i need an individual gifset of this


AoS Re-Watch: Under-appreciated moments
         1x04 aka the one where fitz was actually ordered to wake up ward, jemma, and daisy
                  but [footage not found]

Bonus: that one time jemma stood this close to fitz for no discernible reason whatsoever


… and the music is the clue 

-Tarja Turunen and Floor Jansen, 2013 (x)


AOL’s ‘True Trans’ Series Explores Coming Out And Transition As A Trans Person

Episodes four and five of AOL’s compelling series “True Trans” takes an intimate look at the individual stories of several individuals who came out as a trans and then transitioned. 

Each person’s experience is unique to their own life journey, and Laura Jane Grace sits down with a number of transgender and gender-variant people in these episodes to give them the chance to tell their stories.“I said to my parents that I really needed to get help,“ transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox shares in the above episode.

Watch the full episode with Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace go here.