i need an otp tag for them sigh

gay nerds i need to draw more of.png

It’s all about pregnancy (─‿‿─)

First it was just Ino and her baby 

Then I decided to make kinda franchise about Nara-Yamanaka parents and their family as well \(^▽^)/

I didn’t want to draw today, but hey I GOT 40 FOLLOWERS and I was like OMG I NEED TO DO SOMETHING FOR THEM

Aaaand this art came out  (*/ω\)

Still waiting for your requests btw

Don’t know, maybe next will be a crossover or next “chapter” of this “franchise”
who knows?

P.S. Thanks for following me and reading this bullshit (ー_ー )
P.P.S. THANKS for reblogging my arts !  And for tagging such nice and sweet words! It means so much to me. Really, you have no Idea how it is important for me
STILL bad English *sighs*