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My Tumblr experience has gotten so much better because of the SJM Accent Challenge and I just want to say thank you to @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie  and @highlady-casandra for making this tag. It is by far the best thing in the world having a Tumblr session and listening to everyone speak in the background and even now as I’m getting ready I’m listening to them while I’m putting on makeup!

If you guys want to do another podcast type tag/video maybe??? 😆 Please do (also what does everyone think?)

the signs as things my friends have said

Aries: “That’s what you get for making out with my dad”

Taurus: “I included that in my diss rap I wrote about her”

Gemini: “First of all I called you an imperialist before I called you a bitch”

Cancer: “I’m just trying to astral project into a bed so I can get some sleep”

Leo: “My pecs need the nipple for definition”

Virgo: “The TV gods told me I needed to consume”

Libra: “Poisoning is feminism”

Scorpio: “I could deal with syphilis if they were hot enough”

Sagittarius: “Your ass may be thicc with two c’s but the Earth is thicc with seven seas”

Capricorn: “Can you tell everyone you know that I’m a good time”

Aquarius: “I came out of the womb yelling ‘Pinot Grigio’”

Pisces: “What is the point? To roast and be roasted until we are nothing but ash?”

i have a gif request. Would someone please make a gif of Cassian in the data vault before Jyn jumps to the stacks, and before he jumps? His hair looks so clean and gorgeous and shampoo-commercial-y, and I want a gif of it! Because like I know it’s srs and all, but all I think about at that moment is a.) Pantene, b.) what shampoo he uses, and c.) how clean and shiny his hair is.

Need to say something important.

@laulink: You’re such a great friend. I know that I’m very often hard to handle, because of the stupid things that I message you. But I want to let you know that you’re an important friend to me, that I care about our friendship, no matter how often I seem reluctant or bothering. I always look forward seeing your name in my notifications, because you always tag such nice things that make me smile, happy and laugh. I also secretly appreciated whenever you pointed out my mistakes, ‘cause you were a big influence on the change of my drawings. Also you’re the first person I’ve ever messaged to on tumblr and I’m glad I did, otherwise I would have never known what of an awesome friend I have that I didn’t deserve.

@cwjhunt: I know we don’t talk too often anymore and I’m really sorry ‘bout that! That we came to message one another was quite of a coincidence, wasn’t it? You’re such a great writer and I bet, that you will get better and better at it, even though you criticise your own way of writing sometimes as I remembered. Nobody is perfect and I bet you could become a popular fanfiction author one day if that’s the way you’d like to go! You deserved so many more followers that love and appreciate you and your writing! I hope that you’ll continue working hard on your fanfictions, I love them even though it’s a little long ago since I read them. Thank you for every of your little drabbles that you ever dedicated to me!

@theaceofgays: Rae, I remember clearly how you started to message me. You messaged me so many nice things out of the blue, I was overwhelmed and started to tear up. I always had so much fun talking with you and because of you I re-experienced the fun of roleplaying - It was sort of addicting with you and you do heck of a good job at writing Diana, so genuine! You probably also noticed how I am pretty hard to handle sometimes, but please know, that no matter how often I say that I’m mad at you, I can’t fully hate you, no matter how often i’m being ignorant to you. Btw, your style of writing is so beautiful and professional, way too hard for a dunce like me to understand! Ahahaha, I hope that you continue writing more poems and fanfictions (And I also hope that you finish Misconceptions one day, ‘cause you got there a lot to do!)

@theneonflower: Neooooon! I got that one neon glass that I was talking about recently in the discord group, don’t know if you read or remember it; anyways it reminds me of you ahahaha! Gosh, I just love your freaking drawings, you know? The first ever art of you that I saw, was the one with Diana and Akko raising their dragon son! It was moving me so to tears, every time I read it! And I remember how much I fangirled over it to my friends and they were like: “Gurl, I don’t even know that anime.”, I talked about it to at least 5 people ahahaha, it was such an awesome comic, in my opinion my favorite thing you’ve ever drawn! I don’t think that anybody could ever make me so emotional over art the way you did! When I remember your two-paged comic about the Sorcerer and how he nearly killed Diana; I felt like my chest was pierced myself! The way you put emotions into art is unique and amazing! I envy you because of that! I love you and your art, you’re such a great inspiration to me to work harder on my drawings! Remember how awesome you are for all eternity!

@chariotdunord: Danny I love youuuuuu! I was so happy whenever I could talk to you on discord, because it was so fun! I’m glad that we started to know more about each other, because without discord we probably would have never talked, right? I love the way you sing, no matter whether it’s in Japanese or the other 5 trillion languages that you speak! Btw it’s so adorable when you try to speak in German, aaaaa too cute! Love it! I totally envy how good you are in japanese that you even can translate mangas, interviews and songs! You’re such an incredible hard-working person! Everybody should take you as example to work harder on themselves! Aaaand to return to your ask from earlier: Gosh you’re auch a beautiful cinnamon roll! Stay as pure as you are! Don’t let others corrupt you and don’t say bad words ‘kay?

@askthatclumsywitch: Ray! I wanna apologise again for every stupid thing that I’ve said in the discord! I’m so so sorry that I’ve gave you reasons to be upset about me so often. I’ve never wanted to criticise your way of contributing to this fandom and I wanna say instead how you’re the perfect example of a leader to the cosplay section of this fandom! Honestly, yeah the gifs were only a little part of the reason why I was being so sensitive over this topic. It was more like that I was rather envying you all pretty people for the amazing way you contribute to this fandom. It’s often like this, that whenever I’m kinda grumpy over certain things, that I just envy all those people that work hard behind it! This bothered me too much that I put you off with all the mean things that I said! I’m really sorry and you’re such a great and funny person! (And your animals are so adorable as well)

@akilice: I’m glad that we met each other through discord as well! This way I could change the opinion that I had about you! (Don’t get me wrong there!) I heard many awesome things about you and before I heard about you, I had watched 1-2 amvs of you and they were so incredible, so much better than mine, that I was envying you for that as well! Ahahha! Wow you’re such a great amv-maker, they are always so beautiful! Curse my lazy ass for not having read any of your fanfictions yet (I unfortunately can’t read anything at the moment.) but I read so many nice reviews about your works, they can’t be other than awesome! I know that you often criticise yourself as well, but I wanna tell you that, no matter how often you say that you don’t like something that you’ve done, there will always be at least one person that loves it! Keep that in mind! Because the fandom loves you, no joke!

@hanasaku-shijin: Last but not least, Hana. I can’t thank you enough for your existence! (But you know that already, ahahha!) You’re one of the best people that I’ve come to know and your fanfictions made me love you so hard! Just because of you I’m having tumblr, I wanted to impress you so much with my art and I got always so sad when I
failed~ I know that I could never reach Neon’s level of admiration that you share for her drawings, but I wanna let you know, that I’ve never given up until I finally got 1-2 more nice tags from you! Those made me so happy ahahha, i remember how I always cried to begin with whenever you reblogged my drawings~ Without you and a few others, my art could have never become this much better in literally no time! I remember how you messaged me for the first time~ I cried and I didn’t know how to reply ahhaha, like my idol talked to me! Gosh how much I’m enjoying our rp, it’s so much fun! Aaand what I also wanna say is, the first two fanfictions that I read of you, will always have a special place in my heart~ “A Witchs’ Dilemma” and the continuation “A Witchs’ Confession”, forever and ever in my heart, I don’t remember that I’ve ever loved a fanfiction more than those! A fanfiction is only as great as the author, i.e you’re a perfect author and so are your fanfictions! Keep in mind that all those drawings on my blog wouldn’t exist and never would have made other people happy if you never impressed me with your fanfictions back then! I love you! Bless your existence!

also I can’t read if it’s not in print. I really struggle to read ebooks, I can’t read much more than a few paragraphs at a time if it’s on a screen. also I like print because bc of the spatial element that makes for good tags on memory and I like to write on my books (ok I’m sorry). I like making little comments on things I think as I read, reactions, excerpts I think are nice, specific use of language. how am I supposed to write on an ebook hmmm????


Terra’s starting vacation by checking out the spice festival with Lucy, Finn and Matt. apparently she missed the memo to wear red…

A very special thanks to @crybxbysims for making the Novas’ banner!! I’m officially calling this a legacy now as well!

Hey uh I got like 200 new followers in the last month so, hi, hello, my name is Lev and I like art and video games. My gf is @kibasniper, I have an art blog where my more serious stuff goes @theberammubrave, and I’m making a game @ghosthospitalgame and the demo is currently available for download on the blog, but I’m gonna update it soon with more content and new music.
If you need me to tag anything for you just drop me an ask, if you think I’m doing something shitty then lemme know so we can talk it out, and as a disclaimer, if you’re the kind of person who would say ‘kek’ completely unironically, there’s probably nothing here for you.
Also my birthday is tomorrow (July 23), yay
So uh. Enjoy your stay, feel free to ask for more towels, we have a continental breakfast from 6-10 am.

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Hey y’all

I’m uh… really busy lately. I’ve just started College and I’ve got a crapton of work, as well as a bunch of other afterschool activities, and other blogs to run. I’m not giving up on this blog, but I will be accepting Mod Applications.

Basically all you need to do is

  1. Watch Elena of Avalor
  2. Be active on tumblr

Mods can:

  1. Make new posts
  2. Answer Questions
  3. Please make new posts I have no clue what I’m doing

Here’s the thing though, and this is really important to me:

  1. You will be expected to follow the post format, that being: 
    1. Conversations are Chats
    2. One-Person Talking is a Quote
    4. Please follow the tagging system [demonstrated on the About Page]
  2. Please do not post things willy-nilly: we try to limit ourselves to TWO POSTS PER DAY, so all new posts MUST be placed in the queue.
    1. The only exception to this rule is on Holidays, and those must be scheduled
    2. You may post submissions early if you wish
  3. You may move posts around the queue as much as you want, BUT you may not interfere with scheduled posts.
  4. Please do not edit the blog appearance. [You may not be able to, but if you are, please do not. Mod Connie is very particular about how things look. If you want to change part of the appearance, message Mod Connie privately at her personal, which you can find on the About Page.

Other than that, you may do what you like. If anyone wants to help Mod, shoot me a message, I’ll repeat the instructions so I make sure you understand, and then I’ll send an invite your way. 


- Mod Connie

I am really tired yall.

Lemme just preface this with saying that I am a writer. I have been writing for most of my life. I have taken actual classes about writing and about what fiction can offer you, me, and people as a whole. I have won an award for something that I wrote. I know and love fiction, be it in written form, graphic novels, or film. It is all so good and complex and it’s something I am passionate about. That said, let’s get into this.

A good majority of the discourse that goes on in most of the fandoms I’m in stem from the idea that violence and forbidden sexual acts in fiction will encourage those actions in reality. It is important to know, firstly, that the only time this happens is when a person is immature enough or not mentally healthy enough to distinguish reality from fiction. Growing up, my parents would often stop horror movies (back when I first started watching them) to ask me questions. To be fair, they were pretty shitty people, but in this one aspect, they were so good about making sure I knew this difference. “You know this is just a movie, right? None of the stuff on the tv is real.” They’d assure before continuing the film.

It’s not real.

Now, half of the stuff I read or watched back then was nowhere near pushing boundaries or making me think critically about society or whatever. However, I knew that what I watched wasn’t real. It was images on a screen. If I don’t like what I’m seeing, I can walk away. It doesn’t have to affect me, personally,  unless I let it.

Now, lets circle back. School. College. I took a writing class that used this book:

Granted, it was a screenwriting class and most of the chapters were about various script formats, but the beginning chapters focused on why we write and why we make the stories we do.

It had a section in it describing how human needs and desires are met through fiction. It detailed those needs in a list. This list:

Please draw your attention to the ones on the list that say that fictions helps people to:

Be purged of unpleasant emotions

To have vicarious but controlled emotional experiences

To confront, in a controlled situation, the horrible and terrible

To explore taboo subjects without guilt

Just because you personal don’t need various forms of ‘taboo’ media, doesn’t mean that others don’t. Media, in all of its forms, is a way for people to explore things safely. It’s an outlet that doesn’t harm anyone and it offers the creator and viewer/reader a safe way of exploring the complexities of situations (or in some cases relationships) that these people do not want to be involved in irl. Because we can distinguish reality from fiction. Because none of us are going out killing people or getting into abusive relationships or fucking our sibling.

While being critical of the media we consume is important and it is vital to dissect the whys of the media being created, there is a line between creating open discussion about these taboos, about the society and personal experiences that makes one need these outlets, and verbally abusing and harassing strangers.

If you want to create a dialogue about media or a ship you don’t agree with, fine. Talk about it. Dissect it. Really dig deep into the human condition and the psychology behind these outlets, but don’t shame people for them to the point of telling them to kill themselves or telling them they are human garbage or what the fuck ever.

Fiction isn’t always meant to be picturesque. It’s not always going to be SFW. If that isn’t your cup of tea, then great. Stop going into the tags of things that make you feel unhealthy. You do you. Keep yourself safe. Stop continuously exposing yourself to content that you can’t swallow. To keep getting involved, to keep harassing people, to keep abusing strangers shows that you don’t give a damn about the content. You need an excuse to bully someone else and indulge in holier-than-thou circle jerks with other people who also have no sense of what fiction is for.

feelbending  asked:

Thomas I hope you're okay with all the current drama, I personally believe that you did nothing wrong at all. You're always making sure you're inclusive and doing the right thing, sorry your fandom's exploded :(

Hey!! Yeah, I’m doing fine!! Please don’t worry, these sorts of things happen sometimes and it gets very hard to address and handle all at once! I have made mistakes though, so please don’t feel like you have to defend all that I do, that’s not your responsibility, and I’ve been doing what I can to make sure things were addressed!

There was a piece of art of myself that was posted a while back that I put under a Read More and tagged nsfw because it was, and it was revealed later, after the artists’ bio was updated, that they were not of appropriate age, and that was a complete mistake on my part to make sure! I’ve always made a point to clarify, if people asked me, that if they were to do any nsfw art of me and submit it, that they should be of appropriate age to be doing so. My tumblr started as a personal blog and I thought tagging things appropriately would be enough, but this occurrence absolutely made me rethink how my blog was laid out and how much more consideration I needed to be putting into my blog and who was viewing it, so I made a public apology for it yesterday (in the #TSask) and decided to restructure my blog in order to make sure this never happens again. Posts I deemed too questionable, I have removed and if they ever go up again, they would be going up on a sideblog of some kind. I absolutely appreciate those who brought this up to me. I should have been the one to catch it, and I need to be far more vigilant about what I post from here on out!

There was also the post I responded to about why I felt it right to include asexuals and aromantics of any combination in the community. I’ve been having many really awesome and respectful conversations with people on both sides of this argument and its been really good, for me and I think for a lot of them, to gain understanding on where we’re both coming from. I am so grateful to those who came to me and got to discuss with me incredibly important things to remember and respect: the early struggles of the trans and gay community, the Stonewall Riots, the travesties and systemic oppression that still happen around the world today that need to be fought. We also got to discuss issues like arranged marriages that affect people on all areas of the spectrum. We talked about different demographics of the community and where they would like to stand or not stand. And the importance of limited resources made available to people of the community were discussed with me as well. I’ve been so absolutely grateful to those of you who came to me and are still coming to me to talk through these things, because I don’t claim to know everything, and many of the discussions were ended wonderfully respectfully. In the end, obviously, I have no, or maybe just really little, say in what defines the community. In what I say, I am absolutely making no attempt to prioritize people over another, because there are some extreme things that need to be fought. I can only be in control of myself and who I deem to be valid and who I would like to offer my support. I truly am trying to put myself in everyone’s shoes and see where they’re coming from. And I am so grateful so many of you came to me so respectfully to talk! That’s amazing! That, I think, is the most optimal form of discussion for people on both sides. I don’t like seeing anyone on either side attacking each other, and it’s so devastating to see so much of it. 

I truly hope this helps bring clarity for those of you who were confused or looking for an update! The internet can be a confusing place and the truth can be mangled, but I am doing everything I can to make sure I amend for any bad decisions and hear you all out as best as I can. I’m only human, and I truly do care about you and where you’re all coming from, so I hope you can all bear with me! 

I’m going to start a collection based on this post and this post. I shouldn’t because it’s silly but I’m weird and like silly stuff. So here we go. First one of Team Free Will with Koala-Couch-Blanket!Dean and the other too. 

I think it won’t be sillier, maybe cuter, who knows…

  • Aries: People hold hands? Psh I can't relate, I throw hands like a real man.
  • Taurus: [puts on fake glasses] It's time to read some hoes.
  • Gemini: Me actually liking someone? Sounds fake, I just like the validation that I'm not complete trash.
  • Cancer: I'm internally screaming right now because the one day I decide to wear makeup I keep crying. My eyelashes are clumping together and I cannot. I refuse.
  • Leo: Do you ever see the sun and you're like ... Man, I'd love to punch it because same. I want to punch the sun so hard. My only chance to be fist-kissed by a hottie.
  • Virgo: I feel bad that I don't recycle. I just can't be inspired to do it because I still feel terrible about life after doing so. [throws water bottle in recycling bin] Oh look, I still have depression!
  • Libra: I want to have a flowery aesthetic... I need a group of friends that are always willing to take pictures of frolicking through flower fields.
  • Scorpio: I love the fact that no one really knows anything about me, but it also makes me kind of sad at the same time. What is my legacy besides being the mysterious and hot one?
  • Sagittarius: The only person in this world who will never break my heart is education connection lady. She's still in 2009 singing about her education experience and I refuse to believe anything different.
  • Capricorn: I've spent 10 hours of my life listening to the education connection song. If I don't make it to college, then I may as well just die.
  • Aquarius: Other people around me are always like "I LOVE YOU! OMG, I LOVE YOU!" Meanwhile I'm just eating my imaginary popcorn thinking about how much I hate everyone.
  • Pisces: I'm eating five hour old chicken nuggets and I'm sad. I don't think I'll finish them... I have to throw them away... This is probably the worst thing I've ever done in my life.

He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it


how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

PET PLAY: non-sexual activities to do with your ⋆ CANINE ⋆

While I was going through the SFW pet play tag, I realized that it was all dedicated to littles and kittens and I thought to myself “😑😑😑”. So I decided to make a post about non-sexual and SFW activities you can do with your pup, wolf, fox, dog, etc. Please remember that even though canines are not as affectionate as kittens (although pups might be), they need attention as well.

  • Go for a walk in the woods/around the block
  • Practice learning different tricks (sit, lie down, fetch, etc.)
  • Grooming (hair brushing, nail painting, etc.)
  • Go swimming at the local pool/lake/ocean
  • Cuddling
  • Trying on gear
  • Playing with chew toys
  • Receiving treats for doing things correctly
  • Petting/scratching
  • Pouncing, jumping, rolling, etc. (foxes especially)
  • Chewing on beef jerky/roast to get those back molars working
  • Eating/drinking from a bowl
  • Wrestling with fellow canines/your owner
  • “Hunting” for a toy hidden by your owner
  • Taking photos in your gear/different poses
  • Playing outside with the hose (spraying your pet is super fun tbh)
  • Watching TV/a movie together
  • Playing dress up (pups especially)
  • Playing with their hair (tying it up, brushing it, etc.)

[ *please remember to be respectful when going out in public, as some people might not be prepared to see whatever it is you’re going to do. Remember that, even though it’s SFW, pet play is still considered a kink, so keep it PG while in the park, the pool, around the neighborhood, etc. ]

- Beta Keiko