i need an easy friend


dont worry, im here for u 💕  

I’ve been rewatching Brooklyn Nine Nine and can we please talk about Rosa’s and Amy’s friendship

I need a friend who will talk to me and not get annoyed when I randomly switch topics.

I need a friend who will listen to me rant and know that whatever’s bothering probably is not worth ranting about, but to me, it is.

I need a friend who will put up with me when I’m hyper and distracted.

I need a friend who understands how exhausting emotional dysregulation days can be.

I need a friend who gets me.

Picture this: Mike and El sprawled out on the couch watching 101 Dalmatians.

Suddenly, she’s leaning forward and Mike thinks that she’s going to kiss him so he closes his eyes. But instead of lips, he feels her fingers softly brush across his cheek, under his left eye.

When he opens his eyes, he sees her examining the eyelash–his eyelash–resting on her fingertip. Mike smiles and places his own fingertip over hers, pressing tightly. El looks up at him, unsure.

“When someone loses an eyelash,” he explains, “You can make a wish on it. We both make a wish and then separate our fingers. Whoever has the eyelash will have their wish come true.”

El nods. She knows about wishes. They’re what you do when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, like Lucas did last week. She doesn’t need to think about her wish; it’s easy: I wish for my friends to be happy forever, especially Mike.

When they pull their fingers apart, El smiles to see the eyelash still resting on her skin. She blows on it delicately and watches it float away, looking forward to her wish coming true and not knowing that Mike’s wish was startlingly similar; the wish he’ll make on every birthday candle for the rest of his life: I wish for El to have all the happiness in the world forever.

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I've been trying to get into comics but I don't know where to start. Nightwing only has two volumes, New Teen Titans has three, and Batman collections that are not new 52 are hard to find on Amazon. I really don't want to go to New 52 though. Are there scans or anything I can go to until all the volumes are out?

(Batman #656)

Have you considered graphic novels (Like Hush or No Man’s Land) or looking at other eras of comics until the next trades come out? why does DC take forever

The entire DickBats run is pretty much in trade form already. In fact, I think that would be a great starting point if you’re new to comics and want to jump into the Batfam. (I just tried looking up a simple trade guide, and DC has nothing at all to help?!?! Someone please appreciate all the work I’m about to do)

  1. [Batman and Son] for Damian’s first appearance, collects Batman #655-658 and #663-666
  2. [Batman: The Black Glove] collects Batman #667-669 and #672-675
  3. [Batman: R.I.P.] collects Batman #676-683 and DC Universe #0
  4. [Batman: Long Shadows] collects Batman #687-691 (** Note: this is where Dick becomes Batman)
  5. [Batman: Life After Death] collects Batman #692-699
  6. [Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn] collects Batman & Robin #1-6
  7. [Batman & Robin: Batman Vs Robin] collects Batman & Robin #7-12
  8. [Batman & Robin: Batman and Robin Must Die] collects Batman & Robin #13-16 and Batman: The Return #1
  9. [Batman & Robin: Dark Knight Vs White Knight] collects Batman & Robin #17-25
  10. [Batman: The Black Mirror] collects Detective Comics #871-881

This is not a complete list of Batman trades; it’s just a list that I think will offer a pretty smooth reading experience, especially for new readers. In addition to those, you may want to try out

All of these trades are reasonably priced as most are in the $10-15 range. Otherwise, I hear [ComiXology] has frequent sales for single issues if you’re okay with collecting comics digitally. 


More of the gorgeous animals at the Detroit Zoo. All the bears and primates were hiding, so a return trip will be needed one day. Today, friends and I are taking it easy and setting up a new D&D campaign. Thank you, to everyone stickin’ through with me in this drought of fitness posts. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll probably join you all for a run once the week has begun!


Hello! My name is Megan, I’m 16 (turning 17 in two months) and I’m hella pansexual ❤️ BASICALLY I NEED MORE GAY FRIENDS AND IM SUPER EASY TO TALK TO SO HMU MY DUDES

(Oh and I’m Irish)

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Father I'm sorry for pushing my problems on you but I need some advice. I've never found it easy to make friends and when I have done they've all left me for the same reasons (I'm selfish, I'm impulsive ect) Now I'm on summer break I can see my current "friends" hanging out but they never invite me. I looked for friends on the internet but didn't find any. I wish I didn't care and could be happy with what I have but I can't. I think I need help but I don't know where to go, I feel isolated.

okay hm, im sorry you are in this situation, mostly because you seem really upset.
i can only tell you my experience and thoughts on the matter, but anyone who has advice should reply if they want!!

heres the thing, i was never a person with a big group of friends, quite the contrary: i have relied on best friends until the end of high school, and after that stuff was hard because university is different and you dont see the same people every single day and so on and so forth. as a consequence of that, internet friendships became more important to me, and a bunch of them developed into real-life friendships as well, which is cool (although everyone lives a few hours away); this year i also found a nice group of weirdos in dutch class who i enjoy hanging out with.

the point of this is, in my personal opinion, it is hard to never find yourself in a lonely time. it happens, it doesnt feel good, but it is not going to last forever. you /are/ going to find people you click with, but thats going to take longer if you are really focused on just Finding Someone, because then you risk just Clinging on the first person who pays attention to you. thats not great because maybe you and this person arent actually that compatible? you feel? just because someone talks to you it doesnt Immediately mean you are in a committed friendship?

the strategy that works for /me/, here on tumblr, is just… interacting with people? if they say something funny in a tag you can just tell them? or you can talk to them about something that interests you both? as long as you start out a conversation with an actual topic, you are eventually going to find people you fit in with! [i guess this could be adapted to real life?]

anyways this was rambly and pointless but best of luck!!!!! you are going to be fine!!!

Dominic, look, I really like you. Okay? I didn’t want to string you along. Let’s just be friends
- Yeah, I don’t really need any more friends, Lauren. You know, and I really don’t need your friends to let me down easy. -
Okay, don’t be stupid, Dominic. That’s business, not personal.
- Do you even know the difference? You know, Lauren, I… I never even had a prospectus, you know? I did it all to impress you. You inspired me, you motivated me to do something for myself for the first time. And all this time, I thought you were too good for me. -

Think like a Man ( Dominic and Lauren )

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A beginners thrifty equipment & tools list for witchy beginners!

Always I see people asking various tumblr witches what the basic things they need to start off as a practicing witch are… every witch has a different answer because every witch is different. I tend to find that some of the answers from witches who have been so for quite a while leave a lot of really basic stuff out, or add too much advanced stuff in, not on purpose but just due to the passage of time or the thought that with hindsight they wish they’d had this or that in the beginning. Most lists, are infact very useful. For me, half my problem was budget. I want to be able to buy all of the awesome potions and lotions and spell kits available but I just do not have the funds! I know it’s not necesary to have them but it would be nice because they’re all so pretty! Anyway for those of you with all the want but none of the dollar… here is my thrifty beginners guide…. from a beginner!

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Everything Went Black {Part 1}

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4

Summary: You died while on a mission with Wanda, Steve, Tony, Clint, and Natasha. The mission was supposed to be easy and safe. The team told you it would be. You felt kind of bad going on a mission after just finding out you were pregnant with Bucky’s child. But only you and Tony knew. You just wanted to go on one last mission before you would tell Bucky you were carrying his child. The mission went sideways and it resulted in you dying. Or did you die?

“Hey Tony?” you said peeking into Tony’s lab, “you got a minute?”

“Yeah, come in (y/n), what’s on your mind?” Tony said as he finished the project he was working on.

“I think I’m pregnant, but I don’t want to tell Buck yet.” You told Tony as you looked at the ground playing with your fingers.

“Oh,” he said as you heard his chair swivel towards your direction, “are you still going on the mission?”

“Yeah…. Yes. My last mission until the baby is born.” You looked up at Tony who was giving you a warm welcoming smile. You couldn’t help but smile yourself.

“Well, this mission is super easy and for the most part, safe,” he said getting up out of the chair to give you a big hug, “all you have to do is stay on the quinjet and bark us orders on what to get for dinner.” He said laughing while he was hugging you.

You couldn’t help but feel warm, safe, and happy.

Later at the grocery store………..in Germany.

Okay maybe the mission wasn’t only about getting groceries for dinner, but it was also about catching a man from hydra who stupidly sent Steve a message on Facebook saying “Heil Hydra” with his location on.

Bucky, Thor, Bruce, and Vision were on another mission on Asgard. Well it wasn’t really a mission. Bucky, Bruce, and Vision just really wanted to go to Asgard and Thor wanted to show them how “

“Hey (y/n)! Bucky has a call for you.” Steve call from the cockpit of the jet.

“Okay.” You called back.

“Hey Buck?” you said trying to keep your cool.

“Hey babe, we made it to Asgard. It’s awesome here!! I walked a rainbow bridge-” Bucky said sounding like a little kid before Thor cut him off. “It’s called the Bifrost! You puny human.” Thor shouted in the background.

You couldn’t help but smile and know that Bucky was definitely the old man you wanted to marry.

“Well, I just wanted to call and say I love you and that I walked on a rainbow bridge. I hope you catch that ass who sent Steve that message.” Bucky said with a sassy tone in his voice.

“Bucky,” you said in a sarcastic mom voice, “are you jealous that this Hydra guy sent Steve a message without your permission?” you said laughing.

“What? No! No. What I meant was, ah leave it alone.” He said laughing on the other end. “Well, I’m gonna get going. Call me when you guys complete the mission. I love you.” He said before he hung up not giving you time to answer back.

Oh how you loved this 90 something year old man.

As soon as you and Bucky ended the call, he got a very bad feeling that something was gonna go wrong. He pushed that feeling aside though because you told him not to worry. Worrying gives him lines on his forehead you told him. So he continued to tour Asgard with Thor, Bruce, and Vision.


Steve, Wanda, Tony, Natasha, and Clint left you on the quinjet to go catch the bad guy. They caught him in no time. Almost like he wanted to be caught.

He was in handcuffs. Steve sat him down in front of you and he looked at you with an evil smirk. It was your job to watch him and try to get him to talk. But it felt like he was only there for you. When Steve tried to talk to him he only looked at him and said something in German, and then looked back at you. This man made you feel uneasy.

Steve and the rest of the team went to the front of the jet and let you try to work your magic on this guy, so to speak.

“So, do you have a name?” you asked with an uncomfortable smile.

“Ivar.” The man said. His German accent was thick, although it didn’t sound German. You couldn’t tell.

“Ivar, I get the feeling that you wanted to be caught. Is my–” Ivar cut you off.

“Your feeling is correct.” You were about to get up to run and tell the team but then Ivar said, “If you try to tell them, I’ll make sure you survive and your baby doesn’t.” That made you look at him. You were speechless.

“We only need you. You are like the glue for the Avengers. If we have you, we could break them. Especially the soldiers Steve Rogers and James Barnes.” You were about to get up and tell Steve what Ivar said, but Ivar jumped up and grabbed you and covered your mouth so you couldn’t scream.

“Shhh little one. We only need you. Make it easy and I won’t blow up your friends here.” You stopped squirming when you felt the bomb in his hands. But you knew that you could never trust this man. He would kill the team even if you went with him willingly.

You put all the training Natasha taught you to the test. You grabbed the hand that was over you mouth and the hand with the bomb and everything happened so fast you forgot how you were able to stop and pin him on the ground. Steve ran to keep him on the ground when you looked at the bomb in your hand, you only had two minutes before it went off. You couldn’t throw it because if you threw it it would detonate as soon as it left your hand.

You ran to open the back of the quinjet pulling Ivar along with you, you looked at Steve who made the same connection about the bomb. He tried to tell you to stop but you knew what would happen once you let go of the bomb. You would rather die and save the rest of the team than let Hydra have what they wanted. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. As soon as the door to the jet opened you look at the bomb, 5 seconds left. You looked back at Steve and said, “Tell Buck.”

And like that, you jumped out of the jet with Ivar in tow. The bomb went off. Everything suddenly hurt. Then the pain numbed and everything went black. You had died.

Back on the jet.

Steve, Wanda and Clint were the ones who witnessed your death. Wanda slumped to her knees and began to cry. Her magic couldn’t save you this time, neither could Steve’s shield or Clint’s bow and arrow.

Steve couldn’t breathe. He stumbled backwards only to be caught by Natasha. She asked what happened, but Steve couldn’t hear. He was in shock and numb. She looked at Clint who looked pale and began to cry. He looked at Natasha with tears filling his eyes. He pointed to your lifeless body falling through the air. Natasha lost her ability to breathe. She then regained herself and turned back and told Tony. He was just as shocked. He told Friday to guide the jet. He then put on his Iron Man suit and flew out to grab your body. He couldn’t help but cry in the suit knowing that both you and your baby were gone.

Back at the Avengers tower.

Your body lay on a table in the medical ward. Lifeless and pale. Steve was sitting beside you. His eyes red and hands bloody from crying and hitting things out of anger and disbelief. The rest of the team couldn’t or didn’t want to talk. Their eyes red from crying also.

No one told Thor, Vision or Bruce yet. No one told Bucky.

After sitting in silence for hours Steve stood up and said he would be the one to tell Bucky. Tony stood up also and told Steve that you were pregnant. Tony choked up and more tears brimmed his eyes.

“No Rogers. I will. This is on me. I should have told her to stay once she told me she was carrying Bucky’s child. This is on me.” Tony said as a tear fell down his cheek.

Steve nodded his head in agreement. What no one knew was that Steve was secretly in love with you. When he heard you were pregnant, he felt like crying even more. He wished he got the chance to tell you he loved you.

To Be Continued


Harley was already antsy, but only because he was worried about his friends. He of course would rather be out on the streets seeing what was going on, but then he heard the voice over the speakers and now– now he was scared, for his friends. for danny. “You can’t keep us all housed up, we’re an easy fucking target. I need to get to my friends, make sure they’re okay. What are you really worried about? It’s not like I can die, so please, help a guy out?”