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callout for kingwander/jollywander/fuzzywander/heroicwander/wvander

hey all my friends have agreed i should do this so. Here We Go!!!

and also, i think this would be a good way for me to compile my thoughts and sort everything out since most of this still feels kind of like it happened in a blur.

i’ll keep this post updated with his current url so if you’re not sure what it is just come back here. current url: 00903902-0df98e9idko40t4945

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tw: abuse, suicide mention, faking mental illnesses, nsfw, self harm, slurs

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hi! thank you so much for all the hard works admins <3 your blog is literally heaven sent!! im pretty stressed with uni right now, so can you please rec me some new college au fics :< thank you and god bless~

Heya! ^.^ I just love college au’s, maybe bc i’m in that age too but I tried to put them in the order from newest to oldest. 

(and omg this post turned out to be two times longer than the one i had done week ago when tumblr decided not to save it so sorry this is a bit late)

  • College!au

✄ Converse High The point of the stealing was not to own the shoes, but to get Taehyung’s attention. So, Jungkook only stole one. It was a good thing too, because those shoes were hideous.

You Can Leave a Toothbrush (At My Place)

i just can’t let you go
you give me something i’ve never known
so baby you don’t have to rush
you can leave a toothbrush
at my place

✄ Catch My Eye ‘Aren’t you that tiny boy who followed me around like a puppy in middle school and looked at me like I hung the stars? Ok well we’re in college now and you still have a huge crush on me and the only difference is now you do ridiculous things to try to impress me and honestly you’re so adorable even though you’re huge and stronger than me now’

Change My World (You’re The Sunlight In My Universe) Jungkook is an artist who likes drawing on the cafe’s freedom wall. Taehyung sees his drawings, and falls in love.Featuring Jimin as the 100% done wingman, Yoongi as the possessive boyfriend, and Seokjin as the sassy mom.

✄ Mortal Bodies, Timeless Souls Taehyung believes the science behind eternal youth lies in coffee and energy drinks but Jeongguk thinks otherwise.

Your Smile Could Rival The Sunrise There was an unspoken agreement not to fall in love but what are they supposed to do when neither of them are very good at following the rules?

Snap Streak “who dat qt boi on ur story"aka: in which kim taehyung discovers the love of his life on park jimin’s snapchat story.

✄ Will U(SB) Marry Me? Jeongguk really needs to print his Thesis, and his attractive neighbor has the solution (and more).

I’m Tired of This Place (I Hope People Change) “I thought I told you to text me…Jungkook.” Taehyung rolled his name around like it was sinful and it may or may not have sent a shiver down his spine.“I thought I told you that I wasn’t on the menu.” Jungkook mumbled as he grabbed a rag and started to wipe the counter off half-assedly. Jungkook heard Taehyung chuckle underneath of his breath then he felt a hand land on his chin. His face was pulled upwards and he was forced to look directly into the handsome man’s brown eyes.“You’re not on the menu for anyone but me.” He said, tilting his head a certain way and damn if it didn’t make him look intimidating as fuck with his dark brown eyes looking directly into his soul. [Or The one in which Jungkook really likes Taehyung, goes to college, and a lot of bad shit happens that makes him do some stupid shit.]

Can You Be (Mine?) Taehyung likes Iced Caramel Macchiatos, the Arts, and a man that vaguely resembles the Adonis statue.

Cliff Drop Gradient Somewhere along the way, we will all realize that we only start chasing the things that we were once given a taste of.” (Or, in which Jungkook and Taehyung get married to qualify for more financial aid.)

Unlock My Heart (What’s The Passcode?) In which Taehyung appointed Jeongguk to be his Jeon Watson in a grand mission: to crack Yoongi-hyung’s passcode.

✄ The Dawn Before The Sun Rises It all started when Kim Taehyung almost impaled Jeon Jungkook with a pink umbrella.

Maybe We’re All Just Fools Jeongguk likes to run. He’s never wanted anyone to run with him before.

Come On, Lattice Bond “Hello, I’m Kim Taehyung!” he greets. “Biochem senior and your very knowledgeable senpai-slash-mentor.”“Jeon Jeongguk,” the boy replies. “Bio major.”Taehyung is on the quest to be Jeongguk’s ultimate senpai. Unfortunately, life has other plans. (Lab!AU)

✄ King of the Library, Knight of His Trade Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you’ll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails.

✄ Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste Taehyung and Jungkook meet on Omegle.

I’d Give You Some Violets, But They Withered It’s no secret Taehyung loves flowers. Jeongguk hates sunlight.

Oranges And Art Students Jungkook gets his first apartment away from Busan, away from his parents, away from the stress of his earlier life. He soon finds out that his next door neighbor is pretty much out of his fucking mind.

The Moon And The Stars (Are Nothing Without You) The college tour guide raved about the uni’s friendly atmosphere and amicable student body, but wanted a high five from a cute student and all he got was a glare.

✄ Kiss Me Hard Before You Go Dramatization. Do not try at home.

Lost and Found (Me and You) All Jungkook wanted was a roof over his head while he attended university. Instead he got two brothers as roommates named Jimin and Taehyung, whose main thing in common is their tendency to smother Jungkook with affection.

I hope y’all find something to read from these! Some of them have been recommended before but there is a bunch of new ones too.

 Please check the tags before reading! ^-^

✄ Admin Amanda 

Queensward AU

A little different from the Queensward AU I had planned with OCs, but the foundation is still there. This one revolves around Ignis especially; it’ll be the AU One for the Money is in. I’m still working on the details, cos this is only a vague AU unlike the one with OCs.

The Queensward

  • A secret, elite legion of spymasters, saboteurs and assassins under the Lucian Kingdom’s command. Founded by her late majesty Queen Aulea, they were trained to undertake missions of espionage and subterfuge, as a way to protect their kingdom.
  • Their maxim: We are the shadows of the Lucian light; loyal, noble and steadfast. We serve only our King. We serve to protect his Kingdom. We will not falter.

Founding and Formation

  • So, Queen Aulea founded this group around the time she before she marries Regis, maybe when they’re engaged.
  • Basically, it’s a tag team effort between Regis and Aulea; Regis stayed in the limelight, with his Crownsguard and Kingsglaive while Aulea stuck to the shadows with her Queensward.
  • They were already betrothed at some point in their youth, so they’ve had conversations like these before. About how they’d help each other out as they became the monarchs of their land. 
  • Aulea liked the stories of the Queens Regis always told her. So part of the reason for creating the Queensward was because she was inspired by the Rogue Queen (she’s called the Crouching Dragon King in Japanese :D). Since she took the shadows to protect her kingdom, Aulea could do the same.
  • Another reason was because she knew that a peacekeeping force would only do so much if they didn’t have reliable information and advantages on their side. 
  • So the hand-picked team to become the first Queensward were old contacts from outside of Lucis that she employed or asked favours from; very few rogue-classed individuals who knew how to do their jobs. Most of them were spies, some were assassins and others were just really good at keeping quiet during their jobs and not getting caught.
  • Of those chosen, one of them suggested that if they had to train new operatives, some of them should start from young. 
    • To instill a strong sense of loyalty in them, that they would only serve the King and Queen, and protect their kingdom.
    • There’s truth in these words, even if Aulea doesn’t like it.
  • With that, Aulea then takes on the burden of choosing children to aid her cause.

The Early Years

  • When Regis found out, there was a fight between the two of them. Regis was an honourable man, he doesn’t want children fighting for their cause. Aulea is a logical and sensible woman, she knows the risks and necessities in order to make the Queensward work.
  • There’s a strain in their relationship, all the way up to their marriage. But like Regis’ fight with Cid, it does simmer down. Mostly because the Queensward worked.
    • A lot of close calls and battles were possible of intel fed by spies on the other side.
    • Though their numbers are very few because they’re still very new. But veterans make up for the lack of numbers through experience and efficiency.
  • Four years into their deployment, Noctis is born. Aulea was a kind and soft woman, as much as she was a practical one. While she could not bear the thought of leaving her son, it had to be done.
  • The Queensward needed a leader; someone who could work with all members, 24/7. The current higher-ups were unanimous in their decision to have Aulea as their permanent leader.
  • And thus, Queen Aulea Lucis Caelum nee Hinata, passed away at childbirth.
    • (ehhh, we’ll work on her maiden name)

Current Active Roster

Okay so here’s one of the parts where the Queensward works differently from the OC version. Some in-universe characters are working for the Queensward, while still performing whatever duties they had as a front. 

It also differs in that the OC versions, all OCs have no names. Just designations. I’m not sure if I want to incorporate this with the in-universe characters or not.

So far, I’ve only got two on Lucian side:

  • Ignis Scientia: Regis had asked the Scientia family to have one of their own be the advisor to his future heir. When Ignis was born, Aulea made arrangements to ensure that whatever training included for Ignis as he grew, included Queensward training.
    • As Ignis grew up being groomed to be the prince’s right hand man, he was also taught the fine art of sabotage.
    • In this, he grew to be proficient at, which was how he was really good at the stealth missions in the game.
    • Designation: Tadashi (忠) – Loyalty
  • Pelna Khara: During one of Regis’ tours as a prince, Aulea would follow. In Galahd, Cavaugh, she met this intellectual child. He’s good with his hands, better with his brain and rather honourable for someone so young.
    • One of the Wards was placed in Galahd to help oversee training for this young man, turn him into the perfect assassin. Pelna was an intelligent person; he only needed the right training to become something more.
    • It’s how he got good enough to get into Kingsglaive later on.
    • Designation: Daichi (大智) – Great Wisdom
  • I’m thinking of some other characters to adding Loqi Tummelt and even Iris Amicitia into the roster. We do need someone amongst enemy forces to be a part of Queensward. But still unsure on this bit.
    • Designation: Isamu (勇) – Loqi Tummelt (Courage)
    • Desgination: Kyou (協) – Iris Amicitia (Unite)
  • Maybe my OCs will join in the fray? Ehhh we’ll see.     

That’s all I have at the moment? Since this is a combination of canon and OCs, it’s a little difficult to harmonise it all. Ah, c’est la vie~

anonymous asked:

Okay but what about Bellamy being famous and coming to ark or wherever for Octavia's wedding and he runs into Clarke(while she's working at a coffee shop or something) and she's like and who are you and Bellamy finds it kind of refreshing or something or even vice versa


Bellamy tries to stay humble, but, honestly, there’s a certain demographic that he can expect to recognize him. It’s not ego–although he also has a pretty healthy ego–it’s just fact. Girls fourteen to thirty tend to know who Bellamy Blake is, or, at least, who James Potter is. And they recognize that Bellamy is the one playing him, even if they don’t always know his actual full name. Harry Potter: Marauders is really popular, and Bellamy’s the fucking lead. He doesn’t always love that–fame is simultaneously cool and overwhelming–but after six years, he has certain expectations about what will happen when he meets new people, especially people in certain age groups.

Which was one of the reasons he wasn’t looking forward to his baby sister’s wedding.

Others include: it’s his baby sister (who just graduated from college, Jesus) and it’s her wedding and he’s in the middle of nowhere for a week and a half and he doesn’t even get to hang out with O that much, because she’s busy with wedding stuff and he’s terrible at it.

Today, he has been entrusted with exactly one thing, and when he sees the girl behind the counter, he figures it’ll be easy. She’s probably around his sister’s age, right in their target demographic, and she’s cute. For once, his fame could actually improve his life. That would be cool.

He can just hear Octavia’s voice in his head saying, You don’t have to flirt to get coffee, Bell, it’s her job to give you coffee but he ignores it. He’s bored, he’s cranky, and he likes Lincoln’s family well enough, but he feels kind of shitty that all he’s really contributing to the whole wedding thing is money and giving his sister away, while they do all the real work. Which is fucked up all by itself, because if you’d asked him ten years ago, all he would have wanted was to be able to give his sister enough money so she could get through college and have the perfect wedding. But it stings sometimes, feeling like that’s all he’s good for now.

So, yeah. He’s in a shitty mood. He wants a pretty girl to validate him. It’s not a crime.

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