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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why do people talk about Jonathan Groff more than Okieriete Onaodowan? Jon left Hamilton months ago and is literally on stage for like 10 minutes. Oak has an amazing range and is the last original cast member. Why does no one talk about him. Why wasn't he nominated for a Tony. I need answers.

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I just finished LOT season 1 and rewatched season 1 of the flash and something really bothered me - Mick Rory. In the flash we see him as someone who is able to lear how his gun works and able to work out the plans etc. Len is the mastermind ofc but Mic wasn't just the muscles. And we had Mick Rory at the begining of LOT aka IQ of meat. The difference really bothered me and only after the chronos deal we see him back to "inntelect levels" like in the Flash. Do you have thoughts on that?

I actually don’t think Mick’s IQ appears to dip at the start of Legends, to be honest. Second episode, with Len and Ray breaking into Savage’s house, he’s there berating Ray alongside Len and also completing Len’s sentences, going to fix the situation before Savage gets a hold of him. He’s shown right off the bat to be competent and underestimated. 

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Which is what it is, in my opinion. He’s constantly underestimated by the team, and with them constantly calling him and idiot or acting like he’s the slow one, the audience starts to believe it, when it couldn’t be farther from the truth. He might not be a scientific genius like some of the team, but he’s probably the most competent in terms of base skills and also easily the most practical. He has multiple types of intelligence that are underrepresented on the team because of how different he is than most of them, but it’s seldom appreciated or pointed out in canon.

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Another pre-Kronos example? How he knows what Druce is up to and warns Rip that Druce is going to kill him. Interpersonal intelligence, down to earth, great at reading a situation. Actually, he has some of the highest interpersonal understanding on the team. He always reads a situation and sums it up perfectly, often the first to recognize what’s going on, if he’s being insulted, if someone else is being threatened or insulted, how to get under people’s skin, etc. He doesn’t always do what you’d expected him to with the knowledge, but he sees it and understands him. I’d say he and Sara are pretty equal in this regard.

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More examples of him being smart though? He always knows what Len is talking about and easily goes along with plans intuitively without much explanation. Reads between the lines immediately when Len wants to make an extra pit stop with the jump ship in episode 3. Follows orders to the t and keeps things moving on all of their early missions up to and including in Russia. Knows what to do with the pirates when they’re locked up in that cell and how to make a deal and sort out of the situation. He’s the only one who even thinks of making a deal with the pirates and knows how to do it.

And when he’s called out for not being “thick” by Rip early on? He immediately pretends to be dumb again. Yes, pretends. Because I’ve argued before that him being the ‘muscle’ to Len’s ‘brain’ is mostly just an act they fall in to, especially around others, and it works. They managed to stay one step ahead of most people around them at all times.

It’s also worth saying… the way Mick sees the world? Is a bit different than most people, I think. He sees it in very practical terms of what can be used and how, regardless of that was it’s intended function, or regardless of whether that was someone’s intended skill set. Think of the recent scenes with Martin where he asks Martin to fix his brain. Martin complains that he’s not that kind of doctor but Mick doesn’t care. I mean, he says “same thing” basically, but he understands that Martin isn’t a neuroscientists logically, he gets that Martin is a physicist. He just doesn’t care because it’s not relevant. 

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What is relevant is that Martin is smart enough and knows enough about what’s happening to him to help him with it, neurologically. So at that point in time, the distinction between PhD and MD doesn’t matter and he expresses that. Some people interpret that as him being less than intelligent, but I’d say it’s more accurate to read that as him just keeping different categories in his head than most of us are used to.

Finally, I don’t think we need to value a person based on their IQ or intellect, and I don’t think that a high IQ would ever be the best thing another person could have to offer a team already comprised of so many geniuses. But I also don’t think it’s necessarily accurate to say that Mick’s changed? He’s always been super competent, that’s always been underestimated by the team (and most people really), and he’s always been much sneakier than he’s given credit for :)

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I think the thing I liked best about Mick and his friend Georgie was seeing Mick play off of someone that was actually shown as smart and a natural leader. Like Leonard Snart was, I mean.

And it seems a pattern - we had Mick and Len. Then we got the brief bit of friendly drinking between Mick and Turnbull - who was also a very smart and competent leader type of the more scoundrel sort. We’ve got a brief moment of Mick fighting back-to-back with Oliver Queen - again: intelligent, somewhat sneaky and a leader. And now George Washington. Who, like the others, don’t just treat Mick as a goon, but as a perfectly competent individual (albeit crass - definitely crass).

It seems to me that whenever Mick encounters a person like that - a smart, possibly sneaky, natural leader, he knows exactly how to fit. He makes an excellent enforcer - I suspect Mick’d make a natural sergent, actually - and, as we saw with Georgie, Mick is perfectly capable of making and executing a plan (that escape was him all the way), but he spent the entire time Brit-napped asking for permission to pull it off. From Washington. From the boss.

Because he trusts his boss to call the shot.

Because that’s the thing. With Mick, that respect? It has to be mutual. He’ll follow a leader who is willing to respect him. He’ll trust a leader who is willing to trust him. To treat him as an equal (or as close to one as the socialpolitical realities of a given time period allows).

And he just doesn’t get that among the Legends. There are no natural leaders among this bunch - not even Rip, who, after all, was always supposed to be a lone agent for the Time Masters and really sucks at making the best use of his human ressources when he hasn’t been edited by Thawne. (Evil!Rip seems far more competent so far.) There’s nobody for him to play off in the manner he’s used to.

Worse, though - they hardly ever seem to trust him in turn. The entire sending-along-babysitters-for-Mick on missions and the way they kept interrupting every attempt at a conversation he tried to have with the other superheroes during Invasion doesn’t really scream trust to me. Oh, some of them will try friendly overtures in one episode or other, but next episode they don’t even interact with him again.

The other legends? They act like Mick’s a goon who needs someone to lead him - and sure, Mick can use a leader. It’s just that not a single one of the Legends have what it takes to be that leader.

The Legion of Doom

What I’ve noticed about The Legion of Doom is that they are always properly dressed for the time period they are in but they probably don’t have a wardrobe full of clothes as The Legends do…so there are two possible suggestions that come into mind:
1. Malcolm and Damien send Eobard to fetch them the propper clothes every time (which i find completely hilarious by the way, just imagine his face)
2. They all go shopping before they go do mischief (which will be even funnier…just…Malcolm will be so posh about ti…taking about two and a half hours to choose his tie…they’ll never get anything done)

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Lovable Losers + text posts (part 3)

Earth-4’s Team Flash: Leonard Snart, Lisa Snart, Dr. Mick Rory, Dr. Sara Lance, Jefferson Jackson, and Eddie Thawne.

I imagine mostly kissing // Eleven x Reader

Words // 407

Warnings // None

A/N // This is very short, I’ve been writing a book and because I’ve been going a little too hard on that I’m kind of discouraged from writing but it’s nice to write for this blog as most of it’s sweet and short. I’m planning to write longer things soon! 

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“What’s wrong Doctor?” Amy asked, the four of you had decided to have a quiet and nice little plain day on Earth, just a rest in between travels. You, Amy and Rory were actively watching the film whilst the Doctor was talking about something. In the end Amy noticed how he was constantly flustered, a pink blush on his cheeks which was never there.

“What? Nothing. Nothings’ wrong. Why would there be anything wrong?” He asked and spoke a bit too quickly which the three of you noticed, he seemed rather nervous. More nervous than he had ever seen whilst the four of you were in a life-or-death situation.

“C'mon Y/N, I promised Rory I’d get the groceries this time since I make him cook.” You laughed whilst nodding and went away with her, it was completely true what she said as her and Rory did make an agreement like that.


“Doctor,we need to talk.” Rory finally said, he and Amy had both been talking about when this moment would come because both of them had been noticing how pink the Doctor was whenever Y/N was around or when she was looking directly at him or talking, he turned a dangerous shade of crimson most of the time and to the two of them it was obvious but of course to the Doctor it wasn’t.

“Why?” He asked but he did jump up to his feet and seemed ready for anything that might come.

“If you imagine Y/N, yeah. What do you imagine?” Rory simply asked right to the point and he blurted out: “I imagine mostly kissing.”

“Right,” Rory said, actually not expecting him to be this direct about it all, he imagined he had to convince or point it out a bit more to him but for once he didn’t seem oblivious. “Good, that’s good yeah.”


“Y/N?” The Doctor called out, you had just helped Amy place the groceries in their kitchen when you heard his voice and followed where it seemed to come from, he was standing in the middle of the living room with Rory nowhere in sight.

“Yes?” You asked.

“Well, if this is what I think it is and if it’s right, which it obviously is than I think.. I think I’m in love with you.” He said, he was slightly tripping over his words which made him more adorable. You grinned.

“I was wondering when you’d say that.”

Alternative titles for 2x15:

1. Fellowship of Major Fuckups

2. Fellowship of People who don’t trust Mick Rory

3. Fellowship of People who don’t deserve Mick Rory

4. Fellowship of The Only Redeeming Quality Of This Episode Was Tolkien Himself


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.16

Sara regains her memories.

Real talk, Ray brings his little dolls back and Mick sees them, asks him what they’re for, and Ray tells him that he made them to keep himself company while he was stranded among the dinosaurs for six months. Mick laughs at the Stein doll and takes the one of himself, and they don’t talk about when Mick confessed to focusing on the team to prevent himself from being brainwashed again. Because Mick would appreciate the dolls as Ray’s attempt to keep sane even though he’d try to avoid the discussion of feelings.


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