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Naruto Tribute: Characters [3/5]
→Yamanaka Ino (山中いの)
Now, you know a cherry blossom is a “sakura”…and the cosmos is an “akizakura”, the prettiest flower of the fall. The real meaning of the word “cosmos” is “harmony”…and it does harmonize with almost everything.

tenten hcs

my tenten hcs because kishimoto wouldn’t do her fuckin justice.

  • she loves wearing plasters because she thinks it makes her look cool and adventurous when really it makes her look like a clumsy ol nerd.
  • she’s definitely someone who spends 40 minutes crying in the shower. tbh who doesn’t
  • has so many of the same jackets that only she can tell the difference between them and they’re all biker jackets. she doesn’t even own a bike or motorcycle but she speeds around in her super cool scooter in her super cool biker jackets.
  • a hecking ace lesbean. She’s an ace lesbian and you can’t tell me otherwise.
  • she has so many hairbands around her wrists. if you ever need a hairband, you know who to call.
  • the only thing she can cook is pasta and fried eggs. that’s basically her diet - including coffee. too much coffee.
  • she gives all her ninja tools different names, most of them are absolutely ridiculous but she’s happy. (i got this idea from the character owain from fe, he also a good boy).
  • DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS. she loves them. she visits her gf hinata but also, she goes to see akamaru to give him cute lil treats.
  • a hoarder; struggles to get rid of things so her whole room is filled with memories precious to her, even something as simple as a button has a lot of sentimental value to her.
  • her dress sense is terrible, so her girlfriends have to help her dress up (ino, sakura, temari and hinata). also, neji would do her hair from time to time but she has to do her own makeup. surprisingly she’s a great make up artist and her beautiful face is a canvas.
  • OKAY HER FAM: two non shinobi mothers who love her to bits!!!!! the family go to regular camping trips where they’d all sing songs, tell ~spooky~ stories and have a heartfelt family bonding time too. sometimes the girls come along, and tenten always introduces them as her girlfriends and the loves of her life. she gay.
  • she’s not very sporty but will kick your ass if she needs to. she’s merciless against her enemies and you’d never want to feel the wrath of tenten.
  • an ugly crier. she’s really sensitive and cries easily and she’s not ashamed to cry. let my girl cry when she needs to. especially when neji fucking died i can’t believe they didn’t show her sad or upset

OOOOOOOOKAAAAY, so I talked about this with @letliv3 so many months ago, and the idea is…kind of stuck? So here’s a little drabble for the @madakaka albums. I’ve been sitting on this idea for absolutely fucking ever. Take this little WIP?

In the AU where Kakashi is transported back in time, what if, after he’s transported back to his original time, Izuna still gets killed? Madara might still flip his shit and go through with his plans, not even realizing what they will cost Kakashi.

So when Kakashi comes back to the present, it’ll be the universe where Madara knows him. He should probably get there before Madara has the chance to actually kill anyone, that way everyone can just team up and kick the shit out of Zetsu. Kaguya never has the chance to be brought back. There are fewer casualties. Obito doesn’t have to die. Everyone’s parents are alive, and things are pretty fucking good- until Madara has to actually die. Because the Impure Reincarnation was never meant to be a permanent thing, right? And once Madara realizes what he’s done to Kakashi and the people precious to him, he wouldn’t want to be completely resurrected. Maybe.

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SasuSaku Festival 2017
Day 01- Valentine’s Day
Title: He loves me. He loves me not
Summary: She’s working at the Yamanaka Shop when he suddenly goes in claiming to be looking for a flower. Will the petals reveal her lovely destiny on that Valentine’s Day?
A/N: Happy SasuSaku Festival, everyone!!! Oh boy, I’m so excited with the themes!!! Some are quite hard, but a challenge is always fun every now and then, right?! Well, you guys know me, and I’m clearly late with the themes, so be patient and enjoy the festival, even if it’s already over! I would like to thank the organizers of this AMAZING event, and say that, even if I’m not submitting my stories, and even if I’m terribly late, it was one hell of an event! Thank you, @sasusakufestival ! Thank you for a new tradition! 

About the story… It turned out quite amusing to write, and I hope you can enjoy it! I hope you have fun and participate, and please, tell me your opinion about the story (aka leave me a Review XD)!
It was the 3rd Valentine’s Day in Konoha after the war.

Heart-shaped decorations were spread all around the village, with chocolate promotions being announced everywhere. Balloons were tied to stuffed animals, and there wasn’t a single restaurant that wasn’t already fully booked for dinner. Gifts were being bought and exchanged, and it was easy to spot the smiling faces and the blushing cheeks that decorated the lovers’ lives on such a peaceful and red day.

Love was in the air, indeed.

But thanks to the pollen inside her nostrils, Haruno Sakura could barely smell anything at all.

“ Thank you for choosing us! Happy Valentine’s Day!” She bowed her head down respectfully for the nth time that morning, as a pretty smile decorated her lips. By that time, she had certainly grown accustomed to the whole sales thing, as she already seemed to be a professional in selling flowers. She had been there for less than a day and was already showing confidence in her bouquets and kindness when treating one of the clients.

As expected from the Godaime’s perfectionist apprentice, people thought, as soon as they exited the Yamanaka Flower Shop after unexpectedly meeting pink hair behind the counter.

Yes, even if seeing her there was a surprise to everyone who entered the shop, it was impossible to deny her professional competence. The girl who was named after a flower seemed to be doing an excellent job at her friend’s family business, and even if she was smiling from one ear to another, deep inside, the pinkette was struggling to control her blood-thirst towards the one girl she calls her best friend.

Ino-Pig was definitely going to pay her when she came back.

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mud on her hem

guys. guuuuuys. this was so much fun. you don’t even know. also, probably about half these references are going to be lost on anyone who didn’t fall in love with the post-restoration and romantic periods of english literature and proceed to minor in english (much to their parents’ despairing amusement), but i don’t even care.

this is all your fault. you know who you are. you are your victorian aus did this to me. (okay, and the fact that i rematched p&p2005 this weekend. but still! the accusation stands.)

warning for the fairly thematic typical threat of sexual violence. it’s mild, and nothing come of it, but just in case.

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anonymous asked:

Oh my god, growing up twins Ino & Naruto is the best idea i've heard. Like, I can just see them teasing each other as academy students about their crushes (ino's on Sasuke, Naruto's on Sakura), and then later on both realize that they actually fell in love with their twin's crush, and then they both awkwardly try to hide it from each other. I would watch this sitcom 😂 (but yes, supportive twins Naruto & Ino is everything I need in life rn)

It would be such a sitcom, and that’s like 69% of the reason I want to write it.  💕

Of course I’d be honoured to be the Sarutobi teacher of the next Ino-Shika-Cho, but honestly I need all the self confidence I can get. So, if you wouldn’t mind, I’ll just take the Uzumaki and Uchiha kids. They both have daddy issues and a whole lot of skill - man, they’ll make me famous as fuck.
—  Konohamaru Sarutobi, in response to being asked to be the newest Ino-Shika-Chō leader.

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Can I ask why you ship SaiIno? The pairing just seemed a little rushed and forced

SaiIno development is 90% the novels, so they aren’t Kishimoto in origin, and Studio Pierrot didn’t fuck it up when they adapted it (!!!!!!). I see SaiIno shippers occasionally on my dash hoping for SaiIno in Booruto. NO. DON’T YOU PUT THAT EVIL ON THEM. DID YOU SEE WHAT THEY DID TO TEMARI AND SHIKAMARU?

Here is a long post about SaiIno development in the novels and why it rules.

I wrote a one shot fic about them too, The Third Date (rated M).

I basically only ship Sai with Ino, my diligently broken son needs a very specific kind of person, and it just so happens that he has a lot to offer to Ino as well. Plus. Double crop tops? It’s a petty reason but it’s a FUN reason and shipping is mostly about fun to me.

Ino I’m more flexible about but Sai is definitely my #1 person for her.

Ok I’ve been asked now about KS, NH, and SI, now who wants to ask me about ShikaTema and then we’ll have all my description ships.

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NH constantly harass me after a post I made mentioning how weak (physically and mentally) Hinata is, telling me she is an actual goddess and could kill Sasuke with her eyes if she wanted to. Lmao she couldn't even protect her daughter in Boruto and hid behind Ino ffs. Like, if she is so strong, why did she need Ino to protect her?

lol what?????? I MEAN DO THEY SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THE SHIT THEY ARE SAYING? In that case they would have a problem lol.

Ok but weren’t nh the best part of the fandom,the part who doesn’t herrass anyone? The one who always play the victim offending the nsand ss part of the fandom. Lmao that’s why I can’t stand her fandom( most of it)

It isn’t even about a ship beacuse all they wanted was for nh to become canon so that hinata can win.


Oh and if you recieve hate just continue to post more. More an more until you drive they crazy in anger or make them block you.

Could you please reveal yourself so that we can help you against those shitheads.?