i need an outside opinion here!

I am a volunteer patient escort at planned parenthood

This is something I just shared on FB about my experiences as a patient escort. Just thought I’d put it on here too.

Alright y'all. Prepare for a long post, but one you should read.

Some of you know, but some of you don’t, that I volunteer at Planned Parenthood about twice a month. My official title is Volunteer Clinic Escort. My role is to safely get patients and family into the clinic safely, with privacy, and with a friendly face. Not all Planned Parenthoods (PP) have these, but the clinic where I volunteer does because we have loud, abrasive, volatile, threatening, verbally abusive and dishonest anti-choice protesters who harass people in the clinic. I would like to tell you about my experiences with them and with patients who talk to me as I stand outside with my umbrella and vest.

(I would like to note that this is not the place to tell me that abortion is wrong, that I should not support PP, that I need to stop what I’m doing. I’ve heard every argument before. In fact, I’ve had every arguement screamed in my face. You’re welcome to your opinion, but I will not be acknowledging it on here, and I ask that others ignore dissenters too. This post isn’t about me and why you think I’m wrong. It’s about what I see every time I volunteer.)

When I am volunteering, I am outside and often have patients and family members talk with me. I’m obviously not there to counsel or to offer advice medically one way or another, but I am a friendly ear and people just need to talk sometimes. Also, when volunteering, patients entering the clinic are verbally harassed by the anti choice protesters almost immediately and, while we don’t encourage it, they often yell back. The protesters don’t listen.

On my very first day, I had a person head into the clinic. As I smiled to her and went to get the door, an anti-choice protester (ACP) yelled “Mama! Don’t kill your baby!” The patient immediately responded tearfully “my baby is dead. My baby is falling out of me right now. I didn’t do anything.” The ACP, without missing a beat, screamed back through her child-sized megaphone “No he isn’t! Your doctor lied to you! These murderers just want your money!” I ushered in the patient as gently as I could while my co-volunteer told her kindly that those people didn’t matter and that in a week they wouldn’t even remember what they heard here.

In the year and a half I’ve been doing this, we have had a ACP sneak into the clinic and threaten to burn the place down. The police did nothing. We had two other ACPs try and enter the clinic to tell patients they would adopt their babies. We told them to get off the property and when they didn’t, we called the police. Eventually the ACP returned to the narrow strip of lawn they stand on at the edge of the parking lot, and luckily so, because the police never showed again.

My clinic, luckily, has never faced extreme violence while I was there. But other PP and health care clinics are not so lucky. They are burned down, have bombs planted, have clinic escorts and workers physically harmed.

They are shot at and three people die.

I have had patients tell me that they will be killed by their partner if they have an abortion. I have been told that their partner will kill them if they DON’T have one. I’ve been told how people with physical disabilities cannot carry a child without side effects so severe they may not survive. I’ve had patients explain that their mental health is at risk if they go through with the pregnancy. I’ve had patients come in with a wanted pregnancy that ended in miscarriage and they needed PPs help to safely remove the tissue. I’ve seen people come in who admit to being addicted to drugs and know they cannot go through this pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood helped all these people, not just with medical care, but with helping abused patients find help to escape violent partners. Helping those who want to conceive find fertility doctors. Helping drug addicts find resources to become healthy.

All the while, the ACP stand outside, screaming and hollering, telling women that they are murderers and whores and that they will burn for murdering their babies. But it’s ok, they do it out of love. They scream at these people and tell them awful things and then beg to have the patient come talk with them.

They don’t see the hypocrisy.

It is a rule to not engage with the ACP at all. In the year and a half I’ve been doing this, I’ve said maybe a total of 50 words to the group, all of which are some form of “you are on our property, step back right now.” I may not engage them, but we can make eye contact and make them believe we are listening. We do this so the ACP begins shouting at me, and not a patient getting air outside. I would much rather be shouted at than have them scream at a patient.

When I am being yelled at, I have been called: a murderer, a nazi, a slavery supporter, a bad mother, a bad wife (they do not know if I am married or if I have children), a witch, a lesbian, a liberal, a member of satan’s army, a Muslim lover, a bitch, a slut, and evil. Some of these things are true and some are perfectly fine things to be, but to the ACP they are all bad.

Sometimes we have patient partners come talk to the protesters. They try and explain to the ACP why they are there with their partner. I’ve heard them tell the ACP every single reason, and every single time, the protesters still tell them they are wrong and a bad father and a supporter of Satan. Every. Time. And they call this love.

Since Trump took office, one of his first orders signed was a Global Gag Rule. People thought that this rule meant that no US money would go to pay for abortions overseas, but in fact, US funds have never paid for abortions and haven’t since 1973. Even in the US, because of the Hyde Amendment, no federal funding goes to pay for abortions.

What this gag rule now does, however, is prevent money from going to clinics that even mention abortion as a method of family planning. They don’t have to perform them. If they are mentioned at all in pamphlets or classes, they lose foreign aid money. This means that now they can’t provide birth control, wellness checks, prenatal care, or classes.

This will cause unwanted pregnancies. This will cause people to seek out abortions, often in unsafe condition.

This will cause people to die.

Roughly 1/3 people with a uterus will have an abortion in their life. I haven’t spoken to everyone who has had one, but I’ve spoken to more than most. No one gets an abortion out of malice. No one gets an abortion just to end the life of a fetus, just for kicks. No. One.

Planned Parenthood provides important health services, including abortion. They do this despite the risk of physical bodily harm, every day. People like myself stand outside PP to protect patients because it is important.

We. Will. Not. Stand. Down.

I will continue to volunteer, even though since Trump was elected, the ACP have gotten more and more aggressive in their tactics, since they believe Trump supports their actions. I will continue to walk these patients inside, to get help, because it is important and right. I will continue to fight Trump the slew of anti choice people supporting him. I will continue to support choice even though I know I will lose friends and will face hatred from people I know.

Planned Parenthood is important, and we will not stand down.

Can’t Take Her Anywhere

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is one of my 600 Follower Celebration Requests! I really hope you all like this. It was requested anonymously with the song “Can’t Take Her Anywhere” by Dylan Scott. This is written in Jensen’s point of view and we’re going to say that Danneel is happy with someone else. A huge thank you to @carasauruswrex for proof-reading this at the last minute for me! You are awesome. :)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Mild Violence, Language, Tiniest bit of Angst?

Word Count: 1,400-ish

Song Inspirations: “Can’t Take Her Anywhere” by Dylan Scott

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Tonight was a big night and we were all excited. Jared and I were opening another bar together. This time, the bar would be located in Vancouver, BC and we figured it was only right because we had spent so much of our life in this city, getting to know the people and places. We fell in love with this place hard and fast and we thought of this as being our homage to the city we love. With Supernatural ending after this season, we only thought it was right to leave our mark here before we went home for the last time.

“You ready, man?” Jared smiled at me as he straightened his shirt and I smiled and nodded, then held up my finger to say ‘one second’. “Ah, yes, the wife. I’ll just be here.”

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Don't let me get me

Hunk Garrett x chubby!reader

A/N: I know this is titled with a song by p!nk but it was the only thing I could think of, and this isn’t another song fic by the way, I’m not gonna bore you with another fic with loads of useless lyrics…so here you go! My first hunk fic and then I’ve written for all the paladins! Yay!

Request: ‘If requests are open, can I ask for some Hunk x chubby and insecure reader? Maybe with some stuff about having a really rough past? I’ve been through a lot in my life (e.g. My parent’s divorce, never seeing my dad, being bullied, death of grandfather/father figure, etc. all within the first 10 years of my life) and need some Hunk love ;-; - from (my ask box is always open for you) anon

Word count: 3726

Originally posted by paopufruit

It had happened again…your dad had ignored another one of your texts. You could see the little tick in the corner of the screen, clearly stating that he had seen it but chose to not reply. The bastard you couldn’t help thinking. It hurt knowing that your dad didn’t want to spend time with you. But it could be worse…couldn’t it? You thought this as you paced in your room at the Garrison. You knew you wouldn’t be able to see any of your family for the remaining time you had at the school, but it was hurtful that he wouldn’t spend time with you anyway. Maybe he got a new girlfriend…these thoughts filled you with even more hurt as you thought about your mom. At home, alone probably binge watching parks and rec. You couldn’t blame her, she was currently unemployed and single, with also no kids to currently look after since you were here instead of there. 

Deciding against trying to call your dad again, you called your mom, looking for some girl time. But the dial tone fell into more dial tone. You grew worried. But a text came through no more than a second later. ‘Sorry sweetie, I’m at the cinema, on a date! Xx wish me luck!’ your mom texted you. You couldn’t believe it, your mother had finally gotten a date. It made you happy to think that she wasn’t entirely alone tonight. But it made even more troubled thoughts flooded into your mind. How come you were all alone tonight?

But before you could be left alone with all those thoughts, a knocking sound erupted from your door. “Y/N? You in there?” A familiar voice asked. “Yeah, just wait a sec.” You threw your phone under your pillow and made sure you didn’t have anything embarrassing sticking out of your wardrobe before opening the door. “Hey Hunk.” You greeted, taking in the engineer’s form casually leaning against your doorway. “What were you doing? I thought the door got jammed or something.” He laughed whilst walking in, Lance in tow. “Uh, hey Lance.” You added awkwardly. “Hi Y/N/N.” He said quickly before looking around your room.

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You're Just Dumb. (Sebastian Smythe x Reader)

Originally posted by gustinfucker

Sebastian smythe imagine where he pretends to like y/n but he uses the reader to get close to Santana (or any girl) and she finds out and is hurt?

I smiled at the notification on my phone. It was a family-friendly text message from Sebastian, and we were playfully arguing over whether or not the correct spelling was with a J or a G. It was either Jeez or Geez. It was an ongoing thing we’ve been having ever since we met.

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anonymous asked:

Has Amber done any other musical work apart from OMWF?

Oh boy do I have a treat for you.

HERE is Amber singing Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me for a Rocky Horror Picture show 25th anniversary special. She is adorable and slightly awkward because she’s singing in her undies and it’s the most endearing thing I’ve ever seen from a Rocky Horror anything.

HERE is Amber singing Joni Mitchell’s My Old Man with Russell Brown to help raise money for Worldbuilders in 2014.

HERE is (my personal fav) Amber singing The One I Need, which is a song she did for The Killing Jar soundtrack - a movie she also starred in. Her lower range makes me feel some type’a way.

And HERE is a cover of Baby it’s Cold Outside that Amber and Challenger’s Comics owner Patrick Brower did just this past Holiday Season. 

She doesn’t do nearlyyy enough musical projects, in my opinion, and it’s really a shame because her voice is so beautiful. I’m guessing she miiight have done more musical-y things when she was younger and still doing theatre, but we may never know. 

EDIT - embarassingly, I missed a few gems! can’t forget:

HERE, @headcannonwip has so generously shared Amber singing Tom Dooley with Union Maid (Adam Busch’s band) - definitely listen to the whole track for Amber’s great laugh!

and the most amazing karaoke scene in any lifetime movie, HERE you can watch Amber sing Juice Newton’s Queen of Hearts in the movie 7 Things to Do Before I’m 30. It’s adorable, watch it, fall in love all over again.

anonymous asked:

"Attention given or not given the result it’s always the same." Not sure about that. The more she is discussed in fandom the more relevant she becomes. She gets paid for staying visible, relevant, even in negative posts. The more relevant she is, the better she does her job, the more perks she gets. There is no bad publicity in showbizz, and if you think she posts what she posts just to keep certain 'girlfriend' image you're only seeing half of her plan. The other half is to make us discuss her.

i don’t know when you started reading me but i’m here since 2013. And i had a lot of “moments” here. At least for a year and a half i was a constant pain in the ass asking everyone to be silent on everything because believe me, i’m well aware how this fandom could “help” pushing things in a certain way. Both in a public way and in a private way. I saw what we had when people attacked her and when we were all totally silent. I usually tend to use gif a lot, without word added. Sometimes i use some words. Nothing tagged anymore. And what i saw during all these years? Always the same things. She’s is an attention whore, i know. Like some people in our fandom, like some people outside. And i totally see your point. I don’t even check mil.. i can’t care less. But as far as i know… she pushes things anyway. My point, after this blabbing is, I know and we know that she’s searching for attention. But new people here need to understand how pr works. hey, even pr who stalk here need to know a little of our point of view. We can work on doing the right things and believe me… we are. but at the same time… our opinions matter. Even to let the those shitty teams when it’s time to put some limits on. 

I’d like to talk to you off anon. 

detailed colour porn tutorial - scenery

This has been a tutorial that people have been asking me to do for quite a while but I simply hadn’t had the time to do. 

I’m doing more of these “colour porn” tutorials since this one will be strictly dedicated to scenery (I was going to do all in one but it’d honestly be way too big)

Here’s a few examples of gifsets in which I’ve used this kind of tutorial xx, xxxx and xx

I’m using photoshop cs5 to make this gifset (you can use other version of photoshop though) and you need a basic knowledge on how to make gifs.

We’re going to go from this

to this

and this

and this

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If You Could See Me

After 1.06 what if Betty and Jughead decided to keep their relationship a secret, or rather attempted to.

A fic about Betty and Jughead working out the facts of their new relationship and cute, fluffy moments… also how the group finds out about bughead.

Slight AU does not follow the events of 1.07 onward

————————————- Chapter 3 ——————————————

As the three sat in Pop’s, Veronica starred the young couple down for a good five minutes as the awkwardly ate their food across from her, almost as if she was waiting for them to talk first. Betty and Jughead just kept shooting each other disgruntled looks, trying to communicate with their eyes alone. Betty was the one who broke first. “Veronica, I’m sorry for not telling you. I wanted to, I swear, but—”

“But you just wanted to live your relationship without any outside opinions,” Veronica finished Betty’s statement. “I get it; am I hurt that you didn’t tell me, sure, but I get it. That’s not why you’re both here,” she stated taking a quick drink from her chocolate milkshake.

“If you’re not here to scold us, why are we here?” Jughead asked perplexed. He was used to being one step ahead, knowing what was going to happen before it did.

“Well, since you too so kindly kept me in the dark, I need intel,” Veronica smiles leaning back against the hard backing of the booth.

“On one condition,” Betty started, “you tell no one. Not even Kev,” Betty states, sticking her hand out to seal the deal. Jughead, on the other hand, looked stunned. He had been half expecting her to tell Veronica that she would find out when they told the others. He believed she would want others to know now that Veronica opened the gates. As Veronica shook Betty’s outstretched hand he was brought back to reality.

“So, what did you want to know?” Jughead asked, preparing himself for the downpour that awaits.

“How long?” Veronica asks.

“Just over two weeks,” Jughead replied.

“Who initiated?” She followed.

“Jughead,” Betty told her, smiling at the boy next to her.

“Really?” Veronica asked stunned.

“Don’t look so surprised Ronnie,” Jughead replied taking a large bite out of his burger.

“Just didn’t think you had that in you,” Veronica replies. Betty urged them to move on, she wanted to get this over with so she could just enjoy the evening.

Veronica’s list of questions took at least half an hour to work through, but finally, the three friends could just enjoy their night. Neither Jughead nor Betty wanted to admit that it was nice not having to hide around one of their friends. It didn’t change the fact that every moment together alone was that much sweeter after having to hide in plain sight all day.

Unfortunately, their fun came to a halt after a rushing text came through Betty’s phone from her mother. “Well I guess that’s my cue,” Betty sulked, there was no arguing with her mother over curfew.

“You guys go, I’ll pick up the check,” Veronica states before Betty can argue she started again. “Call it a gift, a celebratory dinner courtesy of Veronica Lodge to celebrate her bestie’s first official boyfriend.

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anonymous asked:

In your opinion, who has the most/least daddy issues in VC



The MOST = CLAUDIA. By far. Hands down. The clear winner. Y I K E S

The LEAST? Probably Pandora? Maybe Quinn?

Anyway I think this is a really interesting question/concept within VC because of the overlap between DADDY ISSUES / MAKER ISSUES, and the symbolic connection between makers and parents. And I don’t think there’s a general rule because some makers/fledglings have more obvious relationships as lovers, and it gets pretty Freudian pretty fast LOL, but that’s one of the themes of VC anyway, that love transcends blah blah and none of these labels or restrictions matter anymore. So on a case-by-case basis you could argue that some maker drama fits the mold of DADDY ISSUES but I don’t say so as a rule. Mostly imo it’s based on the dynamic between their age differences or how much respect they show each other, etc. Like Marius/Pandora isn’t a daddy issue to me, Marius/Armand is. Lestat/Louis isn’t, MAYBE LESTAT/DAVID IS??????? (WHO’S THE DADDY BTW, WHAT A FUCKING MESS.) Hard to say. Each relationship is a unique shitshow dumpster fire but. Hey.

BUT LIKE BEFORE I GET INTO THIS, LET’S ALSO CLEAR THE AIR? I don’t think “Daddy Issues” are really a thing LOL. I mean, they are! Certainly! But you’re not gonna find DADDY ISSUES in the fucking DSM, okay? To me, “Daddy Issues” is a SYNDROME if anything, and you most often see it used in the context of diminishing the behavior of women. LOL SO SRS. But honestly like, it’s usually something that some bro says to be dismissive of someone’s actual psychological hurdles. So if you break it down to what’s traditionally/stereotypically thought of as “Daddy Issues”, it’s like, what do we got? Abandonment issues? PTSD? Promiscuous behavior? Basically anything that can come as a result of shitty relationship with your dad, and keep in mind that it could constitute varying levels of trauma. Like, everyone in the world experiences and copes with a wide spectrum of trauma in a wide spectrum of ways. So having a shitty relationship with your dad could fuck you up in a multitude of ways, and sometimes it just means that your dad was kind of a douche, sometimes it’ll mean that he was flagrantly abusive, sometimes it just means that he wasn’t there at all. AND ALSO keep in mind that I’m using this all as an argument for the traditional use of the term “Daddy Issues” and I’m not at all saying that it’s cool to just blame someone’s relationship with their dad for any/all problems they have cause that’s ignorant as fuck lol and it goes back to what I mean about how you GENERALLY hear this term used to be dismissive of people and without actually caring about why they are the way they are or why they’re doing the things they’re doing.

ANYWAY LOL GETTIN HEAVY IN HERE, SORRY I WANTED TO GET THAT OUT OF THE WAY JUST TO PUT WHAT I’M ABOUT TO SAY INTO CONTEXT. And btw just for the record, I am in no way salty or offended by this question personally even though I wanted to acknowledge the potential for this topic to be rude LOL. But enough IRL garbage, VAMPIRES YEAH!

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I wanted to write some KaiShin today, so I threw this together in a few hours.  Hope you guys enjoy!

Kaito watched his reflection in the mirror, his eyes following the lines of the dress, trying to decide if it was a good fit.  If he gave himself breasts, it would probably look better.  The lines filled out, his curves made softer…  He mentally checked it off for use in disguises and began changing into the next outfit, a cute striped skirt and a loose blouse.

As he was adjusting them, he heard voices outside the door, one of them a familiar masculine one and the other a familiar (somewhat shrill) feminine one.  They seemed to be arguing about something.

He turned in place, watching the skirt swish around his legs.  This one was good for general use as well as disguise use, he decided.  He liked the way it caressed his legs, and the blouse’s coloring made his skin look amazing.  Not to mention it drew attention to the slender cut of his waist.

“Listen, Sonoko,” Kaito could hear from the walkway outside the changing rooms, “you should have brought Ran, I have no interest in watching you try on clothes.”

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I rlly love the thing Mikan and imposter Ryota had going on they wouldve been great friends at hopes peak. Thye’re both rlly kind and Ithink they need someone like that tbh. 

so here they are having a nice walk outside of school ^ v ^

(dont tag as kin me etc, 
reblog if you can pls,
dont use without permission)

also note please dont tag this with hate or negative opinions of either character 

I know this isn’t a reaction, but given that for the past two weeks I’ve been sick and swamped with school, this is the best I can do until I have more time.

While I’ve been sick, I’ve been playing the Fallout 4 survival beta. For anyone who doesn’t know, this ‘beta’ ups the difficulty to what can be called realistic levels. No longer can you take twenty bullet wounds and come out unscathed, or go days without eating or drinking. Now, sleep, food and water are essential to your well-being, bullet wounds are far more deadly, and even illnesses are potential threats as part of this new mode. Saves and quicksaves are disabled, as well. The only way to save your game is going to sleep, whereupon the game autosaves. You have one save. Only one.

And it’s kind of the shit, y’all.

While normally I didn’t want to play Fallout 4 over again, the idea of playing a game dangerously close to reality, if you can forgive the parts about mutants and raiders and sentient robots, intrigued me. I hadn’t played the survival mode for New Vegas yet, but I’m told Fallout 4′s version dwarfs even that. And it’s amazing, in a cruel, punishing sort of way. 

Suddenly even bloodbugs and radroaches are viable threats. The scripted fights, in Concord and otherwise, are much deadlier. One bullet, two bullet, you’re not looking carefully enough - bam! Your character falls over dead, and you have to replay ten minutes of game time, just getting back to where you were. I’m not a rager, and I don’t mind having to be persistent, but I can see where many would find this frustrating.

While in the normal difficulty of the game, you’re encouraged to be a hero, to help people who need it. While yes, you can go the ‘sarcastic’ route, or ask for caps in exchange for your help, generally the game restricts you from doing immoral actions. This is a direct departure from the more ‘grey-morality’ of Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3, but that’s a discussion for another time.

My point is thus; when the stakes are raised, the idea of being a hero is suddenly much less appealing. 

When I first played through the game, I helped everyone I could, never asking for caps or any kind of reward. Why would I need to? Bullets and stimpacks were plentiful. I could fast-travel anywhere, and if I needed to stock up on anything, my settlements had piles of caps waiting to be picked up and the loot dropped by my kills sustained my needs rather nicely.

But now? 

When Preston asks me to go help out a settlement, I’m not thinking of it in terms of a quest. I’m thinking of it in terms of how much danger will be involved. Do I have the caps for this? The bullets? Should I upgrade my equipment before I go? In my first playthrough, I only bothered to upgrade my armor after doing the majority of the story. In survival mode, keeping your armor fully upgraded and your guns modded is crucial.

And it didn’t stop there. Drumlin Diner, a location on the road to Diamond city, has a scripted scene where you manage negotiations between a disgruntled parent and two drug dealers. On multiple occasions I was tempted to just walk past it, but that meant diverting from the road and missing out on a potential merchant. So I helped.

I passed by the Cambridge Police Station, where my Pip-Boy honed in on a radio distress signal by some Brotherhood of Steel members. But they were located in the city, and I could hear gunfire even from where I was in the plains on the opposite side of the river. So I kept walking.

As I approached Diamond City, I made the mistake of walking too close to two raiders, one of which I killed and other one I fled from. Rounding a corner, [CAUTION] in bright red letters at the top of my screen, I encountered a woman standing outside a building, begging for help, saying, “She’s hurt! Someone, please, help us!” And I kept walking.

Under my breath, a new, unprompted thought rose on my tongue. If you can’t make it out in the wasteland, you shouldn’t be here. I’ve got bigger problems.

By the time I got to Diamond City, I was hungry and thirsty, and at some point had been infected with Parasites, meaning I needed to eat much more often. Piper and McDonough were having a heated argument, but I found myself walking past, talking to Danny Sullivan instead. When Piper asked for my opinion on the press, again I thought, Is this really my business? Do I care? I need to find out if Diamond City had beds. I really don’t care. 

Because in all my hours of my first playthrough, I never once bothered to see if Diamond City had rentable beds. I knew they had a home, Home Plate, but seeing as I didn’t have the caps for that, it was out of the question. Even Takahashi’s rad-free noodles were an luxury I couldn’t afford. 

As I wandered around Diamond City, searching for a sleeping place, I encountered two different events I didn’t remember from my first playthrough. One, Mayor McDonough’s speech in front of the wall, in which he declares “I. Am not. A synth.” And two, a brutal murder in the market square, where a man accusing his brother of being a synth is shot. 

After that I discovered I could rent beds in the Dugout Inn, so I went to sleep.

It occurred to me, later on, that this is what Fallout really is. All the people so aghast and astonished by how you effortlessly mow down hundreds upon hundreds of enemies - they suddenly made so much more sense. Because in truth, no human being could do that. 

On my first playthrough, I didn’t pay much attention to the endless praise I received, from various questgivers amazed by my skills. But now I treasure that praise, because I fucking earned it. Yes, you’re right, I worked my ass off to get here, so now I’m going to have some motherfucking Bobrov moonshine, thank you. 

Not only have I found a new level of respect for NPCs and other characters who’ve made it so far in the wasteland, I’m surprised by my new callousness, and I wasn’t exactly a good person character to begin with, if you catch my drift. Human life is not a necessity, it’s an expense, priced in bullets and stimpacks. It seems (big shock) that being a good person is hard when doing so means putting your life on the line.

As a player, it’s not so grim, but it isn’t pleasant to have to relive twenty minutes of gameplay, shorter or longer depending on how recently you slept. Every move you make has to be careful, has to be calculated. Stealth now means so much more, because being discovered is almost a death sentence, and even every bullet you pick up must be considered, because now every bullet has weight. A small weight, but it adds up over time. This is worse when you’re low level and haven’t specialized in a weapon yet, meaning you have to carry a variety of guns on you at all times.

The next item on my agenda is to find Nick Valentine’s office, and rescue him from his captors. How that’ll go, I can only guess. (My guess is not very well.) I don’t know if what I’ve detailed here is any great revelation, but it gave me something to think about. If nothing else, Fallout 4′s survival mode made me take one of my favorite franchises, and appreciate it on a whole new level.

I can’t wait until I get to the Freedom Trail.

real intentions.

➵ characters: zico x reader
➵ genre: fluff
➵ wc: 3846
➵ summary: knowing jiho for so long you thought you’d be able to read him inside out. but when he starts acting weird towards you, you won’t be able able to let it go until you find out why.
➵ author’s note: this is one i created for myself, and i think it came at the right time considering how much smut i have coming up for zico. lordt jesus have mercy.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

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Maxson/Sole - Formal affairs Part V

(The next one may take a liiittle more than 24 hrs because I just found out one of my uni deadlines is 3 days earlier than I wrote down in my agenda… aka tomorow at midnight so I’m gonna be quite busy. Will be up after that though.)

 Inspired by t
his post
Part I here,
Part II here
Part III here

Part IV here

The one with the force to be reckoned with.

As they made their way to the meeting room she tried to mimic his way of walking, shoulders back and head held high. She had decided to put on her heels as a way to look taller and therefore more impressive.  Somehow, he always seemed aware of her actions, even if he wasn’t looking. Without turning around he said “Sentinel, what are you doing?”
“ You walk differently around other people. Try to make yourself look bigger and taller. I figured…” Maxson shook his head. “Use your eyes.” She looked over at him.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“ Your gaze is what makes you intimidating not your body. “ Sole smiled.
“ Wait, does that mean that at some point I made you feel intimidated?”
“ Don’t push your luck Sentinel.” Her hand reached for his. She expected him to pull away again but just entangled her fingers with his. He was finally learning how to get this act sold.
“ They will attempt to test you. No outsider ever managed to get such a high rank before. Many of them will question your authority. Try not to respond to their allegations in anger. “
They walked into the room together, the ultimate power couple… Elder Maxson and his Sentinel. They were clearly the last ones to arrive. Sole knew that this was the way Maxson arranged it. Leaders don’t wait around for their subordinates. A king is never late.  

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Breathe [Jungkook]

Originally posted by jeonggukaf

Summary: In which Jungkook is hopelessly in love with you and ends up telling you this after a tragic panic attack you experienced.

Word count: 2 849

Type: Angst/ little fluff

Member: Jungkook from BTS

A/N: So, an anon requested this and I don’t know, I got a bit carried away with the plot, lol. I’ll tag this scenario as a slightly triggering scenario for those who are sensitive to these kinds of things, just remember to breath in and out calmly and you’ll be okay. I hope this is still okay, anon! I hope you guys enjoy this just as much as I loved writing it! I love each and every one of my baby stars, happy reading! x

XOXO Admin Tina :)x


You burst into the BTS practice room without warning, smiling from ear-to-ear as you walked inside, shutting the door behind you and simply stood there, watching in amazement as the boys you grew extremely close to over the space of fours years, even before their debut. You swayed your hips and waved your hands in the air as you jammed along to the new song they were practicing their comeback performance to. You smiled as you danced along with them, feeling accomplished and proud of the boys who became one of the biggest bands in Kpop and how much effort and time they put into everything they did just for their fans. You felt extremely humbled by this, your heart warming at the thought of them before you watched them rehearse the last of their performance.

You cheered loudly for them all, clapping your hands encouragingly when you saw them dance to the chorus of their new song, watching all the boys almost take off their jacket, exposing their skin that glistened in the lights above them because they wore sleeveless shirts that you were more than convinced their fans would go crazy over. They slipped their jackets back on, completing their dance which you needed to thank their choreographer for creating because of how beautiful and unique it was. Soon you heard the sound of the song begin to fade into the humid air of the practice room, watching the boys end off their dance with their last pose, clapping enthusiastically when the song had come to a complete stop and they stood back up again.

That was so good guys! I’m so proud of you! You’re all so good!” You praised them countless of times, a bright smile spread across your face that glowed with sunshine and beauty, walking over to the boys who collapsed onto the wooden floor of their practice room and sat there lazily either playing dead, tapping away on the screens of their phones, swallowing the remainder of their water in their bottle or just staring at you.

You sat down with the boys you felt like you knew for a lifetime, smiling happily and laughing loudly as you made conversation with the boys, earning a lot of smiles and hearing a lot of angelic laughter when you told them updates on how your own career was going and when you teamed up with some of the boys to randomly dance to songs they had on shuffle. It felt really good to be around the boys once again, after your successful comeback alone, your schedule had seriously gotten so busy that you didn’t even have time to even register what was happening, so this obviously meant you didn’t have time for anything else, especially just to hangout with the boys who were just as busy. But finally, after a few months of working yourself until you couldn’t work any longer, your schedule seemed to slow down and you finally found time to do some of the things you couldn’t do a few months back. You looked at all their faces when you talked to them, seeing their happiness beyond the tiredness that laid beneath and sent a warm smile towards everyone because you appreciated how much work they were putting in for this comeback and knew that this comeback would be a successful one.

I’m hungry.” Jin whined dramatically with an upset facial expression as he shut his eyes and whined to all of you, falling to the wooden floor and making a snow angel on the floor, even if there wasn’t any snow and it looked incredibly stupid doing this without snow and out of the blue.

“When aren’t you hungry?” Yoongi asked back honestly and bluntly with an extreme amount of sass, causing you, Jimin and Taehyung to snicker like children on the playground as to what Yoongi said to Jin.

“Hey, why don’t we just order food?” Namjoon suggested smartly, picking at the laces of his Timberland shoes while murmurs of the boys talking to one another made their way into your ears.

“But I actually feel like going out to get something to eat.” You mentioned to the boys, extending your arms behind you and resting your hands against the floor while you sat comfortably like this with your legs stretched out.

“Let’s go to Burger King! I still have coupons that fan gave me at fansign event, I’m sure they haven’t expired yet.” Taehyung suggested hopefully, showing he really wanted to visit the fast food restaurant and nobody could really say no to him when he smiled his rectangular smile so everyone agreed on going to Burger King, after a round of rock, paper, scissors of course because that was the solution to almost every decision the boys made. 

The boys quickly left the pratice room before you could even blink, leaving you in the silent room as you picked yourself off the floor and walked to the door, almost turning off the lights that they always forgot to turn off, but saw Jungkook still sitting on the floor, tapping on his phone with a focused or bothered look on his face.

Jungkook?” You called out for the maknae of the group of boys, hand on the door handle and gazing upon the boy who sat with his legs crossed and was too focused on whatever he was doing on his phone to realize the boys had already left a long time ago.

The boy looked up from his phone, an innocent facial expression setting on his face which unintentionally made you smile because of how pure and innocent he looked. “Yes?”

“The boys and I are going to Burger King, wanna tag along?” You asked the boy before you bit down on your lip, playing with the door handle in your hand and repeatedly pulling it downwards.

“Sure.” He agreed to your invitation, a angelic smile crafting its way onto his cute yet still handsome face as he stood up from his place on the floor, walking over to where you stood before he walked out of the room, leaving you to turn off the lights and close the door.

You walked out of the building, wishing everyone you passed in the hallways a good night and that they get home safely before you walked towards the black van parked outside, the door wide open as you heard the loud chatter of the boys. You rolled your eyes, smiling hopelessly because you knew the boys always tended to be loud whenever everyone had an opinion at the same time before you stood outside the van with Jungkook beside you.

“You two came here last and there’s only one seat,” Jin explained even though there was no need to, smirking just the tiniest bit towards you which started to make you think about what he was up to.

“What to do, what to do?” Jimin sang with an overjoyed smile before J-Hope sang along with the boy, just more enthusiastically and now screaming the sentence instead of singing it.

I know!” Taehyung mentioned with a look on his face that showed he had an idea, looking towards you before he explained, “Why doesn’t Jungkookie sit there and you sit on his lap?”



Your heads turned in the direction of one another, your eyes looking into one another’s as you asked Jungkook, “Why?”

Jungkook looked shocked for a solid moment, eyes slightly larger than before as they just stared at your eyes. His eyes then began to wonder places that weren’t where you were, a nervous smile breaking onto his face as he looked back at you and said, “I just thought that you’d be uncomfortable.”

You laughed at what he said, playfully shoving his shoulder as you did so before you simply smiled at the boy and said, “It’s not! I’ve been best friends with you for four years, I could never feel uncomfortable.”

You witnessed Jungkook shyly smile, a pretty pink blush spreading across his cheeks before he let out a light sigh and climbed into the car, sitting down on his seat before you climbed in and sat down on his lap, happily smiling at the thought of finally eating something after a long day of hardwork, not noticing how all the boys around Jungkook smirked or winked at him, causing his cheeks to flush a pretty pink colour once again and more than ever regret the moment he decided to tell the boys he liked you. 


Wait, what do you mean I’m doing my comeback in three days?” You asked your management team during the special meeting you had first thing in the morning when you got to work. You gazed upon the people who were the minds behind your success with shock, feeling yourself go numb and suddenly forget the simple task of breathing. 

“Your new song has been doing so well that nobody can really wait another two weeks for your comeback performance.” Your managed explained to you with an uneasy look on her aging face, picking roughly at the leather covered notebook she cradled in her arms which was a habit you noticed she did whenever she was nervous or unsure about something.

But-but….I’m not ready.” You admitted, still just as shocked as you were when you first received the news, feeling the beat of your heart began to race out of fear because if your first comeback performance had gone wrong, (which you thought it would) this would be the start of the end of your career. 

“We’ll get you ready.” Your manager promised you, even feeling just as much as little hope in this comeback performance as you did, cracking a smile and giving you a thumbs up before the meeting had ended and you were left with ten minutes before you’d start preparation for your comeback performance in three days. 

You sat down on the wooden floor of your practice room, sitting in silence while your worries for this performance began to creep up to you and devour you in the worst possible way. Before you could get the chance to go outside to get some fresh air due to the fact you knew a panic attack would come along, your heart began to thump so fast, punching against your ribcage and almost shattering it. Your lungs were now more desperate for air than ever, trying to get in as much oxygen as possible as you breathed in and out too quickly. Your body became weak and you couldn’t feel any longer, leaving your weak body to fall carelessly onto the floor. You felt tears brimming in your eyes, losing sight of what was above you and ahead of you, your chest tightening because of the lack of oxygen as you felt the walls of the practice room begin to close in on you, and there was not a damn thing you could do except lay there, tears in your eyes and breathing your last breathes of panic.

Jungkook left his practice room, finally telling himself that today was the day he would finally admit his feelings for you because there was nothing he should be afraid of because it was just you - a girl who shined brightly even on her darkest days, a girl who hung the stars and danced with the wolves, a girl who was the inspiration for every love song created, the girl of his dreams. He felt his hands becoming sweaty, wiping them on his pant leg so you wouldn’t complain about it later on when you held hands after your declarations of love to one another. 

He hummed along to the song softly playing in the elevator, counting down the floors he had to pass just to confess to you before he saw the doors open and he let out a nervous and shaky sigh, preparing himself for the worst or the best. He stepped out of the elevator, every step he took loudly echoing in his mind that could only think about the possibilities of what would happen next and the sound of his footsteps. He got to the door of your practice room, grabbing the handle but having his hand immediately slip off the handle because of how moist it became because of his nerves. He mumbled a quiet curse word underneath his breath, again wiping his shaky hand on his pant leg before he tried to open the door again, succeeding this time around and opening the door, smiling because he finally got the door open but that smile quickly faded when he saw you lying flat on the floor, chest rapidly rising up and down while your eyes let the rain run down your cheeks.

Without even thinking, Jungkook rushed over to your body that seemed to lack more and more life as time passed on, scooping you up in his arms and looking down at your almost lifeless figure, allowing the depressed tears fall onto the soft skin of your pale cheeks. Using one of his hands, he placed it against your cold cheek as his thumb caressed your cheek tenderly, letting out a choked sob as he calmly said, “Just breath in, just breath in.”

Even if you didn’t hear anything besides the sounds of yourself slowly fading away, you could hear Jungkook’s words loud and clearly in your mind. You squeezed your eyes tight, counting down any numbers as you felt his hand being removed from your cheek to your hair, stroking your head as he leaned inwards and kissed your forehead before another choked sob escaped his lips. You felt your breathing gradually slow down, still counting down any numbers in your head as a way to calm yourself down and live once again. You breathed out in relief, your chest rising steadily now as your eyes looked into the eyes of Jungkook, whose eyes were becoming red from crying over your panic attack. With the little energy left in your body and after many protests from your body, you sat up and looked at Jungkook.

“Thank you, Jungkook.” You gratefully thanked one of your greatest friends, throwing your arms at him and wrapping them around him, holding him tightly while your whole body, especially your heart, told you to never let go for he was special, for he was the one that would best suit the angelic princess you were, for he was the one. 

You held onto him for a little while longer, feeling most at home in his arms and in his presence before you found yourselves pulling away from one another, feeling Jungkook’s warm hands cup your face before he brought your face close to his, so close that you could almost feel the softness of his lips. “You’re okay, you’re okay - thank God, you’re okay.”

You stared into his eyes, those eyes that held all the stars and galaxies in them and those eyes you loved so dearly, feeling your heart beat again, but for a good reason - love. Your heart beat for him, only for him and only was filled with love for him. You swallowed a lump in your throat, your eyes glancing from his lips to his eyes again and again before an unsure Jungkook, with his eyes staring down at your pretty pink lips, leaned in inch by inch slowly, almost as if he expected you to push him away and claim you didn’t feel the same way about him but finally, after four years of denying your feelings for one another, four years of not wanting any other person in the whole entire world except one another, four years of your hearts growing old but still producing more and more love for another one, you finally kissed. In that moment, all your lips did was press against one another, just to get a feel of the reality of kissing the only person who truly mattered to you before Jungkook’s lips slowly moved, your lips moulding together in the sweetest and passionate way possible. Your hands quickly grabbed at his wrists, your hands gripping on any kind of rescue for the fatal fall of euphoria you were bounded to fall into with Jungkook as yours, both of your hearts exploding with the love you always locked away because this kiss was the key, they key to the forever lasting love between angels on earth who were specially made for one another. 

You felt the need to pull away from his lips before you’d cry as you kissed his lips for the first time, gripping his wrist tightly before you watched with eyes that began to blur as you heard him say in a soft but scratchy tone, “I love you. I’ve loved you before I even realized that I couldn’t exist without you. You’re the beat of my heart, the air and flowers in my lungs and the reason why I feel the need to exist on this planet. You’re my everything and I just thought you needed to hear it.”


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Just Say It

submitted by new!anon:

A/N: Although I despise the term ‘friendzoned’, there is an Mtv reality show (which has contributed to hours of procrastination for me lately), called Freindzone in which young couples reveal their feelings to their close friends, by asking said friend to pose as their ‘wing man’ on a blind date, then exposing the date to be for them. While I’m not 100% sure I agree with the premise of the show (it is so simple and mind-numbing that you can’t not get hooked, personal principles aside), it did inspire me for a college!au Destiel thingy. Now, please ignore me while I brag and celebrate.

weeeee yay I finally finished something!!!!! it’s 2 am but go me!!!

Okay I’m done.

Love, new!anon


It began with an encouraging “Tell us about Dean,” from the show’s producers, and in a moment Cas’ thoughts were flitting through his mind faster than should be humanly possible.

Dean. Dean who Cas had known since fourth grade. Who taught him how to ride a bike in sixth grade, because his father was never around, and his brothers spent more time mocking him for not knowing, than helping him learn. Dean who shoved back at the bullies who shoved Cas in the halls on their first day of high school. Dean who settled for his safety school just to be nearer to Cas.

Dean with crisp, green eyes, like that one single patch of grass poking through snow at the end of winter. Dean with the slew of freckles that popped off his face when he blushed (which wasn’t all that often). Dean with the full mouth and lopsided, perpetually cocky smirk, until a more genuine, ear-to-ear grin was earned.




Whenever you’re ready,” the producer prompted, snapping Cas from his daydream.

A bright white light shone in his face from behind the camera. He squinted against it and squirmed in his seat, before finally clearing his throat.

“Dean is my best friend. He has been since we met in the fourth grade. The most fun I ever have is with Dean. He is smart in ways I have never and will never know how to be. He is funny, charming, gentle. He is the best person in my life. It’s an honour to know Dean Winchester.”

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Just how I feel about the whole situation about BTS feeling uncomfortable about smuts and stuff

I’m someone who has very strong opinions so I’m going to state them here. I know I’ll probably get bashed for this but here goes. Please don’t be mad at me. Respect my opinions and I’ll respect yours!😊

First of all, KARMY needs to understand that we don’t have it good like them. We aren’t Korean, we can’t speak Korean, we cant happen to see them walking along the streets or wait outside Bighit. Because we live 2000 miles away yes? And probably the only way to get out daily dose of bangtan is all fantasies. And therefore, leading me to my other point below.

Secondly, I feel that it’s okay to write smuts. I have nothing against them in all honesty. Smuts just express desire for your bias/idol and that’s completely fine with me. Unless it’s up in the comment section of bangtantv telling inappropriate comments to the boys since they can see it on the personal accounts, dream and read about bangtan boys being all over you. It’s okay if it’s on tumblr and all, on media sites where bangtan can’t really see what you post. Just don’t blow it up in their faces, yes? Good? Okay next point.


KARMY apparently were the ones who told Yoongi that international ARMYS write smut. Why did you have to tell him that? Sometimes I just get the vibe that you are trying to give international ARMYS a bad reputation. Yes we write smuts, no you don’t have to tell the members about it🙃 I cannot lie that it’ll make them feel uncomfortable about their personal lives, but why tell him straight to his face that international ARMYS fantasize about these things? Sorry if this part offended you but I’m really just thinking out loud here. international ARMYS can’t have it like KARMY okay? We can’t happen to “pass by them one fine day” and we can’t access the fan cafes because we don’t live in Korea or don’t speak Korean. It’s frustrating for us. And that’s why we appreciate ASC so much. KARMY keeps complaining about how ASC subtitles on the spot, but don’t you think international fans want to know what’s going on too? And don’t say “go learn Korean or something if you’re a real fan” like no okay. Do you know how hard it is to learn An entirely new language? No you probably don’t because yoUR BIAS SPEAKS YOUR LANGUAGE. Trust international ARMYS, we really try to learn Korean, we really do. But it’s tough okay? So please KARMY, don’t bash us for doing something beyond our control. And don’t give international ARMYS a bad name. It really breaks our hearts to know that BTS now thinks of us a perverted freaks. Sorry and thank you