i need a new graphics card!


So, @kapeluszniczka and I passed our exams and decided to celebrate it with an update of our lame Valentine’s Card!

Enjoy ((Graphic design is our passion: the sequel))

Part I

Take My Hand

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Past Abuse (only mentioned no graphic detail)

A/N: So I wasn’t sure if you wanted smut or fluff but given the past abuse, I opted to make it fluff. It is kind of long. Hope you enjoy it!

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Inspired by seeing a shooting star during a heavy night of the Geminid meteor shower, I came up with this spread and have since learned very valuable things about myself and helped a friend as well! It really seems to point out flaws, faults, and some areas where change is needed to allow goals/dreams to come true. ♥

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anonymous asked:

What is the secret behind your wonderful screenshots? I mean, sims look so smooth and all. How do y'all do it?

First of all, thanks! I dunno about my screenshots being wonderful but at least I have come long way since the first pictures I’ve taken. ^^; 

As for secrets, this will probably sound like the weirdest advice but I turn off the lighting and shadows so all the clunky parts on Sim faces aren’t so damn obvious. (I stole this picture from google since I don’t feel like waiting half hour to open my game just to take a screenshot of the settings):

^ I turn off shadows and set Lightning to low, everything else is high and smooth edges is set to More. The rest is usually very little photoshop and some smoothing in PaintTool Sai, I rarely do anything past that anymore.

Longer version: I first crop the part of the image I want, then duplicate it and use filter>liquify and use that to smooth out the sharpest parts like so:

(I do that on separate layer because if something goes wrong I can just delete the layer and make new one instead of trying to fix it since that’s just faster) and the next step would be to smooth out the parts that need to be smoothed with blur tool but really this particular picture has nothing for me to smooth and I can’t find another. Then once that step is done I duplicate the layer twice. The lower layer is set to multiply and the top one to screen. Then just edit the opacity of those layers until you get the look you want like so:

and the finished product is something like this:

I also have nice graphics card which obviously helps a lot too. I guess that’s it?

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would you mind posting your new computers specs? or the name of it and the graphics card? i want my game to look like that lol

Oh! I never bought a PC before so I read a lot of the posts at Leefish and also checked with @celebkiriedhel - we love Kiri!
This post at Leefish has my new computer’s specs. I’m embarrassed by how ignorant I am in it but what I learned was very useful and necessary, maybe it’ll help others too :B Good luck, anon-simmer-friend!

I should admit I don’t know what most of this really means but here are some recommendations if you’re buying a new computer and installing our fredashay game:

TS2 with Windows 10
- Radeon ATI card (NVidia cards are not recommended)
  the better it is ^ the more amazing the graphics will be
- 16GB RAM or more
  you’ll need to set up your game to use more than 2G to avoid lag
- New computers all seem to have “native six-core processing”
  Check that the base number is 2 or greater (mine is 3.5MHz)
- Install from discs, avoid the UC if possible
- Remove Securom and find a no-cd crack for your latest sp or m&g
- Edit the GraphicRules.sgr for your screen size
- Edit the GraphicRules.sgr for your video card (detailed how-to here)
- Get @simnopke’s shadow fix

hey everyone! 

i’m working on really trying to get my animation and motion graphics out there right now, i just made a big pivot into freelancing and looking for design jobs full time after saving money for a few months and helping ted get established here. 

if you enjoy the content i post or reblog, like me as a friend, or if you are into video production and motion graphics, i would really appreciate it if you just subscribe to my YouTube channel. It’s really new and I am just trying to get to 100 subscribers before May.

I am also taking requests for videos right now, if you have a song you need a video for, a short you need a title card for, or an intro video, etc. just talk to me and we can work something out!!!!

ty very much 

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anonymous asked:

hi jenba!! I'm on mobile so sorry if I missed it but what graphics card do you use for your game? I'm researching on a new laptop to buy that can play ts4 without struggling so I thought I'd ask some of my fave simmers. please dont feel the need to answer this though!

Hi Anon! I have a desktop computer which is 6 years old at this point, so it’s not exactly state of the art, but it does run Sims 4 pretty smoothly. My graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 with 4 GB of memory. I have a post about my other specs here. Good luck with your new laptop!


Well guys, I’m (finally) opening up commissions!

Anyway some important things here:

  • Please state your username when you e-mail me to reserve your spot.
  • Must provide good visual references for the pose and the character that you want me to do. This is very important to avoid any undesirable outcome. If you can’t provide any visual references, please be as specific as possible.
  • Payments only after i send you the rough sketch for the drawing, except the chibis.
  • PayPal payments only!
  • Depending on the complexity the prices may go up. 

Won’t draw:

  • Nsfw
  • Kinks
  • IRL People

For more references of what i draw, feel free to look at my doodle tag and my art tag.

If you are interested, contact me: ethan.olveraruiz@gmail.com

Any question you have, feel free to ask me via e-mail or via Tumblr.


anonymous asked:

hey, what kind of new laptop did you get? Been looking for a new one myself for animation but i don't know where to start

So I looked up what’s on the top list, but don’t have the money for the laptops ideal for animation/ gaming. I found a nice deal on an HP Pavilion with 16GB ram, 17″ and 1 TB Hard Drive, which is way better than what I currently have and I’m not paying for the extra stuff a true gaming computer needs.

Regardless of whether you can afford the necessary tech or not, what you want to look for is great processing power, a decent graphics card and memory. Some key components you may want to look out for are i7 intel core processors, 1+ Terabyte of hard drive data (or solid state drive –which is real nice and really expensive), and 16GB or more of RAM. I personally prefer the largest laptops at 17″ and don’t mind the extra weight, but a smaller size will bring the price down some.

Here’s what I googled to be the best tech currently out there for animation:

  • ASUS K501UW-AB78
  • Acer Aspire VX 15
  • Dell Inspiron i5577-7359BLK-PUS 
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Acer Predator Helios 300

That’s just part of a top 10 list. These guys, will all their bells and whistles, are going to be well over $1,200 and that’s just not doable for everybody. I hunted a bit looking for bargains and this is my second computer bought off ebay for a pretty nice price. Refurbished, they took off $350 from the initial retail price of $900. I still have to check and make sure nothing is amiss, but if it works, hooray! I saved money!

I also checked out a review of the HP Pavilion before buying it and it’s considered a lower end gaming laptop within the HP family. I’m not a heavy gamer, especially on my computer, so I just need some of the tech and this will probably work out fine for me.

Always do extra research and make sure what you’re interested in has what you need. Especially if you’re looking for deals! Some computers are priced really nice but they have a good reason as to why they are so cheap and you want to watch out for those.

Good luck and happy hunting! :)

My new computer case came in. :D

So here in about an hour, after both Dustin and I have eaten and relaxed he’s gonna help me transfer all my stuff over. Gonna go ahead and make sure I have whatever files I need, and everything backed up just in case something goes screwy. 

They still don’t have the graphics card I need, but if this works out well I should be able to do fine without it. I mainly want to keep my computer cool enough to where I don’t hear the fan screaming as it strains to keep my card cool every time I boot up a game. 

Will post the results once everything’s been moved. Should take about 30 minutes. 

kosmokhaos replied to yourphotoset:I’m having difficulty posing Willow. She looks…

She’s gorgeous. Also Reshade has nothing to do with CC so taking some out wouldn’t help. Reshade kinda ups the graphics of the game with new and better effects so its a processor/graphics card kinda thing. That’s why most people set toggle keys for the hard core shaders like DOF and Ambient Occlusion to turn them off and on when needed.

oh damn, I thought it all depended on my graphic card, but secretly i was still hoping that reducing my CC would decrease the lag. Oh well, a girl can hope, right? Guess that means I need to fiddle more with reshade and find a playable preset to work with.
Thanks for your reply and the compliment! :D

The new case works like a charm! The computer is so quiet I can barely hear it, and its got a pretty fan on its side that has LED silver lights in it. Very pretty, and very much worth the 35 dollars I paid for it. It’s smaller, lighter, and just overall nicer than the other one. So Dustin gets his old case back, and now I just need a new graphics card (which I’m gonna wait one or two paychecks to get).

Now, back to writing!

I need a little help…if that’s okay? I got sims 2 on my older brother’s laptop. Originally it was running fine, like this: 

So I happily started rebuilding and couple of days later I reopened it to sudden blurriness (not a single graphics setting was changed naturally):

First thing I thought was “graphic problems” since it’s a laptop so I tried to turn off settings that would put pressure on the card but nothing changed. So I pulled out my whole sims 2 folder and let it generate a new one but it’s still the same:

Since I’ve never really seen this problem before and it’s appearing in a fresh folder, I’m guessing it’s the graphics card? Anyone have an idea?


Even though I absolutely love Sherlock, I’ve been reblogging a little too much of him and I do not consider my blog as a Sherlock exclusive one… If you post about:

- Films, movies, directors, reviews…

- Series & TV shows (any kind): Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Sherlock (haha), Breaking Bad, House of Cards, OITNB, PLL, HIMYM, anime, etc… really, any kind.. FANDOMS…

- Books, reviews, recommendations…

-Art, drawings, your own creations or not, graphics…

- Photography, themes, bla bla bla….

Or simply if you have a nice “whatever I feel like posting blog” like myself,  please please like this post and I’ll check your blog and most likely follow you :)


I made it out of Qarn

Brief stint as an archaeologist has concluded.

Booted up FFXIV using the built-in graphics card, rocked about 16-19fps for a while on lowest settings. Reminded me of the old days on my laptop….dark times.

I’ll be back to an actually playable state in a couple of days when my new gpu shows up! In the meantime I have about 38742 WIP art and writing things that need attention…please look forward to it.

Used my Christmas money to buy a new power supply and a 4gb video card. Had a 1gb card before that with all the graphic options down narrowly made it through Black Flag. Now even with all graphic options up, it’s super clean and responds almost too quickly! Need to play a while to get used to the speed. And Edward’s tattoos really stand out now.
*gasp* I need to visit Rome again! TTFN!

image from madeinmasyaf