i need an 85

Hi guys,

This is a bit sudden, but I hope you can help me out. We’ve brought Reeses (our cat) to the vet because he’s been behaving strange lately. Usually, he’s okay with us sending him out if we’re going for the day, or he’s friendly with the other cats. Lately, he’s… not. He’s very hissy at us and at the little ones, and especially at the mother of all cats. He’s also not eating his usual amount of food, and would sulk and curl into a corner. (This is him on an okay day - if you count sleeping because he’s not fighting any cat okay.)

I need to raise $85 (around PHP 4080) for his vaccines and treatments. It includes the ones he badly needs and some medicines to help him recover. I’m hoping to have it done by next week, and I am a bit short with my funds right now. You can message me and I can give my paypal account.

I wouldn’t usually ask, but Reeses has been the closest I have to an actual, approved by my parents pet. I apologize if this seems weird and out of the blue, but I’m really worried because this is the first time he’s been erratic and hissy and I really want him to get well soon.

That anon’s message got me thinking. I realise that I have instant respect for people who:

- Appreciate Erwin’s flawed and complex character, and the sacrifices he had to make to further his goals
- Recognise Hanji is smart af, a passionate and sympathetic leader, not some comical relief or a crazy scientist
- Understand Levi’s personality and how it was formed, without reducing him to cleaning tropes and what not
- Remember that Mike f Zacharias was not just another soldier, but humanity’s second strongest, with an amazing sense of judgement and smell (and remember Mike at all)
- Remember Nanaba, she was so badass and brave, giving up her life to save the kids
- Fully stan Historia and her amazing character development, taking her destiny in her own hands
- Are able to sympathise with Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt, these kids went through a lot, they are not one dimensional villains!
- Do not hate Mikasa for simply supporting Eren with all her being, she had a good reason to be so attached to him (although I do wish Isayama would give her something more??)

I probably forgot a lot of other things. It just seems to me that the vets, Historia, Mikasa, and the titan trio always get the short end of the stick from the fandom.

And they deserve so much more.


i only came on tumblr for 5 minutes to tell u that i didnt feel like my hair was fully appreciated by my fellow associates today, and i could really use the positive (or negative tbH) attention. please carry on.


okay so how do you guys feel about….. Hamtaro crossovers
With tiny jackets and cat robots and Riki is a beetle

Because I have a MIGHTY NEED

More hamsters under the cut if you’d like!

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Cuz I really like Aqours’ outfits here and also belated valentine pic cough and also prolly the only LLS ship I’ve tentatively sailed so far

Also, omake cuz BiBiBlack <3 private Yohane cheering on captain Mari

To the best vocalist ever, my darling star - Happy Birthday! I hope you will always be happy ♥ #종대야생일축하해

do not edit or reupload

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I spent a good several hours digging even deeper into MBTI stuff and mulling it all over with Stephen and I am convinced, more than ever, that Leia is consistently mistyped as an ENTJ or ESTJ when she’s actually an INFP (albeit a very stressed one who’s often “in the grip”). Stay tuned for the full treatise

anonymous asked:

This may sound vague, but could you elaborate some more on Armin's hallucination? Do you think he could have/gain some of Bertie's memories? I hope so. That'd be friggen sweet. I just became a Bert appreciator as of a few weeks ago then he died 😂😢

I’d love to elaborate, but I don’t know what else to say. I can think of only two reasons why the chapter would open with Armin’s vision of Bertholdt crying:

1. It was a cool, creepy and symbolic way to remind the reader that Bert was human

2. It foreshadows that Armin is somehow mentally connected to Bert

If #2 is true, it’s a totally new development. No character except the coordinate has inherited memories during the transference of power.

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ah yes it’s that time of year again

the time when I spend valuable studying time determining the lowest grade I can get to still pass the class


Me last month

Isayama this month

Then I see Armin blushing because… why?

And no one can convince me Armin isn’t wea ring Eren’s JA CK ET!!!

LOr d in hea ven I’m no t dealin g with this. IM NOT

My dad wasn’t very excited and gave me a half-ass, “We’ll see,” when I asked him if Jake could come to our family Christmas on Friday.

But my mom was like nah I’m the boss and I’m making a whole turkey so he’s coming. What’s his favorite candy so I can get it for him?

So that’s settled.