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My ECCC Experience

Warning – This turned into a book. I will put the bulk under a cut.

 Well, what a weekend that was. I see many people have shared their experiences & I wasn’t going to cause I didn’t want to be repetitive (plus I hate writing), but what the hell – here we go.

 It all started on Thursday night when my husband & I checked in at the Sheraton & then headed over to The Whisky Bar to meet up w/ about 25 other fans for whisky tasting & general mayhem. It was such a blast to meet other fans in the flesh & everyone was so lovely.

 Friday was very long & tiring, but also quite exhilarating. It started with waiting 3 ½ hours in line for the panel in VERY tight & warm conditions, but a good number of people had to wait in the cold rain, so I won’t complain. We ended up in the 8th row on the center aisle. We had a perfect view of the stage, but a bit far for any great pics from my camera phone, but I’ll share a couple here anyway.

 Since everyone saw the panel already, I won’t get into that except to say it was absolutely marvelous. Sam & Cait were glorious live & the energy in the room was palpable. Everything they said is pretty much a blur & I still need to rewatch it to make it all real.

 We went straight to the autographs after the panel, but they were already capped off, so we hung out for a bit & then headed to our dual photo-op w/ Sam & Cait. The organization was a complete shit-show and they had no idea what they were doing. We were moved all over the place & then smooshed all together against the wall to wait again while they figure it out. After about an hour, they got it together & we were on our way to stand in line.

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college lance things

more parts coming! this is just an intoduction to my mua lance au!!

  • He got into makeup at age 15 through concealer which he nicked from his older sister’s dressing table. It started out because he was breaking out a little bit and was feeling mildly insecure about his skin
  • ALTHOUGH NOW…this boy goes out looking fly as fuck 24/7. His cheekbones will and can cut a bitch
  • Probably an astrology fanatic 
    • “Capricorns make the best friends. If you don’t believe me, Hunk is living proof. Facts”
  • He’s not even an MUA, he’s actually majoring in fine arts, but he goes around introducing himself as “Lance MUA xoxo” as a joke. 
    • Teachers take this seriously and ask him for makeup tips & tricks from time to time
  • “I might be difficult to work with but at least I can match my foundation smh”
  • “Keith I love you, but please, at least try a facial mask. Your pores are screaming in agony”
  • He beats his face with his beauty blender in tune to the beat of Kiss It Better by Rihanna & soley because of that, it takes him twice as long to get ready
  • “Do I want to look like a cute or bad bitch today?” “How about both” “Thanks, Pidge. I knew I could count on you”
  • Lance is really artistic and great at painting, so naturally he’s actually bomb as fuck with his makeup??? Like one swipe and bam! instantly blended eyeshadow 
  • MVP from the start. He didn’t need anyone to tell him that he needed to blend his foundation all the way down to his neck. This mf just knew
  • Started a fashion blog for fun at age 16 and it?? Actually got popular?? He’s an inspiration for guys his age that enjoy makeup & breaks traditional gender roles
  • Probably most likely popular on instagram
    • Posts OOTDs, pics of doggos and kitties, retro anime aesthetics and memes because lets be real. He’s a meme
    • He and Allura have a Monday ritual in which, no matter what, must have a selfie of them together with their freshly beat faces
  • Keith accidentally knocked over one of Lance’s Urban Decay palettes
    • Forced Keith to watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race as punishment
  • Is the prettiest but most dramatic person that ever walked this earth
    • Once hyperventilated after seeing a hot guy with a piercing and had to reapply his matte lip in a public bathroom
    • Keith was not impressed when he heard about this
  • His makeup brushes are his babies. His ride or dies. Don’t mess with them
  • Also slight digs at Keith even though he loves him 
    • “Mullets were never in fashion why do people even?? Also, you DO have to wash leather jackets at some point. Not being mean, just facts”
    • Shiro shows him all the shade because Keith is a hermit and doesn’t have snapchat (lowkey Shiro lives for drama)
  • “Keith you can try and insult me all you want but I’m a tough one to crack” “Purple really isn’t your colour though” “i – YOU ASS PURPLE BRINGS OUT THE BLUE IN MY EYES”
  • Painfully obvious mutual pining between Keith and Lance. So much so that even Lotor was getting annoyed
    • Pidge got fed up to the point where she walked into Keith’s lecture, yelled “Y’AINT BLIND OR NAH” and walked out
  • Lance does his eyebrows when hes stressed
  • Lotor is in Lance’s graphic design class and rants to him about boy problems. Lotor is…mildly confused, but slightly flattered
  • Almost teared up from the pride that swelled in him when Keith was able to differentiate between bronzer and contour
  • Lives for online drama. Has an account in gurugossiper.com and doesn’t regret it
  • Allura and Lance get into petty but hilarious arguments at times
    • Shiro:? are you two seriously not gonna talk to each other???
    • Allura: that’s what he gets for pairing up that eye look with that sweater
    Valentine's Surprise

    A/N: A little PWP for Valentine’s Day, left until the very last minute, but I hope not too late for @loveinpanem. I didn’t even give @peetabreadgirl or @xerxia31 enough time to beta it properly, so all mistakes are my own.

    Rated E, NSFW.

    Peeta Mellark paced softly around the perimeter of his classroom, peering over his students’ shoulders in the sun-dappled studio where they perched on stools in front of their easels, transferring the still life in front of them to canvas. Their subject matter was non-traditional, but Peeta had allowed them to choose it for themselves, thinking it would hold their interest for longer than the usual bowl of fruit or vase of flowers. The focus on a realistic depiction of the arrangement in front of them remained the same, even if the objects consisted of an iPhone, a set of earbuds, a water bottle and a clutch of grocery store daisies plonked unceremoniously into a cup usually used for rinsing paint brushes.

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    TalesFromRetail: Tales from a Former LP: The Liquor Store Years- Your Timing is Impecable

    This one happened earlier today. It was the kind of day that promised of summer. It was warm, breezy, and the masses were headed down to the beach. So of course my little liquor store was fairly busy. As I came in, my co worker warned me that the fake IDs were out in force that weekend, so to be vigilant.

    It’s a yearly cycle that always starts around this time of year. Lots of teens are desperate to get booze for prom, or to have a fake for the Summer. So inevitably we start getting a ton of fakes starting around mid April. Most of them aren’t great and it’s easy to tell right away. Now I’m not talking “You made your name McLovin? THERE’S NOT EVEN A FIRST NAME!” bad, but still noticably fake if you bother to take a look for more than a split second.

    Still, you will always find the intrepid young students looking to game the system. Most are pretty poor attempts “oops I forgot my ID at home, but you’ve sold to me before remembers?”. Some are more inventive, like the kid who clearly dressed up in the cheap button down and khakis his mom bought him for some funeral, and made it look like he just came back in from working in the city all day. Whatever the plan, I try not to bust balls when I deny them (I know, this is me we are talking about, but I still TRY not to). Sometimes though they get lippy, and today was one of those days.

    It’s just starting to slow down a bit, when in walks this kid. I’d be shocked to find out the kid was even 18, but he’s strutting in confidently like he’s 21. Wearing a baseball T and some shorts. Ok nothing about his outfit is setting off any red flags. I noticed he came from across the street and if I take a step or two to my right, I can just see a car full of young looking kids sitting in it. Ok, now we are starting to hit on some warning signs.

    Kid: Hey, can you recommend any vodkas?

    Me: By price point or just taste overall

    Kid: Taste

    Me: Tito’s is pretty damn good and probably a best seller.

    Kid: Oh they don’t have any flavored vodka? (doesn’t know anything bout big name booze companies, strike 2. Only wants flavored vodka, meaning is inexperienced. Strike 3.)

    Me: Nah.

    So at this time another customer walks in. A guy I knew from another job I’ve talked about on here extensively. If you can already figure out where this is going, then congrats for realizing I’m not an imaginative writer!

    Eventually the kid pics up some cheap rotgut Cotton Candy flavored vodka. Meanwhile the other customer that I know is checking out the wines near the register. As the kid hands me the vodka, I ask to see some ID.

    Kid: Ahh it’s always good to still get carded.

    Problem is, he takes out his wallet, takes his ID from one of the wallet slots, and the places it into the slot with the clear window that some wallets have, except this plastic window isn’t clear, it looks like frosted glass. He then turns the wallet towards me, with his ID so fuzzy and blocked that I could only tell it was my State’s ID because of the colors on it.

    Me: That was about the least smooth thing I’ve ever seen.

    Kid: What?

    Me: I need you to take the ID out and let me see it.

    The kid stiffens a bit, suddenly a bit nervous. My other customer is now watching the interaction, aware of what is going on and giving me a knowing smile. Eventually the kid takes the ID out, and hands it to me. The ID is real, as it has all the anti-counterfit measures, but the person the ID belongs to isn’t our “yout” here.

    Me: Sorry buddy, but that isn’t going to fly. Goes to hand him the ID back

    Kid: Don’t give me that shit. It’s me. Just sell me the vodka.

    Me: Takes the ID back Yea it’s clearly not you, just go.

    Kid: Fuck you, that is me

    Me: Ok, any of those Credit Cards have a name on them that matches the name of this license?

    Kid: What? No…

    Me: Ok so either you have someone elses license and are attempting to buy booze with it, or you have a wallet full of someone elses credit cards.

    Kid: No! You’re a fucking idiot! Can’t even verify a license! How did you get a job in a liquor store?

    Me: Ok. Well let’s get a second opinion. looks at customer behind the kid. Hey Sergeant Wiggum, care to put in your professional opinion?

    The look on the kids face as he turns around was priceless. Now, Wiggum (name changed for obvious reasons), was clearly off duty in his civvy clothes, but know when you can just tell someone is a cop by their look? Yea, Wiggum has that look.

    Wiggum: Sure, and it’s Detective now btw! grabs ID. Yea this isn’t you. Someone you know?

    Kid: Yea. Friends older brother.

    Wiggum: Does he know you have it?

    Kid: No…

    Wiggum: Tell your Friend’s Older Brother to come to the PD and pick it up. You’re lucky it’s date night and I’m off duty. Now get the fuck out and don’t let me see you near any liquor stores again.

    The kid beat feat pretty quick and jumped into the waiting car.

    Me: Can’t believe you went easy on him

    Wiggum: Meh, I did the same shit at that age. I get it. Besides, It’s date night with the wife and I’d rather get screwed by her than paperwork on my day off.

    With that, Wiggum picked out some wine, and made his way into the night, hopefully to avoid paperwork.

    TL;DR- Bake him away Toys

    By: Drunken_Black_Belt

    anonymous asked:

    Hey! I love your writing! Are you ever going to continue the football AU thing? I loved it!!

    Here it is!  Took a while, but this chapter is longer than the first, so hopefully that makes up for the wait <3

    Eric bit his lip nervously, turning his phone over and over in his hand.  He looked down at the message he had typed out again.

    Hey is it weird if i ask your opinion on my prom outfit?  It felt weird but he thought that could just be him.  After all, he and Philip had agreed to stay friends after Philip went away to college and they broke up.  They had even talked somewhat frequently over the semester, but about innocent things.  School, their old friends in town, what the weather out in California was like.  Neither of them had brought up moving on, but if they were actually going to be friends long term, it was going to have to happen eventually.  Eric hit Send.  It only took a couple minutes before the bubbles that indicated Philip typing showed up, followed shortly by a reply.

    Eh, maybe a little but whatev.  I’m cool with it.

    Thanks :)

    Eric smoothed the front of the suit jacket one more time and took a deep breath before letting himself smile and snapping a picture in the dressing room mirror.  He attached it to a new message and said: Be brutal, if I wanted compliments I’d ask mama.  The next reply came after a few moments of consideration.

    Tbh, that suit makes me want to take your virginity all over again.  Do the world a favor and get it.  Eric felt a pang of longing, remembering when he and Philip had gone to get their tuxes for Philip’s senior prom the year before and they’d ended up making out in the dressing room.  He still laughed though, imagining the exaggerated leer Philip would’ve given him if he was there.

    Alright, I’m convinced.  You’re the best! :-*

    Give Mama a hug for me! Xoxoxo

    Will do! <3

    Eric put his phone down on top of the pile of his clothes and stepped out from behind the curtain.  When Mama saw him, she pressed a hand to her chest.

    “Oh Dicky, you look so handsome!”  He smiled and told her,

    “Definitely this one.”

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    Imagine taking Dean to your high school reunion

    Summary: Dean talks you into going to your ten year high school reunion

    Pairing: Dean x Reader

    Word Count: 2,000

    Warnings: self doubt/self esteem issues

    A/N: sorry I’ve been so absent lately… between school and being sick and writer’s block, writing has been tough lately. Enjoy Dean fluff! I have a serious thing for scruffy Dean… (not my pic, found it on google images)

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    anonymous asked:

    Hi, I really love your blog, i have one question to ask you, when zayn was in the band, he spent time with his family and friends. And now nothing, we only get staged pic or photoshop pics with his beard. I mean he did not lose all his friends. I do not believe he only hangs out with his team or gigi. He does not look like someone who is free.


    Thank you! Flattery will get you everywhere with me, honestly? I mean, define what you think is “free”. I think its pretty obvious at this point that Zayn’s got issues with Sony (at the very least, promotionally), including the fact that Syco openly tried to hide that Zayn was still with the label.

     I think Zayn appearing to not really have friends outside of paid employees serves 2 parts. One is to make Zayn look like a Bag of Dicks Diva who’s disloyal, alienated all his old friends, and is really a lone wolf without a wolf pack (for the record, I don’t think he’s any of those things at all).  And the other really kind of benefits FAE. Let’s talk about it!

    This got long (what else is new), so I’m putting it under the cut). 

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    anonymous asked:

    can i ask why u don't like her? i don't either but i wondered why u don't

    I don’t like her for a lot of reasons but my biggest annoyance with her is the fact that she’s made to be this perfect person with no flaws and she feeds into it. Have you seen her instagram? It’s basically a photographers wet dream.You want to share photos of your kids, your bees, your flowers and whatever else go for it. But do not treat your children like props and please stop being fake. If you take a look at her twitter and her instagram can you find me one single photo that shows some sort of flaw? The kids are always smiling, they’re always poised and they never even have a stain on their shirt. They’re kids and you’re telling me they don’t get dirty? Here are some of my other reasons for disliking her…


    Her twitter is usually pretty tame. She doesn’t post anything that could spark any sort of controversy, she rarely interacts with the fans and she knows when to tweet. By that she knows when Jared is getting attention and she’s just gotta bring it right back to her. Here are some examples x x x x  of her being judgmental or bringing the attention right back to her. Is smoking good? No. Is it good to do it around a child? No. But it’s not your place to judge that person! Who gives a shit how someone lives their life? Jared seemed to be having a great time at SDCC and she just had to point out that it was trending and that she missed him. You’ve never tweeted about SDCC before but now all of a sudden you’ve just gotta point out that it’s trending? Here’s a link to the article she mentioned in the one tweet. Are all Italians in the mob? No. Do all Russians like vodka? No. So please don’t paint all sorority girls with the same brush.


    She’s been known to be inconsistent with her story but I like to call it her being a liar. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? To start the wedding photos, engagement photos and rehearsal dinner photos were all stolen. That’s a little odd because that was a shit ton of photos to be stolen and who could possibly access that many photos without someone alerting Gen or Jared? But wait! A couple years back she approaches the ladies of DLG and tells them how the photos were released with her permission and she chose which photos the photographer could put in her online portfolio. Did she tell the fandom as to stop people from thinking they were stolen? Nope. Set’s up a charity that supports equality but spends 90% of her time with a family that hates same sex marriage. She’s all for girl power but never about this before she had a girl. Now she’s so proud to be a female! It’s like having a girl is what truly made her a mom. Paleyfest rolls around (oh my God, those pictures of Jared kissing her are so bad!) and she tells the interviewer how it’s pilot season and she’s trying hard to book something. Couple months later and she’s pregnant with Tom. Oddly enough Jared told the fandom he wanted to wait to start a family because he wanted to be able to be home with the kids. Later down the road Jared says Gen wants to act but she’s busy with Tom and he’s lucky she’s putting her career on hold like that. Guess what happens? She gets pregnant again! She does a podcast and tells them how she’s just auditioned for the part in a TV show and wanted the fans to tweet said TV show about her getting the part. Then we find out she’s pregnant again! Anyone else seeing a pattern? She tells the DLG ladies that she doesn’t want to do cons, they just aren’t her thing and she doesn’t want to take away from Jared. Really???? Judging by JibCon and Asylum she LOVES being on the stage. She’s an attention seeking bitch. And please, she did not get high. That train story has gotten so fucked up that she actually tells a different variation of it to sound cool and give herself a bigger part in it than she originally had. The reason why she’s never had her own panel is because creation had gotten sick of asking her and her saying no. She’ll dress the boys and dogs up in Seahawks gear because that’s her team but when she goes to a game with Jared she wears HIS team. Logical.

    Her Instagram fail:

    This one should be obvious but I’ll explain why I cannot stand this woman’s attempt at a lifestyle blog. For one she’s making it seem like all these photos are completely candid and weren’t taken by an actual photographer. She’s using her kids, Jared and the fandom for her own personal gain and I find that to be disgusting. All the photos have the perfect caption and show off just the right thing to get the most amount of likes. She knows damn well the pictures with the kids will get the most likes so she posts them when she’s feeling needy and wants attention.She talks about how a “mylkshake” gets the kids to eat their veggies but doesn’t give them a sugar rush. But just last week she gives the kids ice cream and tells us how the sugar rush is real. I’m all for giving kids sugar but also giving them healthy food as well. She acts like she’s the only parent that does these things. My other favorite post of hers is when she talks about missing me time. At that point she attended her brothers wedding, went to a fashion show with her bestie, went to the zoo, had a couple workout dates with the bestie and also went to the beach with her trainer, bestie, besties beard and a disgusting homophobic pic. Not a lot of moms can do all these things and then have the audacity to complain about not having me time. Tells people how it can take a village to gets kids to eat properly. What in the actual fuck? People need to spend 600$ on a blender for kids to eat their vegetables? Why in the hell are you letting your kids dictate what they eat? Keep putting their vegetables in a blender and covering the taste with fruit and they’ll never eat them. Her friend Nicole owns her own baby food company and Gen just loves this! But Nicole often says not to mix fruits and vegetables so kids can learn to eat right without sugar being present. Here she agrees with a fan on how to avoid picky eaters but with her instagram all she’s doing is insinuating that her boys are difficult eaters. The kids rule that house while dads are in Vancouver. So, yeah. Her instagram is not a lifestyle blog for the average person. It’s a platform for her to show off her perfect life, perfect family and how much better she is than everyone else.


    She doesn’t support Jared unless it’s to tweet that she’s proud of him. She didn’t even wear an AKF shirt! She admits that she didn’t do anything to prepare for the role of Ruby even though almost every single actor that comes on that show to be 2.0 or something says how they study the other person. All she did was take a character and ruin her and then complain when people had a problem with her rendition of the acting. It’s over the top or nothing with this girl. She can never just share a simple picture. She’s gotta have the perfect caption and she likes to try and fool people. Posts a picture of Jared and the baby making it sound like she just took the picture moments before hand. When actually it was taken the day they celebrating JJ. I absolutely hate how she spends JARED’S money on complete garbage. This bracelet cost almost 900$ and looks like a child could have made it. Yes, she does come from money but I seriously doubt that her parents are still giving her money to pay for her extravagant lifestyle. I believe she had a trust fund from her grandparents but I doubt that’s still there especially with he way she likes to spend money.

    The fandom treats her like she’s made of glass and she’s right there with them because she loves the attention.Being made the victim is right up her alley.

    Ari’s 2 Year Re-Birthday a.k.a Halloween 2016

    As I mentioned in my last post, I have hit my 2-year mark of being on Hormone Replacement Therapy. I celebrate this day as a second birthday. It marks the beginning of the period in my life when gender dysphoria no longer had its horrific grip on me. (I still deal with it at times of course, but HRT is a life saving treatment. This is truly my Re-Birthday :)

    A year ago, I was in a situation where I was still getting used to living on my own and I was just starting to be able to be in public while letting the walls down and just being myself. That year, I spent my Re-Birthday alone and posted some costume pics on Tumblr about it. While I was grateful to have the outlet of Tumblr at the time and you all sent me encouraging messages of support.. I also vowed to myself that next year would be different. I promised myself that I would have a group of friends that knew only the real me to celebrate this special day with me. This year that happened. It did take effort on my part. I had to be intentional about being more social. If you followed me for a long time, you know that I started going to meetup groups. I went to a Dungeons and Dragons meetup first and there I made two amazing new friends who I visit with weekly now. I also joined a women’s group on meetup. This meetup in particular is just incredible. They accepted me into their fold and I have made several friendships through that group. The events are always a blast even though some of them take me out of my “comfort” zone :)

    I am so grateful to be in the position I am in now, where I have new friends that just know Ari and accept her and like her for who she is. I am actually crying a little while writing this because I remember how I felt last year and how worried I was that I would be feeling alone for a very, very long time. Sure I have family members that still love me but they struggle greatly to accept me for who I am.

    But.. on to the pics of the celebration! This is a happy occasion!

    My friends are amazing when it comes to costumes. I was at first planning on going as Counselor Troi from Star Trek TNG. However, there is a serious lack of costumes out there for her. There is an off-color short dress that really does not come close to matching her outfits. There is the standard TNG uniforms but I did not want to look androgynous in any way for this outing ;)

    So, I went with a Dr. Carol Marcus costume that I found online. I also got a blond wig, but ultimately I decided not to use the wig. I was worried it would be too hot as this was going to be a bar crawl and long night. Also, the wig framed my face poorly and reminded me of the time when I was desperately trying to grow my hair out. I was able to snap a few cute pictures with the wig, but trust me it only looked cute in those pics as that camera angle worked the best for the look. Pics from the side view and such made me look like I was wearing a child’s wig. I decided I could just be a Science Crew Member from the reboot universe :) Science Officer Ari reporting for duty, Sir!

    Also, after shopping at several stores with my daughter I found some futuristic looking earrings at Charming Charlie that I thought were perfect. You can see those in one of the pics.

    Anyway, here are photos both with the wig and without, followed by pictures from one of the most fun nights I have had in recent memory :)

    I could not find a “phaser” so I bought a mini, but very loud toy laser gun from World Market..

    My purse almost looks like that side bag that Dr. McCoy used to carry, doesn’t it??

    Lens flare pic! :) lol

    One last note about this night, I had some real fear leading up to it. As a transgender woman, despite my best efforts, I still fear being called out by someone in public. In particular I still have that uneasy feeling when I need to use the restroom. Being Halloween, with many non-transgender men dressing as women.. it amplified this fear. Once again all of my fears were unwarranted. In fact, as I was about to leave the restroom at one of our many stops on our pub crawl, a random young woman said to me, “Hey are you..” she paused and I took in a breath.. “Star Trek??” Lol! Her wording was funny, but she was just trying to confirm that she “got” my costume. I said, “Yes!” She responded, “I LLLove it!” As you can imagine that was great for me to hear ;) I simply smiled and told her thank you because I honestly was not sure what her costume was supposed to be so I said nothing about it! 

    I hope you all have an amazing Halloween. If you are in a place where you wish you could make some new friends please make a direct effort to do so. You will find them!


    My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

    SHE’S MINE! (Denis Stoff Imagine)
    {Requested by anon :3}

    “Aaaaand CUT!!” I heard the director yell.
    “Thank God.” I muttered, putting my costume back on as I got off the bed on the set.
    You know even though I’ve been professionally acting for many years, I must admit that being an actress in a series like Game Of Thrones, well, let’s just say I’m not quite used to it yet. And by that I mean the sex scenes.
    But of course I’m very good at hiding my awkwardness.
    “Alright everyone! We’re done for today! Hope you all have a great weekend!”
    Our director Miguel Sapochnik announced.
    “(Y/N) you were fantastic as always my dear.” My best friend Emilia Clarke, who plays the beautiful Daenerys Targaryen in the show complimented as I was changing back into my regular clothes. These costumes could be a bit unbearable to have on.
    “Awww thank you babes! You’re always far more amazing than me though.”
    “Oh nonsense love.”
    I giggled and smiled at her, she is honestly the most adorable woman you will ever meet, trust me. Emilia is like my woman crush. Although I do see her as my older sister more than anything really.

    “Any plans for this weekend (Y/N)?” She asked.
    “Well…” I bit my bottom lip, smirking like an idiot.
    “Oh no what are you going to do missy?”
    She questioned with a raised brow and a smile that made her cheekbones define.
    “Well…do you remember that guy I was telling you about not that long ago?”
    “You mean the one in that one rock band?”
    I nodded with a huge grin, wow she didn’t even mention his name and I’m blushing like I’ve never blushed before.
    “Yeah him, well we’ve been really hitting it off from going out on dates together and all that, and well, he’s been away on the Vans Warped Tour for a while sooo, I decided it would be awesome to surprise him by visiting him.” I cheerfully said, my hands clapping together joyfully.
    “Well I think that’s an excellent idea lovely, I think it would make him really happy to see you.” She agreed.
    “Aw man Em I am so excited but at the same time I’m nervous as hell!” I admitted.
    “And why on Earth would you be nervous (Y/N)?”
    “He always makes me nervous!” It’s true, whenever I’m around Denis I have the hugest butterflies form in my stomach, so huge that I feel like barfing right then and there. I’m super shocked that hasn’t happend though thank you God!

    “Listen to me sweetheart, you should he happy that he makes you nervous, because of a man doesn’t make you feel that way, then he is not the one of you.” Emilia tells me.
    I smiled and pulled her into a tight embrace, she always knows what to say, that’s why I look up to her so much.
    “Thanks Em.” I softly muttered.
    “No problem, now go get some rest because you have a long road ahead of you to see your lover boy.”
    I laughed a little and nodded, “You’re right, see you next week.”
    As I was grabbing my things I said goodbye to some of my other co stars, Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Sophie Turner, Rose Leslie, Jack Gleeson and everyone else I passed by as I was exiting the set.
    I gasped a little to see that it was already getting dark.
    Well, even though the sky is glooming I still have to put on my sunglasses because..
    “(Y/N)!! How are you?! What are your plans for this weekend?! Is it true that you’re dating a rock star?! (Y/N)!! (Y/N)!! (Y/N)!!” The paps kept yelling.
    “Alright alright guys please that’s enough, I just wanna get to my car.” I politely tell them while they kept following me.

    Thankfully they respected what I told them and got out of the way when I reached the parking lot.
    I waved goodbye to them as I drove off in my car, hopefully they don’t follow me in their cars.
    I stopped at the first red light and I couldn’t help but smile, just thinking about Denis makes me feel some type of way, it’s indescribable, God I just can’t wait to actually see him again. It feels like it’s been forever. Sure we talk on the phone and face time but of course it doesn’t feel the same as in person. I prefer physical over digital.
    Anyways, I miss the way he holds me so securely in his arms, his kisses, his laugh, his smile, his sexy head of hair. No seriously his hair is fucking hot.

    I wonder how he’s going to react, I especially wanna see the dorky look on his face.
    BEEP!! BEEP!! I heard the vehicle behind me, oh shit I forgot that I was even driving, you see what this boy does to me?
    “My bad!!” I yelled at the car behind me and drove off.
    It was a good thing I didn’t live far away from the studio, I made it to my house in a very short amount of time.
    When I stepped in I immediately ran upstairs and started packing everything that I needed.
    Like Emilia said, I have a long road ahead of me.
    “Okay, clothes, check, shoes, check, jewelry check….” I just realised something, I packed WAY too much for just two days.
    Ugh I exaggerate sometimes I swear.

    I took out some of the stuff and left the very few things I absolutely needed.
    Alright, perfect, I’m all set.
    I take my phone out of my pocket and tap on the gallery.
    I smile like a dork once again as I keep swiping through all the pice of me and Denis.
    Man this guys is so cute! How did he even become interested in a girl like me? I will never understand that for real.
    “Awww.” I cooed when I happend to stop at pic of the two of us in Disneyland.
    I remember that day, it was the day after my birthday and he surprised me by taking me there.
    That was the best day we ever had together, we laughed so much and we swore that we were one of the kids.
    That’s what I love the most about Denis, he’s not afraid of being a goofball with me. I could completely crazy and he wouldn’t look at me like if I belong in a stray jacket.

    “See you soon babe.” I softly mumbled.
    For the rest of the day, the time surprisingly went by quickly. Before I knew it, it was already close to midnight.
    As I snuggling up in my bed the last words I whispered was..
    “Warped Tour here I come.”
    The next day was here in the blink of an eye, I was on the road while blasting up The Black by Asking Alexandria.
    I’m still pretty bummed that Danny is no longer with them, I love that guy, but Denis is most definately a great addition to the band.
    And his screaming is everything, yeah I know what you’re thinking, I ramble too fucking much about him, but can you blame me? He’s an amazing person.
    Good lord this road seems endless, I’m just thankfull that they’re not out of the state, atleast not yet.

    Hours upon hours passed by, this little road trip seemed endless. It feels like an eternity, but finally I started seeing all the little tents up ahead.
    Yes! I’m here.
    It only took a few minutes to find a parking spot, I can hear the music from all these different bands blasting through the entire area as I stepped out.
    Wow there sure are a lot of people here, all dressed up in band merch and wearing little backpacks, it’s pretty awesome.
    “Omg!! (Y/N) (L/N)!!” Shouted two girls who were walking in.
    I glanced over at them and smiled, I’m guessing they watch the show, but…they look a bit young to be watching it. Or maybe they just recogize me in general, okay I’m gonna shut up now and wave.
    “Hello.” I happily greeted them.
    They took that as an opportunity to come running towards me and hug me.
    I hugged them as well, I’m always happy to meet fans.
    “How are you beautiful ladies?” I say.
    “Good…” One of them nervously answered. I giggled and rubbed her shoulder.
    “Don’t be shy hon.”
    “C-Can we please get a picture with you if that’s okay?” Asked the other.

    I nodded and without a second thought their mother or whoever she is from them grabbed a polaroid camera out of her purse and the adorable girls stood on either side of me, hugging me again.
    “Okay you guys say cheese!”
    “Cheeeese!!” We all said and the flash went off.
    “Thank you (Y/N).”
    “Aww you’re welcome girls, have an awesome day okay?”
    “We love you!!” They cheered in unison.
    “Love you too!” I yelled back, making them chuckle.
    It was like that meanwhile I walked to find Asking Alexandria’s stage, many girls and boys came running up to me for photos, pics, videos saying shout outs to their family members and friends, it’s honestly my favourite part of being an actress.

    I put on my sunglasses and walked up to someone, tapping their shoulder.
    “Excuse me, do you know exactly where Asking Alexandria is performing?”
    “Oh yeah, right over there, all the way to your left you should find their set.” The man instructed.
    “Okay thank you so much.”
    He was right, I arrived exactly where he directed me to.
    My heart began to race so hard against my ribs when I caught sight of Denis singing and screaming his heart out on stage.
    Many young girls were screaming for him, jumping up and down to the amazing lyrics.
    “Everybody jump!!” Denis shouted, and everyone did just that. He really knows how to pump up a crowd doesn’t he?
    I had to push through the crowd a little to get a little closer to the stage, some people got a little ticked off with me but they calmed down once I apologized.

    “Alright everybody!! We have one more song to play for you!! It’s called I Won’t Give In!!!” He announced, and the crowd went crazy.
    I cheered and clapped my hands, looks I seemed to grab his attention because he looked at me, but he had to do a double take. Must’ve been my bright shorts or something.
    I smiled lovingly and waved at him, then blew him a kiss.
    Denis was truly stunned by my presence so it seemed, and there’s that dorky smile I love so much, he even forgot to sing all
    of sudden until Ben came and slapped him upside the head.
    I busted a guy seeing that, but then I turned extremely nervous when all eyes were on me.
    A lot of scowls were evident, smiles were as well don’t get me wrong, but there were mostly deadly stares.

    “Um! s-sorry everyone my bad! Allow us to start all over!” He said, drawing everyone’s attention away from me.
    He must’ve felt the tension just as much as I did.
    Despite the awkwardness people still cheered and this time Denis didn’t forget to sing.
    During the song he kept glancing at me over and over again, I felt myself blush hard because the more he looked at me the bigger he smiled.
    Awww he’s so fucking adorable.
    By the end of the song the guys behind the stage, security approached me and told me that Denis wanted to see me back there so I followed.
    I saw the back of his tall figure drinking a can of monster.
    I grinned brightly, admiring his physical apparence standing right before me.
    “Hey love!” I called out.
    As soon as he turned around, he dropped the can and ran up to me, immediately picking me up and swining me around in his arms.
    “(Y/N)!! I can’t believe you’re here!” He cheerfully yelled.
    I laughed a bit as he placed me back down on the ground.
    “Yeah me either, I’m so happy to see you again hon! Oh and I’m so sorry I made you mess up back there. Your fans were pretty pissed at me.” I tell him.

    “Hey don’t even apologize, you have nothing to blame yourself for, and you know how fans are.” He assured, shrugging.
    I nodded agreeing, then things became kind of quiet between us, that’s only because Denis was making me nervous with the way he was staring at me.
    His beautiful eyes scanned my body up and down in the most seductive way ever.
    “Heeey…why are you staring at me li AHH!” I squealed when he grabbed my arm and jolted me to him.
    Our chests were touching each other,
    completely closing the distance between us.
    “You have no idea how happy I am to see you (Y/N).” He spoke quietly.
    I felt his arm snake around my waist and held me tightly against him.
    I can feel my tits squishing against his chest, feels good actually, kind of turns me on a little.
    “Well I’ve been having this idea of surprising you while you were out here since you left so…yeah, surprise!” I say while tracing random shapes on his chest.
    “Well I love the way your mind works love!”
    He chuckled and continued to stare into my eyes, oh God here come the huge butterflies I mentioned earlier.
    Not to mention the nausia, I think I’m gonna barf for real this time. Please (Y/N) don’t do it…

    “Hmm…” I slightly gasped, I didn’t even realise that his lips were now pressing against mine.
    Man how I missed those lucious lips of his, I wasted no time in kissing him in return, I kissed him like I never kissed him before.
    After all I only have two days to spend with him, after that I have to go back home and finish filming the season.
    “Sorry I caught you off guard didn’t I?”
    “It’s okay, I really love it when you do that anyway.”
    He was about to say something but unfortunately he was cut off…
    “Denis! We have to go do the meet and greet!” James called out to him from behind.
    “Okay mate I’m comming!” He notified allowing James to just give him a nodd and walk away.
    I pouted like a little kid and it didn’t even take a second for him to notice.
    “Awww you are so cute. Listen why don’t you go hang out in the bus for a bit? I’ll be there a little later, I promise I wont take long.” Denis reassured me. Hope and guilt making their presence in his dark eyes.
    I don’t want him to feel bad so…
    “It’s more than alright Denis, take your time, go meet your fans. They’re waiting for you.”
    “You’re the best you know that?” He gave me one last passionate peck upon my glossed lips and went on his way with the guys.

    Denis asked the security to escort me to their bus and he did just that.
    The guard was a really nice guy, I instantely got into a deep conversation with him, he even told me that him and his wife watch Game of Thrones all the time and that she’s a huge fan of mine.
    I thought that was just the sweetest so I went ahead and signed some stuff for the both of them and even took pictures.
    “Thank you very much Ms.(L/N), this would mean a lot to my wife.”
    “Of course it’s my pleasure, no problem at all.” I gave him a hug and stepped inside the bus.
    Wow this is beautiful inside, oh fuck yes! There’s a/c in here!
    As I walked over to turn it on I bumped into someone.
    “Oops! I’m so sorry!” I said.
    “That’s alright. Well hello there.”
    I looked up into a pair of hypnotizing blue eyes, “Oh my gosh hey Ben!” I greeted.

    “Hi um…”
    “(Y/N).” I introduced, I extended my hand and he shaked it.
    “(Y/N)…” He wondered, as if my name sounded familiar to him.
    “Oh!! Aren’t you that woman from Game of Thrones?!” Ben asked with excitement.
    “The very same.”
    “Wow I love you on that show! You look even sexier in person.”
    “Hehe thank you very much I appreciate that.”
    I couldn’t help but notice that he was still holding my hand, he wasn’t even shaking it anymore.
    And he also seemed to be looking at me the same way Denis does. Uh oh…
    Slowly and gently I released myself from his grip.
    Ben was too busy gawking at me to even notice.
    “Uh…” He began, looking at his surroundings before locking eyes with me again.
    “I just noticed that you’re on my bus.” He pointed out with a sexual smirk.
    “Oh! Yeah, I’m just gonna hang out here meanwhile you guys get back from doing your meet and greet with the fans.”

    “Hey, hang out all you want beautiful, as a matter of fact, you can go hang out in my bunk back there if you like.” He winked.
    Is he?…did he just?…Jesus….
    I couldn’t even reply to that, all I did was giggle nervously.
    “See you later.” Ben seductively whispered before stepping out of the bus.
    What the hell just happend?…
    He must think I came in here to fuck with him or something. Did Denis not tell him that we’re dating? Did he tell his band mates about me at all?…
    Well this kind of put me down, I guess I don’t mean as much to him as he means to me…
    I mean I know him and I aren’t officially boyfriend and girlfriend but…we’re getting there.
    Okay (Y/N) stop thinking negetive thoughts. Just remember that you’re only here for a VERY short amount of time and you don’t want to fuck it up.

    I still feel kind of weird with what Ben said though. Oh well I’ll just shake it off.
    I went ahead and chilled on the couch, I turned on the t.v which I’m surprised isn’t broken.
    Good thing there were some pretty good shows playing right now.
    The meet and greet seemed to be taking a while to pass, feels like it’s been hours, I’m not surprised though, AA is a very badass band, they must have millions if not billions of guys and girls loving them.
    I let out a long yawn, my eyelids feel heavy, I’m sleepy as hell, that road trip over here really tired me out.
    And I just remembered that I was up since like six in the morning.
    Before I even knew it…I was in dreamland….

    “Shhh shut up!! Can’t you fuckers see she’s sleeping?!” I heard Denis whisper yell.
    I was confused until I slowly opened my eyes and found myself with a blanket on me. When I looked up I also found myself wrapped up in Denis’ arms.
    My back was laying against his chest, crap, I guess I must’ve knocked out while waiting for him to come back.
    “Hmm…” I hummed, squirming around a little.
    Denis looked down at me and smiled warmly, “Hey there sleepy head, did this dumbasses wake you up? Cause I’ll kick their asses right now.”
    “Oh shut the fuck up mate!!” Cameron teased while drinking a bottle of beer.
    I tried to sit up but Denis gripped me tighter.
    “Where do you think you’re going baby?”
    He cooed while placing soft pecks on my forehead.
    I giggled and rubbed the sleep off my eyes.
    “How long was I out?” I finally spoke.
    “Quite a long time, but that’s okay, we’re all getting ready to go to bed in a bit.”
    A huge wave of dissapointment washed through me to hear him say that.
    “What?! So I spent the entire day sleeping?”

    “Hey now don’t worry, we still have all of
    tomorrow to spend together. Wait you are going to be here tomorrow too right?”
    Oh yeah that’s right, I almost forgot that they are playing here again tomorrow. Duh (Y/N) that’s why you packed for two days in the first place.
    I placed my hand on face caressing his skin.
    “Of course I’ll be here. Oh! but I gotta go get my stuff from the car.” I stood up and went outside.
    “(Y/N)! Wait! Let me go with you!” Denis yelled from inside the bus.
    I waited for him and he walked over to the other side of the parking lot with me.
    It looks so empty here without all the tents and the people and everything else, it’s creepy actually.
    I reached my car and grabbed my little suit case from out of the trunk.
    “AH!!” I screamed, feelings Deni’s arms snake around me.
    I laughed after but then I shut the hell up when I turned around to see that it was actually Ben…huh?! That was really unexpected.
    I looked around and Denis was nowhere to be found for some reason, where the fuck did he go?
    I look a little further to see that he happend to be talking to another band singer.
    Well atleast he didn’t leave me.

    “Hello again.” He said, releasing me.
    “Hey there Ben.” I chuckled.
    “Are you going home already? I was kind of hoping we could hang out in my bus a little more. And no I don’t mean have sex, unless you want to.” He tells me.
    Small laughter escaped my lips, I shook my head at him and said..
    “Actually Ben I’m sorry but I’m kind of taken…”
    “Well how wouldn’t you be? look how at hot you are. You might be the most beautiful female I’ve ever met.”
    I grinned, I couldn’t help it, he has a way of making even the simplest of compliments sound so smooth.
    It’s no wonder the ladies love him.
    “Why thank you but-”
    “Hey Ben are you flirting with my girl?!”
    We both turned around to see Denis with his arms crossed above his chest.
    He was giving Ben a very ugly look.
    “Wait what? You two are together?” He questioned, his finger swaying back and fourth between us.
    “Yes, she’s my girlfriend.”
    Hold on one damn minute! Did I really just hear him drop the G bomb right now?!
    “She is?!”
    “I am?” I quizzed.

    He laughed and walked over to me, putting his arm around me as he pulled me close to them.
    “Yes you are, if you want to be.”
    My bottom lip was taken in between my teeth.
    I think either two things will happen right now, I faint or I puke.
    I really hate that this horrible but beautiful feeling has to come to me every damn time! Why can’t I just feel happiness and that’s it?! But then again, I remember Emilia’s words from yesterday.
    Fucking khaleesi!
    “(Y/N)?…” Denis called out making me snap out of my thoughts..
    “Huh? OH!! Yes! Yes of course I would love to be your girlfriend Denis. More than anything in the world…. I really like you…” I confessed.
    And just like the first time I saw him, he picked me up in his arms, kissed me like crazy, and swung me around.
    “She’s mine!!” He happily screamed and I cracked up.
    After he placed me down I looked over at Ben who had nothing but a bored as fuck look on his face.
    “Whatever, I’m too drunk for this.” He mumbled while he took steps away from us.
    “He’s drunk?” I questioned.
    “Yeah, he’s like that so much that you can’t even tell anymore.”
    “I’m very happy that we’re official…” I blurted, my tiny figure looking up at his tall one.
    He beamed down at me and grabbed a hold of my hand, it fit perfectly in his. Like it was really mean to be.

    “Come on gorgeous, let’s go back to the bus, I cuddled you when you fell asleep so now you cuddle me.”
    “Deal.” I proudly say.
    When we reached the tour bus again and stepped inside, the guys were already asleep, Ben looked like he was sick passed out on the couch, and James seemed to be the only one who was awake.
    “Hey you’re back I thought you went home?”
    “No, I’m gonna spend tonight and tomorrow with my new boyfriend.” I announced, my cheeks blushing a tomato red.
    My words made me earn a kiss from my man, wow, I can’t believe I actually get to say that from now on.
    After tomorrow is over I can honestly go back home with a smile.
    I’ll miss Denis a lot while he’s away for the rest of Warped Tour but atleast I can look foward to when he comes home again and I can make out with him all I want and what the hell, even make sweet love with him.

    “This fucker is your boyfriend? How did you score a gorgeous woman like her? You’re super ugly!”
    Denis punched his arm making him laugh,
    “You know what? Fuck you! But I agree and disagree with what you just said man, because one part is true, how DID I get a gorgeous woman like her?”
    I fucking swear on myself if my cheeks get any redder or hotter they are for sure going to pop! This boy has really gotta stop making me feel so crazy loved all the time.
    “Fucking shit, and here I was thinking that I had a chance with her. I mean Jesus are you just radiant.”
    “You and Ben really want to die don’t you? She’s mine.”
    I snorted and playfully smacked his arm.
    “Denis!” I scolded.
    “Hey, it’s not Denis, it’s babe to you okay?”
    “Okay babe.” I replied.
    Now he was the one blushing like an idiot, an adorable idiot though with that cute beam of his.
    “God I love the sound of that.” he cheered, holding me close to him.
    “Shall we go to my bunk now?”
    “Of course.” I say to him, he takes my hand in his one more time and we walk over to his bunk. It was fairly big, just enough for the two of us to fit inside and cuddle like he wants to.

    “Hey you guys might want to sleep with headphones on or something cause Ben and I might he jacking off together later on!” James yelled from the couches.
    These guys are the definition of idgaf aren’t they?
    But you know what? Oddly, that’s what makes me love them so much.
    “Come here you.” Said my boyfriend as he went in the bunk and opened his arms wide.
    I took his hand and went in, closing the small curtain behind me.
    I snuggled up closely to him and burried my face into his chest.
    I felt his beautifully shaped lips kiss my hair softly as his large fingers played with strands of it.
    I raised my brow as I looked up at him..
    “Wait a minute aren’t I supposed to be holding you?”
    “Nah, I like it better this way, and this time don’t even think about getting up from me because I’m not letting you go at all.”
    This guy is seriously going to make me puke for real one day, and I will not be surprised at all.
    That’s how you know you’re truly in love, it’s weird I know, but being extremely nervous with someone to the point where you feel what I feel, it’s a signal that this person is the one for you.
    It’s gross, but it’s also the best.
    “Goodnight babe.” I whispered.
    “Goodnight baby.”
    Right when we were about to fall asleep Ben and James decide it was the perfect time to disturb us…
    “Hey! Are you guys fucking?!”
    “Oh dear God…” Denis groaned and I just busted a gut…
    Like a said before…

    This is what makes me love them so much!

    (Hope you babies enjoyed!! 😘)


    Anthony Ramos x Reader 
    Words: 1194
    Anon: A platonic request for Anthony x reader where he’s introducing them to his girlfriend for the first time.  

    hey! i wasn’t planning on posting anything but guess who’s being organised? YOU GUESSED IT IT’S ME… just kidding. i’m not organised at all.

    MOving on. I had an audition last night for a musical theatre program which was really cool! Then i had work today which was basically me just being half asleep the entire day and screaming internally. How are you guys all going?

    I feel like i had a point to this authors note. Apparently not. Well, im going to go to sleep now because i’m home alone and exhausted, so i will most likely see you all again on tuesday! or maybe monday afternoon. Enjoy! 
    Requests are open! Also, if you guys ever wanna say hi, please don’t hesitate! I really like talking to you all!



    Originally posted by yay4hamlet


    “Anthony, I don’t know why you’re so nervous. You get up and perform in front of over a thousand people eight times a week, this should be easy.”

    Anthony shrugged, smiling at some fans as you both walked into the Richard Rodgers. “I don’t have to see those people every day of my life. You’re my roommate and my best friend. If I disappoint you, I can’t escape it.”

    “How is introducing me to your girlfriend disappointing me down in any way?” You asked, raising your eyebrow at him.

    “Well, I mean…”

    “Ant, I’ve heard so many amazing things about her. I’ve watched you guys perform together. If anything, I should be nervous. You’re presenting me with talent and beauty and I’m presenting her a mess,” You joked, nudging him playfully.

    “You’re not a mess,” Anthony replied, rolling his eyes.

    “I snorted milk out of my nose because I was laughing hard at a sexual innuendo,” You replied. “If that isn’t what someone who’s a mess would do, I don’t know what is.”

    “Come on (Y/N), it was one time! You have to give yourself credit for all the times you’ve succeeded,” Anthony replied, heading up the stairs. You followed close behind.

    “You mean like the time I found twenty dollars on the ground and then got attacked by a squirrel?” You asked. “Yeah, big success.”

    “You’re just giving me all the bad examples,” Anthony replied, pouting. “Am I gonna have to push you down the stairs again?”

    “See, that would be another one of my flaws. I’m unbalanced and often fall down stairs at your workplace. Maybe you guys should invest in an elevator,” You stated, groaning as you neared the top of the stairs.

    “I have nothing to do with the way the building was made. Talk to the big man, he’ll have answers for you,” Anthony replied.

    “The big man in the sky?” You asked.

    “No, the big man who wrote Hamilton. Lin,” Anthony replied, stopping and turning to look at you as you both reached the top of the stairs. “You’re really not on your game today, are you?”

    “Am I ever?” You asked, poking your tongue out at Anthony who face palmed.

    “Remind me why I chose to live with you,” He mumbled, heading knocking on the door and heading into the dressing room.

    “Let’s see… cheap rent, cool roommate, great view…”

    “I thought the roommate was a mess.”

    You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, that too. Obviously one of the better points.”

    “Of course,” Anthony replied, looking around the dressing room.

    “Well, it seems to me that this room is pretty empty. Unless your girlfriend is a cushion… that reminds me! Great cushions! Another incredible reason why you live with me.”

    “Stop being silly. This is serious,” He whined, rubbing his face in frustration.

    “Aw, is curly annoyed because he can’t find his friend with benefits?”

    “You know she’s more than that, and stop calling me curly!” Anthony put his bag down on the couch. You went to copy his actions, raising your eyebrow when he stopped you. “That’s Jasmine’s spot. You can’t put your bag there.”

    “You put your bag in my spot all the time. In fact, the reason I’ve been sleeping on the couch is because my bed is covered in your folded clothes!”

    “Shush. Follow me.” Anthony grabbed your wrist, pulling you back down the stairs.

    “Are we gonna have to walk back up the stairs? Because my legs are already burning and I just don’t know if I have the-“

    “Oak! Have you seen Jasmine?” Anthony asked, stopping when he saw his friend. You ran into his back, groaning slightly.


    “Pretty sure she’s having some adjustments made on her Maria dress. Basement,” Oak replied.

    Anthony smiled at Oak, starting to move down the stairs at full speed. He continued to drag you behind him, stopping when you both arrived in the basement. He smiled wide, dropping your hand and bolting towards a girl in a red dress. You stood back anxiously, watching as he embraced her tightly before being told off by the costume designer. You laughed, covering your mouth when they both turned to look at you.

    Anthony cleared his throat, glancing at the spot in front of him and Jasmine. Your eyes widened with realisation as you moved closer to the couple.

    “(Y/N), I’d like you to meet Jasmine. Jasmine, this is (Y/N),” Anthony said, the smile not leaving his face. You took Jasmine’s hand, shaking it gently.

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you Jasmine. I’ve heard so much about you, and I’ve seen you perform a few times too. That note you hit in Say No To This kills me every time,” You said, raising your eyebrow slightly. “Sorry, I sound like a fangirl.”

    “No! That’s really cute honestly. Thank you. I’ve heard a lot about you too. Anthony says you’re on Broadway too?”

    “Yeah! Well, I’m not as important as you two obviously, I’m just a chorus member in Waitress,” You said, shrugging. “It’s nothing, honestly.”

    “Are you kidding me? That’s incredible!” Jasmine replied, smiling. “I love that musical so much! The pies all look so real; I get so hungry whenever I see promo pics.”

    “Speaking of being hungry, I need to go eat something before I go to work. Working around those pies is even harder than seeing pictures of them. I have to break the no eating in the dressing rooms rule so often, it’s not even funny,” You replied, smiling at the thought. “Everyone does it honestly.”

    “Oh, of course. It’s the same here. Well, except usually with coffee. Which is liquid, so I don’t know if that is exactly food but…”

    “Babe, you’re getting a bit off topic,” Anthony said, kissing her forehead lightly.

    “Well, I’m allowed to! (Y/N) is cool and we’re gonna be best friends, right?” Jasmine said, turning from Anthony back to you.

    “Right! Except, let’s ignite this friendship after the show tonight because I really need to run. Maybe you can come back to ours after the show and we can talk a little more?” You suggested, checking the time on your watch.

    “I thought you said I couldn’t bring anyone back on show nights,” Anthony said, raising his eyebrow.

    “Well, Jasmine is cool so it’s okay. Plus, I’m going to have time to take a nap before the show, therefore I will be energized by the time we finish work,” You said, shrugging. “Anyway, I really have to go.”

    “Of course! You’ve got your key for after the show, right?”

    “Uh, hopefully. If not, you’ll get back eventually and I can get in when you do.”

    “You’re so unorganized sometimes,” Anthony mumbled, rolling his eyes. He left Jasmine’s side, hugging you quickly. “I’ll see you tonight.”

    “Tonight,” You replied, turning to Jasmine. “It was super nice meeting you Jazz, I hope I can call you that by the way. Break a leg tonight and hit that note like an absolute queen!” Jasmine laughed, hugging you tightly.

    “Go pretend to eat some pie!” She replied, letting you go. You smiled, waving to the couple and leaving the Richard Rodgers theatre.

    anonymous asked:

    Hi there!! I really love your HCs so I would like to ask for HCs where RFA members go to MC's graduation please!!

    omgomgOMGOMGO okok


    • CRIES
    • he is like an hour early so he can get a good seat
    • he is just so happy and feels lucky to be a part of this moment
    • takes a video of MC walking across the stage and like 246 pictures
    • the contents of the video: very blurry and most of what you can hear is Yoosung screaming 
    • (he made sure to make room on his phone beforehand)
    • i’d also like to imagine that Yoosung wears something like he wears at the the party to MC’s graduation, but like with their school colors!
    • classic button down, suspenders, bow tie  omg he is so cute
    • after the ceremony he waits outside for MC with an arrangement of bright flowers
    • he calls them to try and meet up
    • “okay describe whats around you”
    • it actually takes him like 10 minutes to find MC
    • but one he does
    • “theres my college cutie!”
    • “i should be the one saying that to you, Yoosung”
    • “we’re both college cuties now!”
    • also, 100 adorable selfies where in most of them Yoosung turns his head at the last second to kiss MC on the cheek
    • also gets all nostalgic because he graduated high school recently
    • but mostly very cheery and happy, cant stop smiling


    • since Zen never finished high school, he gets especially emotional
    • prepared a big speech for MC about how proud he is, and how they’re moving onto the next chapter in their life
    • he has a little banner with their name that he holds up when they walk across the stage
    • he wants to scream their name as loudly as he can and cheer for them, but he also ends up crying
    • Zen is just, a big ball of pride today
    • look at that graduate, that’s my graduate
    • giant!! bouquet!! of!! red!! roses!!
    • when he finds MC after the ceremony he picks them up in a big hug and spins them around
    • suddenly he forgets his entire speech and all he can do is hug them
    • “Zen, i’m so glad you came! sorry it was so long, though…”
    • Zen pulls away from MC and gives them their roses
    • “please dont apologize, baby…”
    • he touches their face gently, holding back even more tears
    • “…this is the happiest day of my life”
    • MC blushes and giggles at him
    • they think he’s just being dramatic, but Zen is truly so proud of them, and proud that he can call MC his
    • more hugs
    • LOTS of selfies
    • asks a stranger to take a picture of them because he needs a full body shot with MC holding their roses
    • takes MC out to dinner


    • she is so excited
    • a high school graduation is a special time in a persons life and she is so happy she can be a part of this special time
    • Jaehee gets all dressed up and wears more makeup than usual and she just looks so pretty!!
    • her gift for MC is a little different
    • Jaehee actually does shout pretty loudly for MC
    • and since she got there early and sat near the front, MC hears her
    • after the ceremony Jaehee finds MC and wraps them up in a big, warm hug
    • “you looked great up there!”
    • “r-really? i saw you during the ceremony and i felt so happy!”
    • Jaehee hugs them again
    • “i’ll always be cheering for you, MC! just like you have always cheered for me”
    • Jaehee reaches into her purse and pulls out a brown leather journal with a snap closure
    • “Jaehee, is that-?”
    • “its just a little something i think every college graduate should have”
    • MC smiles as they take the journal
    • they open it and read a note Jaehee left for them on the inside cover
    • “a place for you to write about all of your adventures. hopefully, i will be a part of most of them. congratulations! ♡ ” 


    • Jaehee has to stop him from actually buying a diamond ring as a graduation present
    • apparently its “not an appropriate gift”
    • …fine
    • he’ll just settle for a diamond bracelet
    • but them MC told him they dont want anything really flashy for a graduation present
    • “assistant kang, does this bracelet seem flashy to you?”
    • “mr. han, that bracelet is over 600,000 won”
    • “…yes? that’s correct”
    • “try again, sir”
    • dammit
    • he settles, for real this time, on the biggest bouquet of flowers he can get his hands on
    • he doesnt want to yell during the ceremony so he stands and claps very loudly when MC walks across the stage
    • hires a photographer because he doesnt trust himself to photograph anything and he shouldnt
    • he has the photographer take pictures of MC for the entire ceremony, even when they’re just sitting listening to others speak
    • Jumin smiles so much, like more than he ever has all at once
    • he cant stop smiling
    • later he sends pictures of the graduation to the chat and everyone is like WHAT?? JUMIN HAN SMILING IN A PHOTO??
    • but of course he was smiling, his darling graduated from high school
    • he was so full of pride and happiness that day <3


    • a i r h o r n
    • “Seven, promise me you wont sneak in your air horn this weekend at my graduation?”
    • “what? me? an airhorn? i’ve never even heard of that. what is an airhorn? how can you make a horn out of air? ridiculous. stupid.”
    • oh god, he’s going to bring it, isnt he?
    • YES HE IS
    • when they call MC’s name he stands and screams and BLASTS HIS AIRHORN FOR HIS BABY
    • he gets mean glares from the families around him but that’s fine
    • he just needs everyone to know that MC is the most important graduate
    • after the ceremony Seven sees MC from behind, looking around for him
    • he sneaks up behind them and hugs them tightly from behind
    • “congrats on graduating, cutie!!”
    • MC giggles and puts their hands on top of Sevens
    • “you idiot, i heard your airhorn”
    • “that wasnt me, i swear!”
    • MC spins around and gives him another hug
    • “yea, sure it wasnt”
    • Seven takes a ton of candid pics of MC 
    • takes them out to dinner and MC gets upset when he doesnt stop taking pics of them eating
    • “hey, today is important and i have to document it! sorry, i dont make the rules”
    • but really, he just wants to remember today
    • he wants to remember every moment with MC




    Summary: Scott can’t take Cassie Trick-or-Treating and Bucky steps up to fill in.

    Bucky X Reader (kind of? there’s something there, I guess?) + Scott & Cassie Lang

    Word Count: 1288

    A/N: I Haven’t had much time to write Taking My Life Away Pt7, but this was sort of sitting in my drafts unfinished. After a couple glasses of wine and encouragement from my best friend here this is. I’m sorry if it’s not great! (I find my own writing a little dry, but hey, practice yeah?!) 

    Originally posted by sixpenceee

    Originally posted by captaincumberlord

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    Torture Flashbacks, Clothing Comparisons and A’s continued surveillance - 6x01 & 6x02

    -In Emily’s flashback, we can see that she pushed Spencer’s button. (she pushes button on her right, which we saw was Spencer)

    -Aria apologizes to Spencer (I’m assuming for shocking her) and Spencer says, “For what?” …hmmm… I don’t think Spencer was playing dumb here… 

    We can see here that Spencer pushed Aria’s button. Spencer believes she shocked Aria. Spencer either didn’t really get shocked, and thought she did all the shocking, or just doesn’t think Aria needs to apologize, because Spencer knows she pushed Aria’s button as well.

    -I think they all experienced somewhat specific individualized torture, designed for their particular weaknesses. They all look pretty bad in those polaroids. But I don’t think the girls themselves were always shocking who they thought they were shocking. Charles was in charge of that. 

    -and Hanna seems to have gotten the worst of it. She doesn’t seem to even want to look at the other girls.  A has always seemed to hate Hanna the most.

    And actually 2 different camera shots in 6x02 made me think Hanna is still being monitored, if not all the girls. When you watch, notice the drastic change in camera view. It’s subtle but it’s there. Don’t these seem like surveillance shots?

    -Charles played truth or dare with the girls (said Hanna), and all these other psychological games. Read about the Milgram experiment here

    -This ties in with my Kahn Game post here

    -I think that Charles may have shocked Hanna alot, despite who the other liars picked, just so she’d feel that the other liars loved her least.

    -edit: ****(I do not think Hanna was “THE MOST TORTURED”  I’m saying I think “A” specified the tortures to each girl: to play on their different weaknesses.   I think part of Hanna’s torture, was to feel like she was the most tortured, for her to think her friends felt like she was the one who least deserved water, etc..
    Again, she may not have been more tortured than the others, but she may have been led to believe she was more tortured.
    Then again, maybe not. I’m just speculating…)*****

    This is Aria’s big flashback in 6x02:

    -Aria may not have been shocked (as much or at all). Everything since 5x25 has seemed off about her and her connection in this dollhouse. Her flashback was just not having a window.  Zero torture flashback from Aria. And she really does get hurt the least (the ghost train incident may not have been this same A) by Charles… This supports an Ezra, Byron, Jason, Mike or Andrew theory.

    -I don’t think Aria is A, but what if something really different happened in her room? All the other girls doors closed and they started screaming before Aria even entered her room. (6x1)

    -What if Aria was given information and/or extreme threats? Maybe Aria has been given instruction by Charles to help frame Andrew in exchange for “less torture and/or I won’t kill all your friends”  or something….That would explain how shady she’s being. (Or she really is A and all you Aria is A fans can gloat forever lol)

    -EDIT: **** This also may just be Aria’s way of dealing, and claustrophobia is a real thing.  Aria has expressed her fear of small spaces before (When she meets The Great Charlemagne “I don’t do boxes”) ….Please know, I am not trying to hate on Aria, I just really want to solve this mystery, so I look at it from all angles. ****

    I’m really intrigued to see more about what happened in the dollhouse.  What A’s endgame agenda was with this.. to pit the girls against each other.. Just make them submissive…I’m sure A has a reason.

    Now,let’s discuss the clothes they were wearing when they came out of their rooms in 6x01 and the possible symbolic meanings behind them.

    Here they are in 6x01 - a few pics

    Now, possible meanings / similar outfits at different points in the past:

    1. Aria and her pink hair and leather jacket, looked like how she looked before Ali went missing, when she had her 1st secret (dad kissing Meredith)

    2. Emily was dressed in a Sharks outfit, reminiscent of her 1st secret (being gay) - she got her 1st A note in the locker room after swim practice. Also reminiscent of Paige / Paily

    3. Hanna, in a flower shirt and pink jeans with a tear in the thigh. Her jeans are like those she wore the night her and Emily found Maya’s bag at the Kahn cabin, where she cut her thigh, and called Wren for assistance with stitches. Her shirt pattern is very similar to Jessica’s skirt in the Campbell Apple Farm family pic. ****EDIT: a fan suggested the cut on Hannas thigh may have a relevant connection to the scar on Alisons thigh - very insightful, as Hanna is the one who saw it first.***

    4. Spencer is harder to place, but I think this is right. It’s pretty much the same outfit she wore “that night” that Alison disappeared but in 1x01 she wore a red argyle cardigan and in 6x01 its a blue argyle cardigan.

    Was their clothing supposed to represent particular events? (lies, secrets,bad decisions) 

    Or times they crossed paths with Charles? 

    Or are they hints for the viewers to re-watch certain episodes? What do you think?

    My ask box is open all the time, let’s chat PLL!

    anonymous asked:

    i'm new to bts and especially dnh. could you help me a little with introductions? i still cannot put a name to dnh members faces, i can't even tell which one is iron most of the time. thank you!

    Ok a Daenamhyup (DNH) introduction post it is!

    This is Daenamhyup! Or some of them at least (left to right front: Supreme Boi, Marvel J, Kyum2. left to right back: Iron, Kidoh, i11evn) I’m not sure if there’s a publically available picture of the whole crew as of now. The name means ‘Great Southern Joseon Hiphop Cooperative’ and the crew was founded a few years ago (I want to say 2009 but I can’t find any sources confirming that that’s correct) by Marvel J, Supreme Boi, Kyum2 and Rap Monster.


     - My DNH tag
     - My full Bangtan discography (DNH tracks are at the bottom - i need to update this)
    - the FY DNH blog
     - FY i11evn blog
     - FY Kidoh blog
     - FY Iron blog
     - FY Supreme Boi blog


    i11evn (real name: Choi Ikje)
     - Signed to Factory Boi records
     - Also part of the Grand Pics crew
     - Music videos: 4885Mic Ceremony | One Life | The Hundreds공장소년
     - ‘87 liner
     - facebook | instagram | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
     - Lived in America for a while
     - Speaks Engllish and Japanese
     - Tries to act cool but posts really cute pictures to instagram
     - Has so far retweeted everyone thanking him for signing their copies of Airborne
     - Was a trainee in the running to be a member of Bangtan Sonyeondan
     - My i11evn tag

    Iron (real name: Jung Hunchul)
     - Was a trainee in the running to be part of Bangtan Sonyeoondan and one of the two original members along with Rap Monster
     - Currently competeing on MNET’s Show Me The Money
     - Teased as being a member of Polaris entertainment’s upcoming boygroup HIVE
     - ‘92 liner
     - facebook | instagram | twitter
     - sometimes he dresses really well but other times…
     - is known for having a ‘reggae voie/reggae style’

    DJ Snatch (real name: Kang Minwoo)
     - The newest member
     - Teased as being a member of Polaris entertainment’s upcoming boygroup HIVE
     - ‘92 liner
     - facebook | instagram | twitter
     - is perfectly happy standing at the back doing his own thing during shows
     - Very tall, awkward, good looking and adorable

    Kidoh (real name: Jin Hyosang)
     - Rapper and producer for Topp Dogg
     - If you haven’t checked Topp Dogg out yet I recommend that you do
     - ‘92 liner
     - soundcloud | twitter
    - He’s skipped the lasst round of Topp Dogg promotions to work on a solo mixtape
     - Really really pretty
     - Was a trainee in the running to me a member of Bangtan Sonyeondan and is still very good friends with Jin
     - My Kidoh tag

    Marvel J (real name: Jung Taegyun)
     - DNH’s leader 
     - ‘94 liner
     - askfm | twitter | facebook
     - bit of a cutie offstage, charismatic badass onstage
     - of the members I’ve seen live I think he’s far and away the most impressive performer

    Samsoon (real name: Kim Jeonghan)
     - I think he’s in the army right now
     - ‘94 liner
     - Sorry I really don’t know very much about him :S
     - facebook

    Kyum2 (real name: Kim Sungkyum)
     - Has a cool voice
     - Is currently in the army
     - ‘94 liner
     - askfm | facebook | twitter

    Supreme Boi (real name: Shin Donghyuk)
     - Is a producer first and a rapper second
     - Usuallly the guy doing the chorus for group DNH tracks
     - Produces for Big Hit Entertainment
     - ‘94 liner
     - facebook | instagram | twitter
    - Has really flawless skin
     - Enjoys taking pouty selcas and screaming his way through instavids
     - Speaks a little english
     - Was a trainee in the running to be a member of Bangtan Sonyeondan
     - My Supreme Boi tag

    Illipse (real name: Go Wonhyeong)
     - Yes this is the best picture I could find
     - Also part of the Grandpics crew
     - ‘94 liner
     - Loves The Beatles esp Paul
     - instagram | twitter

    Rap Monster (real name: Kim Namjoon)
     - Currently the youngest member of DNH as far as I’m aware
     - Leader, rapper and producer for Bangtan Sonyeondan
     - Hasn’t been able to work with DNH since debuting as an idol due to schedule restrictions
     - ‘94 liner
     - My Rap Monster tag

    Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner: Tom Holland x WOC

    Warnings: Girl drama, fluff, etc…

    You got ready and slipped on the red dress Tom gave you. “You look stunning.” He smiled kissing you on the cheek, “Well this dress is gorgeous!” You replied. He had on a red button down short and black pants, “You ready?” You nodded and you two walked down stairs. 

    Harrison and his family were coming in. “Merry Christmas!” You hugged Haz and you exchanged gifts. “that dress looks amazing Y/N!” His little sister sad, giving you a hug. 

    “Tom can you please come here for a minute?” Mrs. Holland called. “Coming.” He walked over and she pulled him into the garage. Tom came out looking like a mixture of nervous and annoyed. “You okay love?” You asked grabbing his hand. “Yeah, yeah.” He gulped. 

    Others filed in the Holland household and you watched as Tom jumped up every time the door opened. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

    “Yeah babe! I’m good.” He lied taking a sip of wine. Tom felt a strange feeling of relief when dinner time came, his mother’s unwanted guest wasn’t coming and he was glad. 

    The doorbell rang as everyone settled at the table, Tom’s mom looked at him and got up to answer the door. You were talking to Paddy and didn’t see the fiery red head come in. Tom cursed, causing you to look up. Tom’s ex girlfriend Kat greeted everyone and sat across from you. You looked at Tom who was avoiding your stare. Mrs. Holland could feel the tension fill the room, “Um Y/N remember Kat?” She smiled nervously. “Oh how could I forget. She was the one that spread the nasty rumor about me having herpes.” You grinned. “Oh god.” Haz mumbled. 

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    Hym’s replies 7

    This is long, please bear it ^^;

    esexoeveryday said

    Hi there! sorry to bother hmm I was wondering if you take requests? I absolutely love your drawings and recently started following you. You’re very talented btw.

    I don’t take request, I am sorry;; but Thank you <3

    luladyin said

    Could you please please pleaseeee do a Luhan fanart dressed up as Napoleon pretty please? :3 I really love your fanarts <3

    Why Napoleon? but I don’t take request, sorry ;__;

    Anonymous said

    Hi^^ Can I make a request? If you don’t mind, I ask for kai fanart or comic ^^  Btw, I really love your arts and comics ><

    I don’t accept request, but I am sure I will draw Kai :3

    dyojjang12 said

    If I may ask, Chen Xiumin and Luhan are your main biases?

    yes they are *_* and yours is D.O right

    btstanya96 said

    hey i really love ur art…. i have one request… can u plzzzz dwar some kai’s pic…. if u can and want… ^:^

    with others tooo…

    I will draw Kai…if he does something interesting :B lol I am sure I will draw him, he’s climbing up my bias list *___* but drawing Kai is hard for me, I still can’t draw his face rightly

    OMG! I love you drawings so much! It’s like.. Yhey look alike with the real boys! I make drawings too, but, I van only draw Jongdae and Minseok right. Sorry if I scared you kkk Baaaaii

    ‘kay bye lol, thanks tho :3

    jazzieherzcc said:

    Omg!! Your drawings are soo cute!!! 😘  I love them.💜

    Thank youuu ♥♥♥

    Anonymous said:Hi! I love all of your arts they are so cute! Do you make any of your arts into stickers? Bcs if you do, I would love to buy it! :3

    I haven’t yet,  I have plan to make sticker sheet but I think I’ll wait after EXO next comeback ^^

    yehet-bitches-ohorat said:

    Why did I take this long to find a blog like yours?!?? PLS HIT ME WITH A BRICK!

    Anonymous said:

    Oh my gosh you’re baekhyun and Chen comic was absolutely adorable….I didn’t expect a foot massage lol!

    What did you expect? :3

    Anonymous said:Omg I’m loving these chenbaek drawings (≧∇≦)/

    Thank you~!! ^^ More ChenBaek drawings will come~

    Anonymous said

    What app do you usually use for drawing? I really want to learn how to make a fanart ❤️

    I use Adobe Photoshop CS2, I hope you will enjoy making fanart ^^ ♥

    Anonymous said:

    I love your line stickers!!!! I promise if they make it (I’m sure they will) I will buy them!!!!!!!

    Amen~ but It’s still in review orz, I have no idea it will take this long

    Anonymous said:

    First want to say I love your fanart^^  I also draw fanart and I am thinking of doing blog like yours~ Any advice you can gI’ve me? And you don’t draw on paper do you?

    Yes I don’t draw on paper. Do you mean advice for drawing fanart or advice for running a fanart blog? If your drawing style is manga style too, I can give you some tips&trick, it works for me so I hope it will work for you too~

    For drawing fanart :

    • draw the recent event of EXO, if you pay attention, most fanartists draw fanart of the recent event
    • give story/ funny thing in your fanart, if you familiar with EXO members’ characters you can imagine their reactions when something happens ^^
    • if you can’t do both, draw cool/beautiful fanart with details, beautiful fanart doesn’t need to follow the recent event and doesn’t need to be funny, you can draw randomly such as, Minseok in historical era outfit *___*

    For running a blog :

    • make your tumblr’s layout fit as fanart tumblr, medium/ big thumbnail, for me I prefer not to use infinity scroll -personal taste lol-
    • idk if this works for tumblr or not, but for twitter, I usually post fanart when the my timeline traffic is high such as 08.00 PM- 11.00 PM
    • use hashtag, this works for both tumblr and twitter, I usually use #exo, #exo fanart, #exo fan art, #member’s name, #pairing name -if you draw pairing-

    what else? hmm I think that’s it~! sorry if it sounds lame lol

    Hi i love ur art! <3 how long have u been drawing??

     I started drawing since 2008~ but for fanart I started drawing it since November 2013,

    wow-lovely-idjits said:

    OMG, I’m in love with your fanarts <3

    Thank you~!! ♥♥

    rraviosa said:

    I love your art omg but the other night a saw a repost of the xiumin and chanyeol comic you did, but on instagram I wasn’t sure if you were okay with reposting until I just now read your description just thought you should know

    Thanks for telling me this, can you give me the IG link?

    I am getting tired of this repost thing. Some time ago, someone told me that my fanarts reposted in weibo, tumblr, and twitter too. I have told some of them to take it down but they ignore me, mostly fanbase that has guts to ignore fanartist’ complain. I hate it so much when fanbases repost my fanart, like.. it will make a lot of their followers think “reposting is okay it’s sharing” =.= no it’s not sharing since the reposter took the credit from the fanartist and make it like it’s theirs

    tbh it’s almost impossible to avoid repost thing until someday our fandom can appreciate fanartist more. That’s why I only post low quality of my fanarts and it always has my huge watermark lol

    sorry I am ranting here .__.

    soojinnie710 said:

    good luck with the stickers <3 they are soooooooooooooooo adorable >“< I’m absolutely looking forward to themmmm :33

    I am looking forward too ;___;

    iseefairies said:

    uM HI I just found out that you’re Indonesian and um yeah I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK SO MUCH I CANT BELIEVE YOU LIVE NEAR ME (im in jkt but y'know) anyway I LOVE YOUR ART A LOT OK PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND HAVE A GREAT DAY♥♥♥

    I live pretty far from you since I am in surabaya haha


    Anonymous said:


    ;______; thank you anon~!!

    bubbleteablupblupblup said:

    HII!! I LOVE YOUR ART! OUO can’t wait for your line sticker :3

    I can’t wait too orz, thank you for the support~! ;___;

    Anonymous said:

    What app do you draw your fanarts? :))

    It’s Adobe Photoshop CS2 :3

    Anonymous said:

    how do you draw all your fanarts?can you list down the steps one by one? :)

    by moving my fingers and hand *troll face*

    I posted this gif in my ask.fm sometime ago

    • 1st pic : ugly rough sketch, only to make me sure their pose and position
    • 2nd pic : refined outline
    • 3rd pic : blocking, different colours mean different layers
    • 4th pic : coloring
    • 5th pic : add clothes pattern, headset cables, a lil bit light effect from upper right
    • 6th pic : give simple border, add watermark, and write anything on it

    I did most of my fanarts like that ^^

    captivatesme said:

    Your art makes me smile 💛 thank you for sharing!

    Thank you for liking it~!! <33

    geenjae said:

    Not gonna ask anything. Just wanna say that you’re AWE to the SOME!!!

    Thank you so much~~!!!

    Reign 3 x 08: That Girl is Poison

    How was your holiday? Did you see friends and family? Did you eat? Did you drink? Did you get some new slippers? I hope all of the above.

    And now our TV’s are giving us another gift: a new episode of Reign, precious as an hour of pearls, and this episode started with Mary and Catherine fleeing the scene of a sexy murder and burning their bloody clothes!

    Mary’s hem and Catherine’s over-kirtle or whathaveyou went in the fire and then Catherine was like “Well while we’re burning shit let’s get rid of some of my exotic and deadly poisons” but knock knock knock someone was at the door and the two women had to hastily pretend they were just whiling away the evening playing chess. (Before TV, radio, and internet, chess was heart-pounding excitement and fantasy adventure akin to Game of Thrones. )

    Yes, Narcisse had come to officially accuse Catherine of killing her own son and to reveal a key piece of evidence he was planning to use during the inquest was the dead rat Lola had found in her bathtub, allegedly planted by Catherine, then skipped off all pleased with himself like a little asshole. Mary’s face during this whole exchange was perfect on every level.

    Catherine was like “YOU HAVE TO TELL LOLA” and Mary was like don’t drag me into this.

    This is a real moral quandry most of us will face at one time or another. If your friend is in a happy relationship, and you learn their partner did some questionable shit, is the moral thing to tell them or not to tell them? Obviously if it’s sex outside the relationship without conset, because of STD’s, you have a moral obligation. But slightly-shady shit? That’s a pickle of a different color.

    And then Catherine was like “Also I’ve been fucking Narcisse.”

    Hahahaha. Of course when Mary went to tell Lola, Lola immediately handwaved her off, as if Mary didn’t full distrust Catherine at all times and knew her better than anyone and is at this point the last person Catherine can fool. As we know Lola has always been dicks before chicks in her heart, throughout this whole series. We have the receipts. From defending her piece-of-trash fiancee episode one to right here and now helping her son’s grandma get framed for the murder of Francis, we have the receipts. I see you Lola.

    Meanwhile the Spanish Ambassador was heading up an extremely slut-shamey investigation into HOW exactly the Future King of Spain ended up tied to a sex horse with his head caved in. His answer? French people.

    Mary gave Greer the head’s up to clear her girls out of court before they could get slut shamed, then was like “Hmmm you look different.” And Greer was like “I am wearing 18 braids on my head for some reason?” and Mary was like “Oh okay that must be it.”

    Meanwhile Catherine and Claude were having a heartwarming mother daughter talk.

    Proving she’s Catherine’s daughter after all, Claude struck a canny deal: she wouldn’t mention that time Catherine tried to kill her if she could choose her next husband.

    Meanwhile, Don Carlos had woken up, with Catherine poised to terminate him if he started pointing fingers.

    The good news: he didn’t remember that Catherine and Mary had tipped him over in a BDSM scene gone awry! The bad news: that was because his brain was very badly injured. Very badly.

    We’ve all been there Don Carlos.  Oooof, there are days and there are days.

    Meanwhile, Bash then intercepted Catherine in what seemed like him policing her but was actually him asking her how he could help. When the actual scene was happening I just kept thinking about how there’s a small but loyal set of fans who ship Bash and Catherine really hard and how much they were enjoying this scene.

    Meanwhile, Lola was dutifully testifying about the rat. And then she got word her brother and father had been kidnapped by the English and were being held hostages, not to be released until Lola had joined Elizabeth at her court. Narcisse was like “That will never happen” but I was like “Wow I really hope that happens. Lola at English court? Yes, hell to the yes.”

    Then Mary kind of got into with Narcisse because both of them wanted to keep Lola safe for slightly different reasons? IDK. People give Narcisse a real tough time when he’s so cool and charismatic and awesome and oh whoops he killed his scribe so Lola wouldn’t find out he left the rat in the bathtub.

    Hahahaha wow Narcisse turned a corner this episode! To explain how it happened: Lola was dictating a letter back to her mother, and the scribe was writing it, and then she noticed his handwriting, and I thought to myself: can Lola write? I am not sure if Lola can write.

    I see your reading-but-not-writing shenanigans, Lola.

    Meanwhile Mary was confronted by the growing famine in Scotland by ambassadors who had smuggled over some ACTUAL STARVING CHILDREN to guilt her with. In an age before smartphones, “pics or it didn’t happen” could get very weird.

    Mary offered to sell all her jewels but Mary you can’t eat jewels girl.

    Meanwhile Claude was trying to white-knuckle it through the inquest acting like her mom didn’t kill her when they confronted her with a book of painful teenage secrets.

    I can imagine nothing more embarassing and heartbreaking than having to explain to a court that you lied about how your mom tried to kill you, to protect her. I mean. I need a hug after that confession.

    Clearly Catherine is going to make Narcisse pay for this. But first she had to dress up like a Dickensian urchin and sneak out of the castle!

    Lol. Megan Follows looks 16 in that hat. What in the world. Is she part Merlin? Why is she aging backwards? Please someone figure out the creams she is using because I need to stock tf up.

    In the carriage, on the way to a safe house, Catherine was like “Marry that Spanish himbo. Take him back to Scotland. Spend his money and eat as much as you want. It’s the best life you could ask for.” then she made a break for the safe house and ran straight into Bash. It was BASHERINE MAGIC.

    Also he dropped a bit of a bomb: the embalmer paid to embalm Francis kinda never did. Silver lining? If they dug up Francis he would still have his liver, disproving the murder charge Catherine had been convicted of.

    Dear Lord. Not even on Game of Thrones has someone had to do something this darkly hardcore. This was Lady Stark levels of awful to contemplate.

    Anyway, back at the castle the worst day of Narcisse’s life was dawning. The night before he’d killed his scribe and then when Lola confronted him about possibly bribing the scribe he totally choked, lost his shit, and she put it all together. Lola was like “Fuck you butthead, I’m going to England and while I’m gone you just think about what you did.”

    Then she turned around to Mary and was like “Still very much into him.”

    Yes, Catherine returned with Francis’ body to give Narcisse the tongue-lashing of a century and make us all miss Francis all over again. 

    Narcisse had lost his case, probably he regency,and his wife, for selfishly overreaching and trying to frame Catherine for the most despicable of crimes. And also he had bummed us all out.

    And worst of all, he had cost me my Nola.

    Seeing Lola do what had to be done to help her family, ie go off to England and become Queen Elizabeth’s hostage, inspired Mary to do the unthinkable: agree to marry Don Carlos. It would mean the wealth and security and most importantly oatmeal packets all those adorable dying moppets needed. Of course it would mean a lifetime of gently mopping up drool from Don Carlos’ chin, but Mary is a Queen damn it.

    And, let’s be real, we just know something will come along and save her.

    So. A great return! An honestly stunning red gown! I don’t know what to think about Nola except that I would probably have instantly forgiven him, but I am excited about one of our core cast showing up in England. What did you think?

    Movie AUs!

    A year ago, you couldn’t have convinced us that we’d be running a writing blog that just just hit 3,000 followers, but here we are! Thank you guys so much, each and every one of you, for sticking around here with us through the craziness that the past year has brought to this blog. We love y’all! (Please excuse the banner that was made in like two seconds omg I’ve never made one before lol)

    Anyway, in light of our most recent follower milestone, we’ve decided to host a writing challenge! We’ve seen so many different, super cool challenges floating around lately, so we came up with the idea to do movie AUs! Below the cut, you’ll find the rules for this particular challenge, followed by a list of 75 movies that we came up with off the tops of our heads in like 20 minutes. This is a long post, our apologies; but in order to avoid everyone asking questions and general confusion, we tried to include everything we could think of. Please read entirely before entering the challenge, thanks!  

    Hope y’all decide to join and have some fun with us here at Stark Tower! 

    Keep reading

    Dressed to Inspire (Loki X Reader)

    Loki x Reader

    Pic:  The pic is of Loki when he sees you walking down the stairs XD

    Description:  You have just been accepted as an Asgardian warrior to fight with Thor, Loki and their team and they hold a feast to welcome you.  Loki is astounded when he sees you


    You were ushered into the palace of Asgard by Odin himself.  Apparently, once accepted into the ‘clan of Asgard warriors’, you got to live in the palace of Asgard and on your first night, they would throw you a huge feast.  You gazed up at the high ceilings and gorgeous marble as you were guided through the seemingly never ending halls by Odin.  He was saying something but you didn’t really notice - you were too busy admiring the design in awe.  

    “Y/N, dear, are you listening?”  Odin turned his one-eyed gaze towards you.

    You were pulled out of your thoughts with an unwanted tug.  You shook your head a little, as if the movement would bring you back down to earth instead of your little world of imagination.

    “Oh!  Yes, I’m sorry.. I was just admiring the beauty and structure of the palace,”  You tried to be smooth.  “Please, what were you saying?”

    Odin smiled at you.  “Your feast will be held this afternoon in the Great Hall, it starts at approximately 2 pm.  I will take you to your chambers now… I’m sure you’d like to get settled.  After all, it’s where you will be staying.”

    You nodded, trying to act engaged but your mind kept wandering to the magnificent palace, the furnishings and the echoing ceiling.  You wondered what your chambers would be like.  They had to be at least somewhat nice - it was, of course, the palace.  They were sure to be nothing like your old home.  You and Odin rounded a corner and came down a wide, long hallway with one door at the end.  

    “This is your wing.  I hope you find it comfortable,”  Odin stopped at the towering gold double door.  “There are clothes provided in the wardrobe and there should be all necessities needed in your chambers.  If anything is needed, please ask a maid or a guard.”

    “Thank you, my king.  I am sure that it will be far more luxurious than anywhere I have stayed.”  You smiled politely and Odin bowed then strode of with 4 guards in his wake.  

    There were 2 guards left to guard your door.  You nodded at them and hefted your small bag on your shoulder as they opened the doors for you.  Bright sunshine greeted you as you walked through the opening, the two doors closing behind you.  You gasped at the sight of a huge balcony in front of you.  To your left were a set of glass doors that led into the bed chambers and a lounge area from the looks of it and to the right was the bathroom.  In the middle of the spacious balcony was outdoor seating.  Gulping nervously, you stepped slowly over to the bed chamber doors.  Slowly, so to not miss out on any of the detail - you didn’t want to overlook any hidden beauty or detail.  You twisted the gold knob of your bedchamber door, rubbing the pad of your thumb along the intricate designs.  The room was as large as the balcony.  At the back was a huge, gold and circular bed with gold curtains and just in front of the bed was luscious sofas.  To the diagonal right was a walk in wardrobe.  

    You squealed a little and dropped your bag just in front of the door to take a running leap on the bed.  It was like landing in a pile of clouds, you decided.  Your eyes were shut in pure bliss when you remembered what Odin had said about the clothes.  Your eyes shot open with excitement and you raced to the wardrobe.  You hadn’t a clue what you were going to wear.  In the wardrobe, you found dozens of dresses, outfits, shoes and accessories.  You ran your hands through the layers of sewn fabric until you saw a forest green dress hiding in between 2 particularly large dresses.  Plucking the dress out, you held it out to see.  It’s forest green fabric was layered and the torso area was like a corset.  There was loose fabric coming off the top of the torso as sleeves.  There were holes cut at the shoulders and then the sleeve went on in a baggy fashion.  There were silver patterns adorning the torso in Norse patterns.  

    You sighed and twirled around with the dress and decided that this was the dress you were going to wear.  Excitedly, you rummaged around in the closet for shoes.  You found a pair of flats that were green and looked like it was actually made out of real leaves.  You slipped into the dress and put on the flats, gliding over to the mirror to look at yourself.  You had to admit, you were beautiful.  You realized that it was almost time for the feast so you quickly did up your hair, decorating it with chains of silver then hurried off.  

    Somehow, you managed to get lost.  Not that it wasn’t hard to get lost.  You were turning down halls that lead who knows where until you finally found the Great Hall.  You worried and wondered about the other warriors.  You knew their names - Sif, Thor, Loki, Volstagg, Hogun, Fandral.  They were heroes to you.  You’d always looked up to them even though you never knew them.  You wondered what they would think of you as you came closer and closer to the hall.  There was a large staircase that was far more intimidating than expected.  You hurried to the staircase but slowed down when you saw the mass of people staring at you.  You looked out nervously to the crowd as you slowly descended down the stairs.   No one moved.  No one talked.  You made it to the bottom of the staircase.  Someone was pushing through the crowd.

    “You must be Y/N, our new companion!”  Thor’s voice rumbled and echoed through the entire hall.  “Let’s make a toast, shall we?  To Y/N!”  

    Volstagg shoved a glass of ale into your hand while everyone cheered and gulped some of their drink.  You laughed a little.  Thor was pulled off into the crowd by some of his friends, you assumed.  You were standing there a little awkwardly when Loki, clad in green (matching you), strode up to you.

    “Y/N….. A beautiful name…”  He said as he took a sip of his wine.

    You didn’t really know what to say, you’d never really been given a compliment like that.

    “What are you doing, standing all alone?  You should be having fun, it is your feast after all.”  Loki smiled a little.

    “I’m not one for partying, really.”  You sighed.

    “Well, Miss Y/N, I’ll have to show you how because you look brilliantly dressed for it.  As I like to say, a dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to take if off you.”  He grinned.


    Hiii, sorry it was so longggggg… 

    I love Loki XD…. Requests are good btw just ask


    The Lost Girl