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Reasons why I keep loving Steven Universe: 

  • Has -at the moment- two non-binary characters with they/them pronouns (Stevonnie and Smoky Quartz)
  • Has a canon couple that they don’t “hint” or “hide” or keep as endgame and when they get screen time they are not afraid of showing them kissing, flirting, snuggling and doing gay stuff (Ruby and Sapphire).
  • Has A PAST canon couple (Pearl and Rose) and they show them loving each other and kissing.
  • Shows how hard is to let go many stuffs that are valuable to you and you love, like people or things you used to do. 
  • Has as a protagonist a jewish autistic boy (both confirmed) and his mother was a bi/pan polyamorous leader of a revolution. 
  • Has a pretty diverse cast in voice-acting and storyboarding.  
  • Has a character with many autistic traits (Peridot) without trowing a “needs to be healed” excuse, but rather showing ways that she adapts to situations (Her record tape was many times used as a way to express her feelings or explain herself better).
  • Has a pretty big amount of non-binary characters that use she/her pronouns. 
  • Has characters that fucks things up and are not perfect, but they keep growing and learning and being better.
  • Has amazing atmosphere (backgrounds, music, color choices, designs). 
  • GOOD CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT (gosh bless them because this is so hard to find)
  • Excluding Pearl that is more ambiguous (some people headcanon her as white and others as POC), none of the main characters are white (Amethyst is Black/Latinx -or both- and Garnet is black).
  • The plot is actually pretty interesting.
  • “Filler” episodes have constant little hints on what could happen in the future/things that would be part of a much important plot-point in the future (The gem shards on “Secret team”, Ronaldo’s constantly hitting the spot, character development). 
  • The villains are not based on just being intimidating but they are shown having weak spots and?? personalities? which is harder to find that I though it would be?
  • It has a nice charm while talking on style? 
  • Many of the secondary and background characters are POC.
  • Those moms in the back that are always fun to search in every beach-city centered episode? I love them.
  • The voice acting job is AMAZING and it really feels like the workers are enjoying their job, (special shoutout to Charlyne Yi that has voiced a total of 8 Rubies and somehow found the way to give them all their own charm).
  • Wasn’t afraid to talk about unhealthy and abusive relationships and show how bad they are. 
  • Me, before I got my binder: I'll only put it on when I go out and when I get home I'll take it off asap cause I won't need it on! I'll remember to take deep breaths and to stretch too!
  • Me, owning my binder: *Wears it for 12 hours at a time, almost forgets to take it off when going to bed, sits at home with it on. Unsure if I've even taken a breath at all today*
Problems with the Witchblr Community

There are some serious fucking problems occurring on this website, like:

  1. Peoples’ grimoires are way too artistic. Like seriously you all need to tag that shit like “hey this may trigger you because this Van Gogh beautifully-crafted art style might blind you and gush your morality with its beauty and cause your perspective of your own grimoire/BOS to wilt like a flower on fire”. I don’t take the time to even update my BOS, never mind decorate it with these gorgeous illustrations.
  2. The quality of pictures are way too high. I don’t know where people are getting all these professional cameras. Like I take pictures with my phone or shitty Samsung and post them, and I know I wouldn’t even reblog that shit, the quality is way too low. This results in a standard of high quality Instagram-worthy pictures that is too high for me to keep up with, y’all need to lower your photography skills.
  3. Peoples’ altars are too perfectly positioned in the sunlight, like bathing in the holiness of the sun or moon and washing any of vestige of mortality away from that spot. This kinda weaves into the photography complaint but basically, y’all stop being so artsy.
  4. Digital sigils are too easily and perfectly displayed. I don’t know how people make those sigils, it’s like an elusive angelic society that just sprinkles down talent and useful spells like falling stars. Seriously y’all need to post a how-to on that shit because I don’t have a tablet and just take pictures of hand-drawn sigils, but even those who post their hand-drawn sigils draw them incredibly better than I draw my sigils. 
  5. The witches on this site are way too creative. They’re all thinking of tips and techniques I never thought of before, and it makes everyone else feel dumb because they didn’t think of them first.
  6. Pretty much every witch on this site seems to have a green thumb. They say taking care of plants doesn’t require a green thumb, but I beg to differ because pretty much every plant I own dies. Like I don’t know if it’s because I’m a death witch and am literally radiating death energy, but I can’t keep plants alive for my own life. Green witches gotta share their real secrets, HOW are you keeping your plants alive.
  7. Then there are some problems like elitism, transphobia, homophobia, racism, nazism, blatant disrespect for peoples’ religions and cultures, the hatred with which we argue, and the fear that I’m always being scrutinized and that no matter what I say extreme SJWs will cherry-pick the things I say and misconstrue my argument into something i never said in the first place so i might as well just not even say my opinion on anything which i’m doing right now so i’ll just shut up and continue the joke
  8. The spooky and ethereal Witch Aesthetic™ is too on point. All the hanging herbs and lit candles and smoke from incense are too entrancing and immediately calm my mood and cause me to daydream about the eloquence of the witchy aesthetic. It’s too romanticized. It causes me to enjoy my own craft too much, and I reblog too many of them. We need to cut those down by a bunch.

Just had to get that off my chest.

voltron crew and tumblr

Shiro: Surprisingly has a space theme because obviously. Reblogs whatever he finds funny. Occasionally posts a selfie which has like 20k notes. His selfie with Keith got over 100k with tags like #who are these people omg #hot stuff Tumblr Famous but isn’t aware of it. Has nice anons. Gives advice on physical fitness. Admitted to hating P.E. back in school—his followers think it’s a lie. It isn’t. Organized tagger. #funny #meme #space #cat #my face #bae

Keith: Has a default theme, he ain’t got no time to fancy shit up. Reblogs anime and whatever shows he’s into. Posts art, meta and heaps of personal ones like “Got free ice cream today.” and tags it as #shiro #wtf man thank you? #finals is killing me but the ice cream made it bearable. Has rude anons because he tends to have a lot of unpopular opinions. Tags what he feels #this is bullshit, but is organized with his shows. #Free! #Deadpool #Voltes V

Pidge: Has a very complicated theme she coded herself. It has a pop-up that asks you a “password” which is a lie, you just type whatever and it will show you her blog. Has 50+ side blogs. She has one for every fandom she’s in. Has a blog for all her salt. Keith stumbled upon it and sent an ask “Pidge, why are you so angry?” She replied with “You spelled Keith wrong.” Queues all the time. Tags all her hate. #ugly shit #fucking stupid it doesn’t make sense

Lance: Changes themes way too many times because he likes keeping it fresh! One time got a theme coded by Hunk as a gift. He kept it for a year. His blog is a mix of… everything. Doesn’t believe in sideblogs, because he couldn’t keep up with them. One is enough. Tumblr Famous and knows it. Answers all asks in public—anon or not. One time was the root of a Tumblr War. It was with Keith, but they became friends, oddly enough. Doesn’t tag. At. All.

Hunk: Coded his own theme and hasn’t changed it ever since. Reblogs a lot of cute animals and tags it as #awwww #this is lance lol #cat Posts a lot of his photography which usually features Lance because they’re always together. Definitely the complimenter #beautiful #the most gorgeous boy #i love you Posts his bake goods WITH recipe and procedure. The Most Tumblr Famous of them all because he’s overall lovable. No hate anons. Not even once.

A little edit of the snowflake dress that came with the Christmas update thing, turned into a sparkly crop top which I think looks quite cute. Comes in 36 colours to satisfy all of your colour needs. Hope you all enjoy <3

🍄 Info 🍄


Comes in 36 colours

All LODs

Does have a custom thumbnail

New Mesh

🍄 Credits 🍄

Ea for the original mesh

🍄 TOU 🍄

Please feel free to recolour, I can’t wait to see your beautiful recolours

No paysites and do not claim as your own pls

If you want to recolour, please don’t include the mesh

🍄 Download  Link 🍄


As usual, if you use this top or any of my creations, I’d love to see them in your game and reblog your posts, so use the tag #playwithlifesimblr <3


So I was watching AWE Me’s Man-At-Arms: Reforged series on youtube, and it got me thinking: “What if, in the future, Terrans are known for being the BEST at overkill weaponry?” 

“I need something that’ll guarantee I get the job done.” The bounty hunter hissed through their mask. 

The merchant just gave an alien smile, before pulling out a selection of Terran-forged swords and daggers. Included, were everything from Japanese katanas and Celtic longswords, Chainswords and even transformable, combination weapons like a sniper rifle/scythe. The bounty hunter, being from a ice world, has never really seen metalsmithing like this from their own people, and knows, these are Terran made. The brutal elegance of the cutting edges, the weight and balance, the advanced steel alloys, all hallmarks of Terran weapons. Terrans, it seemed, saw an almost religious beauty in dealing death. Just what was needed. 

This is a somewhat sleepy addition to the “Humans are weird” tag. Sorry if it’s not as long or as well thought out as my others posts. I’m on vacation right now, so my brain’s all ker-fuffled. 

Edit: Yes, I referenced RWBY. 



Actually have been hesitating about posting this in Tumblr for weeks now, but…guess why not. Not translating his Q&A though…=_=

And no need for other members, I presume? =_=“


So it happened! I’ve reached 75 followers and couldn’t be happier! I know it’s not Witcher related, but I’m addicted to fashion and know that some of you are too. Anyway, I hope you like your gift! Stay tuned for my next  Within These Walls update which I will either post later today or tomorrow. 

  • This coat is an accessory and can be found in the bracelet category.
  • It is a recolor of SLYD’s Georgia Accessory Wool Coat.
  • You NEED the MESH for this coat to show up in your game.
  • Download SLYD’s mesh HERE 
  • 4 Swatches 
  • Don’t claim as your own 
  • Don’t re-upload
  • Feel free to tag me! I’d love to see this coat on your sims.
  • A big thank you to all the CC creators! 
  • Enjoy!


anonymous asked:

Kuvira for the 4 headcanons meme, please?

What I think realistically:

When she was little, Suyin and Bataar gave her plenty of love, but they didn’t know how to address her trauma, and they gave her few boundaries.  Her own parents had been fairly strict, and she was left feeling adrift and uncertain, leaving her both with a profound need to control and ensure that things are controlled, and a deep resentment toward anyone trying to reign her in.

What I think is hilarious:

Meelo tries to interrogate her in her cell about all the ways her plan went wrong so he can do better.  She refuses to talk to him because he’s interupting her favorite radio program.

What is soul-crushing:

I mentioned with Azula’s post that Azula simultaneously wants and needs love desperately, yet can’t accept a relationship built on it because she can’t force or control someone else’s love for her.  Kuvira is similar but not entirely the same there.  She wants love just as desperately but she is able to accept it.  Unfortunately, she feels compelled to control the person giving her that love, to ensure they can never deprive her of it.  This is not of course how love works, and this relentless control is exactly what stifles love.

What doesn’t work but I don’t care:

Suyin regularly visits her cell with a pai sho board and a jug of strong liqueur.  She makes sure Kuvira has a radio so she can listen to serial dramas and they can gripe about them together.

Soooo… I got really into bnha and I need more variety on my dash. Pls reblog/like if you post some or most of the following and I’ll make sure to check out everyone’s blog!

Mutuals if you could reblog to boost I’d very much appreciate that 💕

  • Ballroom e Youkoso*
  • Boku no Hero Academia*
  • Durarara!!*
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
  • Ghibli
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Kuroko no Basket*
  • Kuroshitsuji
  • Magi
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Natsume Yuujinchou
  • No. 6
  • Noragami
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Psycho Pass*
  • Shokugeki no Souma
  • Yuri!!! on Ice
  • Zankyou no Terror

Bonus if you make your own things
Have a tagging system

Split Screens Festival 2017 - Hannibal Panel

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6 

Edit: It’s Saturday noon and this has been reblogged many times by now. Remember that I’m not the person who made these videos. I found them on YT and compiled them in one post for my own convenience. I gave credit in the tags, but I’ll include it here as well, just to make this as transparent as possible: Thanks for these, mynewyorkeye!

Resources Masterpost 2.0

I made one of these a while back, but all the links broke while I was editing it, so fuck it, here’s a brand new post. 

This post is a list of helpful blogs and an index of my own tags for the people who’ve sent me messages that I haven’t been able to answer because of my illness, those who aren’t sure how to ask, and those who didn’t know they needed to ask in the first place. 

PS: This post is linked under the ‘help’ button on my blog.

Asexuality and aromanticism

  • @ace-and-aro-support-group
  • @actuallyasexual
  • @a-positive
  • @aroadventures
  • @aroacepositivityplace
  • @asexualsafetag
  • @a-spec-tacular
  • @fuckyeahasexual
  • @resourcesforacesurvivors
  • @theasexualityblog
  • @asexuality-and-aphobia (my discourse blog)
  • theasexualityblog’s resources page
  • ace positivity
  • aro positivity
  • aphobia
  • aromanticism
  • asexuality
  • asexuality resources
  • attraction
  • aphobia masterpost


  • @afab-advice-help
  • @lifeoutsidethebinary
  • @mytranshealth
  • @nb-aceceptance
  • @nonbinaryresource
  • @transboysunited
  • @transfeminformative
  • @transgenderadvice
  • @transgenderteensurvivalguide
  • @trans-matters
  • binding
  • coming out
  • dysphoria
  • gender
  • nonbinary
  • trans issues
  • trans men
  • trans women
  • trans resources
  • The Librarian’s Gender Masterpost

Everything else LGBTQIA

  • @goodpositivitylgbt
  • @itgetsbetterproject
  • @lgbt-advice-page
  • @letters-to-lgbt-kids
  • @outforhealth
  • bisexuality
  • coming out
  • intersex
  • lgbtq
  • orientation
  • orientation masterpost
  • sexuality and gender masterpost
  • The Librarian’s Sexuality Masterpost


  • @howtogrowthefuckup
  • @howtoimpersonateanadult
  • @lowspoonsfood
  • @plannedparenthood
  • @realsocialskills
  • @sexetc
  • ​@task-breakdown
  • @themidwifeisin
  • @whoneedssexed
  • adulting
  • consent
  • eating
  • health
  • how to help
  • important
  • life advice
  • reference
  • relationships
  • school
  • sex
  • sex ed
  • sleep

Chronic illness, disability, and neurodiversity

  • @actuallyadhd
  • @autisticadvocacy
  • @autism-asks
  • @autisticliving
  • @chronicillnesshelp
  • @chronicillnessproblems
  • @neurowonderful
  • @queerautism
  • @spooniestrong
  • @thespoontheory
  • @youngchronicpain
  • autism-asks’ resources page
  • ADHD
  • autism
  • autism traits
  • chronic illness
  • chronic pain
  • disability
  • stimming

Abuse and trauma

  • @abuseresources
  • @abusetroubles
  • @advicefromsurvivors
  • @all-about-abuse
  • @complexptsd
  • @emotionalabuseawareness
  • @emotionalabusesurvivors
  • @healing-phoenix
  • @letstalkaboutrape
  • @livingwithcptsd
  • @loveisrespect
  • @oftoxicparents
  • @posttraumaticstresssurvivors
  • @ptsdrecoverygroup
  • @sexual-abuse-survivor-support
  • @speakingofabuse
  • @support-for-survivors
  • @undothedamage
  • abuse
  • abuse support
  • abuse tactics
  • abuse tips
  • C-PTSD
  • child abuse
  • child sexual abuse
  • child-on-child sexual abuse
  • consent
  • domestic abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • escaping abuse
  • friendship abuse
  • gaslighting
  • parental abuse
  • PTSD
  • rape
  • trauma
  • triggers

Mental illness

  • @borderlinebravery
  • @butterfly-project
  • @clinicallydepressedpug
  • @dbtskills
  • @depressionresource
  • @dissociationdays
  • @everythingeatingdisordered
  • @fyoured
  • @imalivecrisischat
  • @mentalhealthexperiences
  • @mentalillnessmouse
  • @notdefinedbyed
  • @shitborderlinesdo
  • @stuff-i-got-in-therapy
  • @thedissociationnation
  • @therapy101
  • @tswatch
  • addiction
  • anxiety
  • bipolar disorder
  • BPD
  • depression
  • dissociation
  • eating disorder
  • executive dysfunction
  • hotlines
  • intrusive thoughts
  • medication
  • mental illness
  • OCD
  • panic attack
  • psychosis
  • self harm
  • suicide
  • therapy
  • trauma

Positivity and self care

  • @anti-self-hate
  • @chooserecovery
  • @cwote
  • @goodstuffhappenedtoday
  • @internal-acceptance-movement
  • @killyouranxiety
  • @onlinecounsellingcollege
  • @positiveautistic
  • @positivedoodles
  • @positivityinrecovery
  • @princess-of-positivity​
  • @self-care-club
  • @selfcarepropaganda
  • @selfcarereminders
  • @self-care-strategies​
  • @selfcaretips
  • @sheisrecovering
  • @slightlyaggressiveaffirmations
  • bodyposipanda.com
  • body image
  • breathing
  • coping skills
  • DBT
  • distractions
  • recovery
  • relapse
  • reminders
  • self care
  • masterposts: 1, 2, 3, 4

Social issues

  • @bigfatscience
  • @fatphobiabusters
  • @fightingmisogynoir
  • @fuckingrapeculture
  • @intersectionalfeminism101
  • @profeminist
  • @thatdiabolicalfeminist
  • @thisiseverydayracism
  • @worldfeminism
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • ableism
  • feminism
  • politics
  • racism
  • rape culture
  • take action
Strip It Down Preview

Ok… I know, I know… I haven’t updated Dark Lovers in awhile. I’m stuck and am trying my best to get through it. That is where all these one-shots are coming from…

Here is a little preview of AU Stripper!Bucky, Strip It Down, my submission for Gen’s 8,000 followers writing challenge! Hopefully, I will have it posted tomorrow or Friday! 

If you want to be tagged, reply to THIS message or send me an ASK! (if you are on my permanent tag list, you don’t need to ask, I’ve got ya!) 

The crowd loved Bucky.

Both the men and the women.

You didn’t blame them though. He owned that stage. His last set of the night was always his money maker.

Standing off to the side of the stage you peeked over the edge of the curtain at the screaming women that were vying for his attention. The sea of green bills that pooled around his feet was enough to pay your monthly rent… twice.

The low bass vibrated through the floors as Bucky shed the last piece clothing that was ethically possible. The screams, catcalls and hollers from the crowd drowned out the words to the song. You clutched your robe tighter to your body as you watched him move.

He moved like sex.

He crouched down on his hands and knees, prowling across the stage like a wolf. His hair was falling out of the bun at the back of his head, the loose tendrils framing his face. His back muscles bunched and stretched with each movement. He stopped and pumped his hips in time to the beat. God, to be underneath him and feel those powerful strokes.

Scanning the crowd again, you knew you weren’t the only one in the house tonight thinking that exact same thing.

The glint of his metal arm caught your attention. He was using his flesh arm to stabilize himself as he reached his metal hand out to clasp one lucky crowd member behind her neck, bringing her close enough to kiss. She melted back into her chair after he released her.

Me too, sister… me too.

What I don’t understand is why, if you’re making a hate post or dislike post about a ship, do people feel inclined to tag it? When I go on a ship tag, I go to see the cute shit and read things about love. Not a five paragraph response to an ask about why you hate *insert ship name here*. You can talk about your opinion and whatever, but why tag it?

Actually, in retrospect, why make a post at all? I have plenty of ships I hate, but will I make a post about it? No.

I mind my own god damn buisness. I stay in my own lane, and let people ship shit. I have no need to spew my opinions, or write out why I hate the ship. Who cares? I have things I love, I have things I hate. I just focus on what matters.


We’re considering running a Voltron: Legendary Defender Rarepair Bang!

Do you like rarepairs?

Would you like more rarepair content?

How about a bang designed specifically for that content that you’re missing?

Then maybe you’d like to sign up for a rarepair bang!

What is a big bang? What is a ‘regular’ bang? What is a ‘reverse’ bang?

A big bang is a type of fan challenge in which writers and artists work together to produce new collaborative content for the fandom.

A regular bang is a challenge in which the writer signs up first and the artist claims who they want to work with based on the writer’s summary and a small excerpt of their wip.

A reverse bang is exactly that – reversed. artists submit their wips and writers choose who they’d like to partner with to write a fic for

Do I need a Tumblr/am I required to post on Tumblr for this event?

NOPE! Any social media site is completely acceptable for this bang (:

If enough people are interested, we’ll be making a twitter to post updates on, as well. 

What am I able to sign up for?

You can sign up as writer or an artist!

You may also sign up as both, but please remember the minimum amount of work required for the bang, and be sure not to overstretch your limits!


What are the general requirements for fic?

All writers must submit a final project that is at a minimum of 5,000 words. There is no maximum limit to word count, but all works should be completed and polished to the best of your ability.

Can I partner with somebody to co-write a fic?

Sure; however, you need to let us know about who your co-author is.

You will also be ‘up-charged,’ meaning you will be asked to complete a fic of a minimum of 7,500 words.

Can I write a fic that has chapters?

Of course! However, it must be completed by the final submission date, and all chapters must be posted on your assigned posting date.

Can I continue a fic I’ve been working on?

Unfortunately, no. All works must be new for this challenge. 

However, you can expand on an already-completed fic or add on to a series (ie sequels, prequels)!

You may not add on to a work in progress (i.e. new chapters).

(However, if you mean ‘can I continue a WIP I have been working on’, then that is fine, as long as it has not been posted or shared on any public forums.)

What genres / warnings / ratings are allowed?

You can write whatever you would like, but all fics should include proper warnings (ie explicit material, death and other triggers, spoilers, etc) and ratings.

A list of mandatory and suggested warnings can be found here.

Does my fic have to be completed when i submit the final project?

Yes, even if its a chapter fic. 

All works must be finished at the time of final submission. You may edit between final due date and posting date as long as it does not go below your requirements. 

Check-In WIPs, however, do NOT need to be completed. 

These check-ins are just to let the mods stay up to date on the progress of your works, as well as a time for you to ask any questions/voice any concerns you may have.

Only mods will see your WIPs.

Are AUs/crossovers from other fandoms allowed?

Yes! However, please note not all artists will be familiar with your crossover fandom of choice.


What are the general requirements for art?

All traditional / digital media artists must submit a minimum of two works for the final project.These can include drawings, cosplays, music pieces (i.e. composed works), or photo manipulations/edits.

There is no maximum number of works, but all works should be finished and polished to the best of your ability.

Can I partner with somebody for the art pieces? Can I co-draw?

Sure thing! However you need to let us know, as well as let us know who your co-artist is.

You will also be ‘up-charged,’ meaning you will be asked to complete a minimum of four works.

What genres / warnings / ratings are allowed?

You can draw anything you want! All ratings are welcome as long as it’s properly noted/tagged. 

If I sign up for fic and art, can I claim my own fic?

No - no one will be claiming their own work.

What size do art pieces need to be?

All images posted to this blog should have a width of 540 pixels, or increments of (ie 1080). this includes banners. images you post to your own blog or archive of choice for the final project can be whatever size you want.

Any other questions can be found in our FAQ

If interested, please reblog/like/spread the word, and maybe help us out by filling out this short survey!!


The giveaway is over, thank you everyone for participating!

°°°°°This giveaway is in no way sponsored by Tumblr. I am hosting it completely independently.°°°°°

Hey, so, I’ve never done one of these before, but here goes! I’m gonna make this post simple because I’m not too sure how to dress it up.

-(Original) Nintendo DS promotional bracelet
-Chrome metal D20
-Splatoon pin set
-Two 3DS games from the picture, although more will likely be added
-Three DS games from the picture, although more will likely be added (going back and playing older games is fun, okay?)

And, the biggest prize…

-Dust: An Elysian Tail - Limited Indiebox Collector’s Edition! Your box will come completely sealed- the one pictured is my own personal box, which I opened up to show off all the things inside.


-I’ve heard that Tumblr may delete posts tagged as “giveaway,” so please do not tag any reblogs as such!
-You do NOT need to be following me. I don’t want to force you to see my content if you don’t want to.
-Reblogs and likes count as entries. You may reblog more than once, but it will only change your entry number, not give you an additional entry.
-The winner’s URL will not be publicly announced, unless they give me permission to do so.
-No side blogs. I will be checking that the entry drawn is associated with an active main blog. This is to keep things fair.
-There will be one OR MORE winners- if the first winner does not want every prize (for example, they don’t own a 3DS, don’t care for Splatoon, etc), an additional winner will be drawn and offered the remaining prizes. This will continue until all prizes are claimed.
-Please tag your reblog as “rules read” so I know that you read the rules.
-I will be covering shipping!
-Please, don’t claim prizes and sell them. I can’t really enforce this, but if you don’t want something, I’d really rather it be offered to someone else, rather than sold.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck to everyone!

EDIT– I’M DUMB AND FORGOT AN END DATE!!! It’s going to be April 23.

What is Kataang Week?

  • Kataang Week is when we, as a corner of the fandom, celebrate the ship Kataang! The prompts for Kataang Week 2017 were selected through seven rounds of voting over the last several weeks and all prompts were submitted by Tumblr users.

Cool, when is it?

  • Summer Kataang Week 2017 starts on Monday, July 24th - a little over seven weeks from today - and ends on Monday, July 31st..

How do I participate?

  • The most common ways to participate are by creating art or writing a fic and posting it online. Some people try and create something for every day while others only fill one or two prompts.  

But I can’t draw or write!

  • That’s totally fine - there are more ways to participate! You can sing a song, create a graphic, write a poem - just about anything really. You can also show your support by reblogging and liking other people’s contributions.

What are the prompts?

The following will be the running order for Kataang Week 2017:

  1. Smile - Monday July 24th
  2. Best Friends - Tuesday July 25th
  3. Dance - Wednesday July 26th
  4. All-Nighter - Thursday July 27th
  5. Clouds - Friday July 28th
  6. Sleep - Saturday July 29th
  7. Unconditional - Sunday July 30th
  8. Free Day/Crossover/AU Day - Monday July 31st

How should I tag my work?

  • The easiest way for us to find your work so we can reblog it to this blog is by using the tag “kataang week”. Using “kataang” and “kataangtag” also help. You must tag one of the three in your first five tags otherwise it doesn’t appear in the search.
  • Once we’ve reblogged it to this blog we add our own tags (a prompt tag and a user tag) for easy organization.  This means we can find all the work for one prompt or all the work from one user in one easy click (this also means that if you have changed your username since participating last year you need to let us know so we can update your tag!).

Can I post my stuff other places online too?

  • Of course you can!

Seven weeks is a long time away… why are you promoting all this so early?

  • To give people time to create quality content. In the past (and in other fandoms) we have seen ship weeks pop up out of no where with little to no notice and we just don’t think this works. We don’t know about you guys, but we need time to prepare! We also like to post WIP for Kataang Week and encourage everyone else to do so as well - we reblog it here for motivation!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to send an ask. Good luck, Kataangers, and happy content creating! :)

- The Mods

a lot of the time i find myself in a rp whit a shit load of potential, but dying for no reason. everyone has a lot of muse, everyone is saying how they “hate how this is dying like how can this be happening”, everyone obviously logged on, yet there are only a couple people who dare to actually attempt to keep it alive. i wish i can say this has only happened once but lately i find myself in this position a lot, and by all the complaining in the rpt tags i know i am not alone on this. so, i decided to make a little rp helpers guide or whatever cause some people obviously need this. 

so here is:


  1. don’t complain about the rp dying

i always see this and it always gets on my nerves. i’m not talking about those who post a starter and in the tags say “where is everyone at?” cause even though there is some complaining  involved in that, they are still doing more to try to keep it alive, actually posting a starter. i’m talking those who are obviously on the dash cause you see them post an ooc saying “this is dying i’m so sad :( :( :( “. that is not being active, thats just complaining, and being annoying (well a least for me. and if you really were so sad you would actually do something about it, maybe reply to a starter, then make one of your own, or something. DON’T BE THE COMPLAINER, THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

       2. don’t blame the admins

although it is an admins job to run a rp, rarely is it ever actually an admins fault that a rp dies. keep in mind that along with running it, they also have parts in the rp, and like all of us do, they have lives outside the internet. if the main isn’t active for a day or two, so what? that doesn’t mean that the rp is dead, it means that the admins may have something else in their lives going on, or maybe even, that are participating in the rp, and doing their part to keep it alive? 

      3. don’t only reblog muse shit

in the past year or so, muse blogs have really made a difference in the rpc. now, we have a place to find things that can relate to our character, or a plot that they currently have with another character, and reblog them, giving people more of an in-depth sense of our chracters, from more then just statistics or a bio. i would be lying is i didn’t admit my love for this, cause it truly has made a difference. but, i cannot tell you how many times i have seen a rp slowly dying and there is that one person or in some cases, multiple people, who you know are on the dash, cause they are reblogging stuff, but instead of reblogging starters and replies, they are reblogging musings, or pictures. has this ever happened to you? you post a starter, and you worked hard on it, thinking of starters that are original is pretty hard, but you finally do it. how ever long after you see that little one thing on the tumblr refresh thing, telling you that there is something new on the dash. excited, you go, click on that refresh button, and when your dash reloads, its a quote, a picture, a gif set, something along those lines. now knowing someone is on the dash, you wait for that response, but it never comes. instead, your starter gets buried. #stopburyingstarterswithmusingshit2016. i’m not saying stop reblogging muse shit, please, if i did, that would make me a hypocrite. but mayb,e while your on the dash, and you happen to see a reply, or you happen to see a starter, or you see how no ones made a new starter in a day or two, why not make make posting actual rp stuff your priority?

     4. do be active 

this one is kind of a given, but i fee. as though lately, some people need a reminder. in order to keep a rp alive, you must simply be active! i know, i know, its hard to if no one else is on the dash, but, if your not gonna be the one to break the dead rp ice with a starter, then who is? what i have found out over my time in the rpc  is that activity is almost like a chain reaction. most of us are on at the same time, or at least once a day, yet for some reason everyone seems scared to post a starter, or even a reply, no one wants to be first. its like at a buffet or something, no one wants to be first in line, yet everyone wants to eat. so what can you do? be the first in line! start the activity up again! when it seems as though no ones on the dash, who cares? just post a starter, and reply to your other replies, and i’m sure the rest of the rp will start to be active again.

    5. if you don’t have muse, either try to get some or just leave the rp

i know some of us get very attached to some of our characters, and feel as though we can play them forever, yet, there always those times where are use just isn’t as high as it was before. it happens to the best of us. but, that doesn’t really give you an excuse to just abandon the rp. in my eyes, there are two ways to go about solving this problem. 1) you take a day or two, make an ooc saying that you just need a day or two but you promise to come back soon, let the admins know, and take that day or two, and try to develop your muse again. whether is that just taking that time to be off the dash, in the real world, looking through muse blogs, making photoshop shit for them, plotting with more people, i don’t know! but if you want to stay in the rp, with muse, i recommend doing this.  2) if you have attempted this last step and it just didn’t work, or you really just want out of the rp, just leave then. simple! i’m sure all the admins would understand, plus, i’m sure there is someone out there who will be more then happy to fill your role in the rp with whatever muse they have. 

    6. don’t ignore starters

this may seem like common sense, but i have seen this happen way too many times, where someone pot a starter, and then the complainer comes on, or the muse reblog person, orrr those people who mean well, do replies, but just for some reason don’t reply to start starter, instead make one of their own. part of keeping an rp active is being inclusive! sure, that person may not be your favorite, or you just don’t get their chara, or your muses don’t get along well, so what? if you want to keep the rp alive, your going to have to include everyone, thats just how it goes.

    7. promote!

this one may seem like it should only be reserved  for the admins, but it is not! promoting the rp to your friends or the rpc, either by talking about it, posting a link on your aim updates, posting a link to it on your rph/rpc, reblogging a main promote post on your rpt/rph, the list is endless. this way, your friends can join, people you met on aim yet don’t talk to anymore for whatever reason can jojn, those who are too lazy to go through the tags and just look at the rpt or rph tag for some reason can join, anyone can really! 

    8. try to get online

i know we all have outside lives from the rpc, but joining a rp, you are making a commitment to stay active. if something happens and you need some time off, thats when you ask the admins for a hiatus, and i’m sure they will understand and let you have some time off. but, if you find yourself bored, the dash slow, why not get involved, be active!

i know i’m going to get a message or two once i post this saying “ugh this is so annoying, this is all common sense blah blah blah,” but, lately from my own experience and from what i have seen people complaining about on the tags, i feel as though people need this reminder. also if majority of the rpc follows these tips, i’m sure rps would last a solid amount of time, and people can stop complaining. also, if anyone has any more tips, feel free to reblog and add them, or message me them!