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We won’t be going any farther. Won’t we? I won’t take another step towards that chest until I know for certain that I’m wrong about what I suspect is happening here. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please don’t do that.


one gifset per episode - 2x02  enough is enough

There’s something to be said about a glass half full. About knowing when to say when. I think it’s a floating line. A barometer of need and desire. It’s entirely up to the individual. And depends on what’s being poured. Sometimes all we want is a taste. Other times there’s no such thing as enough, the glass is bottomless. And all we want, is more.

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Hi! I'm just dropping in to say that I love your voltron gifs! And I was wondering which sharpening settings you use for them? You don't have to answer if you don't want~ Hope you have a nice day! <3

Hey there! Thank you for dropping by with this nice message <3

So since a few people have asked before, I decided to make this post a very short rundown of the sharpening process I usually do! Sorry if any of this is confusing, I tried my best to explain it but if you’re still unsure about something, feel free to DM me for more questions if you’d like!

Sharpening Gifs using Surface Blur + Smart Sharpen

Basically, my sharpening process always involves surface blur and smart sharpen. I’ll show with screenshots the settings I usually pick, but I’m going to assume you already know the first steps of gifmaking so I’m going to skip ahead!

Once you convert the frames to timeline, then convert them to Smart Filters, I usually start with the Surface Blurs. (here’s a screenshot in case you’ve never used it before)

Usually, I do 3 surface blur filters, then 2 smart sharpens in a row, in that order. Each filter I put on, I use progressively lowered settings, like so:

I start with radius at 15, threshold at 8, then lower it a bit with each surface blur.

Next, I go through the Smart Sharpen filter (which is under the Sharpen tab as seen in the first screenshot above). This, I also do with progressively lowered settings, like so:

Only 2 Smart Sharpens though, because I find that over-sharpening doesn’t look so good.

Of course, feel free to play with any of the above settings as you will and see what looks best for you! These are just the standard I pick for myself personally.

THEN I do this other little trick I found. See the filters lined up here?

I right click each one and change the setting to Darken.

I do this for each one. All of them are under the Darken blending option. Once in a while, I experiment and change one of the filters to Soft Light, because it sometimes looks nice depending on the scene I’m gifing.

Again, feel free to play around with all of them though! Lots of options to try out. I heard some people only use one surface blur filter, then just a normal blur layer, and then one smart sharpen. There are lots of ways to play with this. You can also use “darken” on all of them, or just a few of them.

And.. that’s basically it! I think it makes a huge difference and I really love how it looks personally, so I do it all the time. :)

Other tips with gifs + coloring

Just a random piece of advice that I feel has helped me: A gif, no matter how big it is and despite the new 3MB limit, can only hold up to 256 colors. This is why some gifs look grainy even though you feel like you’ve gotten it to the point of being what you feel is the highest quality gif it could possibly be. So to help make it look even better, I personally find that singling out a few key colors and then desaturating the other ones individually through hue/saturation filter, makes an immense difference in the end result. Black/white Gradient Maps help a lot as well!

(Also, I used this video for reference when I first started)

So there you have it. These are the basics of my gifing process. After trying a bunch of different coloring options, I now like to keep it fairly simple when I’m just doing a normal gif/gifset. No need to get too complicated! :)

Hope this helps!!


galactik football meme: [1&2/6] scenes → 1.26 The Cup & 2.26 Bleylock’s Revenge


a series of unlikely crossovers


AOL’s ‘True Trans’ Series Explores Coming Out And Transition As A Trans Person

Episodes four and five of AOL’s compelling series “True Trans” takes an intimate look at the individual stories of several individuals who came out as a trans and then transitioned. 

Each person’s experience is unique to their own life journey, and Laura Jane Grace sits down with a number of transgender and gender-variant people in these episodes to give them the chance to tell their stories.“I said to my parents that I really needed to get help,“ transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox shares in the above episode.

Watch the full episode with Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace go here. 

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Yuzuru's spins dont get enough love 👀 People often go on about how he has mastered all areas of skating but we shouldn't forget the individual parts as well! Like I refuse to listen to anyone who says Yuzuru isnt one of the best spinners and the most gorgeous. I mean come on, that perfect broken leg sit spin in H&L? That biellman? That doughnut spin? All the LGC spins? Need I say more? Maybe you should do something to change that? 👀 (aka me not so subtly asking for a yuzu spins gifset 😇)

Well, since you asked so nicely, here we go. This one turned out to be tougher than I thought because he has so.many.pretty.spins *wail* I’m damn sure I have left out some very nice ones *sob*

And don’t worry, I’m positive that everybody loves our dear Yuzu’s spins - he is without a doubt one of the best spinners in the men’s field :D


… and the music is the clue 

-Tarja Turunen and Floor Jansen, 2013 (x)

I don’t steal gifs

Despite how angry I am and how much I wanna cry stressed and angry tears I’m gonna be as mature about this as possible because being an ass isn’t gonna get me anywhere. But I will warn of a rant at the end because I think I deserve it.

So namedrop cause they namedropped me. (and no this is NOT an invitation to go and send them hate and shit. Seriously if you do that block me right fucking now.) calmstim and snotstim are accusing me of stealing and reposting their gifs with no proof whatsoever. Awhile back snotstim came on anon and accused me of this and didn’t follow it up with anything. Didn’t try to talk to me about it. Didn’t ask me to unblock them and discuss it like an adult should. I brushed it off because whatever. I know I didn’t steal anything. So I have nothing to worry about.

Now they’re freaking out because I’ve made gifs from videos they too have made gifs from. Again; not talking to me about it. I never told them to piss off or that I refused to talk about it. They had every chance to ask me to unblock them via logging out and going on anon, but they didn’t. If they had talked with me about it, despite any opinions I may have had about them, I’d respect them enough as a person to try and come to a conclusion. I can be an ass but I wouldn’t do it solely because I wanna be petty. And I can understand the paranoia of worrying about your content being stolen. As an artist that worries me and as an artist I’ve had my content stolen/reposted/uncredited/etc.

One thing I wanna point out in particular is that calmstim accused me of stealing a moon bath bomb gif, reposting it, and not giving credit.

This was a “my bad” on my part. I made a gif of the same video. I had had that video in my bookmarks for a long time before I decided to go on a giffing spree and get it done.

http://stimmyvillain.tumblr.com/post/163231705263/onyx-stimboard-dont-remove-my-caption <– this is where I forgot to place credit for myself. I apologize for not crediting myself as it’s just given them fuel for their anger.

http://stimmyvillain.tumblr.com/post/162096229153/golden-slumber-bath-bomb-kink-blogs-dont <– this is where I originally posted my gifset of it. I was actually surprised soon after posting it to see calmstim’s version of the video on my dash. (This was a rather long time ago, so I don’t remember who reblogged it or when.)

I won’t go and disprove every gif being accused of being stolen as original. Since it’d get repetitive. But I will say a few things.

1. calmstim and snotstim never gave proof that these were the same files. They just screenshotted my posts and continued with their false callouts. 

2. Absolutely NO ONE is commenting on the fact I have made many, many, MANY gifsets. AND that I’ve been making gifsets ever since I started this blog. And of course there’s a reason why: there’s nothing wrong with them. They were properly credited and that was that. And to this day no one complains about many gifsets I make.

So if I make original content all the time… What point would I have to steal the content of blogs I don’t like?

And furthermore on that last comment, why would I steal something from people I don’t like? Why would I admit to myself that “oh I’m not good enough to make gifsets of these videos so I’ll just steal ‘em!” I mean I have self image issues. But if there’s something I can respect myself in is knowing that stealing is wrong and that I don’t need to imitate people I don’t like. That would just make me hate myself more. That makes no sense.

3. Do calmstim and snotstim own any of the videos they’ve giffed that they’re accusing me of stealing? No. Is it copyrighted that prevents me and other individuals from giffing it? No.

And on that note as well, I’m sure they have gifs made from videos THEY’VE made themselves. Why wouldn’t I steal them? If I was stealing a bunch of their content already, why set limits? In their eyes I apparently don’t give a damn about any wrongdoing so why try to cover my tracks if it’s “so obvious”?

Because I didn’t steal it. I have no reason to.

4. I can show you all EXACTLY how I make my gifs. I’m sure maybe even a few of you out there remember when I was asking around if somebody knew of an alternative way to make gifs as, at the time, my ingur gif-maker stopped working and any of the imgur staff I contacted did nothing to help. So I needed a new way. stimmybby (don’t dare mess with them for this they didn’t do anything wrong and they aren’t involved) came to me and said they had a tutorial for how to do it! So I do it the same way stimmybby does! I do it like this –> http://stimmybby.tumblr.com/post/155515895053/stimmy-gif-tutorial

I also make all my gifs 230x240. That’s the sizing on all my gifs. The only ones that aren’t like that are a couple of my first gifsets where I was trying to get the hang of things and figure out how to gif things properly. Those may be bigger or smaller.

I know EXACTLY how to make my own content. I am going to be making gifsets on my art/edit blog. Because I like giffing things.

So if I can make it myself… What reason would I have to steal from somebody else.

I’m a person trying to get their name out there. I’m trying to be an artist and a game creator. Doing shit like this would RUIN my reputation. And if I did it then rightfully so. But I didn’t because 1. that would go against my morals/self rules. 2. That’s just straight up shitty and I try to be a decent person. And 3. I don’t support or like snotstim or calmstim so reposting their content would just straight up be saying “everything they make it automatically BETTER than mine and I have no reason to try and do something for myself and accept these people are better than me.”

I wouldn’t do that. Not because I’m petty, no. It’s because I have at least that much self respect and respect for them simply for people that I’d know that wouldn’t be fair to them or me. I may not like them, but I’m not gonna do something to stress them out or hurt them or commit wrong to them simply because I can. I’m no bully. I don’t play like that.

5. With all that said, EVERYONE is absolutely FINE with these adults dragging me-a TEENAGER that has done my best to AVOID them because I’m trying to be mature and avoid conflict-through the mud with no solid evidence.

Which, btw, their followers are having a field day with this.

This one’s my favorite. Which, btw, after this post and all those asks have been screencapped, everyone’s getting IP blocked. If you don’t have the human decency to speak to me like a person then you’re not worth my time.

Which, speaking of picking on a minor, I hope you’re happy cause I was on the verge of having a panic attack in the car with my mom there who was not prepared to handle that.

But after this, I have no reason to speak to these people. They’ve had chances to treat me like a person and took none of them. I blocked them from the start because I felt they were bullies. And this situation proves my point. They called me out on something I didn’t do with no evidence I did it and their followers just… Believed it. No questions asked. I’m declared scum for making my own content.

And the ONLY thing I did that is even remotely close to what they’re accusing me of is if I see a gifset I like, but I do not like the person, then I save the VIDEO for me to gif LATER so I can enjoy the content without feeling unsafe because my comfort is important. I made this blog for MY comfort because I’m a mentally ill person who has to struggle to keep from self harming and who has to struggle with not killing themselves.

I didn’t come here to have people make me feel this horrible for something I did not do. I was having a great day I spent with my girlfriend and now it’s ruined because I’m gonna have to fight the voice in my head telling me that even if I do nothing I ruin everything.

This is why I avoided these people in the first place. To prevent this from happening. Clearly I was wrong.

And no, this rant isn’t for pity. I didn’t want your pity before and I don’t want it now. But I am emotional right now because of the things I described and I feel like an idiot because last night I dared allowed myself to feel safe and happy and I feel like I can’t trust any positive emotions I feel because of shit like this.

This rant isn’t for pity. I’m hoping this rant will just make you consider listening to to the smaller voices. I’m no big name stim blog who has thousands of people to listen to whatever I say and believe it. I’m just a kid trying to do something healthy for themselves and giffing is something that I find phenomenally relaxing. And I’m going to continue doing it. And unless you have footage of me stealing their gifs then you have no right to try and stop me from doing something that is not wrong.

If I do something wrong, I ask people to point it out to me. As a white person I want someone to point out if I did something racist so I can learn from my mistakes and unlearn racism. As a man I want someone to point out if I did something sexist so I can learn from my mistakes and unlearn sexism. As an able-bodied person I want somone to if I did something ableist so I can learn from my mistakes and unlearn ableism. So I’d want the same if I stole something. But I didn’t do anything except make my own gifs and now I’m being punished for it. If I’m mature enough to accept I’m just as capable of doing bigoted things as anyone else, then I’m mature enough to accept if I stole something.

But I didn’t. And I demand to be treated like a person or I have nothing to say to you and nothing to do with you.

And for that matter if you’d like to talk about this calmly and maturely, I’d be fine with that. Everyone else who’d rather throw names and tell me I’m lower than scum will be met with a block because you are not worth my time, patience, or energy. Enough of that has been wasted on this because I’m constantly struggling with the feeling that I destroy and ruin everything I come into any form of contact with. And this situation didn’t do anything to help me out.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I probably need to go cry out these overflowing emotions I’m feeling. But before I end this I’m going to emphasize this because the tumblr community needs to be told this.

Absolutely DO NOT go and harass anyone mentioned here. I don’t care how you think of them. You send anything that’s harmful or even slightly shitty then I don’t want anything to do with you because you’re a giant hypocrite and you’ve ignored everything I just said and I want no part in your company.

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SU ask stuff: 7, 11, 12, 14

Thank you for playing!

7. Which character do you think you’re most like?  Why?

Definitely Pearl.  I have big eyes and a pointy nose.  I am anxious and very critical both of others and of myself.  I have that weird self-esteem thing where I hate myself but still think I’m better than everyone else.  I feel like nobody really needs me as much as I need them and I’ll never be someone’s first choice.  I like making pies.

also this is me at work

which admittedly is a different individual Pearl but I have to get it in there.

11. How did you start watching Steven Universe?

I genuinely don’t have a story, although other people always seem to have cute ones about friends or significant others who got them into it.  I was seeing gifsets of it around for a while and I knew it was made by someone who worked on Adventure Time which I already liked and at some point I looked it up.  The circumstances weren’t memorable.  

12.  How did you enter the fandom?

I don’t know, really, because what counts as having entered?  Just being a regular viewer, being enthusiastic about it, seeking out discussion with other fans, making some kind of fan work, attending actual events related to the fandom?  I write fanfic, which is very niche but well received within its niche, and I ramble a bit on this blog, so I guess that covers it.

14.  Finally, how do you feel about Bismuth?  I find opinions on her controversial.  

Ooh, controversy.  I think Bismuth is one of the most interesting characters and I wish we could see and hear more of her (although I loved her voice I’m ambivalent about the casting because Uzo Aduba’s availability to record more episodes is seemingly more limited/expensive than for someone who’s primarily a voice actor).  I think a lot of the controversy about her is because a lot of viewers still aren’t really picking up what the show is explicitly laying down about the characters not being purely good or bad and no one being an infallible hero or an irredeemable villain.  The idea that Bismuth can be right about some things and wrong about others and be a lovable character who we want to somehow be okay seems to be a lot to handle.  Also I ship her with Pearl.  


    “To me beauty is something very individual. It’s something that has meaning to each specific person and it either can be nostalgic or bring up some kind of memory or some kind of emotion. Beauty is something rare, something individual. It’s something to be cherished and appreciated.”-  Katherine McNamara for Bellus Magazine


welcome to the new age

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I don't know what it is but I'm utterly obsessed with Malec. They are just so fascinating to look at. And just them as individuals.. And how they look at each other 😍 I can't... I need something to temper my hunger.

How can you not be obsessed with Malec. Look at them!
Season 2 can not come fast enough! 
Plus this video doesn’t help (gifset if you can’t hear what they are saying here)
Umm give me Season 2 now!!!!!

You know what I really love about Ian and Anthony? That whatever they are doing, they make us extremely happy.

Like back then when a fan asked them to slow dance together on lunchtime, and they were like ‘ok’. And then they tricked us into thinking they would actually do it, and we fangirled like shit, and then day just made hilarious weird moves in slow motion next to each other and we cried tears of laughter, like

It’s these moments where you can see that it’s not only the ship that’s great. And I think with recent events in the fandom people need to remember the following: We love Ian and Anthony, as individuals, as comedians, as human beings.