i need an answer don't judge my tagging

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I was tagged by: @tvrnbvckle (Do I even know 30 people on here?! I NEED MORE FRIENDS!)

nickname: Sunshine. 98% of the people in my life call me Sunshine.

gender: Female

star sign: Aquarius

height: 5′1″

time: 10:51 pm

birthday: February 5, 1987

Favorite band(s): I CAN NOT PICK ONE! The Used (I have their logo tattooed on my bicep, FAN 4 LIFE) Brand New, OTown (I DARE YOU TO JUDGE ME) Imagine Dragons, Nothing More, Panic! At The Disco, Avenged Sevenfold, Good Charlotte (SO MANY MORE)

Favorite solo artists: Justin Timberlake (I GREW UP IN THE 90’S OK), Jacob Underwood (When he does covers by himself….my god his voice makes me WEAK),

song stuck in my head: Chasin’ After You - OTown

last movie i watched: The Secret Life Of Pets

last show i watched: Finn Balor’s WWE 24

when did i create my blog: June 3rd, 2017

what do i post: I use this mainly for writing prompts, series, one-shots for wrestlers! I’m thinking of branching out though. What do you think?

last thing i googled: dunkin donuts gift card balance (for my dad..he repels technology)

do u have other blogs: I do, but I don’t use it!

do u get asks: Very rarely, which makes me sad, because I would love to get more and talk to you all more!

why did u choose this blog name: Honestly? It came to me out of nowhere. I’m told a lot that I’m thoughtful. I’ve been a writer for almost 2 decades, so this really fits perfectly for me!

Blogs you are following: OK DON’T JUDGE ME! Only 37 currently. NOT INTENTIONALLY THOUGH! I need to go through and follow a bunch of you. I’M A TERRIBLE PERSON

followers: 393…WHAT!! ONLY A HUNDRED MORE TO 500!!!!!!!

Favorite colors: Black, Teal, Green

average hours of sleep: Uhhh…damn good question. I probably average at least 6?

lucky number: 4

instruments: Drums, keyboard, singing my heart out in my room alone, because it’s the one thing I’m paranoid about sharing. I think it would break my heart if someone told me I was a bad singer. EVEN THOUGH I KNOW I’M GOOD…ugh!

what am i wearing: Gym shorts, tank top

how many blankets i sleep with: Summer, 1. Winter, 3 (THE NORTHEAST GETS COLD AS FUCK)

dream job: Wrestling promoter or screenwriter for movies.

dream trip: IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

favorite food: I love french fries, but a good pizza makes me weep happily.

nationality: Oh boy let’s see….Irish, German, Puerto Rican, a relative mentioned possible indian ties? But if you look at me? I’m through and through Irish above ALL.

favorite song now: Ever since I saw OTown? I can’t stop listening to them. They released a new EP TODAY and it’s been constantly rotated since I downloaded it to my phone. SO GOOD.

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minor characters = mirrors

So I’ve read several meta linking Sherlock to Henry Knight and John to Jennifer Wilson and started wondering if all (or at least good part of) minor characters in BBC Sherlock mirrors to them? We have these two confirmations already so i’d like to propose some more and organize them (as follows). I noticed how each of them mirror some of their behaviour, and am still wondering what can we predict from that?

jennifer wilson (ASiP)- as marcel @marcelock pointed all victims in ASiP mirror john somehow, irene adler’s gf, the bloody guardsman (TSoT), emilia ricoletti, molly hooper (TEH),
cabbie jefferson hope (ASiP), irene adler, jim moriarty (TRF), tom (the empty hearse, molly’s bf), tessa (TSoT)
“the married ones”, the gay couple at THoB, sherlock’s parents

Okay I’m still trying to understand the connection between them all? Why are those characters mirroring John and Sherlock? How this relates to the series’ plot? I’m a mess and cannot get it, urgh.
I don’t wanna make this big yet, mainly because I’m still wrapping my mind around it. I do wanted to post this soon because it’s really exciting to me and !!!!! Please feel free correct me or add more, I’m new to this so I probably made so many mistakes >~<
Tagging some actual meta specialists to help me out, if you want to (sorry if i’m bothering you by doing this!): @welovethebeekeeper @jenna221b @captain-liddy @inevitably-johnlocked @vanetti