care now.” You watched the gray haired man amble out of the glass doors, followed precisely by Jimmy, his eyebrows pinched with concern.

“Everything alright?” His husky voice asked as he slid into the sheriff’s vacant seat.

“What? Oh, Al? Yeah, we’ve had a weird vehicle in the neighborhood lately, he’s an old family friend,” You explained. “He’s just checking it out, nothing to worry about for now. So? How’s it going?”

He nearly smiled, but his eyes watched you intently. Jim Spivey never seemed to miss a change in your mood. He leaned across the table for the greeting he missed with his question. You relaxed with the scruff brushing against your cheek in the rushed kiss. “Good, but, uh, how do you feel about a different sort of date night this weekend?”

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Gotham 3.20 How The Riddler Got His Name

As I watched it, and some random observations here and there.

Previously on Gotham.

The Court of Owls plotline helpfully condensed in 5 seconds. Fake Bruce – and how can he save Gotham.  He‘s apparently only part of the plan - with Jim the other part. Katherine asks if Frank knows what happens if Jim fails.  Bruce and Selina seem pretty over due to Bruce not telling Selina about her mother’s plan.  The pier. Ed doesn’t love Oswald.  He loved Isabella.  Bang. Splash

As always, long post will be long - reaaally long.  There are likely to be rambling digressions. Gobblepot may appear (although I welcome all shippers and non-shippers alike :)).  There will be naked favouritism and naked not-favouritism.  Broader comments at the end on plotlines and parallels and general direction.

We see a scientist enter a raised glass lab in which Ed is lurking with a gun

Greetings, professor

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[right down to the second]

Because @thymefortea​ enabled me when I made this post about what other parallels I’d like to see this season for Patrick and Shelagh. This is a callback to Patrick helping Mr. Willens with a smoke in the Surgery’s lobby while Iris was delivering a very surprise baby. WC ~1150. Obvious spoilers for Series 6.

“Well, if an occasion ever called for a cigarette this would be it,” a familiar voice, amused and lilting, startles him out of his frantic search. 

“How did–”

Patrick whirls around like a child caught out with a piece of illicit candy. The brief respite caused by the identity of the speaker is just that – brief. Trixie smiles, folding her arms under her chest. 

“What else would you be furiously rummaging through a filing cabinet for at a moment like this? Files?” she teases in a way that isn’t quite teasing, just an attempt at lightening the mood. As if prepared for this specific instance, she reaches into the pocket of her cardigan, extracting a pack and a lighter. “Here, I’ve got one. Unless you find Pall Malls offensive.” 

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Title: The Haven

Chapter 36: Weaving

Genre: Romance

Rating: T

Author’s Note: Girl issues and fluffy times, ya’ll! Let me know what you think! Written from Tom’s POV.



Me – Good morning, America.  It’s nearly 9.  My eyes are thirsty for the sight of you.  It’s been more than 8 hours since I’ve seen you.  I am like a man who has wandered through a barren and lonely desert, panting and desperate for just a glimpse of his love.  Please come out of your cave before I perish of longing. My love for you is unending, as boundless as the seas.   I adore you.  Come, rescue me.  

I sat on the couch with my phone in hand, hoping that she would find my dramatics humorous enough to get out of bed.  Not being an early riser herself, she nonetheless made a point of getting up earlier than usual when I was with her.  She would normally emerge by 8:30, in varying stages of alertness, content to submit to whatever I chose on any given day that would get her fully awake. One morning I chased her around the house like a giggling teenager after I discovered how ticklish she was. Auntie just laughed at our shenanigans, as she called them, and then threated me with a spoon when I made a move towards her with my fingers wiggling.

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Mister Scarecrow Hates Halloween

Castiel was not a big fan of Halloween. For one thing, he was constantly cold; late October in Kansas had a tendency to easily slip from what one would cheerfully classify as “crisp” into what sane people (judged as such according to Castiel’s admittedly biased standards) would describe as “glacial.” There weren’t enough sweaters in the world, he thought, to make running around in the cold, late into the darkening evening, tolerable, let alone entertaining. He had felt that way even as a child, and now that he was in his last year of high school, he didn’t even have the prospect of a pillowcase full of free candy to ease the irritation.

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