i need a silent night

I am a loner 
who has lost the ability 
to be alone

The silence used to
soothe me 
and now I am craving
whispered nothing’s,
innocent intimacies 

I just want someone 
who can be there 
to hold me,
instead of wrapping 
my arms around myself,
in a mockery 
of what I am seeking

—  this loneliness might kill me || O.L.
I Need A Silent Night
  • I Need A Silent Night
  • Amy Grant
  • The Christmas Collection

“To end this crazy day with a silent night." 

This practically summarizes my daily wish about this time of the year.  By November, I hear myself asking if I had signed up for the kind of frenzy I get entangled in, and 2011 is no special case.  Then my hand reaches out for the iPod click wheel to search for my favorite Christmas playlist, and my fingers find a particular track.

While I still enjoy a good old traditional carol, I admit finding solace in many contemporary Christmas tunes that mirror more closely how the holidays are celebrated these days.  One in particular, Amy Grant’s I NEED A SILENT NIGHT, resonates with my  disposition right now.

All right–we’re not even in the season of Advent yet; but heck, they’ve put up the Christmas tree in our office already.  So I can’t say this song isn’t fitting.  Let’s sing then…


I love pain :)))


I Need a Silent Night - Amy Grant

This video was played during our last session in Values. This song tells us about the real meaning of Christmas: Jesus Christ. This song is beautiful, so please do listen. :“>