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Here’s an unpopular opinion for all of you: Leave SE Hinton alone!!!

This harassment really needs to stop!!! Let’s really think about this for a second.This would not have escalated so badly if you would not bother and annoy her about what she says her OWN CHARACTERS are like. She’s responding rudely because y’all are annoying her half to death. When people are annoyed, they may not be so polite!!!! I totally get where she’s coming from because all this is getting on my last freaking nerve too!!! She wrote the book 50 YEARS AGO. She’s not going to suddenly change her characters’ personalities because some rude shippers want it their way. Yes I said rude, because that’s what a lot of you are being!!!

Ever heard of NOtps? Like when you even see something mentioned about your NOtps, you’re just like eeeww? I’ve never had so many NOtps in one fandom, and it must be even worse when you’re the one who created those characters. The Outsiders isn’t even about romance, it’s about brothers!!! “But in the book it says this!” Yeah, well you read it wrong! It’s called a platonic relationship. I mean honestly, according to you loons, two characters apparently can’t care about each other without being in love??? That’s not how things are!

 Maybe some of you are going to unfollow because I’m defending SE Hinton and I’m coming of as rude too, but I’m really annoyed. If you’re a shipper that is rude to other fans and especially the actual author thinking of your ship as their NOtp, then go ahead and even block me if you want. I’m personally a fan of canon as stated by the author, because The Outsiders is such a wonderful book about  7 brothers who are great characters that I’ve been crazy about for more than 5 years. And if the book was actually the way some of you say it is, I would not have liked it.

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Has Amber done any other musical work apart from OMWF?

Oh boy do I have a treat for you.

HERE is Amber singing Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me for a Rocky Horror Picture show 25th anniversary special. She is adorable and slightly awkward because she’s singing in her undies and it’s the most endearing thing I’ve ever seen from a Rocky Horror anything.

HERE is Amber singing Joni Mitchell’s My Old Man with Russell Brown to help raise money for Worldbuilders in 2014.

HERE is (my personal fav) Amber singing The One I Need, which is a song she did for The Killing Jar soundtrack - a movie she also starred in. Her lower range makes me feel some type’a way.

And HERE is a cover of Baby it’s Cold Outside that Amber and Challenger’s Comics owner Patrick Brower did just this past Holiday Season. 

She doesn’t do nearlyyy enough musical projects, in my opinion, and it’s really a shame because her voice is so beautiful. I’m guessing she miiight have done more musical-y things when she was younger and still doing theatre, but we may never know. 

EDIT - embarassingly, I missed a few gems! can’t forget:

HERE, @headcannonwip has so generously shared Amber singing Tom Dooley with Union Maid (Adam Busch’s band) - definitely listen to the whole track for Amber’s great laugh!

and the most amazing karaoke scene in any lifetime movie, HERE you can watch Amber sing Juice Newton’s Queen of Hearts in the movie 7 Things to Do Before I’m 30. It’s adorable, watch it, fall in love all over again.

I rlly love the thing Mikan and imposter Ryota had going on they wouldve been great friends at hopes peak. Thye’re both rlly kind and Ithink they need someone like that tbh. 

so here they are having a nice walk outside of school ^ v ^

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Just how I feel about the whole situation about BTS feeling uncomfortable about smuts and stuff

I’m someone who has very strong opinions so I’m going to state them here. I know I’ll probably get bashed for this but here goes. Please don’t be mad at me. Respect my opinions and I’ll respect yours!😊

First of all, KARMY needs to understand that we don’t have it good like them. We aren’t Korean, we can’t speak Korean, we cant happen to see them walking along the streets or wait outside Bighit. Because we live 2000 miles away yes? And probably the only way to get out daily dose of bangtan is all fantasies. And therefore, leading me to my other point below.

Secondly, I feel that it’s okay to write smuts. I have nothing against them in all honesty. Smuts just express desire for your bias/idol and that’s completely fine with me. Unless it’s up in the comment section of bangtantv telling inappropriate comments to the boys since they can see it on the personal accounts, dream and read about bangtan boys being all over you. It’s okay if it’s on tumblr and all, on media sites where bangtan can’t really see what you post. Just don’t blow it up in their faces, yes? Good? Okay next point.


KARMY apparently were the ones who told Yoongi that international ARMYS write smut. Why did you have to tell him that? Sometimes I just get the vibe that you are trying to give international ARMYS a bad reputation. Yes we write smuts, no you don’t have to tell the members about it🙃 I cannot lie that it’ll make them feel uncomfortable about their personal lives, but why tell him straight to his face that international ARMYS fantasize about these things? Sorry if this part offended you but I’m really just thinking out loud here. international ARMYS can’t have it like KARMY okay? We can’t happen to “pass by them one fine day” and we can’t access the fan cafes because we don’t live in Korea or don’t speak Korean. It’s frustrating for us. And that’s why we appreciate ASC so much. KARMY keeps complaining about how ASC subtitles on the spot, but don’t you think international fans want to know what’s going on too? And don’t say “go learn Korean or something if you’re a real fan” like no okay. Do you know how hard it is to learn An entirely new language? No you probably don’t because yoUR BIAS SPEAKS YOUR LANGUAGE. Trust international ARMYS, we really try to learn Korean, we really do. But it’s tough okay? So please KARMY, don’t bash us for doing something beyond our control. And don’t give international ARMYS a bad name. It really breaks our hearts to know that BTS now thinks of us a perverted freaks. Sorry and thank you

You Are Not

Description: Sam X Reader Fluff! The reader is harassed in public but in fending off the comments, Sam realises a little something about her.
Words: 1,648
Warnings: mild self esteem issues but dealt with positively, harassment from strangers
Author’s Notes: Not my best in my opinion but I needed a cute Sammy moment, so need I say more? I thought I queued it for last night but apparently not!
I was inspired by and used a couple of edited lyrics from “You Are Not” By Young Guns (have a listen here!)

You sipped an energy drink straight out of the can as you sat in the back of the quiet cafe. It was barely 6am in the morning, in fact, it was barely dawn outside for that matter. You were not really paying attention to your surroundings, however, as you and Sam were stuck into some heavy research on your laptops. Dean was back at the motel asleep at the moment, all three of you had been getting a severe lack of sleep on this case so far so had now decided to take shifts for sleeping.

It was all to do with a trio of Djinn who were terrorising the locals, but they were starting to get more bold and up to two locals were going missing per day. None of you could live with the thought of anyone else being taken so had decided to pull out all of the stops, but it had been nearly three days since arriving in town.

You heard the bell over the door indicating someone had entered the shop but you didn’t pay attention until you heard shuffling and a few voices in a booth nearby. Curiosity got the better of you and you decided to tune your hearing in to their conversation for a while.

“Hey, you seen that girl over there?”

“Yeah, yeah, the chick over there with the laptop.”

“Yeah, not bad, eh?”

“Not at all, where do you reckon she’s from? Doesn’t look true American!”

“Dunno, Italy? France? Maybe she’s some well educated English girl!”

“Nah! Looking like that? No way, she’s nothing special, just a blonde bimbo type!”

“True! Still, reckon she’s single?”

“She’s hanging with that big bloke, man, I think she’s already got her hands full, if you catch my drift!”

You heard two guys snicker behind you as you tried to hide your revolted grimace. You looked across the table to Sam but he clearly hadn’t heard them, still deep into reading whatever what was on his screen.

“You should go chat her up, she’d be up for it!”

It was as if you felt some wall within you crumble. You couldn’t say you felt angry it was just a sheer numb emotion. You were just not going to let them get any further.

“You know, I have only half a brain cell but I know enough to be certain that I’d never go near either of you with a ten foot barge pole.” You said in a cool and collected tone, out the corner of your eye you noticed Sam’s head shoot up and his eyes widen. “I’m nothing special, correct, but that doesn’t mean you’re God’s gift either! My friend and I are going now, and shock horror, I’m positive he isn’t interested in me as more than a friend. Your mothers have raised you outstandingly, they would be so proud to hear you speak like this.” You turned back to Sam and muttered a quick, “I’ll see you in a minute.”

You gave the two men a polite smile, lightly clicked down your laptop, tucked it into your bag and downed the last of your drink. You promptly walked out, leaving the cafe and its silent occupants behind.

You only got a few shops away before collapsing down on a bench and realising what you’d done. You were tired, sure, but that was an absolute diva moment, that wasn’t normal for you. The men had just hit on some sore spots from a long time ago and you’d had enough. Sam probably thought you were losing your mind but he hadn’t heard them. He didn’t know the feeling that came with those sorts of comments.

“Um, Y/N?” You heard Sam say softly behind you.
“I know, I know, I went over the top.” You pulled a face, standing up to meet him.

“No, no… Well maybe, but they deserved it.” He pursed his lips slightly.

“Wait, you heard them too?” You raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Yeah, I was taking my time to come up with something.” He said with a slight shrug.

“You say you take your time, I say you were hiding away!” You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “Ugh, I don’t want to talk about it now anyway, come on, let’s just go back to the motel.”

“You sure you don’t want to talk about it? You seemed-” He stopped short of finishing his sentence when he saw the men leaving the cafe. “Actually, you’re right, let’s go.”

Back at the motel, you woke Dean up with a light shake of his shoulder. After a quick chat and a lot of protest, you conceded to having your shift of sleep whilst the boys carried on with the research, forever hopeful for a break in the case. It took you a little while to shake off your busy thoughts, but before long sleep took over and you were unconscious to the world.

It was nearly 3pm when you woke up again. You heard Dean talking quietly into a phone, by the sounds of it, to Bobby. You couldn’t quite tell where Sam was but you decided to stay dozing for a while longer. Eventually Dean finished his call and you pulled yourself upright.

“Good evening sleeping beauty.” He said rolling his eyes.

“How long was I out?” You grumbled. Looking around the room, you could clearly see at least one meal had passed, judging by the food wrappers in the bin. You also gave a small groggy wave to Sam who you now could see was sat by a small table.

“Nearly 9 hours.” Sam said.

“Aw crap, I’m sorry guys! How’s the case going?” You ran a hand through your knotted hair.

“It’s a bust, we think they’ve left town.” Dean said putting on a jacket as he spoke. “Now you’re awake, I’m going to make a quick trip to the store then we’re rolling out.” With that he made his exit.

“Oh, I’m sorry…” You muttered to the space where Dean had been moments before. Dean wasn’t in a chatty mood apparently, that was going to be an exciting road trip back to the bunker.

“No need to be sorry, we think they’ve been gone since yesterday morning, Dean’s just upset we didn’t catch them this time.” Sam said.

“I can tell.” You sighed and swung your legs off the side of the bed to face Sammy better.

“Y/N, about earlier…” Sam trailed off judging to see if you were comfy to talk. You let out a quiet hum in response to show that you would hear him out. “I was thinking of what you said to those men. You really put them in their place, great, but why did you put yourself down too?”

“What?” You tilted your head in confusion.

“You were brilliant with the comebacks but you said you had half a brain cell, weren’t special and that I don’t like you romantically.” Sam said, ambling over and taking a seat next to you on the bed.

“Oh that! It’s just habit, besides, I’m not wrong! I’m good with that though, I’m not that perfect, amazing girl but that’s just me, I know it and I’m content.” You said with a shrug and a honest smile, but Sam didn’t seem happy with your answer.

“You’re wrong.” He said simply.

“What?” You said with a dry laugh.

“You are not a diamond and you’re not a shining star but it doesn’t mean that you’re not perfect exactly as you are.” Sam said with a small smirk as he saw your cheeks begin to blush furiously. “And you’re wrong about the other parts. You are intelligent. You prove that every day.” You rolled your eyes in an attempt to downplay the self-consciousness. “…and of course I like you.” He added quietly looking away.

You stayed quiet for an uncomfortable amount of time as you replayed the last line in your head. He’d sounded like he’d just admitted to liking you romantically, but you were clearly dreaming there. Sam Winchester? He could never… would never…

“Y/N?” Sam said, voice barely above a whisper. “Say something?”

“Intelligent?” You said dumbly.

“That’s the only part you picked up on?” Sam raised his eyebrows in disbelief. “Look, I-”

You cut him off with a short but sweet kiss, which, after his initial shock, was quickly deepened as he pulled you back for more. You felt his hand raise up to cup the side of your cheek and you couldn’t help but smile. You couldn’t say how long you stayed together like this, but suddenly it did seem perfect.

The door loudly being thrown open broke away your attention.

“The store was closed.” Dean said grumpily from the doorway before looking up and suddenly smiling sheepishly when he saw the pair of you. “Ah. And I… Um.. I’m going…”

“No! Dean, it’s okay! You can stay!” You scrunched your eyes up tight in embarrassment, suppressing a laugh into Sam’s shirt.

“Nice timing, jerk.” Sam muttered with a chuckle next to you, his hand subconsciously finding your own.

“It took you two long enough though, seriously.” Dean said rolling his eyes. “I’ll, um, load some bags into the car.”

You looked to Dean as he left with a couple of duffels and then back to Sam, who appeared to be blushing as much as you felt you were.

“So, is this official now?” You smiled, looking down at your interlaced fingers and biting your lip.

“If you want it to be.” Sam said with a small smirk that quickly dissolved into a full smile.

“Of course.” You laughed before kissing him lightly on the lips again. “Should we help load the car, do you think?”

“Probably.” Sam winked as, against your half hearted and giggling fight against him, he scooped you up bridal style and walked off towards the impala.

when i was waiting outside to meet haim there was a guy behind me… he had an arm around his girlfriend and he was telling her (loudly) all about tarantino movies. he called pulp fiction a “perfect 10/10” which made my eyes roll all the way to the back of my skull. minutes pass and he won’t shut up. they talked about kill bill and then he obnoxiously starts listing all tarantino movies because his opinions are Very Important and the World needs to know. as he lists them he forgets the only one that matters so i chime in before i know what’s happening. i turned around sharply and said “death proof” he immediately started to groan and open his mouth to disagree. i then called death proof tarantino’s best film just to piss him off and the guy about died right there. i almost killed him. the person next to me smiled at me and started laughing at him. his girlfriend was embarrassed and hid her face in his armpit. i just turned back around and smiled while he tried to debate with the back of my head. it was surreal


3:30 am is the perfect time to get up and think about why I do the things I do.

For instance, why did I come back here after saying I was completely done with it. I mean, I didn’t say I was on hiatus, taking a break. I said I was done. I’ve done this before on my other blogs. Just up and quit, put up a “thanks for all the fish” sign and took off. A few months or even weeks later, I’d be back, posting as if I never said I was never going to post again.

I guess one truth is I have this relentless need to express myself. And while I can express myself to my husband or friends or even when writing privately, the real truth is I need or crave an audience. I never, ever want an audience physically, in the world outside the internet. But here, I love having a venue for my opinions and feelings and stupid jokes and music. That it’s a venue where I never have to actually be in the physical presence of other people is a beautiful thing for an introvert like me. 

But here’s the other truth: I like this place. I like all of you. It’s nice here. I like not just having an audience but having one I engage with. I like feeling like I have friends here, people I can come to when I want to rage against the machine or share a good laugh with. I read your replies like conversations. I read your posts like you’re sitting across from a table in a diner. You’re not just an audience, per se. You’re a group of people gathered around a fireplace sharing stories and beers. 

If sometimes I go through a phase where I want to keep you at arms’ length, I apologize. I go through cycles. Sometimes I need people, sometimes I need to be away from people. When I hit a low cycle and that need to be away hits, it is usually acute in nature and I pull back from everyone and everything, only to come out of the cycle later and feel the strong need to reach out and reach in.

So this is what I was thinking about at 3am. My need for human contact vs my need to stay away from humans. My need to write for people vs my desire to write for myself. Having an audience vs shouting into the void. Feeling outside a group vs allowing myself to be part of something. To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Not even to blog. To put my arms down vs opening them up. That is the question. 

Anyhow, here’s Wonderwall.

ahahaha someone on my facebook just posted a photo of one of those very misguided signs outside coffee shops that are all, “no wifi here! call your mom! make a friend!” and i know others have made these points many times, but seriously:

-we all know you’re too cheap to pay for wifi.

-people use the internet to communicate. if i need your wifi, i probably intend to communicate with someone. maybe my mom. maybe a new friend.

-wait, so cell phones are okay but wifi isn’t? how exactly are you defining “acceptable” technology?

-no seriously, just shell out the money for wifi. it will pay off in a very literal way.