i need a new one when i get home

I heard a rumor that butches have access to the world of men by virtue of their polished boots and perfect Winsor knots
Some tragedy tells me that they are the pretend women; the women born wrong; the women-not-women
who inhabit a spectral plane where they wear shackles identical to mine but cannot name the cage they’re in

I heard a lie that butches are men in a bad plastic mask
That their privileges include public hisses, leering eyes, and strangers plodding close behind
I heard that butches sink venom
into femme women
into straight women
into whoever passes by their street corner
at which of course they are leaning against a brick wall with their thumbs hooked into their Dungarees

(But this is not about my fantasies)

I was told some tedium
when I was a baby gay
salivating over Stephanie with the chain wallet and the sneer
who spoke against the cruelty of boys in my class
when I was sold the snake oil that butches were hiding in the shadows
with lighters
waiting to burn my bra
But here is what I have learned:

Butches swing bats against true predators
scaled monstrosities preying up and down the block
They have dug their heels in for my right to call myself a lesbian
to free me from every constricting dress and shapewear that men would otherwise cram me into

I was always good enough, small enough, big enough, loud and quiet and sour enough

A butch woman taught my public school sex education class
and gritted her teeth when her students asked about barrier methods
hands tied by the confines of simply needing to pay her rent
so no she could not dismantle the system
But, she said,
“If anyone–anyone–Has any questions, my office is open”

Butches ask me if I’m doing okay when I’m in a new space
They ask me to dance
if I feel safe
if I need to get a cab home
Butch women have been the ones to catch my terrified stare when I have Shrodinger’s rapist standing next to me on the subway

because you don’t know
until you know

Butches love flowers,
split the bill
whisper sweetly to their cats
secretly sleep with teddy bears

Butches snore like sleeping dragons and bite like them, too
but only when their homes have been invaded
caved in, gutted
and carved beyond recognition

Butch is not a liminal space
a go-between
Butch is a force to be reckoned with, but if you let it, then the rain will come
and everything good will grow from the ground
The rain will come

The dyke rages on.

—  Dan Yell, @anarchism-lesbianism
Meeting the Family

Prompt: Batfam meets Batmom’s large extended family

AN: I interrupt our string of votes to bring you an actual story. Enjoy!

Words: 1490

          You’re more than a little surprised when your brother walks through your office door. Though not technically an employee of Wayne Enterprises, your office space is still in the building, just one of the perks of your husband owning the building. That also means your security is top notch, and well, you haven’t seen anyone from your family in about ten years.

          All of this is what’s running through your mind as your brother, your baby brother just stands there and fidgets. “You’re still drifting off I see.”

          You shrug and point to one of the chairs, on the opposite side of the room. There’s several minutes of silence, as you take in the changes on your brother, before you ask, “What are you doing here, Ricky?”

          “Mom’s in the hospital … It’s bad. She wants to see you.”

          That takes you by surprise. Your fight was never with your mother; it was just a side effect of the war with your father. “What’s wrong?”

          He shrugs. “Kidney failure, she wants to come off treatment. She won’t listen to anyone. The doctors say she still has a chance you know. If she continues her treatments, and waits for a transplant. Either way she wants to see you.” You open your mouth to say something but he stops you “This isn’t about dad, it’s about mom. The fight wasn’t with her, it wasn’t with any of us but dad. It was you who chose to leave. It was you who cut us off.”

          You nod. “You’re right, I did.”

          “She’s your mother, and she’s dying. You should see her.”

          “I won’t make any promises.”

          Your brother stares at you for a moment before laying an envelope on the table, and walking out.

          You debate on going for several days. Bruce is out of town on business for the week, and the boys are all gone as well. It’s just you and Alfred in the manor. And while the butler doesn’t pry he does acknowledge something is wrong.

          It all comes out two nights later about the fight that separated you from your family. The fight that ended up leading you to Bruce. The fight that led the two of you to each of the boys. “It’s weird how a fight that, at that time, nearly ended my world, led me to a brand new one. One I wouldn’t change for the world. “

          Alfred just smiles. “If you called Master Bruce he’d return home to go with you.”

          You shake your head. “No, I think this is something I need to do alone.”

          You’re packed and out the door several hours later. You catch a last minute flight, and you just go. It’s nearly midnight when you get to the hospital, suitcase in tow. You follow the nurse to her room. She leaves you at the door with instructions, to try and not wake her. You agree and slip into the room.

          Your eyes focus on the woman in the bed. She looks frail, and much too thin. Her hair though is still brushed, and delicately styled, your sister’s doing no doubt. And she’s dressed in nice looking pajamas.

          You prop your suitcase against the wall and move to the chair beside her bed. You just sit there staring at her. You study the changes and with a feeling of sadness you realize she’s actually gotten older, not old, just older. At the same time, it hits you. You’ve gotten older too. You have a husband, and kids now. You have a successful business. Things have changed not only for you, but for them as well.

At some point in the night, you turn to a book. You’re nearly halfway through when a voice whispers, “You always did have your nose in a book. Couldn’t get enough of them. You’d always beg her for one more chapter when she’d read to you before bed.”

You book mark your page and turn towards the voice. Your father is still very much like how you remembered him. He’s tall, and wide, but his hair has a lot more gray in it now, and there are more lines along his face.

He gestures with his head and you follow him out. “I didn’t expect you to come.”

You cross your arms. “I wasn’t completely sure I would myself.”

“She’ll be happy to see you.” You just acknowledge the statement with a nod. “I suppose we need to talk.”

You shrug, suddenly feeling like that twenty something again. “I don’t see why. We both said all we needed to all those years ago.”

He looks you in the eye and says, “I want to make things right.”

“I don’t know if I’m ready for that.”

“It’s been ten years.”

“And a lot has changed in those years. Right now, I’m here for Mom.”

“Which means you’re here for me. She wanted you here so we could settle things. She wanted to make sure that you had your family in case something went wrong, or something went right. She wanted you to have us around for when you got married, when you have kids. She’s terrified you’ll be alone.”

“And what do you want?” You ask. He just looks at you confused. You shrug and say, “So far everything has been about what Mom wants. What do you want?”

He stares at you for a minute before he says “I want my daughter back.”

You nod. “Small steps. This was a good first one.”

Without another word, you slip back into the room. Your father is right behind you and he takes the seat on the opposite side of the bed. Neither of you say anything, but you don’t go back to your book either.

          Your mother wakes up at about eight in the morning. She opens her eyes and she comes to life. There’s tears when she sees you, and a lot of saying sorry on both your parts. Your father just watches. You take her hand and don’t let go for several hours.

          Over the next several days you see a lot of family you haven’t seen in a long time. Some greet you with smiles, others with nods. Overall, you spend a lot of time with your mother and siblings. Things start looking up, and then suddenly something happens. No one’s quite sure what, but suddenly her blood pressure starts to drop, and you’re pushed out of the room, as she’s rushed back to emergency surgery.

          You’re a bit disoriented, as you watch the family surround each other. You consider joining in, but they’ve formed this little cocoon, and you can’t help but feel there isn’t a place for you there anymore.

          You watch from the outside, your arms wrapped around yourself. Till a noise you’d know anywhere hits your ears. A very tired looking Bruce rounds the corner, with the boys trailing after him. Dick and Jason are on the lookout for you while Tim and Damian bicker about something.

          You smile as Bruce’s eyes lock onto you. You meet him halfway, and he pulls you into an embrace. That feeling of safeness washes over you, and you allow the tears to come. Bruce guides you away from your family and suddenly the boys are all trying to reach you.

          They’ve never seen you cry, and you imagine it’s a bit unsettling for them. You hug and kiss each of them, before explaining the situation. Bruce disappears, and once you’ve collected yourself, they go with you back to the waiting room.

          You can see the curious looks on your family’s faces. And you do your best to smile and say, “Everyone, these are my sons. This is Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian. And my husband Bruce will be along any minute.”

          Almost if by magic, Bruce appears and says, “I’ve got her moved to a better hospital room, a private room. Not a private room, that can be turned into a semi private hospital. I’ve also called Lee, she’s flying in to take a look, and she has some recommendations for doctors that might be able to help her a bit more until she comes up on the transplant list.”

          Before you can even say ‘thank you’, your brother says, “And where the hell is all that money coming from?”

          Bruce just raises an eyebrow and says, “Me. I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Y/N’s husband, Bruce Wayne. I’ve take care of her medical bills, everything is settled. And my company donates quite a bit of money to this hospital every year, so they’ve comped the private room. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get my wife something to eat.”

          Without another word he begins guiding you down the hallway, the boys following behind, with smiles on their faces; and you can’t help but smile, because your family is right here with you.

2 cats need to be rehomed

Okay, my dad is going to be discharged from the hospital and into assisted living in the next 1-2 days. He could remain in the assisted living facility for up to 20 days. Within the next 4-6 weeks I know he plans on moving out of his trailer because he can’t live alone anymore.

My father has 2 cats. A 7 year old girl named Bijou, and a 5-6 year old boy named Flynn. Both cats are fixed and have had their shots. Within the next 4-6 weeks I need to find new homes for these cats. My dad might be able to take one of them when he moves, but definitely not both.

If anyone in Ohio or Michigan can take an adult cat, I can deliver the cat to you with some food and litter. I can’t take the cats because my girlfriend’s mother has a very severe allergy to them. 

If you are anywhere between Detroit and Cincinnati and can take either or both of them, please let me know and we can make arrangements. I won’t be able to make the trip to get them for a few weeks, so there’s not a rush, but there definitely is a time limit.

don't fall in love with me.

don’t fall in love with me

i’ll turn you into poetry
and sing out of key

i’ll wake you every morning
to see: coffee-colored eyes
and i’ll sip from you slowly
as i kiss you goodbye

don’t fall in love with me

i’ll map your constellations
and make myself at home

i’ll laugh and get nervous
when i tell awful jokes
so i’ll smile and kiss you
on the tip of your nose

don’t fall in love with me
don’t get too close

one day, you’ll need me
until one day, you won’t

and i’ll write poetry
to heal what you broke
i’ll try not to miss you
until one day, i don’t

don’t fall in love with me
don’t give me hope

I’ve Always Been Home (Part 2)

I Have Loved You Since One Shots:  I’ve Always Been Home (Part 2 of 2)


(Part 1)


“Who are you?” You asked, so quietly, it came out as a whisper. You could feel the tears brimming in your eyes. You had never felt so deserted, so vulnerable, and so useless. “I know you’re not just a friend. You sleep here every night, and every time you look at me you look like I’ve hurt you.”

The tears were now brimming in his eyes. He could see and feel the pain this had brought you. He knew how much you hated feeling defenseless and for so long he let you feel that way. He hadn’t even begun to surface the cause of the accident.

“I’m your fiancé.”

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Today’s story: I’ve been so sad about Zula’s disappearance (he left weeks ago and never came back, I like to think he’s found a nice old lady who lets him sit on her lap day and night and not that a fox got him). I spoke to Liam about maybe getting kittens and he was semi up for it. My friend text me a couple of weeks ago to say her mum had some unexpected kittens that needed adopting so I arranged a visit. I went to see them today and said, ‘when would they be ready to go?’, she said 'today’. One cardboard box with holes and a 20 minute drive later, our new babies were home! Darcy is besotted!! More updates to follow but that’s my happy list for today! KITTENS!!!! http://ift.tt/2eqHVsH

Getting Somewhere

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

Summary: You and Sigrid have a very in-depth conversation about your past with Thranduil and the King tries to apologize in his own little way.

Pairings: Thranduil x Reader

Words: 2,063

Warnings: Mentions of Loss of Family Members; Slight Mentions of Hatred from Parents.

A/N: I’ve been hella tired lately so I haven’t been doing anything. No writing no nothing. I think that’s how the weekend is going to go too. Sorry guys. Also this was hard to write. I wanted like a lot of angst, but I couldn’t find a way to fix it so I kinda f’ed up lol

Master List  Part 1

It takes you about three days to reach Dale. You had not spoken to Sigrid and you felt bad. You didn’t want her to feel like everything was her fault.

You both get off of your horse as you reach the entrance. You hand your horse over to a stable boy after gathering your things.

“Sigrid-,” you start, slinging your pack over your shoulder. She shakes her head, stopping you from continuing.

“I understand, y/n. You had a lot on your mind, it’s fine,” she says and you smile at the human before you.

 You had lived a very LONG life and she is by far your favorite human.

During the Battle of the Five Armies, you had saved them from a bunch of orcs chasing after them. When you had seen the fear in her eyes, it struck a chord with you and from then on you vowed to protect her and her siblings, something you couldn’t do for your own.

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Nobody Needs to Know || Pt. 4

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: @imissmystery “Heyyyy I totally fell in love with “Nobody Needs To Know” and I was wondering if you maybe could do a part 4 to it with the prompt “You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!” but like Archie or one of the girls say that to Jughead referring to how he rejected the reader??? Sorry if I’m being annoying haha I just cried so much reading this story I need to have a new chapter…”

#76 “You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?”
#4 "You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!“

Warnings: I think there’s more than once swear this time

A/N: the penultimate part of NNtK. Also the last part is a bit wordy, I apologize, but the last part will have all of the resolution!

My requests are always open!

Tag List: @captainsuperfangirl, @kitschkylo, @imperfectanatomy, @latenightbooknerd, @keepcalmandflywithtoothless, @markedbymymistakes, @1amluke, @piecestothepuzzles, @lostinpercyseyes, @littleecuppycake95, @esteettinenebola, @betty-coopers-number-one-stan, @emma-clmb

You didn’t come home until late last night. You knew obsessively checking your phone would do nothing to help your fragile emotions, and Pop’s wasn’t exactly an option. Instead, you walked around town until the wee hours of the night, never stopping for too long in any one place, which means that Sunday is a beautiful day of rest for your weary legs.

And still, Jughead hasn’t called. The rest of the group has texted you, and someone must have filled Kevin in because your correspondence with him thus far has been texts about how stupid Jug is being and about the level of mediocrity he reaches while you are far out of his league, anyway.

You’re not inclined to agree, but the sentiment is the same.

Once 11 am rolls around, you schlep yourself into the kitchen for a bagel and orange juice. It’s no breakfast burger at Pop’s, but it’ll do.

By the time you’ve finished, you decide to just talk to Jug first. Make the first move, and maybe he’ll come around.

“You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?”

Jughead slams his locker closed Monday morning as he finally acknowledges you. “And you know me not answering means I probably can’t talk, right?” He shoots back, but there is a playfulness you can see in his eyes. This is good, you can work with this.

“Walk me to class?”

As the two of you head down the hallway, you ease into a comfortable silence. But silence is all you’ve had this weekend, and you’re not about to let it continue.

“Listen, Jug. I miss you. You’re my best friend. Please, can we just do this again?” You gesture between you and Jughead, indicating the natural way it felt to be walking with each other. “I don’t see why, if I can put aside my feelings, we can’t just continue on as if nothing went wrong.”

You see his face drop a bit as you say that, and you hope you haven’t said the wrong thing again. But before you can express that concern, he perks up slightly. 

“That would be… Good, I think. We can pick up from where we left off?”

And, although it still hurt to know he didn’t feel the same, you agree.

Everyone meets at Pop’s after school, the usual routine, but you see the confusion on Betty, Kevin, and Archie’s face as they walk in to see Jughead at the booth. You hadn’t yet had the time to tell them your conversation with Jug.

“Hey, guys,” you greet as they get to the booth. Archie slides in next to Jug and Betty and Kevin fall in next to you. Avoiding the obvious and trying to not bring any more awkwardness, you ask, “Where’s Veronica?”

“She’ll be in right after us,” Betty answers, smiling tentatively at Jughead to acknowledge him before turning back to you. “She said she was going to check in with her mom befo-”

The door to Pop’s swings open and V walks in, smiling softly at the group until her eyes fall onto Jug. She speeds up her walk to the booth, stalking over angrily.

She moves her arm past Archie to grab at the soft collar of Jughead’s shirt. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Archie, alarmed, pushes her back a bit and she lets go of Jug. Also angry now, but more indignant than raging, Jughead jumps over the back of the booth the confront her. “Whoa, V, what was that for?”

You get up, hoping to explain that everything was fine, but Jughead pushes you slightly to the side as Veronica gets a hard look in her eye, her jaw setting in a hard line. “Don’t push her to the side, you’ve done that enough! You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did! She deserves better than someone who breaks his best friend’s heart and then shuts her out just because he’s a loner that doesn’t want to confront his feelings!”

You look between your friends, more confused than ever about her strong reaction and the sudden bashful look on your beanied best friend. “V, what are you going on about? Jug and I talked, it’s okay. Everything is back to normal.”

The three still seated have also stood up by now, painting a very unusual picture as the group stands around the booth without actually sitting in it.

Betty softly grabs at Veronica’s arm, looking at the other staring patrons of Pop’s. “C’mon, V, we’re making a commotion. Let’s just get out of here, go somewhere more private, and all of us can have a conversation.” Betty pointedly looks at your face, crumpled in concentration as you try to understand the situation. Ronnie softens, placing her own hand onto Betty’s and giving you an apologetic look.

“Fine,” she concedes, sighing. “We’ll go to my house. My mom said she’s on her way here to start her shift, anyway.”

The others agree, and although you are still utterly lost you allow Kevin to escort you out of the diner behind B and V, Jughead and Archie trailing behind.

The walk to Ronnie’s house had been awkward to say the least, with you trying to alleviate the tension.

Once inside of the house and settled in the living room, you are about ready to burst with curiosity. However, no one seems inclined to start the conversation, with all of you sat in a circle waiting for the first word from anyone.

You take it upon yourself once again. “So, would anyone like to explain exactly what went on at Pop’s?” You ask innocently.

Jughead sighs. “Well, yesterday, I get a call from Veronica. I thought that it was about the two of us, and so I didn’t answer. Next thing I know, Veronica is outside of my house screaming bloody murder and-”

“Oh, as if you didn’t deserve it,” Veronica interjects from where she sits leaning against Betty, arms crossed. “And don’t pretend that’s the start of the story.” She turns towards you now, arms uncrossing in favor of playing with the hem of her sleeve. “After we all split on Saturday morning, Betty and I took a shower and about an hour after Jughead called us. Not the other way around. We answered, wanting to know how he felt about the big blow-out.”

“Yeah,” Betty chimes in. “We didn’t blame him exactly, not after the conversation we had with you that night. We knew it would have been hard for him to hurt you that way, too, and we all know you can’t force feelings.”

“And we figured he could use a friend. Not as much as you needed us, but still. So when he asked us to come over, Betty and I went to his house. Then he started talking to us about how he felt really bad, and that he just wanted to know if you were okay but that he didn’t want to ask you himself because he didn’t want to mess with your emotions.” Veronica glares at Jughead with the last statement, and you wait for her to continue but she doesn’t.

“Okay, but I still don’t see the problem here?”

Archie reluctantly cuts in, sitting up slightly as he cracked his back. “Well, then I get a call from Veronica as she leaves, telling me that I needed to talk to Jughead because he was acting suspicious. So I headed over after practice, hoping it wouldn’t take to long because, uh, well honestly I feel like I shouldn’t be in the middle of a lonely Jug feeling feelings for the first time.”

“Meanwhile,” Kevin interjects, “I get a surprise visit from B and V and they explain what had gone down the day before. Geez, I go to the next town over once and I miss your declaration of love!” You give shoot an apologetic look to Jughead, but he shakes his head. “So then I text you, but don’t get a reply until the next morning.”

“Wait, what happened at Jug’s house though?” you inquire. This tale gets more confusing, and V’s rage still makes absolutely no sense.

Archie continues. “I go over to Jug and, well, he tells me how he’s feeling and then I tell V because honestly it’s pretty messed up to hurt you like that?”

“Actually, you only told her when we said that she hadn’t answered Kevin’s texts yet,” Betty reminds him.

“And once she knew, she went ballistic, tried calling him first to no answer and so she goes and bangs on his door,” Kevin picks up the story seamlessly. “And that’s what he was referring to by her ‘screaming bloody murder’,” he finishes off with finger quotes.

Jughead, finally annoyed at being talked over, goes back to the story he started. “Yeah, so she’s yelling for all of holy hell to hear and comes in telling me I have no right to talk to you after what I did, which made no difference because we already weren’t talking.” He looks into your eyes, and you hate the little flutter you still feel there despite it being unreciprocated. “But it turns out that Archie,” he throws a glare the red-head’s way, “has no code of honor whatsoever and told her everything I confessed the previous night.”

You start to put it together. All of the phrases they’d been using, ‘everything I confessed’, ‘tells me how he’s feeling’, ‘a loner that doesn’t want to confront his feelings’.

You look at Jughead, and although you can hear Veronica once again getting angry on your behalf, you can’t distinguish between the words. Your focus is Jug.

“You like me,” you whisper, and you see him still. The others stop their conversation.

“Oh,” Kevin says, “I thought we mentioned that part. Had we not gotten there yet?”

Everyone is silent once more. “Y-You like me, Jughead.” It’s not a question. It’s not even a statement. It’s an accusation, and everyone knows it.

The Notebook Problem

Having shelves full of empty notebooks and needing a notebook for something but not wanting to use one of the ones you’ve collected because you “might need it for something/it isn’t a special enough reason to use that notebook” so you go out to buy one specifically for the thing and instead end up buying like 12 new notebooks and when you get home you just can’t choose which one to use then after taking ages to try to choose they’ve assimilated into the collection and you can’t use any of them so you go out to buy one specifically for the thing and can you see where I’m going with this pls someone I need help lmao

Contains Camp Camp Halloween EP Spoilers

i watched it twice but it still feels like that was over way too fast ;;
i’ll def be watching that episode again w my lil brother when he gets home,,

But anyways, Some lil things

I cant believe i never noticed how fucking cute and adorable Spacekid’s little legs are ((when he’s running from the Screaming Void Door))

And i’m li v i n g for the Spacekid and Jasper interaction ohm. amazing


One thing i really don’t like is that Max puts that expensive wine into his hoodie pocket ///: i really hope it isn’t for himself

But yEAh

I’m ready for the new zombie fanart and A++++ Gifs

Where Are You When I Need You? (Part 1) || Jughead Jones x Reader

Show: Riverdale

Request(s): Hey! Can you do an imagine where Jughead and the reader get in a fight over him not spending time with her or something like that? Can there be a lot of angst? Thank you😊😊❤️

Hey! I have a request! I was thinking maybe you can do one where the reader and jughead get in a fight or something and the reader then goes to the like and tries to fall into the ice ( like how cheryl did) and jughead and the group go to save them. I love your acc and thank you!

Warning(s): I have a fear that I made this somewhat triggering… Idk. I don’t want to trigger any of you guys so I’m gonna list this as triggering.

A/N: I thought these two requests would work well together. Now, I don’t necessarily know how I would’ve made their fight escalate to the point of the reader wanting to commit suicide like Cheryl wanted to but I did try to make it so the reader was at a low point. Also, I just got my laptop back which irks me because my schedule’s all thrown off now

Word Count: 1585

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Dappled (Prologue)

Originally posted by huntertainment


EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU (Other World Chronicles)
Main Pairing: Female Reader/OC x Oh Sehun (Shadowkind)

The Other World has been at peace for many years, the Council keeping law and order between the Kinds and Lands. Even Outsiders live threat free. But in a world so vast and varied - can peace ever truly last..?


AUTHOR NOTE: to anyone new: Hello! This series can be read alone, but it is actually from a collection of stories I have written for the same alternative universe. I would recommend reading those to fully understand everything that is going on (especially my own characters and the whole politics of the place - and especially Charred for Sehun’s backstory in this fic!). But that being said, it should be okay if you want to read it as a stand alone!

to anyone who has read the Other World series already: HEY LOVELIES! It is finally here, Sehun’s time to shine!! I know it is not that long since I finished Roots, but I am all ready to get this fic going. However, I am starting my new course very soon, this will be updated a bit slower than I normally do, I hope that’s okay. Also for anyone who has not seen/does not know - for the foreseeable future: THIS WILL BE MY LAST OTHER WORLD FIC! As lovely as I find it that you want me to write one for every member, the world building takes a lot of time and effort so I need to take a break from it! I might come back one day, but for now… please don’t expect any more! 

Okay! I’ll shut up now: hope you enjoy!!

P.S. I have tried something new, and parts of this story will not be reader perspective, but Sehun’s! Just you know, before you get confused. 


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You stared out at the expanse of water below you, watching the way the sunlight was dancing softly on the waves. The breeze played a little with the opening of your silk dressing gown, but you didn’t feel the cold. The Light Islands never get cold. You sighed, moving the glass of wine a little in your hand as you leant against the wall of the large balcony. You watched how the light played in the crystal, the way the liquid seen to turn gold in the sunlight.

‘Shouldn’t you be getting ready to go?’

You looked over your shoulder and saw your father walking towards you. He smiled at you as he approached, raising an eyebrow. You considered him for a moment. Despite his old age, he still seemed full of life. His eyes twinkled beneath his now grey hair, and still the sunlight danced happily along his skin.  

‘Remind me again why I have to go to this wedding?’ you said, letting your eyes drift back to the view.

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Since I’ve Been Loving You (Part 1)

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Summary: After Dean helps the reader out of a bad situation, they embark on a new part of their relationship. The only problem is Dean is nowhere to be found…

Since I’ve Been Loving You Masterlist

Pairing: cop!Dean x cop!reader

Word Count: 1,500ish

Warnings: language, implied past abusive relationship

A/N: Very special thank you to @emilywritesaboutdean for beta’ing and helping me think of doing a collab on this one…

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When their s/o sends them a pic of their newly pierced nipples and asks for a massage because they hurt

This was fun to write…I think I made it dirtier than it was supposed to be, but…I hope you still like it!

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There’s a lot going on here.  Let’s just put it that way.  He’s barely holding it together.  He will go through a myriad of emotions before settling on one.  Junmyeon seems like a traditional type of guy, someone who is well put together, holds himself gracefully, and is otherwise usually unruffled.  You sending him a picture of your naked upper body with the new bling is going to take his mind for a wild ride.  At first, he’ll stare at the picture, frozen and trying to comprehend what he’s seeing, then his face will go red, his eyes will get real big and his jaw will probably drop.  First comes surprise (probably shell shock), then it’s bewilderment.  He’ll glance around to see where other people are.  This picture is for him alone.  There’s no way in hell he’s going to share this with anyone and god help the unfortunate soul that gets a peek.  He’s going to wonder just what the hell you were thinking getting them pierced in the first place…but then the OTHER side of his brain kicks in and suddenly he’s very aroused.  Mind you he hasn’t even really read the text you sent along with the picture.  When he does, the whole process starts over again, only faster.  By the time he reaches ‘holy shit that’s hot’, he’s empty inside.  He can’t leave.  He’s the leader.  He has to stay until practice is over.  You can bet he’ll push the guys harder, wanting to hurry up and get rid of the imperfections in their dance so they can all go home.  Let’s just say, by the time he’s through the door, you had better not have a shirt on.  “You’ve been very mischievous, Jagiyah.  You’re going to have to pay for that.”

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It takes him less time to get to aroused than Junmyeon.  In fact, he read the text message and took in the picture all at the same time and now his brain is malfunctioning.  Minseok has one hell of a poker face so you can bet that if he was out with the guys on a schedule or in the practice room/recording studio, they’ll be none the wiser.  He’ll send you a scathing text back, warning you about being a bad girl/boy, before channeling his frustration into whatever he’s doing.  He might even have to step into the bathroom if he has the time.  You know, just to put himself back together ;).  In any case, he’s not going to let this slide, just so you know.  The second he gets home you’re going to regret sending such a risque picture and text.  For some reason, I can see him being super into nipple piercings.  Like he can live without them, but now that you have them, a whole new world has opened up in front of him.  Now, if (and it’s a big if cuz, like, it’s Minseok) you weren’t in the mood for a little something something, because you’re actually in pain and not fucking with him, Minseok would be more than happy to comply with your earlier request.  He’ll hold it against you the next time he gets you in the bedroom, though.  It takes immense about of resolve to not ravish you right then and there.  “You are such a naughty, naughty boy/girl.  You are so lucky I love you.”

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Friends to Lovers Pt. 1

(A/N) Hey again! So, this time I started writing something about Eric from Divergent. I used the Eric from the movies sind I haven’t read the books. I hope you enjoy it and as always, I’m open for feedback!

Warnings: I don’t think there are any warnings… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

second part   

third part

fourth part

fivth part

sixth part

seventh part

eight part

ninth part

tenth part

eleventh part

eleventh part (2)

twelfth part

thirteenth part

fourteenth part

fifteenth part


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Eric POV

It’s been four years since I chose to chance my life. I left Erudite and joined Dauntless, the best decision I ever made for sure. The only downside? I had to leave her. No, not my girlfriend. But my best friend, the only person that ever put up with. The only one that was always able to put a smile on my face. Still, I chose to leave and swore to never look back.
Every time I see her, I start to regret it. The joy in her eyes I was used to, slowly left. Her rosy, full cheeks became hallow and her smile completely vanished.
I knew the problems she had, I was the only one who knew and I still had enough selfishness within me to leave her. Enough selfishness to never talk to her again or come to the pit when she visited me on visiting day. So I guess that’s the reason I was so nervous while waiting on the rooftop for the new Initiates. Nervous she could be one of them.
But, what are the chances? She can choose from five factions, why should she choose Dauntless?


I really chose Dauntless, huh? With two drops of blood I left Erudite and joined Dauntless, the worst decision I ever made for sure. I mean, okay, I’m not all too bad at running and I have good reflexes. But he is probably going to be there. He, the one that left me alone when I needed him the most. The one that knew of all my troubles and still chose to leave. Well, it’s too late to regret it, I was already on my way to my new home…at least I hope it is going to become one.
I leaned against a wall of the train that brought us to the Dauntless compound. All around me were other teens, a lot of them from Dauntless, seven from Candor, five, inclusive me, from Erudite, two from Amity and one from Abnegation. Most of them were boys, only six of us were girls.
“Get ready to jump!” one of the Dauntless born yelled and everyone from the other factions looked utterly confused.
We all stood up and walked to the doors. I stretched my head out and saw people jumping out of the train from the other carts. They landed on a roof, some with more elegance, some with less.
“They can’t expect us to jump! We will fall!” the girl from Abnegation tried to reason with the boy from Amity. “The first step for us to prove we are worthy.” I murmured to myself and walked back to the wall opposite of the door. As soon as I saw the roof, I started to run and leaped across the space between the tracks and the edge of the rooftop.
I fell to my knees while landing and I could feel the burning pain. Well done! Scraping your knees and you’re not even in the compound! Well, that’s just my luck.
“Initiates! Come here!” A tall guy yelled and the others walked over to him. Me? I seriously considered to jump down from the roof. After all, I knew the voice…too well. Of course I had to see him before anyone else. There, again, my luck!
I joined the others while trying to keep my head low. Still, I could see him, and he changed. A lot.
His blonde hair was now in a short military cut, he gained a lot of muscles and had one or two (or thirty for that matter) tattoos. Like every other Dauntless, he wore all black. It suited him. The piercing above his eyebrow seemed to match him so well, I got the feeling it’s always been there. Dauntless, through and through.

“Alright Initiates! This is the only way to Dauntless. Don’t even bother asking! If you want to know, you’ll have to jump.” Eric jumped down from the ledge and walked up and down in front of the group of sixteen year old teenagers. “Who’s going to jump first?” As soon as this question left his mouth, the group parted. It was as if Mosses parted the red sea and I was the only one who didn’t get the memo. So I just stood there and Eric’s eyes instantly found mine. If you looked closely you could see the exact moment realisation hit him. His eyes widened, if only for a fraction of a second. I only noticed it because I was looking for it.
He swallowed and cleared his throat. “What about you, Initiate?” Eric nodded towards the ledge and silently asked me to come forward.
He was never one to not listen, so I just did as I was asked and stepped forward.
“Need help, princess?” Eric stretched out his hand, as if he would like to help me, but I ignored it and climbed up onto the ledge. “Whenever you’re ready, Darling!” I rolled my eyes, took a deep breath and stepped forward.

Creepypasta #1103: I Had A Friend Who Lived In The Air Vents

Length: Super long

When you’re a little kid, you do some strange stuff to get attention. Especially when you’re an only child and then poof, you’re not. You’re getting the “little brother or sister” pep talk from Mom and Dad and everything changes. You’re used to being the center of their world, being told you’re the most special little girl, but as Mom’s belly gets bigger and bigger and Dad’s patience with you gets smaller and smaller you realize it’s not going to go back the way it was. Not ever.

That’s what happened to me when I was seven, anyway. I was the kind of kid that needs a lot of attention. I hadn’t had to try hard for seven years, I’d been coasting on my parents’ single-minded doting. But pretty soon I noticed some small differences; they were less interested in what I’d done in school that day, more interested in getting ready for my new little brother or sister.

I was like an alcoholic without a bottle. You feel fine at first but soon the tremors set in and you realize you just needit, you know? You need their eyes on you, loving you, reminding you that you’re the most special little girl in the whole wide world, maybe the only special little girl.

So in the last month or so before the baby came, I got creative.

“I made a new friend!” I told them one night at dinner.

“At school, sweetheart?” Mom asked.

“No!” I was fidgety, excited, twitching in my seat when they both looked at me with rapt attention from across the table. Time to launch my plan into action. “He lives in the air vents! His name is Marty and he’s MAGIC.”

“Oh,” said my Dad, and he smiled a little. “That’s fun. Eat your peas, Rosie.”

And that was it. That was IT! I’d just told them that Magic Marty lived in our air vents and all I got was ‘that’s fun?’ And what’s worse, they went back to talking about the BABY — I always heard that word with an ominous sort of importance — and whether they thought the nursery could be painted over the weekend or not.

I stewed and pushed peas around my plate. I knew I was going to think of something better. Something to make them ask me questions about Marty, about me, like they used to.

Stupid BABY. I didn’t care if it was a brother or a sister. It was a pain before it even got here.

Over time, I came up with new tidbits about Magic Marty and how amazing he was. He only ate jellybeans! He could move things with his mind! He had a cat named Baseball and he was my VERY best friend!

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Saved by an Angel

gif is not mine

Title: Saved by an Angel

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1,911

Warnings: Angst & Fluff

A/N: Oh look, a Castiel fic that I have all ready for all of you! I hope you like this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

The wind blew through your hair as you sat on a bench in the park.  It was delightfully breezy and not too cold.  You had your earbuds in, listening to music as the wind tousled your hair softly.  You dipped your head as a single tear escaped your eye.  As the tear fell you felt a small rush of wind behind you.  You figured it was just the wind so you had ignored it.

You almost fell of the bench startled at the sudden figure that sat down beside you.  You had not seen him before.  You almost got the knife that you had always carried in your pocket out, but you were suddenly wrapped in this man’s arms.  You almost fought the strange man off, but you oddly felt safe.  You wrapped your arms around him, resting your head on his chest.  He had on a trench coat and a suit, but his tie wasn’t on right.  You thought that it was odd, but you liked it oddly enough.

“Who are you,” you whispered thinking he wouldn’t hear you.

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Eight Times

Eight times Dean almost tells Sam (and one time he does).

Dean almost told Sam on Sam’s 13th birthday. But as he watched his little brother grin toothily and hug the stuffed animal he had given Sam as a gift, he felt like he’d been slapped, sharp and painful, with the reminder of just how young his brother was.

And, oh yeah. It was his brother.

So instead, Dean hugged him tight and whispered, “I’m glad you like it, Sammy. Don’t drop it in the mud.” Sam snorted and pulled away.

“I know how to take care of my stuff, Dean,” he said sassily, turning away and setting the fluffy dog high up on top of the dresser, and the world kept spinning.

Dean almost told Sam two and a half years later, when Sam was 15 and he rushed into their craphole of a temporary apartment, grinning wickedly and excitedly telling Dean that he’d just had his first kiss with Sarah something-or-other. Dean didn’t hear the last name, too busy trying to fake a smile through the clenching in his glut and the rushing in his ears.

But Sam looked so proud of himself, and Dean couldn’t bear to wipe that triumphant smile off his face, so he just reached over and ruffled Sam’s hair and said, “Congrats, Sammy. Looks like one day soon you’ll be a real boy.” Sam punched him in the arm and left the room to change, and the world kept spinning.

Dean almost told Sam when they were standing in the rain right outside a bus stop, and Sam was 18 and leaving Dean. Leaving Dean for California, for Stanford. Don’t go, Sammy. Stay with me.

“I’m sorry, Dean,” Sam said, choked up and looking as devastated Dean felt. Dean wanted to ask why, but he already kind of knew that answer. And, well, maybe Sam wasn’t happy right then, but he would be eventually, and Dean couldn’t bring himself to take that away by begging Sam to stay here with him.

“Call me when you get there,” he said, pulling Sam into a short hug.

As he watched the bus—and his brother—disappear into the dark, Dean knew the world kept spinning, but it didn’t really feel like it.

Dean almost told Sam when they were sitting in his car outside Sam’s apartment. The one that held his sleeping girlfriend and his normal life. They’d just finished their first case together in over four years, and everything Dean had managed to push down had coming rushing back almost instantly.

Sam was smiling at him, but his eyes kept flicking away, out to where his apartment was. He didn’t want to be here with Dean, not really. So Dean let him go, told him they made a good team, felt his heart crack at the thought of not seeing Sam for another four years.

Sam slammed the car door shut and walked back to his life, the one he’d built that was free of Dean, and the world kept spinning.

Dean almost told Sam—so damn close, but then Sam was stabbed in the back with a knife. As he kneeled on the ground with his little brother dying in his arms, Dean couldn’t bear to burden Sam with that confession, not if this was the end. So he gripped his brother tight as the world came to a standstill.

Dean almost told Sam a year later, but they were out of time. Again. Because suddenly Lilith was there and the hellhounds were there and Dean couldn’t put together the words to tell Sam in between his screams. Afterwards, he thought the world kept spinning but he couldn’t be certain; he wasn’t there to see it.

Dean almost told Sam, two years later hunched bloody in a cemetery, surrounded by new and old death. But Sam jumped into the pit, saved the whole damn planet. This time, the world didn’t just stop; it imploded.

It was a long time before Dean almost told Sam again. There’d been years of fighting and miscommunication and betrayal, and this time it was Dean’s fault.

“Why’d you do it?” Sam asked, his fury barely concealing the pure pain underneath. Why’d Dean trick him into letting an angel in?

Because I love you, Dean almost said. But he couldn’t, not then. That’s not what Sam needed to hear, probably not. Sam needed to be angry, and Dean would always give his brother whatever he needed. So instead, he walked.

Dean finally told Sam, two years and a whole mess of new monsters later.

“I killed myself,” he blurted out, two hours’ worth of silence into the trip back home. Sam cracked an eye open but stayed leaning half-asleep against the window.


“When I thought you were dead. I didn’t know you weren’t, not until I killed myself so that I could beg Billie to bring you back. She was the one who told me that you weren’t dead.”

And that got Sam’s attention.

“Wait—what the fuck, Dean? You…what?” Sam’s voice was getting increasingly higher, as if Dean sitting in the seat beside him wasn’t real, as if he had somehow accomplished his suicide mission and his current form was some kind of fever dream mirage. Dean sighed, not sure what had spurred his confession. Now, of all times…

“I overdosed, figured I had a chance of being brought back by the doctor just in case, you know, things actually worked out.”

“Dean, stop the fucking car.”

Dean’s foot itched to press against the gas pedal harder; Sam wouldn’t try to kill him when they were barreling down the highway at 85 miles an hour. But he slid his foot to the brake and eased off onto the side of the empty two-lane road, preparing himself for the impending shit storm.

Sam grabbed him roughly by his jacket and dragged him across the bench seat until Dean’s torso was pressed up against Sam’s and his hips were twisted, straining, his legs bent at an awkward angle because they were still half-caught beneath the wheel.


Why?! Why the ever loving fuck would you do that?” Sam demanded, his fingers twitching and trembling and pressing bruises into Dean’s sides.

“Because, Sammy, I love you.”

“I know that, Dean.” There was exasperation in Sam’s voice, and Dean knew he wasn’t getting it. But finally Dean was saying it, and he had to make sure Sam understood.

“No, Sam. I love you.”

The body beside him stilled, and Dean held his breath.

“God, you’re such a fucking moron,” Sam finally muttered, and before Dean could ask what the hell that was supposed to mean, warm, slightly-chapped lips were pressing hard against his mouth. “You could have told me that before now,” Sam whispered, breath hot against his skin.

“Apparently so could‘ve you,” was the only thing Dean managed to get out before Sam kissed him again.

The windows in the Impala were steamed up that night, and afterwards Dean drew the words ‘I love you’ into the condensation to piss Sam off, but even more so to make Sam happy.

And maybe also so that Dean could finally see those words for himself. After all, he’d held them in for way too long.

Sorry. (Ruin)

Inspired by Sorry by Halsey. my queen.


“Sorry that I can’t believe
That anybody ever really
starts to fall in love with me.”


Harry nodded as you spoke, his eyes fixed on your moving lips, a smile on his face.

“And the bit-Harry, why are you smiling?” You frowned, staring at him. After all, you were telling him about how your boss had shouted at you in front of everyone in the office when you had done nothing wrong.

Harry seemed to snap out of his trance, looking in your eyes, “Huh? I’m sorry, I-”

“Forget it. I’m just going to head home and sleep.” You huffed, standing up from your best friend’s couch.

“No, sit. We can watch a movie to get your mind off what happened and I can give you a new job. Come on, stay.” Harry held your hand as he sat.

You sighed, plopping back on the couch and snuggling closer to a grinning Harry.


“Harry, you need to choose one dress. You keep telling me I look beautiful in everything I try on.” You said as you stood in front of him, showing him your 7th dress, outside the fitting room in the store where you decided to check out to buy a dress for the party he’s throwing.

“Because you do!” Harry exclaimed, “But my favorite was the pastel blue one.”


You and Harry cuddled on his couch, your nose and eyes a shade of red from all the crying you cried.

“I can’t believe he would actually cheat on me. Why-Why not just leave? Tell me he wasn’t happy? Anything?” You sobbed in Harry’s chest.

His jaw was clenched as he closed his eyes and pulled you closer, giving your head a kiss and rubbing your back soothingly, “He’s an ass. He never deserved you, Y/N.”

“I know I’m hard to love but-but,” Y/N sobbed, shaking her head.

“You’re not hard to love.” Harry whispered under his breath, leaning back until then both of you were lying on the couch, holding each other.


He decided to do it. He decided to pour his heart out for his best friend tonight.
It was their Saturday movie night and now, he was only waiting for his Y/N to arrive.
The door bell alerted him, Harry rushing to open the door. He smiled once he saw you with takeout bags and already in your fuzzy pajamas.

“I got Chinese.” You grinned and entered where you considered to be your second home.

Harry bit his lip nervously, sitting down beside you and turning on the movie. His stomach was doing flips and is body grew hot with worry.
You were an hour into the movie and you were engrossed in it when suddenly it was paused, making you turn instantly and look at Harry, “Harry!”

“I love you.” He said it quickly and out of breath, turning his body towards you.

You blinked rapidly, your mouth agape in shock, “Wh-What?”

“I love you. I’m in love with you. So much, Y/N.” He said with desperate eyes, his hands reaching to hold yours.

You pulled your hands away, standing up and furiously shaking your head as you looked at him with tearful eyes, “No, you don’t.”

Harry stood up, nodding his head, “I do. I love you. I lo-”

“No! Stop saying it! You don’t love me!” You cried out, “Why would you say that? Why would you ruin us like that?”

“Y/N, what are you saying? I would never ruin us. You have to trust me. Please. I mean it. I promi-” Harry put his hands on your arms, looking at you with so much emotions in his eyes.

“Don’t promise. Don’t promise me. You can’t love me. You just can’t. You ruined it. You ruined the only good thing in my life. This- This friendship was the best thing in my life, Harry, why did you have to be so selfish?” You cried out before taking your car keys and running out of the door and into your car before driving off.

Harry stood in the middle of his living room with tearful eyes, frozen in his spot.
She didn’t believe it.


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