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whenever writers/fans argue that getting dick grayson married to kory and giving them kids is boring, i always get really confused, because you’d literally have the most interesting of stories?? if mar’i grayson was in the main universe it’d be hilarious

  • dick and kory balancing patrols with their newborn baby’s sleeping schedule 
  • baby mar’i floating everywhere
  • dealing with a stubborn half-alien half-human child who can use starbolts against you when she doesn’t want to eat broccoli 
  • the struggle between hero life and parent life in general - bedtime story at 7pm, patrol at 8 
  • is mar’i’s current cold a tamaranean one or a human one? is it contagious? if so, will it affect kory? dick isn’t sure
  • mar’i telling everyone at pre-school that her parents are nightwing and starfire and that her grandpa’s batman (on a more serious note, how much of their hero lifestyle do they reveal to mar’i??)
  • kory teaching mar’i how to control her starbolts
  • baby mar’i squeezing dick’s hand too hard and accidentally leaving a bruise because she doesn’t know how to control her strength
  • dick trying to teach mar’i the trapeze and reliving some of his circus days as he comes to the realisation that his family are literally “the flying graysons”

basically the stories would be way more interesting than the generic dick grayson goes to blüdhaven and fights a bad guy and falls in love with a random love interest for 2 issues before she’s killed/they break up

Imagine your otp

Person A: *dramatically* i need to get something off my chest…

Person B: *confused maybe a lil worried* um…okay?

A: *pulls off bra from inside shirt* ah there we go

B: wtf

How to break your own heart 101:

Step 1. Fall deeply, deeply in love with a pairing.

Step 2. Spend all your time scrolling through their tag on tumblr.

Step 3. Have every song remind you of them.

Step 4. Watch all the fan vids on Youtube.

Step 5. Get super excited for the couple’s future scenes & development.

Step 6. Realize the show featuring the pair has been cancelled/has ended & you will never have any new content.

Step 7. Cry and click on tumblr. Repeat the cycle all over again.

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philinda + otp tags

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WAIT WAIT BLACK LION LANCE AND KLANCE?!?!?! I NEED PROOF WHAT. All i ever wanted was to see black lion lance and man klance is otp right there mmmmboy

*hacker voice* ok so if you go to a youtube video & view the page source and search “keywords” you can see what tags the uploader used (in this case, the official dreamworks youtube). 

so uh on the lance vlog it includes “voltron black lion” in the tags:

the dreamworks youtube channel also has a clip up of that scene in s3 where they’re deciding who the new black paladin will be, which includes that iconic klance shoulder touch™ (which, i may add, is the thumbnail for that video too but i digress) and wow looky at the tags on this video:

(i coulda sworn the keith vlog was tagged as klance too but i didn’t see the tag when i looked…but i feel like there was at least one other video they tagged as klance?? idk)

now i’d take this with a huge grain of salt because tags are used to get views so like …. they know what people are looking up & that’s primarily what it’s about. but it sure is uhhhh interesting. 


My commission from @days-e. I saw her style in the radar and fell in love and absolutely needed a commission. Thank you so much again for your detailed work and dedication, HONESTLY YOU’RE A SWEETHEART CAUSE I KEPT CHANGING MY MIND IM SORRY AND I’M SUFFERING EVERY SINGLE TIME I LOOK AT MY GORGEOUS NEW ART. 

Based off @ginforink‘s Swamp Magic, easily one of my top 3 fics.

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. For me, you are my happy home”

HanRyu strikes againnn together with my awesome @jumin-love partner

Two different worlds united into a happy home \o/
look at their smiles, juzen x happiness is my new ultimate OTP

“But god, just notice you’re both looking at the sky”

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