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“That Butler, Silenced” picture drama stills, by Toboso Yana for the 2015 Kuroshitsuji New Year’s Party Event.

Please do not re-upload or redistribute images without permission.

                                                   because it’s not quite paradise,
                                                       but it sure feels like home.

                                                          happy father’s day.

it’s been a while since i’ve done a new redbubble shirt design, and quite a few people have been suggesting this one!

[available here as t-shirts, stickers, mugs, pillows, etc.]


This video of Kate Bush performing Hounds of Love in 1986 is like my whole aesthetic summed up in a nutshell. Everything about it is right – her outfit, her makeup, her voice, the song, the performers, the instruments, the set-up, the dancing. Gahhhhh!

Play it at my funeral, guys, and then promptly throw my coffin into the lake in a grand spiral like tossing a frisbee while blasting this song from a large 80s boombox. K thanks.

[[aaand this is what I did instead of replying to anything OTL I’m so sorry, I swear tomorrow I’ll do EVERYTHING but for now have some more of my doofus’ face ;w;

I kinda wanna make this a sort-of series, since there are so many AUs going on right now, I needed something to keep track of his appearance with ;w;

*digs a hole and hides in it*]]