i need a video or gif pls

so this is from my one of my Q&A videos where this lil shit wouldn’t stop messing with his shirt & I felt the need to bless you all with it, you’re welcome


you know when you get an idea in your head and you’re like this is gonna be HILARIOUS and then you bring it to fruition and it’s the most disappointing thing ever ??

a kiss!!! on the cheek!!! oooo!!!!

listen,, i’ve been animating nothing but uni work for the past few months,,,
i needed to animate something cute, soft & shippy,,, let me have this,,, ,,, , ,,

more phan doodles here | art blog | redbubble


Send me your bias
Sandeul (B1A4) for @catganatanatda

cr: x | x | x | x | x  (i lost track of some of the videos. They’re not appearing in my history. It’s my fault for not keeping track, but I hope, if ever any of you know the video’s owner, pls tell me)


Circumstances can improve