i need a new graphics card!


Low Key Emergency “my graphics card’s life is slipping out of my hands and I need to buy a new one soon so I can keep doing commissions” Commissions!

Thank you, yes, my computer’s graphics card has been outdated for quite some time but I’m a bit strapped for cash at the moment (it being the season of spending and all). My computer crashes (like blue screen of death) at least twice a day and I have a whole bunch of commissions I’m working on at the moment. I’m deathly afraid of it pooping out all together soon. I’m hoping I can sell a few of these little chromatic gradient sketches to help out with the price of the graphics card!

These will be little headshot sketches filled in with whichever colours you’d like for about 8-10$usd (pay what you like sort of?)

Send me a message here or an email with references to finleydea@gmail.com!

Thank you all so much! Even a reblog helps out! I apologize if this post is a bit scantily clad – my brain is a bit frazzled because of the situation atm.

If you would like to forego the whole commission dealio and help out, my paypal is finleydea@gmail.com

Again, Thank you!

As an adult you make reasonable purchases. I said I wouldn’t get a 1080 Ti and well fuck it I’m gonna get a 1080 Ti watch me.

HhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHH. I am an adult I promise.

So the reason why my laptop’s screen goes weird at times is because the graphics card is burning up….i cant change it and put a new one since it cant be done in this laptop…..im really gonna be needing a new computer soon……this one is at its last.

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Honey do you play on consol or on pc? Do you want to group maybe? 😍

I actually play on both lol but I mainly play on PC

And tbh my computer has the worst possible graphics card that I can just barely manage to play by myself without crippling lag/crazy high png and other shit so playing in groups would probably have the game implode on itself like I’ve tried playing with a couple a friends but sometimes the lag just gets so bad im forced out of the server and logged out of the game altogether

in short, cant cuz shit computer 

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Searching for Skyrim tumblrs.

I don’t expect to get a lot of notes on this one, since I don’t have a lot of followers (yet, hah!).
Buuut: if you run a Skyrim oriented blog (preferably with your own screenshots), feel free to like/reblog this lil babe. I’m always looking for new blogs to follow. I need more, ok.

Note: you don’t have to have hundreds of texture mods, or even a spectacular graphic card, for me to appreciate your screenshots. I enjoy almost everything related to Skyrim.

Keep gaming. It makes you smart.

hey you!

i bet you’re in need of some affordable graphic and publication design work for your business, brand, or event! well you’re in luck, as i’m a designer and recent college graduate looking for *shangela voice* WORK! you can find a sample of my work over the past couple of years on this blog. i am most experienced with creating posters, publications, etc. – whether it’s business cards, wedding invitations or a flashy flier, i will collaborate with you to produce work that suits your needs and personal tastes. 

being new to the field and dedicated to equitable business practices, i charge a flat per-project fee on a sliding scale (typically well below the rates charged by the pros). if you’re as poor and/or queer as i am, i am more than willing to offer a special “family” discount ;D

please direct all inquiries to rhopeta.design@gmail.com – SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE!

okay guys, we need to have a discussion.

look at this. do you see this? i don’t care if you’re joking around or having a laugh, i don’t care if this is some inside joke shared between you and your inner circle: this is NOT FUNNY IN ANY WAY.


let me put some context into this: i was running leveling roulette as dark knight, so i can get some levels and so that i can enjoy my new graphics card. from the VERY START, these two started harassing me and using the {/slap} emote at me. why? not because i was a tank. not because i was a BAD tank.

because i play as a lalafell.

guys, i had just gotten home from work. i had to deal with last minute Christmas shoppers. i had to wake up at 5 in the goddamn morning just so i could coordinate with my dad and brother and make it on time to work (about a half hour early, actually). i was TIRED and this was the last thing i wanted to deal with. assuming they didn’t want to play with me because of this stupid reason, i said they were free to leave if they so wished– i got kicked out instead.

so, i’m going to repeat: i don’t care if it’s an inside joke, if you’re trying to get your shits and giggles, or if you just hate lalafells for some reason.





(before you ask, i did send a harassment report to the GMs. i’m not sure if i’ll be hearing back from them, but i’m staying logged in to make sure)

i keep thinking i’ve fixed my computer but at this point i’m fairly certain it’s a hardware issue and not something i can just fiddle with.

my guess is either the hard disk is reaching the end of its life or the graphics card is.

so i might need to try and look into a cheap new laptop. which gives me a disproportionate amount of anxiety even though it should be a simple thing.

in the meantime i’m hoping it hangs on long enough for me to finish what i owe.


CLOSED FOR NOW! Will re-open commissions once I’ve finished what I currently have. c: Thank you!

The graphics card in my PC finally kicked the bucket (I’d seen it coming for a while, oops), so I need to get a new one. Not much of a sob story, I know, but I’d still greatly appreciate the business if you’d like to purchase a commission! I tend to put extra funding back into the art community by purchasing commissions from other artists, as well. And in case you’re wondering how I’m gonna draw your stuff without a PC, I draw on a tablet, so you won’t be waiting ages for your artwork~

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