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Okay so what's your opinion on Bushmedicine (SniperxMedic)? If it's not your cup of tea, that's fine! I just like hearing opinions.

Look, you guys really want my honest opinions on these things? I can do that. (Keep in mind that these are just my own opinions. Not trying to ruin anyone’s fun or get into a debate.)

I’ve seen some cute art and stuff with these two, but based on their personalities and habits, I find the idea of a romantic relationship between them to be incredibly unlikely. And that’s assuming that Sniper is into dudes, which I don’t really have an opinion on.

They could definitely connect on a few levels; they take pride in their work, and they’d be easy drinking and hiking buddies. They’re also both fairly logical thinkers and could have some fun arguments. That’s about where it stops, though.

When it comes down to it, Sniper is a loner and a rule-follower who smells like piss half the time while Medic loves nothing more than breaking the rules and finding things out for himself. (And outside of lab work, he keeps pretty clean, so that Sniper B.O. would be a major turn-off.) They also just need totally different things from a potential partner.

Sniper needs someone who’s just as self-sufficient as he is, someone who will have his back, metaphorically if not literally. It’d be good if they were the type who could draw him out of his shell, but a disruptive personality will just drive him away in the long run. It’s just too stressful! Funnily enough, I could see him having chemistry with Spy, depending on how devoted Spy is to Scout’s mom. I’d also list Miss Pauling as a prospect, but I’m 95% sure she’s gay.

Medic needs someone who can keep up with him and cover his blind spots, like when he gets too wrapped up in a project and neglects his normal life and health. They don’t need to be as clever as he is, but both curiosity and listening skills are must-haves. There has to be openness and an exchange of ideas to keep him interested, with bonus points if they can establish a solid sense of security and comfort that Medic can fall into if he runs himself ragged. I figured he’d have something with both Demoman and Heavy in different periods, with neither working out in the long term for different reasons.

So that’s what I think!

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hey... evan trying to flirt w/ a pretty girl (or boy or!! other!!)........ it was jared's idea i need this p l ea s e

on it omg

- ok so evan has mentioned this cute person in his chemistry class to jared

- like he thinks they’re adorable and they’re really nice to the teacher and their lab partner 

- he’s just “!! they’re so sweet i like them !!”

- so it turns out that this person shares the same lunch period as them and jared hatches this clever plan

- one day, he walks up to them and asks them if they want to sit at his table bc they’re not sitting with anyone else

- n they say yes!!! 

- jared’s plan is working so far he is very proud

- so he brings them over to the table and introduces himself and then evan

- evan, who has mostly connected the dots and figured out what jared is planning, is turning red and he stumbles over his words 

- save him blease

- the person just smiles and introduces themselves and they’re like “you’re in my chem class!!!! it’s nice to formally meet you!!!!”

- evan melts right then and there wtf

- “they know who i am oh gosh wowie they’ve noticed me in class”

- anyways

- so they’re all eating lunch together and jared is trying to get evan to lay out some pick up lines

- but it’s just not happening

- he’s stuttering and his hands are starting to sweat a bit n jared’s just like “bro……..”

- brandon uranowitz voice and then

- lunch is going on and the cute person is being so nice and patient with evan because they’ve picked up on his anxiety so they don’t push him or anything

- he’s really appreciative that they’re (1) giving him the time of day and (2) treating him so well even though his words are almost incoherent

- so this exact scenario goes on for a few days

- they just start coming over to the lunch table on their own and they’re always so patient

- after about a week tho, evan starts getting comfortable and then jared urges him to drop some slick moves




- so it’s the end of the lunch hour

- students are standing up to dump their trash and go to their next class

- it’s loud

- evan is taking in a deep breath

- the cute person is about to stand up

- and then

- “are you my appendix? because i have a gut feeling i should take you out.”

- the table is silent

- jared is staring in wonder

- he didn’t think evan would actually do it

- the classmate is frozen and their face is hot

- evan is starting to worry that he’s messed up and done something wrong

- but then the cute person smiles widely and says “ok”

- OK

- evan dies

- “really?”

- “yeah.”

- “goodbye, love birds,” jared says as he leaves the table

- he naruto runs away

- so our dear chemistry classmate and evan are sitting at this table as people are still streaming out and they’re giggling quietly

- “i didn’t think that’d work to be honest.”

- “well it did.”

- “so d’you like… want to actually go on a date? with me? because-”

- “evan, calm down. i’d love to.”

- they go on a date

- their chem teacher lets them switch seats so they can work together

- their chem teacher doesn’t know that they’re dating and they only asked to switch seats so they could be next to each other in class n pass notes

- jared is proud of himself for making this happen

- evan and chem classmate are adorable

If you come from a school that does the IB Diploma, you have most definitely heard your seniors complaining, about how the IB is basically death in the form of a pre-university course. Once you start the IB, you quickly realise that boy, were they not kidding. Here are some tips to make the journey a bit more manageable:

1. A Flexible Routine is Ideal. 

Look. If you’re doing the IB, not only will you have to study 6 subjects but on top of that you have countless internal assessments, the EE, CAS, uni applications and general teenager-y stuff to think about. Get into a good studying routine but make sure that it is flexible enough, that when the IB throws a tantrum and a shit storm comes your way (this happens a lot,) you are prepared with an ample amount of time to clean up the mess. 

2. TOK is a pain, but it’s worth it. 

Sitting through a lesson of TOK is very similar to running around in circles. Seemingly pointless but you’re tired at the end of it. Most people cannot concentrate in TOK because unlike other subjects, it asks you to think deeply into why you are learning what you are and why what you are learning is ‘true’ or 'right.’ How can it be justified as the 'correct’ thing to learn? Many a times, this causes your brain to hurt, a lot and it is very hard to continue listening. But, TOK is 1 point, one point that could potentially boost your chances of getting into your dream school. Don’t let that point go to waste. 

3. Prepare, Plan, Prosecute. 

The three Ps of IB. You must prepare your day in advance. I find writing a to do list every morning keeps me on track every day (it is also very satisfying to tick off the boxes, once you’ve completed something.) Prepare for battle. Everyday, arm yourself with the equipment that you need and the mentality that you require, to face your day with grace. Plan your day out (as mentioned above, a flexible routine is ideal.) and then prosecute. 

5. Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night. 

My motto for the first 2 terms of IB was “sleep is for the weak,” and I’m sure I wasn’t the only person repeating it under my breath, as I scrambled to finish yet another chemistry lab report. I had no clue that what I was doing was so wrong. Without at least 6 hours of sleep, not only do you feel completely off the next day, but your capacity to concentrate in class is greatly reduced, additionally your brains ability to retain information is also reduced, meaning that you need to spend more effort recalling key facts. 

6. Be Selfish. 

For many of us, the two years of IB define our future. You are allowed to put yourself first for these two years. You are allowed to prioritise staying at home and finishing homework, over attending a friend’s birthday party. You are allowed to stop apologising to people and start looking out for yourself. You are allowed to ask for a bit of mental space to gather your thoughts. You are allowed to fight for your own benefit. You are allowed to be selfish. 

7. Surround Yourself with People that Understand. 

They don’t necessarily have to be doing the IB too, but people who understand and will not judge you when you complain (because you will,) people who will support you throughout and motivate you to continue fighting. You need to surround yourself with people who influence your life in a positive way. 

How the tables have turned! The poker tables, that is. Barry had been in a straight-up funk since this whole Patty thing went down, so it was my turn to cheer him up. He refused to change out of his sweatpants and old Diamond’s jersey, so hitting the Central City nightlife was definitely out. My solution? Boys’ night in! I figured a low-key night of gambling, booze, and bro time would be just what Barry needed. I sent up the flare to Joe and was just getting ready to leave S.T.A.R. Labs to pick up some provisions when Harry meandered into my workshop – something about those puppy dog eyes made me extend an invite to join us. I mean, what else would a misanthropic super-genius from a parallel universe wanted for murder have planned on a Friday night? Who knows, maybe with a few beers in him, he’s actually a tolerable guy… 

There is an intricate science to hosting a successful poker night. The cohesive chemistry of a group is vital –personalities need to mesh, not antagonize. Due to ferocity and thumb sweat that pick up after the first few hands, there’s a two-deck minimum (no one wants grungy cards!). The table must be circular and devoid of any floral patterns and real poker chips are a fundamental imperative – no Legos, Splenda packets, or leftover Halloween candy. But it’s the food you serve that is the real make-it-or-break-it: nuts say you’re a traditional guy; chips are for the conformist; prosciutto-wrapped asparagus screams “poker night virgin.” I decided to play it safe and stocked up on Chex Mix, pigs-in-a-blanket, pepperoni bagel bites, and beer. 

We capped the pot at $100 (no fancy high rollers here). Harry claimed they didn’t have poker on Earth-2, but I’m pretty sure that was a total bluff. He was on a winning streak and with every hand he won, he got even more unbearable. “Beginner’s luck,” he said. Yeah, right. He cleaned us all out by the seventh hand - and the food wasn’t even cold yet! Barry had suffered the biggest loss – his head just wasn’t in the game – and I didn’t want him to go home feeling even more like a loser. So, I proposed a way for us to win some of our money back – a rousing game of Charades. 

Barry and I teamed up against Harry and Joe. Those poor guys never stood a chance! With my extensive mental stockpile of pop culture phenomena, and Barry’s fast acting, we left those guys in the dust. We had a few slips (my Casablanca reenactment was completely lost on Barry until he Flashed his way through AFI’s top 100 flicks), but after that, we were golden. I think Joe purposefully threw a few rounds – I mean, how hard could it be to guess “Up?” Being the prima donna that he is, Harry grew frustrated and quit. But whatevs - his tantrum was our victory! Barry and I won our money back and the game seemed to have lifted his spirits, enough for him to even crack a smile! 

Overall, I think poker night was a success. It’ll take a lot more to get Barry back on his feet, but maybe with his pile of winnings he can buy himself something nice - like that set of Swarovski Erlenmeyer flasks he’s been eyeing. #nerd.

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for the McDonald's/Lab Partner/Elevator meme, Finn, Rey, and Poe

It has been too long since I’ve seen that movie, bc suddenly I’m second-guessing my grasp on the characters, but:

I want Poe as my job trainer bc he’s a quality leader and probably also a great teacher, plus he’s good at handling stressful situations (like me panicking? I imagine that’s a stressful situation; sry to my most recent job trainer :/)

I want to be stuck in an elevator with Finn, bc for some reason he strikes me as the kind of person who could hold up both ends of a conversation? And according to my accepted headcanons, he wouldn’t be averse to cuddling our way through the whole ten hours.

Rey is focused, and mechanically inclined… could she also be chemistry-ly inclined? I need a good lab partner bc I failed the last chem lab I took lol

(the meme)

Old Wounds

Jack walked into his office to meet his new client with a grin on his face. “Well, well, well,” he placed the tablet containing all of the patient records on his desk and relaxed into his chair. “If it isn’t little Gigi Fassbender with a blown out knee from a skateboarding accident.”

Gigi looked at him in exasperation. “Seriously? You’re a physical therapist?” She hadn’t seen him in forever, and back then he had still been a boy. Well, not a boy but definitely not a man yet. That had changed. He’d grown into himself, and grown up, and grown a beard the same fiery red as his curly hair.

“I always told you that you were going to hurt yourself on that thing.” Not that she had ever listened. Of course, Gigi at thirteen hadn’t listened to anyone. He had a feeling that Gigi at twenty two probably didn’t either. Some things had changed – her hair appeared to be her natural color now rather than something dreamed up in a chemistry lab – but Gigi’s need to prove everyone wrong was a more permanent feature of her personality than her hair color.

“Okay, one?” She held up a finger. Her middle one. “We haven’t seen each other in at least five years, so I don’t know what this ‘always’ crap is. And two,” she flipped him off with her other hand, “I can still outride you even with a bad knee.”

“Classy as always.”

“Boring as always.”

Jack laughed and picked the tablet back up. “How’d you hurt yourself?”

Gigi stared at the poster of the muscular system on the wall. “I fell off my board.”


“Me what?”

“Now, I will freely admit that it’s been at least a decade since I saw you on a longboard, but you don’t strike me as someone to simply fall off.

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INTJs at School Post #3
  • Me: God I've been so impatient and irritated with people lately I need to try to be nicer
  • *receives text from person I haven't talked to since 2011*
  • Person: "What was the homework for every class for the past two weeks? And can you proofread my English essay and Chemistry lab write up? And what did you get for every answer on the Precalculus homework?"
  • Me: *impatience and irritation levels reach Danger Zone in record time*

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Naruhina 10 & 14 pleaaaaseeee😍

send me a ship and a number and i’ll write a short fic


10. high school popular kid/nerd au + 14. lab partners au



Asif having been terribly sick for a week had not been enough, Naruto is now suffering in Chemistry class, stuck with Hinata Hyuga, the weirdest girl in school.

Everybody else in the class already had a partner to work on the final project with. She was the only one left. He had not been saved by anyone, not even by his friends. No one wanted to be in his place, truly. Not even him.

Well, Hinata was not that bad. She could even be kind of pretty if if she dressed differently (as in, not with clothes so baggy and unflattering), if she fixed her long, messy bangs (she could use a cut), and if she put on a little bit of make-up on (she didn’t really need it, but hey, it could help). However, the main problem she had was that she was too damn shy and quiet – and simply weird. She barely spoke, and when she did, she blushed and stuttered. She was almost always quiet, curled up in her desk, like a ghost, which was pretty disturbing. Naruto was loud and active, so being forced to spend time with someone who was the complete opposite from him was rather unnerving.

Still, really, it was not that bad. At least she was a nerd, which meant he would definitely get a good grade on the project. As the optimist he was, he meant to focus on this silver lining.

“So,” he began, resting his chin on his hand as Hinata cleaned the flasks they were going to use, “you like Chemistry, Hyuga?”

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Akkr 14 puh-lease~? ;w;

Did you- Did you just begged me COTHS style? DID THIS ANON JUST BEGGED ME COTHS STYLE?!! Therefore, you shall receive a short fic from yours truly~

No.14 Prompt: lab partners au (I know the starting is boring but please read it cuz it cute :3)

It was just one laboratory experiment. Akashi was so used to doing things on his own, that he didn’t know exactly how to react when the lecturer paired him with a student from a different class.

Kuroko Tetsuya was his name. 

The chemistry lab class was inhibited by two classes since one of the lecturers could not come in and teach the other class in the next lesson.

It was packed but they could manage. Besides, Kuroko seemed like a helpful partner. 

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Considering you have all these problems, maybe you shouldn't go on to a university. You won't be able to handle she stress and workload that goes along with working at an actual college, not a two year post-high school program. Have you considered waiting tables?

Excuse you?

I’ve dealt with many personal problems all my life, but I’ve never given up. Despite my learning disabilities I graduated from an intensive program.

If you think BCIT is easy you need to get educated. BCIT was BRUTAL.

How many courses and labs did you have at a 4 year university per semester. I had 7. And BCIT does not have electives, so guess what all seven of those courses were science and math. Ever had 7 Final exams in a 5 day period? I did; every semester.

In a typical semester I would be taking general chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, technical mathematics, physics, environmental science and chemical engineering. ALL of these courses had labs. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

And despite this, despite all my problems. I graduated with decent grades and never failed a course.

I’m not about to give up on my dreams just because its hard or just because you don’t have the capacity to understand why I love Science and want to make a career out of it.

And for your information I have waited and bussed tables; its not fun and its not a career choice I want to consider ever again.

What a condescending fucking asshole anon you are. Who says shit like this, seriously?

Misunderstandings and Reconciliations

Rating: K
Pairing: Ten/Rose

A/N: Written for the nwficolympics event Conservative Curling! Thanks for gallifreyslostson for the beta~

The premise was simple: sign up, and you get assigned an older mentor who would help you navigate Uni life. Of all the clubs and offers Rose had seen, this was actually the most useful, so she took a packet back to her dorm room and filled it out.

The questionnaire was pretty standard- interests, study habits, best and worst classes, personality- and she was done within the hour. Since her roommate didn’t move in until tomorrow (something about the train breaking down; Rose had only skimmed the email) and she didn’t fancy being alone, Rose walked back to the station and handed in her packet. The woman handing them out seemed surprised, but pleased, and told Rose her mentor would be assigned within a month, two weeks at the earliest.

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Preference 62: Did you just say vampires?

Derek: “And what are you supposed to be?” you asked the stranger that you had pinned to the school. Derek, Scott, Stiles, Malia, Kira, Liam, and Lydia all stood behind you, waiting for any signal to move in. “What’s it to you?” You raised an eyebrow at the girl’s response. “Well, seeing as I have you up against a wall with claws at your throat, I just assumed it’d be fair to give you at least a chance to stay alive, but I guess I can just–” You began pressing your claws into her throat, drops of blood immediately sprouting from her new wound. “Wait!” she called when she felt her own blood begin to drip down her neck. “Oh, would you like a second chance?” You could almost feel Derek smirking at your actions. He’d always told you how much he loved your feisty side despite how sweet of a person you actually were. She glared at you before responding. “A vampire. I’m supposed to be a vampire.” As soon as you heard the word, your head rolled back and you turned slightly to look at your boyfriend and packmates. “Seriously?” you groaned. Derek’s threw you a look that expressed his lack of surprise before turning to Scott so the two of them could begin discussing what to do with the newest threat to Beacon Hills.

Isaac: He was thrown backwards, landing flat on his back and immediately leaning forward onto his elbow to watch the rest of the fight. You’d been in charge of protecting the humans, which was the only reason you were still standing unscathed. Everyone else was thrown to the cement of the school parking lot, and Stiles and Lydia crouched behind the Jeep for an extra ounce of protection. Scott was the only one able to control the insane supernatural creature as the rest of the pack stood to observe what happened next. The man seemed to know Scott, to respect him as he allowed the werewolf to grab him by the jacket with both hands. You moved to crouch beside Isaac, who’d stayed on the ground to watch his alpha’s interaction. “You okay?” you asked your boyfriend just as the blood on his face disappeared. “I’m fine. Are you hurt?” You simply shook your head, and the two of you tuned back into the heated conversation. “I’m a vampire, alright?” Scott’s head rolled around, and he let out one final complaint before turning to you and Isaac for help. “Couldn’t have been a freaking wolf. Isaac, Y/N, gimme a hand.”

Liam: “He’s a what?” Liam questioned you. “Vampire, Liam.” He shook his head vigorously, not quite believing you. “I’m sorry, I know you guys used to be close.” “This isn’t possible.” Liam thought of all the times his old schoolmate had shown signs of being something other than human, but his heart wouldn’t allow him to accept it until he saw it. That wouldn’t take long, though, as the supposed vampire had just switched schools to Beacon Hills High with the rest of you. “How do you know?” Your boyfriend finally looked at you, needing to know the facts. Once you’d told him, he just went back to shaking his head. “Babe,” you murmured, placing your hand over his. “Are you alright?” At that he glanced at you, then looked back down the hall where he’d seen the last person he wanted to see for the first time in months. “I would be, if my old vampire best friend wasn’t twenty feet away.”

Scott: “Why should I trust you? I don’t know you!” “We’ve experienced this before, kid.” You, Scott, Stiles, and Lydia were currently sitting in an empty chemistry lab trying to figure out a way to convince the newest supernatural resident of the town that you were trustworthy and safe to confide in. Stiles had been going back and forth with him for a few moments now, and you were taking frequent worried glances at Scott, who had a thoughtful and overwhelmed look on his face that only you could identify. The vampire, Corey, was obviously frazzled and scared, and one of you needed to find a way to make him more comfortable. “Corey,” you began softly. “I’ve been through this– we all have. We’ve seen things that you’ve never even thought of, and we’re going to be here to help you figure out what you are and how to deal with it.” “What have you been through that’s so bad? I was turned into a vampire, for God’s sake!” Giving the younger boy a sad smile, you turned to Scott as a signal for him to tune into his werewolf side. Right on time, the alpha looked up at Corey, his eyes glowing a bright red. “I was turned into a werewolf.”

Stiles: “You’re telling me… that you want to resurrect my dead best friend as a vampire?” you repeated. “I want to try,” the pale boy corrected. In the past months since Allison passed and things had somewhat slowed down, the pack had discovered a lone vampire, Jacob, in Beacon Hills, and had taken him under your wings. Although he refused to admit it, though, Stiles clearly held a strong dislike for the new kid, since it wasn’t difficult to see his crush on you– Stiles’s girl. This was obviously expressed on his face when the suggestion was brought up by Jacob, as your boyfriend sent out his signature are you stupid or are you stupid look. “Are you kidding me, kid?” Stiles hadn’t said anything until then, and you could tell his next words wouldn’t be anything that’d bring happiness and rainbows into his rivalry with the vampire. “Allison’s been gone for months. You never knew her– you don’t have the right to bring her up, and you don’t have the right to even think about methods to bring her back.” The venom in his voice surprised you, and you slid an arm around the taller boy’s waist, provoking him to wrap one of his own around your neck. “Calm down,” you muttered before turning back to Jacob. “Care to elaborate?”