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VIXX ~ Error [141221] SBS Gayo Daejun

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hoW did u change the bg color of the last vid in your gifs i cannot do it to save my life

there are lots of ways of doing it but i need to highlight the fact that dan and phil’s gaming room with grey/neutral walls are the main reason the bg color change is possible lmao thanks for moving boys

anyway! the way i do it, basically all you need to use are selective colors and hue/saturation, so let’s say we start with this:

we’re gonna use selective colors and work on neutral (the color of their walls), i ended up with these settings

but it can honestly be however you prefer, as long as it doesn’t change their skin tone/hair color too drastically, mine ended up like this:

it’s a very subtle change indeed but it’s for the sake their skin remaining human-like. just for comparison:

now we’re gonna use hue/saturation; since i dragged cyan a little bit further than the other tones on my selective color settings we’re gonna mess with cyan and blue tones; my settings look like this

and the result, which is also subtle:

for comparison:

and you can drag the cyan/blue sliders all over that rainbow to get different colors!

so this is the very basic of what you need to do, the rest is up to you! duplicate hue/saturation and selective colors layers or add new ones (play around with sliders and see what colors make u happier), use color balance to help you out with the background, and then add the other layers or a psd for brightness/levels/curves, basically do your regular coloring process adapting to the background colors (change layer positions as well!) etc; my final result looks like this (i changed the bg to yellow instead of blue ok lol):

all you have to be sure is that their skin tones don’t change too drastically and the background doesn’t look too grainy! 

ALSO! check if the psds you already use have selective colors and hue/saturation layers, if they do try using them instead of adding new layers. it might be a little easier to work on the bg change with a coloring you’re already familiar with!

i know this isn’t the best explanation but i hope it at least helps u understand what you have to work with! practice makes perfect, so even if u don’t like ur results at first keep trying :)



“Thank you so much, it really is a pleasure. While the boys chose a selection of songs that casts an eye inward on the irresponsible life choices and sexual hunger of today’s modern teens we have chosen a selection of songs that speaks of the nation as a whole during these troubling times filled with economic uncertainty and unbridled social woes, because if there’s two things America needs right now, that is sunshine and optimism! Also angels.” - GLEE S01E06 (VITAMIN D)