i need an ino


konoha univ. students + suna univ. students

Im a sucker for them in their uniforms tbh.


Naruto Tribute: Characters [3/5]
→Yamanaka Ino (山中いの)
Now, you know a cherry blossom is a “sakura”…and the cosmos is an “akizakura”, the prettiest flower of the fall. The real meaning of the word “cosmos” is “harmony”…and it does harmonize with almost everything.


At Hiroki’s birthday event, he had Justin and Ken-chan as guests!

Hiroki also announced during the event that he would be releasing a photobook this winter!  (x

(x) (x

l-space-paint-l  asked:

I need a list of musicals to listen to please

ive been preparing myself for this question my whole life

Falsettos - Musical with fairly modern music and very catchy lyrics about a man in the 80s who left his wife for another man, has themes about family and love

Into the Woods - Sondheim musical with beautiful orchestrations with a story that’s a bunch of fairy tails shoved together and entwined

West Side Story - another Sondheim that’s a classic Romeo and Juliet story between two gangs in the 50s, touches on racial issues

The Great Comet - GORGEOUS musical that blends dozens of music genres in a way i personally have never seen before. it’s based off of a small splice of War and Peace and has themes of love, it deserved better

Legally Blonde - honestly this musical is so fun to listen to, it immediately puts me in such a good mood. it’s based off the movie about a girl named elle who chases a guy she loves to harvard and learns a lot of lessons there, it’s super empowering

Groundhog Day - based off the film everyone knows and loves, has an amazing male lead and is super catchy, also deserved better

Come From Away - a musical based in Gander, Newfoundland about outsiders perspectives on 9/11 and the effect it had on all types of people, it’s amazing and touches you even if you werent alive for 9/11 or live in new york. deserved so much better.

Les Miserables - musical about a small revolution that happened in france before the big one we all know about. it’s one of my favorites of all times. since it’s sung through and kinda opera-y it’s kind intimidating but it’s so gorgeous and still makes me cry every time.

Dear Evan Hansen - musical about a boy with extreme social anxiety that gets caught up in a lie about being friends with a classmate that killed himself, social media plays a big role in this one, will make you cry but also feel like everythings okay

Hamilton - you know what this ones about, everyone does, it’s honestly really good. beware parts of the fandom tho

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - you also know the plot of this one, but before you brush it off please give it a chance. its my favorite show on broadway at the moment, the cast has amazing vocals and the songs are so catchy and fun and the choreography is amazing.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - super interesting musical that only has 2 characters, about a genderqueer rockstar that was born in germany while the berlin wall was a thing and her life struggles. its honestly so beautiful, i cannot do this musical justice with words. it has themes of accepting and loving yourself

Something Rotten - SO FUCKING FUNNY. it takes place in the british renaissance and its about two brothers that try to make it as playwrights while Shakespeare is on top. they make shakespeare out to be this really douchey rockstar and i love it. also christian borle.

Kinky Boots - show about a guy who inherits a shoe factory from his dad and meets a drag queen who ~mixes things up~, it has themes about accepting others and yourself


I never think about this before. I only thought about the cross over between characters xD. Anyway.

 Inojin was the easiest one to think about. His partner is Terriermon for sure. I don’t even need to think twice about it.
But for Ino I think Palmon should be the one. Palmon can help her do the chores for her flower shop. xD  I don’t know if I did the right choice cuz if Palmon gonna evolve into Rosemon, they are gonna be the most fabulous team ever.
And for Sai, his one is the hardest one for me. I think about Sai with Leomon or Gabumon and I guess I settled him with Hawkmon. So that Hawkmon will evolve into Aquilamon which is just perfect for Sai.
This was really fun to do. Thanks Anon. 

tenten hcs

my tenten hcs because kishimoto wouldn’t do her fuckin justice.

  • she loves wearing plasters because she thinks it makes her look cool and adventurous when really it makes her look like a clumsy ol nerd.
  • she’s definitely someone who spends 40 minutes crying in the shower. tbh who doesn’t
  • has so many of the same jackets that only she can tell the difference between them and they’re all biker jackets. she doesn’t even own a bike or motorcycle but she speeds around in her super cool scooter in her super cool biker jackets.
  • a hecking ace lesbean. She’s an ace lesbian and you can’t tell me otherwise.
  • she has so many hairbands around her wrists. if you ever need a hairband, you know who to call.
  • the only thing she can cook is pasta and fried eggs. that’s basically her diet - including coffee. too much coffee.
  • she gives all her ninja tools different names, most of them are absolutely ridiculous but she’s happy. (i got this idea from the character owain from fe, he also a good boy).
  • DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS. she loves them. she visits her gf hinata but also, she goes to see akamaru to give him cute lil treats.
  • a hoarder; struggles to get rid of things so her whole room is filled with memories precious to her, even something as simple as a button has a lot of sentimental value to her.
  • her dress sense is terrible, so her girlfriends have to help her dress up (ino, sakura, temari and hinata). also, neji would do her hair from time to time but she has to do her own makeup. surprisingly she’s a great make up artist and her beautiful face is a canvas.
  • OKAY HER FAM: two non shinobi mothers who love her to bits!!!!! the family go to regular camping trips where they’d all sing songs, tell ~spooky~ stories and have a heartfelt family bonding time too. sometimes the girls come along, and tenten always introduces them as her girlfriends and the loves of her life. she gay.
  • she’s not very sporty but will kick your ass if she needs to. she’s merciless against her enemies and you’d never want to feel the wrath of tenten.
  • an ugly crier. she’s really sensitive and cries easily and she’s not ashamed to cry. let my girl cry when she needs to. especially when neji fucking died i can’t believe they didn’t show her sad or upset

part i | part ii | part iii | part iv | part v | part vi

part vii: in which sasuke gains an ally

The next morning, Sasuke woke up in a sea of multiple unnecessary pillows. He hated beds like that. Like what was the point. Those tiny pillows were mostly annoying and not good enough for sleeping on or cuddling. 

He fought through the purple blanket he was swaddled in and when he turned to the side, he saw Naruto on the other end of the bed. He groaned, waking Naruto up. 

Naruto blinked, confused and disoriented and probably just as hungover. “Did we…have sex?”

“What?” Sure, Sasuke got a little too wasted the night before, but he had a pretty good memory of the events that led up to him falling asleep on the balcony among a stranger and his succulents. “No, you idiot!”

“Oh, thank god.”

They heard a snort and looked to the doorway, finding Ino leaning against the frame with a bowl of cereal in her hands. She spooned some into her mouth, regarding them groggily. “You guys are still here?”

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