i need a tablet tho


Hey~ I was your Secret Satan! :D

I don’t draw too much, so this was a learning process (still have a lot to learn tho) but I feel I did give my best! I hope you like it! :3

For better res:


Characters belong to @thisiskindagross



No, we’ll fight together!

I’m going to sue Rebecca Sugar for making me tear up my allergies act up. Yes. Allergies.

(Also, older Steven design based off of maariamph‘s design!)

and in that moment, Ray disappointed everyone.

im garbage……they’re taking over my sketchbook…………..

 TOA Squad: Cecil, Lou ellen, Nico and Will

(is tumblr making this really blurry or is that just me??)


so i hung out w/ my friend today and i drew a buncha shit doodles lmao (also i made her watch the first 4 eps of mob ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) Also look, i finally tried drawing reigen (not well, but still, finally)

today on fools gold: laura’s gayness reaches critical mass and her only hope of retaining her heterosexuality is yahoo! answers

spoiler alert: her hope is an exercise in futility

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au where everyone has ears and tails mostly for aesthetics but aren't limited by stereotypes they're just there. Asahi has cute bunny ears giving him the nickname "Asabun" and Yahaba has long droopy ones for "Yahabun". They also have cute fluffy tails<3 Suga with kitty ears and Daichi and Iwa as wolves. Oikawa and Noya have fox ears. Tanaka was born earless, but he doesn't let it get to him, preferring to stroke Chikara's slightly droopy rabbit ears -Duckling