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Listen Close (Smut)

Request from anon: A bossy Draco smut where the reader and him kind of hated each other at first, so when they “do it” it’s a very dominant Draco please?

Thanks for requesting, I’ve only done ’smut’ once before so sorry if this is really awkward and a bit bad 😂 plus, I really hope this uploads on tuesday.

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You’d somehow ended up at yet another Slytherin party. Your friend had convinced your sorry arse to get dressed and go with them to this party that you didn’t really want to go to. You’d lost the match against Slytherin today and you weren’t too keen on showing your face at their victory party, especially considering Draco Malfoy would particularly enjoy mocking you the whole night. Either way, you’d found yourself sat in an overly large leather armchair, throwing  every drink anyone gave you down your neck. If there was anything you were good at, it was partying; you could hold your drinks fairly well and you were usually up for almost anything after you’d had a few. 

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Love Yourself - Connor x Evan

Author - K (I’m pretty sure J doesn’t really listen to musicals I’m not entirely sure)

so this is something I wrote when kind of tipsy on mango vodka and schloer. but I quite like it and hope you guys too. also, i was tipsy and now so is Evan.


Connor was sitting on his bed, painfully sober after only three beers, while Evan was giggling at the ceiling on the other end. Connor sighed, looking fondly at the other boy, feeling guilty that he has gotten Evan drunk. Yet, he couldn’t let himself feel too bad because he knew that Evan needed this. He needed a distraction, and Connor was putty in this boy’s hands. He would walk across hot coals just to make Evan smile. So getting a few beers into his home while his parents were away was nothing. He pushed himself up off of his bed, getting a baggy shirt and sweats that Evan had left ones of the many other nights he’d stayed there. He was planning to attempt to get Evan into them so he’s reasonably comfortable when he sleeps, but he’s that drunk that it probably wouldn’t matter if he was still in jeans or not. But, when he tried to get Evan’s top off, he went bright red and tried to bat Connor’s hands away.

He spluttered while trying to stop Connor from undressing him. “I have a boyfriend! You’re not allowed to undress me because Connor will get mad and him being mad kind of makes me want to cry.” He continued to ramble, his words slurring slightly. His heart broke slightly at Evan’s statement because Connor knew he was mad quite a lot. But he shook the thoughts away and replaced them with ‘Evan is such a lightweight. Probably because he has never drunk before.’ 

He let out a deep sigh. “I am your boyfriend, dipshit. I’m trying to get you into pyjamas so you don’t sleep in those shitty blue jeans.” Connor tried to persuade him, but Evan wasn’t having it. He kept waving him off, mumbling about how he wasn’t going to betray Connor. He would have found it adorable if he wasn’t trying to do something. Eventually, Connor gave up and sat next to Evan, laying his head in his hands and yawning, exhaustion suddenly taking over.

After a few minutes of silence, Evan spoke up. “I love Connor.” His chest tightened at Evan’s words. “I love him so much it hurts. Because sometimes I think to myself, ‘if I asked him to list everything he loves, how long would it take him to say himself?’ I’m not even sure if he would and it breaks my heart. I know he isn’t perfect and has done some shitty things, but he is getting better and loads of people don’t see that and treat him like he is some dog that they can provoke until it runs and tries to rip their face off!” Evan had slowly become slightly hysterical, crying about how amazing he feels his boyfriend is. Connor wanted to cry as well. No one had ever spoken so kindly of him. But Connor settled for holding Evan’s hand and saying sweet words to calm him down. 

When he had eventually calmed Evan down, Connor squeezed Evan’s hand. “He loves you, too. He worships you and I know he wouldn’t say he loves himself. But that list? Of things he loves? Would be filled with different things about you. He could go on for days about everything he loves about you. The only reason he doesn’t say anything day to day is because he is damaged and doesn’t show any emotions except anger. But I swear to you, he loves you.” Evan smiled warmly, looking at the floor with teary eyes before picking up the pyjamas, and slowly picking himself off the bed and to the bathroom to change.

By the time he returned, Connor was under the duvet waiting for him.When he climbed into bed, he left a decent chunk of space between him and Connor, obviously still drunk enough to think that Connor wasn’t actually Connor. But as soon as he heard Evan’s breathing even out, signalling he was asleep, he slipped an arm around his waist, pulling him closer. 

Before he went to sleep himself, he kissed Evan’s shoulder and whispered ‘I love you’. 


I might do a part two if you want??

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 7/?)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Can I just say that I always get sooo excited when someone comments on my imagines and I always want to reply and give you all hugs and say thank you but I don’t do it because I when I comment name of my other blog shows up so that would be weird and confusing lol
But yeah I see EVERYTHING and want to thank you a million times ❤
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    PART 5     PART 6

action moves like a month of so forward, somewhere around halloween

“You’re going to the Friday’s party, right?”, Jessica asked when we were warming up before dance on basketball game.

“Umm, not sure yet”, I smiled faintly.

“Excuse me? Y/N Y/L/N can’t not come for halloween party!”, Monty and Bryce were walking by us and clearly overheard.

“I’ll try my best to make it to the party, but I’m doing trick or treat with my cousin and definitely can’t cancel that”.

“You can bring you cousin to the party, the more girls the better”, Bryce sent me his probablly most disgusting smile.

“She’s six, you vein fuck”.

“Well, you can come after you will be done. Come on”, Sheri begged.

“I’ll try my best”, I repeated.

Two days later I was walking around the city with my cousin, she dressed as Joker, me as Harley Quinn and I wasn’t too amused about that, because half of the girls were dressed like Harley, but Trixie* is way too stubborn to fight with her about that. And it was actually cute how surprised she was everytime we passed someone dressed as Harley.

“Have you seen it?”, she whispered. “She was dreesed just like you!”

“I know!”, I made shocked face everytime. “But she doesn’t have this cool baseball bat“.

My dad said I can’t go around dressed like that without anything for selfdefence, so I borrowed Jeff’s bat.
I was walking around, joking with this little six-years-old nugget and didn’t even realised we went to Monty’s house until he opened the door.

“Hi, Monty”, I smiled when he opened the door.

“Trick of treat!”, Trixie shouted.

“Well, treat! You don’t mess with Joker, am I right? And who is your pretty friend?”, he smiled at me.

“It’s Harley. But just for today, normally she’s Y/N and she doesn’t dress like a hooker”, she said seriously.

“Trixie!”, I softly jerked her hand. “Where did you hear that word?”

“In tv”, she shrugged like it was nothing.

“You know, you probably shouldn’t use that word”, Monty crouched in front of Trixie and threw some candies into the basket. “Your mum might get really upset if she heard you say it”.

“Okay, I won’t.”

I was actually surprised how good Monty was with little child, because no one would expect that from typical jock and number one bully in school.

“You’re not at the party?”, I asked.

“I’m leaving soon”, he said as he was standing up. “Are you gonna show up?”

“Yeah, I think I’ll come after I’m finished. Oh come on”, I looked into Trixie’s basket. “You can do better than that, de la Cruz”.

He grinned at me and threw more candies into basket.

“Thanks! Cool!”, Trixie said excited.

“You’ll get some at the party”, he said quietly.

“Will it be trick or treat?”, I asked and bit my lower lip.

“You’ll see”.

Trixie jerked my hand. “Is that your boyfriend?”, she whispered but loud enough for Monty to hear.

“No sweetie, he’s not my boyfriend, just my friend, Monty”, I felt I started blushing.

“Okay”, she nodded her head.

“We’re gotta go, a lot of candies to get”, I smiled. “See you later. Trixie, say bye”

“Bye, Monty!”, she waved at him.

“Bye, girls”, he smiled. “Y/N, you look good when you’re blushing”, he said when we walked a little bit. I didn’t say anything, just shook me head and smile.

Three hours later I finally got to the party, went straight to the kitchen and made myself a drink.

“Where did you lost your Joker?”, Montgomery showed up next to me.

“This party wouldn’t handle Joker”, I laughed.

“You know, as much as I would like to take you upstairs or somewhere right, you should probably look for Jess. I think she and Justin had a fight”.

“Shit”, I rolled my eyes. “Thanks”, I smiled at him and took my drink.

I started looking for Jessica, but instead I spotted Justin talking to Zach, pointing at one place, and that was were I found Jess and Sheri.

“Okay, straight to the point, what happened?”, I asked.

“He’s just… ugh… I’m so tired of him!”, she shouted and drank her drink at once.

I sighed, grabbed her armed and made her follow my steps and we went to the Justin.

“What happened to you two?”, I asked Justin.

“She’s fucking psycho!”

“Can’t you just do one thing I ask you for?!”, Jessica screamed.

“Okay, I’m out”, Zach raised his hands and walked away.

“What did he do or didn’t do?”.

“I’m Nancy, he was supposed to be Sid”.

“I am Sid!”, he defended himself.

“Are you serious? Do you even have internet to check things?”

“Both of you shut up!”, I covered their mouths with my hands. “Okay, Justin you could have done a little bit better. But Jess, when you two stand next to each other no one has a doubt who you are. Sind and Nancy. Nancy and Sid”, I smiled.

“Really?”, she asked.

“Yeah”, I nodded my head. “Now, kiss”, I looked at Justin, who still looked pissed. “Oh come on, you can’t be mad at her for too long, we all know that”

He finally grinned and gave Jess a hug.

“Yay, Y/N, the peacemaker!”, Jeff came up to us and high fived me.

“Okay, Y/N, don’t freak out”, Sheri said with a tone that actually made me wanna freak out. “Don’t look but on your two o’clock is…”

Of course I looked before she even finished the sentence. “Oh, fuck”, I quickly turned my face.

“What? Who is that?”, Jess asked.

“My fucking scumbag exboyfriend, Sean”, my jaw instantly clenched. “Why is he even here? He already graduated, he wasn’t even in Liberty High”

“I think he came with Bryce’s cousin”, Sheri said.

“Fuck”, I tok a huge sip of my drink.

“Monty!”, Jess waved at de la Cruz. “Put your arm around Y/N”.

“What?”, me and Monty asked at the same time.

“He wraps his arm around you, it looks like you’re together and this Sean or whatever his name is won’t come anywhere near you”.

Her plan was pretty good, I had to admit.

“Put you fucking arm around me, Montgomery”, I said through my clenched teeth and so he did.

“He’s here?”, he asked shocked. “We all warned you, when you started dating him. First of all, you were freshman, he was senior, second of all he wasn’t even in Liberty…”

“And he was in our opponent’s basketball team”, Justin added.

“Oh, stop with the fucking basketball team, like it’s the most important part of the story”, I rolled my eyes.

“Okay, but what’s the story?”, Jessica asked, she didn’t know anything, because she wasn’t at Liberty High when everything happened.

“He banged her and she never heard of him again”, Justin said.

“We were official”, I said with sharp tone. “But yeah, he broke up with me right after we… you know”, I finished my drink with one sip.

“Okay, I’ll bring you another, cause I see you need one”, Monty took my empty cup.

“Thanks, lots of vodka, please”.

“I’ll kick his ass”, Jeff said very pissed, and Jeff is not a person who get pissed easily.

“Me too”, Foley added.

“No one’s gonna kick anybody’s ass, go outside, play some beerpong, we’re not making any scene”, I pushed to te backyard and stayed with Sheri.

“Hey, it’s gonna be okay”, she tried to cheer me up. “Monty might be, well, Monty, but he’s always there if someone needs him, and Sean can’t be that dumb, to come up to you when you have Montgomery by your side”.

“You’re probably right”, I sent her faint smile and turned around just to see that Sean was already right in front of me.

“Well hello, Y/N. You’re looking even better than when I last saw you, if that’s even possible”, he looked at me up and down.

“Yeah, that’s cool but I got somewhere to be”, I tried to walked next to him, but he took a step to the left and got in my way.

“Come on, don’t run away, we can sit somewhere and go down the memory lane, you know, good, old times”, he stroked my cheek.

“First of all, don’t touch me”, I flinched. “Second of all, there are no good, old times, leave me alone”.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Justin and Jessica coming to us, Jess tried to calm him down.

“Oh, come on, babe”, Sean rolled his eyes.

“She’s not your babe”, suddenly Monty stood next me and I felt like I started breathing again, even though I didn’t realised I had held my breath.

“Is she yours?”.

“She asked you to leave her alone”, Monty took a step towards Sean, so now he was separating him from me.

“Or what?”

“You really wanna see?”, I spotted Montgomery clenched his fists.

“You wanna do it outside?”

“Okay, okay”, I stepped between the two of them. “No one is gonna do anything outside, we’re not making scene”, I spotted Jessica holding Justin arm and Zach whispering something to Jeff. I also noticed music stopped playing, so now everybody’s eyes were on us.

“Oh, I see”, Sean chuckled. “Your whole protect committee is here. Jeff, Justin, Sheri… Everyone who comfort little, poor Y/N after her terrible boyfriend broke up with her”.

Monty got pissed and tried to took another step forward, but I stopped him.

“Monty, don’t”, I whispered. “Okay, Sean, it’s enough”.

I almost made Monty turn around and leave the room, but Sean just wouldn’t stop.

“Maybe if you weren’t so fucking boring in bed I wouldn’t break up with you after I fucked you two times”.

Justin got out of Jessica’s grip and this time I literally had to pushed Montgomery to stop him, only Zach could keep Jeff in place.

“Justin, don’t!”, I shouted and he stopped walking.

I turned to face Sean.

“The right word is “bored” not “boring””, I said calmly. “I was bored in bed. And maybe I wouldn’t be so fucking bored if there was anything to be excited about”, I took a glance at his crotch, making hints about size of his member worked on every guy if you wanted to shut him up. I turned back to Monty.

“Dumb slut”, I heard behind me.

Monty clenched again, his eyes were dark with rage.

“Montgomery, don’t”, I said softly and put my hands on his chest.. “Just drop it.”

“You let him talk to you like that?”, he whispered.

I smiled at him. What he didn’t noticed was that I was boiling inside. And that my hand was clenched in fist. I turned around and punched Sean right in the nose. Everybody’s jaws dropped. He put his hand on his face and when he took it away, still in shock, I punched him again.

“I don’t want to see you ever again!”, I shouted. “You hear me? Ever again!”, once I let my anger get out of me I just couldn’t stop and kicked him in the anckle. “Fucking scumbag!”

“Okay, that’s enough”, Monty grabbed me in my waist, pulled me up and carried me outside. 

“Put me down, I’ll fucking kill him. Montomery, put me down!”, I tried to punch him in his ribs with my elbow.

“Yeah, I’ll handle it”, he said quietly to someone, probably Jeff, cause we just went past him.

We left the house, Monty closed door with a kick and continued carrying me.

“Fuck you, Montgomery”, I shouted.

When we were far from people, he finally put me down, turned me, so I was standing face to face with him and he put his hands on my shoulders.

“Calm down”.

“Don’t tell me to calm down! Why you can get angry and beat the shit out of people, and I can’t?”, I looked at him

“Because you‘re better than that!”, he shouted and that stopped me for a moment. “You’re better than that”, he said calmly. “You’re better than me”.

He saw I was calmer, so he took his hands off my shoulders.

“You okay?”, he asked concerned.

“Yeah… I’m sorry… I acted like a fucking psycho”.

“Hey, hey, don’t apologize for it, the guy is a dick”.

“Did this punch at least looked good or was it that funny, pathetic show that girls always do when they hit someone with their funny little fists?”, I asked.

“Well, even though your fists are funnily small, the punch was actually impressive”, he nodded his head. “Not pathetic. At least until you kicked his anckle,then you started acting like a girl.”

“Whatever”, I rolled my eyes and realised my hand actually hurt a little bit, Monty spotted grin on my face.

“I’ll get you some ice”, he offered.

“No, just”, I touched his arm. “Let’s just… Don’t go inside for a few minutes”.

“What about your hand?”, he asked concerned. “It hurts and it’ll be worse, trust me”.

“It’s okay…”, I mumbled. I looked up because I heard door opening and saw Jeff, who carried a bag of ice. “Thank you, Atkins”, I smiled.

“We can murder him if you want, you know?”, he said.

“Nobody’s gonna murder anyone”, I rolled my eyes.

Door opened again and Zach, Justin, Sheri, Jessica and Bryce walked out.

“What the hell, dudes?”, Walker asked. “Y/N, you’re at a party fifteen minutes and you start a fight?”

“Oh God, you’re so stupid”, I sighed. “You should really pay more attention to who’s coming to your party, Bryce.”

“He’s my cousin’s friend from college and you’re acting like crazy bitch.”

“Have you even been there?!”, I asked loudly.

“Leave her alone, Bryce”, Monty said.

“Actually you know, Bryce, you and Sean would be great best friends as you both treat girls like trash”, I added.

Walker didn’t answear anything, just looked at me for a moment.

“Keep an eye on your chick, Monty”, he said finally.

“First of all, I’m not his chick, and what was that even supposed to mean?”, I asked.

“Just saying”, he shrugged and went back home.

“Fuck you, Bryce”, I shouted to him. “Did he just threatened me?”

“Come on, he’s just talking crap”, Justin said.

“No, Justin, he literally said to Monty to keep his eye on me”.

“For now, let’s focus on you keeping ice on your hand”, Montgomery took the bag of ice I hold in my left hand and put it on the right one.

“He threatened me, you all heard it”, I pointed at all of my friends.

“Let’s just all stay together for the rest of the night, alright?”, Jess proposed. “This party has gotten really fucking weird.”

And so we did, Monty really felt into this whole “put your fucking arm around me” thing, cause whenever Sean was seen closer than on the opposite end of the party, Monty’s hand automatically went on me. And when his arm wasn’t around me, he was in the kitchen making me a drink, to make sure my cup isn’t empty.

One thing led to another and after few drinks I was very, very buzzed and that makes me very touchy so as soon as right moment came I dragged Monty into first empty room and locked the door.

“Mont, do you know what time is it?”, I asked. “It’s a hook up time”, I answered my own question before he even opened his mouth , brought him closer by his neck and kissed.

At first he was a little shocked, what kind of surprised my drunk mind, it’s not like it’s the first time we were doing it, then he got into kissing for a moment, but when he realized I was slowly moving us towards bed, he moved away.

“What’s wrong?”, I asked.

“Babe, you’re wasted”, he said.

“So? If you don’t remember I also was drunk the first time we had sex”.

“You weren’t that drunk”, he crossed his arms.

“Like you care”, I snorted.

“Maybe you should take a nap”, he offered.

“I don’t want a nap, I want you to fuck me”, I said and put my arms around his neck. “Daddy?”

At this point he almost cracked, I could tell when he bit his lower lip and close his eyes.

“I don’t take advantage of drunk girls”, he said with his eyes still closed.

“Oooh, daddy has some morals?”, my thumb went up and down on the back of his neck.

He sighed, put his hands on my hips, kissed me and started moving us towards bed.

He laid me on bed  and the moment my head touched the pillow I felt how soft and comfy it was and how tired I actually was and that I couldn’t even bother to move my lips.

“Are you tired?”, Monty asked softly.

I nodded my head.

I closed my eyes, he moved me so I was laying on side and not on my back and covered me with a blanket.

“Take a nap”, he whispered and left the room.

It felt like a minute passed when someone kneeled next to bed.

“Hey, you’re okay?”, Monty asked.

“God, you left like a minute ago, let me nap”, I mumbled and covered my head with blanket.

Montgomery giggled. “Y/N, you slept for an hour”.

“What?!”, I quickly sat on bed.  

“It’s okay”, he smiled. “Here, I got you some water”.

“Thanks”, I took a glass from him and drank it all at once. “God, I feel like shit after that nap, why did you let me nap?”, I moaned.

“Because you were wasted”.

“I wasn’t that drunk. A little buzzed, but not wasted”, I rolled my eyes.

“I called you babe and you didn’t reply with your ‘I’m not your babe’”.

“Maybe I was trying to be nice?”

Montgomery didn’t answer, just bit his lips trying not to laugh.

“What? What did I do?”, I asked. “Monty, tell me”, I punched his arm.

“You called me daddy”, he said finally.

“No, I didn’t”, I said disgusted.

He nodded his head.

“Oh my God”, I laid back and again covered my face with blanket in embarrassment. “You know it wasn’t me talking? I was wasted”.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought”, he laughed. “You want more water?”

“No, I’m good. Thank you, Monty”, I smiled.

“You’re welcome”.

*Trixie - named after Trixie from show “Lucifer” on FOX, if you haven’t watch it, I hardly recommend it, very good shit and Trixie is my favourite.

Oh, sorry this one was mostly dialogues, but I kinda struggle with describing and that kinda stuff because english is not my first language (I really have to stop using it as an excuse for everything)

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How does Stella find out about Mulders abduction and Scullys pregnancy? Does she visit or help with the investigation? Does Reyes presence alter their dynamic?

She comes for Scully’s first Lamaze class because she doesn’t want Scully to have to go alone.  

“Are we pretending we’re a couple?” Scully asks on the way over.

“If that’s so horrifying to you, pretend I’m the au pair.”

“It’s not horrifying, it’s just awkward, considering, you know.” 

“You can go in alone. There’s a bar right next door.”

“You checked?”

“I thought I might need a drink after two hours of talking about childbirth.  But during is even better.”

Scully half-smiles, half-pouts and Stella hopes for her sake she never teaches her kid this trick.

“No, I want you to come in. You speak French?”

“Seulement dans d'horribles circonstances.”

“Of course you do.”

They do the breathing and the talking and at 5:05 pm, she makes Scully sit at the bar drinking a Shirley Temple while she sips a vodka martini.  Even this is for Scully’s benefit.  It’ll be months before she can so much as take a lime in her water without everyone giving her dirty looks.

And after that, she gives foot rubs, she buys ice cream, she visits the babygap website where she makes good-natured fun of argyle sweaters, she watches movies she would normally veto, she asks the questions she’s supposed to ask about favorite names. She does the things Mulder would have wanted her to do.  Would want, she corrects herself.  They are going to find him.  She’s called in every favor she could think of to make sure of it – Scotland Yard, Interpol, MI5.  Scully, though grateful, seems to think every one of them is looking in the wrong places.

Last minute, she manages to get Monday off as well.  

“I can take you to your doctor’s appointment,” she tells Scully.

“Oh.  Okay.”

“Was that a pause?”

“Well, it’s not a regular appointment.  It’s the second sonogram.”

Stella shrugs, walks a pot over from the stove, and gives Scully a wooden spoon to lick hot chocolate pudding off.  She loves the shit Americans will powder and put in a box.

“Then I’ll take you to that.”

But she knows what Scully’s thinking, that she won’t be able to muster the proper emotional reaction for the event, that she’s too squeamish, too cold to look at a photograph of a miracle and know what to do with it.  Mulder would probably have wept.  Weep, she corrects herself.

The doctor looks amused when she looks from Scully to Stella and back and Stella almost smacks her.


“No,” Scully says and doubles down, takes Stella’s hand and folds their fingers, doesn’t bother to offer any more explanation than that.  Scully’s hand is clammy, squeezing, nervous, even more nervous as the jelly spreads.  Her breath hitches.


She nods.

“You don’t have to lie and say you see it or how cute it is or anything like that,” she says softly over her shoulder.  

“I won’t, I’m sure.”

“That’s fine.  This is just a part of the process, it’s about making sure the fetus is okay, that’s all.”

“Dana –“

And Scully follows her gaze up to the monitor, laughs when she sees it, like it’s making a funny face.

“Boy,” says the doctor, and she may be the first person in the world that Scully allows to forget she is herself a medical doctor, can read a damn sonogram just fine.

Stella doesn’t see the funny face or the sex, doesn’t see much of anything at all.  She doesn’t even realize she’s really looking until Scully’s fingers are on her face, wiping the tears from her cheek – no, not wiping, just touching them, like she’s making sure they’re real.  Then she starts to cry too, pulls Stella’s face in, doctor’s confusion be damned, and kisses her not briefly but quietly on the mouth.  

Simple, a seal on the moment, something to help Scully remember it fondly, remember it as something other than Mulder’s absence.  It’s what he would have wanted.  Would want.

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"You're just jealous you aren't a member of the meme team."

Yuri sways against the wall as he speaks, and Otabek rushes out a hand to steady him.

“Yuri we need to go home now.” He says sternly, but the blonde shakes from his grip again.

“But Beka!” Yuri whines. “I belong here.”

They’re at something akin to a frat party, just without the frat. Yuri has had eight vodka mixers and three of something Otabek couldn’t identify by smell, and refused to taste.

He’s not drinking himself. He decided after one beer and Yuri’s third cup, that it would be best to have one of them sober. He’s eternally thankful for his foresight as Yuri sways again, away from the wall, and tries to make a run for it back into the crowded party.

Otabek manages to grab his wrist. “Yura, you’re really drunk. We should get you home.”

He wonders why he keeps trying to reason with Yuri, when he knows it’s never worked before.

Yuri yanks hard on his captured wrist with an indignant squawk, freeing himself again. “No! These are my people!”

Otabek gives a resigned sigh as Yuri rushes back into the crowd, yelling over the music.


The drunken gathering responds all at once, “OH SHIT WHADDUP!”

Otabek leans back against the wall and shakes his head.

Yuri’s wrong.

He’s not jealous at all.

He’s very glad he’s not a part of the “meme team,” he just wishes he knew what the hell all these people are on about.

Co Workers (Part Eighteen)

A/N: Hi friends, this part touches quite heavily on depression. I wanted to take this moment right here to say that if you ever need anyone to talk to, please never ever hesitate to message me, talk to me on anon, anything. I know what it’s like, I myself have been there. Depression and anxiety are actually two big reasons that I’m here on tumblr. So please remember that if you ever need a friend I am here and that you are not alone!! I love you guys <3

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Depression, language, Y/N spirals a bit in this part.

Word Count: 2.1k

Catch up HERE! Co Workers MASTERLIST

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You walked forward just as the doctor walked out of the room, hugging your mom, and then Jen, then Derek. You all had just been standing there holding each other for a while, you didn’t need to hear what the doctor said to know what happened. Your dad didn’t make it.

You opened your eyes to see Misha standing in the doorway to the waiting room. By the look on his face, he figured it out. You motioned for him to come over, melting in his arms. No one knew what to do right now. Not to mention that you felt awful. You should have been there sooner. Your family was close and you’d been nothing but distant for the last few months.

For the first time since you started acting on Supernatural, you considered coming home.

The next week drug by very slowly. You spent it with your family, Misha was there until he had to get back to Vancouver for filming. You had to get back soon yourself. Going back to Vancouver was not what you wanted to do. You wanted to stay. But you were in the next episode, and this wasn’t a job you could just stop showing up to one day. Your mom assured both you and your brother that it was okay for you guys to go back home. You were really proud of her, she’d been so strong through all of this.

You were happy to get home to Misha, you were so tired and you just needed to sleep. This week was one week you quite honestly would like to forget. Not having slept much due to being without Misha for the last few days, you just wanted to snuggle up with him in bed.

It was early Monday morning when things started to feel slightly normal. You and Misha were both up before the sun, moving around each other as you both got ready for work. You were brushing your teeth in front of the bathroom mirror while Misha was in the shower when you started to feel funny.

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Pass Me The Controller

Jack Maynard x the reader

This is my first post so let me know what you think. i could definitely do a part 2 if people are interested or if there is something else you want to see?

My inspiration was the reader has just found out her boyfriend is cheating again and she goes to find her friend Conor but is greeted by his brother Jack who she absolutely can’t stand and doesn’t know that Jack has a bit of a crush on her but pretends like he doesn’t 

I hope you like it!

I knock on Conor’s door. Literally all I want is to rant to him about how much I hate my (now) ex. He is going to tell me he was right but I’m praying he waits to rub it in my face.

When the door opens and I see Jack’s face my heart drops, “Oh, is Conor here?”

“No he’s out sorry, did he say he was going to be here?” He asks, confused to see me.

“No, no I thought he just might be here,” I feel my eyes welling up and my face going red, “it’s ok I’ll see him another day” I turn and walk away before Jack can see any tears.

“Hey! Y/n! Are you ok?” He seems genuinely concerned, “Come in and I’ll give him a call.”

“No it’s fine. I’m fine. I’ll see you later.” I hurry down the hall but I feel him grab my arm.

“Y/n! Come inside and sit down, please. You don’t have to tell me what’s wrong, just come in, ok?” He looks my straight in the eyes, searching my face to see what has made me so upset.

“Fine”, he lets go of my arm and I follow him inside and flop down onto the couch.

He must know why I’m here. Conor has always been very vocal about how much he didn’t like my boyfriend and since Conor and Jack live together, Jack has overheard many conversations about him and the things he’s done to me, ”Do you want a drink?“ He asks awkwardly trying to break the silence. "I have vodka?”

“Only if you drink with me” I tell him. Usually I would never voluntarily spend time with Jack but right now I really just don’t want to be alone and since Conor isn’t here I guess I have no choice.

“You know vodka makes me silly” He tells me, getting two glasses from the cabinets.

“It might make me feel better” I smile, almost laughing. I don’t think I have ever laughed at something Jack has ever said. I mostly cringe or get mad at the stupid things he says.

He sighs sarcastically, “Fine. But only if you tell me I’m not your least favourite person ever.”

I look into his unbelievably blue eyes, “I can honestly tell you Jack that right now you are not my least favourite person ever. I promise.” I can see it in his eyes that he feels sorry for me, “I know you must know why I’m here.”

He sighs again, genuinely this time, "I’m sorry y/n. I don’t know what to say.”

“Neither do I! I don’t know what to say to you, I don’t know what to say to Conor. I don’t know what to say to him. He’s called me a dozen times and sent a dozen messages but I can’t deal with that right now. All I wanted to do was go home and pretend like this isn’t happening but I didn’t want to be alone so I didn’t know what to do other than come here. I’m sorry to bother you-”

“You’re not a bother y/n. I joke about it but I don’t mean it. Especially now.” He seems a little regretful, “Hopefully this makes you feel a little better.” He hands me my drink. Vodka soda with a wedge of lime.

“You remember what I drink?”

“Only because you’re so damn fussy every time we go out” he manages to get a bit of a laugh out of me, “If it would make you feel better you’re more than welcome to take your frustrations out on me.”

“How? Are you going to be my punching bag?”

He grimaces, “Well I was hoping you were just going to yell at me but if that’s what you want …” he sees he’s got another smile from me, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“What’s there to say? He’s an asshole. I completely saw it coming which just makes me a total idiot-“

"That does not make you an idiot” He butts in

“He’s cheated before Jack.” I admit. “And he’s probably done it more than the two times I’ve caught him. I went back to him knowing he was a cheater and look where it got me.”

“Man some guys are such idiots. Who would actually be mental enough to cheat on you?”

“You would be surprised.”

“I don’t get it though! You’re unbelievably talented and successful not to mention absolutely beautiful, I mean if you weren’t a total bitch you’d be the whole package!” He grins.

Usually his jokes like these make me want to punch him but they’re actually making me feel a little more lighthearted. It’s a strange feeling being comforted by a guy I thought I hated. ”I think I take back what I said about you not being my least favourite person.“

He rolls his eyes, "you need another drink, you’re still grumpy” he says as he takes my glass from me.

“You better not get me drunk and take advantage of me Maynard!” I call back after him.

“There are worse ways this night could end” he grins, pouring more vodka into my glass, topping it with soda and handing it back to me. I catch myself blushing at the thought of spending the night with Jack.

“Tell me about your pathetic love life then. That might make me feel better.” I laugh.

“It will make you feel better because it’s practically non-existent.” He admits.


“I wish.” He starts to blush, “I’ve been off my game. I met one girl a while ago that I kinda can’t get out of my head and it’s messing with me.” He’s fiddling with his glass and staring at the floor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look so uncomfortable.

“Aw poor jack can’t get laid.” I remark sarcastically, trying to cheer him up.  

“Shut up. It’s not that.”

“What is it then? Just work your usual charm and you’ll have her in no time.”

“That’s the thing, it’s not working. In fact it failed pretty badly.”

“No!” I exclaim sarcastically, “But how?”

“I don’t know. She’s not really like the other girls.”

“She actually has a brain?” I snigger

“You know let’s go back to talking about your cheating boyfriend.” He shuffles around on his seat, still looking nervous which is very unlike Jack.

“No, tell me more about this mystery girl!”

He finally looks me in the eye, “I’m not going to do that”

“Aw come on! My boyfriend just cheated on me! I deserve a bit of gossip, even if you hate me.”

“I don’t hate you, you hate me and I’m not telling you because she doesn’t want to know me like that so I’m moving on.”

“Good luck with that”

“Now do you want to sit here and feel sorry for yourself or do you want to have some fun?”

“Elaborate please”

“I’m going to teach you how to play Fifa” he gets up and changes the channel on the remote and hands me a PlayStation controller, “you’re going to be terrible and it’s going to make me feel better.”

“Hang on, i thought we were trying to make me feel better?”

“Oh no.” He smiles, “now that you’ve made me talk about the love of my life who will never love me back I need some cheering up. Come on pick up the controller.”

What A Man

This is a collaboration that @that-lolachick and I have been working on. She wrote the first part of this and I picked up when Dolph enters the picture. I’m the smut closer. lol 

You’re rooming with Fandango. Your ex is Dolph ZIggler. And Adam Cole has finally made it to WWE. You two have a past together but will you be able to tell him how you feel?

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This shitty day has been another great reminder of how grateful I am to have him back in my life. I have an amazing support system in my mom and my closet friends, but there’s nothing quite like ranting and raving to him when things go wrong.

I went and wandered around Target for a while after work. I was going to go anyway because I needed to replace a couple bras, but I ended up walking out with some stuff for the bachelorette party and a new sundress (oops, might return that once I feel better).

I literally walked in to my apartment and poured a drink (blueberry lemonade and vodka) and am about to make a giant bowl of pasta. One of Nick’s closest friends is in town from Seattle so they’re going out and I’m perfectly content to just fall asleep super early on the couch watching Netflix.

Tomorrow we might go to the art festival with another couple if the weather is nice. Then we’re going to check out the new barcade that opened in the time we were broken up - we had been super excited to go before and now we can enjoy it together after all.

Everything just feels right again, in the best way. But I also feel much more aware of certain things and that’s good, too. Despite how awful and long today was, I’m focusing on the good and going to enjoy my weekend.

SOLO Sans gets Drunk - Implied Fontcest

 So, a few weekends ago, I got fucking blasted from downing almost an entire bottle of cherry vodka raw through nothing but shots. My roomie was showing me how to do them properly with her double shot glass and, uh… Practice makes perfect, right?

Anyway, she left my drunk ass after I crashed in bed to go visit her bf, thinking I was gonna pass out, but for some reason I thought, “I need to record something rn- It’s been a while”, so I did. I was originally gonna polish this up and make an actual thing out of it but intoxicated-me didn’t make sure the audio was ok in quality/consistency and I don’t like working with shit that ain’t my best, let alone posting it, but HEY FUCK IT HERE YOU GO! (editing my drunk rambling was torture jfc)

Also feel free to imagine Grillby just standing there watching the entire embarrassing exchange in silence.

Script below the cut

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I found his jumper part 12|| D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part, Fifth Part, Sixth Part, Seventh Part, Eighth Part, Ninth Part, Tenth Part, Eleventh Part

A/N: wow wow wow. here is part 12. I somehow really liked writing this part. I hope you like reading it as well.

Word Count: 1.5K


Originally posted by smiiseveny

The big crowd was cheering with anticipation. The stands were filled with students wearing the school’s colour red. I wasn’t really the type to attend the football games on Saturdays. Back home I watched football on the TV with my dad, but I never went to my high school’s matches. Now that my boyfriend was the captain of the team I had to come. Not that I would complain. It was actually quiet exciting.

“Let me find Dan real quick. He said he wants to see me before the game starts.” I told Hayley while we pushed through a couple of people on the way to some free seats.

“Okay, what if I’m gonna get us some snacks while you go and suck his face off” my green haired friend offered, making me roll my eyes.

I agreed anyway and handed her my wallet while I told her my order.

As quickly as the many people let me I made my way to the dressing rooms where Dan was already waiting for me outside.

“There you are, baby.” he exclaimed as soon as he spotted me, clearly happy to see me. He was already wearing his football uniform. The shoulder pads really showed off how broad his shoulders were. With his left hand he carried his red helmet which he was going to need in less than ten minutes. As soon as I reached him he took me into a big hug. My chest was pressed against his padded one. I could tell that he was nervous and somehow that made him even more affectionate than he normally already was. Today’s game was an important one. There was a lot of pressure on him since he was the captain.

“You’ll do great.” I assured him as he let go of me. He ran his fingers through his brown hair and slightly nodded. “I hope so. I wouldn’t wanna let the team down.”

I smiled up at him and got on my tiptoes to kiss my tall boyfriend as the door to the dressing rooms opened.

“The game starts in five minutes, captain.” one of Dan’s teammates shouted and added a ‘sorry’ as he saw what we were doing. I giggled into the kiss and let go of him.

“You better go now, captain.” I chirped, ready to head back the where Hayley was waiting for me.  

“Wait a second, Rose.” Dan said and held me back by holding onto my hand.

“I have a spare jersey and I thought you may want to wear it?” he asked and showed me his red jersey that said ‘HOWELL’ on the back.

I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear and without having to answer him I took the shirt he held out for me and put it on over my regular one. It was a bit big, but I couldn’t care less.

'Howell, the game is about to start! Get your ass on the field!’ I heard some boys shout in the background. They seemed like they were close to freaking out.

“One last good luck kiss?” Dan asked, raising his eyebrows, making me laugh.

“Fine.” I groaned with a smile before I pressed my lips against his. Although thousands of people in the stands were talking and cheering everything seemed to go silent as soon as we kissed.

Suddenly we weren’t in a hurry anymore and I felt Dan relax against me.

“Good luck, baby.” I whispered as we separated.

When I plopped down on the plastic seat next to Hayley she had already eaten half of her snack. I apologized for taking so long but she just shrugged and handed me the drink she had bought for me. The game was going to start in a few seconds. Both teams were entering the field now accompanied by cheers and shouts. I immediately spotted Dan. He was scanning the tribunes with his eyes and smiled as soon as he saw me. I chuckled and waved in his direction.

“Wait were you already wearing that shirt when we came here?” Hayley asked confused, during the kick-off. I shook my head no and turned around to show her the back.

“Of course he would give you his shirt, that cheesy shit.” she laughed.

Luckily Dan had had no reasons to worry at all. They were clearly the much better team and were in the lead throughout the whole match. Students were going crazy whenever they scored and Dan did an amazingly great job. It was a bit hard to concentrate for me sometimes, because damn that boy looked hot while playing football. My eyes were just following him most of the time. I also watched Phil and Caleb play for a bit before I focused on Dan again. It was especially hard see him get tackled and honestly I had to grab Hayley’s hand a few times.

“Oh my god, Dan you were awesome. Congrats.” I shouted as soon as I had pushed trough all the people who were trying to congratulate the players as well. I basically tackled him into a hug.

Dan quickly took his helmet off, revealing his sweaty hobbit hair. He was still breathing unevenly and gulped down some water from a bottle that was given to him by his coach.

“That’s because we had the most beautiful lucky charm in the world.” Dan whispered into my ear so only I could hear it. I couldn’t help but blush while he discussed some details of the game with all the others. They were still filled with adrenaline and shouting although there was no need to. Dan had wrapped his arm wrapped around my waist, pressing me against his side, showing everybody that we were together. Me wearing his jersey also added to that picture and since we were talking about Dan Howell the popular football player everybody on campus obviously already knew that we were dating.

“You coming to the party, captain?” the blonde Running Back who was new on the team asked Dan.

He shot me a questioning look as if he was waiting for my okay. I simply shrugged and nodded.

“You are the captain, you can’t miss that.” I smiled.

After about 10 minutes of chatting, Dan disappeared in his changing room to shower and change while I quickly headed back to my dorm with Hayley so we could change into something more appropriate for a wild victory party.

Hayley wasn’t that fond of the football team, but I convinced her to go there with me. Dan was already waiting for me at the party and Phil was there too, so that’s already two awesome people.

“You know that I hate parties, Rose.” Hayley groaned while I dragged her up the stairs to some boy’s room. We could already hear the enormously loud music before we had even reached the wide open door. The blond dude from earlier welcomed us with a friendly nod. We entered the flat that was stuffed with people. There was stinging smoke in the air and the smell of cheap alcohol made me feel sick. The football team was easy to spot since they were the centre of attention. A crowd of mainly girls had formed around them. One of the players wasn’t wearing a shirt anymore and several females were running their hands over his well defined chest.  

“Who needs girlfriends when you got booze and sluts” he shouted, swinging his vodka bottle.

The whole football team that was surrounding him raised their glasses and cheered enthusiastically. My eyes landed on Dan, beer bottle in the air and hooting with agreement. My heart sunk at the sight.

“Assholes.” I heard Hayley snap next to me and I couldn’t believe what message my boyfriend was supporting.  

Soon after the rest of the football team was attacked by thirsty girls I saw Dan make his way through the crowd towards me.

“Hey, baby.” he whispered and tried to kiss me, but I turned my face to escape his pink lips. He obviously had a few sips of alcohol already and looked at me in confusion.

“Do you wanna dance?” he tried again, looking me deep in the eye.

“Actually, I was just about to leave. This kind of party is not really my thing.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Rose, please. Did I do something wrong? I really don’t want you to leave and-” he started but I was quick to interrupt him.

“Why do you even care Dan? Who needs girlfriends when you got booze and sluts, right?” and with that I turned on my heels and  headed towards the door.

my love

Originally posted by jmbvun

◇ “Don’t leave me.”

◇ Suho x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ more trash hah


“Come on,” you say urgently, wrapping an arm around your friend’s form as you tug her towards a house. Her torso is bloodied and her eyes are close to shutting but you don’t stop, pulling her along. “Come on, Taeyeon, don’t you leave me.”

You don’t know what happened. One second, you were walking home through the dark, conversing happily with each other as you made plans to travel to a nearby town that was by the seaside, much needed girl time, you had chuckled.

The next second, a man had walked passed you, head bowed and hands shoved in pockets, and the second he walked near Taeyeon, his head had snapped up, and the next second she was on the ground, blood-curdling screams coming from her mouth and blood pouring from her stomach. The man was gone but you knew exactly what he was. It was pure luck that you happened to be near your step-brother’s house, who was a witch, unlike you, who was a human.

Tears running down your face, you carried the light girl until you got to your stepbrother’s house, banging frantically on the door. “Jinyoung!” You yelled, peering into the glass that ran down one side of his oak door. “Jinyoung?”

The door swings open a few seconds later, revealing your stepbrother, face irritated and tired and glasses crookedly on his handsome face. “_____ ,” he starts in annoyance, “It’s almost midnight- Oh, my god. Get her in, now.” His face has paled at the sight of her, barely breathing and red splashed over her normally glowing skin.

He helps you haul her from the front door into his kitchen, ordering you to lay her down on the table while he fetches his spell books. Tears still running down your face and making your eyes bloodshot, you do as you’re told, pulling out your phone a second later to call the one other person who could help you now.

“Suho,” you sniffle into your phone, grasping Taeyeon’s hand tightly as Jinyoung stumbles back downstairs, heavy old book in his arms. At the sound of sadness in your voice, Suho is immediately firing questions at you.

“What’s wrong, my love?” He demands, and you hear some music on the other end, paired with the loud chatter of people and you guess he’s back at Ethereal, that club him and his brothers frequented at. “Are you safe? You sound upset. Who did this to you?”

You shake your head as you watch Jinyoung pull out a mortar and pestle from a drawer in his kitchen, grinding up some herbs and adding various things that you didn’t want to know into the mixture. “We - we were walking home, and he - he hurt Taeyeon-”

Suho doesn’t ask anymore questions, only whispering sweet nothings to calm you down. “I’ll be right over, okay? Stay right there.”


“Why would somebody do this?” You ask angrily. Your tears have dried on your face and your voice is still stuffy and your eyes are blood shot, but Taeyeon’s okay. The girl is resting peacefully, and Jinyoung had managed to get most of the blood off of her.

You hear Suho sigh darkly from behind you, arms wrapped around your waist lightly as he tries to calm you. “It’s my fault. Or, well, our fault.”

“What?” You ask in confusion, turning to him with a hushed voice, as if Taeyeon could hear you discussing the reason she had almost died. “How - you weren’t even there-”

“Exactly,” Suho interrupts heavily. He turns away from you with an irritated groan, brushing his hands through his platinum hair. “I’m your mate. I’m supposed to protect you, and I couldn’t even do that. I knew that Taeyeon and my brother used to fool around before he met his mate - his scent is all over her, and with our recent territory wars with another clan, it’s not safe for you, or her, or any other person who has ever come in contact with any of us-”

“What exactly are you trying to say, Suho?” You demand fiercely, furrowing your eyebrows as you follow him out of Jinyoung’s kitchen and into the hallway. “That you’re going to leave me, ‘for my own good’?

“It’s the only way to protect you!” He yells, turning to face you. He must realize that it’s almost 2 in the morning, or that Taeyeon and Jinyoung are resting because he quietens his voice. The anger and possessiveness in his voice doesn’t cease, though, “It’s the only way to protect you from the same person who ripped open your friend’s stomach - have you not seen enough tonight to know that I’m too dangerous for you?” As he ends, his breath is heavy and his eyes are pitch black.

“I’m supposed to protect you,” he murmurs with a clenched jaw. “Just let me do that, okay?” He doesn’t give you his usual departing kiss, or call you ‘my love’ as he usually did. He doesn’t wipe the tears trailing down your face as he would when he sees you crying. He doesn’t whisper sweet nothings to calm you down as he had done just a few hours ago. You guess he doesn’t want to make his departure harder than it has to be, because in a second, he’s gone in a swirl of black smoke.


As the leader of EXO, there were many things Suho could do. He could order his brothers around. He made big decisions that affected the outcome of important things. But there were also many things he couldn’t do, and acting rashly like his brothers was one of them.

Suho was conflicted. He wanted so badly to kill anybody who touched you, any person who was a harm to your existence, but he couldn’t. Killing people meant upsetting people, and as much as he hated it, he was a leader and was responsible for not just him, but his entire clan.

This was the only way. Suho was sure of it, and if breaking his own heart was the solution for your safety, he would gladly break his heart over and over again.


How long will you be able to survive without him? You don’t want to sound like a complete incarnation of Bella Swan, but you start to sympathise with her, especially with the pain you feel with your own mate missing.

You miss how he’d hold you tight when everytime he saw you, how he’d wind his arms around your waist and pull you close to him as you walked down the street, how his voice sounded full of emotion when he called you ‘my love’, how gentle he was when he cupped your face in his hands, yet how dangerous henwas to anyone who dared hurt you. You missed him.

Fortunately, you’re not completely stupid, and don’t spend your days locked up in your bedroom, doing nothing except staring out your window. Taeyeon feels especially guilty for Suho leaving, even though it’s not her fault, and takes it upon herself to bring you places you never bothered going - like the zoo, or that one really expensive shop you could never afford anything in, or a stupid landmark in your city that you never focused on. She was trying, you’d give her that, and you were grateful for the distraction from your thoughts of Suho.

“If he thinks this is the best thing for you,” she says one day softly, over a cup of coffee, “then you really can’t fight it. You should keep enjoying your life until you both mutually agree that you’re ready to get back together.”

“But you don’t understand, Tae,” you whine, throwing your head back. “It’s hard to enjoy life when I’m thinking of him every single second of the day-”

“I didn’t want to do this,” she sighs, tieing her golden locks back as a stubborn expression crosses her face, “but you’ve given me no choice; I’m getting you drunk.”

Getting drunk has never been your favorite thing to do, mostly because you can’t think straight after downing a few shots and the pounding headache that followed a night out, but you’re quick to realise that maybe, that’s what you need - to not think. “Let’s do it, then.”

Taeyeon’s eyes widen in surprise, letting her hands fall limply to her sides. “I didn’t think you’d agree so easily,” she breathes, a mischievous grin blooming on her pretty face, “but this makes my job much more simple.”


Suho wouldn’t like this, you think, downing another bitter, disgusting shot of vodka. The clear liquid feels like liquid glass - and not in a good way -, burning your throat raw until you can’t swallow without a reminder of your past drinks.

But who cares what Suho thinks? Certainly not you, at the moment, because here you are, dancing against a random guy with Taeyeon a few metres away, chatting up some other guy. She had your bag in one hand and her drink in the other - you had asked her to hold it while you danced.

He left you, you had told yourself when you had stared at your first shot uncertainly, he left you even though there were numerous other ways to protect you. He had told you mates were forever, and what did he do? He abandoned you.

The man behind you has his hand trailing up your abdomen lightly, grasping your waist and rolling his hips into you. “My place, or your place?” You hear JB’s voice in your ear, making you shiver pleasantly. A drunken giggle escapes you as he nibbles on your earlobe gently.

“Your plac-”

“______!” You hear someone shout over the pounding music. You open your hazy eyes to see Taeyeon, approaching you with a half-empty glass in her hand. “_____ , I think we should go now. You have work tomorrow-”

“I don’t want to leave!” You protest, hand shooting out to grasp the glass she held in her hand and down the remaining liquid in the glass. “Me and JB are having so much fun-!”

“______ ,” Taeyeon warns, “Do I have to remind you how much you hate one night stands? You’ll regret this, please, let’s go-”

“The only place I’m going is JB’s,” you huff, turning around to face the handsome man. Your mind was hazy as you messily connected your lips, tugging at his hair when his hands tighten around your bare waist. Taeyeon is still exclaiming, trying to persuade you to leave, and you know you’ll definitely regret this, but you can’t think straight.

“Come on,” you whisper against JB’s lips, clasping your hands together to pull him along through the throngs of intoxicated people. The doors to the club are already opened, so you easily burst into the cold night air, stumbling passed the line of people waiting to get in and into the club’s alleyway.

“On second thought,” you say between sloppy kisses, breath scarce and stomach filling with butterflies at JB’s touch, “I can’t wait that long. An alleyway is fine, right?”

You know he’s smirking when he bows his head to your neck, sucking hard enough to leave marks - and isn’t that that you want? Material proof that you’re able to move on from Suho? “An alleyway’s perfect, sweetheart-”

“______!” You hear shouted again - but this time it’s not Taeyeon. The voice is deeper, more husky, and definitely more angry than Taeyeon could ever get. You lift your head from Jaebum to look at the entrance of the alleyway, and your eyes widen as you suddenly feel sick to your stomach at the sight of Suho and Taeyeon, both standing there with disapproving looks on their faces.

You’re quick to push a protesting Jaebum away from you. You see his eyes flicker from you to Suho to Taeyeon and back to you, confusion in his eyes passed the lust. “_____, what is this?” He questions angrily. You shake your head, stepping in front of him, as if trying to shield him from the anger Suho was resonating.

“JB,” you whisper urgently, turning to him slightly, “I really think you should go…” JB looks between the three of you again, before scoffing, shaking his head and turning to walk away, muttering underneath his breath angrily. You’re glad he decided to not be stubborn and stay, because you wouldn’t be able to guarantee that he’d survive the night.

With a deep sigh, you turn to the two who are watching you carefully. Huffing, you storm passed them, grabbing your bag roughly from Taeyeon and completely ignoring the platinum-haired man that you had cried over for the past few months, the man you had desperately tried to bring back, the man who had abandoned you. And you were so cursed, because you know you still love him. You know you’d accept him back, hell, you’d beg for him to come back. You loved him, and the mate bond didn’t help you at all.

“______ ,” you hear him call after you, but you keep walking. You feel your blistering anger turn into a drowning sadness as you fold your arms, only wanting to be home and in your bed, warm and safe and away from any type of alcohol or vampire.

“______!” He’s shouting now, and you clench your jaw, turning swiftly. You raise an eyebrow, knowing that they can both see the redness in your eyes and the wet tracks on your cheeks from your tears. Taeyeon’s face contorts in sympathy and sorrow as she sees your expression, walking up next to you.

“I called him,” she reveals, “You - you still had his number on speed dial. I’m not sorry, ____ . This has gone on for long enough. It’s time to just - to just forgive and forget, okay? Getting you drunk was a bad idea in the first place, and I shouldn’t have done it, but it’s gonna get you back with your mate, okay? I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?”

You barely register her last words as she pats you on the shoulder, slipping passed you to enter the main street and hail a taxi, you’re guessing. And then you’re left in silence, avoiding the eyes of the man in front of you.

“My love,” he starts quietly. You shake your head, gritting your teeth. You’re angry again.

“Don’t call me that,” you say harshly, “I wasn’t your love when you abandoned me. I wasn’t your love when you ignored all my voicemails and calls asking you to come back, and I certainly am not your love now-”

“You were,” he insists, stepping closer. You see him raise his hands to try and place his hands on your shoulders, but you step back before he can touch you. He falters, hands falling to his sides. “You were. I was doing this for you, for us - I couldn’t let you get hurt because of me-”

“You weren’t doing this for me!” You cry out, finally letting the tesrs you had been holding in for the last few months out. “Do you know how hard the last few months were for me? I - I was having nightmares about you - I couldn’t eat because I felt so sick. You - you told me that you would stay with me forever. You lied…”

The weakness in your legs becomes too much, and you find yourself sliding down against the cold alley wall, hands covering your face as you sobbed. Not even seconds later, warm arms are embracing you, pulling you away from the wall to bury yourself into the crook of his neck.

“It was hard for me too, sweetheart,” Suho reveals softly, “I was stressed, and guilty, and I felt horrible everytime I ignored your calls. I thought - I thought that if I distanced myself from you, my scent would fade from you and you’d be safe.”

“Why didn’t you come sooner?” You ask, screwing your eyes shut and inhaling deeply. You revel in the feeling of being back in his arms, warm and definitely more safe than you had been for the past few months.

“You looked happy,” he shrugs, and you know his eyes are tearing up, “and I didn’t want to ruin your happiness.”

“I’ll always be happiest with you,” you sniffle, tightening your grip on your mate. “Don’t - don’t leave me again, please.”

Suho tilts your head up from the crook of his neck, kissing you so softly you’d think you were delicate porcelain, pulling away and leaning his forehead against yours. “I wouldn’t dream of it,” he confesses, closing his eyes and thanking the universe that he’d finally reunited with his mate.

“Let’s go home, my love,” he murmurs, and you gladly do. And you will always, because he is yours and you are his and that’s how it will always be.

Push and Pull

“I know what you just saw but it’s not what it looked like” Taecyeon pleaded.
“Oh what a classic line, and I’m supposed to believe that?”
Everything was fine until now. You and Taecyeon were at a party of his friend’s and were having a great time dancing and socializing, having a few drinks here and there until you saw something you couldn’t even believe.

After dancing for a bit you both decided to sit down a take a break.
“You want something to drink?” Taecyeon asked you as the song ended.
“I was just going to ask you the same thing” you said with a laugh.
He laughed with you and said “Great minds think alike” before heading heading towards the bar area.
In the meantime you made your way to a large leather sofa that looked incredibly comfortable. You sat down and took a look around at the party once more. You didn’t really know anyone there but Taec stayed by your side the whole time and saved you from having to endure any awkward small talk by yourself. While looking around at all the decor and the other guests your eyes found Taecyeon. He was talking to a woman, which is something that you usually wouldn’t mind, until you saw how “friendly” they were being with each other. They were sitting at a couple of stools laughing together while she had her hand on his upper arm and he playfully nudged her with his elbow.
Although it wasn’t anything too big, you weren’t a fan of how touchy-feely they were being so you decided to go over to the bar and have him introduce you to her.
But as you were just about to reach the bar what you saw made your stomach turn. The woman he was talking to kissed him, right on the lips.
You froze mid step in complete disbelief.
Taecyeon’s eyes met yours and it took everything in you to just turn around and leave instead of closing the distance between you and him and causing a scene. You squeezed past the guests and headed towards the front door as quickly as possible, just wanting to be out of this place and away from Taec. You could feel him trying to catch up to you but you didn’t want to hear whatever he had to say. What excuse could he possibly have for letting some else kiss him?
As you got outside you felt a strong hand grab your arm and turn you around.
“________, please. I know what you just saw but it’s not what it looked like” Taecyeon pleaded.
“Oh what a classic line, and I’m supposed to believe that? It looked like you and someone else were kissing and there’s absolutely nothing you can say to change that.”
“Okay, that is true but she kissed me! I had no idea she was gonna do that, I swear. You know I would never do something like that.” His voice sounded sincere but it just didn’t make any sense to you.
“That’s a little hard to believe when you two were being all touchy-feely right before she kissed you. Just leave me alone, I don’t wanna hear anything you have to say right now” you said as you pulled your arm free from his grasp and walked to your car before he could speak again.
You got in, started the engine, and sped off.
You really wanted to just go home and forget about what happened but you knew Taec would get there right after you and try to convince you that he really didn’t kiss her back and you were not in the mood to deal with that right now. You drove around not really sure what to do until you saw a sign for the club that your best friend worked at and found a place to park.
As soon as you got in you were relieved to see she was working at the bar and ran over to her giving her a big hug as always before sitting down and telling her what had happened.
She listened intently and waited till you were done speaking before she said “Wow. I don’t even know what I would’ve done if I were you. But honestly, maybe you should hear him out. From what I’ve seen of him when you guys are together he definitely doesn’t look like he would do anything with another woman.”
“I know” you sighed “but I saw what I saw. Right now, just thinking about him makes me think of him kissing her and it makes me angry. I just need a moment before I talk to him again.”
She nodded her head in agreement “Thats probably a good idea. Well, want a shot while you’re here?” she said with a shy smile while presenting you with a shot glass and a bottle of vodka.
“A shot would be great right now.”
Somehow “a shot” turned into two shots and then three and four which was more than enough to make you drunk considering you had a couple drinks at the party earlier.
“My best friend” you called out singsong “I’m gonna need one more shot.”
“_______, you said that after your last shot and now you’re drunk. I’m not giving you another one.”
You tried to say “What? I’m not drunk” but it sounded more like “What? I’m no skunk”
She laughed and said “Yes I’m sure you’re not a skunk. Do you want me to call you a cab home?”
“Home? No way! I’m gonna go dance.”
You could see she was about to say something but stumbled your way to the dance floor before she could speak.
Dancing was always fun for you and it was even more fun when you were drunk because you could dance all night and not feel tired at all. You sashayed through the crowd until you found the perfect spot to dance and let loose.
It wasn’t long before you were moving completely in sync with the music, feeling it’s vibrations run through your body. It was almost as if your mind and body agreed to sober up enough to dance well but not so much that your mood would be killed.

You were entranced by the way the neon laser lights seemed to dance on your skin with you when you felt a pair of strong hands grip your waist. You were ready to turn around and tell whoever was touching you to back the hell off but you knew these hands.
Your friend must have told him you were here when she saw how drunk you were.
“What are you doing here?” Taecyeon whispered in your ear “you should be at home with me so we can talk about what happened.” You could tell he was annoyed and almost laughed out loud thinking about how annoyed he would be once he heard what you were going to say.
“Oh, I’m sorry. You should’ve just called your new girlfriend over and continued your make out session”
You twisted your waist out of his hold and danced past him, stealing a glance to see he was definitely annoyed and shocked.
It was time for him to have a little taste of his own medicine.
When he finally snapped out of it and turned around to see where you were he saw you approaching another man. You noticed he had been checking you out earlier and figured he wouldn’t mind dancing with you.
You looked back at Taec to make sure he was watching you and sure enough he was.
Without breaking eye contact with him, you reached up to bring the man closer to you and brought your lips to his ear to ask him if he wanted to dance.
Taecyeon was furious and you were loving it. Maybe now he would understand how you felt when he kissed that woman.
You watched him advance toward you while you danced making sure to give him a full show and making him even more angry. He reached you in no time and yanked you away from the guy much to his confusion and disappointment.
You let him lead you outside to your car with a proud smirk knowing you had made your point.
“Keys” he demanded.
You fumbled around in your jacket pocket and handed him the keys. For some reason he unlocked the back doors and motioned for you to get in. You were about to ask why but his facial expression told you it would be better to just get in.
He got in after you and immediately pinned you down to the seat with the weight of his body.
“What are you-”
He kissed you roughly not letting you finish your question.
“You’re really something else, you know that?” he said against your lips.
“I told you she kissed me not the other way around. I pushed her off but you were already turning around and didn’t see that. Now you’re here dancing with someone else and you’re making me insane.” His eyes were blazing at the point as they stared into yours.
Oh. Well you weren’t expecting that.
“How was I supposed to know” you mumbled feeling embarrassed.
“You would’ve known if you had let me talk. But now” he spoke quietly as he whispered in your ear “now we have another problem.”
He pressed his hips into you and you gasped feeling how hard he was through his jeans.
“Seeing you dance like that already made me want you but seeing you dance with that guy” he shook his head making his lips brush against your ear and causing a shiver to run through you.
“Now I can’t wait. It seems like I need to show you you’re mine so you’ll never forget it.”
“But we can’t do this here”
“Mm, we can, you just can’t be too loud” he teased as he kissed down your neck, biting and sucking.
A long moan escaped your lips and you knew there was no use fighting what you both wanted. You brought your fingers to his hair and pulled him into a heated kiss that he deepened even more. This kiss was different than your usual soft and playful kisses, it was passionate and a fight for dominance over the other. He wanted you to submit to him but you weren’t going to give in that easily.
He bit your bottom lip causing you to moan into his mouth and grind against his erection.
He let out a groan before pulling you up to take off your jacket and unzip your dress letting it fall down your hips and exposing your breasts.
You arched your chest up allowing him to kiss and suck on your breast while he brought his hand to the other and pinched your nipples gently.
As you reached for his shirt to take it off, his free hand grabbed yours and held them above your head.
“No no, I’m in charge, babe.” he said as he moved away from you. You grimaced at the empty feeling he left until he pulled your dress off completely and started to leave kisses down your stomach and your hips, then your thighs and going back up the same path ignoring the part of you that wanted to feel his lips the most.
You bit your lip in an attempt to hide how much you wanted him but you knew he wouldn’t go any further until you begged for him.
“Please, Taec. Don’t tease me.”
“But it’s so much fun to see you worked so worked up already” he chuckled and you could feel his lips brush past your already wet core.
Your hips intuitively moved upward but he moved away faster than you.
“Baby, please. I’m sorry for making you jealous I just- I need you. I need to feel you.”
You saw him smirk before he bit down on your inner thigh and pulled down your underwear.
He flicked your clit with his tongue and you let out a silent scream desperate for more.
He immediately sucked on your clit as he held your thighs apart preventing you from moving while he continued sucking and licking.
The combination of his tongue and not being able to move was driving you insane and you couldn’t control the loud moans and whimpers that escaped you. You were so close and he knew it.
His tongue left you causing you to whine and reach out for him.
“Ah ah” he teased while sitting up out of your reach “you have to earn it.”
Within moments you had stripped him down to his boxers and pulled them down freeing his erection.
Now it was your turn to get him worked up.
You pushed him onto the seat as you brought your knees to the floor of the car and slowly moved your hand up and down his length. He let his head fall back and groaned, already leaking pre cum from teasing you for so long.
“Taec, baby” you cooed waiting for him to lift his head and look at you. As soon as his eyes met yours you took his length into your mouth flattening your tongue as you went down making his eyes flutter shut in pure ecstasy. You loved seeing him so overwhelmed with pleasure just by your mouth and you took him even deeper earning a small whimper from him as he tangled his fingers in your hair and held you there.
You swallowed around him making his hips jerk up into your throat before you brought your lips up to his tip almost releasing him completely. Knowing how close he was, you sucked his tip hard and dug your nails into his thighs before moving off of him and giving him a wicked smile.
He opened his eyes and looked at you with confusion before realizing you did exactly what he did to you.
“Oh, you’re gonna regret that” he said with an equally wicked smile before pulling you up and onto his length in one move.
You cried out as he filled you up completely and he whispered in your ear, “We’re just getting started.”

Zootopia: ☾ Sleep Headcanons

For @sibera-the-wanderer : Nick and Judy (PLATONIC!)

Headcanons in a whole seven teensy teeny little fics!


1. Night Cap.

“You’re drunk, Carrots.”

“Psh… no I am naht.”

“Yes. You are. C’mon. It’s bed time.”

“But I wanna partay!”

“We’re not doing that. Drink this coffee.”

You drink this coffee.”

“I would, but you need it so much more than I do.”

She palms his face. Or tries to. Her hand sort of lands on his chin. “You’re stupid.”

He pats her hand. “Thank you, Judes.”

“Your face is stupid.”

“Have you seen yours right now?”

She makes a noise that’s half between a laugh and half between a burp. And then she throws up on his feet.

And then, after that, she passes out.

All in all Nick learned, as he’s taking his third shower of the evening and still somehow smelling like carrot vodka, Judy was never to take part in a drinking contest against Del Gato ever again.

Unless, of course, he remembered a camera.

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pinwheel premonitions

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger
Prompt: Day 4: Traditions for @dhrfaves

Notes: Modern, non-magical college AU because apparently, I’m trash? Also, it was never a thing I thought I’d ever be into, but HA HA HA we have the best writers ever. [hangs head] Deck me.

Hermione Granger has always lived a highlighter-and-ruler, bullet-point and color-coding life. She’s an excellent record-keeper, has an A+ memory - she’s her own awesome executive assistant, basically; Donna Paulsen would be proud. Anal-retentive has been tossed around both as a pat-on-the-head, condescending endearment (Ron and Harry) and as an insult (everyone else), but, like - so what? 

Summa cum laude takes effort, and like - she enjoys it, to be honest, the proverbial “stick” up her behind. Enjoys the text-book print of her planner, the neatness, the aesthetic. And besides, it’s not like, a disorder or anything, it’s not something that she had to sit across a couch to figure out. And, occasionally, she throws her plans up in the air, so. It’s all well and good, do come off it, Harry

If anything, this passionate attempt to keep to her plans and schedules, this regimented state of being, it helps her keep with tradition - like the pre-game vodka-and-ketchup ritual for the boys, and the spring break pursuit of “protecting ladies from Broodingly Soulful Young Men” drunk-blogging with Fleur, and, for tonight, the anticipated New Year’s Eve pinwheel tournament. 

She’s had it penciled in for months.

Tonight, she’s letting loose. 

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X  - @sagefiredaggers

She eyed the man for a moment before she pushed herself from her seat. The way that his eyes glossed and his face was scarred..the way he presented himself. It made knots in her stomach twist and turn at the familiarity that felt so..wrong.

Aranea went to a shelf that had various bottles of alcohol before taking a bottle of vodka. If there was one thing that was right here; it was the intruder’s assumption that she needed a drink first before she could properly evaluate the situation. After pouring herself a glass, she walked to him, pausing as she tapped the toe of her boots on his right shoulder.

“You’ll get what you want after I do. Those who trespass are in no position to make demands. Now..Idris..if that is indeed your name.. why are you here, hm? No one would dare to snoop around my compound unless they had a reason to.”


No like, people don’t see how I’m a hufflepuff and that’s because they underestimate how much of a Mom Friend I am.

But believe me. I am the Mom Friend doused in cologne making sure you drink enough water at the bar so you don’t have a hangover. I also won’t complain when you stare me dead in the eye and take a shot of vodka every time i offer said water. However I will complain if you throw a boot at my head after. I will cook you breakfast and invite you over at 3 am if life is shitty and you just cannot. I will eagerly answer calls at 6 am making sure you are safe if you are walking home alone drunk. I will chastise you for trying to get a fourth job because God dammit you need to learn to relax and not feel guilty about it and I will celebrate your grades with chocolate. I’ll answer calls at 4 am to help you finish a history paper and pull out the primary sources so you don’t have to.

Mom Friend™

Girl Time

Oh my god, so nervous.

It had been three months since you started at the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit and the rest of the team had quickly made you feel like family. Tonight and tomorrow were your the team’s first days off since you started and Penelope had invited JJ, Emily and yourself over for a sleepover. They had them occasionally and it was the first time they had the chance to invite you. Sure, they made you feel like family, but maybe when the girls got to know you, they wouldn’t like you.

Here goes nothing.

You knocked on the door to Penelope’s apartment, which she promptly opened in a black pajama top with a neon kitty face and matching pajama pants. “Hey, Y/N! Welcome to my humble abode!” she said with a toothy grin. “You’re the first one here.” 

You had connected with Penelope the most when you first started, and the two of you had actually hung out outside of work quite a lot - so you had been to her apartment. Already feeling more at ease with the whole situation, you said, “I’m so glad you are already in your pajamas. Should I get changed to? I’m dying to get this bra off.”

“Oh, please get changed, my love.” She responded, grabbing her own chest. “I feel your busty girl problems.”

You laughed as you made your way back to her bathroom to put on some pajamas. Minutes later, you exited the room wearing a light purple tank top with a pug’s face on it, and mint green pajama shorts. JJ and Emily had carpooled over and were sitting in the living room when you got out.

Emily came right over and gave you a hug, already looking more at ease than you had ever seen her in the office. “Y/N! I’m so glad you could come this time. We’ve been wanting to get the girls together ever since you started.” She made her way to get changed and shortly after, JJ did as well.

While JJ was getting changed, Penelope made vodka tonics and vodka cranberries for everybody, while you and Emily raided Penelope’s linen closet for sheets, pillowcases, pillows, a broomstick and a couple of other random necessities. 

“What are you ladies looking for?” Penelope screamed from the kitchen. 

Emily screamed back, “I feel it is imperative that we make a blanket fort tonight.” You and Emily made your way back to the kitchen with all that you needed just as JJ exited the bathroom, decked out in baby blue matching pajamas. 

“Oh my god, yes, blanket fort please.” She said looking from your arms to the living area.

You were starting to feel like a high-schooler again. It was awesome. “Well, I don’t know if you want to put up the fort just yet, it might get in the way.”

Penelope brought over vodka cranberries for herself and JJ and tonics for you and Emily. “What’s it going to be in the way of, Y/N?”

You pointed the the two big duffel bags you’d brought with you. “You see those. What I actually need is only in one bag. The other bag is filled with these.” You unzipped the blue duffel and revealed four giant nerf guns.

Emily ran over grabbed one from your hand and immediately began priming it. She was already seeking out the best hiding spot. 

“You mean, I might actually win one of these fights?” JJ said excitedly, having always lost when she was playing with Henry and Will. She put her drink down and grabbed one, laughing. 

Penelope sat her drink down right next to JJ’s and spoke, “Now this is the kind of gun I could get behind!”

Over the course of the next 20 minutes, the four of you pelted each other with nerf bullets, knocking over anything and everything that wasn’t nailed down in Garcia’s apartment - nearly knocking over your drinks in the process.

You grabbed your tonic as it was falling off the table, “Fuck! I can’t lose this.” You were half on the ground, slurping up your drink like it was the last liquid on earth. JJ, Emily and Penelope practically fell on the floor laughing.

“Ok,” Penelope gasped, grasping at her sides, “I can’t do this anymore. Can we build the fort now?”

Fifteen minutes later, the most jacked up looking blanket fort was set up in the middle of Penelope’s living room. It encompassed the couch and the TV, but that was about it. Drinks in hand, you all climbed inside and decided on watching the cheesiest romance you could think of. 

“I vote on P.S. I Love You or The Notebook,” you suggested, “they are the cheesiest of the cheese and I love them. Sorry not sorry.” You snorted.

Emily and JJ simultaneously said “P.S. I Love You!” And Penelope hadn’t seen it, so you decided on that. After another batch of drinks, pizza and ice cream sundaes, you started the movie. 

Why was I so nervous before?

You had no idea why. But it didn’t matter. Emily had propped her head on JJ’s shoulder, you and Emily were nuzzled up next to each other right in front of the couch and Penelope had her head in your lap, practically falling asleep. This was exactly what you needed - time to destress and time to get to know your new friends. In no time, you could easily call them family.

  1. ‘’You say the sweetest thigs to me _____’’
  2. ‘’Well when you say it like that …’’
  3. Kissing booth
  4. ‘’I can’t believe you talked me into this’’
  5. ‘’Stop making good points, It’s too late for me to argue like this’’
  6. ‘’The next time knock instead of just bursting into the room’
  7. ‘’Just shut up and kiss me’’
  8. ‘’If we don’t do it now, we’ll never do it. It’s now or never’’
  9. ‘’You’re mine and I don’t plan on sharing’’
  10. ‘’Are you asking me on a date or trying to kill me?’’
  11. Carnival fair
  12. ‘’Ice cream or vodka or both?’’
  13. ‘’You know what else sound fun? Stabbing myself in the face with this fork!’’
  14. “- Wanna make out? \ - I thought you said you wanted to take things slow? \ - Wanna make out slowly?”
  15. Pillow fight
  16. “Sweetie, you need me more than I need you’’
  17. “You just don’t appreciate my delightful sense of humor.” 
  18. ‘’Such a shame you’re wasting all your time with that bitch’’
  19. ‘’Make me’’
  20. ‘’After all this time, it just doesn’t surprise me anymore’’
  21. ‘’Touch my ass one more time and ill kick yours’’
  22. ‘’Its 3 am and we’re drunk, what should we do next?’’
  23. ‘’It’s scary how you can love someone so much without them even noticing’’
  24. ‘’My life would be so much easier If I’d just stop falling for those jerks“
  25. ‘’Just accept that you’ll need really know me!’’
  26. ‘’Why do you hate me so much?’’
  27. “I’m such a mess, why do you even like me?’’
  28. ‘’Maybe all of this was just a mistake …’’
  29. ‘’Dont you dear pretend its not your fault’’
  30. ‘’Am I hearing a challenge?’’
  31. ‘’Because, after all this time I’m still into you’’
  32. ‘’Whats the fun in following the rules?’’
  33. ‘’It’s so frustrating, I want to kill you and kiss you at the same time’’
  34. ‘’I don’t know what love is, but I know I’ve never felt like this’’
  35. ‘’Can you please stop the teasing for god sakes?!’’
  36. ‘’Dont pretend you never saw me sneaking out I the middle of the night’’
  37. ‘’He’ll just break your heart’’

So this is how it work: you choose one or more prompts and send the number to me plus the character you want it be about (list of characters you can choose) and any clarification or extra information you want me to know before writing the imagine. Send your requestes HERE

[Jus to clarify, not all of these are mine, some are from other blogs or a phrase from a TV show or even lyrics from a song]

Hope you like it!

Kisses xoxo