i need an outside opinion here!

I am a volunteer patient escort at planned parenthood

This is something I just shared on FB about my experiences as a patient escort. Just thought I’d put it on here too.

Alright y'all. Prepare for a long post, but one you should read.

Some of you know, but some of you don’t, that I volunteer at Planned Parenthood about twice a month. My official title is Volunteer Clinic Escort. My role is to safely get patients and family into the clinic safely, with privacy, and with a friendly face. Not all Planned Parenthoods (PP) have these, but the clinic where I volunteer does because we have loud, abrasive, volatile, threatening, verbally abusive and dishonest anti-choice protesters who harass people in the clinic. I would like to tell you about my experiences with them and with patients who talk to me as I stand outside with my umbrella and vest.

(I would like to note that this is not the place to tell me that abortion is wrong, that I should not support PP, that I need to stop what I’m doing. I’ve heard every argument before. In fact, I’ve had every arguement screamed in my face. You’re welcome to your opinion, but I will not be acknowledging it on here, and I ask that others ignore dissenters too. This post isn’t about me and why you think I’m wrong. It’s about what I see every time I volunteer.)

When I am volunteering, I am outside and often have patients and family members talk with me. I’m obviously not there to counsel or to offer advice medically one way or another, but I am a friendly ear and people just need to talk sometimes. Also, when volunteering, patients entering the clinic are verbally harassed by the anti choice protesters almost immediately and, while we don’t encourage it, they often yell back. The protesters don’t listen.

On my very first day, I had a person head into the clinic. As I smiled to her and went to get the door, an anti-choice protester (ACP) yelled “Mama! Don’t kill your baby!” The patient immediately responded tearfully “my baby is dead. My baby is falling out of me right now. I didn’t do anything.” The ACP, without missing a beat, screamed back through her child-sized megaphone “No he isn’t! Your doctor lied to you! These murderers just want your money!” I ushered in the patient as gently as I could while my co-volunteer told her kindly that those people didn’t matter and that in a week they wouldn’t even remember what they heard here.

In the year and a half I’ve been doing this, we have had a ACP sneak into the clinic and threaten to burn the place down. The police did nothing. We had two other ACPs try and enter the clinic to tell patients they would adopt their babies. We told them to get off the property and when they didn’t, we called the police. Eventually the ACP returned to the narrow strip of lawn they stand on at the edge of the parking lot, and luckily so, because the police never showed again.

My clinic, luckily, has never faced extreme violence while I was there. But other PP and health care clinics are not so lucky. They are burned down, have bombs planted, have clinic escorts and workers physically harmed.

They are shot at and three people die.

I have had patients tell me that they will be killed by their partner if they have an abortion. I have been told that their partner will kill them if they DON’T have one. I’ve been told how people with physical disabilities cannot carry a child without side effects so severe they may not survive. I’ve had patients explain that their mental health is at risk if they go through with the pregnancy. I’ve had patients come in with a wanted pregnancy that ended in miscarriage and they needed PPs help to safely remove the tissue. I’ve seen people come in who admit to being addicted to drugs and know they cannot go through this pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood helped all these people, not just with medical care, but with helping abused patients find help to escape violent partners. Helping those who want to conceive find fertility doctors. Helping drug addicts find resources to become healthy.

All the while, the ACP stand outside, screaming and hollering, telling women that they are murderers and whores and that they will burn for murdering their babies. But it’s ok, they do it out of love. They scream at these people and tell them awful things and then beg to have the patient come talk with them.

They don’t see the hypocrisy.

It is a rule to not engage with the ACP at all. In the year and a half I’ve been doing this, I’ve said maybe a total of 50 words to the group, all of which are some form of “you are on our property, step back right now.” I may not engage them, but we can make eye contact and make them believe we are listening. We do this so the ACP begins shouting at me, and not a patient getting air outside. I would much rather be shouted at than have them scream at a patient.

When I am being yelled at, I have been called: a murderer, a nazi, a slavery supporter, a bad mother, a bad wife (they do not know if I am married or if I have children), a witch, a lesbian, a liberal, a member of satan’s army, a Muslim lover, a bitch, a slut, and evil. Some of these things are true and some are perfectly fine things to be, but to the ACP they are all bad.

Sometimes we have patient partners come talk to the protesters. They try and explain to the ACP why they are there with their partner. I’ve heard them tell the ACP every single reason, and every single time, the protesters still tell them they are wrong and a bad father and a supporter of Satan. Every. Time. And they call this love.

Since Trump took office, one of his first orders signed was a Global Gag Rule. People thought that this rule meant that no US money would go to pay for abortions overseas, but in fact, US funds have never paid for abortions and haven’t since 1973. Even in the US, because of the Hyde Amendment, no federal funding goes to pay for abortions.

What this gag rule now does, however, is prevent money from going to clinics that even mention abortion as a method of family planning. They don’t have to perform them. If they are mentioned at all in pamphlets or classes, they lose foreign aid money. This means that now they can’t provide birth control, wellness checks, prenatal care, or classes.

This will cause unwanted pregnancies. This will cause people to seek out abortions, often in unsafe condition.

This will cause people to die.

Roughly 1/3 people with a uterus will have an abortion in their life. I haven’t spoken to everyone who has had one, but I’ve spoken to more than most. No one gets an abortion out of malice. No one gets an abortion just to end the life of a fetus, just for kicks. No. One.

Planned Parenthood provides important health services, including abortion. They do this despite the risk of physical bodily harm, every day. People like myself stand outside PP to protect patients because it is important.

We. Will. Not. Stand. Down.

I will continue to volunteer, even though since Trump was elected, the ACP have gotten more and more aggressive in their tactics, since they believe Trump supports their actions. I will continue to walk these patients inside, to get help, because it is important and right. I will continue to fight Trump the slew of anti choice people supporting him. I will continue to support choice even though I know I will lose friends and will face hatred from people I know.

Planned Parenthood is important, and we will not stand down.

Trading T-Shirts

After an unexpected one night stand, Betty isn’t really sure how to return a certain person’s shirt.

Based on @bettybettycooper‘s post about her predicament. She agreed that it was like something out of a college au and I just couldn’t help myself once the idea stuck!

Read on AO3

If Betty could have described the sensation emanating from the inside of her skull at that moment it would’ve been somewhere between a dull throb and an uncomfortably persistent humming. It wasn’t what she would consider a full blown hangover but she could already tell, even with only the light filtering through her closed eyelids, that opening her eyes was not going to be a perfectly pleasant experience.

She groaned quietly, burrowing further into the warmth of the sheets surrounding her. Luckily, Betty had never been a particularly heavy drinker; she was well aware of her limits and was loathe to exceed them. Wanting to remain in control of your facets at all times came with the territory when you had been dealing with anxiety for your entire life, and this was merely an extension of those well-practiced habits for Betty. Unfortunately, that also meant that when someone – Veronica, her brain supplied haughtily – managed to sneak a few extra unsavoury cocktails past your normally impenetrable barriers you definitely felt it.  

Betty was already planning a few choice words for her roommate when she got back from her early class later.

It was just as she was mustering up the courage to swing her legs out from beneath the cosy comforter and finally greet the day that two things happened simultaneously. Firstly, her final ditch attempt at soaking up some of the softness from her pillow by burying her nose in the down alerted her senses to the fact that the citrus and sandalwood scent she could smell wasn’t the usual lavender of her sleep-easy fabric softener. And secondly, something moved next to her.

Betty’s eyes flew open, all thoughts of her early onset headache vanishing immediately. There was someone in her room, and not only that but that someone was in her bed. At least, she thought so until she noticed the pillowcase beneath her head was navy blue instead of white with purple daisies. What the–

The someone shuffled again, letting out a soft hum that got lost to the sound of cotton on cotton rustling about the air, then everything was silent once again. Betty held her breath, not daring to contribute anything to making a noise while she gingerly turned over in the bed – clearly, not her bed, she’d come to determine – and peered over to her left, lower lip drawn anxiously between her teeth.

She was met with a smooth expanse of olive toned skin, leading up to a mess of dark waves that Betty had resurfacing memories of; more specifically, she was starting to remember what it felt like to run her hands through it while another pair of hands explored the length of her thighs…

Her eyes clenched shut as she swallowed thickly, embarrassment running through her body, and leaving a white hot trail in its wake that made it all the way down to the tips of her toes. She didn’t do this kind of thing! Oh god, what would her mother think? Not that she had any immediate plans for telling her mom of such events, but still, she couldn’t help but think it. A few weeks in and she was already a college cliché. Betty Cooper did not have one night stands with random strangers when she’d had too much to drink. In fact, it was one of the reasons why she didn’t have too much to drink. There was no way in hell she was going to be able to navigate her way out of this situation gracefully, already resigned to the fact that she was going to make an utter fool of herself in front of her ‘hook up’.

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Can’t Take Her Anywhere

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is one of my 600 Follower Celebration Requests! I really hope you all like this. It was requested anonymously with the song “Can’t Take Her Anywhere” by Dylan Scott. This is written in Jensen’s point of view and we’re going to say that Danneel is happy with someone else. A huge thank you to @carasauruswrex for proof-reading this at the last minute for me! You are awesome. :)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Mild Violence, Language, Tiniest bit of Angst?

Word Count: 1,400-ish

Song Inspirations: “Can’t Take Her Anywhere” by Dylan Scott

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Tonight was a big night and we were all excited. Jared and I were opening another bar together. This time, the bar would be located in Vancouver, BC and we figured it was only right because we had spent so much of our life in this city, getting to know the people and places. We fell in love with this place hard and fast and we thought of this as being our homage to the city we love. With Supernatural ending after this season, we only thought it was right to leave our mark here before we went home for the last time.

“You ready, man?” Jared smiled at me as he straightened his shirt and I smiled and nodded, then held up my finger to say ‘one second’. “Ah, yes, the wife. I’ll just be here.”

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You're Just Dumb. (Sebastian Smythe x Reader)

Originally posted by gustinfucker

Sebastian smythe imagine where he pretends to like y/n but he uses the reader to get close to Santana (or any girl) and she finds out and is hurt?

I smiled at the notification on my phone. It was a family-friendly text message from Sebastian, and we were playfully arguing over whether or not the correct spelling was with a J or a G. It was either Jeez or Geez. It was an ongoing thing we’ve been having ever since we met.

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detailed colour porn tutorial - scenery

This has been a tutorial that people have been asking me to do for quite a while but I simply hadn’t had the time to do. 

I’m doing more of these “colour porn” tutorials since this one will be strictly dedicated to scenery (I was going to do all in one but it’d honestly be way too big)

Here’s a few examples of gifsets in which I’ve used this kind of tutorial xx, xxxx and xx

I’m using photoshop cs5 to make this gifset (you can use other version of photoshop though) and you need a basic knowledge on how to make gifs.

We’re going to go from this

to this

and this

and this

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Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (eruri)

this is a commission for @reyshairbun who wanted an au where papa smith is still alive and mistakenly assumes that erwin and levi are together ;) levi doesn’t help by venting about “relationship troubles”  commission me here :)

“Thank you for coming with me, Levi.” Erwin said to the man sitting beside him, addressing only the back of his head as they rode along in a carriage towards his father’s house.

Levi was staring out the window, and at Erwin’s words, he turned to simply nod at him once before looking towards the road again. A tight frown decorated his face, and his arms had been crossed since they’d left. Obviously he was tense, and had been that way all morning, ever since Erwin had walked into his office earlier to find him standing there and staring down at a plate of uneaten food with a grimace on his face and a duster in hand.

“Levi.” Erwin had said upon catching sight of him, noting the way his brows were drawn and his mouth almost twisted into a scowl. “Are you—

“Why didn’t you eat it?” Levi interrupted. His question caused Erwin to glance down at the food, the plate of it that was supposed to be his dinner from the night before.

It had been sitting there for a while, he knew, because he had been too busy to eat it, losing himself in his work instead while the meal cooled nearby. He’d meant to dig into it, he remembered, but he’d gotten distracted because he was knee deep in planning the next expedition, and he feared that even pausing to do so would completely ruin his focus.

“I forgot. I was working, and—

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anonymous asked:

Do you think socialism is the inevitable replacement as automation hemorrhages jobs?

If we are still living under capitalism then we’ll most likely get a reformed welfare system or UBI. We aren’t at the point where the vast majority of jobs can be automated though, so it’s likely this change will be gradual if it happens.

People would need an incentive to stand up to the establishment first and foremost. A lot of people are miserable with their jobs and living conditions, but uncertain about alternatives, so they just make do. We need to educate the masses on socialism. That won’t happen naturally, effort needs to go into it. I believe a revolutionary party or organization would be useful here. Revolution is not easy at all, and we need to be aware of external forces and the failure of revolutions in history.

Now some more of my opinions…

1. We can’t have a single socialist country because it will easily be manipulated by outside sources. Whether through invasion, imperialism, or capitalist countries cutting off trade or implementing policies suppressing developing socialist economies. This is why proletarian internationalism is helpful.

2. The masses must always be directly represented democratically in any organization. The opposite happens under capitalism and we already see the awful outcome of that: the interests of an elite class come first. Plenty of people are already angry with the outcomes of policies because their interests aren’t represented. Democracy is the enemy of capitalism and that’s why we end up with an oligarchy.

3. State power must be seized from the ruling class.

anonymous asked:

Has Amber done any other musical work apart from OMWF?

Oh boy do I have a treat for you.

HERE is Amber singing Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me for a Rocky Horror Picture show 25th anniversary special. She is adorable and slightly awkward because she’s singing in her undies and it’s the most endearing thing I’ve ever seen from a Rocky Horror anything.

HERE is Amber singing Joni Mitchell’s My Old Man with Russell Brown to help raise money for Worldbuilders in 2014.

HERE is (my personal fav) Amber singing The One I Need, which is a song she did for The Killing Jar soundtrack - a movie she also starred in. Her lower range makes me feel some type’a way.

And HERE is a cover of Baby it’s Cold Outside that Amber and Challenger’s Comics owner Patrick Brower did just this past Holiday Season. 

She doesn’t do nearlyyy enough musical projects, in my opinion, and it’s really a shame because her voice is so beautiful. I’m guessing she miiight have done more musical-y things when she was younger and still doing theatre, but we may never know. 

EDIT - embarassingly, I missed a few gems! can’t forget:

HERE, @headcannonwip has so generously shared Amber singing Tom Dooley with Union Maid (Adam Busch’s band) - definitely listen to the whole track for Amber’s great laugh!

and the most amazing karaoke scene in any lifetime movie, HERE you can watch Amber sing Juice Newton’s Queen of Hearts in the movie 7 Things to Do Before I’m 30. It’s adorable, watch it, fall in love all over again.

Trust Me

Pairing/s: Thorin x (human!gn)reader

Setting/Timeline: Few years after BoTFA, Durins live!AU

Warning(s)/Genre(s): Fluff

Word Count: 1,100

The Hobbit, the Durins, and Any of the Company © J.R.R. Tolkien 
Context © me

Requested by @deepestfirefun.

A/N: First time doing a gender neutral reader. I hope I didn’t screw up.

The Hobbit tag list: @fizzy-custard, @sdavid09, @life-is-righteous, @igotanaddixon, @fromthedeskoftheraven, @kittenwritesstuff, @deepestfirefun, @dreamsofrivendell

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They’re always there wherever the King goes!

And that is just one of the thousands of exclaims you constantly, and annoyingly, hear as you make your way within the cavernous labyrinth that is Erebor.

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I wanted to write some KaiShin today, so I threw this together in a few hours.  Hope you guys enjoy!

Kaito watched his reflection in the mirror, his eyes following the lines of the dress, trying to decide if it was a good fit.  If he gave himself breasts, it would probably look better.  The lines filled out, his curves made softer…  He mentally checked it off for use in disguises and began changing into the next outfit, a cute striped skirt and a loose blouse.

As he was adjusting them, he heard voices outside the door, one of them a familiar masculine one and the other a familiar (somewhat shrill) feminine one.  They seemed to be arguing about something.

He turned in place, watching the skirt swish around his legs.  This one was good for general use as well as disguise use, he decided.  He liked the way it caressed his legs, and the blouse’s coloring made his skin look amazing.  Not to mention it drew attention to the slender cut of his waist.

“Listen, Sonoko,” Kaito could hear from the walkway outside the changing rooms, “you should have brought Ran, I have no interest in watching you try on clothes.”

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anonymous asked:

You're delusional, us men want a real women not one that think they're better than anyone else. Do you even have friends outside tumblr or is it just here, because your personality is non existent. It's ok Friday is coming so do what you do..."tumblr don't fail me" bahaha. And yes l fuck enough, l don't need to beg..here or real life like you! No wonder you're single

So wait, I’m confused… 

Do I have such a high opinion of myself I think I’m better than everyone? 

Or am I so depressed and lonely I have no life?  

In between your real life fucking where you don’t have to beg for it, please let me know.  

I’ll just be sitting here, cause I’ve got nothing else to do but wait for vaginal atrophy to set in. 


About Charlotte and Theresia

So first of all I want to say I don’t want to step on anyone’s feet, please respect my opinion and I’ll respect yours. You’re welcome to discuss this matter with me though, I’m always open to new ideas. 

Okay, so what I’ve been thinking about for a little while now was that someone said that Charlotte’s “obsession” with Griffith is creepy. I was asking myself, is she really obsessed or are we missing something here…? 

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My thoughts on homework

This post is extremely opinionated so know I don’t mean any group of people offence by it. It’s just my opinion.

Homework has to be the stupidest thing teachers try to justify to you at school. The usual excuse is that it “helps extend learning outside of the classroom.” Here are some of the reasons this is stupid:

  1. School is a place for learning, if we have to extend learning outside of school then you must be doing a really bad job of educating people.
  2. Home is a place separate from school so people can relax without needing to worry about school, preventing you from feeling so under pressure that it impacts your mental health. Or that’s what it should be but sadly homework was invented to bring the horror of school into your safe place.
  3. It is very unlikely children are going to do better at work if they try to do it as quickly as possible with no structure, interest or focus. Most of the homework I got wasn’t even stuff we had learned about, it was just a brand new topic or some stupid ‘fun’ homework that was not fun…
  4. When you get a question wrong in homework, you tend to get it back in the classroom with a red X and the answer/solution written next to it. That piece of homework then becomes extremely pointless because you just spent all that time being wrong without knowing it.
  5. If homework is required because there isn’t enough time in school, the school is trying to teach more than it can handle…

I know this is an incredibly opinionated post and you’re welcome to disagree with me. After my experiences, you will most likely not change my mind but it was good to write down. Feel free to share your opinions!

I have nothing against people who like or agree with homework, that’s completely your decision. It would make me feel better if teachers stopped trying to justify themselves but I doubt it will happen. 

If You Could See Me

After 1.06 what if Betty and Jughead decided to keep their relationship a secret, or rather attempted to.

A fic about Betty and Jughead working out the facts of their new relationship and cute, fluffy moments… also how the group finds out about bughead.

Slight AU does not follow the events of 1.07 onward

————————————- Chapter 3 ——————————————

As the three sat in Pop’s, Veronica starred the young couple down for a good five minutes as the awkwardly ate their food across from her, almost as if she was waiting for them to talk first. Betty and Jughead just kept shooting each other disgruntled looks, trying to communicate with their eyes alone. Betty was the one who broke first. “Veronica, I’m sorry for not telling you. I wanted to, I swear, but—”

“But you just wanted to live your relationship without any outside opinions,” Veronica finished Betty’s statement. “I get it; am I hurt that you didn’t tell me, sure, but I get it. That’s not why you’re both here,” she stated taking a quick drink from her chocolate milkshake.

“If you’re not here to scold us, why are we here?” Jughead asked perplexed. He was used to being one step ahead, knowing what was going to happen before it did.

“Well, since you too so kindly kept me in the dark, I need intel,” Veronica smiles leaning back against the hard backing of the booth.

“On one condition,” Betty started, “you tell no one. Not even Kev,” Betty states, sticking her hand out to seal the deal. Jughead, on the other hand, looked stunned. He had been half expecting her to tell Veronica that she would find out when they told the others. He believed she would want others to know now that Veronica opened the gates. As Veronica shook Betty’s outstretched hand he was brought back to reality.

“So, what did you want to know?” Jughead asked, preparing himself for the downpour that awaits.

“How long?” Veronica asks.

“Just over two weeks,” Jughead replied.

“Who initiated?” She followed.

“Jughead,” Betty told her, smiling at the boy next to her.

“Really?” Veronica asked stunned.

“Don’t look so surprised Ronnie,” Jughead replied taking a large bite out of his burger.

“Just didn’t think you had that in you,” Veronica replies. Betty urged them to move on, she wanted to get this over with so she could just enjoy the evening.

Veronica’s list of questions took at least half an hour to work through, but finally, the three friends could just enjoy their night. Neither Jughead nor Betty wanted to admit that it was nice not having to hide around one of their friends. It didn’t change the fact that every moment together alone was that much sweeter after having to hide in plain sight all day.

Unfortunately, their fun came to a halt after a rushing text came through Betty’s phone from her mother. “Well I guess that’s my cue,” Betty sulked, there was no arguing with her mother over curfew.

“You guys go, I’ll pick up the check,” Veronica states before Betty can argue she started again. “Call it a gift, a celebratory dinner courtesy of Veronica Lodge to celebrate her bestie’s first official boyfriend.

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anonymous asked:

"Attention given or not given the result it’s always the same." Not sure about that. The more she is discussed in fandom the more relevant she becomes. She gets paid for staying visible, relevant, even in negative posts. The more relevant she is, the better she does her job, the more perks she gets. There is no bad publicity in showbizz, and if you think she posts what she posts just to keep certain 'girlfriend' image you're only seeing half of her plan. The other half is to make us discuss her.

i don’t know when you started reading me but i’m here since 2013. And i had a lot of “moments” here. At least for a year and a half i was a constant pain in the ass asking everyone to be silent on everything because believe me, i’m well aware how this fandom could “help” pushing things in a certain way. Both in a public way and in a private way. I saw what we had when people attacked her and when we were all totally silent. I usually tend to use gif a lot, without word added. Sometimes i use some words. Nothing tagged anymore. And what i saw during all these years? Always the same things. She’s is an attention whore, i know. Like some people in our fandom, like some people outside. And i totally see your point. I don’t even check mil.. i can’t care less. But as far as i know… she pushes things anyway. My point, after this blabbing is, I know and we know that she’s searching for attention. But new people here need to understand how pr works. hey, even pr who stalk here need to know a little of our point of view. We can work on doing the right things and believe me… we are. but at the same time… our opinions matter. Even to let the those shitty teams when it’s time to put some limits on. 

I’d like to talk to you off anon. 


So I’ve been hearing a lot of the Sterek shippers lately bashing Jeff Davis because they say he “queer baited” them with Sterek. I’m about to rant so get comfortable. Just because you took certain things, maybe glances/looks at each other, banter, or even actions such as saving each other’s lives, to mean a certain thing, doesn’t mean that’s the way they are. While watching Teen Wolf I personally did not get the impression that Stiles and Derek were anymore than just friends (I don’t think Derek would even consider them friends). I’m not trying to bash your ship, I respect it. I personally ship Sterek too, but as a bromance not an actual couple. And if you ship them as an actual couple then fine, whatever floats your boat, I’m not trying to hate. However I’m not ok with blaming Jeff Davis when your ship doesn’t become canon. Like I said, maybe you saw something more between them and interpreted it a certain way, but people interpret things differently. Everyone who ships Sterek romantically interpreted their chemistry that way, but their are plenty of people who did not interpret it that way. Maybe Jeff never saw it that way and wrote what he wrote to be interpreted another way. I always saw Sterek as on the outside they tolerate each other, but all the hints or “queer-baiting” Jeff has supposedly done was really just to show that maybe Derek and Stiles care more about each other than they let on. And news flash, you can care about somebody without dating them, it’s called friendship. Also, Jeff Davis is not the only writer in the writers room so he doesn’t write every single thing. I haven’t been in this fandom that long. I started and finished Teen Wolf at the beginning of season 5 and have been watching ever since. But I haven’t been here since the beginning like a lot of you so I don’t know what Jeff Davis has said or done outside of the show as far as Sterek is concerned. I respect all your opinions and ships, you do you, but their is no need to give Jeff so much crap when it doesn’t happen. We can’t have every ship because holy crap there are a lot of ships out there. Anyways, ship on and prosper🖖✌️

real intentions.

➵ characters: zico x reader
➵ genre: fluff
➵ wc: 3846
➵ summary: knowing jiho for so long you thought you’d be able to read him inside out. but when he starts acting weird towards you, you won’t be able able to let it go until you find out why.
➵ author’s note: this is one i created for myself, and i think it came at the right time considering how much smut i have coming up for zico. lordt jesus have mercy.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

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Date Night, Interrupted

Or: Hunk and Allura are too sweet to let a friend be sad, even when it’s date night.

This is my fic for the @vldlunarladies exchange!  This one’s for you, @maternalcube!

Originally, this was going to be a LOT longer and include a lot more Pidge (and Colleen Holt), but grad school stole all my free time and sucked out my soul, so this is all I accomplished.  It’s technically chapter 1 - the super fluffy chapter Hunk/Allura chapter - of an angsty-with-happy-ending Pidge fic about trying to contact her mom back on Earth.  Not that you’d know that, reading this chapter, but if I ever get around to writing the rest, you’ll see!  Since maternalcube wanted to see some quality Hunkllura, I’ve provided my most exquisite offering of garbage fic writing ;)  Hope you like it!

Content warnings: none past literally one swear haha

Ships: Hunk/Allura, very minor Shiro/Keith/Pidge (MY OT3 HOLY SHIT) 

“Would you care for a stroll, my lady?” Hunk asked softly, offering his arm.

Allura chuckled, her cheeks turning warm.  Coming from some in their little clan – a certain small-eared but large-mouthed individual came to mind – the fancy words would seem a joke.  From Hunk, they were warm and honeyed as one of his confections, and she loved him for it.  

“I should like nothing better, sweet sir,” she said, smirking a little before looping her arm through his.  

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