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Day6; Call me, beep me (if you wanna reach me) Ch. III

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new phone who dis

We haven’t talked before actually
I’m sorry if I’m bothering
I’m Park Sungjin

yes ok

Doesn’t the name ring a bell?

not really no
should it?

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Teasing Kian lawley Imagine

Hey guys this is a quick kian imagine :)
warning| smut
if you want part 2 then please request also if you want a imagine all you need to do is ask :)

“I will see you next Saturday “I heard Kian say as he got up and turned off the camera. I had not long woke up and was making a cup of coffee while Kian was making his video, I couldn’t help but smirk as Kian walked into the kitchen. He was wearing a striped tank top, a leather jacket and a captain hat. He walked behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He started kissing my neck.

“Kiannnnn” I wined.
“mmm ”He hummed against my neck sending chills around my body.
“I’m trying to make a cup of coffee. “ I told him as I managed to move out his grip and poured the hot water into my cup.
“Butttt Immm” Kian started to whine but I cut him off.
“I know I heard you filming 5 days really ki” I laughed as I placed my cup on the table and sat down on the couch. Kian had just finished filming “dirtiest video ever” I couldn’t lie it had turned me on. I had been away visiting family in Ireland for a week. I loved it but I really missed Kian. I had missed his touch.I missed cuddling up to him at night.I even missed his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. I had got home early hours yesterday but I wasn’t in the mood and slept most of the day.
“I’ve not had you have I “He winked as he joined me on the couch. He moved closer to me and started to kiss my neck again.
“GUYYYSS” Ricky yelled as he finished putting the camera and lights away. Kian ignored Ricky and continued to kiss me. I could barely take it anymore .I wanted to just have him right there on the couch but I couldn’t not yet.
“I better go get ready “I said as I stood up.
“Good idea Jc will be back in 10 and he wants to get straight off.” Ricky said as he put on his shoes.
“Il comes with you” Kian said as I started going up the stairs.
“Nope you stay here you will be too much of a distraction” I winked at him. I was soon ready with a black skater skirt, ankle boots and a floral crop top. I had my hair straight and basic make up on.Just the way Kian liked it.
“Babe”I heard kian shout.
“Coming” I yelled back. We was having a day out shopping and going to the beach, Jc needed a new camera lenses and I wanted a new laptop. Jc and Ricky was going in there own cars as me and Kian was going kians. I locked up the house and jumped into the passenger seat.
“Babe”Kian said he started the car.
“What?” I asked already knowing what was wrong.
“why do you do this to me you know how bad I am at the moment and you come out looking like that”Kian said as his hand rested on my theigh.
“Shutt up if you behave we have a free house later”I said as I moved his hand off me.The truth was anymore of this I wouldn’t be able to take it.Kians eyes lit up as I put some music on.I couldn’t help but laugh at his dance moves as we drove down the road.After a day of shopping and going to the beach, the guys plans got cancelled so we decided to have a movie night.I got changed into a pair of joggers and a vest top.Kian put a blanket over us while Jc tried to find a movie.
“I have one”I laughed. Kian gave me a look.I just smiled.I took the controller off Jc I typed in magic mike to my delight it was there.
“No”Kian laughed.
“but its awwessoommmeee duuudddeeee”I laughed.
After a while of arguing we finally put on the inbertweeners.  I wrapped myself around kian resting his head on his chest.Half way through the film, I got bored I had seen the film more than once.I looked over to Kian whos eyes was glued on the screen.I thought it was finally time to get him back for all the teasing he had done today.From little things like placing his hand on my thigh when we was eating to slapping my bum at the beach.My hand slowly glazed over his lengh. Kian shot me a glance and I just smiled.I slowly started to kiss his neck.He let out a slight moan but tried to cover it.I started to slowly rub his length.He let out a moan again.He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Join me in 5”I whispard as I unwrapped my self from him.
“Where ya going”Jc wondered.
“Got abit of  a headache gonna have a lay down.”I said as I winked at kian and walked upstairs.Jc nodded.I quickly changed into my black lace underwear that I had brought earlier today while the boys were looking at camera lenses.Kian had been trying to look in the bag all day but I had resisted. I took a quick picture and sent it to kian with the caption ;) . I herd Kian make his excuses as he almost ran upstairs.

“Babe”Kian knocked on the locked door.
“Busy”I quickly replied back letting out a fake moan.
“Dont do this to me”Kian wined.I didnt do anything.
“Babe”Kian wined a bit louder.I slowly walked over and unlocked the door, I pulled Kian in by his hand and quickly closed the door.I quickly attached my lips to Kians pushing him up against the door. Kian licked my bottom lip begging for entrance

To the one truly beautiful man that I have loved a lifetime. I can never begin to ask for forgiveness and I understand if it is not possible. I am not sure if I can forgive myself. I am trying very hard. I am so blind at times. Then other times I think why would one care for me. I miss your beautiful face and smile and those sparkling, makes me warm and other things eyes. I have no way to let get in touch with you. I would meet you wherever you say. Call me. I would talk. Let me know it is you. I do need new lenses so please never think I am disappointed. I am only hoping you still feel the same. I don’t want to hurt you any longer. Or myself. I am better at speaking versus writing. I miss you tremendously. I never want to dis-respect or dissappoint you. I am a mess but I know I have had a while to try to make some sense out of all that has transpired. I am unsure how to get my arms around you. Please tell me. I love you so much Mark. Please just stop me when you see me. I would stop too. You can call me. I would love to hear your voice. I messed up there too but I would rather tell you in person. Please forgive me for not paying attention. I thought you wanted to be elsewhere and I want you to be whole and happy. I have never wanted bad for you. I did not understand at times, but somehow just new you were important to my life. I finally remembered. What joy you brought me and a wonderful feeling of love and peace. I have missed you and your everthing(s). I do not have the written words to tell you what I am trying to say. If you can give me another chance to explain, where I could just look at your beautiful eyes I would answer anything you need. Please know I am doing the only thing I know how at this time.


a casual Demonstuck!Dirk  because why not


Xavi and I took a walk on the field close to our house today. It’s been sunny for almost a week here in Sweden so we are living the dream, hahaha!

The reason why the pictures suck is beacuase I need a new camera lense to my camera and I also need to get Photoshop downloaded to my computer. Right now I fix my pictures on my phone, not the best thing to do =))))