i need a vodka after making these

so i just screamed this in the tags of a gifset i queued buT: im really glad magnus said “you’re forgiven” instead of smth like “its okay” bc really?? what alec did/said was NOT okay. not ever and magnus called him out. and alec had to step back and understand that and when he did he came back and he apologized. and magnus asked what he was sorry for making sure he understood what exactly he did wrong bc its not enough to just say ‘sorry lol can we have that steak and vodka now??’ alec needed to understand what he did exactly that was wrong so he can improve his behavior. and after that magnus softened up and was like: you’re forgiven and also hey. i’m proud of you bc in general its hard to admit you screwed up. and this relationship is so healthy and im just so damn proud of them.

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 So, a few weekends ago, I got fucking blasted from downing almost an entire bottle of cherry vodka raw through nothing but shots. My roomie was showing me how to do them properly with her double shot glass and, uh… Practice makes perfect, right?

Anyway, she left my drunk ass after I crashed in bed to go visit her bf, thinking I was gonna pass out, but for some reason I thought, “I need to record something rn- It’s been a while”, so I did. I was originally gonna polish this up and make an actual thing out of it but intoxicated-me didn’t make sure the audio was ok in quality/consistency and I don’t like working with shit that ain’t my best, let alone posting it, but HEY FUCK IT HERE YOU GO! (editing my drunk rambling was torture jfc)

Also feel free to imagine Grillby just standing there watching the entire embarrassing exchange in silence.

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After seeing what I just saw I don’t think I’ll be able to get it off my mind. Therefore i need a hug or six shots, vodka or anything to get this all off my mind. If you could be able to make me forget all about it. i’ll do anything to repay you. 

I woke up in a bed with white sheets and I knew I wasn’t in my own bed because my sheets are grey. You’d be yelling at me right now because I somehow ended up in a trailer park two counties over and now I’m driving home without the radio because my heads pounding from the night before. I guess I forgot we weren’t together anymore because I caught myself looking for your car in the driveway. This house feels a whole lot emptier without your laugh. I need to stop going to bars every Saturday because I always wake up in the wrong bed with the wrong person because after a dozen shots the lights in the bar make the brown haired girl beside me look just like you. So here I am again with vodka still burning the back of my throat because I woke up with the wrong person for the third time this month.
—  C.P. || she didn’t even look like you