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Look! It’s more about Dad!Niall and little Maeve! I saw a prompt on my prompt list that sparked the inspiration for this and it’s a little short, but I’m just really excited to be writing again and I really hope you all like it! 

The hospital room was relatively calm.

You’d gotten less than four hours of blissful, quiet sleep in the calm room, the only noise coming from the heart monitor that you were required to wear and the whirring of the machines. Early in the evening, the room was chaotic. You were sitting up in the hospital bed with your knees pulled up to your chest and Niall by your side, chanting and cheering you on. He held one of your legs back and he coached you as you pushed, doing everything in your power to bring your baby into the world before midnight. And then the room was filled with tears and cheers, your little one measured and weighed and wrapped up in a soft white blanket before being passed onto you and Niall. You’d spent a good few moments with her resting on your chest after she was born, your nightie ruined and your cheeks wet with tears of joy and pride. She was absolutely beautiful.

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do you have any advice on ways to invest in urself/practice self care while balancing a busy schedule? like i'm about to go back to school and i'm not sure how to keep up on both

my therapist stressed to me to make sure i made a schedule/routine that i followed. i feel like that can be something that’s very important. if you need a nap when you go home, take a nap, as long as you need. mine are usually two-three hours (i need lots of sleep or else i’m irritable, due to depression) so that’s what i make sure i get. afterwards, if i have any fatigue i make sure i take a shower or wash my face. little things like that, you know? always fit those things into your schedule… no matter how small they may seem. need to be reminded to have a snack? jot it down. need a break every 30, 15 minutes? do it. what do you need in that amount of time? someone to talk to, affection, to lay down? don’t overlook those things please!

while taking naps are good, make sure you set an alarm because, at least for me personally, my naps can get wild and turn into full blown 5 hour naps… then i wake up, i’m fatigued, then get even more depressed and i don’t do my work. that sleep is really good for you in moderation b/c too much will take away ur sleep for the night and make you wanna dream away instead of do schoolwork!

so, please make a routine/schedule! like:

when you come home from school; (just an example)

take a nap, rest, lay down (fill with whatever self-care activity)

shower, (fill in the blank with whatever!)

study, go over notes, etc.

every 15/30 minutes take a break, rest your eyes, stretch! watch a funny or cute video! take deep breaths, use those 5 minute meditations from apps/youtube! (god those help a lot.)

of course that’s just an example. whatever you feel like you need (it would help to brainstorm on a piece of paper, and fit it into your schedule or write it in your planner) and following it would be so good. it’s ok if it gets confusing or hard to follow the first few days, that may mean there’s something that needs changing or you just need time to adapt- and that’s okay! but self-care and rest are so important. they will only improve your days and make it easier to survive, i promise you.

there are other posts on here too that i’ve seen that i will link when i get the chance sunshine!


Fandom: Marvel RPF
Pairing: Tom Holland/Reader
Word Count: 514
Warnings: none
Summary: you’re basically not paying attention and injure yourself, but try to hide it from Tom because he’s got enough on his plate but he finds out and teases you for it. It’s really late rn but this just popped into my head because I bruise like a peach and keep finding random ones

You were wandering down the South London street, not heading anywhere in particular. You had a couple of shopping bags on your arm but at the moment you were trying to text Tom back whilst he had a spare minute at work.
Because of this, you weren’t looking where you were going and walked straight into a bicycle railing, much to the amusement of other passers-by. It immediately began to ache and you knew it was going to bruise across both your thighs, so you found a bench to sit down on and concentrate on replying to Tom before hailing a taxi home.
You knew Tom had been having long days at work recently after starting work on yet another movie, so you organised your living room into a movie den with cushions and blankets and little lights, ensuring that a large pizza would turn up just after Tom got home.
You heard the key turn in the lock and quickly glanced around to make sure everything looked right before Tom walked in, bleary eyed and messy-haired. But his face lit up when he saw you, and then when he saw what you’d done. Closing the door behind him, he walked straight over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, nuzzling his face into your neck.
‘Thank you, you have no idea how much I needed this,’ he mumbled.
‘I know, hun, which is why you need to go and make yourself comfy while I wait for the pizza to get here,’ you kissed him on the forehead and headed back into the kitchen. Sure enough, the doorbell rang, and you already had drinks and other snacks set up in your little fort, so you could both relax for the evening.
Later that night, Tom was sat in the middle of the sofa, and you laying with your legs across his lap. He was rubbing gentle circles on your legs, a habit of his, when he managed to press down on the bruises from earlier which you’d completely forgotten about. As you yelped, you tried to hide it by coughing but Tom knew you better and frowned.
'Love, what’s wrong? Did I hurt you?’ he seemed taken aback.
'No, no, no, it’s my own fault,’ you replied, rolling up your sweatpants to show him the flowering blues and purples on your thighs.
'What did you do?!’
'Iwalkedintoabicyclerailing’ you mumbled quietly, knowing Tom would make fun of you not paying attention and being clumsy, as usual.
'What was that?’ he smirked.
'I walked into a bicycle railing, Tom, whilst I was trying to text you back on your break, I might add.’
'Ah, ah, ah, no, you don’t get to turn this around on me, what have I told you about being more careful!’ he laughed, leaning down to lay his head next to you.
'I know, I just hadn’t heard from you all day and I was excited,’ you replied, snuggling into his thick sweater.
And that was how you two fell asleep, with some old, cheesy flick playing quietly in the background.

So yah, please excuse how short this is but I really needed to write something fluffy. Btw, I’m still taking requests so PLEASE message me and I’ll let you know whether I’m in the fandom or not :) if not I’m more than happy to do a gif imagine for it👍🏻

How to get Started on Homework

We all know the struggle. You get home after a long day of school and you have no motivation. All you want to do is lay down or go on your phone. I have some simple tricks and habits to help you get started on that pile of work! 

 1. Give yourself 15 minutes to reset! After a long day you do need some time to relax. Drink some water, have a snack, watch a study video to get you motivated. Give yourself a break!

 2. Get ALL of your stuff ready. That means your pencil case, your binders, notebooks, anything you may need to study and work. 

 3. Put on some music if you want. Go for some non-lyrical instrumentals. I like to listen to Hans Zimmerman radio on Pandora or some Spotify playlists. Lyrics can get you distracted. Minimize the page or put your phone across the room if you find yourself checking on it.

 4. Makes to-do list and a schedule. I like to do this so I can break down assignments and they feel less tedious. If you run out of time, you can set it aside till after you are done with your other things or keep working on it.

 5. If you have long hair, tie it up. If you have short hair, put it in a headband. It’s harder to work if you have your hair in your face! 

 6. Take a deep breath and get cracking!

Request: How about reader is Jason’s s/o, and they live together… But might as well live with all of his brothers too since they just kind of drop by (or actually drop into the window) whenever they want to? And it seems whenever they know it’s most inconvenient? That sounds hilarious! 

A/N: I kinda didn’t know how to work with this one, so sorry if it sucks :/

“No, no!” You begged tiredly, tugging nonstop on the mans arm, trying to get him back into the bed. “Just sleep in just this night.” Your eyes could barley stay open. “You know I have to go.” His voice equally as tired as yours.

“Just a few more minutes?” You pouted, even poking out your bottom lip. “Please~!” You tugged even more.

“Okay, fine.” He yawned before laying back down and huddling under the covers. You snuggled into him, you were both comfortable. You heard Jason sigh when he heard the room’s window open and close. “Go home, Tim.” Jason immediately said, not even needing to sit up and open his eyes to know which brother it was.

“I just need a snack.” He responds.

“Go away, Tim.” He repeated, Tim ‘aw'ing in disappointment.

“Aww,” you started, placing a hand on Jason’s cheek. “Let Lil Timmy get himself a protein bar.”

“Protein bar my ass. Last time he made himself four waffles with two glasses of apple juice.”

“He’s a growing boy. Let him eat.”

“Yeah! I’m a growing boy, let me eat!” Tim repeated as he quietly helped his way to the kitchen.

“He’s nineteen.”

“Boys can still grow at nineteen.” You slurred, patting Jason’s cheek before you began to drift off.

The following morning you woke up to the sun beaming in your face with Damian sleeping on your side and Cassandra on the other. You yawned, you were use to their presence ever since you and Jason moved in with each other. Carefully getting up, immediately waking Damian only to tell him to lay back down, you walk to the living room and kitchen seeing Jason and Duke talking about god knows what, Dick making breakfast, and Tim sleeping comfortably on the couch. “‘Morning.” You greeted, turning on early cartoons. They returned their greetings and went back to their conversations.

You smiled at the time when you found Cassandra sneaking into the apartment and falling flat asleep after her patrol. Having to properly place her head on a pillow and cover her in a blanket.;

When Damian snuck three puppies into the apartment and you had to tell him to take them somewhere else, he ended up getting his way knowing you couldn’t resist his big eyes. “Don’t do that, Damian.” He puffed out his cheeks. “Damian Al Ghul Wayne. Stop…” You chocked. His face went back to normal when you finally allowed the puppies to stay.;

When Dick snuck in to watch late night cartoons during his break on patrol. He accidentally turned the TV up to loud and woke you up. In the end, you joined him and watch the cartoons, laughing at the stupid jokes.;

Duke convincing Jason to sit and watch a Lord of the Rings Marathon. And it went on for days, you were even exhausted. Popcorn buckets, snack wrappers, they even built a fucking pillow fort. Of course they helped you clean everything up.

You smiled at it all, it just felt relaxing.

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53 with Poe? :)

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100 ways to say “I love you”: 53 - “Sit down, I’ll get it.”

Poe laughed as you tried to change your position on bed, but groaned at pain. You looked at him, slowly killing him on your mind.

“Don’t laugh, asshole. It really hurts.”

“It’s funny, I’m sorry”, he said, dressing up for work. Again, you groaned. Poe looked over his shoulder and saw you trying to move your leg, which was covered in bruises.

“Fall from the top of your boyfriend’s X-Wing when you were trying to help him clean it? Sure, of course it’s funny.”

You crossed your arms. Your whole body was hurting, especially your bruised leg and your broken ankle. Your injuries was serious enough to make General Organa give you a whole week off (alone, of course. Poe needed to work).

“Okay, I won’t laugh at you anymore. Sorry, babe”, Poe told you, getting closer to you and kissing your lips. “There’s anything you need before I go to work?”

“Nah, I’ll just get some snacks on the kitchen and I’m gonna lay down again.”

When you tried to get up, Poe put a hand on your shoulder, slowly pushing you against the mattress.

Sit down, I’ll get it.

He walked into the kitchen, looking around for things you would want to eat - cookies, ice cream, little cinnamon rolls, etc. He then walked to the room again, delivering everything to you.

“At night you will eat healthy food, okay?”

“Alright, mom”, you joked. “Thank you though, love.”

Poe kissed you again, caressing your cheek.

“Anything for you.”

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exo reaction to wanting their help to lose weight?

I’m assuming you wanted a gif reaction because they’re pretty popular right now. Okay, I hope I’m right because here we go!


“Why would my beautiful girl need to lose weight? You already look like a dream.”


“I think you need to lose that idea.”


“That’s ridiculous. Why would you need to lose weight?” 


If you really just wanted to be healthier, D.O. would help you cook some healthy meals and snacks. “It all comes down to how you eat.” 

(feat. Tao)


“Being healthy is great but why would you want to just lose weight?”


“Why? You have a great body already.”


“If that’s what you want, but you’re gorgeous no matter how much you weigh.”


“But if you’re healthy, why lose weight? I love the way you look.”  


“Why would you say something like that? You’re so amazing the way you are.”


“You’re so beautiful though. Why would you want to do something like that?” 


“But why? You look great.”


“But I love your curves.” 

Preference #8: Midnight Snacks

Calum: You barely ate any snacks when you were younger. That continued on into your teenage years. Calum never ate snacks around you because of this, but some times you’d need to go on a sugar run. You were in Five Below looking in the candy aisle when the bell dinged signalling a costumer. Your basket so far was filled with various snacks including Pop Rocks. “What are you doing?” you heard a familiar voice ask. You turned to see Calum, “I’m getting snacks,” you mumbled picking up a bag of chips. “At twelve am?” he questioned, you nodded. He shook his head, “Well if you’re going to get snacks pick some good ones,” he said staring into your basket. Calum picked up a marshmallow pop, “This has to go,” he said, going to help you get appropriate snacks.  

Ashton: Ashton rolled onto his side, and moved his arm to wrap around you. When his hand collided with the cold bed sheet, he woke up. “Y/N?” he yawned, your side of the bed was empty. Ashton rubbed his eyes, and got up heading out the room. He could hear some rustling coming from the kitchen, and concluded that you were in there. He peaked into the kitchen wincing at the bright light. “What are you doing up?” Ashton asked stepping into the kitchen. You looked up from your plate, and smiled. “I was craving bacon brownies,” you muttered. You were six months pregnant, so Ashton was used to the cravings, but this was the first time you woke up at midnight to eat. “No offense, but that sounds disgusting,” he told you. You shook your head, and held up a brownie to him with bacon bits on top. “Try some,” you demanded, he shook his head, “No thanks,” he said, sitting down in the chair next to you.

Michael: “Why are we up again?” you whispered trying your hardest not to fall asleep. “We’re up because Luke thinks I can’t stay up past midnight,” he said. Michael seemed wide awake, no sign of sleep was evident in his features. “But I want to sleep,” you mumbled, laying your head on his shoulder. He shook his head, “You can’t fall asleep, I need you to help keep me awake,” he told you. You sighed, “I don’t need to be awake though,” you pouted. He got up, and went to the kitchen. He came back in a while later, “Energy drinks, and snack cakes,” he said setting the stuff down, “Start eating.” You grabbed one of the energy drinks, and opened the can starting to drink.

Luke: “I’m outside,” the text from Luke said. You got out of bed, and snuck downstairs to open the door. Luke held up the grocery bag, “Special delivery for my beautiful girlfriend,” he said. You smiled, and pulled him into the house, quietly closing the door. You had started getting cramps, and when you looked in your medicine cabinet for Advil, there wasn’t any. It was around midnight, and Luke was confused as to why you were calling him. Being the best boyfriend that he is, Luke went to get you Advil along with some snacks. “You’re truly the best,” you said after taking the Advil, he kissed your cheek. “Anything for my girl,” he said.

Big Bang Reaction: You want to cuddle after a long stressful day

Jiyong: “Okay babe let me just put down my jacket and grab some snacks for us. I know how food can also help stress.”

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T.O.P: *you wake him up when you lay down to cuddle him* “What? hmm? What’s wrong what happened??” You: “sorry Seunghyun…I just really need to cuddle after today.” Him: “Aww jagi, come here. Need to talk about it?”

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Taeyang: *100% happy and ready to cuddle with his baby*

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Daesung: “Yes jagiya~ Let us cuddle!” *refuses to let you go even after you tell him you need to get up to go pee*

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Seungri; *pretend you’re Jiyong* **dramatic AF** “Okay prince(ss) *picks you up bridal style* Let your Knight sooth your worries and take away your stressful memories of the day.”

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Requested by @koneko14 (thanks for the request sweetie!!! And I hope I don’t kill you with the GD feels~ ;P)


waste the night

In which Luke writes a letter to you because he needs to let you know and he needs to get it all of his chest and he needs someone (read: you) to love him back. In which he relives memories. In which you understand and feel free because the one you need, needs you back.

+masterlist (requests are open!!) 

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